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Ronaldo Siuuuuuuu !!!

  • Published on Jan 27, 2019 veröffentlicht
  • Cristiano Scoring Siuuuu
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  • Roko D.
    Roko D. 2 years ago +21853

    Imagine being outside the stadium and just by hearing the fans celebrating you know who scored

    • KayfabeIsDead
      KayfabeIsDead 2 years ago +227


    • Jash
      Jash 2 years ago +48


    • Wisel prod.
      Wisel prod. 2 years ago +1111

      This is actually true! I used to live right next to the bernabeu around the time Ronaldo played for Madrid, I watched every game live but since there was a tiny delay (15s-20s atleast) we would know that that play would finish off being a goal by Ronaldo 😂

    • lance
      lance 2 years ago +87

      @Wisel prod. lucky

    • bayu
      bayu 2 years ago +298

      @Wisel prod. brooo thats literally a dream for madrid fans to live near bernabeau

  • Mady Pathak
    Mady Pathak 2 years ago +15926

    Imagine scoring a goal and the whole stadium goes "SIIIUUUU!!!" along with you! 😍🔥🔥

  • Ernesto Martinez salazar
    Ernesto Martinez salazar 3 years ago +18561

    Not a Ronaldo fan, but his celebration gets everyone hyped up

    • Jeerlig
      Jeerlig 3 years ago +18

      Urlo del sium

    • Big Smoke
      Big Smoke 3 years ago +7

      Wong Lee Chinese watching football XDDD

    • Big Smoke
      Big Smoke 3 years ago +15

      Wong Lee there is sum tin wong you mean rice ball

  • Mixmasterbdt
    Mixmasterbdt 2 years ago +6175


    • Serene 191
      Serene 191 2 years ago +63

      It will be a MOMENT🔥

    • Jaden_rhs
      Jaden_rhs 2 years ago +42

      That’s the reason I’m here 😭

    • Cody
      Cody 2 years ago +115

      we need to make it loud enough to be heard at the etihad. It's only 4 miles away!

    • JR Leeman
      JR Leeman 2 years ago +34

      As much as I’d love to do it - I can’t see it being done at Old Trafford. We’re really not that kind of crowd.

    • Cameron Greenlees
      Cameron Greenlees 2 years ago +4

      Can’t see the majority of OT getting on board with it tbh

  • HyperFlap
    HyperFlap 4 years ago +22743

    I love hearing the crowd go SIUUUUUUUU aswell

    • Miguel S
      Miguel S 4 years ago +156


    • Comrade Hellas
      Comrade Hellas 4 years ago +85


    • Miguel S
      Miguel S 4 years ago +28

      Romano Bruce no its not lol

    • NeonUFOs
      NeonUFOs 4 years ago +79

      Romano Bruce Cristiano Ronaldo is Portuguese so he said SIIIIMMMM ( yes in portuguese) DUUUHH

    • Norbert 003
      Norbert 003 4 years ago +14

      Romano Bruce ahahahah Ronaldo fan Who dont know.this thing

  • Kobe
    Kobe Year ago +305

    Imagine how empowering it is to score a goal in front of thousands of people, to then land like a super hero as the whole stadium chants a phrase. Too badass

  • Danial Hafiz
    Danial Hafiz 2 years ago +1823

    I'm here after Manchester United announced CR7. Can't wait to hear the SIUUUUUU at the Stretford End. Literal Goosebumps.

    • Lil Strano
      Lil Strano 2 years ago


    • CitrusMenace Menace
      CitrusMenace Menace 2 years ago +3

      penaldo wont score many for united because penandes will stay as the designated penalty taker. also penaldo is past it he will struggle in the premier league its not 2008 anymore kid the league is a lot more competitive now

    • Danial Hafiz
      Danial Hafiz 2 years ago +39

      @CitrusMenace Menace ok

    • Lil Strano
      Lil Strano 2 years ago +43

      @CitrusMenace Menace seek help

  • Mateo
    Mateo 7 months ago +13

    Va a ser recordada por siempre como una de las celebraciones más legendarias en la historia del deporte.

  • Hated Critic
    Hated Critic 4 years ago +539

    Ronaldo's goal at 1:20 is amazing. Watch how the ball dips right before the keeper tries to stop it. He scores the same goal all the time. Incredible.

  • ⋆ Gαɾσυ Sιʅʋҽɾ ⋆

    Esto es un himno para toda la vida, del mejor del mundo del futbol Cristiano Ronaldo!!!! Una leyenda por siempre aun con el pasar de los años!!! SIUUUUUUUUUU!!!!! Te Amo Portugal!!! ❤❤ 🇵🇹 💚💚

  • JÔ Amorim ❕
    JÔ Amorim ❕ 6 months ago +3

    O cara criou uma maneira de comemorar o gol que não precisa nem ver a imagem do gol pra saber quem fez. Isso é muito lendário.

  • Luccas Matos
    Luccas Matos Year ago +4

    Orgulho de vê esse cara jogar

  • Diogo Arthur
    Diogo Arthur 3 years ago +26

    Sem palavras, ele é mito!

  • Matt Stubbs
    Matt Stubbs Year ago +414

    He looks more excited to celebrate than the actual goal

    • Danny Hipolito
      Danny Hipolito 10 months ago +38

      Ronaldo’s been scoring for years that it’s just muscle memory. The SSSIIIUUU is all that matters to the supporters

    • Naz
      Naz 10 months ago +5

      Imagine celebrating, now imagine celebrating along with your idol lol

    • Potato Potato
      Potato Potato 9 months ago

      @Nazgood example

    • Skidrow
      Skidrow 4 months ago +1

      Siuuu is what we all come for at the end of day.

  • Godot
    Godot 3 years ago +149

    I like how even when he scores the easiest goals ever, he still does his extra celebration

    • doctoroctopus
      doctoroctopus 3 years ago +59

      He likes the get the crowd involved , they are coming to watch him after all

    • oboh ifeanyi
      oboh ifeanyi 3 years ago +18

      Another Messi fans

    • Jannis
      Jannis 3 years ago

      If you would watch his games at juve you would know that that's not true

    • Vivek Singh
      Vivek Singh 3 years ago +11

      Most Strikers can't even score those..it's cristiano who makes it look easy..

    • Kasper Klibansky
      Kasper Klibansky Year ago +6

      @oboh ifeanyi according to pessi fans, ronaldo isn't allowed to score inside the box

  • Vagner com V
    Vagner com V 2 years ago +21

    Cara ja estive no estádio vendo isso, e é muito foda

  • marszxc Ren
    marszxc Ren Year ago +26

    I love how as time goes by the Juve crowd got better and more in sync with the SIUUU. This man brings success and happiness.

  • Петър Иванов

    This celebration just doesn‘t get boring! SIIIIIIIM RONALDO❤❤❤

  • Simon B
    Simon B 4 years ago +12215

    1:18 commentator spilled his m&ms when he saw that goal

    • KBK
      KBK 4 years ago +537

      Under-rated comment

    • Joe Bird
      Joe Bird 4 years ago +256

      Best comment

    • TreezN
      TreezN 3 years ago +198

      he got a huge bag of em xxD great comment

    • Chris Tian
      Chris Tian 3 years ago +113

      That's a lot of m&ms!

    • Oussema
      Oussema 3 years ago +23

      I don't get it

  • Yahya Oa
    Yahya Oa 2 years ago +7

    The most iconic celebration in football history, you really mustn't be a cr7 fan to recognize the passion he brings to football stadiums and fans around the world! funny thing is that my favourite cr7 "Siuuu" is after the goal he scored against my national team Morocco in the latest world cup lol

  • Ishan Chopra
    Ishan Chopra Year ago +70

    I don't see football at all but boy when I see this guy goals the whole crowd is behind him saying 'SIU'... It gives goosebumps
    Love it...😊

  • Aaron Sila
    Aaron Sila 2 years ago +4

    Like or not, this type of things is what makes Cristiano the best football player in the sports history... Just the impact a simple thing has on the crowd and the viewers, simply epic!

  • BrotherTree1
    BrotherTree1 Year ago +7

    GOAT... it's incredible how one individual can draw such an insane crowd response at his command.

  • Log Bait insano
    Log Bait insano 2 years ago +5

    Es hermoso escuchar que hasta el propio estadio grite Siuuuu 🔥

  • Santiago Meire
    Santiago Meire 2 years ago +13

    Es especial la conexión que generó con el club, y se debe sentir hermoso que los hinchas compartan un festejo con vos

  • Fred Henrique
    Fred Henrique 3 years ago +1

    Cristiano Ronaldo é incomparável

  • Bayaz
    Bayaz 2 years ago

    Idk how this man does it but I have never seen anyone who is so consistently able to get on the end of crosses. Maybe it’s just that every team he has been on had really good delivery.

  • Alex Arteaga
    Alex Arteaga 4 years ago +2

    Simplesmente o melhor do mundo

    POLINA MAUROU Year ago +13

    Im a die hard messi fan but this is the most iconic celebration of all time by far. Siuu of cr7 maybe its toxic but so iconic in the same time for one of the greatest players of all time even if i consider messi the greatest i respect ronaldo so much for his career and his work to reach that level

    • Eren Cetinkaya
      Eren Cetinkaya Year ago +2

      Do you still think the same now be honest? Messi cannot even score 6 yard penalties anymore he knows himself that he is fading away especially physically and also mentally. Also ronaldo is two years older than messi and 2 years is a lot of time for players especially after reaching 34 and plus.

  • Corvo Attano
    Corvo Attano 3 years ago +70

    *The best iconic celebration in the football history ever..*

  • 911, what's your emergency?

    Tenho tanto orgulho de ser Portuguesa

  • Danny Boi
    Danny Boi 10 months ago +3

    the most famous celebration of all time. nothing will ever beat this. SIUUUU

  • Antex Warrior
    Antex Warrior 7 months ago +1

    Greatest of all time 🏆

  • T L
    T L 3 years ago +911

    He’s such a team player he is always inviting his teammates over to celebrate with him not running away from them

    • Chad F
      Chad F 3 years ago +79

      Yea they don’t look genuinely happy for him when he scores tho.

      FNX AGENT 2 years ago +9

      @Chad F don’t think they like him i watched a ga,e with him yesterday and he always complained when defending and after the ga,e he went in on his own no one talked to him :(

    • ImAstro Codm
      ImAstro Codm 2 years ago +2

      What?!? 😂

    • chakaleıro
      chakaleıro 2 years ago +5

      really? 0:04 he ran away from 17, he seems kinda selfish tbh

    • La pulga
      La pulga 2 years ago +6

      I hope this comment is sarcastic

  • Msk Mk
    Msk Mk 11 months ago +5

    The last one was at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I was there and i dont think i will ever hear a louder siuu in my life.
    the whole stadium (62k+ fans) came to see Ronald that night and he didnt disappoint. GOAT

  • Ismaeel Mohammed
    Ismaeel Mohammed 4 years ago +2868

    How he doesn't have 5 star weak foot makes no sense

  • N P
    N P 2 years ago +16

    What a legend, he's the only player that gets booed when he scores.

  • Spaccy
    Spaccy 4 years ago +294

    he’s 34. This comment section is what’s wrong with the youth. You don’t really expect to see him do rainbows and elasticos.. if u want that, look at when he played for Man U.. he’s very smart and he shows that by leading the cl in goals and still putting in double digits in the age where most forwards are retired..

    • saurav goorjar
      saurav goorjar 3 years ago +4

      Absolutely loved this one ☝👍

    • Marko M
      Marko M 3 years ago +6

      It's ok, only thing I don't like is people saying he is better than Messi, in whatever age

    • saurav goorjar
      saurav goorjar 3 years ago +1

      Yep, playing in 3 of the world's elite leagues, and acing there too at this age is just a thing which one wouldn't witness at least in the upcoming 100 years...

    • setxxet
      setxxet 3 years ago +4

      *that was very cash money of you*

    • Zapanta, Ashley Louise R.
      Zapanta, Ashley Louise R. 3 years ago +9

      @Marko M Bruh Pessi fanboys always start the fight by saying 'Messi is better than Ronaldo' or 'Penaldo is Trash'

  • Raul Flashy
    Raul Flashy 6 months ago +1

    Iconic celebration of all time

  • Miguel Guerrero
    Miguel Guerrero 3 years ago +4

    Hearing the SIUUUUU from the crowd sends chills down my spine. Coming from a Barça fan.

  • uptempo
    uptempo 2 years ago +12

    the best player of the current times, of course he deserves his own unique celebration

  • Christian Castro
    Christian Castro 4 years ago +374

    This is coolest celebration hands down, the enegry is electrifying and it goes off when Cristiano celebrates, ⚽🔥siiiiiii

  • Reneco BG
    Reneco BG 3 years ago +1

    The World will miss this Man a Lot....

    FUTKA Year ago +1

    One of the most iconic celebrations in the history of sport

  • H
    H Year ago +1

    Y todo el estadio grita el SIUUUUU quisiera algún día poder gritar un SIUUU en un partido del bicho junto a todos los miles de fans 😔

  • Gc Malca
    Gc Malca 3 years ago

    Ese hombre es un tocado por los dioses del fútbol solo se hizo en el
    Mundo del fútbol 🥺🥺ya quisiera que dios mande otro Paolo guerrero a Peru

  • Welsh Bro10
    Welsh Bro10 7 months ago

    It’s that feeling when looking at this and realizing that Ronaldo looked more happier at Juventus then he did at Man Utd

  • MrGoatCR
    MrGoatCR Year ago +3

    When I see this man, automatically goosebumps form 💥

  • kbushehri
    kbushehri 3 years ago +1

    No one has ever had this much influence on the crowds in football history. What a legend. Siimm.

  • prometheus
    prometheus 2 years ago +2

    love him or hate him, mans a once in a generation player.

  • Knowledge77
    Knowledge77 Year ago

    Perfect celebration. Very suiting of CR7 im glad he stuck to it for many years. Its legendary

  • misanek 69
    misanek 69 Year ago

    we were playing derby against our rivals yesterday and i scored the final goal on 2:1 in 80th minute, so i ran to the corner to celebrate and this popped into my head. I did SIIIIUUU! And to be honest, this was the beat feeling ever!

  • Rodrigo Silva
    Rodrigo Silva 2 years ago +13

    This guy is a legend. One of the strongest personalities in the world.

  • Ban El Del Buum Buum
    Ban El Del Buum Buum 3 years ago +3

    Es hermoso ver cómo la hincha de la Juve ama a Cristiano

  • Help me get 1k subs
    Help me get 1k subs Year ago +2

    Probably one of the best well-known player in football history.

  • Moraes
    Moraes 4 years ago

    Imagina esse mito no Corinthians pqp íamos ganhar tudo

  • sleeeepy
    sleeeepy Year ago +9

    even if he would score against my team, i would still scream siuuuuu

  • Alan Acevedo
    Alan Acevedo Year ago +6

    1:07 had me laughing with everyone in the crowd doing it too😂

  • Edwin Giraldo
    Edwin Giraldo 7 months ago +1

    Vine por mi dosis de SIUU diaria

  • Toppu
    Toppu 3 years ago +4

    An iconic celebration of an iconic player.

  • Bong Bing
    Bong Bing 9 months ago +1

    This chant alone makes me want to visit Ronaldo's game.
    The atmosphere must be incredible when everyone around you is saying Siuuu when Ronaldo scores.

  • Siuuu
    Siuuu Year ago

    I like how the team know not to chase after him in the celebration. They chase after he's done with SIUUUU

  • Henry Jackson
    Henry Jackson 2 years ago

    If you showed this to someone who didn't know football they'd think Ronaldo has been at juve his whole career. Everywhere he goes he's loved.

  • Berenice :D
    Berenice :D 5 months ago

    Sometimes when I'm sad, tired, bored, happy, or just existing, I come here to watch this. I really love to hear that siiiuuuuu through my earphones :D

  • ArZ_LyNoXx
    ArZ_LyNoXx 4 years ago +2

    Quel joueur extraordinaire 👏🏻⚽️

  • CBR - Cam Brooks Racing

    Gotta be one of the most electric feelings being in the stadium

  • Liouba Stoupakova
    Liouba Stoupakova 4 years ago +8

    The stadium atmosphere changes
    What a man

  • Don Julio
    Don Julio 2 years ago

    Truly the man! What a legend my word

  • Druk Digital
    Druk Digital 3 years ago

    no creo que haya otro jugador que pueda hacer que todo un estadio, grite al mismo tiempo una celebracion de gol

  • Peshal acharya
    Peshal acharya Year ago +1

    Perhaps the most iconic celebration in the history of football

  • oscar salgado
    oscar salgado 2 years ago

    Como se extraña el publico en los estadios 🏟

  • tim.
    tim. Year ago +1

    His celebration never ceases to amaze me

  • Para Bina
    Para Bina 4 years ago +5

    He's "siuuuu" will go down for a long time in history for the best winning celebration and I never get tired of it!

  • Luis Donado
    Luis Donado 8 months ago

    The thing about these goals is that most are just him waiting to see if the ball lands there. Any player can kick it in like that. Messi, on the other hand, runs with the ball, eludes players, creates plays, passes and receives back and scores. That's real skill. The credit we can give Ronaldo is that he knows where to be to kick it in.

  • Balram Sharma
    Balram Sharma 8 months ago +1

    0:39 this right there was the smoothest siuu ever

  • Lewis Obrien
    Lewis Obrien Year ago +1

    Goosebumps every time

  • Master Man
    Master Man 2 years ago

    Se escucha bien chido como suena todo el estadio SIIIIIIIII!!!

  • ABCJelly
    ABCJelly Year ago +2

    He makes it look easy. What a 😎legend!

  • Redi
    Redi 2 years ago +10

    The most iconic celebration of all time 🐐 things

  • Breno Soares almeida
    Breno Soares almeida 3 years ago +1

    Massa demais

  • Hazim Halim
    Hazim Halim 2 years ago

    Goosebumps everywhere

  • Kangaroos have 3 Vags
    Kangaroos have 3 Vags 10 months ago +1

    pogba and messi did some really good teamwork there, but wouldn't have been possible without assist of pelé and maradonna, great teamwork!

  • Shawty Coco Puffs
    Shawty Coco Puffs Year ago +1

    I love how the whole crowd says it with him

  • Yute Hube
    Yute Hube Year ago

    What a legend.

  • JiTiAr35
    JiTiAr35 2 years ago +3

    Even the crowd said suuu instead of siii.
    That's how influential he is.

  • jonathan martins
    jonathan martins 2 years ago

    td dia assisto isso kkkk

  • Richard Major
    Richard Major 2 years ago +2

    This is the greatest football celebration of all time.

  • Hilman Hurriyatul
    Hilman Hurriyatul 10 months ago +1

    Satu2nya pesepakbola..yg bisa buat moment 1 stadium join. SUI MOMENT

  • Dialeroh
    Dialeroh 3 years ago

    This has to be one of the most iconic celebrations in football

  • thunder86440
    thunder86440 2 years ago +2

    The best celebration in sports history for sure

  • Dodge Viper
    Dodge Viper 2 years ago +102

    People outside the stadium hearing the crowd “SIUUUUUUU” they know Ronaldo scored 😅

    FOOTBAL NERDS 2 years ago

    Goosebumps 💢💯

  • Omar Abdalla
    Omar Abdalla Year ago

    I don’t watch football but that is some serious god level fame and hype Ronaldo is able to create! Insane!

  • dayumbro
    dayumbro 2 years ago

    This gotta be the greatest celebration in sports history, right?

  • Elbu Eldaru
    Elbu Eldaru 4 years ago

    Inpresionante lo iso de rebote y la las empuja sin duda un gran regateador y tecnico del mundo

  • R J
    R J 2 years ago +2

    Best Player in the History of Football 🐐

  • Ash Geo
    Ash Geo 2 years ago +8

    Man’s been scoring belters for over a decade, still celebrates tapins like it’s his first career goal. #Mentality

  • Alex Martins
    Alex Martins 2 years ago

    El grito de la victoria! Estremecedor

  • KiaInBo2
    KiaInBo2 3 years ago +2

    I am a messi fan but I love this celebration and I always find myself doing it lol

  • Ywamo Dude
    Ywamo Dude Year ago

    Damn has he never fallen after landing that jump😂