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DIY ✨cute✨gift idea🥺💕*aWkwaRd tWeRkiNg* | JULIA GISELLA

  • Published on Jan 29, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • inspired by @giftmbymel
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    Watercolours: Winsor and newton amzn.to/3mnlQOg
    Pencils: Caran d’ache luminance amzn.to/3uCqIT9
    Da Vinci Casaneo Brushes 6 amzn.to/3Bm3rYx
    Da Vinci Casaneo Brush 2 amzn.to/3Bm3tzD
    Winsor and Newton Brush 6 amzn.to/3l7n2ps
    4. Winsor and Newton Brush 12 amzn.to/3uCabi2
    5. Winsor and Newton Brush 000 amzn.to/3uCFsl8
    Frog tape: amzn.to/3B6FtQE
    Gouache white: amzn.to/2WGqfTC
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Comments • 11 163

    JULIA GISELLA  Month ago +13944

    hi guys i wanted to try this out for my boyfriend hihi :P i found this idea at @giftbymel check out her art too❤️
    btw i now finally added my latest drawings to my art shop! have u checked it out yet? 🥰: www.juliagisella.com

  • Cat1y
    Cat1y Month ago +36146

    Bro she put a eggplant and a peach 😭 no one talks about it😭

  • Mi Tam
    Mi Tam Month ago +663

    If someone gave this to me I'm marrying them instantaneously

    • pepe
      pepe Day ago

      ​@Indigo Foisset 🤦‍♂️

    • °Jāñńât°
      °Jāñńât° 9 days ago +1

      I have gift this to my bestfriend- what will happen now? '^'

    • Tammie Smith
      Tammie Smith 10 days ago

      Same dud also I speak like so el Goblino

    • Xtra Bunny 🐰🐇
      Xtra Bunny 🐰🐇 12 days ago

      I'm giving this to my mum for mothers day-

  • PheStoJen
    PheStoJen Month ago +239

    That'd be a fun way to repackage the "life coupon" gift! very nice ^-^

  • 난 니꺼야(◍•ᴗ•◍)

    If someone ever gives something like this to me i ain't tearing it 😭😭 it's so damn cute

  • CanIchuu
    CanIchuu Month ago +35

    if i have time making this, that's gonna be for my crush

  • Kevin and Reggie The Mini Lops

    your artistic abilities are amazing i can’t even draw an apple 💀😭

  • Carolena K.J
    Carolena K.J Month ago +2043

    It would physically hurt me to tear such a cute gift

    • Cadence B.
      Cadence B. 28 days ago +3

      @A real orangutan I also made this for my boyfriend and he said he was going to be so upset if he had to tear open each one because I took so long on it so instead I put a color dot on each one and wrote down what they said inside on a piece of paper so that he wouldn’t have to open them😂

    • Victorya Gonzalez
      Victorya Gonzalez 28 days ago +2

      Shume e vertete !

    • Ibrahim Saedi
      Ibrahim Saedi 29 days ago +3

      It’s just so hard to tear apart something cute and took a long time to make 💔its just so sweet

  • Lohol Tovo
    Lohol Tovo 19 days ago +26

    Can we just talk about how everything this girl draws is just perfection !!!❤

    • Arielle B.
      Arielle B. 7 hours ago

      I don't understand how everything she does comes out looking that great and on the first try......I'd be erasing the heck out of my projects and starting over about 10 times🤣🤣🤣🤣
      Great job Julia as always 👏 🥳🎉🎊
      Gonna try this for my parents for Easter since neither one can have actual candy it's a perfect idea😁🥳🎉🎊

  • Kallee Wade
    Kallee Wade Month ago +92

    You could definitely make a brand out of this. It would be so cool!!

    • Tenjinder Kaur
      Tenjinder Kaur 19 days ago

      Beo use don't need to take this so seriously it's just a compliment

    • Wig
      Wig Month ago +1

      a brand out of selling used paper? fake diy gifts?

    • Elle Oh Elle
      Elle Oh Elle Month ago +8

      can we pls breathe in capitalism? without thinking absolutely everything needs to be monetised? this is a cute idea to do personally, but buying it removes the personality. it's then just buying papers in papers in a bigger paper.

  • 🍄_Felicia_🍄
    🍄_Felicia_🍄 Month ago +2380

    Can we just appreciate that she used the sus fruits just for us?❤

    • X684S685K
      X684S685K 18 days ago

      @MrPenguinn (StewieRavusshe1937) exactly

    • X684S685K
      X684S685K 19 days ago

      @⚡️H A Z E L⚡️ exactly

    • ⚡️H A Z E L⚡️
      ⚡️H A Z E L⚡️ 19 days ago

      there not sus there just fruits sexualizing them doesn’t help strawberrys bannas peaches eggplants there just fruits.

    • X684S685K
      X684S685K 20 days ago +1

      It’s a fruit and vegetable

  • LavenderBB
    LavenderBB 24 days ago +2

    Omg thank you so much ! I always seen that my friends made this but I don’t know how to make it! Thank you so much ! We love you!❤

  • Affan Rehman
    Affan Rehman Month ago


  • Imnot Sure
    Imnot Sure Month ago +3086

    Its actually rlly cutee

    • Twilight sparkle💜
      Twilight sparkle💜 11 days ago

      ​@Imnot Sure why are you so nice?

    • Carina Brandal
      Carina Brandal Month ago +1

      Wow congrats on 1,5k likes
      Edit:its 2,9k sooo

    • hello user
      hello user Month ago

      @Imnot Sure thank you , you are welcome 😊

    • Imnot Sure
      Imnot Sure Month ago

      @hello user HAHAHHA you are so adorable. Thank youu!!

    • Imnot Sure
      Imnot Sure Month ago

      @Imane X yesh 💕

  • Prabhdeep gakhal
    Prabhdeep gakhal Month ago +1

    Omg this was so cute! I made one for my m7m and she loved it!

  • Demetra Photiou
    Demetra Photiou 4 days ago +1

    The fact that she makes it look so easy-
    I've been trying to create the same exactly thing and it took me 2 days

  • ⭕️Free Robux On My Profile

    I would cry if I had to rip something this adorable😭

  • ~alea~
    ~alea~ 23 days ago


  • Kana Ito
    Kana Ito 10 days ago

    I love this idea😊! Thank you for bringing this up❤

  • SwaggerFox10
    SwaggerFox10 Month ago +3942

    You get disappointed that its not candy, but then your uplifted by the nice notes. I love it
    Edit: dang. Almost 4k likes. 😲

    • Sphlii
      Sphlii Month ago +2

      I'm gonna do this with some candy mixed in because my gf would be utterly disapointed otherwise, lol

    • Kayla
      Kayla Month ago +2

      @Mary good idea! When I make it I'm going to do a mix of real candy as well

    • jingle • 789 years ago
      jingle • 789 years ago  Month ago +1

      @Mary oh yeah!

    • Peta
      Peta Month ago +7

      I would be even more disappointed
      they took the time and effort to do that, but I would rather the candy

  • Soha
    Soha 9 days ago

    Girl u r so talented 😭 😍

  • josie_isbest⭐️🤩


  • OzyMeowCat
    OzyMeowCat Month ago +1595

    No one is gonna talk about how she has such a good handwriting-

    • Stitch lover
      Stitch lover 29 days ago +1

      I have good handwriting well that's what everyone says to me even tho I don't think so

    • Inala
      Inala Month ago

      @Drew That was on purpose to make a highlight.

    • Zaman Karim
      Zaman Karim Month ago +1

      @Drew no, that is the reflective effect of the strawberry

    • Serge colombet
      Serge colombet Month ago

      Evaco BN et

  • Pink Hairband
    Pink Hairband 8 hours ago

    lol so i am currently trying this out and i messed up the eggplant so i just turned it into red chilli lol.
    This gift idea is like so cute istg

  • Brookelyn Brown
    Brookelyn Brown 7 days ago +1

    Ur so pretty ❤

  • Alice M
    Alice M Month ago +877

    ok how is that the most aesthetic paper ive ever seen???😭💀✋

    • Dr Adil Kamran KK
      Dr Adil Kamran KK 28 days ago

      You are making so good 👍

    • Alice M
      Alice M Month ago

      @Clue bro yall dont get it💀
      i mean there is not ONE WRINKLE or ONE IMPERFECTION(like a tear or some shit) in that paper and pastel colors tend to be seen as “aesthetic” so its so f ing nice and clean and it looks untouched by anything jesus💀💀💀😑

    • Clue
      Clue Month ago

      @Alice M yeah. Pastel colored paper…
      It’s smooth because it’s paper…

    • Alice M
      Alice M Month ago

      @Clue no its so smooth and nice😭😭

    • Clue
      Clue Month ago +1

      So pastel color = aesthetic now?

  • Blackpink craft ♡
    Blackpink craft ♡ 29 days ago

    You are so good at this especially because of the fruits you drew it looks wonderful ❤🎉


    I'm busy making this for my bff's. Hope they like it!
    Tysm for 1 like! BTW Julia i'd love a reply! 🍫

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    If someone confessed like this to me I would marry them

    • Cookie lovers
      Cookie lovers Month ago

      @belle's life sorry didn’t know

    • Diamond༊
      Diamond༊ Month ago

      @belle's lifeit’s bot not hot

    • Kiwi Land☆
      Kiwi Land☆ Month ago


    • DaBestHamster
      DaBestHamster Month ago

      @belle's life it used to be a normal account but it got hacked and became a bot ☠️

    • belle's life
      belle's life Month ago


  • charlotte crosby
    charlotte crosby 9 days ago +1

    I tried this and am giving this to my mum after she comes home from her trip
    You inspired me and I would defo recommend this

  • Indigo Foisset
    Indigo Foisset 26 days ago

    Aww 😊 I love it so cute! ❤ Love your art work!

  • ⭕️Free Robux On My Profile

    They need to hire her for DIY channel cause this the best DIY I've ever seen

    • Carlene Beckford
      Carlene Beckford 12 days ago

      l love stray kids

    • Jisoo Kim
      Jisoo Kim Month ago

      Bro she literally stole it from a small instagram page

    • Maryrose's vlogs
      Maryrose's vlogs Month ago

      ​@ANA POPOVIC it's a bot

    • Jewlina Bryant
      Jewlina Bryant Month ago

      Why i see you Avery where

    • MandL
      MandL Month ago

      @Talia Park ok I didn't know and on a pinned comment she said she got it from @giftbymel

  • H H2group
    H H2group 5 days ago

    I made it- it was so cuteeee tysm Julia 💘💘

  • The Sussy Siblings
    The Sussy Siblings Month ago +1

    I did this and it took me 2 hours, worth the effort turned out so cute

  • Nightmare Fuel
    Nightmare Fuel Month ago +1004

    I’m legitimately going to try this with my crush on Valentine’s Day wish me luck boys
    Edit: she liked it but she got ANOTHER BOYFRIEND

    • Nightmare Fuel
      Nightmare Fuel 24 days ago

      @Mikiya yeah I’m the span of this comment she got broken up with and got a new boyfriend

    • Mikiya
      Mikiya 24 days ago


    • Nightmare Fuel
      Nightmare Fuel Month ago +1

      @Husky ♡ I know I got lucky

    • Husky ♡
      Husky ♡ Month ago +1

      @Nightmare Fuel oh wow well that was short lived

    • Nightmare Fuel
      Nightmare Fuel Month ago

      @Husky ♡ He just broke up with her

  • Daphne Uy
    Daphne Uy 15 days ago +1


    ROBLOXSQUADD Month ago

    Your smile is so cute!! ❤❤

  • animal crossing nerd 🏳️‍🌈

    Peach and eggplant emoji, girl you know what you're doing.

  • •𝒫 𝒪 𝒯 𝒜 𝒯 𝒪 ℬ 𝒰 𝒮 ℋ•

    I really want to make this, I can but it’s kinda hard.
    *Can you please make a longer version?*

  • Tayla Hickinbottom
    Tayla Hickinbottom 23 days ago

    I love ur nails soo pretty and ur talented

  • Vicky Gruber
    Vicky Gruber Month ago +1038

    My daughters made me this today. I wondered where the idea came from 🥰

    • AshtonGD12
      AshtonGD12 Month ago +1

      1,000th like

      INDIANBOY Month ago

      Tell your daughter to serve the country

    • TheGiftedPotato
      TheGiftedPotato Month ago

      @yourfriendlygamer rip 💀💀

    • NopeVII
      NopeVII Month ago

      Bro also got the eggplant and peach

  • ♡ItsNyelle♡
    ♡ItsNyelle♡ 20 days ago

    I love your nails 💅🏽

  • shobith Gameing
    shobith Gameing 29 days ago

    I die when you smile.❤️ You are so cute ❤️

  • DumbD_
    DumbD_ Month ago +69

    + This is my gift for you
    - *opens*
    -Bro.. and the sweets?

  • Ava
    Ava 19 days ago

    That was so cute gurl! I’ma go make it for my BFF! Thanks for the great idea!

  • STITCH_Gaming!
    STITCH_Gaming! 11 hours ago

    I’m gonna do it rn I FRESKEN LIBE ITT😊

  • Angie Angel
    Angie Angel Month ago +125

    This is actually a cute and great idea. Now I just need a boyfriend.

  • Babygirl Shari 🦋

    This is actually really cute 🥰

  • Kok Jrdn
    Kok Jrdn 13 days ago

    You are too beautiful ❤

  • SavageGal 2.0
    SavageGal 2.0 Month ago +647

    This is such a cute gift, and definitely saved me this year! :)

    • XxmelodyxX
      XxmelodyxX Month ago

      This saved my Valentine’s Day

    • 1uvzella
      1uvzella Month ago


    • Moon Surprise
      Moon Surprise Month ago +7

      Now the real question, how easy is it to make. I tried making one and it failed... I don't talk about now

  • Curliehairy Dollie
    Curliehairy Dollie 16 days ago

    dont worry i will copy link for u julia
    this can be a gift to my family
    Thank you so much😍

  • Gabi SVB
    Gabi SVB 16 days ago +1

    it's beatiful! Your work is cute and incredible! I loveee!!!!!!!

  • carly lynn
    carly lynn Month ago +883

    i’m sorry, but why was the heart so perfect?😩

    • Abisola
      Abisola Month ago

      Carly lewis she's an artist that's why her heart N all is so good😇😊

    • •MAR ALFA•
      •MAR ALFA• Month ago

      Because she is an artist

    • Dry Salad
      Dry Salad Month ago


    • Foxx 91
      Foxx 91 Month ago

      Because she’s the best

    • jellybeann..
      jellybeann.. Month ago +2

      Miss ma'am can make a straight line without a ruler, I'm not surprised (sike I am) that she can draw perfect hearts

  • Kaisa Arhippainen
    Kaisa Arhippainen 22 days ago

    Thank you so much!!

  • Daydream
    Daydream 18 days ago

    Trying this out!

  • claire
    claire Month ago +1091

    if i got that as a gift i'd never open it 😭 it's too cute 💕

  • Howard Gillett
    Howard Gillett Month ago

    Now that was cute as freak! Totally doing this wife and my kids!

  • laury kurniawan
    laury kurniawan 2 days ago +1

    Nobodys gonna talk how she put those mini hearts on those candys ❤

  • Gmatix 007
    Gmatix 007 Month ago +1019

    WE all needed this,her not only drawing but building creative stuff,so give her a like like i did

    • Tavin
      Tavin Month ago


    • goofy little eyeball 💀
      goofy little eyeball 💀 Month ago

      @idk.... she gave credit and it was probably not exactly the same

    • idk....
      idk.... Month ago

      She stole the idea, the credit doesn't actually go to her. She posted this video on the 30th of January and this video👉clip-share.net/user/shortsFDkQLizmdpo?feature=share was posted on the 18th of January

    • Lorvy Marie Suarez
      Lorvy Marie Suarez Month ago +5

      @Dïïvision we all know that when we press your profile it won’t let you in your profile🤦🏻‍♀️

    • Dïïvision
      Dïïvision Month ago +3

      Don’t click my profile🤣

  • Artsy_FunnyStah
    Artsy_FunnyStah Month ago

    Julia I am really amazing project II am definitely trying this out- Keep on making these awesome videos! I basically Can't live without art and my favorite youtuber tutor- you!!💞

  • A boy
    A boy 16 days ago

    You are so beautiful🥰

  • chimmy Agubuonu
    chimmy Agubuonu Month ago +316

    This sure gon come in handy this February.

  • Ytcombo
    Ytcombo Month ago

    So cute when you smile❤️

  • Satsuki
    Satsuki 23 days ago

    Im late but I did this for my bf (valentin day), he was sooo happy sooo ty🌺

  • boopxii
    boopxii Month ago +333

    if anybody makes this for me i love them 😭

  • Omaid Momand
    Omaid Momand 17 days ago

    This is such a good idea ❤❤I’m gonna do it for Ramadan and Eid ( two Muslim holidays) this year for my fam. You’ve just saved my life ❤😊

  • reyxxx
    reyxxx 24 days ago


  • Red Shadow
    Red Shadow Month ago +501

    You could pass these out as Valentines too!! That would be soooo cute 🫢

  • Elizabeth Sue Rose-Norfleet

    My father deployed over a month ago (he’s in the service) and I decided to make him something that I made by hand I didn’t know what to make until I saw this video

  • LavenderBB
    LavenderBB 24 days ago

    How did you do that? This literally took me 2 hours😭😭

  • UrBestieGina
    UrBestieGina Month ago +305

    imagine the friend expected sweets in it😭

  • The Pup Named Ollie
    The Pup Named Ollie Month ago +1

    WHY AM I ALWAYS LATE??!!! I really want to try this out!

  • نور
    نور 5 days ago

    You are beautiful❤️

  • ·🧸Clarinha🧸·
    ·🧸Clarinha🧸· Month ago +537

    Now the artist knows how to do DIY stuff. This girl has talent 🫡

  • rvrishali
    rvrishali 10 days ago

    Awweee, so cute!

  • Hemanth Jain
    Hemanth Jain 13 days ago

    Broo why would you cut it in the video it's soo cutee❤

  • ⭕️Free Robux On My Profile

    i made this for my bff, now were best friends forever ever.

    • belle's life
      belle's life Month ago

      @Lexi_stories oh I searched it up

    • Kora
      Kora Month ago

      @Lexi_stories bcs it's kinda common maybe they just guessed

    • Soledad Olivares
      Soledad Olivares Month ago


    • The Avocado Crew
      The Avocado Crew Month ago

      What does it feel like to be a bot? And weren't u best friends forever before, if you were BFFs?

  • Aanya Pokhariyal
    Aanya Pokhariyal 8 days ago

    Her smile is super cute 💛💛

  • Gaming mrl
    Gaming mrl 23 days ago

    Ur smile is so cute and beautiful ❤️❤️

  • ~some girl~
    ~some girl~ Month ago +34

    Because NOBODY is talking about materials and instructions, here ya go:
    1. construction paper (any and all colors)
    2. a ruler
    3. glue (sticks preferably)
    4. scissors
    5. a pencil
    6. plastic wrap
    7. coloring supplies
    8. sharpie
    I don't think I missed anything but there ya go. The instructions are pretty self-explanatory, but if anyone was confused, just comment on this and I'll help out

    • ~some girl~
      ~some girl~ Month ago

      @FloraNatureLover💐 awwwwww. thank you! it didnt really take that long, but I appreciate the appreciation! I love to help out with anything I can.

    • ~some girl~
      ~some girl~ Month ago

      @Ashish Kumar either really load that stick glue on and then press it together for 30 seconds, or use hot glue, or liquid glue

    • Ashish Kumar
      Ashish Kumar Month ago

      Ho w do u nake it stick well

    • FloraNatureLover💐
      FloraNatureLover💐 Month ago

      You’re so kind to use the time to type this! :D

  • be gay do crime
    be gay do crime Month ago

    Wow I was in need for a handmade gift idea for my gf! Thank you!!!

  • Mária Józsa
    Mária Józsa 21 day ago

    Ez nagyon aranyos. Csinálj még hasonló cuki dolgokat.

  • 𝖒𝖆𝖍𝖎𝖗𝖆🫶🏽

    “AwKwArd TwErKiNg”

  • Saint Helen Church, Hebron Indiana

    Omg it so CUTE ima have to do this one. Your boyfriend is so lucky!

  • Tanya
    Tanya 21 day ago

    Banana , eggplant and peach 😃
    Great choice 🙂👍

  • Wotomelon
    Wotomelon Month ago +257

    I usually hate paper crafts but this... This is PERFECT

  • Asha Pal
    Asha Pal 8 days ago

    i gotta try this

  • Yuki A.
    Yuki A. Month ago +1

    Hold up- THIS IS CUTE

  • Dance_qweenxx
    Dance_qweenxx Month ago +55

    She was probably that one girl at primary school who has perfect handwriting

  • LeFay
    LeFay Month ago

    Cool v day present ideals!

    AARADHYA CHAUHAN 21 day ago

    🍑 & 🍆 killed me 💀💀
    *dirty mind activated*
    Btw it’s amazing ❤even I tried ❤loved it ❤

  • anandita gupta
    anandita gupta 29 days ago

    so talented

  • Aris Mendes
    Aris Mendes 26 days ago

    I love this so much 😍

  • Paintynix
    Paintynix Month ago +59

    Why no one talking about the fact how she drew a peach and an eggplant 💀💀💀

  • Jadwiga Cabaj
    Jadwiga Cabaj 23 days ago

    I did it for my mom she was so happy 😆❤ thank you for a gift idea

  • ZoElina03
    ZoElina03 24 days ago

    Ohh julia that's so cute what a brilliant idea 😁 I want to try it out

  • NotAnna
    NotAnna Month ago +367

    if i needed to celebrate valentine’s day i’ll come to u to get my gifts 😭
    Edit 1: SO MANY LIKES TY!!

  • ♡melany Nunez🦋
    ♡melany Nunez🦋 10 days ago

    Omg thanks so much for making this in my school I was making a book about a duck who loves people and this is perfect for my book

  • Sheryl Antonette Capalac

    How did you make it so realistic!!!!!!!🤯🤯 its so beautiful!!😍🤩

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    • AlastairGates
      AlastairGates Month ago

      Bro why are so many people dumping for their teachers 🤨

    • Griff 💵💸
      Griff 💵💸 Month ago

      ​@Everything_ felicity ur in love with ur teacher 💀

    • GummyShworm
      GummyShworm Month ago