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NEW Cupra Born EV compared VS MG4 & Tesla Model 3

  • Published on Nov 1, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • daryll broadhurst

    I’m from the uk and although I’ve always loved the idea of a Tesla the MG 4 here is absurd value I ordered one in September and recently had a test drive and was really impressed.

  • TheMelbournelad

    Hey Viking!

  • edenviews

    I've just looked around an MG4 here in Cumbria, England. it is being rolled out to customers now. It looks great, it's cheaper and ticks all the boxes. A lot will be sold, I hope and being a mid-sized car, it will fit into most people's street, garage, parking space. The Tesla has done the walking, Musk does the talking and it's great for so many reasons. I would wait for the smaller one to fit into my garage. The Cupra Born is really an ID3 sibling, so the hesitancy I would have is their software mess and overpriced. My current EV will do until a few more cards come onto the table. I will be looking out for the Dolphin, when it comes, hopefully no BYD sales debacle here in UK.

  • C Bromley
    C Bromley  +12

    The MG4 looks very compelling.

  • Andrew Vasta
    Andrew Vasta 28 days ago

    What a great video article Sam. It just highlights how good the Tesla model 3 is, love it or hate it, the 3 makes the most sense...

  • Sam J
    Sam J  +1

    MG have only confirmed the short range 50kwh MG4 for Australia so far. If they bring the 62kwh one quickly it’d be my favourite. Cupra Born 77kwh is ontop of my list as I want a long range.. but I also don’t want to spent so much if an alternative is available soon

  • cybevenom
    cybevenom 16 hours ago

    For all the reasons you listed i went for the mg4 trophy, luxury as it is called over here in The Netherlands. At 37000 Euro and having a similar format as my current Ford fiesta it works out fine for me. Now awaiting delivery. Thats the hardest part.

  • Dave Haworth

    would be nice if you could put all those stats on a chart on screen so we can compare them all.

  • Shamsiddin Khusniddinov

    Thanks for the full comparison. You're doing great job!

  • Egemen Özbayrak

    I really liked the mg4 but we must see a highway range test ( both 70 miles per hour and 90 Miles per hour ). Because every time i look to mg4 consumption on screen shown on the videos it changes 3,4 from 4,0 miles per kw. I do not know if they drove on eco mod but the consumption seemed a bit high to me.

  • Ian Anderson

    I've already ordered an MG4 Standard Range (£26,540 with the Camden Grey metallic paint) ... just waiting on delivery, which should be within the next week or so 🙂

  • Gregizzle

    This is the rational and coherent video I needed. Thanks

  • David Watson

    Seen the MG4 very tempting but want to give it a year or two. To iron out new car issues and better battery tech makes its appearance, would like more real world range for day trips. I don't trust the UKs current charging network. I will say going to have a look at the new Megane E on Friday,not going for a test drive just want to see inside . I know it's going to be out of my price range.

  • Richard Rogers Designs

    well narrated and useful review. Interesting analysis of battery types. Listening to lots of UK/US/AUS cost comparisons slightly irritating

  • steve smith

    I have the Cupra, about 6 months now. Lots to like and a few very annoying niggles (especially the Haptics which are beyond annoying!).Not sure where you got your figures from, the MG4 is not 10K cheaper than the Cupra in the UK and the Tesla is a lot more expensive in the UK (even if you can get one). The Born has been out a long way before the MG4 so if there are any similarities then its done by MG not the other way around. MG is not a bad looking motor and is better value than the Cupra, but the Cupra is a better looking car. So looking forward to the BYD's coming to the UK to shake up the market and having more to choose from and hopefully prices coming down. I'd have the Seal in a heartbeat if they price it competitively. BTW; the Cupra handles very well and is very nippy, I have decent range returns and mostly motorway driving. Wont be keeping it too long but very happy overall and until the BYD's come along

  • The Anderson Family

    The Born is the best looking car in my opinion. Shame it isn’t more efficient.

  • Hildring

    I would say spot on Viking, I was considdering the Cupra Born 58 kW at 343000nok / 51700aud or 42800nok (64500aud) with spec simmilar til MG4 but without trailer hitch.

  • Theo Bon

    Well noted that the smallest battery is the best. I am also in the market to buy this MG4.

  • Steven Jones

    I love the MG4, I think it offers fantastic value for money but if I had the choice, I would get the 230 bhp V3 Cupra Born with the smaller 58 kWh battery. It costs £41K in the UK. The RWD Tesla model 3 starts at £51K "before savings" in Britain.

  • Graham Astor

    We live in the UK and I have a 2019 Model 3 and it's great, I'd prefer if it were a little narrower and had a hatch - so a narrower Model Y would hit the spot. I'm looking for an electric vehicle for my wife, she likes a small cross-over style vehicle, so a Model Y is too big as far as she's concerned. The MG4 looks good from a UK roads POV, but it's Chinese and we'd prefer to buy British, EU or American. I keep telling her that the selection of EVs will get better and better but it seems to be taking so long and the selection seems to be comming from Chinese manufacturers first. 😒