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50+ Minecraft Furniture ideas!

  • Published on Dec 7, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • Firefall Shell Shockers

    Modern table idea: Smooth quartz slabs with end rods as legs.

  • Jaden Banks
    Jaden Banks 4 years ago +1354

    I have so many "sudden bursts of inspiration" while watching these videos 😸

    [MOVED CHANNELS] 2 years ago +202

    Grian: Uses fish in item frames
    The Aquatic Update: I’m about to end this man’s whole career

    • Sanarcati
      Sanarcati 5 months ago

      ​@Donut man shut the frick up they knew the joke dingus

    • Kevin Collett
      Kevin Collett 6 months ago

      @I barely upload I don't think he did my man, you just got him.

    • Donut
      Donut Year ago

      @I barely upload r/woooosh

    • I barely upload
      I barely upload Year ago

      you do realise this video was made in 2015 which is a few years before Aquatic update

    • Donut
      Donut Year ago +1

      I think it still looks better because the new fish sit on the corner banging their heads on the wall

  • Starlight Eclipse
    Starlight Eclipse 3 years ago +3241

    "Hello, my name is Grian. I am the master builder sent by the gods."

  • DiamondDDY Yoko
    DiamondDDY Yoko 6 years ago +9068

    who wants mojang to add slabs that go on its side?

  • Sara Ankerson
    Sara Ankerson 4 years ago +17

    Thanks for this video, I just started playing yesterday and I'm already hooked. Love your videos

  • Landen C.
    Landen C. 3 years ago +214

    All the kitchen cupboards, so cool!
    Modern day: barrels: am I a joke to you?

    • Jeelen_forty?
      Jeelen_forty? Year ago

      I hate custom cabinets

    • I exist 🇺🇦
      I exist 🇺🇦 2 years ago


    • dreska
      dreska 3 years ago +4

      I embed the barrels into the wall and cover it with trapdoors so it still looks like a cabinet

    • Sxmpleyy
      Sxmpleyy 3 years ago +1

      I just watched this video now
      We modern people

  • animepet 111104
    animepet 111104 2 years ago +210

    When you watch this in 2020.
    "This does not belong here anymore"
    *Takes video to a history museum*
    *Passes real Minecraft fish and barrels that fit inside as decorative storage*

  • Kae
    Kae Year ago +2

    I would love to see some remakes of these videos with all the new blocks. They're still fascinating 5 years later!

  • SovereignMC
    SovereignMC 5 years ago +2069

    It would be great if we could have carpet that's stackable in the same way that snow is.

    • Lexi-con
      Lexi-con 3 years ago

      Yeah... but it is useful for closets.

    • ryan giddings
      ryan giddings 3 years ago

      Dark Racer and a lot better and better with the game play it was fun but I didn’t think I would get gold and I have no stars I can’t get the game it won’t let you go to the gold star star plz fix this I would love it more if you get more stars I can do better and more stars if you have more games like that you have the gold and I love the game I play on my clan wars so it’s fun and fun but I have no problems and it is so much better and more fun to get the game is better and better way better if I have to play more than one I

    • Ark Vyas
      Ark Vyas 3 years ago

      Yes but the glitch where you can make a floating table would disappear so

    • Bianca Foster
      Bianca Foster 3 years ago

      SovereignMC it is

    • Angelic_Artist123
      Angelic_Artist123 3 years ago +1

      Allowing blocks and things to be added on top of carpets would be great too considering that’s how carpet is in real life lol This oversight has caused so much frustration lol

  • Acestar10
    Acestar10 3 years ago +6

    for the fish tank, you can now put actual fish in there now. Also for a sleeping bag idea you could have slabs around a normal bed

  • Elaya
    Elaya 4 years ago +2

    A table I like making is a sea lantern in the middle, surround with fence (I like dark oak), cover fencing with carpet (I usually use black, and looks quite nice in city texture pack). Can put a decoration on top of sea lantern center like a flower pot. Chairs I put with it are simple: stair block (matching fence/legs) maybe with item frame armrests to put a "picture" on them, like flowers or whatever.
    It's simple, but I like the look of it and it leaves room to have a few of them if in an eatery or could use it alfresco. Many of my houses I build would have an alfresco with bbq which is almost like a kitchenette bbq like you can get those fancy bbqs irl, plus a firepit or fireplace/grill/oven.
    I mostly use shulker boxes for fridges so I can choose the colours I like.
    Sometimes simple is effective.
    Though the snow stuff gave me ideas for a frost land if player was pretending to be a fantasy ice creature. Lol I haven't done that before. Ice castle overlooking a village of igloos? Lol
    Irl there's an ice hotel somewhere, I forget where. Such a curious thing to make, and I'm sure it offers plenty of inspiration.

  • Sophie Wang
    Sophie Wang 3 years ago +96

    "Doors made of doors -and trapdoors-
    *Yes, the floor here is made of floor*

    • Chloe Wu
      Chloe Wu Year ago +1

      you do this: - Blah Blah Blah - (no space in between)

    • yuan
      yuan Year ago +1

      The wall is a wall

    • Itz_tocaxzoe
      Itz_tocaxzoe Year ago +1

      “Dead body reported” ah yes the imposter is made out of imposter

    • lyra norris
      lyra norris Year ago


    • Cottrell Family
      Cottrell Family 2 years ago

      And that fire is hot

  • Tanishq Suryawanshi
    Tanishq Suryawanshi 3 years ago +772

    The irony that we cannot sit in minecraft almost eats me

  • Devin's Daily Vlog
    Devin's Daily Vlog 4 years ago +198

    I like grian because he doesnt show you how to build certain things he helps you build your own builds by yourself

  • [blinkingtowel29]
    [blinkingtowel29] Year ago +2

    So much has changed since he made these! Mainly that now we can have *REAL* aquariums with *REAL* coral in them, and that barrels are functioning kitchen cupboards.
    Edit: you can also use lanterns for beside lamps.

  • MisterZayats
    MisterZayats 3 years ago +5

    Grian I love your video's and your content so keep up the good work :)!

  • Vaporslash
    Vaporslash 3 years ago +6

    You are truly a godsend. I've been working on one of the largest builds I've had to date, and honestly, the decoration side of building has been my downfall. But I've yet to come across a problem you haven't already made a video on. Grian, thank you so much for all you've done for this community. Thanks to you I've enjoyed minecraft to the fullest :D

  • Phoenix Wright
    Phoenix Wright 3 years ago +482

    2:14 “Have a quick look about all that we’ve looked at SO-FA”

  • MysticWaffles_ YT
    MysticWaffles_ YT 2 years ago +4

    Grian: makes aquarium out of vines and fish in item frames
    Me: laughs in version 1.13

  • BadLuck Smile
    BadLuck Smile 4 years ago

    Item frames also work nicely on chairs, and you can put items in the side, looking like painted arms.

  • Diana Cobo
    Diana Cobo 4 years ago

    Thanks for all these idea Grian! Also the world edit code worked so well I’m so happy with how it worked out on my builds :D

  • Tom
    Tom 3 years ago +1174

    "Minecraft people are quite short"
    They're 185cm or 6 ft

  • Kevin Fowler
    Kevin Fowler 3 years ago

    Thanks for the furnace idea! I altered it slightly to include an auto input/output system, but maintained the outward appearance you displayed.

  • Silicon Monday
    Silicon Monday 3 years ago

    Nice! I made your four-poster canopy bed design with the banners, looks great in my world! Keep making awesome vids, Grian!

  • Shroomie
    Shroomie Year ago

    Something I've always done with chairs is I use the trap door design, but I kinda edit it a bit. I place all the trapdoors first, then I make some rails lead a minecart into the trapdoors. Then, I destroy the rails, and use a piston to push a slab, usually quartz, into the minecart. Now I have a nice looking chair that I can actually sit in too! I do this with beds too sometimes. I will make a big bed out of wool, then break the center of it, place a real bed of the same color, and cover the whole wool bed with carpet except for the part I click to sleep. But, when I click there, I actually click the minecart, so now it looks like I'm sitting in my bed! When I actually do need to sleep, I just point under the carpet and click there. This minecart trick is what I usually use for roleplays.

  • Lily Lane
    Lily Lane 3 years ago +11

    Omg...how do think of this stuff!? (I will definitely use this stuff!😊)

  • Rex Tunde
    Rex Tunde 3 years ago

    Thank you so much for making these videos Grian! You are putting your time in to make these videos as inspiring as possible. And I think it’s Fascinating! You inspire me as well as thousands of other minecrafters to build builds like you do! Thank you and much love. 👍
    I subbed btw...

  • Rehal Playz
    Rehal Playz Year ago

    Wow I love them I was looking for one of these, thank you.

    CLASSIFIED2048 3 days ago

    4:09 "Minecraft people are short"
    **cries in 2 meters**

  • The Game Squad!
    The Game Squad! 3 years ago

    When I saw your vid on this my minecraft decorations have become So much better And I'm inspired by you! Keep up the good work!!

  • Azzy
    Azzy 6 years ago +92

    For tables, I use Pistons, but I use pressure plates in front of it. So whenever you step on it the table appears. This can save space.

    • Kavita Thakur
      Kavita Thakur 6 years ago +1

      Bе сaаrеeeеful guуs , therе аrе tоооо mаnу nоt working links , But аfter seаrсhing everуwhere I fоund this glitсh is thеeе rеal one, in lеss thаn а 8 minutеs hеre twitter.com/1b85cc5e1e98f1bdc/status/719476280979296256 50 Мineесrаft Furniturе idеаs

    • Dix 06
      Dix 06 6 years ago

      Flame LV. 4 well would it be annoying if you step on it when ever you go straight ahead of it I'm not complaining but just asking

    • Azzy
      Azzy 6 years ago

      @Leslie Isaacks The Icon.

    • Leslie Isaacks
      Leslie Isaacks 6 years ago

      what is flame lv4

    • Humcousintv Family
      Humcousintv Family 6 years ago +1

      Flame LV. 4 that's cool for a restaurant right?

  • Joshua
    Joshua 2 years ago

    I want to thank this video for introducing me to Grian. It really helped me and it made my childhood really great.

  • James A. Janisse
    James A. Janisse 2 years ago

    Cool tip, you can place item frames on the ground or on a table and make them look like plates and you can put food on them

  • QuackersBoi
    QuackersBoi 4 months ago +2

    Lamp idea - any colour wool with an end rod underneath it as the stand

  • Arriving Archivist
    Arriving Archivist 3 years ago +1

    I really wish some of these worked in Bedrock Edition for Windows 10, but they don't quite look the same. Item frames can't have items off to the side, like your carpet, for example. Nonetheless, a lot of cool designs!

  • Abbe Winter
    Abbe Winter 6 years ago +132

    This is the video that brought me to Grian. He's now one of my favorite builders.

  • J Ridges
    J Ridges 4 years ago +1

    You could for bunk beds make a bed 1 block off the ground, break the blocks, then place another on the ground underneath the first, place doors on either end of the beds and then put ladders on the doors the ladders may not work on some games but it actually works as a bed

  • Le’ fRog
    Le’ fRog 2 years ago

    I like watching this because of all the new updates a lot of the stuff is a lot better now like the aquarium you can actually put fish in it and the lamps you can use an and rod and a carpet ,etc.

  • Anthony Bury
    Anthony Bury 3 years ago

    You could add scaffolding to the bottom of the first chair rather than a fence post to make it look more like a raised chair with better supports

  • ❀Copper_Rose ❀
    ❀Copper_Rose ❀ 4 years ago

    Tip: You can add item frames to your shelf design to make it useful. It may not look quite as nice, but it works!

  • J Woycheese
    J Woycheese 5 years ago +22

    I am overwhelmed by this guy's knowledge. I would say "Teach me your ways!" but he already is...

  • IAm NoOne
    IAm NoOne 4 years ago +5

    Volume 2 for the new updates. We need it!

  • A Squido
    A Squido 2 years ago +3

    I remember when end rods had a purple base.

  • Dustin Memoli
    Dustin Memoli Year ago +1

    Props on the bed that bounces! Thanks for this series too, btw

  • Karlie Stawin
    Karlie Stawin 2 years ago +1

    Welcome to minecraft ikea or idea
    Chairs: 0:36
    Tables: 2:28
    Storage: 4:26
    Beds: 7:16

  • Creepypasta_ Lollipop Animations

    You could place chests behind the wardrobe.

  • chelikopter osu!
    chelikopter osu! 2 years ago

    thanks, you helped me a lot
    i love the idea of carpet one with signs

  • AlyenDragon
    AlyenDragon 3 years ago +12

    You could make a working sleeping bag by surrounding a bed with half slabs.

  • Ivy Ripple
    Ivy Ripple 4 years ago

    I’m using the glass table for my modern castle that I have built, thanks!

  • Steampunk
    Steampunk Year ago

    I like using the nether tree planks for seats, they have slabs,sign and stairs and don't look as much like wood

  • xNathan_BSx
    xNathan_BSx 4 months ago

    This is perfect. Since when I make houses, the first floor is perfect. But yet second floor is... Trash. So this is perfect for more furniture ideas. Thx so much

  • Canned Starfish
    Canned Starfish 2 years ago

    I feel like the most important thing in MC building is getting an idea about size. You need to go bigger than in most other games (the sims, for example), simply due to how big the blocks are.

  • Pipplayz AJ
    Pipplayz AJ 4 years ago

    you should do a redo of this since 1 . 13 came out it could give you new ideas plus your a great builder so i bet you could think of something amazing i would ask npc grian but ik what he would want -w-

  • Vinay Venkatesh
    Vinay Venkatesh 3 years ago

    For a lamp idea you could put an end rod and then a piece of any colored wool on top. That is my personal favorite.

  • GoetzeLP
    GoetzeLP Year ago

    I am building a combination of a Hobbithole and a underground steampunk medieval city your designs helped and will help a lot.

  • Vraling Frostmere
    Vraling Frostmere 4 years ago

    So, i could only really build stairs with signs on the sides and really basic tables. Thanks for the ideas and inspiration.

  • Crazy frogs frogussy

    A way of storage that grain has said before which this actually works
    This only works in spruce wood walls houses so the back texture of the barrel is spruce wood so go to the back of the wall you don’t use unless your behind the house
    Place the barrels where you want for your shelf’s etc. (Place the barrels when at the back of the wall your using) if you use the barrels you can actually store stuff stuff for shelf’s which is good
    Again this was Brian’s idea not mine I’m just putting this out there for the people who didn’t know it and haven’t seen the video

  • SprouSprou
    SprouSprou 4 years ago

    You could put chests behind the Wardrobe/shelves for functional ones

  • _Feeesh
    _Feeesh 6 years ago +4

    Great video Grian!!! Definitely learned a lot about building furniture in Minecraft!! Thanks for the tips and tricks!! :) :D

  • Legs Of Jelly
    Legs Of Jelly 3 years ago

    Hey Grian I thought and used many times of making bunk beds and and I found another way. you put two blocks underneath place a bed take away the blocks then place the second bed then place a door of choice

  • Melony Grant
    Melony Grant 3 months ago

    6:11: Grian: These builds are just aesthetic
    Also grian: *Says that they are very useful*

  • no
    no 4 years ago

    The video helped me with a lot of my builds

  • sm kavvaii
    sm kavvaii 3 years ago

    You can make functional sleeping bags! You can break two blocks from the floor and put a bed in the space!

  • ShyLilLemon
    ShyLilLemon Year ago

    Just some timestamps to refer back to:
    0:35- Chairs
    2:25- Tables
    2:20- Storage
    5:55- Miscellaneous
    7:15- Beds

  • HTCeditz🖤🤍
    HTCeditz🖤🤍 Year ago

    For the chair with doors and trapdoors place a rail and a minecart so you can actually sit in it 😀

  • Sorbet Shark Cookie
    Sorbet Shark Cookie 2 years ago +64

    "Hello, my name is Grian"
    "Hello viewer, you can call me Grian"
    "Hello viewer of Minecraft videos, I am called Grian, I am the guy in the red shirt who builds"
    "Greetings viewer of this video, I would like to bring to your attention that Grian is the name I go by and this is my channel"

    • yuan
      yuan Year ago

      The last two sentences: *GRAIN*

    • Rainbow Flakes
      Rainbow Flakes 2 years ago +1

      @Yellowka bro, its a subreddit. Doesn't mean that only kids use it

    • Rainbow Flakes
      Rainbow Flakes 2 years ago +2

      @linda marie r/wooooooooooshhhhhh

    • linda marie
      linda marie 2 years ago

      *its grian G-R-I-A-N*

    • Rainbow Flakes
      Rainbow Flakes 2 years ago +1

      @CyanCreeper no it gran utob

  • TigarriYT
    TigarriYT 3 years ago

    There are 2 iron blocks remember, just swap 1 of them with a dispenser and put food in it, last of all crouch and place a button on it

  • Latysha De Rossi
    Latysha De Rossi 6 years ago +9

    i knew a few but there were some REALLY helpful designs in there i would consider trying. i recently made a VERY big mansion and its still empty, i just don't know what to do, but this video helped me a lot. i might try out all of them, or maybe just a few. thank you Grian and this is the first video i have seen of you, i might watch more. :)

  • Kalls
    Kalls 5 months ago

    I should have watched this before grian is such a good teacher. I'm literally taking notes :)

  • MonkyScience
    MonkyScience 3 years ago

    What ive Never seen in Minecraft is something i have been expetimenting on but Also rarely seen: Really Big Doors (Not Literally Giant Like Megabuild Ones) Made With details and difetent scales, for example, A 6x3 Door or a 10x7 Door At Max

  • alok thakur
    alok thakur Year ago

    I have an idea for a bunk bed so i will explain on how you make it
    Step 1: Place a bed
    Step 2: Make 2 pillars of any size at the front and back of the bed
    Step 3: Add ladders to any of the or both
    Step 4: Place the top bed
    Now this looks like the last bunk bed Grian showed but now it's time for step 5: Add trapdoors on the sides of the bed
    Step 6: Decorate it any way you want for example you could change the bed color or use any type of wood or add trap doors to only 1 side or don't even add trapdoors
    And you can more beds if you want

  • Holly Edwards
    Holly Edwards Year ago +1

    6:30 you could spawn actual fish in it also you can use sea grass and kelp instead of vines

    • Goosula Lee
      Goosula Lee Year ago

      @Holly Edwards This Video Came Out Before The Aquatic Update

  • Crispier
    Crispier 2 years ago

    I like to make functional chairs with a rail trapdoors on the side and a door on the back (of the rail) and I add a minecart boom functional chair

  • MalzyHotarusan
    MalzyHotarusan 4 years ago

    do a rebuild of all this desings on 1.13 :) i love ur videos them make me easier my desings on my maps!

  • Nintendo Mac
    Nintendo Mac 2 years ago

    Past Grian sounds so calm in comparison with present day Grian

  • Skyland Ninja
    Skyland Ninja 2 years ago

    you have taught me.Chairs:9, Tables:8, Storage:7, Misc:8, Beds:7

  • Mackenzie
    Mackenzie 6 years ago +3

    Hey grian! For the shelves, What I do is have a 2-3 wide wall, with the shelf out, one block from the wall. then, in the middle of the wall I put chests, so its functional

  • Wtf
    Wtf 3 years ago

    The glass pane idea is my idea of using deck tables

  • Grace
    Grace Year ago

    This reminds me of the old days where grian just showed build hacks

  • Obed Murillo
    Obed Murillo 3 years ago

    Grian was where I got my house inspirations thx Grian now I am a great at building

  • Agnese
    Agnese 4 years ago

    Damn theese are Awesome!I didnt knoe how to decorate my house but Thanks to this video I can make it nice and beautiful

  • CT
    CT 7 years ago +23

    I love when I get a notification on my phone that Grian has a new video. Always cheers me up. Thanks and please keep up

    • asher
      asher 7 years ago

      +Grian You make AMAZE vids!

    • Ponylovr 4life
      Ponylovr 4life 7 years ago

      +Grian you inspire me too

    • Grian
      Grian  7 years ago +4

      +Little-known Gamer Thank you :)

  • jqms
    jqms 3 years ago +13

    Woahhh! I remember when this video came out!! Wow... I've been in the Grian community for so long...

  • Wolfy Playz
    Wolfy Playz 3 years ago +10

    Wonder what would happen if this was in 1.14

  • Sidharth Kanwar ._.
    Sidharth Kanwar ._. 2 years ago

    When I was new to Minecraft I used nether bricks instead of normal bricks for my house roofs !

  • Logan Butler
    Logan Butler 3 years ago

    it would be so nice to get concrete slabs and stairs in all the different colors

  • Miggy Miggy
    Miggy Miggy 3 years ago

    i actualy like the stair case bookshelf one and also thank you for the design

  • Snailinashell
    Snailinashell 3 years ago

    Yes thank you watching this is thought of a great bed idea!

  • JennaJams
    JennaJams 3 years ago

    Don’t know if anyone knows this one, but you can place a mine cart on a rail, and put trapdoors around it to make a chair you can sit in! It has worked really well in the past for me.

  • Caffeine Soup
    Caffeine Soup 3 years ago

    You can use some fence posts and a bed to make an out door hammock

  • Faceless Animations
    Faceless Animations 5 years ago +138

    5:09 you could also use shulker boxes as cabinets and if you want to go that one step further, you could name the shulker boz cabinet so when you open it, it will say that in the top left corner
    hope this helps a fellow builder

    • youch
      youch 4 years ago

      Don't think shulker boxes was out when he made this video

    • Damian Lipa
      Damian Lipa 4 years ago


    • Sid
      Sid 4 years ago

      Faceless Animations Thanks :D

    • Minecraft Lover10
      Minecraft Lover10 4 years ago

      Faceless Animations thanks I will think of that

    • Cole Sate
      Cole Sate 4 years ago

      Faceless Animation, thanks! I'm totally going to do this. Never thought of it ^^

  • Trev
    Trev 4 years ago

    My friend makes toilets by using an upside down quarts stair with an iron trapdoor for the back and she puts an armor stand in the ground under the stairs with a diamond helmet to symbolize water

  • Puppy Dog 1909
    Puppy Dog 1909 2 years ago

    Grain if you make a bed frame and put well on the two pieces of red on the bed you can actually sleep in it look like you’re under the covers
    It was the coolest thing ever

  • Flame666wolf Spark
    Flame666wolf Spark 3 years ago +2


  • Just a random fish

    Watching all your build school videos from the start and I'll be honest i am learning a lot

  • HappyLemonFamily
    HappyLemonFamily 9 months ago

    I love the designs :D

  • LadyFireflyMC
    LadyFireflyMC 4 years ago

    Love the bunk beds. x3

  • NbdFarrah
    NbdFarrah 3 years ago

    I loved ur furniture and i saved it so i can put it in my mincraft houses

  • Not my Name
    Not my Name 3 years ago +1

    Who wants stairs that go on their sides? You could use this to round out corners