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Instead of Building a Space Colony I Built a Human Death Trap - Astro Colony - Ad

  • Published on Jun 5, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Check out Astro Colony (25% off this week!) here: bit.ly/AstroColonyItOut
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    Instead of Building a Space Colony I Built a Human Death Trap - Astro Colony - Let's Game It Out
    Check it out on Steam ► store.steampowered.com/app/16...
    More about Astro Colony (from Steam):
    Astro Colony is a game of automation and exploration in an infinite procedurally generated universe. It is composed of fully destructible voxel planets.
    Move stations, dock them and create a galaxy network no one have seen before!
    A space adventure game could not exist without a variety of biomes and hundreds of plants!
    Construct unique transport systems using conveyor belts and pipes.
    Recruit new Astronauts and fulfill their needs by providing food and shelter.
    Research over 70 unique technologies to progress in colony development.
    Play the game in the co-op mode with your friends or join other hosted lobbies.
    Traverse the universe full of unexpected events and discover unknown grounds.
    But be aware, the danger is lurking around the corner!
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  • Let's Game It Out
    Let's Game It Out  3 months ago +1530

    Check out Astro Colony (25% off this week!) here: bit.ly/AstroColonyItOut
    Thanks to Terad Games for sponsoring this video!

    • Jimmy Gan
      Jimmy Gan 3 months ago +8


    • IHeartYeshua
      IHeartYeshua 3 months ago +15

      Love you man also love Jesus repent and believe in the gospel (not judging this person just saying it for saying it because i love spreading the gospel)

    • Acid Green
      Acid Green 3 months ago +7

      please play more project zomboid

    • E
      E 3 months ago +3


    • User
      User 3 months ago +18

      Josh when is Johnny Hotbody gonna return?

  • yugytomm
    yugytomm 3 months ago +9518

    Throwing Josh out of the shuttle and just hastily leaving was the smartest thing I have seen an NPC do in a videogame.

    • ES63
      ES63 3 months ago +42


    • The Thing at the End of the Book
      The Thing at the End of the Book 3 months ago +382

      Yes, but it didn't save them in the end!

    • myne00
      myne00 3 months ago +271

      Grace never forgets a face

    • catmedic
      catmedic 3 months ago +189

      Grace had plenty of time to plot after he left her on Mars...

    • Nero
      Nero 3 months ago +96

      Grace never forgot what happened on Mars.

  • TheJadedRose
    TheJadedRose 3 months ago +995

    When games sponsor Josh's videos they get not only publicity but also very intensive and unhinged bug testing and I love that for them

    • Notme 360
      Notme 360 3 months ago +45

      Fr he’s like the best stress tester out there

    • Snowball
      Snowball 3 days ago +3

      Step one on how to test for game bugs
      Get josh to play it.
      He. Will. Find. Them. All.

  • Luthor Leviathan
    Luthor Leviathan 3 months ago +1163

    I can't believe he got so sidetracked by the black hole he never finished going to the star.

    • Solobub
      Solobub 3 months ago +105

      the rare moment josh doesn't finish his goal

    • martian
      martian 3 months ago +2

      English language please

    • The guy who can't english
      The guy who can't english 3 months ago +61

      @martian It's a perfectly fine sentences, would you like this user to spell it out?

    • Pär Käller
      Pär Käller 2 months ago +20

      @martian That IS english

  • Scooter524
    Scooter524 3 months ago +416

    I hope this becomes a series.
    This deserves to be a series.

    • Noily
      Noily 3 months ago +11

      After blackhole, what await to be found

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks 3 months ago +2698

    I'm surprised how well the game handled

  • Servant of the King
    Servant of the King 3 months ago +127

    Now I finally understand how Josh has the time to do these terrifyingly long tasks.
    *Black hole time dilation.*

    • Divine Beast Vah Koloktos
      Divine Beast Vah Koloktos 15 days ago +1

      Then wouldn't he be making *5 videos a minute?*

    • Servant of the King
      Servant of the King 15 days ago

      @Divine Beast Vah Koloktos Even with the time dilation, we're lucky he's able to put one out every few months! XD

    • Divine Beast Vah Koloktos
      Divine Beast Vah Koloktos 14 days ago +1

      @Servant of the King wouldn't time be moving slower inside the blackhole?

    • Servant of the King
      Servant of the King 14 days ago

      @Divine Beast Vah Koloktos Oh yeah, you're right. Maybe that's why it seems to take so long for us, but from his perspective he's pumping out videos once per day. XD

    • Divine Beast Vah Koloktos
      Divine Beast Vah Koloktos 14 days ago

      @Servant of the King he could be making 10 every day

  • Charles M
    Charles M 3 months ago +7081

    Welp time to watch Josh do anything except for making an efficient colony.

    • E
      E 3 months ago +24


    • RootedHat
      RootedHat 3 months ago +39

      There's only Josh. Forever!

    • SacredKubez
      SacredKubez 3 months ago +54

      as he said, efficiency is for other people

    • Pseudocrocidolite
      Pseudocrocidolite 3 months ago +1


    • Andrea Bowman
      Andrea Bowman 3 months ago +35

      *accidentally finds 10 times more bugs than expected*

  • Tessa King
    Tessa King 3 months ago +632

    I’m just so fascinated with how long it must take to create all this. Like with the fishing, when it’s hundreds of fish. How long does this actually take?? I am dying to know lol.

    • Let's Game It Out
      Let's Game It Out  3 months ago +697

      So many hours. So, so many hours

    • Leonardo Fernandez
      Leonardo Fernandez 3 months ago +116

      ​@Let's Game It OutThe ADHD drugs ruined you.

    • Evolving Shrimp
      Evolving Shrimp 3 months ago +39

      he does actually mention time passed in his videos you know.

    • Tessa King
      Tessa King 3 months ago +54

      @Evolving Shrimp thank you, yes I know that. But when he does it’s typically for just a section of something, not how many hours went into the entire video making.

    • Tessa King
      Tessa King 3 months ago +8

      @Let's Game It Out I bet! 😳

  • SinclairWest
    SinclairWest 3 months ago +59

    Damn that game is well optimized. Even wirh the lags on placing some movable objects it always recorvers itself. Astonishing

  • VibesMostChill
    VibesMostChill 3 months ago +65

    I love how Gray's custom floors make it seem like the game went through an egregiously horrific SFM texture absence

    • Billie Nasmith
      Billie Nasmith 3 months ago +28

      I too sometimes get graystillplays and letsgameitout mixed up

    • Pipe cleaner Master
      Pipe cleaner Master Month ago +5

      I don’t, not since gray complete scorned what got him his first millions.

    • M M
      M M Month ago +2

      ​ I'm not familiar with that channel or its drama -- what happened?

    • Pipe cleaner Master
      Pipe cleaner Master Month ago +14

      @M M graystillplays, the og destruction/chaos Clip-Sharer. He very frequently pushed games to its absolute limits causing all sorts of havoc. However once he started getting more popular he started changing his content, doing things like playing really hard levels in games like happy wheels and gta v. While these are interesting to a point, he started doing ONLY them. Right now he hasn’t done one of the videos that got him millions in months if not years. His best stuff is from before 2020.

    • DeathnoteBB
      DeathnoteBB Month ago +2

      @Pipe cleaner MasterSeriously I miss the time before the iPad baby content.

  • Nijahn Terramin
    Nijahn Terramin 3 months ago +244

    "Well I think we can see where this is going" - one of my favorite sentences of all time.

    • Stacey Smith
      Stacey Smith 3 months ago +7

      In a previous video where he said "Give me a 'hold', give me a 'please'!" I died laughing

    • Oscar Whitehead
      Oscar Whitehead 3 months ago +4

      Another personal favourite: "is there a limit?"

    • Gwen Bard
      Gwen Bard 9 days ago +1

      Every time he says that, game developers get a chill down the spine.

  • Геймер Сидорович

    I ABSOLUTELY love how Josh breaks every single game, even the ones he was sponsored to play. He's an absolute maniac and gigachad. Loved every second of the video.

    • rker.
      rker. 3 months ago +3

      it's really good advertisement

    • FazJaxton
      FazJaxton 3 months ago +4

      If I sponsored Josh to play my video game and he DIDN'T break it, I'd demand my money back!

    • Zoie Plummer
      Zoie Plummer 26 days ago

      ​@FazJaxton lol same if i had a game

  • SpamDarsh
    SpamDarsh 3 months ago +2608

    “We’ve got the infinity of space around us.” The last thing Josh needs, no limits.

  • nAtHaN
    nAtHaN 3 months ago +137

    I love how he can play how he still progresses, but in the worst way possible. That takes talent.

  • AvGeek3
    AvGeek3 3 months ago +117

    Wow, the framerate lasted for a lot! Congrats Astro!

  • Elie
    Elie 3 months ago +20

    3:23 I love the fact that he doesn't stop swinging his pickaxe even when the rock is destroyed. A man in space going rock to rock, constantly swinging a pickaxe in order to get unfathomable amounts of ressources is the most LGIO thing ever

  • ElectricErger
    ElectricErger 3 months ago +17

    I have to admit, the astronaut dance crew was my favourite part

  • Weed_Seller_In_Business
    Weed_Seller_In_Business 2 months ago +5

    i love how josh takes time and effort into hos jokes. ik how long it took for that boulder to hit his plot. This is why on every video it takes long for another one. The time he uses to setup his jokes, the time he takes to lag and then break the game and the editing takes a lot of time and dedication.
    Thank you Josh

  • Robby Genschel
    Robby Genschel 3 months ago +2370

    I'm surprised how well the game handled Josh. It feels like they actually thought about what he'd do and put safety measures on before launch

    • ThePCguy17
      ThePCguy17 3 months ago +159

      Yeah, but they also put black holes in the game. When he causes the singularity I'm pretty sure it's going to be their fault.

    • Gif Goldblum
      Gif Goldblum 3 months ago +121

      You don't invite the Devil to dinner without first turning the heating on.
      Edit: more accurately: before first making the furniture fireproof.

    • Steve
      Steve 3 months ago +10

      Or he's being nice because they sponsored the whole thing.

    • Gif Goldblum
      Gif Goldblum 3 months ago +47

      @Steve I dunno, you saw him try to make several powerlines to infinity, right?

    • John Francis
      John Francis 3 months ago +29

      You either watch Josh when you decide to sponser him playing your game or you need a serious hardcore bug/glitch/code deficit finder and Josh is relatively cheap for what he does.

  • Death
    Death 3 months ago +49

    'Let's do 1 line to see how it works.'
    Definitely something Josh says often

  • Ru Nacken
    Ru Nacken 3 months ago +28

    I would be so terrified as a game designer to let Josh have a go at it. Gutzpah on the devs! Respect for this kind of sponsored content

  • ApostleOfHelix
    ApostleOfHelix 3 months ago +11

    Josh in a nutshell: “I’m so happy because it’s so unnecessary!”

  • Luvenin
    Luvenin 3 months ago +55

    I actually want Josh to continue this save and complete the game, it looks so interesting! Side note, i dont get how Josh fell down when space is supposed to be sorta 0G,

    • Majora404err01r
      Majora404err01r 3 months ago +3

      Who said he was in space?

    • Unphysically Literal Abstractionist
      Unphysically Literal Abstractionist 2 months ago +3

      Pretty sure he did?

    • Honey-Hunter Slime Fan No. 325
      Honey-Hunter Slime Fan No. 325 2 months ago +7

      Yeah I saw the space thing immediately and was so confused how the game devs didn’t think about that. When he walks or jumps off the platform he should just float away slower and slower in whichever direction he went until he came to a complete stop, unable to move until he uses the hover things.

  • L33T_Taco
    L33T_Taco 3 months ago +26

    Props to Josh for finding a way to use the word Docking so many times xD

  • Kieran Clark
    Kieran Clark 3 months ago +1419

    I gotta say, I'm really impressed how well the game kept rendering. I was expecting constant slideshow after placing the first Borg Cube

    • Göko
      Göko 3 months ago +37

      Probably thanks to the emptyness of the map

    • glittalogik
      glittalogik 3 months ago +77

      Giving Josh a free copy/sponsored video has got to be the best bang-for-buck investment you can make in QA/playtesting.
      Compared to most LGIO titles, there's some genuinely god-tier memory management going on under the hood here.
      I'm actually shocked at how well this game recovered from each atrocity, other devs could stand to learn a thing or two.

    • david arvin gumazon
      david arvin gumazon 3 months ago +4

      Astro Colony eerily similar to Minecraft map... I couldn't remember the exact, but as far as I know that Player destroys meteors to collect resources. Hmm.

    • Cheryl Woodruff
      Cheryl Woodruff 3 months ago


    • some guy on the Internet
      some guy on the Internet 3 months ago +1

      ​@david arvin gumazon what 💀

  • CommunistTomCruize1942
    CommunistTomCruize1942 3 months ago +30

    "Yeah, whatever, kurzgesagt." That actually made me laugh from the start. 🤣

  • Steen :]
    Steen :] 2 months ago +4

    Thank you so f-ing much. I’m going through such a hard time rn, trying not to cry but it’s hard. I just started crying heavily before going into ur channel and I almost immediately felt better. Ur videos always makes me feel better, even when I’m at my worst.
    Just wanted to thank you and please don’t stop doing what you enjoy..

  • Mirar25
    Mirar25 3 months ago +36

    “Okay I think that might be enough”
    Did a game get the better of Josh? 😂

  • Rainok
    Rainok 3 months ago +10

    "And then I realized I don't care" is basically the motto for this channel

  • Rex Alley
    Rex Alley 3 months ago +1181

    That pink and brighter pink is literally the default “missing textures” texture and i love how you independently got there

    • glittalogik
      glittalogik 3 months ago +76

      Finally, a game that lets you answer the question: "What if Satisfactory and MissingNo had a baby?"

    • MissTrillium
      MissTrillium 3 months ago +51

      I wouldn't be surprised if he has the hex code numbers for those tattooed somewhere

    • Whodis Toodis
      Whodis Toodis 3 months ago +11

      Glad to see someone else notice this. I doubt Josh knew that, of course, but its still a fun bit of trivia. XD

    • Yu Da Chi
      Yu Da Chi 3 months ago +1

      in ue4 m.t are actually grey checkers

    • Don't Trust The Smile
      Don't Trust The Smile 3 months ago +1

      i literally commented: 12:45 EFFICIENCY NOT FOUND

  • Add Infinitum
    Add Infinitum 3 months ago +26

    This video came out and it showed off the game so well that I basically immediately bought the game and played it all day

  • skyesfury
    skyesfury 3 months ago +32

    I'm so glad Josh does all the efficiency guide videos. It's really helped me improve my bases!

  • Greta Jo
    Greta Jo 3 months ago +14

    Josh should have his own screen saver of never ending conveyer belts

    • Deus Scripted
      Deus Scripted 2 months ago +1

      he have on steam page satisfactory :D

  • Itz_CornChip
    Itz_CornChip 2 months ago +1

    8:08 is genuinely perfect, from the narration to the silence

  • PlanetNydro
    PlanetNydro 3 months ago +5

    Every time Josh plays a game, the devs tremble in fear

  • Alina O.
    Alina O. 3 months ago +867

    This game actually handled Josh’s shenanigans much better than other games. The frame rate was superb for the most part and there was finally something, Josh couldn’t find the limit of. Color me impressed

    • Rich S
      Rich S 3 months ago +34

      They didn't give him dynamite tho

    • t76a2d
      t76a2d 3 months ago +14

      I don’t think dynamite can work in space.

    • Reseng
      Reseng 3 months ago +15

      This is exactly what I was thinking...kudos to the devs for making a pretty robust game!

    • Gamer3427
      Gamer3427 3 months ago +14

      I'm honestly impressed. I mean, I know he has a pretty over the top computer, but even so most games would have crashed or had major framerate issues from all of that. He only had the one time with the moving wire line, and even that was just because so much was moving at once on top of everything else.

    • Zirnike
      Zirnike 3 months ago +2

      ​​@t76a2d it can. There wouldn't be enough oxygen able to get to it fast enough even on earth, especially given the shockwave of an explosion. Most work fine in a vacuum, short of fuel air type explosives. Think rockets, where they have fuel and oxidizer as a similar concept.

  • willsell456
    willsell456 3 months ago +4

    Josh making a No Texture platform was amazing

  • Alexander Neville
    Alexander Neville 21 day ago

    Josh straight up makes art through hours and hours of commitment to the bit.

  • Shane
    Shane 3 months ago +4

    i laughed for 3 minutes straight when josh made the astronauts fly away when being summoned into the black hole

  • Bran Val
    Bran Val 3 months ago +3

    "Because in my mind electricity is magic" ngl even after trade school and learning how it actually works that is still how I boil it down in my head😆

  • Johan Soby [10201B-S]
    Johan Soby [10201B-S] Month ago +1

    This man is the definition of “I did some stuff off camera”

  • NekoColaQ
    NekoColaQ 3 months ago +737

    If you can optimize a game where by the end of part one Josh isn't at sub 10 fps, you deserve an award.

    • thibautisserant
      thibautisserant 3 months ago +49

      This ! They knew who they were dealing with when they sponsored the video !

    • Mtrttt
      Mtrttt 3 months ago +4

      i bet he got the boosted version

    • Philosophy_Bot
      Philosophy_Bot 3 months ago +5

      Beep bop... I'm the Philosophy Bot. Here, have a quote:
      "Live your life as though your every act were to become a universal law"
      ~ Immanuel Kant

    • Firdan Harbima
      Firdan Harbima 3 months ago +10

      ​@Philosophy_Bot anything about josh breaking reality of a game?

    • nay faan
      nay faan 3 months ago

      well he did crash the fps when he moved the dock with a billion of wires on it

  • Felix Ross
    Felix Ross 3 months ago +8

    “So i guess we all see where this is going”
    Yes we do josh and we are here for it 😂

  • jeannekl
    jeannekl 3 months ago +6

    I really like the videos where Josh ends up like actually playing the game? Astro looks really fun to play!

  • Jonathan Smith
    Jonathan Smith 3 months ago +4

    The game truly begins at 8:00

  • pdxcorgidad
    pdxcorgidad 3 months ago +7

    I know these are all ads for games, but it's also fun to watch him explain how the game works while putting his own spin on things.

  • Zack Sirola
    Zack Sirola 27 days ago

    I love how he single-handedly creates the "missing texture" tile sets.

  • Suvan G
    Suvan G 3 months ago +568

    Josh murdering 4 out of 5 astronauts every time he called them into a black hole by running them to death is the funniest thing I've seen all week

    • Magical
      Magical 3 months ago +3

      You Have A Very Interesting Taste..

    • Bat
      Bat 3 months ago +5

      I can undoubtedly agree with that statement

    • Totally Nothatguy
      Totally Nothatguy 3 months ago +12

      4 out of 5 astronauts satisfied!

    • FearedDragonGaming
      FearedDragonGaming 3 months ago +1


    • Skeleton
      Skeleton 3 months ago +1

      Funny true

  • MarieWolf_94
    MarieWolf_94 2 months ago +1

    thats so spooky that i actually saw my name w/ the exact spelling in the astronaut list. idk whether to be honored or terrified to be part of Josh's hellscape in space

  • Untitled video channel
    Untitled video channel 2 months ago

    He never disappoints us with his content

  • Arrow Slayer
    Arrow Slayer 2 months ago

    Josh having so much fun with conveyor belts is always great

  • EL
    EL 3 months ago +34

    You know Josh has made it when he can make two videos per month and live lavishly just on that.

    • ChickenWynn
      ChickenWynn 3 months ago +3

      AcSHuallY he MaDe 4!!!! VIdeoS LAst MontH 🤓

  • Mud Mutant
    Mud Mutant 2 months ago +1

    Just imagine your flying in space exploring to find a new planet like earth, you find something, but its josh doing this.

  • Suvan G
    Suvan G 3 months ago +549

    The fact that Josh is able to unlock an ability called "Poultry Farming" in *space* is both utterly baffling and hilarious

    • Llortnerof
      Llortnerof 3 months ago +35

      Well, said space also has gravity that just goes an arbitrary direction without any mass to actually cause it. I don't think the devs were any more concerned with reality than Josh.

    • roostermako
      roostermako 3 months ago +6

      if you think about it in a broader sense, WE are in space, so so are all chickens!

    • Dan Bingham
      Dan Bingham 3 months ago +5

      I wonder how many chickens will fit into a black hole. Can't wait for episode 2.

    • brian t
      brian t 3 months ago +2

      Ain’t nobody here but us chickens.

    • WeDoWhatever
      WeDoWhatever 3 months ago +1

      You should play kerbal space program

  • AgileVenom
    AgileVenom 2 months ago +1

    The last part with astronauts flying into space then popping out of existence is hilarious 🤣

  • ksmith1909
    ksmith1909 2 months ago +1

    Very funny, but NGL I was waiting for the part where Josh sets up an insane base around the black hole and uses it to torture settlers. Part 2? 👀

  • Green-black Skull
    Green-black Skull 3 months ago

    Having Josh make an ad for your game really is a great investment, you both get the ad and playtesting of things you never thought of

  • West unknown
    West unknown 3 months ago +3

    We can all count on josh to do the funniest and dumbest stuff you can think of😂😂

  • Crimson Realm
    Crimson Realm 2 months ago +1

    the first thing i thought about the colored tiles is "bros making a disco dance stage" and then he made the automated pulling asteroid things that shoots out light and it did look like an astro disco dance space 😂


    I won't be surprised if Josh gets hired as a bug tester.

    • asure
      asure 3 months ago +214

      He'll break anything for free anyways

    • Nonr
      Nonr 3 months ago +290

      Tbf, isn’t that what happened here considering it’s a sponsorship 😂

    • E
      E 3 months ago +21


    • Gametram
      Gametram 3 months ago +52

      Freelancer bug testing

    • YT
      YT 3 months ago +32

      Not tester but finder.

  • Dank The Gank
    Dank The Gank 28 days ago +1

    Your oxygen matrix worm thing looked exactly like the space folding machines in Dune.

  • Not-An-AI
    Not-An-AI Month ago +2

    The first tile he made looks the Minecraft missing texture and it was hilarious

  • luca Fernandez
    luca Fernandez 6 days ago

    You know its gonna be a series when josh discovers they are conveyor belts😂

  • Bill Hemphill
    Bill Hemphill 2 months ago

    The Astronaut's disco death dance had me crying.

  • Lady Meldiriel
    Lady Meldiriel 3 months ago +2

    The unnecessary conveyor belt journeys are always a favourite of mine. 😁

  • Jannick Larsen
    Jannick Larsen 3 months ago +400

    This game runs surprisingly well, considering the hellscape Josh created

    • Dylan Baker
      Dylan Baker 3 months ago +16

      Could also be his computer with the whole terabyte of RAM he has.

    • Livvy
      Livvy 3 months ago +12

      I mean they consider now when creating game is it gonna survive after josh plays it 😂😂😂

    • LabGecko
      LabGecko 3 months ago +14

      @Dylan Baker said _"Could also be his computer with the whole terabyte of RAM he has."_
      But even then this game fares better under ...stress... than most others Josh plays.

    • glittalogik
      glittalogik 3 months ago +6

      ​@Dylan Baker You got me curious enough to check - dunno if it's up to date, but here are the most recent specs listed on his Twitch FAQ:
      "i9-10850, RTX 3090, 64GB of RAM, a mess of hard drives, and THE WILL TO KEEP GOING"

    • Timperial Broadcasting Agency
      Timperial Broadcasting Agency 3 months ago +2

      I'm pretty sure that it gets away with it by limiting physics, which is why things clip into each other all the time. If you don't have to calculate intersections between mesh A and mesh B, that's a LOT of math you don't have to do. It also explains why the frame rate goes straight to hell when large meshes move: that's actual math. Once it becomes static again, the only math required is on the rendering side.
      Seeing how everything is obviously built on a quantized 3D grid, that's actually a clever way to do it. If the devs ever decide that Josh's clipping monstrosities are bugs rather than features, they just have to prevent occupied grid cubes from interacting when moved. That's a lot less math. Josh would still manage to break it, but at least it'd be a bunch harder than it usually is for him.

  • Антон Гордієнко

    At this point I'm convinced gamedevs send the keys to Josh not for promotion but just to see what the hellish ideas he will be able to come up with while playing their games

  • king illager
    king illager 27 days ago

    the way those guys moonwalked away was so beautiful

  • Parrallaxatives
    Parrallaxatives 3 months ago +2

    When he says "Hey there it Josh" the whole universe quivers in fear

  • Lillian J. C.
    Lillian J. C. 3 months ago +1

    I need a sequel!!! Please!!!

  • Skylark Landing
    Skylark Landing 2 months ago

    Honestly, that the game survived Josh and kept up a decent framerate is probably the best advertising it could have gotten. 😂

  • Didw
    Didw 3 months ago +538

    I'm 30 seconds in, the cube thingy trying to explain the game's background, Josh goes "yeah whatever Kurzgesagt" and I'm losing it already 😂

    • Yevs
      Yevs 3 months ago +15

      Scrolled just to find this 😂

    • DaffyJax
      DaffyJax 3 months ago +4

      @Yevs who didnt

    • Aois Preutt
      Aois Preutt 3 months ago +36

      Proof Kurzgesagt and Josh exist on the same side of the internet.

    • Pandapip1
      Pandapip1 3 months ago +13

      He even pronounced it correctly!

    • Colin
      Colin 3 months ago +1

      I actually didn't know what he said, thanks.

  • Funni Guy
    Funni Guy 3 months ago +3

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  • Mr Guinea Pigs
    Mr Guinea Pigs 2 months ago +1

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    • Parrie Jenkins
      Parrie Jenkins 23 days ago

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  • The professor
    The professor 3 months ago +2

    The fact that the wires on a moved object by astral harpoon can connect to live wire and gain power, means that you can make large compound switches, like a sudo solinoid/transistor

  • tandr3w
    tandr3w 3 months ago +1

    I wonder how many computers Josh has gone through by pushing the limits of every game he plays.

  • Corner
    Corner 3 months ago +3

    its been a genuine pleasure to watch your channel grow josh

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    Turbolemons 3 months ago +553

    It's fun to watch Josh's slow descent into madness since Anthony left

    • Killzone
      Killzone 3 months ago +116

      Thank god, someone who watched the old vids.
      I miss Anthony...

    • E
      E 3 months ago +5


      VOID OF POOR 3 months ago +77

      ​@Killzonehe murdered Anthony, his madness has taken over!

    • RootedHat
      RootedHat 3 months ago +39

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      Rick Sanchez 3 months ago +21

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    no 3 months ago +413

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    • hackprefect
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    • Memes Reborn Official
      Memes Reborn Official 3 months ago +9

      Don't forget that his computer is also like NASA levels

    • JustAMango
      JustAMango 3 months ago +18

      @Memes Reborn Official still, even with his nasa pc, games like satisfactory could not handle Josh’s creations. Granted this is only about 1/49 of Josh’s power

    • NOS
      NOS 3 months ago +6

      Because there's no rigid body dynamics to worry about.

    • jfk49
      jfk49 3 months ago +5

      ​@NOS yep seems like they minimised collisions. I think the asteroid islands have no collision when docking to avoid lag

  • BeardedRaider
    BeardedRaider 2 months ago

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  • ThatGuyWhoScreams
    ThatGuyWhoScreams 3 months ago +852

    Josh is literally the playtester all game devs need. "Alright. Josh is playing. Oh, look! he already found a bug!"

    • BradyT918
      BradyT918 3 months ago +91

      Oh, how did such a simple bug make it through unnoticed.
      Well, you see sir. We never expected anyone to ever take the days of playtime to just build a bridge and walk to the anomalies in space. When we put a space ship in the game, just to reach the far away places.

    • Sycamorph
      Sycamorph 3 months ago +33

      I think he literally is a playtester, people send him their games to playtest.

    • Rancholotl
      Rancholotl 3 months ago +10

      I guess I'll get Josh to EVENTUALLY play my concept game

    • Nyerguds
      Nyerguds 3 months ago +5

      All he had to do was leave the game running for five days straight while building more and more stuff!

    • jan harald
      jan harald 3 months ago +21

      that blueprint part imho proves that the "blueprint area" is just teleporting a clone of you to a far-off location, and erases a large bubble around it, if your "real body" is inside the oxygen bubble, you could probably fly/walk around infinitely and grab resources and planetoids and stuff
      however, I am really surprised they managed to overlook the collision problem, lol, that you can dock stuff in a way things clip into each other, without any negative effects

  • Agondray
    Agondray 3 months ago +1

    And here we go another day packed with josh finding a way to torment his computer and the people of Reboot.

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    Zeus 3 months ago +1

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  • Andrew Shugg
    Andrew Shugg 2 months ago +1

    Any game that offers Josh conveyor belts is begging for the most horrific forms of abuse

  • Gumgum
    Gumgum 3 months ago +2

    It would be so funny is Josh built a base that looked very neat and logical and then turned around to show an eldritch horror of a base being like "And this is my main production"

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    Pete Brown 3 months ago +1

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  • DevilsAd0cate
    DevilsAd0cate 3 months ago +429

    I swear, game dev's send Josh an early access code just so he can find bugs for them to fix

    • Irys
      Irys 3 months ago +59

      I do believe the game held itself most gracefully despite everything!

    • Nokolo
      Nokolo 3 months ago +21

      I've always thought the same thing, if anyone could find a way to break the game, it'd be Josh.

    • AuStistic gaming
      AuStistic gaming 3 months ago +5


    • Daft
      Daft 3 months ago +11

      I mean this time they actually sponsored the video, so you can take it as a payment for game testing !

    • Chris G
      Chris G 3 months ago +2

      Advertising doesn't usually come with a free bug finding program so it's like a two for one special.

  • liviaandhanna
    liviaandhanna 22 days ago

    you wouldn't believe my surprise that the game actually put up with josh's mayhem

  • ~Inosuke_Slays~ • 69 Yr ago

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  • coffin1987
    coffin1987 16 days ago

    I probably watched every single video on you channel at least 2 or 3 times and I must say that this is among my all-time favorites. The game is awesome, it has so many fresh ideas and offers so many possibilities. And what you do with it is absolutely phenomenal, breathtaking and hilarious at every turn.
    Which is my way of saying: We need WAY more of this game. Please!!