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Zlatan Ibrahimović on Playoffs, Being Captain & His Kids

  • Published on Feb 27, 2019 veröffentlicht
  • ComedyComedy

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  • Scorpion& Co
    Scorpion& Co 3 years ago +9697

    Such a nice interview, i love the story. Jimmy is a great guest.

  • Sonic The Hedgehog
    Sonic The Hedgehog 3 years ago +11348

    Zlatan makes entire America admit this sport is called "football"

    • Aurora
      Aurora  Month ago +1

      @svampenrest of the world call it rugby lol

    • EdelOssi
      EdelOssi 2 months ago

      @svampen yeah...its should called Catchball or HoldBall or Amercian Tackleball

    • 戦士Ray
      戦士Ray 10 months ago

      @svampen that thing i really don’t understand

    • a
      a 10 months ago

      USA should call theirs Running with Handegg.

    • Corey Collins
      Corey Collins 10 months ago

      @svampen they’re called football because they’re played on foot as apposed to horseback. Association football, rugby football, gridiron football

  • Akchhar Thapa
    Akchhar Thapa 2 years ago +1969

    Zlatan can remember the future.

  • المجنون خوردابس

    Once Zaltan was a referee in a match between 2 teams … he won the match.

  • Hely Freire
    Hely Freire Month ago +83

    One day Zlatan told a joke to Ronaldinho, since then he can't stop smiling.

  • Justin Narayan
    Justin Narayan 2 years ago +3044

    When Zlatan was a child he missed 2 days of school. Now those days became Saturday and Sunday

  • mynameisjeff
    mynameisjeff 3 years ago +4706

    After Zlatan was born his father changed his name to Zlatan jr

  • Ace Cream
    Ace Cream 3 years ago +3191

    Zlatan puts the USB stick in the slot with his first try

  • Nikola Dumovski
    Nikola Dumovski 3 years ago +6479

    Zlatan caught the flu once. But after a few hours, he decided to let it go.

  • Ashwin Shyam
    Ashwin Shyam 3 years ago +7486

    Zlatan has a grizzly bear carpet in his bedroom. It's not dead, it's too afraid to move.

    • Softare
      Softare Month ago

      Fantástic comment!

    • ioana toma
      ioana toma Month ago

      Best comedy show (without the show)😂

    • Will Speed
      Will Speed 8 months ago


    • b1
      b1 11 months ago

      That's good

    • blackjack4u
      blackjack4u Year ago +1

      Most fantastic comment I've ever seen

  • Dalin Daniel
    Dalin Daniel 3 years ago +2558

    Watching all Zlatan interviews to read the comment section.

    • Merengue713
      Merengue713 3 months ago +1

      Zlatan comments are the best, I come here once in a while just to read some comments 😂😂😂

    • Ben Maaouia Ahmed Amine
      Ben Maaouia Ahmed Amine 5 months ago


    • Sanjjjjjjeeeeevvvvvvvv
      Sanjjjjjjeeeeevvvvvvvv 10 months ago

      @Audible Quran very true. I've noticed that alot as well

    • Audible Quran
      Audible Quran Year ago +1

      I like positivity and I like Zlatan. Most other video's comment section is just Toxic.

    • antony bevan
      antony bevan Year ago

      Homelander is the hero

  • Sonic The Hedgehog
    Sonic The Hedgehog 3 years ago +1607

    Once Zlatan was too tired to climb up stairs, Escalator was invented

    • Jay Parekh
      Jay Parekh 5 months ago

      he went up the stairs so hard they turned into an escalator

    • a
      a 10 months ago

      He kicked the staircase, so it started moving. Now it moves whenever someone stands before it.

    • Rick Lyton
      Rick Lyton Year ago

      The stairs evolved to escalator on an emergency basis before Zlatan stepped on it

    • Hervé Tailor
      Hervé Tailor 2 years ago

      Zlatan never gets tired , tired gets zlataned

    • Mike Adoga
      Mike Adoga 2 years ago

      Zlatan is never tired

  • Sontsi Mazulonke
    Sontsi Mazulonke 3 years ago +1891

    😂Zlatan's comments session is the toughest competition
    But no one wins 😂

  • S A
    S A 3 years ago +885

    When Zlatan was in school teachers had to put their hand up so they can speak to Zlatan.

  • AFGhan
    AFGhan 3 years ago +2033

    Who is here after AC Milan joined Zlatan? 👀

    • Nishchal Naiga
      Nishchal Naiga 8 months ago +3

      And they won the scudetto

    • Uncle Asian
      Uncle Asian 2 years ago +2

      U wrong. Ac milan joined zlatan

    • JohnJungKook
      JohnJungKook 2 years ago +3

      @y0u5uf Insane at his age

    • y0u5uf
      y0u5uf 2 years ago +24

      10 goals and 5 assists in 18 games he is still amazingly good

    • PeleisLegend
      PeleisLegend 2 years ago +20

      It’s AC Ibrahimovic at this point

  • Sunnybrook Prehospital
    Sunnybrook Prehospital 2 years ago +329

    He is an example of how to be arrogant but still a good guy!!

  • Mr P
    Mr P Year ago +374

    Reading the comments, I see humour has a great sense of Zlatan

  • Jojoba Smith
    Jojoba Smith 3 years ago +10928

    Zlatan doesn't call the wrong number. You answer the wrong phone.

    • Sebastian S
      Sebastian S 8 months ago

      he can also make phone calls using his microwave oven buttons.

    • Kieron john
      Kieron john Year ago

      chuck norris copyright ahem

    • Ricardo Miguel
      Ricardo Miguel Year ago +1


    • ibra hej
      ibra hej 2 years ago +1


    • J J
      J J 2 years ago +1

      This one is cool

  • Valorant GG
    Valorant GG Year ago +328

    When Zlatan goes to a doctor, the doctor pays him for his visit

  • Amrit Neupane
    Amrit Neupane 2 years ago +1379

    I wanted to know more, so i Zlataned Google.

  • Balcoz
    Balcoz 2 years ago +368

    When Zlatan updates his phone apple has to agree to his conditions.

  • Tathagata Bishayee
    Tathagata Bishayee Year ago +50

    He doesn't really feel arrogant, he just plays it up for the camera. What a legend!

  • Omar Mazariegos
    Omar Mazariegos 3 years ago +1338

    Zlatan: "I don't like lazy people"
    Everyone on Clip-Share watching this video: *feels offended* haha

    • Klaus
      Klaus 4 months ago

      That's a good one

    • AMV Labs
      AMV Labs Year ago

      and i took that personally

    • Rick Lyton
      Rick Lyton Year ago +1

      Actually everyone watching this agrees and gets back to work

    • Brech Bühler
      Brech Bühler Year ago +3

      zlatan: "i don't like lazy people"
      me: nodding watching this during work :-D

    • iorekby
      iorekby Year ago +9

      Zlatan: I don't like lazy people
      Also Zlatan: I let my wife assemble all the IKEA furniture.

  • zejna sakanovic
    zejna sakanovic Month ago +2

    Bravoooo Ibrahimovicu”JUTRO JE divna pjesme Pozdrav tebi za NADU takoder iz Cikaga❤❤❤

  • N.D.
    N.D. 2 years ago +30

    He is really something. The way he described his sons tells more about him then millions of interviews he had done before. He was a troublesome immigrant boy from Malme now he is a responsible father . Being a father makes him Zlatan!

  • Explorer 4
    Explorer 4 2 years ago +199

    The moon is just a ball kicked by Zlatan to the sky.

  • ibrahim yousef
    ibrahim yousef 3 years ago +7180

    when zlatan left home as a teenager ' he turned to his father and said
    " you are the man of the house now"

    • LIBERTy Wild
      LIBERTy Wild 4 months ago

      Oh my goodness!!🤣🤣

    • gaison firout
      gaison firout 2 years ago

      @Ibrahim Timbo wher are you from

    • gaison firout
      gaison firout 2 years ago

      from where did you get that bullshit

    • sllim q
      sllim q 3 years ago +1


    • Said Touzani
      Said Touzani 3 years ago


  • Muhammad Sadiq
    Muhammad Sadiq 2 years ago +418

    When Armstrong landed on moon in 1969, he saw a flag written on it that “Zlatan was here”

    • Sreevardhan PV
      Sreevardhan PV Year ago +2

      @80's Nostalgia Guy

    • 80's Nostalgia Guy
      80's Nostalgia Guy 2 years ago +32

      The moon is merely a large soccer ball that Zlatan kicked into the sky.

  • Leo B
    Leo B 2 years ago +45

    Honestly when Zlatan was taking about his kids I realized he got wisdom.

  • I am me
    I am me 3 years ago +331

    Reading the comment section is more fun than the interview😂

  • くん金木
    くん金木 Year ago +98

    When Zlatan left home at 16, he said to his father: You are the man of the family from now on.

  • Vincent Mattis
    Vincent Mattis Year ago +81

    Why cant Zlatan see himself in the mirror? Because theres only ONE ZLATAN

  • Arnav Shinde
    Arnav Shinde Year ago +129

    when zlatan said he doesnt like lazy people i got out off bed and did 20 pushups

  • dolla$
    dolla$ Year ago +36

    Can we just appreciate the coolness of Jimmy.. He invited a lion to his show🦁🦁

  • Oliver.
    Oliver. 2 years ago +20

    When Zlatan does pushups, he actually pushes the ground down not pulling himself up

  • Aden D
    Aden D 3 years ago +6595

    "My wife has a good eye... just look at me" hahah what a legend

    • nela277
      nela277 Year ago +1

      @Muhammad Navis Zuhud 1:21 nobody got it as nobody laughed 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Chiazzese Michael
      Chiazzese Michael 2 years ago +7

      If only the audience heard him say that

    • elementalneil
      elementalneil 2 years ago +13

      People missed the joke coz Kimmel cut him off.

    • Neez Nh
      Neez Nh 3 years ago +8

      I missed that one thanks lol

    • 80's Nostalgia Guy
      80's Nostalgia Guy 3 years ago +45

      I laughed at the joke because I thought it was funny he let his wife build the furniture. I completely missed the second part of the joke.

  • S M
    S M 2 years ago +15

    They can become whatever they want to, sports is for SELF discipline.
    This man clearly knows the values of Dreams
    All respect

    FIRESTORM 2 years ago +613

    When Zlatan turned 18,his parents move out

  • Hallquiche
    Hallquiche 2 years ago +190

    When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, he had a missed call from Zlatan

  • Jojo Erasmusnt
    Jojo Erasmusnt 3 years ago +6

    Zlatan is a very likable guy. His confidence is contagious.

  • Chogzy beats
    Chogzy beats 3 years ago +3076

    Zlatan doesn't score lucky goals, goals are lucky to be scored by Zlatan

    • nick rathi
      nick rathi Year ago


    • Andres Gonzalez
      Andres Gonzalez 3 years ago +1

      This is actually not a joke. Its very seriously true.

    • MS7
      MS7 3 years ago

      Joshua Echoga 😂😂🥶🥶🥶

    • Vit ez
      Vit ez 3 years ago

      😂 😂 😂

    • 80's Nostalgia Guy
      80's Nostalgia Guy 3 years ago +10

      Before Zlatan there were no goals. But goals were as a place where balls could find refuge from Zlatan's foot.

  • Asa Stanley
    Asa Stanley 2 years ago +21

    Americans won’t understand how great this guy is

  • Free World
    Free World 3 years ago +33

    When Zlatan came to the USA everyone start calling soccer football, and football handball.

  • Medivh, the Guardian
    Medivh, the Guardian 7 months ago +5

    No one else can break Zlatan’s records. Only Zlatan can break Zlatan’s record. What a young talent.

  • Mahmudur Rahman-436
    Mahmudur Rahman-436 3 years ago +44

    Jimmy is so lucky to have interviewed by Zlatan.

  • Mihir Kambli
    Mihir Kambli 3 years ago +11686

    When Zlatan rents a house
    The owner pays rent to Zlatan

    • Wolf O'Donnell
      Wolf O'Donnell Year ago

      Landlord: “Give me rent!”
      Zlatan: “Yøu’ll get yøur rent when yøu buy søme DAMN FURNITURE!”

    • Josic Ava
      Josic Ava Year ago


    • Hrishikesh Godbole
      Hrishikesh Godbole 2 years ago

      Zlatan doesn't rent home...home rents Zlatan!

    • Ezzzzzy
      Ezzzzzy 2 years ago +1

      You'll get your rent when you fix this damn door!!!

    • Tiger Doug
      Tiger Doug 2 years ago

      So true

  • Northman
    Northman 3 years ago +3

    He is a great person for sure . How he talks about his sons is just a how to be a perfect example .

  • Raghad jaabari
    Raghad jaabari 2 months ago +6

    People always say Ibrahimovic is arrogant.. I say he's a must respect character, and he's genial..❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Murayama San...
    Murayama San... Month ago +3

    When Zlatan brushes his teeth his toothbrush gets cleaned...

  • Mickey Jnr
    Mickey Jnr Year ago +34

    fun fact : jimmy wasn’t interviewing zlatan, zlatan was interviewing jimmy . because he’s zlatan

  • Majd Mokabel
    Majd Mokabel 3 years ago +1994

    When Zlatan was a child the dark was afraid of him.

  • Dipesh Thakur
    Dipesh Thakur 3 years ago +444

    Zlatan stopped the match beacuse....
    Refree was offside

  • Adam_Daayh - Fun Videos
    Adam_Daayh - Fun Videos 9 months ago +8

    As a Swede, I have never been prouder of Zlatan than just now, when he taught America how to pronounce IKEA. XD

  • Humpster
    Humpster 2 years ago +21

    I forced them to be active and trained to get the self-discipline. I believe in training, one collective, one individual, I don't like lazy people. I want them to be active. Great example of a father to his sons.

  • Dev Sharma
    Dev Sharma 2 years ago +104

    Zlatan once became hungry during school, now it is known as lunch break.

  • Jimmy Conway
    Jimmy Conway 3 years ago +3228

    Once zlatan turned up late for work, everyone else was punished for arriving too early.

  • Yousef Hanoun
    Yousef Hanoun Year ago +8

    Zlatan is a true legend on and off the field.

    OMKAR DESAI Year ago +18

    Zlatan's personality is such that even though he is arrogant most of the people like him😂😂. He is unique👑.

  • Jay AK
    Jay AK Year ago +4

    This was the greatest interview Jimmy ever did 😂

  • Jayanth Ravindran
    Jayanth Ravindran 2 years ago +28

    Zlatan took a driving test once....
    And issued a driving license to the examiner

  • Lee Chin
    Lee Chin 2 years ago +25

    Zlatan doesn't need a calendar
    He decides the dates

  • Mir S.
    Mir S. 2 years ago +26

    Once Zlatan went for job interview,
    the interviewer got accepted

  • user jk7
    user jk7 2 years ago +3

    When Zlatan comes into the show he makes he makes the host feel like the guest

  • Boss Maike
    Boss Maike 2 years ago +239

    Legends says Zlatan is the only man, to have drowned a fish.

  • Abdul King
    Abdul King 3 years ago +2736

    Once zlatan had a race with time
    Time is still running

  • Anantha Padmanabhan S S
    Anantha Padmanabhan S S 3 years ago +1

    The show becomes special with Zlatan not the other way around✌️ he is a genius and a leader

  • Noble mystrey
    Noble mystrey 2 years ago +40

    Once Zlatan was shining too much on the Sun. So the Sun invented clouds to stop his shining.

  • S.a.M.y
    S.a.M.y 3 years ago +2

    This is the best things I've ever heard.. full of motivations n parenting point. Thanks Jimmy

  • ZACK
    ZACK 3 years ago +17

    If Zlatan was an actor, he would play the role as Zlatan

  • Immanuel Edeke
    Immanuel Edeke Year ago +1

    Zlatan interviews are always great.

  • Trez Bien
    Trez Bien Year ago +19

    While sheep are sleeping, they are counting Zlatan Ibrahimovics

  • Yash Singh
    Yash Singh 2 years ago +15

    To everyone who says Zlatan joined AC Milan
    Zlatan didn't join AC Milan
    AC Milan joined him.

  • Alexandru Muntean
    Alexandru Muntean 3 years ago +1

    He’s such an amazing guy and he’s a great football player

  • MK MK
    MK MK 3 years ago +2736

    *Zlatan once visited the Virgin Islands, now they're just known as The Islands*

    • Ash AA
      Ash AA Month ago

      @Hermon hazard qqqQqq

    • LIBERTy Wild
      LIBERTy Wild 4 months ago

      🤣🤣🤣🤣 hands down dude

    • Alex Semian
      Alex Semian 3 years ago

      The best one from all of them 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Suyama cole
      Suyama cole 3 years ago

      Best joke ever lmao

    • kai
      kai 3 years ago

      I’m seeing you on every Zlatan video😂

  • adreen muchini
    adreen muchini Year ago +9

    This is hands down the most hilarious comment section😂😂😂all these Zlatan facts cracked me up

  • Emanuel Scarlatache
    Emanuel Scarlatache 5 months ago +3

    Once Zlatan took a break while playing football.. now it s called halftime

  • John Theo
    John Theo 2 years ago +5

    Still cant believe i was there to see his 500th goal live

  • Abhishek Kumar
    Abhishek Kumar 2 years ago +4

    That's really cool when he said he wouldn't give a beer to his 16 YO teammate
    That's being responsible 💪✌️

  • Paralyzer
    Paralyzer 3 years ago +13659

    Zlatan was once pulled over by a Cop for speeding, he let the cop go with a warning

  • mohamed ali Boumaraf

    Zlatan ball super ultra instinct or ultra Zlatan should i say

  • Richard Parker
    Richard Parker Year ago +2

    Zlatan is one of a kind.

  • Jhon Cadavid
    Jhon Cadavid 3 years ago

    Zlatan best ever. Absolutely love him

  • Chetan Malode Sanjivani Steel

    What is Jimmy doing in Zlatan's Show.

  • Swapnil
    Swapnil 2 years ago +2

    5:44 Zlatan's kids are just like him when it comes to competence

  • FadeMaster
    FadeMaster 2 years ago +2

    Zlatan the inventor of "Confidence "

  • Arian
    Arian 2 years ago +1

    We can all agree that Zlatan is a great father

  • Erick Monroy
    Erick Monroy 8 months ago +2

    When Zlatan was literally born he looked at his dad right in the eye and told him "Šefik Ibrahimović I am your father"

  • kunal swargiary
    kunal swargiary 3 years ago +1

    Zlatan is a gentleman ❤️

  • Ranjeet Wadkar
    Ranjeet Wadkar 2 years ago

    Zlatan can come up with a good comeback to every topic.

  • puranjit thakur
    puranjit thakur Year ago +2

    My respect as parent to this guy as a parent

  • Faiz Zane
    Faiz Zane 3 years ago +37

    When Zlatan can't sing , the whole world will not count singing as a talent.

  • Scarlett
    Scarlett 3 years ago +1451

    Zlatan doesn't breathe air, air breathes him

  • Daniel Alvi
    Daniel Alvi 2 years ago +16

    Zlatan once lived in a room
    Now it's called the living room

  • delbroox
    delbroox Year ago +1

    What a legend.

  • Innocent Kumwenda
    Innocent Kumwenda 2 years ago

    Legend has it that Zlatan is the only one who has truly mastered the art of Shaolin soccer

  • Tito Az
    Tito Az Year ago +1

    The Zlatan Ibrahimovic show looks great! He even brought in Jimmy Kimmel

  • Eli Hirschman
    Eli Hirschman 3 years ago +1820

    Kepa once tried to substitute Zlatan, but Zlatan substituted Kepa

  • MR. PRO-GAMER 69
    MR. PRO-GAMER 69 2 years ago +344

    Zlatan lost his virginity before his father did

    • Blessing Maake
      Blessing Maake Year ago

      @80's Nostalgia Guy u just ruined it mate🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    • Anna  Romanu
      Anna Romanu Year ago

      @Zerksez 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Zerksez
      Zerksez Year ago +3

      Zlatan didn't lose virginity. He wins it

    • Anna  Romanu
      Anna Romanu Year ago

      Hahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahha best comment ever hahahahahahahaha

    • vxryx 00
      vxryx 00 Year ago +5

      Nah, virginity lost Zlatan.

  • Yeah Last
    Yeah Last 8 months ago +1

    Zlatan is so funny 🤣 he should be a comedian

    MIRA MIRA Year ago +5

    6:26 when zlantan said he don’t like LAZY people I immediately got off my bed 😓