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History Of Portugal

  • Published on Mar 29, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • This is the History of Portugal. From Romans to Explorers to today.
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    Many thanks to Embrace historia who helped with this video check out his channel
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    Games used Total war Attila, Medieval total war 2 and Napoleon total war. With mods
    Sources used:
    A short history of Portugal. H. MORSE STEPHENS
    A history of Portugal and the Portuguese empire Volume 1 A. R. DISNEY
    A history of Portugal and the Portuguese empire Volume 2 A. R. DISNEY
    Conquerors: How Portugal seized the Indian Ocean and forged the first global empire. ROGER CROWLEY
    A Concise History of Portugal (Cambridge Concise Histories) David Birmingham
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  • STroB
    STroB 4 years ago +1661

    I'm a simple Portuguese guy.
    I see Portugal, I CARALHO.

    • Jigas Tone
      Jigas Tone 2 months ago


    • Gigachad
      Gigachad 5 months ago +1

      Mais tuga impossivel!

    • G 21Pizza
      G 21Pizza 6 months ago


    • João Coelho
      João Coelho 7 months ago


    • ~Midnight X Trixie~
      ~Midnight X Trixie~ 9 months ago

      @Kaung Khant Hein you should but don't go to the capital because it's kinda has depression trust me

  • Júlio César
    Júlio César 3 years ago +365

    Our father's story is simply amazing, greetings from Brazil, long live to the portuguese speaking countries.

    • STroB
      STroB 2 months ago

      E da maneira que voces lutaram pela independencia (sem influencia comunista como em Africa) orgulho-me do quanto voces cresceram. Desejo-vos tudo de bom do outro lado do oceano.

    • sheila hamm
      sheila hamm 3 months ago

      portugal a 💩joke lol

    • Kewsi Yehboah
      Kewsi Yehboah 5 months ago +2

      Trafico Africano de Escravos ..
      Angola para Brasil..

    • Alright cool
      Alright cool 8 months ago +1

      @Luso they destroyed the place and dipped it was pretty heinous nd gruesome

  • Albert Florian
    Albert Florian 4 years ago +868

    Good video about my favorite European country. Go to Portugal if you haven't been there already. Great nature and architecture, kind and beautiful people.
    Greetings from Germany!

    • Guilherme Castro
      Guilherme Castro 2 months ago

      @Gee Whiz ya totally not nazis...like their members right? Martin bormann, himmler...not nazis right

  • colum bannon
    colum bannon 3 years ago +101

    Love Portugal, beautiful country and warm and friendly people, I am going there for the third time this September. 🇵🇹🇮🇪

  • Germán Palomares
    Germán Palomares 4 years ago +360

    Força Portugal 🇵🇹 saudações da Espanha

  • Nanny Oggins
    Nanny Oggins 3 years ago +122

    Very interesting, I´m a Brit that has made Portugal my home so this was a useful education for me. I believe that the contribution to world events by the Portuguese is rather under valued, there is a lot in Portuguese culture that I admire.

    • Jigas Tone
      Jigas Tone 2 months ago

      @Neville de Conceição Corretion: Catarina De Bragança (there's no translation). Portugal had a very good commerce bussinesses with China back then.

    • Jorge Eusebio
      Jorge Eusebio 4 months ago

      @jared easy how you read it is how you Wright it,not like english

    • Nightowl321
      Nightowl321 5 months ago

      @Neville de Conceição they ought to thank us for saving their country 😊

    • Joe Dias
      Joe Dias Year ago

      Don't forget fish and chips yum yum.

    • jared
      jared Year ago +1

      Tu falas Portugûes? I’m an American trying to learn the language since my grandparents are from São Miguel :)

  • kite
    kite 4 years ago +425

    Obrigado por fazer um vídeo sobre o nosso país! Viva Portugal!

    • Alvaro aka Tico
      Alvaro aka Tico 2 years ago

      O Luso Qual es su problema?

    • Filipe Afonso
      Filipe Afonso 3 years ago +2

      @yoda tás mesmo fodido com este país 😂

    • Rômulo Freitas
      Rômulo Freitas 3 years ago

      Nunca sei se são portuguêses ou brasileiros kkk

    • Judith Sanchez
      Judith Sanchez 4 years ago +1

      steadyy. Small country geography but established Brazil and Angola the only mistake when they gave Angola independence the children of Angolan and Portuguese they left emigrated and leaving all their possessions and started from scratch. Good Job Portugal

  • Edward Jones
    Edward Jones 3 years ago +206

    If y'all ain't been to Portugal, you're missing out.
    I moved here 6 years ago. I love it here: great people, great food, great scenery, and the best girls you've ever seen.

    • Lady Sarcasm
      Lady Sarcasm 7 months ago

      Thanks man 😆

    • Plínio Júnior🇷🇺
      Plínio Júnior🇷🇺 Year ago +3

      @Obi Wan Sem-nome The myth about Brazil having the best girls is just a internet meme. There are a lot of countries with more interesting women.

    • foto21com
      foto21com Year ago

      I'm moving there. It's peaceful, warm, and I can get a nice estate there. Didn't know about the women, though. I know Europe is full of hot ladies though. Where you living?

    • Joe Dias
      Joe Dias Year ago

      Yes best bearded women are the best

  • gu Cruz
    gu Cruz 3 years ago +66

    Love Portugal from Brazil ❤️🇧🇷🤝🇵🇹

    • kumii
      kumii 7 months ago +2

      @playerwho51 vc acha que eu sei, escrevi isso um ano atras 😭

    • playerwho51
      playerwho51 7 months ago

      @kumii que foi?

    • gu Cruz
      gu Cruz Year ago

      @Orgulho luso sempre 👏👏

    • Orgulho luso sempre
      Orgulho luso sempre Year ago +1

      @gu Cruz and 🇸🇹🇬🇼🇹🇱

    • kumii
      kumii 2 years ago


  • Pietro Ferrari
    Pietro Ferrari 3 years ago +88

    Portugal: The first giant of history 🇵🇹❤️

    • Joaquim Azevedo
      Joaquim Azevedo 7 months ago +1

      @ricardocoutinho92 the first in a somwehat globalised world.

    • Gee Whiz
      Gee Whiz Year ago +3

      @Sawneek Boom lol they did not have a global empire spanning the 7 seas Portugal did

    • Vasco Cansado Carvalho
      Vasco Cansado Carvalho Year ago +4

      @I FRIESEN gotta love socialism...

    • Orgulho luso sempre
      Orgulho luso sempre 2 years ago

      @dianira Lisboa too

    • Sawneek Boom
      Sawneek Boom 2 years ago +2

      what about the arabs and persians and romans and greeks lol

  • Masum Ehsan Lemon
    Masum Ehsan Lemon 2 years ago +42

    I'm learning Portuguese Language. Examining their history I must say they were the most badass people of medieval era. If I'm not mistaken they held a fort in India with 40 men in the last against the Ottoman.
    Interesting their history I must say.

    • Green Tuga
      Green Tuga 7 days ago

      Yes, that battle you talked about is called "Siege of Diu", and it is indeed epic. Search for the "battle of Diu", the naval battle that gave Portuguese Dominance over the Indian Ocean, it was epic aswell. (To clarify, both battles happened in the same place but with years apart, and one was a naval battle and the other a siege)

    • daredevil
      daredevil  5 months ago +1

      @Masum Ehsan Lemon if you like *lies* portgee history is fascinating 😂

    • Masum Ehsan Lemon
      Masum Ehsan Lemon 2 years ago +4

      @Hugo Parreira Thank you, I'll explore that topic of Portuguese history. As a history learner, Portuguese history really fascinate me.

    • Hugo Parreira
      Hugo Parreira 2 years ago +5

      search the youtube about the great ship Botafogo that was used to destroy the otoman navy in the indian sea. That fort you talk about was really a badass moment in the portuguese india history , sure would make a great scene to a epic movie :)

  • Iain Wilson
    Iain Wilson 4 years ago +77

    I love to visit Portugal, it's a beautiful country and its people are very warm and welcoming 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    • Jorge Eusebio
      Jorge Eusebio 4 months ago

      Good on you jock love to visit Scotland someday

    • lopazio
      lopazio 3 years ago +1

      @Trevor Hambidge true, from a portuguese

    • TheRazer43
      TheRazer43 3 years ago +2

      @Trevor Hambidge Hahaha i confirm your statement as a true one since i'm portuguese 😂

    • Trevor Hambidge
      Trevor Hambidge 3 years ago +2

      ...until you put them behind the wheel of a car!! ;)

    • Portuguese empire mapper
      Portuguese empire mapper 3 years ago +3

      Thanks, you're welcomed anytime :)

  • Jorge Quinta-Nova
    Jorge Quinta-Nova 4 years ago +305

    Nice video, but just one clarification. Portugal was never made a province of Spain. The terms in 1580 allowed the empires to be managed separatily. Administrators of the Portuguese empire were Portuguese. of course, Portugal lost many elements of sovereignity, but not all, not by a long shot. Felipe I was a fair king, but his descendants started tearing the arrangement of 1580.

    • Three 'The Sims' Cards
      Three 'The Sims' Cards 5 months ago +2

      @Judith Sanchez _«The only complaint that Portugal should keep the monarchy or be unite with Spain.»_
      We are friends and allies of Spain but we don't want to merge with Spain, after 900 years that should be clear by now. And we got rid of our kings 100 years ago, we're quite happy being a republic.

    • Antonio Ribeiro
      Antonio Ribeiro 7 months ago +1

      @Tiago Miguel Morgado Jorge only in Açores Prior of crato was claimed king.

    • Tiago Miguel Morgado Jorge
      Tiago Miguel Morgado Jorge 7 months ago +1

      @Antonio Ribeiro it was an invasion. Our Parliament, "Cortes" had already acclaimed Prior do Crato as King.

    • Kyndjal
      Kyndjal 3 years ago +2

      @Hugo Félix not for very long,since our overseers are opening the borders wide open for former colonies to come and live here, without requiring any work contract.even the brazilians residing here say it's a bad idea,that Portugal will cease to exist which, i have to admit,surprised me a bit.regarding the chinese,yes that is true,and you just reminded me that i have to study that situation further.

    • Hugo Félix
      Hugo Félix 3 years ago +1

      @Kyndjal you forgot the Chinese also that control our ports and main resources for the next 99 year's. I know what you mean but we're still Portugal

  • Abner Barbosa
    Abner Barbosa 2 years ago +18

    I'm a brazilian but my ancestors were Portuguese I'm very proud of that. I love both countries and hope visit Portugal soon.

  • zzebowa
    zzebowa 3 years ago +53

    England and Portugal have had a peace treaty since 1340 or something like that, and never broken it. It is a very long and friendly relationship we have had.

    • GabKoost
      GabKoost Month ago

      @zzebowa What peace? Have you fallen asleep during this video? Did you missed the part where England makde a war ultimatum to Portugal because they wanted the lands between Angola and Mozambique? Furthermore, the only reason why England helped Portugal against the French and the Spaniards is because... they were at war against the French and the Spaniards.

    • Joao Santos
      Joao Santos 2 years ago

      Shakespeare resumes the story very well. I think just with a couple of sentences

    • Joao Santos
      Joao Santos 2 years ago +2

      The oldest alliance in the world, still working

    • Paulo Guerreiro
      Paulo Guerreiro 2 years ago

      J C G I do not agree with you. The anglo-portuguese treaty or alliance is much more important that a stricktly militar alliance - it is a trade alliance and a kingdom's alliance. And it has been good for both parts: the portuguese and the english. Nowadays it has helped to boost the portuguese economy. In the past it helped Portugal to survive as a nation and as an empire. The portuguese empire would surely last for quite shortlier if there was not the anglo-portuguese alliance. Remember the threats which could have resulted in the loss of portuguese independence: 1385 at Aljubarrota against the castilians 1639 at Montes Claros against the spaniards, over the years in the 17th century, against the dutch at Guararapes and at Luanda, the peninsular war (1807-1812) against the french and on November the 25th of 1975 against the russian communists. All the above threats were put off, thanks to this alliance (the last stated threat was also venquished under the protection of NATO and Portugal's american allies).

  • ricardo rocha
    ricardo rocha 4 years ago +487

    Clearly that wasn't the flag that Vasco da Gama took to India... but you mention that we were the first europeans reaching Japan very few people know that, so thanks by that.

    • lucasandrade6
      lucasandrade6 27 days ago

      Portugal wasn't the first western country to reach Japa

    • Jorge Eusebio
      Jorge Eusebio 4 months ago

      Or lisbon I think

    • Jorge Eusebio
      Jorge Eusebio 4 months ago

      @João Fardilha and there's a synagogue in Amsterdam called portuguese

    • Jorge Eusebio
      Jorge Eusebio 4 months ago

      @ricardo rocha francisco Xavier

    • Joe Dias
      Joe Dias Year ago

      Vasco da Gama came to
      Goa uninvited as a marauder.
      A pest we have suffered for
      451 years and leaving us absolutely backward and impoverished. Thank you.

  • Gustavo G. Hasegawa
    Gustavo G. Hasegawa 3 years ago +124

    I am really proud for have Portuguese ancestry!

    • Joe Dias
      Joe Dias Year ago

      @Val Souza yes proud to be a half breed.

    • Snake
      Snake Year ago

      @Abd Noun Yes.

    • Val Souza
      Val Souza Year ago +2

      Goan Portuguese here living in Dubai. Yes, we are proud of who we are, Viva Portugal 🇵🇹

    • Marcelo Gonçalves do Couto
      Marcelo Gonçalves do Couto Year ago +12

      @Abd Noun oh yeah, and the arab muslims expanded just by love and throwing flowers.

  • Willies Frisks
    Willies Frisks 5 months ago +22

    today the Price of Chicken up 33.5%, bread up 15%, eggs up 32.6% in Portugal. Our country is in the pitts thanks to Antonio Costa - orgulho!!

    • 4amStuff
      4amStuff 29 days ago

      ​@Portugal the Fake One xdd

    • Portugal the Fake One
      Portugal the Fake One 5 months ago +15

      nothing but sopas dos pobres here in Portugal caralho!🥣🥣

    • Guilherme Castro
      Guilherme Castro 5 months ago

      eggs are like 2.50 euros and bread is less then 1 euro at times not to mention chiken is also not that expensive

  • D.
    D. 3 years ago +456

    Portugal the underestimated country.

    • Jigas Tone
      Jigas Tone 2 months ago

      @Mubarak Oman didn't exist at the time. Portugal built a fortress there and still it"s intact. They just go for other more interesting markets and countries, that's why they abandoned Oman.

    • Pedro Mendonça
      Pedro Mendonça 6 months ago

      @k a r l tu num dos teus primeiros comentarios disseste sim que o portugues vinha do leones,foi isso que me fez responder.mas se o leones influenciou o portugues,tambem o leones foi influenciado pelo portugues , pois ambas as linguas existiam nas suas regioes antes do movimento da reconquista,elas nao nasceram com a reconquista, pois ja eram faladas nas regiões que se encontravam sob domínio muçulmano, nunca houve uma substituição cultural, linguística ou mesmo uma mudança religiosa completa completa, foram essencialmente movimentos militares e fa elite governante, as populacoes eram as mesmas,seja sob domínio muçulmano ou cristao, e logico que foram sendo inseridos novos vocábulo e topónimos,que na sua maioria ficaram nas respetivas linguas ate hoje....a influencia entre as diferentes linguas e dialetos da península nao foram de sentido único, ambas se influenciaram mutuamente,principalmente em regiões raianas... a questão dos antepassados comuns também e discutível,pois estudos genéticos recentes apontam para uma predominância de 60% de genes nativos nas populações atuais da península,ou seja, cada região tem maioritariamente as bases genéticas de seus antepassados mais distantes pre romanos, logo nao nunca houve uma substituicao das populacoes a cada invasao,mas sim uma assimilacao das populacoes ja existentes...isso foi particularmente verificavel com a invasao arabe,pois grande parte da populacao continuou crista,apesar de habitar zonas de ocupação muçulmana, eram os chamados moçárabes....apesar das grandes semelhanças que possam haver cada lingua peninsular tem raízes próprias alicerçadas em cada região e o ramo galaicoporrugues e tao antigo e único como as restantes...isso refuta a tua afirmação inicial de que foi antes espanha que deu uma lingua a portugal ,foi esta particular afirmação que me fez responder te e iniciou o nosso debate :)

    • k a r l
      k a r l 6 months ago

      @Pedro Mendonça i never said portuguese is descended from leonese, i said it was influenced by it. Nor did i ignore the fact that portuguese and galician are of similar origins, in fact i said -at it’s core both languages are the same but the ppl founding the original portugal were of leonese and asturian background (the same kind of peoples who went on to found spain with castille and aragon). Also from it’s birth in 868 to 1143 it was under the predominance of the kingdom of leon which governed it as a regular county & almost certainly made leonese it’s official language until portugal was made a kingdom. From 900 onward as Vimara Peres conquered more and more land from the moors, he would drive them from the cities of portus cale & braga and bring refugees from galicia and the surrounding portuguese uplands. So only then does anything similar to early portuguese start to become a main source of language in the county: which evolved into it’s own language which became independent of the galician branch in the coming centuries. Maybz in a different reality, Iberia wouldn’t only consist of spain or portugal but many other regions based on their individual native language.

    • Pedro Mendonça
      Pedro Mendonça 6 months ago +2

      @k a r l era isso que te dizia,espanha e um conceito relativamente moderno... a lingua a que chamam espanhol e na realidade castelhano :) mas nao podes discutir a formação e origem da língua portuguesa ignorando o facto do galego e português serem basicamente a mesma lingua..ou nao sabias? ambas descendem do galaicoportugues que por sua vez descende do latin, a lingua galaico portuguesa e assim como o leones, castelhano,etc uma evolução do latin comum que se foi "emaranhando " nas linguas nativas ibericas e mais tarde foi adquirindo fonética e vocábulo dos vários povos que passaram por cada região, desde os suevos,visigodos,arabes berberes etc..por esse motivo temos na península um grupo de linguas semelhantes, mas com evolução distintas...com a exepcao dos bascos..o português nao descende do leones estas errado nisso, o portugues e o galego tem uma raiz comum,o galaico portugues e um ramo independente derivado do latin...assim como catalão,leones, castelhano,etc...deves rever tuas fontes pois estas errado, o portugues nao vem do castelhano e muito menos do leones, vem do galaicoportugues,...eu estudei latin,lingua portuguesa e linguística, assim como estudamos a formação da nossa própria lingua :) mas fora esse erro, vejo que tens um conhecimento aceitável da história da península.. fico contente por isso..qual tua nacionalidade?

  • anak ruteng
    anak ruteng 2 years ago +12

    Flores, from Portuguese which means "flower" is an island in the administrative area of ​​the Province of East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. The name Flores comes from the Portuguese language "cabo de flores" which means "Cape of flowers". The name was originally given by S.M. Cabot to refer to the eastern region of the island of Flores. Finally used officially since 1636 by the Governor of the Dutch East Indies Hendrik Brouwer. A quite in-depth study by Orinbao (1969) revealed that the real name of the island of Flores was Nusa Nipa (snake island) which, from an anthropological perspective, was more useful because it contained various philosophical, cultural, and ritual traditions of the Flores people.

    • Jorge Eusebio
      Jorge Eusebio 4 months ago

      That's why I'm proud to be portuguese they discovered new worlds new peoples and intermarried with them probably That's my favorite subject is geography

  • vijaya fernando
    vijaya fernando 4 years ago +80

    Obrigado. Only about 100 people speak a version of Portuguese in Sri Lanka. My great great grand father was jose Maria Fernando. According to Sri Lankans our ancestors simply changed their surnames but I like to do a DNA test!

    • Kuriakose
      Kuriakose Year ago

      @12345 678910 heard of roman catholic brahmin or brahmin converts jealous. St,sc,obc are always jealous😜😜😜😝😝😝🤪🤪

    • lopazio
      lopazio 2 years ago +1

      Keep the fire burning!

    • pauvermelho
      pauvermelho 3 years ago +2

      @12345 678910 Funny that you say "low cast". Because there was a policie of mix marriages promoted by the earlier Portuguese vice-kings of India, between noble Portuguese men and higher Goan cast women

    • 12345 678910
      12345 678910 3 years ago

      @lopazio in goa kristao but mainly low caste locals converted

    • 12345 678910
      12345 678910 3 years ago

      in goa too a foul form of Portuguese

  • Nuno DA Fonseca
    Nuno DA Fonseca 4 years ago +471

    the Most underated Country History. Short but Nice Video

    • Lee Kee Ho
      Lee Kee Ho 7 months ago

      @Sam Ray 3 years late but Fonseca is a fairly common last name here (which by the way comes from the Latin words for dry fountain) so it’s unlikely that you would find a Fonseca that’s related to the one you were looking for

    • Truth Finder
      Truth Finder 2 years ago +3

      Why would you say it’s underrated?

    • Demétrio Besidovskiy
      Demétrio Besidovskiy 2 years ago

      what about poland?

  • The Eyes
    The Eyes 3 years ago +206

    Been on europe for holiday, and i found portuguese people is the most kind, warm and welcome, lisbon, porto, fatima, cheap food than any west europe countries, beautifull landscape, i ll be back again in the future.

    • Drip StarYT
      Drip StarYT Year ago

      @FreedomFox1 most white Americans don't know

    • Fit Engineer
      Fit Engineer Year ago +1


    • Broke Boyz
      Broke Boyz Year ago +1

      @The Eyes yeah, I've been in Belém but not many times but I can say it's amazing!

    • The Eyes
      The Eyes Year ago +1

      @Broke Boyz never been in brazil, but i meet many brazillian live in lisbon, right. I love belem so much, defininetly back there for sure.

    • The Eyes
      The Eyes Year ago +1

      @Gonxalo R. Paris, rome and madrid is expensive for food, when i came to lisbon, everyone i meet is very warm and helpfull. Obrigada👍

  • Fuzileiro olv
    Fuzileiro olv 3 years ago +5

    Orgulho de ser português

  • A. J. Merrick
    A. J. Merrick  4 years ago +103

    Hey Everyone Thanks For Watching! Finally completed this video after third attempt Hope you Enjoyed it!

    • lopazio
      lopazio 3 years ago

      Pretty accurate VC3 Productions! Congrats!

    • Ninguém
      Ninguém 3 years ago

      @Seguir Visigoths origin mostly, but they have several white races mixes, like the suevos, celts, iberians and romans.

    • Lawrence Cisek
      Lawrence Cisek 4 years ago +1

      Thank you. Been to south of Spain. Want to go Lisbon.

    • Exm Senhor Batáguas
      Exm Senhor Batáguas 4 years ago +1

      @Gordus Maximus podes falar em portugues mano nao tenhas medo queu na mordo

    • Gordus Maximus
      Gordus Maximus 4 years ago +1

      @Exm Senhor Batáguas and one of them was a Azorean student from my island

  • JJLM
    JJLM 3 years ago +35

    Love the history of your portugal....
    Grettings from🇵🇭

    • vi frisk
      vi frisk 29 days ago +2

      *fake account* LOL 🤣

  • Phil bell
    Phil bell 3 years ago +4

    Fantastic country with wonderful people, great architecture, marvilous food and a fascinating history and culture. There is something about the Portuguese attitude and outlook on life that is massively appealing to me. Try to go there as often as I can and would move there in a heartbeat if I could. As many posters have already said if you haven't been there just go and see this incredible place. Believe me you won't regret it.

    • João Lima
      João Lima 3 years ago

      You are allways welcome ;) we love to receive well and to be wee received in other countries

  • Winds of Time
    Winds of Time 8 months ago +4

    Very interesting, even if Portugal is usually forgotten in the entertainment media like Hollywood and even the country doesn't put much effort to make itself known, I must say that its history as a nation is very interesting and amazing, I hope it gets some more attention like the interesting country that it is

  • Mads_Vel
    Mads_Vel 4 years ago +163

    I am from Norway and visited Portugal 3 times, it's cool

    • Obi Wan Sem-nome
      Obi Wan Sem-nome 3 years ago

      Come to Brasil, sometime then, and see with your own eyes the true legacy of Portugal!

    • Diogo Silva
      Diogo Silva 3 years ago

      I Never visited any Scandinavian country but it’s on my list of places to go in the near future, I am only 19 .

    • Pedro Lopes
      Pedro Lopes 3 years ago +2

      As I usually say Norway will be the last country in the world that Portugal goes to war, because we need your codfish.:)

    • Lovetrain1315
      Lovetrain1315 3 years ago

      I wanna go

    • Nélson Alexandre
      Nélson Alexandre 3 years ago

      @João Costa igual, só fui de Portugal a Galiza xd

  • Aleccyo Morais
    Aleccyo Morais 3 years ago +76

    Cadê os portugueses 🇵🇹
    Um forte abraço do Brasil 🇧🇷

    • Fernando Martins
      Fernando Martins Year ago +1

      Sempre por aí! 😉🇵🇹❤️🇧🇷

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