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Messi reveals why he chose Inter Miami over Barcelona

  • Published on Jun 6, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Lionel Messi spoke candidly about how his move to Inter Miami came about over a return to Barcelona.
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Comments • 0

  • Nextraker
    Nextraker 3 months ago +5812

    I’m not a big fan of messi but he has a point

    • D V
      D V 3 months ago +621

      You're not a fan of a humble, down-to-earth, once-in-a-lifetime footballer who has achieved more than anyone else in the code? Okay...

    • Click
      Click 3 months ago +109

      @D V I adore Messi, but I can understand that not everyone will be a fan of HIM, his football I think everyone respects, even his biggest haters hoping he failed at the world cup would have had a "Woah" moment when they watched that pass vs the Netherlands or the dribble assist vs Croatia, but some people aren't too fussed about him as a person.
      Kinda like me and Mohammad Salah, fan of his football, but I don't really care for him as a person. I don't dislike Salah but... idk, I just don't like him much ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • Aidan YT
      Aidan YT 3 months ago +103

      ​@D V That doesn't mean you HAVE to like him, I'm not a fan of him either, but I don't hate the guy.

    • niXer
      niXer 3 months ago +2

      @D V ???

    • Tintin
      Tintin 3 months ago +32

      Saudi was much better than MLS, to a country who calls the sport as soccer. Saudi is growing fast, with Benzema and kante joining and more players to come.

  • Brian Grossman
    Brian Grossman 2 months ago +116

    He chose Inter Miami because he didn't want his old Barcelona teammates to have to take pay cuts because of him. True selfless GOAT

    • declan gaming 24
      declan gaming 24 Month ago +5

      Jordi alaba and busquets joined him iniesta couldn't as he wanted a mad salary in the UAE

    • Medo Mustafa
      Medo Mustafa 8 days ago

      Not really, if he so selfless he should've taken a reduced salary so that the other players don't have to take pay cuts, or at least the pay cuts would be smaller, he's making a clear financial decision because he knows that his last chance of a major payday , he chose USA instead of Saudi Arabia to avoid the backlash while still getting a big contract. He might be the arguably the best player in the history of the football, but he's not a Saint that's for sure.

    • declan gaming 24
      declan gaming 24 8 days ago

      @Medo Mustafa Messi, alaba and busquets wanted to join miami as they knew Messi was joining them Messi wanted his mates there that's a condition in his contract he wanted iniesta there he picked the UAE for a payday if miami had iniesta it would be prime Barcelona

  • InfiniteZero
    InfiniteZero 3 months ago +922

    I am a Barcelona fan, but you did the right thing Leo. If there is a man that can make the people of the USA love football, that's you Leo. Thank you for the many moments of happiness and magic.

    • Kevin L
      Kevin L 3 months ago +7

      Sorry, we won't ever care about football.

    • Mob barley
      Mob barley 3 months ago +42

      @Kevin L who’s we? Cuz i definitely care

    • L C
      L C 3 months ago +1

      Great comment. There are a few in here that make me shake my head.

    • RedEye XXX
      RedEye XXX 3 months ago +1

      @Mob barley But you don't represent majority at all. Most care about NBA.

  • Susan Panoyan
    Susan Panoyan 3 months ago +529

    As a lover of messi and a New Yorker I am so happy about this. He’s going to grow the sport so much with just his presence. We need it here sadly. Maybe I’m just selfish because I’ll get to go to games now but this move excites me. He is selfless and wonderful. Which is another reason why he’s the GOAT.

      NE8GN8STICFR8NT 3 months ago +13

      He’s gonna grow the ticket prices. Miami vs LA tickets going for $438 last I saw

    • VectorSahel
      VectorSahel 3 months ago +9

      ​@NE8GN8STICFR8NT wtf? Bro that's like equal to house rent

    • Bala Ramkumar
      Bala Ramkumar 3 months ago +26

      @VectorSahel bro where do you live for that kind of house rent, wyoming?😭😭😭

    • VectorSahel
      VectorSahel 3 months ago +2

      @Bala Ramkumar I don't live in the US

    • Brad Castlebrry
      Brad Castlebrry 3 months ago +6

      no one is buying tickets to see Messi. he's finished

  • NoCapBarnz
    NoCapBarnz 3 months ago +802

    For football fans aged 18-25 who grew up on watching the epic Ronaldo vs Messi battle, the end of an era has unfortunately come. We're not gonna see either player playing in the UCL next season for the first time since 2003 😢

    • Jose Jimenez
      Jose Jimenez 3 months ago +39

      Bro, I’m 32 lol

    • RefRed_King
      RefRed_King 3 months ago +8

      ​@Jose JimenezDAM U OLD

    • T H
      T H 3 months ago +7

      Its not like be did much in the ucl since xavi and iniesta left barca lol

    • Bruno Dewes
      Bruno Dewes 3 months ago +1

      Cristiano* ronaldo

    • NBA TikToks™
      NBA TikToks™ 3 months ago +11

      @Bruno Dewes mate no one is comparing r9 to messi

  • Zaxx Gaming
    Zaxx Gaming 3 months ago +772

    Messi so humble, honest and generous person. Thinking about his ex-club players. A true hero❤

    • Zemri Agrippa
      Zemri Agrippa 3 months ago +13


    • Dhanvin
      Dhanvin 3 months ago +2

      @Zemri Agrippa lol i actually laughed at your comment

    • zerma6
      zerma6 3 months ago +14

      Lol he is so humble and playing for the pride yeah… that’s why he couldn’t lower his salary to go back to the club that literally made him grow (thanks to the injections …) and made him exist as a star from the age of 16. What a pathetic player . He made enough money for 9 generations.

    • klumb
      klumb 3 months ago +7

      @Zemri Agrippa ? what are you even saying man

    • Goku
      Goku 3 months ago

      @Dhanvin same xd hes right to

  • River
    River 3 months ago +6851

    He took care of Barca players even while not joining Barcelona. A hero a legend. The best. Messi!!!

    • Nathan Chisupa
      Nathan Chisupa 3 months ago +171

      Now you're trying to comfort yourself

    • Xavier
      Xavier 3 months ago +18

      ​@Nathan Chisupayess😂

    • e
      e 3 months ago +44

      @Nathan Chisupa ofc we all are and what about it🥲

    • Nathan Chisupa
      Nathan Chisupa 3 months ago +14

      @e nothing but Barcelona is useless. I knew it won't work and it didn't. At least he was smiling in that announcement

    • e
      e 3 months ago +26

      @Nathan Chisupa yeah true messi wanted to return but they couldn't even offer him an actual contract he could count on

  • Greek Fountain
    Greek Fountain 3 months ago +657

    When I first heard his decision I was devastated. I won’t be able to watch many of his games because of time zones. But after hearing the interview last night I made my peace with it and I just love him even more. He put his family over everything and chose peace instead of constant worrying about his future. I can respect that. I was bawling my eyes out when he talked about one day going back to Barca and wanting a proper farewell. He deserves it so much. Thank you for everything you’ve done for us Leo, we’ll always love you in Barcelona. I’ll follow you to to edge of the Earth. I hope they’ll treat you well in Miami.

    • Sean Andrews
      Sean Andrews 3 months ago +12

      Also good for me because I am not that far from an mls stadium

    • China Virus
      China Virus 3 months ago +13

      Messi is joining the retirement league

    • Greek Fountain
      Greek Fountain 3 months ago +8

      @China Virus it’s not that bad. He still has the national team and his contract allows him to leave at the end of every season. He chose to leave Europe on a high note which will really matter for his legacy. Who knows, maybe one day he’ll be back for a final goodbye with us. Until then I just wish him happiness

  • Pablo Lloyd
    Pablo Lloyd Month ago +6

    I thought I couldn't love Messi any more than I do, and here is wearing a "Do a Kickflip" shirt
    Dude just combined my two greatest loves: football and skating
    What a guy. How blessed we are to witness this man

  • TrinityZ
    TrinityZ 3 months ago +19

    What a legend. He literally cares about everyone else and made a decision on that.

  • Bradley animations x gaming
    Bradley animations x gaming 3 months ago +153

    This is why I love Messi. He’s as humble as he’ll always be ❤️

    • China Virus
      China Virus 3 months ago +2

      Same I love Messi my favorite fraud facing a new challenge in the retirement league ❤

    • PowerMindset
      PowerMindset 3 months ago +4

      not loving/hating anyone, but he is far from humble.

    • Buff Edgar
      Buff Edgar 3 months ago +1

      ​@PowerMindset he is the most humble person

    • PowerMindset
      PowerMindset 3 months ago +1

      @Buff Edgar the same Messi whom avoided taxes or the same Messi that acted like a moron during the WC against Netherlands? Yeah hes so humble.

      DAVID QUINTANILLA 3 months ago

      ​@nutritiontube1871 he didn't know about the tax thing. They just got him on an honest mistake. If someone asked me for taxes twice I don't care how rich I am I'm not standing for that.
      And that Netherlands game had nothing to do with ego. They were hitting Messi all game and were trash the whole time but scored off some defensive mistakes. The refs were bad, then the Dutch players were all talking shit at the end trying to stir things up just because they knew their football wasn't good enough. Messi's reaction was calm and long overdue compared to anyone else in that position. He didn't even hit anyone.

  • lee macdonald
    lee macdonald 2 months ago +6

    The GOAT has given so much to his fans and to football in general so it's good to see him take time for himself and his family

  •  3 months ago +6829

    Very honest from Messi.

    • Mintchevvv
      Mintchevvv 3 months ago +133

      Gobble gobble from you, welcome to burger league

    • Mi
      Mi 3 months ago +18


    • federico carnebale
      federico carnebale 3 months ago +67

      Like always, he is a very good guy

    • Michael Heise
      Michael Heise 3 months ago +12

      Of course, thank you sir 🇺🇸

      ELEGENDNUM59 3 months ago +39

      @Mintchevvv Another mad European?

  • elias portillo 2
    elias portillo 2 3 months ago +9

    If I am sure of one thing, it is that there will never be another player at Messi's level who maintains that humility that characterizes him on and off the pitch, Messi is a good player but also a great person.

  • Gegi Zambakhidze
    Gegi Zambakhidze 3 months ago +21

    He has done everything and proved himself in everything. He did all he could with Barcelona and made them great at every possible thing. Putting that pressure on him again, as he says here, would have been too much at this point. He truly deserves some chill time finally.

  • qais albalushi
    qais albalushi 3 months ago +7

    At this time he wasn’t thinking about himself, he was thinking about everyone, what a legend

  • Fat Cat
    Fat Cat 3 months ago +2

    Good for Messi. I already thought so that what happened when he left would left a big mark and would ultimately be the stone.
    It's nice of him to consider the current players and what's best for Barcelona team as a whole.
    I hope his move to the US will be good for him.

  • Aas Hish
    Aas Hish 3 months ago

    A great person always think about others ❤ Respect my legend

  • angeli
    angeli 3 months ago +872

    I feel for Messi. He obviously wanted to return but knowing it would affect other players, he won't. And still, people are criticizing him for not "waiting" for barcelona and joining another club. He's a selfless man above anything, he wouldn't purposefully cause harm to anyone. That's why I admire Messi.

    • Janbek
      Janbek 3 months ago +9

      I mean he has offshore bank accounts to dodge paying tax. I'd say purposefully not paying tax when you have hundreds of millions overshadows all his footballing "goodwill" for sure. He also stands to make a lot more money playing in MLS compared to Barca as well through sponsorship deals and being in ads in the States.

    • Артем сергеев
      Артем сергеев 3 months ago +55

      @Janbek dude refused 1.4 billions with 0% taxes in Saudi and yet he just wants money? so become rich and pay that huge taxes instead of envying of others wealth

    • Konrad_69
      Konrad_69 3 months ago +19

      ⁠@JanbekCry me a river

    • Jason Deblou
      Jason Deblou 3 months ago +2

      barca made messi, he shoudl never foreget thatr

    • Артем сергеев
      Артем сергеев 3 months ago

      @Jason Deblou Barça wants to build a new team with their young players to win in future. They would some good players to get him back. It's sad end of en era💔

  • Golfie Butterbro
    Golfie Butterbro 3 months ago +57

    Very sad for football romantics like me, but its also understandable. I'm so thankful that I was able to follow this breathtaking career over all these years, hope he gets the ending that he deserves. He'll be in my heart and mind forever, so much respect for him and his character! Cheers to the G.O.A.T

    • Dominik Rothe
      Dominik Rothe 3 months ago

      I´m still believing he is comming back to Barca in 2 Years.when the Camp Nou is rebuild to end his carrer and show everyone what passion is

    • CC-1004
      CC-1004 3 months ago

      ​@Dominik Rothe that would be incredible

  • Avalanche
    Avalanche 3 months ago

    Thanks for all the beautiful football moments you created for us

  • 18 Legend
    18 Legend 3 months ago +6

    This man is inspirational. La Liga has a cap on how much money they can spend on a singular club therefore accepting messi back to Barcelona some players would be sold/lower salary to meet his demand. Messi never fails to amaze his generosity.

  • Hurley Cape town
    Hurley Cape town 3 months ago +27

    The fact is he is one of the most famous athletes in world history and he has never be associated with any scandal not even fake news scandals because the media know it would be unbelievable,that says something about his ethics and personality so i think nobody could believe Barcelona or the Media over what Messi says now.

    • Hurley Cape town
      Hurley Cape town 3 months ago +1

      @JJ ye that’s true I forgot about that but in fairness I’m pretty sure athletes like him have people running that side of the business and he was probably not aware of most of it,who knows.

    • A. Anand
      A. Anand 3 months ago

      🔥LIONEL MESSI FIRST GOALS for INTER MIAMI CF vs PHILADELPHIA⚽ - clip-share.net/video/oqy6flwoB2s/video.html

  • Walter Thedy
    Walter Thedy 3 months ago

    The Legend speaks😢❤. We will with you in Miami ❤

    • A. Anand
      A. Anand 3 months ago

      🔥LIONEL MESSI FIRST GOALS for INTER MIAMI CF vs PHILADELPHIA⚽ - clip-share.net/video/oqy6flwoB2s/video.html

  • Gabriel Lopes
    Gabriel Lopes 3 months ago +743

    He is practically retired now... It was an absolute privilege to watch the GOAT play! Some nights, i will never forget. The happiness this man gave me, i will never forget. The joy me and my pops had watching him play, i will never forget. Thank you, Lionel Messi!!!!!!!! What an incredible career.

    • Stalgard
      Stalgard 3 months ago +84

      Zlatan came back to Europe after a trip to MLS - so he might not be completely retired

    • Bin Fahad
      Bin Fahad 3 months ago +3


    • fffwwfgwgw
      fffwwfgwgw 3 months ago +30

      @Stalgard messi is not a 6ft striker nor he has leadership abilities and charisma like zlatan

    • abdullah shafiq
      abdullah shafiq 3 months ago +9

      Ronaldo better

  • Habibur Rahman Habib
    Habibur Rahman Habib 3 months ago

    The Greatest Of All Time ❤

  • LC
    LC 2 months ago +2

    I've been a fan of Messi for a while now and him coming to America is a dream come true for me. It is now not impossible for me to watch Messi play live. I am so grateful, my heart is full. Welcome to US, Messi! ❤

  • Abuu Hafsin
    Abuu Hafsin 3 months ago +4

    This man can never lie, too honest man, the world needs such this gem

  • Meowdi
    Meowdi 2 months ago

    Messi teaches us the true meaning of sport, life and happiness. Focus on your goals and dont get distracted for what other people say/wants or lust of money.

  • ohMikkel
    ohMikkel 3 months ago +1332

    He could have gone to Barca but he didn’t want to be the guy that forced the club to sell players or make them take pay cuts. What a man ♥️ Hopefully he has a magical stay in the MLS.

    • Muhamad Arif
      Muhamad Arif 3 months ago +33

      in the end, Barca need to rebuild the team again when he retired if he return to Barca..at 36, the most he will play maybe until 39-40..and he have won the Copa America & World Cup too, nothing more to achieve, just enjoying the twilight of his career..

    • Jimmy Jones
      Jimmy Jones 3 months ago +49

      So he couldn’t take a pay cut???

    • ohMikkel
      ohMikkel 3 months ago +63

      @Jimmy Jones Because there is a limit to how much of a pay cut you're allowed to take in Spain by law.
      The law says that you need to earn a minimum of 50% of your previous wage which means that Barca would have to pay a lot of money in wages to Messi... even by reducing his salary 50%.
      The problem here isn't Messi but how bad the club was run under Bartomeu

    • Muhamad Arif
      Muhamad Arif 3 months ago +5

      @Jimmy Jones and you think Beckham gonna pay $780k per week he got at PSG?moving to USA is a pay cut already..he just don't want to disturb the rebuilding that Xavi has done this season. In 2,3 years when he retired, Xavi need to rebuild Barca squad again if he goes back to Barca..

    • Konrad_69
      Konrad_69 3 months ago +4

      @Jimmy JonesLmao he did a pay cut when he was in barca as well. Going back would disturb barca finance thats why he left. Unlike some pendu who obviously did for money

  • DreyzonJK
    DreyzonJK 3 months ago +4

    You will always be a Barcelona legend Messi❤💙

  • J.
    J. 3 months ago +4

    Thank you Leo, really, thank you.
    I haven't watch a single La Liga game since he left. I then realized that it's not FCB that I truly love, it's Messi in Barca with all those Legends who defined my understanding for football. Only the key word 'Messi' and 'Barca' meets can truly get my attention. I never watched League 1 cuz it's painful to watch Messi in another team. He owes Barcelona nothing, quite frankly they owe him a fair lot.
    Anyway I'm super glad Messi settled down in North America not middle east, hope to meet him one day😂😂😂

  • André
    André 3 months ago

    Buen tipo, calidad humana, empático.

  • Tavo
    Tavo 3 months ago +1

    There will be NO other like him the Best by far the legend the magic man 🐐🏆

  • Satisfaction
    Satisfaction 3 months ago

    He’s accomplished enough with football in Europe..and that’s his comfort zone..it’s good that he’s taking on other challenges by going to the USA

  • JampstonS.
    JampstonS. 3 months ago +734

    Humble he is. Messi didn’t want Barca lowering salaries or cutting off players for him, so he decided to go to Miami with his family to stay away from all that drama.

    • Dardan Morina
      Dardan Morina 3 months ago +22

      Indeed big respect for leo he understood what many of his toxic fans and FC Barcelona refused to understand because even if he didn't play with some of nowadays Barcelona team together he didn't wanted to be that selfish while fans and club were ready to sacrifice litterly every player just to sign him

    • Dino
      Dino 3 months ago +1


    • Lolleole1234
      Lolleole1234 3 months ago +3

      Lol so your saying he came to MLS new small team for free!

    • La Niko
      La Niko 3 months ago +2

      We watched the video, you don't have to write captions

  • ryantres85
    ryantres85 3 months ago +12

    The price of the tickets for his debut with Inter next month went through the roof after the news. Wherever he goes, people will follow him. I personally think he is at the most calm point of his career. He won the Copa América trophy, something Maradona could never win. He just won the World Cup. He has won it all. Messi is indeed the GOAT.

    • A. Anand
      A. Anand 3 months ago

      🔥LIONEL MESSI FIRST GOALS for INTER MIAMI CF vs PHILADELPHIA⚽ - clip-share.net/video/oqy6flwoB2s/video.html

  • The Author of Pain
    The Author of Pain 3 months ago

    An honest, the most humble player ever.
    The only GOAT of football ⚽️ may you shine even more there is US 🫶🏻

    RGRGJKK 3 months ago

    Pura vida Messi mucha suerte 🍀 le deseo lo mejor en el nuevo club y es mejor trabajar en un lugar que reúna las condiciones y uno se sienta seguro pura vida Messi and guys from this channel

  • i1y4ss
    i1y4ss 3 months ago

    Respect for your honesty. U'll always be the n°1 in hearts of barça fans 🥇
    Good luck for the rest of ur career 😊

  • Ali Nur Gas
    Ali Nur Gas 2 months ago

    It's too painful for me to watch this interview. Hearing how he wanted to come back and the dream of winning one more UCL with him was something I always believed would happen. Damn

  • Triple___X
    Triple___X 3 months ago +382

    We don't care where he goes, we will always follow him..A miracle from the Footballing gods, An Alien, A Freak of nature but at the end of the day, he's the god of football himself..THE GOAT 🐐 🤩🥲🥲

    • Tomo Hawk
      Tomo Hawk 3 months ago +12

      yeah i agree with you ronaldo is some player

    • a cow from mars
      a cow from mars 3 months ago +30

      Make sure you zip up his pants when you're done.

    • qwjk
      qwjk 3 months ago +1

      @a cow from mars nah wtf did blud just say 😹😹😹😹

  • Piesho Nais
    Piesho Nais 3 months ago

    Ni modo. Feliz retiro al mejor jugador de la historia del futbol. Gracias por todo y por tanto.

  • futuro campeão da champions league

    Im watching this with a Barça kit right now. My disappointment is immeasurable and my life is ruined. Knowing that this was the right thing to do is what hurts me the most. My dream was to see him play just one more time for Barcelona.

  • Angel Cisneros
    Angel Cisneros 3 months ago

    Nadie puede odiar a Messi, es un ser extraordinario, viene a darle vida a una serie que esta en desarroyo. Pronto la mls sera mejor que la liga Mexicana y seguira escalando.

  • Star Football
    Star Football  3 months ago

    My man wants peace which he deserves.
    Also being a Barca fan, He thinks about us and he knows us well.
    I was really sad when I heard about his transfer but in the end he's a family guy, that's his first priority 👍🏻
    Wishing you the best for your new journey
    Love you GOAT 🐐

  • Pro
    Pro 3 months ago +1138

    Makes sense if you think about it about all the financial and mental trouble his return it would have on the club, players, himself and the media

    • Random Person
      Random Person 3 months ago +83

      UnlockOggBar It was the most succesful era/career in football.

    • ElNick69
      ElNick69 3 months ago +31

      UnlockOggBar Depends how you look at it. Guys gonna grow the game and do big things for MLS which soccer needs. No he’s not gonna be competing for trophies like we want, but hopefully it grows the game the right way. Same with Ronaldo

    • Fajar Asterix
      Fajar Asterix 3 months ago +1

      ​​UnlockOggBar not yet in internasional career, even in lv club not 100% yet, but almost, yes.

    • Martin 🫡
      Martin 🫡 3 months ago +7

      I love how this has humbled all you guys😂🤡 don’t act like you guys were on the same page before he decided to explain why he made the decision I’m not a messi or a Ronaldo ultra and tried to be neutral on this situation and I said that him going back to Barcelona doesn’t make sense everyone thought I was being a hater, keep that same energy guys 😂 you don’t want to accept that your favourite player decided to cash in.. when I said that his career is done and he won all the important trophies and I said he should go for the money I’m a hater ,now because he decided to go for the money everyone is acting like they were on the same page, I remember everything like an elephant, only a small minority were thinking like me, I’ve been keeping up with the news and comments section. All you guys look dumb laughing at cr7 fans 😂

    • MrCstrey14
      MrCstrey14 3 months ago

      The media and fan pressure alone in serious football countries compared to the US is a huge relief and benefit for him.

  • Ehemaliger Schepperer
    Ehemaliger Schepperer 3 months ago +11

    I haven't watched a lot of Messi interviews, but I always knew and could tell that he was a smart and humble man, who didn't care that much for the spotlight. I respect him even more now after making this decision, not selling out by going to Saudi Arabia and following the likes of CR7 (extremely unlikeable) and not going to Barcelona for the respect of the players there and his wife and kids. Now, he has made a good deal for himself and his family and is at a beautiful place for his kids as he slowly and with no pressure walks towards the finishing line of his career with a happy smile knowing he has achieved everything he ever wanted to.

  • roxgarcia7
    roxgarcia7 3 months ago

    Excelente entrevista! Luego de escuchar los motivos y sentimientos del Rey #Messi lo entiendo y acepto esta decisión. Es más la aplaudo por su familia, por su propio ser que ha sido tan atropellado como el explicó. Buena suerte #Campeón! Donde quieras serás el #Rey! Nadie nos quita lo gozado ! A escribir nuevas páginas! Bendiciones!! #interdemiami #messi #nuevacasa. ❤

  • PancakesPedro25
    PancakesPedro25 3 months ago

    When I heard Lionel would go to America, I was very devastated. I was born in Barcelona and I would always support the football club. FC Barcelona. I attended matches with my father at Camp Nou and I grew up watching Messi and cheered for FC Barcelona team. In 2021, I was very sad to see Messi go. He moved to France and plays for PSG. When he had his last match, I was glad to see him move from PSG. The fans were toxic to the footballer Messi. I hoped to see him in Barcelona one last time. But then news broke out that he would play for Inter Miami. And I might never see him play for Barcelona again. But he has very good point. He doesn’t want players to be sold and have salaries lowered. So he has very good point. I wish he could play for Barça. But he has a good heart and chooses to play in Miami to make sure players stay in Barcelona. (I do not have good English so comment can have many grammatical errors.)

  • Sayantan Mitra
    Sayantan Mitra 3 months ago

    Tensionless zero toxicity football in America. Great decision Leo. You will always be adored by football loving people everywhere.

  • yourlocalmouse
    yourlocalmouse 3 months ago +3

    Hes so sweet for keeping the current players in mind while making this decision, instead he didnt want to let his return affect anyone else and that is honeslty so nice of him🔥🔥Hope he has a great stay at the new club❤❤

  • Random360°
    Random360° 3 months ago

    Its the best and wise decision. He knows how the club has regained the stability and obviously he doesnt wanna ruin that. He knows he is not agile as he was but he is better than most of the active players. He just wanna have some peaceful time with his family.❤

  • TheSmith 1154↗️
    TheSmith 1154↗️ 3 months ago +750

    Not a Messi fan, but he took a sensible decision. He doesn’t have to go again into similar shit. It’s time to move on.

    • come'n'relax
      come'n'relax 3 months ago +9

      Dude what he had at Barcelona and PSG is bad,but he wasnt tak bad about those clubs,like IM not his big fan about this man,but he got all my respect

    • Vikram Bhat
      Vikram Bhat 3 months ago +25

      you are not a football fan if you are not a messi fan as simple as that.

    • Me gusta
      Me gusta 3 months ago +15

      @Vikram Bhat whoever says that has no ball knowledge outside wc 2022

    • Revolver
      Revolver 3 months ago +14

      If you're not a Messi fan you're not a Football fan.

    • Kinako Ch. ⚜️ 菜花黄名子
      Kinako Ch. ⚜️ 菜花黄名子 3 months ago +8

      ​@Vikram BhatThat's not a valid reason not to be a fan of the sport, but you are not a real fan if you called football soccer.

  • Jessa Malala
    Jessa Malala 3 months ago

    Gracias Messi por ser un caballero y tener sensibilidad y empatía de hacer algo que no tienes que hacer, y es el de tomar el tiempo de compartir la decisión que tomaste referente a tu futuro . Por lo demás, es tu vida es tu decisión y muy lindo que esta decisión se tome en base a tu familia. Te deseo lo mejor a ti y a los tuyos en la nueva etapa de tu carrera futbolística .
    Y Gracias por aclarar y cerrar la boca a tanto Clip-Sharero especulador, gracias, Messi. 💯

  • Prib
    Prib 3 months ago

    And that's the reason he's my GOAT❤️🙌

  • Ankur Shah
    Ankur Shah 3 months ago

    Love how he just laid it out. That's power. No sugar coating it.

  • Steff SK
    Steff SK 3 months ago +2

    I think he made an excellent decision in all areas for his career now, his finances and the global impact of Soccer for today and the future

  • Sleya Raze
    Sleya Raze 2 months ago +1


  • RSEN
    RSEN 3 months ago +116

    Leo is right. Our viability plan did involve selling on players and a reformed wage structure. All for him. He's understood that things could go complex, so he chose to move elsewhere. I hope someday before he decides to hang up his boots once and for all, we can bring him without complications or compromises and give him the farewell he deserves. Meanwhile we have to focus on getting stronger and try our best to make a comeback on the European stage, our main weakness. We have to do it for Leo. We have to make Leo proud.

      THE TRICKSTER 3 months ago +6

      But he also mentioned receiving offers from other European teams. It would be ideal for him to play there for at least 1 or 2 years. However, to be honest, I am the one being greedy as I would love to watch him play in Europe. He has already achieved a lot in football and can now enjoy his time in Miami.

    • Lolleole1234
      Lolleole1234 3 months ago

      Lol I hope Messi thinks again no one wants to see him in the MLS new small team

    • RSEN
      RSEN 3 months ago +4

      @Lolleole1234 I mean who cares where he plays anymore? He's completed football and all the side quests too 😂. He probably feels it's a good choice for his family and also the kind of stakes that Messi is getting just by signing, I don't see why he won't if he wants to.

    • 𝔠𝔬𝔫𝔳𝔬𝔰
      𝔠𝔬𝔫𝔳𝔬𝔰 3 months ago

      He’s wasting his last years in MLS lol

    • ArsenalAreBack
      ArsenalAreBack 3 months ago

      Uefalona deserve to go back to being a small club with all their cheating.

  • ᏩᏂᎧᏕϮ☠️🔥

    The greatest era of FOOTBALL has officially come to and end🥺🤧🤧

  • Sushan Salian
    Sushan Salian 3 months ago +1

    This makes sense actually I was frustrated at first but this guy choose to not interfere with clubs situation and moved on i just wish him more success ahead a true Legend #Messithegoat ❤

  • ピンクハウス
    ピンクハウス 3 months ago +8

    Eligió su retiro a seguir compitiendo en la élite del fútbol mundial, se respeta. Igual has sido uno de los más grandes jugadores que ha visto el mundo. Gracias por todo Messi!!

  • Popshots Only
    Popshots Only 3 months ago +4

    Messi on his way to breaking the record for most penalties in MLS, INSPIRING

    • Christian Dimitrov
      Christian Dimitrov 3 months ago


    • A. Anand
      A. Anand 3 months ago

      🔥LIONEL MESSI FIRST GOALS for INTER MIAMI CF vs PHILADELPHIA⚽ - clip-share.net/video/oqy6flwoB2s/video.html

  • Alex Choy
    Alex Choy 3 months ago +19

    Reasons why I love Messi. He’s a humble person and always puts his family and teammates first. Even though he wanted to join Barca, knowing that it would affect the players and their future there, he didn’t join. He’s a true hero for Barca and yet people will still criticize and hate on him. No matter what, Barca fans will always love you Messi! ❤️💙 Força Barca

    • A. Anand
      A. Anand 3 months ago

      🔥LIONEL MESSI FIRST GOALS for INTER MIAMI CF vs PHILADELPHIA⚽ - clip-share.net/video/oqy6flwoB2s/video.html

  • Sayan Biswas
    Sayan Biswas 3 months ago +71

    "He doesn't want to Barca selling other player." As an hard core fan of Messi as well as Barca till now I fully appreciate his honesty, modesty and kindness towards other players. Till now how much he loves Barca.

  • young yan
    young yan 3 months ago

    Will always support the team Messi decides to join. Happy that he will come to NA so I get to watch him. Hope his family enjoys the weather and life in Miami. I am sure that people in US will start to like soccer more when they see what messi can do

  • Gene Ramsey
    Gene Ramsey 3 months ago

    A man of character ❤

    THE AVENGERS 3 months ago +1

    Love the legend on and off the field 🐐

  • Memes
    Memes 3 months ago +4


  • petite etoile
    petite etoile Month ago +1

    Since he's arrived in the US he's been faced with almost nothing else but love so hoping he's very happy with his decision after the farce of PSG

  • Aaron D
    Aaron D 3 months ago +196

    As an American Barca fan I'm so sad that I never got to see him in Europe. I thought he was going to stay at PSG one more year and I was considering making the trip to Paris. So I'm sad about that. On the other hand, I'm excited I'll be able to see him in person cuz best believe I'm traveling to Miami next year... Hopefully😢

    • ME CryptoCorner
      ME CryptoCorner 3 months ago +8

      You are lucky..

    • Click
      Click 3 months ago +7

      Good luck bro

    • Surasit GG
      Surasit GG 3 months ago +1

      Make your dream come true man, now it’s more easier since he came to your home country

    • Sanx Bile
      Sanx Bile 3 months ago +2

      You have to go. Believe me, you will be forever regretful if you don't. It's a blessing having seen him live, no matter the circumstance.

  • TheAlmighty
    TheAlmighty 3 months ago

    Messi being Messi! As humble as always...

  • Travis Bickle
    Travis Bickle 3 months ago

    Damn, heartbreaking. But there is a fact no one can deny: Messi is Barcelona and Barcelona is Messi.

  • Jens Peter Simonsen
    Jens Peter Simonsen 3 months ago

    ... didn't want to break up a LaLiga-winning team to get his last hurrah with the club and fans he loves - what a legend 😀

  • Amit K
    Amit K 3 months ago

    Can't believe I won't be able to watch him live anymore... Thank you for everything Messi

  • Philip Kwong
    Philip Kwong 3 months ago

    i hope finally messi can be in a place where people just appreciate his greatness

  • Metallic
    Metallic 3 months ago +87

    even he is out of barca he still think about the players from the team... i was loving this man from 2002 and ill always do

    • Elizabeth Csicsery-Ronay
      Elizabeth Csicsery-Ronay 3 months ago +3

      I came late. Just two yrs ago. Where was I? Good question. I could kick myself for missing out for 13 yrs. Still I got the tail end and not the worst. After he had a banner yr. If it weren't for these hideous PSG fans, it would have been one of his best yrs at the age of 35-36. What a man! We shall not see his like ever again.

    • Deez Gutz
      Deez Gutz 3 months ago

      He could of taken the pay cut, it wasn't about that it was about him & his Family getting burnt by barca

    • Kehn zZz
      Kehn zZz 3 months ago +2

      @Deez Gutz Because there is a limit to how much of a pay cut you're allowed to take in Spain by law.
      The law says that you need to earn a minimum of 50% of your previous wage which means that Barca would have to pay a lot of money in wages to Messi... even by reducing his salary 50%.

  • Takudzwa Chikwengo
    Takudzwa Chikwengo 3 months ago

    Splendid,❤loved how he valued other players' future as well as salary reduction. What a sportsmen and a wonderful personality.

    • A. Anand
      A. Anand 3 months ago

      🔥LIONEL MESSI FIRST GOALS for INTER MIAMI CF vs PHILADELPHIA⚽ - clip-share.net/video/oqy6flwoB2s/video.html

  • Lorraine Dmello
    Lorraine Dmello 3 months ago

    Humble and honest as always ❤

  • winnerwater
    winnerwater 3 months ago +13

    It's okay Messi, all okay. We'll always support you wherever you go💙

  • EarthlyMix
    EarthlyMix 3 months ago

    Smart move. This also proves that he can adapt in any league he plays.

  • JaMoinsen
    JaMoinsen 3 months ago

    That night the world showed me its end, but no matter because death makes the hero a legend

  • John El Hanafi
    John El Hanafi 3 months ago +244

    What a classy gentlemen! Not many people think of saving others for the greater good and this is ladies and gentleman why he is the greatest!

    • Bichard Bicheux
      Bichard Bicheux 3 months ago +9

      Gentlement who betrayed Barca for money and so that his wife can chill in Miami. What a false gentlemen.

    • tomxfootyedits
      tomxfootyedits 3 months ago +13

      @Bichard Bicheux if he wanted money, he would go to al hilal

    • R3dd1t
      R3dd1t 3 months ago

      Is ist Not abtut Mons. He Could play in Barca for free

    • Ronald
      Ronald 3 months ago +1

      he could have accepted a regular Barcelona salary, duh.

    • Bionnes
      Bionnes 3 months ago +1

      @Bichard Bicheux he will get more in miami

  • Dime Joe
    Dime Joe 3 months ago

    I feel for him, gave so much but in return got blamed and accused of things which he had no part in. This is what life is about, do and give your best but if they don't stand with you, change your place and start fresh.. 👍🏻

  • Kobbie
    Kobbie 3 months ago

    You made a good decision.. And we will always follow and support you everywhere you go. Messi (GOAT)

  • Bitter Bold
    Bitter Bold 3 months ago

    This is how a superstar becomes a true legend. All the best with Miami.

  • kichu mon
    kichu mon 3 months ago +2

    Well done Messi...this is why you are the Goat in the history of football and no one will ever be able to surpass or come by near u may it be in terms of football or as a human. U deserve more and more and you will definitely. Heartful prayers for you and your family to be happy and blessed always ❤❤❤❤..

  • Brandon Mota Ramos
    Brandon Mota Ramos 3 months ago

    Sad he’s not in Europe, happy he he’s coming to my country to show his unbelievable talent

  • Kay Lom
    Kay Lom 3 months ago +818

    Messi had a point and he make the right decision not to return because like he said he didn't want to be the reason and accuse for another players to make paycut from their salaries.. 🐐👑⚽🙌🙌🇦🇷🙌🙌🙏❤️🙏😎✌️😎

    • Harvey Spectee
      Harvey Spectee 3 months ago +6

      Barcelona is too weak

    • Crimzon 【クリムゾン】
      Crimzon 【クリムゾン】 3 months ago +5

      Hopefully Barcelona can recover quickly from their financial problems so that Messi can go back there without cost of other players

    • John Wick
      John Wick 3 months ago

      ​@Crimzon 【クリムゾン】 6 more years to recover their selling Camp Nou to Spotify now that's how big damage is. But if ever they come back Messi is 42 so yeah they can sign messi but don't expected he will run.

    • Motivation Hub 221
      Motivation Hub 221 3 months ago

      ​@John Wick messi can come on loan tho

  • Dream Team
    Dream Team 3 months ago

    The true hero..true captain .true goat

  • Raul
    Raul 3 months ago

    What a character! Very rarely I had the change to see a football player so humble and honest.
    Glad he is not returning to Barcelona! #hala Madrid!

  • Nn J
    Nn J 3 months ago +1

    Such a legend. You might need to meet another such honest legend - Sachin = Leo. No high profiles and loved over whole world…

  • Erika
    Erika 3 months ago

    es una verdadera lastima que no pueda retirarse en el club que ama y dedicó toda su carrera. dicho esto, no tendrían que haber agitado las aguas si sabían que no podían traerlo, fue cruel para los hinchas y para él ilusionarlos.

  • Marcelo Lara
    Marcelo Lara 3 months ago

    Bien por Miami, bien por Messi. Ahí lo quieren mucho y lo van a ir a ver en grande .

  • IsRealSiX Ojeifo
    IsRealSiX Ojeifo 3 months ago +70

    He’s so humble… Deserves to be where he’s appreciated

    MESSI REAL GOAT 3 months ago +3

    He had the football world completely under his feet. It is enough for us to prove that there is no one above you🙏🙏🙌🙌😍😍

    • A. Anand
      A. Anand 3 months ago

      🔥LIONEL MESSI FIRST GOALS for INTER MIAMI CF vs PHILADELPHIA⚽ - clip-share.net/video/oqy6flwoB2s/video.html

  • Andy Spy
    Andy Spy 3 months ago

    That’s another reason why I think he is the best player ever, his character. Respect

  • Mr Boxing
    Mr Boxing 3 months ago

    Soñé que Messi siempre no firmaba para InterM y regresaba al Barça 😢❤

  • Hemcol Dichongta
    Hemcol Dichongta 3 months ago

    Hearing this my respect for him 📈📈