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Top 20 Most Rewatched Star Wars Moments

  • Published on Oct 1, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • These moments from a galaxy far, far, away have entertained fans for decades. For this list, we’ll be looking at the most frequently revisited moments in the “Star Wars” franchise. Our countdown includes “The Mandalorian”, “Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace”, “Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope”, and more! If there’s a “Star Wars” moment you rewatch that we missed, no need to use Jedi mind tricks on us― just tell us about it in the comments!
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  • WatchMojo.com
    WatchMojo.com  2 years ago +633

    If there’s a “Star Wars” moment you rewatch that we missed, no need to use Jedi mind tricks on us... tell us about it in the comments!

  • Chisszaru
    Chisszaru 2 years ago +3945

    Padme didn't die because she was sad, she died because she was present, yet missed the greatest lightsaber duel ever known to mankind

    • Jake Alter
      Jake Alter 2 years ago +114

      I always felt that she had died because either anakin (subconsciously) or palpatine was draining her life force to keep anakin alive

    • Jake Alter
      Jake Alter 2 years ago +20

      @Grimbear13 more like anakin or palpatine used force drain to use her life force to keep anakin alive

    • Kakarot the Immortal Monkey King
      Kakarot the Immortal Monkey King 2 years ago +53

      @Jake Alter yea that's a big theory. Anakin actually stops breathing right before the helmet goes on. As soon as he takes him first breath with the mask on, she takes her last.

    • Editingisforsmartpeople
      Editingisforsmartpeople 2 years ago +12

      "Anakin..your breaking my heart"

    • Earth 🌱
      Earth 🌱 2 years ago +6

      I totally understand that

  • cryzz0n
    cryzz0n Year ago +376

    This list just shows how Amazing Revenge Of The Sith is!!!

    • VisconitiKing
      VisconitiKing 8 months ago +6

      And yet, for all the amazing scenes, it still fell victim to much of the bad acting and screen-writing that plagued episodes I and II.

    • Doom
      Doom 8 months ago +1

      Fav one 13:40

    • Kneecap
      Kneecap 7 months ago +8

      Most rewatchable star wars movie

    • Brock Hathaway
      Brock Hathaway 4 months ago +4

      @VisconitiKing prequels we’re the best 3… then the original. Then the sequel 🤢

    • VisconitiKing
      VisconitiKing 4 months ago +8

      @Brock Hathaway I understand liking the prequels better than the sequels.
      But if you think that the prequels are better than the originals then you belong in a cell.

  • Der Tokz
    Der Tokz Year ago +307

    I think the fight between Palpatine and Windu, including Windu's death and Yoda's fight with Dooku should be mentioned. I remember when we sat in the cinema and wonder how Yoda could really fight and the whole room went nuts when he jumped around like a frog on ketamine 😅

    • Šimon Koníček
      Šimon Koníček Year ago +3

      That palpatine vs Windu+ rest was like the worst "fight" from all stawards :D

    • Brandorgs
      Brandorgs Year ago +6

      How can I be different today?

    • Katlyn Brown
      Katlyn Brown 6 months ago +2

      That’s the funniest comparison I’ve ever heard but it’s so accurate that it makes it even funnier 😂😂😂

    • Garrett Gomes
      Garrett Gomes 25 days ago +2

      The cinema went absolutely nuts when Yoda started walking in after obi wan and anakin were defeated. Those battles were incredible.

  • Zazoreal
    Zazoreal Year ago +108

    "If a Skywalker approaches you in a hallway.......Run" Words to live by.....Words to live by.

    • Hanes T
      Hanes T 20 days ago

      Except when it's Rey

  • Jimmi Dee Richards
    Jimmi Dee Richards Year ago +267

    Love Vader in Rogue one boarding scene, it’s my most rewatched moment and still gives me chills every time I see it. For me, best scene in the franchise as with up to date technology and choreography, this was the first time in film, we’ve seen the dark Lord completely unleashed and it was beautiful.

  • hel!x
    hel!x Year ago +48

    I love how they made Maul such an integral part of the story. I always wanted to see more of him after TPM, and was glad to see such a cooler side of him in the clone wars and rebels

    • Thomas Wb.
      Thomas Wb. Month ago

      I totally agree with you that he is a very cool and interesting character. Also his backstory is incredible. However, I personally didn't like that they kept him alive. Duel of the fates is such an awesome end for such a well written character. Keeping him somehow alive appears to me that they lack new ideas

    • Lord Viktor
      Lord Viktor 27 days ago

      @Thomas Wb. basically he got his backstory and character after they bring him back. He has one line in Episode 1 and that's it. He was cool in the movie, yes, but his scenes and stories in TCW and Rebels is prime Star Wars, I think it worth the little plot hole that he survived a deadly fall while cut in half.

  • Jerome Valeska
    Jerome Valeska Year ago +21

    Glad to see Anakin vs Obi-Wan make it into the top 3. Incredible scene. Also glad to see so many Revenge of the Sith scenes as well, seriously underrated Star Wars movie. Maybe not the best, but my personal favourite.

  • Lady Kanerasoka
    Lady Kanerasoka Year ago +16

    6:30 ALWAYS makes me sob my eyes out! The narrator WAS right: we definitely DID NOT expect Ahsoka’s story to play out in the way that it did. I still remember all the nightmares I had thinking about her “inevitable death,” and the suspense from that story arc definitely did not help either. Anakin and Ahsoka were so close that it would obviously push him to the Dark Side if he lost her, but thankfully for us fans we were able to have that scenario that seemed “least likely”: have her leave the Jedi Order and survive Order 66 while at the same time make it hurt Anakin so much that it pushes him towards the Dark Side even more

  • Jammers
    Jammers Year ago +39

    Always liked the scene where Anakin kills the sand people, his first real dark side moment. So powerful

    • dalV_Studio
      dalV_Studio 4 months ago +1

      They all deserved it, also don't forget that they declared him war, in the first movie, when they shot his pod

  • Woodpecker811
    Woodpecker811 10 months ago +15

    My favorite Star Wars moment is and always will be Yodas Death scene. The way he just lays down in his bed becoming one with the force had just such a huge impact on me as a kid. It's very well done and so peaceful and beautiful.

  • Brent Walker
    Brent Walker Year ago +10

    Rebels' "Jedi Night" episode almost makes me cry every time. Even when the character's arc for the season had been heading here. They were not at all shy with the clues. It still gets to me every time. It was written so very well...

  • Gergő Szabó
    Gergő Szabó 2 years ago +593

    One of the most tragic moments in Clone Wars: Satine's death. Not just because we lose a strong female character, but that sadness in Obi-Wan's eyes, is going very deep even for the 100th time

    • Theo Tongson
      Theo Tongson 2 years ago +10

      Yeah...the fact that obi-wan was there to see that...just why;-;

      MLG GAMER 2 years ago +3

      I think I remember that. Bruh yeah it was so saddening

    • commissardamian
      commissardamian 2 years ago +5

      I loved the homage to Moulin rogue! To those who don’t know Ewan mcgregor played Christian in moulin rogue who fell in love with a woman called Satine. She died at the end in his arms.

      MLG GAMER 2 years ago +3

      @commissardamian That's a reference I probably would not have picked up honestly

    • commissardamian
      commissardamian 2 years ago +3

      @MLG GAMER I probably only know because I’m a little obsessed with Ewan mcgregor and I love moulin rogue and Star Wars. Plus I think it was confirmed.

  • Jorge Lopez
    Jorge Lopez Year ago +9

    The scene I personally watched the most and sometimes play over and over again was.. The chase in Empire strikes back between the Millennium Falcon and the Tie Fighters and Star Destroyers. When the Falcon goes into the asteroid belt the music goes up in intensity and the chills kick in. I just love that scene

  • liketheskye
    liketheskye 8 months ago +4

    I know that Order 66 was being talked about in this list but especially the scene from the Clone Wars series from Ashoka's POV is always gut wrenching for me and would honestly deserve its own standalone spot in the list

  • The Android Artist
    The Android Artist Year ago +9

    I have a few honourable mentions of my own;
    1: Battle of Coruscant in Revenge of the Sith. Ever wondered what a full scale space battle would look like? Well RoTS delivered.
    2: The Battle between Brothers during the Umbara arc in the Clone Wars. This is a scene that showed how serious The Clone Wars could actually get as the 501st legion and the 212th attack battalion were tricked into attacking each other on Umbara. It's a complete shock for the clones, when Rex discovers the truth and that his own Jedi general, Jedi Master Pong Krell, orchestrated it. Such a shock that captain Rex leads a munity against the fallen Jedi and has him arrested, but not before the Jedi goes on a rampage, killing even more 501st and 212th clones.

  • trellz17
    trellz17 Year ago +16

    Luke communicating with Leia through The Force to save him on Cloud City still gives me chill. One of the best moments in the series.

  • Trey Sexton
    Trey Sexton Year ago +13

    My favorite scene from revenge of the sith is the clip titles “Padmes remunations” the whole scene doesn’t have a single word but is incredibly emotional! Anakin and Padme stare out over the city with the setting sun symbolizing the fall of the republic and sets the fate of the entire franchise!

  • Agent W
    Agent W 2 years ago +4176

    “it’s over anakin i have the high ground” better be on here

  • reanaa
    reanaa Year ago +9

    I don't think I've ever rewatched anything more than that moment when Luke arrives in the x-wing and makes mincemeat out of the dark troopers. When I saw the color of the saber I started sobbing and I'm 54 years old. I haven't cried that much in decades. It was a defining moment for me.

    • Ben Cook
      Ben Cook 11 months ago +1

      I am right there with you! I'm 45 and I think you're thinking the same as me - we FINALLY got to see the Luke we waited 40 years to see

  • Robert Enyart
    Robert Enyart Year ago +15

    2 scenes that should have been included. "Return of the Jedi" from ROJ. Seeing Luke with his new lightsaber, actually dealing a beat down instead of being beat down, is a fantastic scene.
    Also, the sacrifice of Caleb Duun in Rebels is a scene that fails to leave a dry eye in the room.

  • Kasey Garrison
    Kasey Garrison Year ago +7

    Personally I’ve watched the battle of hoth many times. I love the large scale battle between the rebels and empire

  • Megan Jones
    Megan Jones Year ago +13

    The scene from Rogue One with Darth Vader in the corridor is my favourite scene ever in the Star Wars franchise… That scene is the only time I’m truly terrified of him 😅 Get chills every. single. time.

  • Heather P
    Heather P Year ago +4

    Yes! I was hoping #7 would be on there! Whenever I watch it, I know I'm not supposed to root for Vader but I do every time! I think it is because you really get to see the power Vader had in his day.

  • SpunkSlopS
    SpunkSlopS 2 years ago +399

    Maul's rampage during order 66 is still one of my all time favorite scenes

    • Christinajade
      Christinajade 2 years ago +13

      Dude same. He was just flowing.

    • Todd Eldridge
      Todd Eldridge 2 years ago +5


    • Anakin Skywalker
      Anakin Skywalker 2 years ago +12

      I am pretty awesome

    • SA25
      SA25 2 years ago +4

      @Anakin Skywalker yes

    • Jared N
      Jared N Year ago +3

      Killing him in episode one was a mistake. Killing him in rebels was a mistake. Whyyyyy kill off such a cool character

  • HelloHi
    HelloHi 2 years ago +8

    Ashoka vs Mual looks so realistic, not in the actual character's looks, but the choreography is so smooth and realistic as if they got real people to do that duel.
    Motion capture possibly, or just insanely good animation.

    • Christopher Ryan
      Christopher Ryan 8 months ago

      It was motion capture. Ray Park was once again Maul for the scene.

  • Scott Templin
    Scott Templin Year ago +3

    The Battle of Scarif is , IMHO, the best representation of a space battle ever. The Battle of Endor is awesome, don't get me wrong, but the shots at Scarif are amazing...and the fact that you know all the characters on Scarif die, just adds gravitas.

  • Skatman360
    Skatman360 Year ago +42

    The scene where Anakin’s mask is sliced up by Ashoka, and “she goes I won’t leave you” then anakin goes “then you will die” is without a doubt my fav scene from any star wars media ever

    • Suhani
      Suhani Year ago +2

      I love how that “i won’t leave you” mirrors Luke’s I won’t leave you aboard the Death Star 2. So iconic

    • Skatman360
      Skatman360 Year ago +1

      @Suhani fr, everyone claims they won’t leave anakin, but they always do (except luke obv)

  • Just Tanya
    Just Tanya Year ago +7

    Just trying to figure out why the scene when the Emperor is killing Luke and Darth Vader stops the Emperor and tosses him over is not on this list. That's a pretty pivotal shift in the story in knowing that Anakin is still in there under all that machinery and loves his son more than the dark side. It is a bittersweet moment I think. Though my number one pick now would be Din and Grogu reunited again. You really can't go wrong with Mando and Baby Yoda, just too cute.

  • Eelco J. van Kampen
    Eelco J. van Kampen 16 days ago

    Great list :) My favorite moments are:
    -Luke looking at the two suns in Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope.
    -The Podrace sequence in Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace.
    -The light saber duel between Luke and Darth Vader in Star Wars: Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.
    -The light saber duel between luke and Darth Vader in Star Wars: Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi.
    -The light saber duel between Darth Maul, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn in Star Wars: Episode 1: The Phantom Menace.
    -The cutting back and forth between Padmé Amidala and Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars: Episode 3: Revenge Of The Sith. Anakin turning to the darkside...pretty ominous!
    -The lightspeed sacrifice in Star Wars: Episode VIII: The Last Jedi.
    -The opera scene in Star Wars: Episode 3: Revenge Of The Sith.
    -The Death Star run in Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope.
    -The Hoth battle in Star Wars: Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.
    -The final space battle in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.
    -The final space battle in Star Wars: Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi.

  • MasterGeek1234
    MasterGeek1234 2 years ago +106

    No matter the movie or series, there’s is always something worthy watching in these movies.

    • Jordan Posvar
      Jordan Posvar 2 years ago +7

      Except the sequel trilogy lol.

    • MasterGeek1234
      MasterGeek1234 2 years ago +6

      @Jordan Posvar even in the sequel trilogy, it had good moments.

    • Aurora Henelius
      Aurora Henelius 2 years ago +1

      I would like your comment but it has 66 likes so I will comment instead

    • BlissfullyInsane
      BlissfullyInsane 2 years ago +1

      @MasterGeek1234 I
      couldn’t even watch the last movie and never saw the second movie again after going to every midnight premier before that so I’d have to disagree. I saw episode 3 23 times in theaters. Even the first sequel which was the least bad I had no desire to watch again. No real Star Wars fan regards them as Star Wars. That’s just facts.

    • A Balloon
      A Balloon 2 years ago

      Not in the first two movies of the saga

  • omgwtfimbausername
    omgwtfimbausername Year ago +7

    Yoda vs Dooku , was shocked to see the light saber duel , never though Yoda would be so agile

  • Tristan Passemard
    Tristan Passemard Year ago +1

    I believe it's worth mentioning that another duel that's not looked at very often but it's completely another iconic star wars moment I wish was on this list was the one in return of the Jedi Luke vs Jabba's rancor because it proves that when somebody underestimates a Jedi that the Jedi always win.

  • Eddy Gutierrez
    Eddy Gutierrez Year ago +4

    So glad that Obi-Wan Kenobi gave us even more context to the Kenobi v Vader moments. "You didn't kill Anakin Skywalker.....I did"

  • joltman81
    joltman81 Year ago +7

    A lot of great ones here, (I mean I saw Episode 1 in theatres 3 times because of that final lightsaber fight!
    But my favourite has always been the final Luke and Vader fight, when Vader threatens to turn Leia to the dark side. Everything fires on that scene. The music is on point and the fight is intense. It's always been a favourite of mine.

    • WaffleBrothel77
      WaffleBrothel77 Year ago +1

      I saw it a total of 9 times in the theater. The first three with friends. The following six for various scenes. But mostly for the pod race and that final fight with Darth Maul.

    • NoMarxists🤮
      NoMarxists🤮 7 months ago

      thats incredible. please tell me you saw ROTS in the cinema?😁😁

  • DragonSoul66
    DragonSoul66 24 days ago

    I personally can't stop rewatching any Grand Admiral Thrawn moments from Star Wars Rebels. He was the first Star Wars character I truly enjoyed, as he had outthought most (if not all) of his opponents all just from studying. He only lost when something he couldn't comprehend got involved, forcing him to readjust his plans while unbalanced from what was happening.

  • Ashaps2001
    Ashaps2001 2 years ago +520

    Definitely missing the scene where Ashoka stands by the buried clones but outside of that I think this video covers most of the pivotal moments.

  • Michael DeQuatro
    Michael DeQuatro 2 years ago +2

    One scene that was missed was when Luke told Leia that he was her brother. Also, I'm surprised the fight with Kylo and Rea wasn't up closer to the top. What a great fight.

  • Rex Adair
    Rex Adair Year ago +2

    The last episode of the obi-wan show on Disney+ has to be the new #1 between the fight scene and the emotional impact that they put off it's by far to best & most touching lightsaber duel I've ever seen

    • James McLaughlin
      James McLaughlin Year ago +2

      The fact you claimed this awful show as having a top 20, let alone the #1 scene in all of Star Wars shows just how in decline the franchise has gone

  • Juan Esteban Ruiz
    Juan Esteban Ruiz 2 months ago

    The celebration at the end of return of the Jedi had to be in there… the music, the feels, plus the new version of Anakin as the force ghost makes it amazing.

  • Panagiotis
    Panagiotis Year ago +5

    Some other amazing moments were Mauls hallway scene, Ashokas order 66 escape and Vader finding Ahsokas lightsaber

  • Sean Williams
    Sean Williams Year ago +2

    I am surprised that Vader vs Lyke in the Throne Room in RotJ wasn't here. That was a very emotional scene.
    I also feel the pod race should have been higher.

  • spaz out
    spaz out 2 years ago +138

    The fight with Count Dooku.Christopher Lee was 75 and still did his own stunts.What a legend.

    • Arthur Morgan
      Arthur Morgan Year ago

      Amazing may he Rest In Peace in heaven as a legend

    • Synthesismike
      Synthesismike Year ago +8

      It was either cgi or a stunt double to do the stunts. He still did a great job though! Rip to him

    • Chevy Chaney
      Chevy Chaney Year ago

      @Synthesismike Fantastic actor

    • SirMorien215
      SirMorien215 Year ago

      Even the 360 flip off the balcony? XD

    • Andrew Murray
      Andrew Murray Year ago +2

      Yoda is 870 years old and definitely did his own stunts 😁

  • Shawn Gillespie
    Shawn Gillespie Year ago +5

    The destruction of Alderaan, the battle on Jaba's ship by a mature, confident Luke, Darth Vader torturing Han Solo (absolutely horrific seeing as a kid). Shows Vader's true evil

    • Christopher Ryan
      Christopher Ryan 8 months ago

      When all Han had to say was “I feel terrible!” The falls. As a kid yeah your right powerful scene

  • Jorge León F
    Jorge León F Year ago

    Eternamente agradecido con George Lucas por crear la joya que es Star Wars

  • Jay Williams
    Jay Williams 18 days ago

    The AT-AT's first appearance on Hoth in EP. V. It is cinetmatic genius. such a great moment.

  • Sam Crockett
    Sam Crockett 2 years ago +1

    I think live action Ahsoka deserves a mention. She was awesome in Mandalorian.

  • djmar0701
    djmar0701 Year ago +3

    I think the scene between Yoda and Darth Sidious should be included. I remember that scene well. I was in the theater at the time when Yoda busted out his lightsaber. The WHOLE theater, including myself, went crazy and cheering like crazy!

  • Frank D
    Frank D 2 years ago +261

    Amazing list BUT... The Order 66 scene from Ahsoka's perspective was phenomenal!! You get the real heartbreaking emotions from Ahsoka as the clones turn on her

    • Evbone 555
      Evbone 555 Year ago

      Mace windu dawg walks ashoka in any time period.

    • Itachi Uchiha
      Itachi Uchiha Year ago

      and you can see Ahsoka is one of the best lightsaber fighter out there
      she litteraly defended her self from a 360degree attack and cut a hole in the ceiling

    • Scruff D0g
      Scruff D0g Year ago

      Yeah she knows that something awful is going to happen to Anakin who was like a big brother to her.

  • C M
    C M 2 years ago +29

    2 very crucial misses here: “IT’S A TRAP!” and the opening fight scene to episode 3, chills every time

    • Stillclever
      Stillclever Year ago +1

      Agreed the opening scene to episode 3 is so well done

    • alex duffy
      alex duffy Year ago

      and replace the throne room scene with luke confronting kylo that scene was so much better

  • dante loving
    dante loving Year ago +5

    My list is a lot different. in my top 10 rewatchables are Windu vs Sideous, Yoda vs Sideous, The End of the clone wars when Ahsoka holds of the clones and holds the ship with Maul from leaving with the force was incredible! Obi vs Anakin, and Yoda vs Duku made my list.

  • LoveIsTheAnswer
    LoveIsTheAnswer 7 months ago

    You guys did a superb job with this list!

  • Fuzz Hauze
    Fuzz Hauze 2 years ago +3

    Ahsokas duel with Vader had me on the edge of my seat my first time watching it I love Ahsoka and I'm glad she's getting the love she always deserved

  • TheRealNotSoSlimChucky
    TheRealNotSoSlimChucky 3 months ago

    Probably not a commonly shared opinion, but so many iconic and rewatchable scenes in Episode II: Attack of the Clones. Windu knows that he has just killed a father when he beheads Jango. It was a chilling scene to watch as a kid and even now. So good.

  • Mike Oxmaul
    Mike Oxmaul 2 years ago +292

    Unpopular opinion, I liked the space pursuit from episode 2 when Jango Fett dropped the first seismic charges via Slave 1.

    • SnapClub
      SnapClub 2 years ago +5

      So do I. It’s why the Slave I is one of my favorite Star Wars ships.

    • Ap inch
      Ap inch Year ago +5

      The techno sound was sick!

    • Andrew Murray
      Andrew Murray Year ago +2

      @SnapClub and that's why he knew how to find the Falcon in ESB - he'd scene the trick before where the falcon was attached to the bridge of that Star destroyer - Kenobi pulls the stunt in the asteroid field.

    • MS Warrior 🧡
      MS Warrior 🧡 Year ago

      unpopular? Bro that was one of the few epic moments of a bad show

    • Thierry Henry
      Thierry Henry Year ago

      @MS Warrior 🧡 from a certain point of view… I disagree with you I love attack of the clones

  • The Galactic Empire
    The Galactic Empire 3 months ago

    I heard that Ewan and Hayden were doing a bet that saw them trying to compete with each other on who could jump from the highest platform on the Utapau set, and Ewan accidentally landed on the part where they were filming Grievous and just said the first two words that came to his head at the time, 'Hello There,'

  • SquishyFishy Gaming
    SquishyFishy Gaming Year ago +1

    maul didn't only want hope... he died with the dark side true to its core with vengeance. He vowed he would never die without vengeance and the thought of luke being the chosen one gave him peace that he will avenge him and destroy the sith.

  • Ambassadors of the Flame of Mercy

    This was really fun to watch and well done. Keep it coming.

  • Nez
    Nez Year ago

    I always loved the look of what Luke was eating with his aunt n uncle in ep 4, that apple pie thing needed some custard, and the blue smoothie thing looked nice

  • Just A Peaceful Mortal Who's Born in 1980s

    The entire 'Star Wars' movie franchise (from Episode One to Episode Nine) definitely had some epic moments in the past.

  • Dylan Fonseca
    Dylan Fonseca Year ago

    As a long time Star Wars fan, this top was great, obviously is impossible to please everyone maybe I would change some spots, but overall it was a great video and ranking 10/10 Mojo

  • Scooter
    Scooter Year ago

    Rey back flipping over Kylo's tie fighter and destroying it was by far one of my favorite star wars scenes

  • Donger
    Donger Year ago

    Honestly Padmé on Geonosis is something I rewatch a lot.

  • Logan Krotzer
    Logan Krotzer Year ago +1

    The asteroid chase and the battle of Hoth from Empire should of at least also been honorable mentions.

  • joe bond
    joe bond Year ago

    Anakin vs obi-wan was the greatest duel ever put to screen. Because after 3 films u care so much about both of them and the lightsaber action is phenomenal along with the setting of mustafar

  • LBroSeven
    LBroSeven Year ago

    I think commander thorn’s last stand deserves to be on here, at least in the honorable mentions

  • Gareth Jones
    Gareth Jones Year ago

    As much as I love most of these scenes, one of my most favourites is when they escape from mos Eisley in a new hope, it’s so exciting.

  • Chanchulinx
    Chanchulinx Year ago

    one of the moments I rewatch is In Star Wars Rebels when Ashoka is meditating And she hears Anakin's voice and if u look closer to his "ghost" you will see it has no legs and just 1 arm and later when Anakin drops the "do you know what ive become?" and shows Vader is for me one of the best moments

  • Charlie Chimp
    Charlie Chimp Year ago +1

    Ahsoka was such a good character and the amount of clip she was in in this vid shows it

  • bentuu
    bentuu Year ago

    also about the maul v obi wan scene, maul actually uses the same lightsaber form/technique on obi wan, that maul used on obi's old master, qui gon. Of course in this case, obi wan managed to anticipate the move and kill maul straight through the centre of his hilt. If you didn't notice, obi wan had actually prepared for this fight for decades, he analysed every common sith manoeuvre and also analysed maul's behaviour with a light saber. He played out every possible interaction and manages to kill maul with ease bc of that

  • Shark With A Hat
    Shark With A Hat 2 years ago +183

    “This Party’s over.”
    By far one of my favorite scenes in all of Star Wars Mace Windu is an absolute bad ass. The battle of Geonosis is another and I’m surprised it wasn’t on the list.

    • Al M
      Al M 2 years ago +1

      If we could rank all the bad dialogue in Ep II by some measurable standard, it's a fair bet that line would rank as not that bad, at least.

    • Matthew Rose
      Matthew Rose 2 years ago +3

      “Around the survivors, a perimeter create”

    • Sylvie Charlois
      Sylvie Charlois 2 years ago

      That one is quite possibly THE best line of the movie ! Which I still really like by the way, so many great moments, but oh my, what terrible dialogue... And it's even worse in Revenge of the Sith, which manages to both have the most awful dialogues in the whole Saga yet be one of the 3 best episodes, 3rd place in my own pantheon just behind The Last Jedu and The Empire strikes back, which are a tie in same pantheon.

    • BiggieBinks
      BiggieBinks 2 years ago

      Mace Windy is dope!!! I love that Samuel Jackson plays him!! He's am amazing actor. Still almost think that he did a better job with Nick Fury, but I think Mace is cooler, but just barely.

    • Matches_Malone
      Matches_Malone 2 years ago +1

      @Al M bad dialogue? Then why is practically every quote in that film still being referenced today, almost 20 years after it came out?

    EWE TUBE Year ago +1

    I agree with most of the list but I think the battle of Hoth should have been in there. Ep 5 was the best one by far and only got 2 mentions? Perhaps you were sharing it around between the movies and series so I understand. Loved this vid.

  • Zacido Games
    Zacido Games 5 months ago

    I missed two scenes: the battle at beginning of episode III and the Slave I dropping the Seismic Charge on Obi Wan at episode II
    Also I particularly likes the Episode 8' Holdo sacrifice scene with the Lightspeed cruiser

  • Body Mind
    Body Mind 8 days ago

    For me the sequence I rewatched the most was when Rey unwillingly used force lightning on a ship.

  • edward harris
    edward harris Year ago

    I totally agree with most of these picks as a Star Wars fan of 30+ years (I saw ESB at the cinema 1st time round) I'm glad to see so many scenes from the very underrated episode 3 get in, it was heartbreaking the first time I saw Order 66, I've read a lot of the expanded universe and know more about the Jedi that are so brutally killed by there own troops and Anakin vs Obi-wan on Mustafa is just an awesome battle so intense and emotionally charged. There is one scene that is missing that should have got at least a mention is Yoda vs Dooku it's the first time we ever see Yoda go off on one we all know he's powerful but to see him fight is amazing the way he moves so fast bouncing all over the place is brilliant.
    The "I am your father" scene at the end of empire still makes the hairs on back of my neck stand up. Great video

  • Veggy
    Veggy Year ago

    Maul vs Obi-wan in Rebels is so much viewed because of the connection to A phantom menace/Qui-gon
    After Obi-wan shows his normal stance, he switches into the stance Qui-gon used against Maul.
    Maul also tries to defeat Obi-wan with the same trick he used to defeat Qui-gon by hitting him in the head. Since Obi-wan (un)fortuantly saw his master die this way he knew what Maul was up to and ended up defeating him

  • Patrick Withee
    Patrick Withee 2 years ago +35

    I think from when Luke says “I am a Jedi, like my father before me” to when Vader (actually redeemed Anakin) saves him is some of the best Star Wars. It perfectly juxtaposes the “I am your father” scene.

  • Ole Sardine
    Ole Sardine 6 months ago

    I agree with your list but i have to say that the scene with Rey and kylo in Episode 8 might got rewatched so often not because its good rather than because a Lot of people wanted to See how Bad it really is and how they Tried to hide it

  • Åke Saari
    Åke Saari 8 months ago +1

    Omg, the fight at the throne room between luke and vader!? The atmosphere, the stakes. and luke failing to hide his feelings for his sister..

  • ShortFusz
    ShortFusz 4 months ago

    As a huge Star Wars fan, I’m so envious of the fans that were able to watch the original trilogy in theaters and see the reveal of Vader being Luke’s father. Growing up, it was already spoiled that Vader was his father and didn’t feel that intense as it should have to me.

  • Ricardo Murillo
    Ricardo Murillo Year ago

    I re-watch the snow battle scene in Empire (from the drop of the spy satellite to the escape). It's a movie in itself.

  • Colten’s Coins
    Colten’s Coins Month ago

    The Emperor being thrown by Vader. Underrated moment.

  • Jaedyn Whitfield
    Jaedyn Whitfield 2 years ago +14

    Duel of the Fates is just the greatest thing ever. Maul deserved more and Filoni delivered in Clone Wars and Rebels. Maul vs Ahsoka was almost just as good to me.

  • 1c3 sLy1
    1c3 sLy1 Year ago

    Is crazy that Palpatine vs Maul and Savage is an honorable mention. That fight is amazing but I don't know that it can replace anything on this list.

  • bazzhed
    bazzhed 2 years ago

    Yoda vs dooku made the whole movie theater explode the first time I saw it. Still an incredible scene.

  • Brayden Fouts
    Brayden Fouts Year ago +1

    the amount of times i have rewatched anakin vs obi wan is probably more than ive watched all the other scenes combine😭

  • CNC Time-Lapse
    CNC Time-Lapse Year ago

    When the credits rolled at the end of the last movie... nothing was more rewarding than knowing the nightmare was over.

  • Regan MacNeil
    Regan MacNeil Year ago

    A question I've always asked myself. How is it that Han's hands are handcuffed when he goes into the carbon freeze chamber and when he comes out they are separated?

  • Jeff Hawboldt
    Jeff Hawboldt 2 years ago +18

    As an honourable mention, I'd like to say that I can remember people getting excited for Yoda vs Count Dooku
    Another great moment from EPISODE II is the ending montage. In particular, Palpatine and the other Senators watching the Clone Army move out, all to the first, full, chronological rendition of 'The Imperial March'. It then suddenly cuts to Anakin and Padme, with 'Across the Stars' playing. The switch/transition was really well done.
    Also, a pivotal scene in THE CLONE WARS is when Anakin interrogates Poggle. Yes, it's fun watching bad guys be bad....but I can't help but feel sorry for Poggle there :/

  • Geoff Stonehouse
    Geoff Stonehouse Year ago

    How is Luke's return in the Madalorian not top 3? It was epic. Even despite it being super recent. And Vader's hallway scene should be #2.

  • Michael Wittenberg
    Michael Wittenberg 2 years ago

    Maybe somebody mentioned this but "The seismic bombs" (sounds) Jango Fett drops when Obi Wan pursues him (and Boba) in Attack of the Clones. This sound.... first silence and than the explosion is so intense on the surround set. Awesome to rewatch.

  • Kamslam23
    Kamslam23 Year ago

    That Maul vs Ahsoka fight was one of my favorite cause of the cool animation

  • Michael Wilts
    Michael Wilts 2 years ago

    Also, on #7, when Darth Vader boards the ship on "Rogue One" and ensues carnage, it is absolutely chill-inducing cinema. So goddam brilliant, I love it.

  • iFlanKzTTV
    iFlanKzTTV Year ago

    I’ve had complaints about WatchMojo videos before but this list is great. Unfortunately I haven’t watched any of the animated series but as a fan of the movies I can definitely see why these scenes are highly viewed. ROTS for me is the best movie.

  • Evan Young Music
    Evan Young Music 2 years ago +157

    When Luke says no, that’s impossible! Incredible acting.

    • Chris Maldonado
      Chris Maldonado 2 years ago +24

      Incredible and realistic. A fun fact is that Mark Hamill knew that Vader was Luke's father just before making that scene, so that's one of the reasons of why that is one of the best scenes in cinema history😂🔥

    • Mateo Cabrera
      Mateo Cabrera 2 years ago +8

      I always found it funny

    • Karl Smith
      Karl Smith 2 years ago +5

      The interesting part about that scene where Darth Vader reveals to Luke that he's his father Anakin Skywalker is that Mark Hamill was only told by Irving Kirschner only moments before filming the scene that this was what Vader was going to say
      David Prowse, who spoke the dialogue, had said the false page line "Obi-Wan killed your father"

    • Julka Steven
      Julka Steven 2 years ago +2

      Luke's face loooked REALLY Horrified.

    • Owen Smith
      Owen Smith 2 years ago +3

      It was kinda silly tho. I love Mark Hamill but he isn’t the most gifted actor. He’s better now but he really had to work hard

  • Nick Sanchez
    Nick Sanchez 2 years ago +1

    The beginning sequence of Episode 3 with the drums, the ships flying into battle, clones vs droid ships. Heading into Grievous's ship. That should at least been in the honorable mention.

  • Wesley gragg
    Wesley gragg Year ago

    I like to rewatch the battle of scarif especially the star destroyer crashing into the other star destroyer scene

  • Chris McCabe
    Chris McCabe Year ago

    The fact that Hondo's lightspeed run through Snoke's ship tells me all I need to know about this list.

  • jzzft11
    jzzft11 7 months ago

    What happened to the battle between Sidious and Mace Windu where Palpatine/ Sidious begged Anakin to save him from Windu striking a killing blow and Anakin stopped Windu and then Palpatine fully revealed himself and the Anakin even as he was horrified pledged himself to his new Sith master? How could that one have possibly been left out?

  • Hector Abreu Ruiz
    Hector Abreu Ruiz 5 months ago

    The asteroid field chase is iconic.