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7 New Features I'd Love to see Added to Minecraft

  • Published on Feb 1, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • PB&J
    PB&J 4 years ago +278

    Grian! Mojang is planning (not confirmed) to add different skins to animals that should have different skins for different biomes. Maybe they'll take your snow golem emotion idea into consideration.

    • Breawen Zatanna
      Breawen Zatanna 6 months ago


    • Jenny
      Jenny 4 years ago

      The Guy Who Only Comments 0

    • Naldo
      Naldo 4 years ago

      Oh dang, tiny tweaks and stuff to make the game more polished/ less wonky. Snow golems with emotions, random mob skins, that type of stuff would really set the mood!

    • Just Some Guy
      Just Some Guy 4 years ago +1


  • Sarthak Sharma
    Sarthak Sharma Year ago +721

    I would like to see an advancement where we have to complete a full netherite beacon named 'Go Outside'

  • Michael Johnson[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]

    this isnt my idea but there should be an achievement called "houston, we have a problem" when you break an elytra over y = 500 (but you have to survive the fall)

    • Lil Ms Havok
      Lil Ms Havok 3 months ago

      @All things football Theres literally an achievement for opening your inventory. Or, grabbing wood. It's not too easy.
      You have to travel to the end, go to the alternate dimension, survive it, find a ship, survive it, grab the elytra, make it out, make enough rockets to last you y=500, and THEN break it at that specific time. It's not too easy.

    • gaming 360
      gaming 360 5 months ago

      nice idea

    • gaming 360
      gaming 360 5 months ago

      nice idea

    • Michael Johnson[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]
      Michael Johnson[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][] 6 months ago +1

      I probably have like 20 comments that have over 1000 likes that are from many years ago, so i can’t find them.

    • Michael Johnson[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]
      Michael Johnson[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][] 6 months ago

      @QueasyCarBoy Also nice geometry dash pfp.

  • Deconstrife
    Deconstrife Year ago +366

    i really want to see the bow and tether, but imagine accidentally using it on a creeper

  • The Red Tyrannosaurus
    The Red Tyrannosaurus Year ago +114

    imagine hiding air conduits in the walls to simulate no gravity in a space station build

  • Tannyzard
    Tannyzard Year ago +135

    it was creepy how he kept getting more snowballs whenever he moved on to different snow golem

    • Brynda Bergmann
      Brynda Bergmann Month ago

      @Dazcar yeah, it's called the snowmen afterlife

    • Mel Belle
      Mel Belle 6 months ago


    • Dazcar
      Dazcar 9 months ago +9

      i mean... OBVIOUSLY he just cleared the snow off the ground (and got those snowballs for it) and sent the snow golems to a snow golem paradise where they get to live the rest of their lives

    • Shivam Komul
      Shivam Komul Year ago +5

      @Vault_to_the_top as well as the diamond sword.. it has nothing to do with spawning snow golems💀

    • Vault_to_the_top
      Vault_to_the_top Year ago +11

      Oh no…

  • Alicia Benningfield
    Alicia Benningfield Year ago +426

    "Leads are fairly expensive to make"
    me: laughs in wandering trader llama harvesting

    • Brynda Bergmann
      Brynda Bergmann Month ago

      @EnderArtichoke why is it sad🙂

    • Your Local Ikejou
      Your Local Ikejou Month ago

      i sometimes need wandering trader, cuz i don’t normally play on easy mode due to a stupid fear, i normally trade w/ wandering traders and villagers for mob drops.

    • kezottle
      kezottle 10 months ago

      @The Man Identified as Dinosaur u can also just kill the trader itself

    • The Man Identified as Dinosaur
      The Man Identified as Dinosaur 10 months ago +1

      But you kill 1 llama trader, you get 1 lead which means 1 arrow of that lead thing. Remember, it's consumable grappling hook meaning it's one use per item.

    • EnderArtichoke
      EnderArtichoke 11 months ago

      so sad but I have to do It sometimes to get leads. Rip llamas

  • KloJoe Oeha
    KloJoe Oeha Year ago +155

    The chorus pearl is so genius and should’ve been in the game for ages already

  • Jay Ayerson
    Jay Ayerson Year ago +52

    Looking at this much later, I think glow squid may now have a real reason for implementation.
    There's no rotten wood, but I wonder if item frames would fit on dripleaf?

    • Tideweaver
      Tideweaver 10 months ago +1

      Although there's no rotten wood, powder snow is a thing now. The only issue is I believe carpets keep you from falling through powder snow if it's atop. The item frame and dripleaf idea is pretty cool though :) I personally LOVE glow ink sacks for signs as it adds a lot more detail to them.

    • kezottle
      kezottle Year ago +1

      For anyone who doesn't get it, you can use map art on glow item frames that look like wood and then put it on dripleaf. The only problem is that it's hard to set up and might not look as good

    • Reden 666
      Reden 666 Year ago +4

      Glow ink sacks could have a real purpose, finally !

    • Novalite3
      Novalite3 Year ago +5

      That. Is. Genius.

  • Andrei Shen
    Andrei Shen 2 years ago +3627

    There should be a achievement to get every single snowman face

    • Javeris Art
      Javeris Art 7 days ago

      It should be called, “face off”

    • jelly potato
      jelly potato Month ago

      Yeah ofc

    • SwordmasterMapping
      SwordmasterMapping Month ago +1


    • doggonimous doggo
      doggonimous doggo Month ago

      Heres some of my ideas for the achievements name:
      "Why the cold face?"
      "An icy glare"
      "Just chillin' "
      "A whole cold-lection!"
      "Just pumkin it up!"
      "Put it back on!"
      "A glaciar expression"
      "Snow me your face!"

    • BABYF1R3 vlogs
      BABYF1R3 vlogs 6 months ago +1

      the snowman faces are a amazing idea i think

  • Wither x anime
    Wither x anime Year ago +84

    grian: rotten wood can be used for traps
    powdered snow: allow me to introduce myself

    • Slooter Family
      Slooter Family Year ago +4

      But it's kinda sus when you see a block that looks like a snow block than wood

    • Dusty
      Dusty Year ago +3

      Rotten wood is from dungeons in terraria which it is called “damaged dungeon brick”

  • personwhowatchesvideos

    The rotted wood actually might work in the upcoming wild update. It could be crafted like a trapped chest or something. At least we have dripleaves for now

  • 𝓜𝓸𝓸𝓷
    𝓜𝓸𝓸𝓷 6 months ago +3

    Coming back to this, seeing the chorus pearl idea here, I came up with a different idea for it, so my idea is that it drops out of the chorus flower while the fruit comes from the stem(or as known in game as the chorus plant), you can throw the chorus pearl and teleport without taking the damage that the ender pearl causes, but the teleportation would be less accurate, teleporting you within a ten block radius of where the pearl lands

  • Am Ber
    Am Ber Year ago +28

    I love the air conduit. It reminds me of a dream I sometimes have.

  • Declan Chapman
    Declan Chapman 10 months ago +4

    If the air conduit ever gets added, it would be cool if you could dye it to get it to project a coloured aura of it's effective range.

  • dragonmcbob207
    dragonmcbob207 Year ago +37

    I love how every single snowmen just turns around to reveal their face

  • Layla Fuller
    Layla Fuller Year ago +5

    The charged smile would make a great launcher for when you are flying. Sometimes I hit the ground before I can use a firework blast but I hate spending all the time it takes to build and then get up a tall tower

  • B art
    B art Year ago +16

    I quite like the rotten wood idea!
    All I have to say while rewatching allot of Grian’s video’s!

  • Wado
    Wado 3 years ago +1985

    For leather armor they should add a pocketed enchantment that gives you more inventory space making it actually usefull

    • Maximouse88
      Maximouse88 5 months ago

      Bundles:am I a joke to you?

    • RenaeLoves Pugs
      RenaeLoves Pugs 2 years ago

      @Wjens 208 that enchant must be rare ok let’s be real who play minecraft and doesn’t have enough inventory space

    • lealilou bastian
      lealilou bastian 2 years ago

      I love how 50% person here are like "but leather armor is supposed to be useless" and BOOM now leather boots are useful in snow

    • Nerdy
      Nerdy 3 years ago

      @portablehouse You can say backpack, but it's real name is Shulker Box.

    • Aatrox
      Aatrox 3 years ago

      @Meme Man it wouldnt make much sense if you pocket a non flexible material such as iron,gold,and diamond that can hold the item like pckets do

  • Munch Moo
    Munch Moo 11 months ago +3

    Am I just imaging things or could the fishing rod be used as a grappling hook in earlier versions?

  • Amy Regale
    Amy Regale 6 months ago +2

    Undoubtedly my favorite was the air conduit because as a builder, I can see how useful it would be and it would make building so much fun. Also it would just be fun to swim around in the air and enjoy the view from high up with having to use rockets and an elytra or make a pillar that you can fall off of.

  • finkle
    finkle Year ago +9

    what if there were physics to the bow and tether, perhaps moving away from the point its hook to can gain you momentum?

  • Mech3000
    Mech3000 2 years ago +6

    The rotten wood thing is a good idea, would also make making spleen maps a whole lot easier.

  • Orange Inkius
    Orange Inkius 3 years ago +653

    Grain: Pitches amazing minecraft ideas that would improve the game tremendously
    Mojang: alright but hear me out: different wooded crafting tables

    • Yunus Demircan
      Yunus Demircan 3 years ago

      Grain!? Lol

    • Len
      Len 3 years ago +1

      Su1ne ...

    • Faith Marcum
      Faith Marcum 3 years ago +2

      Mojang: alright okay but bees like giant ones that sounds f* awsome!

    • MagicMaddie
      MagicMaddie 3 years ago +2

      Not crafting tables, but CHESTS!

    • Pr0azyy
      Pr0azyy 3 years ago

      It’s grian not grain

  • Brick
    Brick Year ago +8

    All these are really fun ideas, it would be awesome to see even just one implemented into the game

  • scottvoid
    scottvoid Year ago +6

    9:44 Grian! Your wish for rotten wood is granted, there is now dripleaf in the game.

  • Kyus Martin
    Kyus Martin Month ago +1

    What would be better is ender arrows

  • Scooba
    Scooba Year ago +3

    “When built in the same way a normal conduit is, it will give you the ability to swim in the air.”
    Should tell him about flying?

  • Caleck
    Caleck 3 years ago +1222

    How about instead of an air conduit, there could be a lava conduit. They could be built in the nether and give fire resistance to players in their radius.

    • chips177
      chips177 2 years ago


    • David Abiyo
      David Abiyo 2 years ago

      Maybe beacons should just have fire resistance as an added effect

    • Emir
      Emir 2 years ago

      And youd be able to see under Lava. That would be a little op but still

    • Anu
      Anu 2 years ago

      It doesn't work because once you exit the effect radius you die unlike on water where there's a safe window

    • Alphadog 2064
      Alphadog 2064 2 years ago

      And maybe better visibility in lava

  • Yellow Raindrop
    Yellow Raindrop Year ago +1

    THESE ARE SOO GOOOOD!!! Nice job! I would love to see a modpack including these features

  • Riftjaw Animations
    Riftjaw Animations Month ago

    I love the snowman idea! Also, the air conduit is a pretty cool idea.

  • elithris
    elithris Year ago +6

    The Bow and Tether could be amazing in the new caves!

  • arjun v
    arjun v Year ago

    the air conduit and the bow and tether is an amazing idea, I would really love it if they were added in the game so pls add it

  • Henry
    Henry 4 years ago +313

    Rather than making torches dynamic they should use the new lanterns.

    • Moo The Cow
      Moo The Cow 4 years ago +1

      i would like to see both made dynamic

    • Apple Sauce
      Apple Sauce 4 years ago

      Yeah because in real life more times out of ten you would hold a lantern than place it down

    • Loglyn
      Loglyn 4 years ago +2

      And you can attach your lantern to your helmet

    • Shitpost vlogs
      Shitpost vlogs 4 years ago +9

      _ _ or both

    • slappy bio
      slappy bio 4 years ago +8

      *in heavy voice* Good idea!!!

  • Dominik Creeper
    Dominik Creeper Year ago +4

    6:36 caves will be less scary, because you can see where that skeleton is
    (You know the one)

  • ఌ🍄ఌ 𝚖𝚞𝚜𝚑𝚛𝚘𝚘𝚖 𝚒𝚜𝚕𝚊𝚗𝚍💕

    Bow and thether, the dynamic lighting and air conduit! Love those ideas

  • Jason Christopher Hukom

    I remember watch this video back in the days and i thought all of this was features and not suggestions, i try it on minecraft and it doesn't work and before for some reason i was so mad

  • Kompadoodle
    Kompadoodle 6 months ago

    these are all great, i especially love the chorus pearl but i dont think it would be very fun in pvp. as someone who has been using optifine for 5 years i forgot that dynamic lighting isnt vanilla xD

  • Alessandro De Menech
    Alessandro De Menech 3 years ago +3575

    Adding to the snow golem snowman faces thing:
    What if the faces didn't have a nose to start out with, and then the player can right-click the snowman whilst holding a carrot to add the carrot nose? Just wanted to put that out there :)

    • AUsans Discord
      AUsans Discord Year ago

      Or you can put the coal on the snowman too for infinite possibilities

    • Quamblepop
      Quamblepop Year ago

      to expand on all the new snowman ideas, that could be a way to bring it to life, kinda like frosty the snowman. you could start by building three blocks of snow like someone said, add coal and a carrot for the face and sticks for arms, and you get a snowman for decoration if you'd like that. then replace the original carrot for a golden carrot for the nose and it comes to life, or a leather cap

    • Bl
      Bl Year ago

      @Guy who comments on a lot of videos past me was messed up in the head

    • Guy who comments on a lot of videos
      Guy who comments on a lot of videos Year ago

      @Bl no, just no.

    • Gizmo Guy.
      Gizmo Guy. Year ago

      Also using cole

  • John Baird
    John Baird 2 days ago +2

    Boy this takes me back to the old days. Has it really only been 4 years?

  • TomoJR
    TomoJR Year ago

    The rotten wood would fit nicely in a new structure or a mine shaft in the upcoming 1.17 update.

  • Just a random human lol

    9:25 would be cool for witch huts as well as mansions

  • wolfbiterw
    wolfbiterw 11 months ago +2

    for the giant slime maybe it could also consume other mobs or even the player to attack you , it would be different than a normal slime that way too , it could consume you into it and trap you waiting for you to get out kind of like goo , it would be cool if when killing it and getting slime or whatever maybe you could craft goo too and maybe in slime chunks and caves sometimes there would be goo/it would be filled with goo adding even more atmosphere to the game

  • Rachel Thomas
    Rachel Thomas 4 years ago +204

    The air conduit would be awesome for a sky base. I know you could just fly, but how cool would it be if you had a whole bunch of floating islands and you could just casually glide (swim) arround them?

    • 05
      05 4 years ago +1

      A M A Z I N G

    • Glitchy -
      Glitchy - 4 years ago +1

      I didnt think about a flyng base that would be so cool!

  • Chen Quinton
    Chen Quinton Year ago +32

    Isn’t the bow and teather just an enderpearl?

    • jerry IV
      jerry IV Year ago

      @Eugenia metallinou yes metallinou oh and another one , enderpearl range is further than the bow and tether and this make these two item usefull in any emergency case

    • Eugenia metallinou yes metallinou
      Eugenia metallinou yes metallinou Year ago

      @big floppa gaming enderpearl is used for eye of ender so it is not that useless

    • Jasdan VM
      Jasdan VM Year ago +1

      @big floppa gaming
      Then just make the bow and thether more physics based, like, you have to climb the lead, so it isn't instant at all.

    • big floppa gaming
      big floppa gaming Year ago +1

      The enderpearl is going to be useless if the bow and tether exist in minecraft

    • Chøcolate_Chip ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
      Chøcolate_Chip ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Year ago

      But not instant

  • HoodieDog Z
    HoodieDog Z Year ago

    For the air conduit you should find 8 air particuls in a air temple in the sky with a heart of the boss in the air temple

  • BoineB
    BoineB Year ago

    There should be a smelting enchantment so when you mine ores they smelt instantly

  • melo 7904
    melo 7904 Year ago +2

    bow and teather should drag you towards the target so you can grapple around mobs

  • Matthew Robertson
    Matthew Robertson 3 years ago +690

    there could be an acheivment called “ new faces” where you get all the different faces for the snowpeople

  • VeggieDog
    VeggieDog Year ago +28

    My friend: *falls in deep lava pit*
    Me: *throws chorus pearls*
    Friend: *gets teleported deeper into the lava*
    Me: =)

  • Hamstreak
    Hamstreak Year ago +1

    You should also be able to charge a slime block with a redstone pulse for a stronger bouncing effect.

  • Polar Crumpet
    Polar Crumpet 2 years ago +1

    i very much agree with the bow and teather because i’ve always wanted a grappler in minecraft

  • pc57
    pc57 11 months ago +3

    Another idea: what if when you get every obtainable block in survival it gives the achievement "you're a youtuber aren't you?".

  • • Alexandra •
    • Alexandra • 4 years ago +112

    I seriously believe that the alternating snow men/golem faces should be brought into the game. It looks like it’d give a space much more character, and it’d be a (slightly) hidden feature....which I’m sure everyone likes to find. Issa thumbs up from me :D

  • Qyasar
    Qyasar 7 months ago

    The Illumination enchantment would be so good for the new deep dark biome

  • mrfrog 091
    mrfrog 091 Year ago

    I like the air conduit I think you should be able to find cloud blocks in the sky to turn a normal conduit into an air conduit by crafting

  • Agnete Rom
    Agnete Rom Year ago

    I absolutely love the one with the snowgolems

  • Darian Leyer
    Darian Leyer Year ago +1

    Chorus Pearls are even better if a) you can throw them so that it lands on you for a random teleport, and b) they work through Dispensers.

  • Jellyfish161
    Jellyfish161 2 years ago +83

    The air conduit sounds like so much fun honestly, especially if you had to make it out of purpur blocks or end stone or soemthing so it was fair

    • Amy Regale
      Amy Regale 6 months ago +2

      Maybe it could have a shulker as the center block the way the heart of the sea is the center block for the water conduit because shulkers make you levitate.

    • anomynus bob
      anomynus bob 8 months ago +2

      u could make a fish farm but u can actually walk inside without drowning

  • ScribbleScribbles

    Illumination, dynamic lighting, and corus pearls are my favorites

  • nm mn
    nm mn  Year ago

    7:02 would have fit perfectly for caves and cliffs

  • Nicoooo
    Nicoooo Year ago

    They should add the enchantment “smelting” which you put on ur pickaxe so when you mine iron, when it breaks it’s already an iron ingot

  • CrazyFurby
    CrazyFurby Year ago

    Maybe with the glow ink sacks that we have now Mojang will add the illumination stuff. We could get a cauldron, add dye, then add the ink sacks (this could be done for leather). Maybe there could also be different light levels depending on how much you add. That would make things so much easier and it would look so cool!

  • Rasparr
    Rasparr 4 years ago +86

    Another cool feature would be some kind of "Nether Conduit" that allows us to survive in lava and see through it.

    • Nat NPC
      Nat NPC 4 years ago

      @Simone Auclert technically with night vision and water breathing potions and aqua infinity everything the conduit did we already had access to it just makes it less frustrating which isn't a bad thing. But I also understand what you mean ^_^

    • Jabby The Hot
      Jabby The Hot 4 years ago +3

      @Alex Sullivan Yes, but that lasts for a finite amount of time. A nether conduit would last indefinitely, while still in it's range

    • Alex Sullivan
      Alex Sullivan 4 years ago +3

      We already have a potion that allows player to survive in lava

    • The Spiritual Fish Lad
      The Spiritual Fish Lad 4 years ago

      Rasparr or let us place water in the nether

  • Szpieg2000
    Szpieg2000 Year ago

    You can easily make a snowman feature like that with optifine

  • Imperial Spy
    Imperial Spy Year ago +84

    “But some people think the old classic bow will be lacking behind”
    Not really though

    • Devan Duraipragash
      Devan Duraipragash Year ago

      Just use power 5 and infinity or mending
      And the "old" bow is now the better

    • Fusion Gamer
      Fusion Gamer Year ago

      I definitely prefer the OG bow

    • Sica Panjesis
      Sica Panjesis Year ago +3

      @Mary Gershwin yeah, I've never crafted one... sometimes I use crossbows borrowed from my pillager friend, but it feels so uncomfortable...so yeah, bow better

    • Mary Gershwin
      Mary Gershwin Year ago +13

      @Sica Panjesis No, but also because the drawing of the crossbow is so slow. There is fast loading, but bows are fast without enchanting and also cheaper to craft.

    • Sica Panjesis
      Sica Panjesis Year ago

      Just because of Infinity

  • Donovan Yates
    Donovan Yates Year ago

    I'd really like to see pretty much everything except for the charged slime and bow and tether (I think both are too OP, personally)

    COPPER BOY Year ago

    You have great ideas, I hope at least one of them will come to the main game

  • Axel Holmberg
    Axel Holmberg 2 years ago +624

    I think it would be nice with having "abandoned cabins" in the game, made of normal wood and rotten wood. Like, old abandoned lumberjack cabins with loot in it, like axes, food or maps. And if you fall through the floor (rotten wood) you would come to a small basement made of cobblestone and mossy cobblestone.
    And the cabins could be found in any biome that have a forest.
    I think that would be really cool.

  • O_o
    O_o Year ago

    13:02 that could work with the new copper stuff in 1.17

  • playjay
    playjay Year ago

    The slime and the chorus pearl are such a good ideas imo

  • Hugh Dalrymple
    Hugh Dalrymple Year ago

    charged slime blocks looks like a great idea
    and air conduit would be awesome

  • APotatoGuy LikesDogs

    Tiy could use the charged slime to make an extremely simple and powerful tbt cannon
    You just push it with a sticky piston while powering the tbt latbcgubg the tnt really far
    You can already do that with normal slime blocks so I’m guessing it would be a longer range version if those cannons

  • RoyalMasterJun
    RoyalMasterJun 3 years ago +2752

    Grian: the lead is quite expensive.
    The Wandering Trader: Chuckles*
    I’m in Danger.

    • Matt & Max
      Matt & Max 8 months ago


    • Raad Al Soori
      Raad Al Soori Year ago

      Lol I get it Lmao

    • OBGaming
      OBGaming Year ago

      To be fair, when this video came out, 1.14 and the wandering traders weren’t out yet

      BFCICESTUDIO Year ago


    • beanie
      beanie Year ago

      i collect leads

  • Sean Campbell
    Sean Campbell Year ago

    The air conduit could be made with shulker related items, like purpur instead of prismarine, and shulker shells instead of nautilus shells. This would make sense because shulker make you float around much like the air conduit when you are hit by them.

  • BT Bricks 🇺🇦
    BT Bricks 🇺🇦 9 months ago

    Watching this three years later, and man, the textures have changed so much

  • Non1llion
    Non1llion Year ago

    Slime boss sounds awesome! I hope ALL of these things become part of Minecraft!

  • Hannan Kruger
    Hannan Kruger Year ago

    The snowmen could have different possible combinations of facial features like tropical fish or horses

  • Ken Le
    Ken Le 3 years ago +1614

    Sticky redstone, slime + redstone = redstone that can go on walls, and roofs, thats about it

    • red
      red 9 months ago

      @Mr.Unintelligent *laughs in bedrock edition*

    • hasnahmad ahmad
      hasnahmad ahmad 3 years ago +1

      Good idea or maybe returning the cogs to minecraft again (redstone on wall

    • i forgot
      i forgot 3 years ago


    • 0G8
      0G8 3 years ago +1

      theres a mod for that its redstone paste

    • Rush B Comrade
      Rush B Comrade 3 years ago +1

      how much times i needed that. many

  • Lyokoheros
    Lyokoheros 2 years ago

    I thought the bow and tether is best... and then You presented the air conduit :D
    But the ilumination enchant, rotten wood and charged block would be very cool too!

  • Pan Garnek
    Pan Garnek 9 months ago

    i always had an idea of a more powerful bow. like a new bow variant. maybe a compound bow crafted with iron maybe.

  • GeorgeDoesDrawings
    GeorgeDoesDrawings Year ago +12

    I feel like if the bow and teather is added ever, infinity would allow you to use it infinitely

    • Catsms
      Catsms 9 months ago

      Hmmm that’s a good idea but a bit op, maybe it has multiple charges per lead like 5 or 10 instead of infinite but that is a really good idea 👍

  • Kalil R
    Kalil R Year ago +1

    Looking back, dripleaf seems to be the horizontal faced rotten wood. Cool!

  • ᏟᏒOᎳ
    ᏟᏒOᎳ 3 years ago +2302

    For the snow men what if you could use coal to redesign it.

  • Dragon Lord
    Dragon Lord Year ago

    I think the air conduit is the best(by default as in the only useful one)

  • SGT Stonks
    SGT Stonks Year ago +2

    charged slime should just bounce higher then what you fell
    eg: fall from 100 blocks, bounce 125 blocks
    fall from 125 blocks, bounce 156.25 blocks

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Obi-Wan Kenobi 9 months ago

    We could even put the pumpkin back on the snowman and get a different reaction every time we take it off, a snowman's feelings can change too, you know.

  • Mr X
    Mr X 7 months ago

    As a bedrock player, I love the illumination enchant idea.

  • nadeN
    nadeN 2 years ago +1377

    Some ideas for snowmans:
    Creeper face, when you cutting off a pumpkin there a chance that snow man has a creeper's face and then he would blow up,but instead of destroying blocks, he would cover some area with snow and leave a little snowfall instead of explosion.

    • SmilingSmiley
      SmilingSmiley Year ago +1

      @Lelend Winston there are actual rules to making minecraft feel minecraft

    • ARgamer
      ARgamer Year ago +1


    • Crimson Petal
      Crimson Petal Year ago

      That's such a great idea! How is this not implemented?

    • A Person ☆
      A Person ☆ Year ago +1

      Its like a creeper is hiding as a snowman and when you find out the creeper explodes

    • Fridays With Fifi
      Fridays With Fifi Year ago +1

      wow- thats a pretty good idea ngl!

  • Max Stith
    Max Stith 11 months ago

    If the snowman one was implemented. I would say they should also allow you to right click it with a carrot to randomly swap its face

  • Gijs van der Plas

    imagine having a bunch of air conduits in your base
    that would be sick

  • Thefirephoenix
    Thefirephoenix 4 months ago

    I love the charged slime on and the rotton wood feels like it matches the game so much

  • hello
    hello Year ago

    The bow and tether is VERY similar to how the trident functions in rain.

  • VerSe lol
    VerSe lol 3 years ago +255

    Ok can we just talk about when you were left with half a heart from that creeper explosion when you were talking about dynamic lighting and then a gravel block almost fell on you...

  • Bode Mackie
    Bode Mackie 9 months ago

    I feel like the tether from the now and tether should be a separate item, kinda like arrows.

  • Fun Experiences
    Fun Experiences Year ago

    I think the crafting recipe for the air conduit should be 8 elytra surrounding a dragon egg. Also, the blocks that you use to make the structure around it could be netherite blocks. I think all of that together would make it way more balanced.

  • Heatherfall_3
    Heatherfall_3 Year ago

    The air conduit would actually be a good idea

  • GilBert.
    GilBert. 9 months ago +1

    I REALLY think the charged slime whould be great. I mean if you put it on the floor and then a carpet on top of it it whould make an bouncing elevetor, or something like that.

  • Indecisive Count Dooku
    Indecisive Count Dooku 3 years ago +330

    Glowstone seems like something you'd use for a Lava Conduit, makes you invulnerable to Lava and allows you to swim through it fast.

    • ThtBoiDough
      ThtBoiDough 3 years ago


    • Andres Ascencio
      Andres Ascencio 3 years ago

      @Bob Stomachbaby exactly, that's why it would work

    • NOG_Legend
      NOG_Legend 3 years ago

      U should use magma blocks for that

    • Mr.Unintelligent
      Mr.Unintelligent 3 years ago

      Thali Douglass you can not see under lava no matter how much of it it is. Think of it like a solid block.

    • Lucky Cat
      Lucky Cat 3 years ago

      And so you can see under lava

  • Benjamin Baron
    Benjamin Baron Year ago +1

    These ideas are actually great. Lets all enjoy Mojang never adding any of them to the game.