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Boris Johnson funny moments: Peppa Pig World and other bloopers resigning PM endured

  • Published on Jun 1, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    Boris Johnson funny moments: We all know resigning Boris Johnson's funniest moments, from the speeches, the rugby tackle and offering reporters tea and blue passports, but 2021 was an especially tricky year for Boris Johnson, who has just announced he is resigning. From bizarre references to Peppa Pig World to the endless handshake with Nancy Pelosi and THAT incident with the umbrella, the attempts of England’s Prime Minister to navigate the complexities of 2021 may have been a bit awkward - but they sure were funny to watch. Here’s a look back at all the funny, strange and sometimes cringeworthy moments Boris Johnson endured this year….
    00:00 Boris Johnson asking about Covid-19
    00:10 Prime Minister Boris Johnson Covid-19 drug speech
    00:40 Boris Johnson struggles with umbrella in front of Prince Charles
    01:18 Prime Minister and Rishi Sunak visit a brewery
    01:45 Boris Johnson's art and paintings
    03:11 Boris Johnson Peppa Pig World speech
    03:40 Prime Minister on President Joe Biden
    03:56 UK - France relationship
    04:23 Boris and Nancy Pelosi share extra-long handshake
    04:34 Boris's OJ Simpson remark
    05:09 Boris Johnson talking about tea
    06:24 Boris Johnson's rugby tackle
    06:44 Boris Johnson Cop26 speech
    07:34 Boris loses his place in speech
    08:04 Boris Johnson asked about his hair
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Comments • 877

  • Daily Mail
    Daily Mail  Year ago +190

    What did you think was the funniest moment?

    • MrTech
      MrTech Year ago +47

      When he knocked down the child trying to play a cricket.

    • Paul O'Neill
      Paul O'Neill Year ago +14

      Are you doing these for Starmer as well or are you now a Guardian clone?

    • BreadLord
      BreadLord Year ago +11


    • Mr White lives matter
      Mr White lives matter Year ago +20

      The biggest joke here is on society

    • Kepler Mission
      Kepler Mission Year ago +2

      The funniest thing is how snobbish England was before Suez.

  • johannesnicolaas
    johannesnicolaas Year ago +1197

    A great comedian finds himself on the wrong stage.

    • Aaradhya Sharma
      Aaradhya Sharma Year ago +4


    • Aaradhya Sharma
      Aaradhya Sharma Year ago +17

      See volodymir zelenski

    • A. S
      A. S Year ago +25

      Boris Johnson has a thing that common men can relate, he doesn't behave like one elite guy.
      He is next to Mr. Bean. He entertains a lot. Today is an era in which people elect entertainers and comedians as the head(s) of the state(s).
      Anyway, he might be crooked (to some) but straight forward.

    • Josh Donnelly
      Josh Donnelly Year ago


  • Alison Mike
    Alison Mike Year ago +606

    The umbrella one just had me in stitches.

    • The D son
      The D son 10 months ago +1

      The hair thing got me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Kate
      Kate 10 months ago +1

      it's even funnier from the other camera angle on youtube

    • Misslaura Parkes
      Misslaura Parkes 7 months ago

      Me too she’s like I’m fed up not hard up 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😆😆

    • Abby
      Abby 2 months ago

      Charles laugh is hilarious also!!

    • Noah Gladwell
      Noah Gladwell 2 months ago

      Oh yes, the Tories can't even equalise the top-heavy nature of an umbrella. Let alone the economy

  • synesthete23
    synesthete23 Year ago +678

    Boris' mop of hair is iconic. Gives him a crazy wizard kind of feel.

    • Mama Hersh
      Mama Hersh Year ago +13

      that's where the power and energy comes from😂😂

    • florenceswalks
      florenceswalks Year ago +2

      @Mama Hersh He needs HobbIt feet for shure

    • z
      z Year ago +3

      @florenceswalks shure

    • pemakan manusia
      pemakan manusia Year ago +5

      Boris clown man

    • Neil070
      Neil070 Year ago +1

      Best of all when it gets too unmanageable he can pass it on to Fabricant

  • Ku Ro
    Ku Ro Year ago +367

    He teaches us a great lesson to not take things so seriously

    • Derrick Sendahangarwa
      Derrick Sendahangarwa Year ago +19

      True especially when he wished the reporter’s mom the very best after she asked him about his hair. That was lovely man. I truly commend this guy’s emotional intelligence.

    • Hannah Dyson
      Hannah Dyson Year ago +8

      Oh he takes himself very seriously. That's the problem

    • Derrick Sendahangarwa
      Derrick Sendahangarwa Year ago +1

      @Hannah Dyson 🤣🤣🤣

    • Ibriz A
      Ibriz A Year ago

      @Derrick Sendahangarwa boris johnsons emotional intellience or the male questioner asking him the question?

    • Njoku Cephas Chinedu
      Njoku Cephas Chinedu Year ago


  • RiteMo LawBks
    RiteMo LawBks Year ago +175

    I could watch him all day. If I were British and worked at No. 10, I'd bring a camera to work with me.
    He's guaranteed to have a "Boris Moment" once a day. I'm sure he makes the Queen laugh.

  • Batchimeg Damdindorj
    Batchimeg Damdindorj Year ago +273

    You can’t help but love this guy. I appreciate his sense of humor in a serious serious world of politics.

    • Key2theUniverse
      Key2theUniverse Year ago +26

      I don't give a crap about politics, but every time I put the news on he's done something that makes me laugh, I'm glad he's prime minister 🤣🤣

    • Batchimeg Damdindorj
      Batchimeg Damdindorj Year ago +8

      @Key2theUniverse you gotta love this guy and his hair !

    • Derrick Sendahangarwa
      Derrick Sendahangarwa Year ago +3

      Right? I’m glad there are people like him too.🤣🤣

    • Key2theUniverse
      Key2theUniverse Year ago +2

      @Derrick Sendahangarwa what a complete and utter top dog???

    • Derrick Sendahangarwa
      Derrick Sendahangarwa Year ago +2

      @Key2theUniverse absolutely man. Top of the food chain.🤣🤣

  • Tyler Mc
    Tyler Mc Year ago +189

    That poor lady at 4:14 trying to perform sign language based off of Boris' verbal diarrhea is the funniest thing i've seen in a long time.

    • Jean Que
      Jean Que Year ago +4

      verbal diarrhea as in russian "лить воду" literally meaning "to pour water" or simply talk nonsense incessantly

    • Jean Que
      Jean Que Year ago +2

      verbal diarrhea as in russian "лить воду" literally meaning "to pour water" or simply talk nonsense incessantly

    • minemasterSAM
      minemasterSAM 7 months ago

      “Verbal diarrhea” 😂
      You just commuted murder 🤣🤣

  • Alan R
    Alan R Year ago +115

    The most approachable world leader . The OJ Simpson joke was outta pocket 💀💀💀

  • Zorshyan Sailo
    Zorshyan Sailo Year ago +98

    Mr. Boris always looks like he just woke up from his sleep.

    • Susan Harris De Morales
      Susan Harris De Morales 10 months ago +6

      That sums up his working Life.

    • Maya Magination
      Maya Magination 10 months ago +4

      I don't think he sleeps at all lol

    • Bruce Kilby
      Bruce Kilby 8 months ago +3

      I would have liked to see Boris bringing out Tea and biscuits for the press and hitting a four at his father's cricket ground on his property.Ohh not to Forget driving the London bus in to the closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympics.🇬🇧💷🏏🇬🇧

  • Henry Bourke
    Henry Bourke Year ago +28

    Don't care whether you like him or not, this is funny.

  • PBAC
    PBAC Year ago +123

    Boris is like the joke side kick the super villain puts in power to ease people into it

  • Red guy with a Top Hat

    Bojo: let's feed the humans to the animals
    Also bojo: you don't wanna kill the worm!

  • iigbyii
    iigbyii Year ago +36

    I dont personally live in the UK but this man cracks me up 😂

  • Jon0sterman
    Jon0sterman 10 months ago +34

    Once you realise what a joke everything is, being a comedian is the only thing that makes sense.

  • my playlist246
    my playlist246 Year ago +47

    He gets on really well with children when he's not tripping them up or tackling them.
    It's very endearing.
    The lady with the umbrella went from "Noooo..." to "Awww..." at lightning speed.
    A man who freely admits to... something about building busses with happy passengers... is not a danger to the rest of the world.
    But.... These past few days he's stopped stuttering and has definitely got his blood up.
    Thanks Boris, you are the best. No idea what your policies are, I couldn't care less, but as a person? Best.

    • Key2theUniverse
      Key2theUniverse Year ago +2

      He's like that lovable 12 year old that we all have inside us

    • CHD D
      CHD D Year ago +3

      I'm not even from UK and I can say he's really stepped up his game lately, when he was needed the most.

    • Key2theUniverse
      Key2theUniverse Year ago +4

      @CHD D I think he doesn't get enough credit, I don't think any of our other prime minister's would have handled covid so well

    • CHD D
      CHD D Year ago +1

      @Key2theUniverse I was mostly thinking about the solidarity with ukraine and russian sanctions and I loved to see the whole house of commons (hope i'm not wrong) united, which many said it was a rare sight.
      Can't speak on covid, as I wasn't up to date with the situation over there, but almost every nation got both critiques and praises with that with very few exceptions... so yeah I believe you. :)

    • Key2theUniverse
      Key2theUniverse Year ago +1

      @CHD D but once again I doubt David Cameron could have handled the situation as well......

  • Seeking I
    Seeking I Year ago +637

    Okay fair enough he can be funny. When he's running a country, whether he can be funny or not isn't really the top priority.

    • Armour
      Armour Year ago +56

      Most of the time we're laughing at him, not with him anyway.

    • Wattz OR Jerk
      Wattz OR Jerk Year ago +7

      No one mentioned top priority mate.

    • Dangerous Minds
      Dangerous Minds Year ago +6


  • Ольга Дан
    Ольга Дан Year ago +30

    Прическа - огонь! Его стилист ржёт сутками, не переставая 😁👍

    • Fedor K
      Fedor K Year ago

      Как будто проснулся только что

    • Jean Que
      Jean Que Year ago

      предлагаю сделать его стрижку последним трендом в кпоп

  • Cara Mason
    Cara Mason Year ago +26

    I absolutely love his sense of humor 😂😀

  • Claudia
    Claudia 8 months ago +8

    He could have been a fantastic elementary school teacher. It's a real shame he didn't choose that pathway.

  • Don Juan Marco
    Don Juan Marco Year ago +19

    Sometimes, I wonder if Boris wants to be Prime Minister because of the title but not the responsibility attached to it.

  • Fahad Ali
    Fahad Ali Year ago +147

    As angry as I get for how poorly we are represented abroad I have to remind myself most of us (certainly not including me) voted him in so we deserve it!

    • Sithu Kyaw
      Sithu Kyaw Year ago +5

      Nope he wasn’t voted by nation but by Tory members

    • johannesnicolaas
      johannesnicolaas Year ago +2

      That is honest to admit. Thank you for that.

    • Tourmelion
      Tourmelion Year ago +1

      To be fair, at the time there were no better options
      We're like america
      Bad or worse
      Tho half of it is still on us
      Cause we aren't properly looking at the track records of MPs as much as the parties
      Which we should

    • Tourmelion
      Tourmelion Year ago +1

      Not many people thought conservative would be this bad, their manifesto was a lot more obvious
      Labour didn't really share their manifesto when asked
      They were vague about the 'green new deal' and base their whole ideology on not conservative or Corbyn

  • Moonlight
    Moonlight Year ago +11

    Thank you very much for putting this together, DM! Boris is very jolly and witty!

  • Countess Canuck 🍁
    Countess Canuck 🍁 Year ago +10

    The umbrella part with Prince Charles tho! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I’m crying!🤣

    • Pirate on the track
      Pirate on the track 8 months ago

      Prince Charles was about to make him vanish like prince Diana

  • wirescid
    wirescid 6 months ago +4

    "We could feed some of the human beings to the animals"

  • Generic poster of audio

    8:04 I've never seen Boris look so offended before lmfao

    • Hellcat
      Hellcat 10 months ago +2

      Well u even find civilian start to criticize his hair because on how abnoxious it is, imean come on people ur soo lucky to have president like that

    • Zayd Depaor
      Zayd Depaor 10 months ago +3

      Well it was rude and sheds more light on the bad manners of the one questioning... Out of all the things to attack politicians for, his naturally fine hair is not one of them.

  • Ric Jr
    Ric Jr Year ago +15

    There's just something amazing with British personality. 😁

  • 🙋🏼‍♂️
    🙋🏼‍♂️ Year ago +115

    David Attenborough: And now you can see Boris in his natural habitat, displaying his actual daily activity that is usually carefully consealed from unassuming observers. 1:45

  • PropaPanda
    PropaPanda Year ago +30

    boris is living the life of that one guy from a show who just cant do anything to look cool, he just does it and it looks a mess but it kinda gets the job done

  • Penny Barrie
    Penny Barrie 7 months ago +3

    Got to admit he was the funniest Prime Minister.

  • Mel C
    Mel C Year ago +47

    6:27 When you want to win so badly that you're willing to knock down a kid in the process 😂

    THINKING TECH! Year ago +92

    He seems hes a happy man and theres nothing wrong with that.

  • EmeraldThunder programming

    I don't know who this comedian is, but he's got a great career ahead of him. I was lauging the whole time

  • Rhys Davies
    Rhys Davies Year ago +6

    Boris is such a likeable person, yet is a complete wally. He is the personification of intelligence met with an equal amount of buffoonery. Like a living juxtaposition.

  • Prosperity
    Prosperity 11 months ago +6

    I'm sorry but Boris with the rubber glove and referecing oj Simpson was pure British class.

  • Adele Hilton
    Adele Hilton Year ago +66

    Pure genius love it, if it teaches nothing else it teaches us all not to take things too serious

    • A B
      A B Year ago +2

      Unlike Trudeau who fancies himself James Bond

    • Oliver Walker
      Oliver Walker Year ago +1

      Is this a serious comment?

  • BlackpinkInThyVicinity

    Boris’ artwork is just so underrated

  • Jamail
    Jamail Year ago +14

    An absolute source of inspiration for anyone who wants to join UK politics, if he can do it then anyone can do it :)

  • Tim Boddington
    Tim Boddington 11 months ago +4

    Love him or hate him, the bumbling amoeba is a national treasure 😂😂

  • mogznwaz
    mogznwaz 9 months ago +7

    It’s not bloopers it’s called humour and personality

  • Reya Roy
    Reya Roy Year ago +9

    Honestly, i love me some humor filled politicians. 🤣

  • BowLattery2507
    BowLattery2507 Year ago +25

    It's the first time I'm laughing out loud in weeks. I honestly want to give him a hug

  • Neil Isagum
    Neil Isagum 10 months ago +20

    The real life version of Monty Pythons "Upper class twit of the year ".

  • Centrist Philosopher
    Centrist Philosopher 10 months ago +2

    Michael Jackson's gloves, Marilyn Monroe's dress, Judy Garland's slippers, Muhammad Ali's robe, Elvis Presley's jackets
    Now we have Boris Johnson's hair

  • Ashi Y
    Ashi Y 7 months ago +5

    5:52 🙂 that's why I love him so much

  • Don Rotten
    Don Rotten Year ago +12

    I love that Boris Johnson was forced to redo kindergarten.

  • charlotte amelia murray

    i love his jokes he is hilarious

  • Pluto
    Pluto 8 months ago +8

    "The power of peppa pig world" lmao

  • Gold 👑
    Gold 👑 8 months ago +4

    He’s HILARIOUS‼️😂😅

  • Janet ross
    Janet ross Month ago +1

    The thing that has me laughing is his hair and the umbrella,he said he brushes it but I think he back combs it,it's stands up for it's self...)😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • F G
    F G Year ago +10

    I want to give my years to this gentleman. Bless.

  • Krazi canuck
    Krazi canuck Year ago +9

    The man is a legend. Long live Boris 🙌🙌🤣🤣

  • Vera Bolton
    Vera Bolton Year ago +9

    1:12 He had no idea how fast this option will become a reality for him.

  • tr_nt.
    tr_nt. 9 months ago +4

    Boris Johnson is the sort of guy you'd see on a Cbeebies show... Great at entertaining the kids but not much else...

  • Phoenix Fox
    Phoenix Fox Year ago +260

    If you cant manage a haircut, you cant manage a country.

    • Hawky2k21
      Hawky2k21 Year ago +10

      Never minds that he can't even handle his umbrella even tho his gene is USA anrol! 🤣

    • hohoho hehehe
      hohoho hehehe Year ago +1

      He can't manage his brolly

    • James Burnett
      James Burnett Year ago

      It’s seems simple enough

    • LJ60
      LJ60 Year ago +1

      Seen worse

  • Brain Clerk
    Brain Clerk Year ago +64

    The forest kept shrinking, but the trees kept voting for the axe; for the axe was clever and convinced the trees that he was one of them because his handle was made of wood. - Turkish Proverb.

    • Manu
      Manu  Year ago +8

      You remind me of the British royals.
      They need a brand new shiny new spade, every time they pretend to plant a tree.

  • Ricardo Cortez
    Ricardo Cortez Year ago +60

    "this is like OJ Sympson" was the best one

  • Peter Kerslake
    Peter Kerslake Year ago +7

    Just when we needed a hero....we got that!

  • Isabel La
    Isabel La 10 months ago +19

    BoJo would be great as a:
    Teacher ✅
    Comedian ✅
    Sports coach ✅
    Comedian ✅
    Radio host✅
    Politician ❌

  • Vaishnavi Pathak
    Vaishnavi Pathak Year ago +10

    He seems humble 😅

  • Ken Frey
    Ken Frey Year ago +10

    “Got any flake?”
    Ooh, I see BoJo enjoys the ol’ waffle dust.

    • GrinningFate
      GrinningFate Year ago +1

      That is the best nickname for Boris I have ever seen lol

  • Schnoodledoozle Bricks

    Hey may not be amazing, but he sure is charismatic

  • Amran Hamdan
    Amran Hamdan 11 months ago +3

    You know ... it's funny & freaky at the same time... the more I look at Boris Johnson & his antics .. the more he reminds me of Benny Hill in the British Sitcom "The Benny Hill Show" ... LOL ..

  • Peter Guimarães Wright

    His biggest laugh was for getting the boot and missing out on leading the national grief at the QE2 funeral. She hung on just long enough to see him off, bless her.

  • dede
    dede Year ago +10

    Simply a talkative Mr. Bean.

  • James Hill
    James Hill Year ago +17

    Absolutely comical, truly hysterical.

    • mega rolls
      mega rolls Year ago +1

      Lol. Hoping this is sarcasm 😂

  • Наталия К..
    Наталия К.. Year ago +1

    Очень обаятельный!👍👍👍

  • Vinh Lê Nguyễn Phước
    Vinh Lê Nguyễn Phước 11 months ago +13

    Who's here after he announced his resignation?

  • Angel
    Angel 8 months ago +2

    I lost it when he's describing the naval carrier with dozens of F35s on board and then an astronomical 66,000 sausages 😲

  • Ukro T.
    Ukro T. Year ago +6

    Kid : "Woow it's a massive worm, KILL IT!"
    Boris the worm : "No, no, no you don't want to kill the worm.

  • Ma Lou
    Ma Lou 7 months ago

    He makes the UK colorful with his stints

  • insystem7
    insystem7 Year ago +1

    This makes it look like the world's most brilliant comedian child runs England. It's beautiful

  • Misslaura Parkes
    Misslaura Parkes 7 months ago

    That woman refusing his umbrella ☔️🤣😂🤣

  • Tony Oliveira
    Tony Oliveira Year ago +5

    I can't pick just one part it was all pretty funny . Thanks for the video it made me laugh our prime minister is funny too especially how he is handling the trucker convoy but he just doesn't have the show man quality of this Clown 🤡 LoL

    • GrinningFate
      GrinningFate Year ago

      It’s hard to believe that this is the one of the most, if not the most, powerful people in the entire UK

  • Laura T.
    Laura T. Year ago +3

    "Can you hear us, Angela?" - "Yah, Boris, sadly I can."

  • Penn Temp
    Penn Temp 7 months ago +2

    7:10 Rishi Sunak is embarrassed by Boris’ gaffes.

  • Elvira’s kitchen
    Elvira’s kitchen Year ago +1

    I kinda like him
    He would’ve played a great Joey UK version ☺️😁

  • Peggy carson
    Peggy carson Year ago +2

    Hes to funny😂

  • Margaret Hurrell
    Margaret Hurrell Year ago +1

    You know he seems like a really nice guy. Gotta say l giggled all the way through this. LoL At least he has a sense of humor.

  • Rexy Houser
    Rexy Houser 11 months ago +3

    😂🤣 If Mr Bean was talkative & a Prime Minister.

  • ToniHunterOne
    ToniHunterOne Year ago +1

    I'm not certain who the poor Dignatary was that Boris had a death grip upon but my gosh, over an hour! I bet she was ready to start gnawing her hand off. Not poking fun at Boris, exactly, we have our own special little guy here. But ours is much more dangerous. Are we certain they aren't brothers from other mothers?

  • Pip Ross
    Pip Ross 9 months ago +2

    'we could feed some of the humans to the animals' actual based take

  • Si Y
    Si Y Year ago +10

    I thought Peppa Pig world would be more of a Davey Cameron type place..

  • Ali Egg
    Ali Egg Year ago +9

    Absolute banger of a guy

  • Amanda Burns
    Amanda Burns 7 months ago +3

    i know its against the grain but i like him 🤣

  • Cara Mason
    Cara Mason Year ago

    I love it!!!😀

    HELLENIC CULTURE 11 months ago

    χα χα χα! βλεπω οτι εχει ηδη δικες του σειρες!!! σκετη απολαυση ειναι!!!

  • Winding valley
    Winding valley Year ago +3

    "Like OJ Simpson" I died

  • Barry Tees
    Barry Tees Year ago +1

    I think the funniest moment is still to come

    • Steve Johnson
      Steve Johnson 11 months ago

      You mean when he loses his parliamentary seat?

  • ashfaque azad
    ashfaque azad Year ago +2

    "you can't drink tea through the mask, it's not physically possible."

  • Jason Lange
    Jason Lange Year ago +9

    I actually think he’s great 😂

  • Nick Rowsell
    Nick Rowsell Year ago

    So reassuring to see the Mail ridiculing Johnson … his coat is definitely on a sugary peg

  • Samuel Baumgartner
    Samuel Baumgartner 8 months ago +2

    I swear hes like an office character hahaha

  • Whitecloud Booyakasha
    Whitecloud Booyakasha 7 months ago +2

    Whatever side of politics you are on, how can you not like such a goofy and likeable chap?

  • 錦錦
    錦錦 8 months ago +3

    He will be a comedian like Rowan Atkinson if he did't go for politics.

  • Tough Luck Fitness
    Tough Luck Fitness Year ago +2

    Brilliant…love him

  • ollie starostin
    ollie starostin Year ago +10

    omg I love him!!!

  • 死神•Ðєαтнツ☭
    死神•Ðєαтнツ☭ 7 months ago +2

    Love him or hate him, Boris Johnson is kinda cute at times

  • M
    M 10 months ago

    I love you Boris Johnson!♥️♥️

  • 45mprs
    45mprs 10 months ago

    BoJo : the Mr Bean of british politics.