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Hermitcraft S7 Ep 27: Accepting The UPSIDE-DOWN Invitation!

  • Published on Aug 17, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • Hermitcraft season 7 episode 27, we are back on Hermitcraft with a mega expansion of the ScarX Big Dig with new buildings and designs. We create the Great Hermit Road Building Competition to build roads in the shopping district and rebuild the diamond throne as the Hermitcraft 7 Mayor Scar. Also, we accept the invitation to the upside-down in the Nether with Grian and Bdubs! I'll see you in the upside done in the next Hermitcraft episode!
    Previous Hermitcraft episode: clip-share.net/video/PZy7i249oUU/video.html
    Hermitcraft season 7 official playlist:
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  • GoodTimesWithScar
    GoodTimesWithScar  2 years ago +5031

    Hope you enjoy the video and have an amazing day! Also, give me some ideas on what to do in the Nether! :)
    Links to bring more Scar into your life!
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    • Cam’s ASL
      Cam’s ASL Year ago


    • TigarriYT
      TigarriYT Year ago

      this is an old joke, but, i heard that Elon Musk named his kid Xæa x-ii

    • Ahmad Butt
      Ahmad Butt Year ago

      yes just about 500 replies i made it yay

    • JonazGamingYT
      JonazGamingYT 2 years ago

      Last reply

    • Fortlite
      Fortlite 2 years ago

      i just sud to him so im new😇😇😇

  • ltz Kat
    ltz Kat 2 years ago +814

    "There's two peoples invitation you dont want to ignore"
    "And Dumbledore"
    I love scar so much 😂

    • squid girl
      squid girl 2 years ago +3

      and me when people ignore me i just grab the gun and ...

    • MTBtom
      MTBtom 2 years ago +1

      Itz- Kat well it’s true

    • Eaaz09
      Eaaz09 2 years ago +2


    • Random Things For Fun
      Random Things For Fun 2 years ago +5

      Two hundred deaths and a clone spell later...

    • rut
      rut 2 years ago +5

      It's at: 8:44

  • but i am just a person
    but i am just a person 2 years ago +465

    "Have I always been sitting on Grian's face?"
    -Scar, 2020

  • SSnowprince
    SSnowprince 2 years ago +124

    Scar: Let's jump into super fast pantless mode and make some magic happen
    Me: That definitely won't be taken out of context

    • Telmo
      Telmo  11 months ago +5

      That quote scarrrred me for life

    • tumblingartist
      tumblingartist 2 years ago +1


    • IndigoGollum
      IndigoGollum 2 years ago +11

      Just like Bob Ross saying his almighty canvas is "Wet and slick and ready to go"

  • Can I get 40 Before 2022 Ends

    0:20 “we defeated the mycelium resistance”
    Grian: No
    The Mycelium at 0:27 : No

  • Maryam Ruby
    Maryam Ruby 2 years ago +142

    Let’s be honest scar is a really good mayor
    He is like thinking about like how much work needs to be put in to stuff
    Btw suggestion you should add a score board for shops that shows every shops earnings and hopefully there might be a like big shopping war I
    I don’t know why but I would love to see that as I’m quite the economic fun person

  • Ashfaq Abidi
    Ashfaq Abidi 2 years ago +835

    Sign: Man, sure wish there was a chair here
    Scar: Yeah, birch sign, I think we should make it at the top
    Everyone who saw Grian's video: *Intense face palm*

  • Sauce
    Sauce 2 years ago +137

    Scar was trying so hard to avoid grians invitations

  • stinky hackboi
    stinky hackboi 2 years ago +59

    Scar "we are going barricade the shop that doesn't pay for road pass"
    Barge having a hole to enter through:
    "I'm end this man's whole career"

    • James the Gaming Engine
      James the Gaming Engine Year ago

      I'm reporting you, Hacker!
      This is just a joke. I only report people with inappropriate names. You don't have that.

  • Lydia Silverwood
    Lydia Silverwood 2 years ago +32

    Scar: There are two people you should never ignore... Grian and Dumbledore.
    Me: Well said *nod nod nod*

  • Ethan Boehme
    Ethan Boehme 2 years ago +43

    “Chain link fences”
    Iron bars: am i a joke to you?

  • lovely loser
    lovely loser 2 years ago +1471

    "There are two people you can't ignore invitations from; Grian and Dumbledore" I must agree

  • Petar Z
    Petar Z 2 years ago +27

    I have suggestion...
    You can create as a bank where you will borrow “money” (diamonds) from the diamond throne to other players and they will return your "money" (Diamonds) with interest next week

  • Endorite
    Endorite 2 years ago +6

    I was laughing so hard when Scar finally saw the grian's inside of the diamond throne! At first I thought that he was going to completely miss it again, so it was so much better when he happened to break through the roof of it!😂😂

  • lance Cool
    lance Cool 2 years ago +4

    Scar is one heck of a builder, I would love some lessons from him

  • The Roman Empire
    The Roman Empire 2 years ago +23

    Scar: We have Defeated the Mycelium Menace
    Mycelium: REVOLUTION!

  • Blazing A
    Blazing A 2 years ago +527

    Scar at his throne: Looks at the Grians but doesn’t notice the four shulker boxes
    Scar at his drill: Oh look! This one has a shulker box!

    • Funkey Monkey
      Funkey Monkey 2 years ago

      A kid Clay Thank you!!! I just like to share God’s word at any given time I can to help others and show my love to Jesus Christ and God!!!

    • A kid Clay
      A kid Clay 2 years ago

      @Funkey Monkey =*) thank u very much. U have no idea how caring that is to me. Thank you very much for your kindness. God bless
      You and your family. I hope I go to heaven to see you there. (Just wondering why are we talking about this on a minecraft comment?) Stay safe too. I hope we all go to heaven. Thank you VERY much for your kindness.=*)

    • Sebastian burns
      Sebastian burns 2 years ago +2

      @Funkey Monkey god bless you too! I also hope you also have a good day and i hope to also see you in heven! Thanks for being nice and helping non believers belive and helping people look on the bright side of what is going on, im glad people like you are sharing god's word!

    • Funkey Monkey
      Funkey Monkey 2 years ago +1

      Sebastian burns God bless you!!! I hope you have an amazing day!!! I’ll see you in heaven!!!

    • Sebastian burns
      Sebastian burns 2 years ago +1

      @Funkey Monkey same, praise god!

  • Katze
    Katze 2 years ago +6

    Man I'm so happy I tried out your vids. I've been really down in the dumps lately, but your positive attitude just makes it easier to trudge through life.

  • Dylan Graham
    Dylan Graham 2 years ago +5

    8:03 Had me in tears. Once you hear it you cant unhear it.

  • Parsley 24
    Parsley 24 2 years ago +4

    You should make a lost and found! A lot of the hermits are losing their red stone boxes and stuff, so it would be pretty useful.

  • The Lore Master
    The Lore Master 2 years ago +5

    19:53 there aren't enough Fs in the world for Jelly.

  • 小胖子
    小胖子 2 years ago +629

    Everyone: “If its an invitation then it’s optional, right?”
    Grian: “Well yes, but actually no.”

  • justtshd
    justtshd 2 years ago +140

    Nobody :
    Auto generated subtitles : *good times with wisky*

    • Alex
      Alex Year ago +1

      @Ohohoho you'd've a good time. Because unlike minus and minus plus and plus stayes the same.

    • Ohohoho
      Ohohoho 2 years ago +12

      If you drink whisky and watch Scar would you have a great time or would the two good times cancel each other out? 🤔

    • DrInsanity
      DrInsanity 2 years ago +13

      Lol to be fair, whisky gives good times too ;)

  • chaoscommandant
    chaoscommandant 2 years ago +10

    The ENORMUS Big Dig... can't say that whithout giggling xDD

  • Ross Walenciak
    Ross Walenciak 2 years ago +11

    Jellie:*gets struck by lighting*
    Minecraft 1.17: lighting rods

  • kalpesh jain
    kalpesh jain 2 years ago +2

    Literally everyone: lets build a small nether portal in our big base
    Scar: lets build a big base for our small nether portal

  • CruddyScarf2639
    CruddyScarf2639 2 years ago +357

    Your nether base could be the drill coming through the ceiling, as if you drilled through to the nether

    • Skipstreak
      Skipstreak 2 years ago +1

      Yeah, I saw fan art of that on reddit earlier.

    • Dixie Normous
      Dixie Normous 2 years ago

      defenseive kobra I guess we’ll see what he decides to do

    • Defensive Kobra
      Defensive Kobra 2 years ago

      @Dixie Normous yes indeed that is correct, i have no idea what i Said there or why, it is just that now if it came through the floor of the nether, that would imply that the nether floor and the overworld would be the same, wich would make the upside down be correctly origentated compared to the overworld, which would thus not really make it upside down anymore eh?

    • Dixie Normous
      Dixie Normous 2 years ago

      defenseive kobra ok but I think the drill going through the ceiling is the way it should be and it’s not really upside down. And btw upside down is the same thing as downside up just worded differently

    • Defensive Kobra
      Defensive Kobra 2 years ago

      @Dixie Normous its upside down not downside up

  • NoahNightKing
    NoahNightKing 2 years ago +4

    Scar has so much imagination that it amazes me!!!

  • Car Culb
    Car Culb 2 years ago +2

    I have a job suggestion! There should be a realtor that helps hermits in finding and purchasing new land in the shopping district. They could even mark the open areas with colors or something and make a map so hermits can see what areas are open in the shopping district. They could also be the ones who would enforce the law where shops that aren’t being kept up should be removed. They could warn the shop owners and let them know. The hermit with this job could also help convince hermits to pay their road access pass. This job could even have a desk or something in the mayoral building.

  • Aiden Moore
    Aiden Moore 2 years ago +11

    When Scar starts building the parking lot
    Me: I’m starting to have flashbacks of season 6

  • Dwarcca Nation
    Dwarcca Nation 2 years ago +5

    10:21 I emotionally bonded with that skeleton for 7 seconds and he just killed it smh

    • Shadows dream
      Shadows dream 2 years ago +2

      R I p Skelly 2020 death by try hard mc player

  • Lizzard Doggo
    Lizzard Doggo 2 years ago +503

    Sign: Would sure be nice if there was an actual chair here
    Scar: Your right
    Me: :D
    Scar: Ill make it at the top of the throne
    Me :(

    • Super Luigi
      Super Luigi 2 years ago

      Scar: i ToTaLlY dOnT sEe GrIaNs InViTaTion WhAt? GrIaN???

    • Blake_Beast999
      Blake_Beast999 2 years ago

      Guy That what did u mean?

    • Guy That
      Guy That 2 years ago

      @Blake_Beast999 what are you confused about?

    • Blake_Beast999
      Blake_Beast999 2 years ago

      Guy That ?

    • Guy That
      Guy That 2 years ago

      @Blake_Beast999 it helped me talk about the thing without typing it out, legit was searching for his comment

  • Katie
    Katie 2 years ago +2

    Personally I think it makes sense for Joehills to be the third judge cause then city hall shows a united front

  • Godzillatronus Studios
    Godzillatronus Studios 2 years ago +3

    "Now lets jump into super-fast pantsless mode, and make some magic happen"
    Scar, I don't think you realized that sentence may have other implications

  • Ashton Neo
    Ashton Neo 2 years ago +8

    "I'll see you in the next episode, in the nether..."
    *Goodtimeswithscar fell from a high place*

  • BongoBoi
    BongoBoi 2 years ago +3

    Guess who forgot to press F1 in the timelapse! Reminds me of Grian all over again!
    Also you forgot to check the shoulker boxes the Grians were holding inside the diamond chair...

  • Lol innit fam
    Lol innit fam 2 years ago +97

    Grian: I build room in diamond throne
    Scar: oh people have put more diamonds on!
    Grian: ok... I’ll put a sign.
    Scar: I’ll build the seat at the top of the throne instead!
    Grian: *Ultimate face slap*

    THESTORMCALL3R 2 years ago +1

    Your base would look sooooo nice with modded, like a working drill, real elevators and a lot more

  • John Y'Barbo
    John Y'Barbo 2 years ago +2

    There was a trapdoor missing around the checkpoint for cars

  • BlizardCraft_Gaming
    BlizardCraft_Gaming 2 years ago +13

    Scar: *just walks right next to the sign at the throne*
    Me: *confusimg scream*

  • Dalton Cook
    Dalton Cook 2 years ago

    The drones in scar’s base give me a new Vegas feel and I love it

  • Toucan
    Toucan 2 years ago +639

    Sign: I wish there was a chair here
    Scar: Lets put a chair on top

    • Terry Lap
      Terry Lap 2 years ago

      Aquaasassain42 _ I mean, it should be “Mission failed successfully”

    • DrBright Plays Games
      DrBright Plays Games 2 years ago +6

      Why you do me like this

    • Apaperbag
      Apaperbag 2 years ago +9

      That got me physically sad

    • Aquaasassain42 _
      Aquaasassain42 _ 2 years ago +22

      Sign: mission failed we’ll get e’m next time

    • Adam Kija
      Adam Kija 2 years ago +13

      @moldyshoes and their dog:

  • SauroLab
    SauroLab 2 years ago +1

    Rewatching Scar smashing his face into a tree never gets old

  • Finn Woods
    Finn Woods 2 years ago +5

    and in this episode, we see scar become a dictator

  • Kamica-Z
    Kamica-Z 2 years ago +1

    Hey try blue lanterns by the diamond trees I think it’d look cool

  • kevin
    kevin 2 years ago +1

    I don’t think scar realizes he has a near infinite amount of diamonds to spend on the shopping district

  • Coco Ardo
    Coco Ardo 2 years ago +262

    The roads needs to be dogsafe. So to verify they are, the mayoral Dogcatcher Joehills himself should be one of the jugdes
    Edit: Because I got so many likes I guess its my opportunity to say: Scar you are doing great! I also wish you the best comming along your way. Everyone is thankfull for having you.

  • CarogaphOG
    CarogaphOG 2 years ago +1

    Your big dig made a hole straight through the middle of the tunnel that connects the Upsidedown to Grian's portal

  • Leo V
    Leo V 2 years ago +6

    Scar: "Do you want to be crazy together?"
    Me: *shakes*

    • tumblingartist
      tumblingartist 2 years ago +2

      lol true, this entire episode was laced with innuendos

    • Arpan Saha
      Arpan Saha 2 years ago +2

      There were a lot of references like that lol big dig, let's jump into super fast pantless mode and make some magic happen, have I always been sitting on grians face the whole time.

  • Jay
    Jay 2 years ago

    Scar's little giggle makes me smile every time

  • n o
    n o 2 years ago

    This road competition just gave me an amazing idea for my world so thank you!!

  • enity
    enity 2 years ago +404

    Grian: he hasn't seen my tea party yet
    Scar: lets rebuild a chair up on the top
    (Edit: WOW this is my most liked comment!!! Tysm Guys!!!!!)

  • Adam Anderson
    Adam Anderson 2 years ago

    Just a suggestion I’ve noticed for the past few seasons the decoration around the nether portal has been more focused on like death and grey and that kind of motif however I think for next season which I know is far away I think that you could focus on life around the portal and it is different and I think it would be more fun as it is more of a challenge

  • Aimee Dawn
    Aimee Dawn 2 years ago +1

    Scar:runs right past the sign the builds it on top

  • Secar
    Secar 2 years ago +3

    Scar, there is a mycelium raid in Grian’s barge, please stop it!

  • Callum Button
    Callum Button 2 years ago

    Love the big dig area and I think a cool edition would be a huge satellite! 📡

  • Vqlcano
    Vqlcano 2 years ago +192

    Scar: "we have defeated the mycelium menace"
    Also Scar: flies right towards a big patch of mycelium

    • Beu
      Beu 2 years ago +1

      @Cheerio wasn't that iskall?

    • Cheerio
      Cheerio 2 years ago +2

      it's there because somebody bought the land there so scar is leaving it untouched.

    • Aidan MaKinster
      Aidan MaKinster 2 years ago +1


    • Kuerykiller 77
      Kuerykiller 77 2 years ago +1

      For the resistance!!!

    • The_Whener
      The_Whener 2 years ago +1

      @DefinitelyNormal yes

  • Dread King
    Dread King 2 years ago

    Question for the next episode: Will Scar pay his stores any time soon?

  • Sigurd Bugten
    Sigurd Bugten 2 years ago

    I am so glad you became the Mayor of the shoppingdistrict! It looks so nice already. Best builder ever

  • Steven Cooper
    Steven Cooper 2 years ago +1

    Scar: We defeated the mycelium!
    Mycelium Resistance: Not for long

  • hendoskelly
    hendoskelly 2 years ago +15


  • TheOcarinaGuy
    TheOcarinaGuy 2 years ago +241

    Scar: I promise that the diamond throne isn’t getting to my head.
    Also Scar: We’ll block off their shops and force them to buy a slip of paper for access.

  • polygone two
    polygone two 2 years ago +1

    Didn't Joe own the roads? I vaguely remember him buying up plots of land to build the old cobble roads so he could charge people to fix it up for them.

  • 09DinoDino
    09DinoDino Year ago +1

    "I'm gonna board up Grians barge if he doesn't pay the fee" 2:36
    Grian who only really uses the sky entrance and never walks into his shop couldn't really care less

  • Kremit The Gorilla
    Kremit The Gorilla 2 years ago

    I can’t wait until he finds the Mycelium Resistance 😁

  • Seb Chambers
    Seb Chambers 2 years ago +1

    considering he was wearing a hazmat suit as he jumped in instead of his elytra, its safe to say that the reason we didn't get an amazing end shot of him jumping into the nether past the barrier was because he went splat onto the nether roof......

  • DoubleDutch0
    DoubleDutch0 2 years ago +2297

    Sign: *there should be a chair down here
    Scar: let’s build it up at the top!
    People who watch Grian and scar: *facepalm*

  • Nina M
    Nina M 2 years ago

    For the third judge: maybe another gouvernment official, like The Dog catcher would be suitable!

  • Riley Woodruff
    Riley Woodruff 2 years ago

    You should find the coordinates in the nether where you drilled in and make a drill hole in the ceiling with the drill bit poking through so it looks like you drilled through for continuity purposes

  • roblake666
    roblake666 2 years ago

    I would swear that Joe Hills had a business to allow Hermits to get permits for roads at the beginning of the season

  • Moose11 Films
    Moose11 Films 2 years ago

    I subscribed as soon as I found this channel! Let's get Scar all the support we can offer!

  • RadMadLad
    RadMadLad 2 years ago +353

    Scar: gets killed by a literal money tree
    Jellie: gets killed by LIGHTNING
    Is it just me or is it kind of weird that Jellie went out in a slightly more heroic way?

    • Devilboy1029
      Devilboy1029 2 years ago

      Pretty sure it's *"MONEY PLANT"*

    • INBD 157
      INBD 157 2 years ago

      @zursy i know i though we can see the footage but i waswrong

    • TheGreaterAgusmo
      TheGreaterAgusmo 2 years ago


    • Zike
      Zike 2 years ago

      blue dragon 157 19:42

    • Zike
      Zike 2 years ago +1

      Anyone gonna say about the fact that he said that he has fifty more Jellies in a cave

  • AndreasB05
    AndreasB05 2 years ago +2

    Since Jellie got struck by lightning you should maybe be careful of that TNT.... could blow up

  • William Alexander
    William Alexander 2 years ago

    Scar pretending to be an self obsessed overlord is adorable.

  • Winnie
    Winnie 2 years ago

    I can imagine that when he found the Grians he probably thought he went crazy or discovered a cult of sorts

  • Javian Morgan
    Javian Morgan 2 years ago

    Cub for third judge. His ice roads are fantastic so he has road judging capabilities

  • Void Sandwich
    Void Sandwich 2 years ago +241

    “Wow I wish there was a chair here”
    Grian: this is it!
    Scar: I agree, so I will make the chair at the top!
    Grian: 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Michael Dexter
    Michael Dexter 2 years ago

    IDEA: Build a courtroom and when the Mycelium Resistance is caught hold a court session with an impartial jury and prosecute those involved :) I think it would be a cool and laughter filled event.

  • Braxton Hinton
    Braxton Hinton 2 years ago

    Honestly I liked the mycelium more rn the grass just look “unnatural” my mind could change tho

  • Mommy Qayko
    Mommy Qayko 2 years ago

    I still don't know how you can incorporate so much depth in all of your build I congrats you!

  • Laserlake
    Laserlake Month ago

    Love the way Scar completely misinterprets Grian's intention with the signs, no wonder it took him so long to join him in the Up-Side-Down

  • Addison Butler
    Addison Butler 2 years ago +516

    I think JoeHills should be the third judge! He's a city official, just like Captain BDubs and Mayor Scar. I think he'd be a great candidate!

    • Alex Johnson
      Alex Johnson 2 years ago

      That would be awesome.

    • Daniel VanWiggeren
      Daniel VanWiggeren 2 years ago

      @Jennifer Parke he is going diamond free this season, so i don't think he will

    • Jennifer Parke
      Jennifer Parke 2 years ago

      What if he wants to make a road

    • Bekahoot
      Bekahoot 2 years ago +1

      Joe would be perfect. He actually professionally judges build competitions at conventions.

    • Dustin Padgett
      Dustin Padgett 2 years ago +1

      Joe would be the perfect third judge.

  • Frankie Macaulay
    Frankie Macaulay 2 years ago

    LOL @ diamond throne situation! Great idea for color coded road building assistance. Big Dig Vehicle Inspection Point so great, nice details. Really enjoying your videos and build style.

  • John Browning
    John Browning 2 years ago

    SCAR! Because you have a big excavaiton you should put the excavated rock in a cool nether quarry! That would be awesome

  • Jordan Waka
    Jordan Waka 2 years ago

    The 3rd Judge should be a Redstoner to help judge the Technical Aspects!

  • MxZombie 81
    MxZombie 81 2 years ago

    I watched the first few episodes of season 1 then forgot about this now it seams you guys have beaten the game 100 times over

  • ThatClamWiam
    ThatClamWiam 2 years ago +181

    scar: reads grians sign
    also scar: well im gonna just go ahead and...
    (puts chair on the top)
    everyone: *BRUH*

    • Animation Studio of 5
      Animation Studio of 5 2 years ago +2

      Yes, I got angry too, just because Grian put the invitations in the diamond throne 😭

    • MoistPaint
      MoistPaint 2 years ago +1

      My face and hand are red from my facepalm

    • Glitched Chaser
      Glitched Chaser 2 years ago +5

      And then he broke into anyways :D

    • Caroline
      Caroline 2 years ago +3

      biggest face smack ever

    • Iridescent Twilight
      Iridescent Twilight 2 years ago +14

      Scar trolling the viewers is hilarious :P Ppl have been dropping in his streams and kept on pestering him about the throne, despite him being weeks behind on schedule because he got ill probably pushed him to do this cheeky bit xD I love Scar TwT

  • BloxCascade
    BloxCascade 2 years ago

    It's great how he's only going to the Nether now

  • TheSourLemon
    TheSourLemon 2 years ago +2

    Thank god, he finally noticed Grians minions.

  • Hannah Nichols
    Hannah Nichols 2 years ago

    He should have made a map wall before and then after to show his mayoral progress

  • Ranch :]
    Ranch :] 3 months ago

    6:11 I find it so funny that _that_ was how Scar found the invitation

  • Eric Stearns
    Eric Stearns 2 years ago +725

    the third judge should be joe hills since he’s also an elected official!

  • Tater Tot
    Tater Tot 2 years ago

    All the hermits should do a series with mods like chisel and bits and floral

  • Lincoln Pope
    Lincoln Pope 2 years ago

    The batteries look a bit too small to power the entire build, but thats just my opinion.

    RK FAKE 2 years ago +1

    but if the hermits take a road color from the board and build a road and connect it to their shop.. are you going to block it off so they have to pay with the money they got for building the road?

  • QWERTY08081
    QWERTY08081 2 years ago

    Scar thank you your videos make me so happy they just fill me up with pure joy thanks so much

  • CometReindeer
    CometReindeer 2 years ago +893

    Grian: Surely he won't miss this.
    What if we made the chair at the top!?!

    • Althea Winelle
      Althea Winelle 2 years ago

      Yea XD i remember seein grian saying that XD

    • sombody
      sombody 2 years ago

      he literally walked straight pass it 2:36

    • Percy Bell
      Percy Bell 2 years ago

      I got so triggered when that happened lol

    • Dr. Cygnus Laboratorys
      Dr. Cygnus Laboratorys 2 years ago

      Scar's Density: Skyrockets into a Cabbage Singularity

    • Lol innit fam
      Lol innit fam 2 years ago +1

      This is sort of a copy of my comment tho...

  • Rishi Nixon
    Rishi Nixon 2 years ago

    F in the chat for Jellie. Also, did you notice at the end, Scar didn't have his elytra on when he jumped off. He took it off for the yellow tunic. That means he died to enter the nether.

    ARSON 2 years ago

    Hey how about making a " hedge maze " out of sugar cane where if you cut them ( or they grow back) they activate observers and pistons that change the hallway corridors of the maze!!!

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    [Match] 2 years ago

    As mayor hermits should tell you when they open their shop so you could go over and approve it by cutting a red rope and setting off some fireworks