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Forspoken is Rough

  • Published on Jan 25, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • This is the greatest magic world of All Time
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  • Hraezly
    Hraezly Month ago +1975

    Frey is that one kid in school that looked lonely & has no friends and you try to be friends with then realize why the kid has no friends.

    • vizthex
      vizthex 5 days ago +1

      yeah. pretty much.

    • Skyunai
      Skyunai 8 days ago

      ​@A cute Lil' Mint LOL

    • The One
      The One 14 days ago +1

      too relatable

  • LurKing
    LurKing Month ago +3238

    The fact that he literally predicted the entire plot in 3 minutes is hilarious 😂

    • Sarydormi
      Sarydormi Day ago

      @Luq Adam ?

    • Luq Adam
      Luq Adam Day ago

      @Sarydormi no he didnt

    • Omen Supreme
      Omen Supreme 5 days ago

      I mean the dude is on par with legendary authors writing skills. Effortless deductions, i kinda wish I had insight like that but noooooo, i need my hand held to understand basic character writing like this.

    • Some Lonely Schmuck
      Some Lonely Schmuck 10 days ago

      It wasnt literally 3 minutes in. It was 11.

    • Xell Dincht
      Xell Dincht Month ago +5

      the idea that the dragon was her mother is so silly that not most people would have not come up with this theory and yet he was right

  • Rowan Melton
    Rowan Melton Month ago +3021

    It's a weird trend with lots of writers in videogames and cinema to write strong female "girl bosses" as awful people. It says more about the writers themselves than anyone else

    • Yuuki1853
      Yuuki1853 2 days ago

      ​@Blue Flare seeing what happened with that one spice academy Crunchyroll original, it's just bad writers period. Doesn't matter if they're male or female. And also I'd argue that women are different from men and should be written with that in mind (because a male protagonist in a female body isn't good writing either), but most people just do it wrong

    • 조은희
      조은희 9 days ago

      @V0RT3X its one of these people again kekw

    • Alex Roy
      Alex Roy 10 days ago +1

      @Deffrança But black of woman characters isn't forced diversity. If every playable character is a white dude it just gets stale, even from a purely esthetic standpoint

    • Blue Flare
      Blue Flare 21 day ago

      @Wertzuio Yes, also true.

  • Morten R L
    Morten R L Month ago +1751

    Moral of the story: If life deals you an unfair hand, treat everybody else like it's their fault, & you will be granted magic powers

  • Ms Juniper
    Ms Juniper Month ago +3614

    They literally made Cuff the villain so that Frey could be retroactively justified in not trusting him even though he's been nothing but nice.

    • Oniplus
      Oniplus 24 days ago +1

      plot twist, Cuff is probably going to go down a good guy path but the whole game happened while he's attached to someone like Frey, therefore he decided to "ah fuck it, I'll just go goof-o-mode after all"

    • Zombified Pariah
      Zombified Pariah Month ago +1

      He's the most noble and genuinely likeable "villain" ever then cause he was more understanding and caring and tolerable than the actual protagonist.

    • Reggie Moore
      Reggie Moore Month ago

      @Joshua Gross I'm saying when the antagonist is either acting or hasn't gone do the darkside yet they're very likable like aizen or obito

    • Joshua Gross
      Joshua Gross Month ago

      ​@Reggie Moore Whaddya mean? Aizen's still awesome.

    • BloodySJohnson
      BloodySJohnson Month ago

      I don't think that's how writing works

  • Amanda P
    Amanda P Month ago +592

    Honestly the cuff probably wasn't even evil at the start, it just got fed up with how awful of a person she was and switched sides.

    • Zombified Pariah
      Zombified Pariah 24 days ago +9

      @Oniplus I've seen other comments joke about that too. And yeah. I would want to destroy the world too if I had to be attached to some rude, selfish, annoying loudmouth. And since I don't give enough of a shit about this game to look up the REAL twist (seriously I only remember this game even exists because I keep getting replies on videos about it lmfao), that's just going to be my own headcanon now. Lol

    • Oniplus
      Oniplus 24 days ago +11

      @Zombified Pariah what if he became a villain after being fed up from getting stuck with Frey for the whole game, I mean, I will too if I had to listen to Frey being snarky every 10 seconds

    • Zombified Pariah
      Zombified Pariah Month ago +59

      Literally all of the cuff's dialogue before the twist and the final boss is just him trying get Frey to stop being such a shitty person. I still don't quite understand how he's supposed to be the villain.

    • HattedSandwich
      HattedSandwich Month ago +15

      Chaotic Good

  • acuilnos
    acuilnos 2 months ago +9323

    It's impressive how the cutscenes and graphics manage to look both modern and outdated at the same time.

    • vizthex
      vizthex 5 days ago +1

      oh my god, you're right. I knew something was off, but couldn't tell exactly what.

    • yeet yeet
      yeet yeet 15 days ago

      @Nicholas Deininger fallout 4 is fun though

    • Jamrah
      Jamrah 22 days ago +1

      @Monke Monkerson two words: Luminous Engine
      There’s a reason why Square abandoned that engine that was originally going to be for Kingdom hearts 3 and FF7 Remake (in fact they had to restart production for that game because they moved from Luminous to Unreal)

    • Lois the hedgehog
      Lois the hedgehog Month ago

      Classic ps3 graphics

    • NOVA Dantes
      NOVA Dantes Month ago

      Remi ds me of ME legendary edition

  • DirtDertDurt
    DirtDertDurt Month ago +773

    Imagine pourimg your heart and soul into the art direction for this world, only for the writers to absolutely botch the script and plot.

    • Deimos
      Deimos Month ago +11

      @Adele even so, the visual artists clearly gave more effort than the writers.

    • YukyDoodle
      YukyDoodle Month ago +11

      @Adele Well in the end only art approved by the director of the game gets in so... the artists never stood a chance ...

    • Juicy Jesus
      Juicy Jesus Month ago +4

      Art and world looks pretty awful too

    • Michael The Shy
      Michael The Shy Month ago +5

      YIIK, anyone?

      ĐỘNG STUDIO Month ago +3

      Yeah, like i can feel the fucking pain.

  • Jay Reece
    Jay Reece Month ago +199

    The woman who voices the main character needs a new agent. She now has whatever tf this is, the Charlie’s angels remake, and Netflix’s Resident Evil show on her resume.

    • BWMagus
      BWMagus 2 days ago +1

      And apparently she has weapons training with like a dozen weapons; she should be black Xena or something awesome, not in repeated shit.

    • bloops
      bloops 27 days ago +23

      Wow, that is... actual sabotage and/or heavy delusion. Wishing her better roles

    • Tania Roman
      Tania Roman 27 days ago +37

      It's so sad because she's ACTUALLY good.

    • Zombified Pariah
      Zombified Pariah Month ago +25

      Oh naw. That agent needs to GO.

  • MooseChicken
    MooseChicken Month ago +562

    The Modern AAA Game Dev’s Guide to writing a Totally Hip Character:
    - Swears excessively in pretty much every sentence.
    - Asshole towards everyone she encounters (usually until they do something that benefits them)
    - Shoehorned sad backstory
    - *qUiRkY*

    • Crystalwings
      Crystalwings 2 days ago

      @Wertzuio If you got called out like that, you knew that the game (or any media) is terrible.

    • Fully Suave
      Fully Suave 21 day ago +4

      the swearing isn't the main problem, the problem is that it doesn't fit most of the time like the quotes are written sooOOOO baaad... it least make it sound like the character actually swears on a regular basis, not like you just told a toddler how to say fuck and they're trying to merge the word into their vocabularies

    • Wertzuio
      Wertzuio 21 day ago +16

      @Miles Dewey they arent white so their diversity can be used as a shield for criticism for bad writing. suddenly you get called a misogynist etc

    • Miles Dewey
      Miles Dewey 22 days ago +5

      @Comrade Sam agree with the og commenter but don’t be mad that they aren’t white, there is nothing wrong with diversity

  • Gage Marlow
    Gage Marlow Month ago +833

    spoilers ahead: i love how the only fairly reasonable character that's manageable to sit through speaking, while also maintaining a good moral compass is the cufflink that also decides to betray Frey.

    • D Sweet
      D Sweet 9 days ago

      That cuff’s decision to deliberately betray Frey is genius

    • shima aalayie
      shima aalayie 15 days ago

      @Comrade Samnailed it

    • The one who asked
      The one who asked Month ago +11

      @cccbbbaaa110 nah bro your insulting these 12 year olds by comparing her to them

    • Comrade Sam
      Comrade Sam Month ago +22

      Reminds me of Santa inc. saw a review of it and the speech Santa gave to that elf as to why he didn't pick her as a successor made me go "That's actually a pretty valid reason, this is a good speech, is this the turning point where this becomes good?" And the elf's response was "F U" like WHAT it was a genuinely good reason, there's no reason to respond that agressivley

    • cccbbbaaa110
      cccbbbaaa110 Month ago +81

      Who wouldn't betray a 12 yr old zoomer?

  • Whiskii
    Whiskii Month ago +306

    If she spoke to me the way she spoke to him I'd have become her antagonist as well.

    • Zombified Pariah
      Zombified Pariah Month ago +16

      I'm so upset that one girl that lost her dad didn't punch Frey in the face when they were arguing.

    • Mr. Big
      Mr. Big Month ago +22

      At this point she is the antagonist

  • Darrei Deamos
    Darrei Deamos 2 months ago +6093

    This game teaches us how nice silent protagonists are

    • Ockertoustesizem
      Ockertoustesizem Month ago

      like Claude from gta 3

    • Ulfric Stormcloak
      Ulfric Stormcloak Month ago

      @António Nova Every souls game has a random guy who got thrown into a world for some reason, but he rises up and ultimately becomes the most powerful dude in that world. I think it’s great writing

    • Igni Drakkos
      Igni Drakkos Month ago

      Remember the original Dead Space game ? That's a good example 😆

    • Lois the hedgehog
      Lois the hedgehog Month ago

      Yep, Charlie ranting about characters having no actual voice actor kinda makes zero sense when you’ve got characters like these in a game 😂

    • Shreyash Shrestha
      Shreyash Shrestha Month ago

      Far Cry 2, OG Cod campaign, Doom Guy, Metro

  • The Majestic Cape
    The Majestic Cape Month ago +409

    I hate when higher difficulties just means they have double hp and you do half damage

    • vizthex
      vizthex 5 days ago +3

      god, it's such a cheap and lazy way to do difficulty.

    • John Kalyvas
      John Kalyvas Month ago +13

      @Cpt.CornNut Those are normal difficulty fights. And they are also bosses. The problem is when normal respawning enemies become damage sponges, especially if they are not even threatening to the player.

    • Cpt.CornNut
      Cpt.CornNut Month ago +8

      @óscar rivera abal Midir, Fire Giant, every single mmo boss, anything in destiny 1 or 2. We could list them all day. Worst of all is when they cam 1 or 2 shot you, and have a mile long health bar.

    • óscar rivera abal
      óscar rivera abal Month ago +42

      For real ,i rather have enemies that 2 hit kill me but arent a fucking sponge, nothing lazier and more annoying that fights that are 15 minutes of doing the same shit until the enemy dies.

  • DwayneIsKing
    DwayneIsKing Month ago +363

    This game screams "I'm a tough teen who doesn't have to listen to anyone. grrrrrrrrr"

  • Joe
    Joe Month ago +101

    "how did you get here unscathed?"
    *snarky response from frey*
    "execute her"
    frey: "no just listen to me please!!!"

    • Microblade
      Microblade 10 days ago +7

      dude what is that emoji😂

  • Tweakicizer
    Tweakicizer  Month ago +169

    Even if they kept the "twist" of cuff betraying frey, It would have been better if he just kept his personality. Like he breaks free from her and is like "You were given a second chance to start over and you've squandered it. You don't deserve my power or to be here any longer." And then goes after her.

    • Mirslav
      Mirslav 24 days ago +4

      That would mean that the game would carry a good message, we can't do that.

    • Poker Face
      Poker Face Month ago +31

      I'd even love it if Cuff wasn't an evil demon -- just an entity summoned by the local dude to destroy Athia and obligated by the pact to do so. This means Cuff doesn't want to destroy the world, he *has to do it* if he wants to go home. That could have been a nice parallel to Frey and her recent "I don't care if this world burns" temper tantrum.

  • Starbrethren
    Starbrethren Month ago +239

    Oh my gosh she's so strong and independent

    • Zombified Pariah
      Zombified Pariah Month ago +5

      I am so fucking tired of "strong independent" female characters.

    • Cryptic Grilled Cheese sandwich
      Cryptic Grilled Cheese sandwich Month ago +5

      You’re gonna have to blame men for not knowing how to write a normal person whos strong and independent, because they are a woman 🤣🤣 imagine being so incapable of a simple task 💀💀

  • Matthew Sanchez
    Matthew Sanchez Month ago +2099

    Moral of the story: Never give a New Yorker mystical powers

    • Anthoney Degroat
      Anthoney Degroat 21 day ago +2

      @Carlos M Rivera sounds like someone got their feelings hurt by a New Yorker.

    • IgnisX
      IgnisX 22 days ago

      @KHA Almalki Let's not be ridiculous now.

    • Fourply Forwencry
      Fourply Forwencry 23 days ago +2

      Ayy I cooka da pizza my dads a dragon ayyy

    • evil gremli
      evil gremli Month ago

      kid named mario mario

  • JellyandJam
    JellyandJam Month ago +367

    Gah when she argued with the girl who’s dad just died, like holy cow she seems more like an antagonist😂

    • ow my bones, owowoowowowowouchies
      ow my bones, owowoowowowowouchies 17 days ago +1

      Both characters dialogue was comically hamfisted. About the level of nuance i'd expect from thomas the tank engine, except the train show has better facial animations so I'm kinda doing thomas dirty

    • Zombified Pariah
      Zombified Pariah Month ago +8

      I'm so upset that Frey didn't get punched in the face in that scene. That's what I would have done if I was that girl that lost her dad.

    • _Hero_Hero_
      _Hero_Hero_ Month ago +12

      Ugh it was hard to sit through .

    • Serguei Leonardo Afonin
      Serguei Leonardo Afonin Month ago +5

      but sad
      more sad, more right!!

  • Dark Mess
    Dark Mess Month ago +228

    17:19 it's actually a little scary seeing him legitimately pissed off. You realize how much it takes to make Cr1tikal this upset?

  • Hidden
    Hidden Month ago +67

    The cuff dude was the only likable character.
    So the writers had to make him disney style evil to make it so that the main character looked like she was in the right the whole time being a piece of shit towards him for no reason the whole game.... While all he did was offer actually great advice, and reasonable responses to her bullshit.
    The dude was the ONLY GOOD CHARACTER.
    So good the writers LITERALLY had to completely change his character for the plot.

    • Jzpelaez
      Jzpelaez 10 days ago

      Ah yes- RWBY made "good" use of this strategy. Much to the chagrin of many.

    • Poker Face
      Poker Face Month ago +8

      "Oh no, player, you're supposed to like Frey, not him! That's it, he is a villain now! You've been sympathizing with a villain the whole time, player! Serves you right for not trusting our heroine!"

  • superjboy16
    superjboy16 Month ago +346

    I honestly thought they were gonna reveal that the Cuff was her father this whole time and the other half which he merged with was his memories. But that would have been too good for these writers.

    • Zombified Pariah
      Zombified Pariah Month ago +1

      And plus that would have meant having a male character who's not weak or pathetic like the rest of the few male characters in here. Typical of modern entertainment.

    • Hom Tanks
      Hom Tanks Month ago

      thats so cliche, that im surprised they didnt do that.

    • MJL 11
      MJL 11 Month ago +7

      That's the plot of detective Pikachu only you changed Pikachu with cuffs.

    • Kiko
      Kiko Month ago +47

      Would've been cliched and cheesy, but that's genuinely 100x better than having something that doesn't make sense and is so obviously just done for le subverting expectations.

    • Ansem34
      Ansem34 Month ago +5

      fck thats so good and it hit me with the punchline

  • DirtDertDurt
    DirtDertDurt Month ago +42

    The writers conflate "confidence" with "arrogance". They project their perceptions of strong male stereotypes onto a female frame and the result is a peek into their state of mind.

    • aeoli garlic
      aeoli garlic Month ago +9

      these traits would still be annoying on a guy…

  • Paul Coffield
    Paul Coffield 2 months ago +22444

    Writers these days must think that making a protagonist as unlikeable as possible = depth and a bigger character arc.

    • Zion Leach
      Zion Leach 21 day ago

      @Fully Suave Yeah everything the OG Dante wasn't. He's not really edgy aside from his taste in music and clothing. Despite being cynical, he makes jokes and actually tries to help people. Plus when he roasts someone he doesn't sound like a edgy teen. Plus I thought Vergil hates gun.

    • Fully Suave
      Fully Suave 21 day ago +1

      @Zion Leach i say better writing could have saved that game from being doomed as a one-off. Dante's writing of being a narcistic confident prick having no development and just being a shitchild towards everyone really hurt the game as a whole

    • Zion Leach
      Zion Leach 21 day ago

      @Fully Suave True. It was fun to play. The demon design was cool. But it was much better than 2.

    • Fully Suave
      Fully Suave 21 day ago +1

      this is not a 2023 problem, the DmC: Devil May Cry's Dante is literally Frey but a dude, it was just as bad then than it is now but at least DmC is good to play

    • Zion Leach
      Zion Leach Month ago

      @Zombified Pariah Most of the comments agree, not really an argument. Won't be long until this game is forgotten.

  • R E
    R E Month ago +638

    The problem with Frey as a character can be summed up in 3 sentences:
    "I hate this place, I'm alone with no one who cares for me, I wanna leave, but I'm trapped here because I don't wanna walk."
    *Okay, I will magically transport you someplace far, far away from here to a world filled with magic where you will be powerful enough to do whatever you wanna do and you will have a companion to talk to, who will never leave you.*
    "I hate it here, I don't wanna be friends with this companion, I wanna go back to that place I hate where I'm powerless and feel trapped."
    I just cannot believe that the company that produced the story of Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced and it's protagonist could also produce a similar story about being transported to another world, but with a terribly unlikable character like Frey.
    I understand not wanting to tell the same story twice, but Frey is just too much. Marche worked because even though he loved the new world, he understood he shouldn't try to escape his problems, sp he wanted to go back. Frey is just like, I hate where I come from and I hate this new world too. Why? No reason, I just do. Send me back so I can keep hating
    Some people disliked Marche because they themselves would never choose a normal reality, and that was position many of the main characters expressed in the story. But Marche wasn't hated or completely unlikable because he had good, sensible reasons for wanting to change the world back to normal and he frequently struggled with himself about whether he should or not.
    To go from that to Frey just being flatout unlikable as a character is just... how? How? HOW? SQUARE ENIX, TELL ME HOW? I just don't understand.
    edit: Just saw the last part. Yeah, Cuff betrayed her but I didn't know he would do that... and Frey didn't either 🤣 Oh someone you disliked for no reason betrayed you? Well, you didn't exactly make it a hard choice for him and you wanted him gone anyway, so...

    • IgnisX
      IgnisX 22 days ago

      @Jikz Yeah I was going to say. No way in hell Japanese writers would write something like this.

    • Miles Dewey
      Miles Dewey 22 days ago

      I ain’t readin allat

    • Poker Face
      Poker Face Month ago +3

      @AsuraTheBass The problem isn't that Frey isn't allowed to be stressed out or angry about something. She is allowed -- emotions are great! They provide depth and reliability to the character. Emotions are used to show what character likes, how they hide their vulnerability, how they respond to stress, where they find solace. Bad writing is the problem. She is incredibly inconsistent: one moment, she is extremely happy and excited about having magic powers and using them to the point of flaunting them, and then she is angry and rude lashing out at literally everyone despite clearly needing help and guidance in that new world (especially if she wants to find her way back home). It's possible for the character to be mad about their predicament, it's impossible to literally stay angry at everything and everyone around them unless they're on the verge of a breakdown or hysteria.
      Also, even Frey's initial conversations with Auden sound unnatural: people thrust into her situation would use this opportunity to talk to a friendly face to more information, explain their predicament and ask if there is a way to convince their leader lady that they're not a demon, so there is no need to imprison and execute them. However, Frey complains about her life, follows Auden because food and tries to leave even though Auden is the only person who defended her in the court, risked herself to free her and the source of valuable information (did she really expect to navigate her way through the place without knowing its customs, terminology and NOT get caught by the guard again?). Her attitude doesn't make sense from both rational and emotional point of view.
      Moreover, if writers planned Cuff to be the antagonist, letting Frey connect with Cuff and befriend him, make them go from reluctant companions to friends would be the most logical thing to do because Cuff's villainous reveal was supposed to hurt. Instead, it fell flat because there was no bond to sever, no trust to betray. They didn't even use the delicious opportunity to hint at Cuff's darker side and make him partially responsible for Frey's behavior via intruding into her memories or giving her constant nightmares, making her exhausted and paranoid -- which is a great shame.

    • VeganCarnotaurus
      VeganCarnotaurus Month ago

      It was written by the same guy who wrote after earth

    • A cute Lil' Mint
      A cute Lil' Mint Month ago

      Esg scores

  • Super Bodoque
    Super Bodoque Month ago +118

    Really makes you appreciate how Link silently and bravely takes on impossible odds with unflinching courage instead of... This game's protag

    • Zombified Pariah
      Zombified Pariah 10 days ago

      @Super Bodoque Everyone only thinks he's annoying or cringe or for kids because that's how he's been written in the games for like over a decade now. But anyone who actually bothered playing the games from the 2000s would realize that he actually used to be a decent character and even mature and cool.

    • Super Bodoque
      Super Bodoque 10 days ago

      @Zombified Pariah that moment when Sonic is infinitely less annoying in his newest game 😂

    • Zombified Pariah
      Zombified Pariah Month ago +8

      Screw that. Even protagonists that aren't even really good people like Agent 47 are still more likeable than ones like Frey.

  • Hawth0rne
    Hawth0rne Month ago +55

    I would like do add how groan inducing it is that once the cuff’s true nature is revealed, he starts talking all big and domineering. It’s the most generic villain thing and honestly it would have been so much more chilling if he kept his calm, soft spoken demeanour post-turn.

    • Imane Ham
      Imane Ham 20 days ago +1

      @Poker Face right! Like the fact that it doesn't fit the plot or his character is what's bothersome to me, I don't hate the generic trope of the collected character turning snarky once they become villain but it needs to make sense

    • Poker Face
      Poker Face Month ago +17

      Yeah, Cuff remaining his collected and polite self would fit his aesthetic a lot more. It would be even cooler if he didn't try to kill Frey and instead brushed her off as an insignificant insect or a buzzing fly. Would have shown how little he thinks of her.
      Also, it could be really cool if Cuff was the one to offer to transport Frey back to her world as a condescending "thanks" for liberating him and finally letting him fulfill what he was summoned for (and go back to his own dimension after he is done). He could even throw Frey's own words back at her: "Wasn't it you who said "I don't care if this world burns?", Frey? A bit too late to pretend that you care, don't you think? "
      For Frey, accepting the offer would mean accepting Cuff's low view of her and essentially losing to him. Meanwhile, rejecting his offer and going against the odds would have shown her growth and defiance, and that Cuff wasn't right about her.

  • Royal Pancakes
    Royal Pancakes Month ago +209

    I honestly believe that a character being abrasive and crass at the beginning works so long as you can see their progress and hold redeemable traits. The writers could have made some small choices to help us like Frey, like maybe fleshing out Frey and Cuffs bond. Maybe have a fun mutual roast deal between the two. Have Frey insist that it's her magic, and then get Cuff to briefly cut the power in the middle of a low stake fight which leads to Frey appreciating cuff and growing accustomed to working with someone. Also give Frey better witty humor. A dick that complains is annoying, A funny dick complaining however is entertainment.
    Edit: Finished the video and doubling down on what I said. The twist would have hit so much harder if Frey had a connection to cuff

    • Alexiz001
      Alexiz001 Month ago +5

      It's a shame when I often come across random comments with a way better grasp on writing quality than the ones paid to do the job. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Filip Frondelius
    Filip Frondelius Month ago +86

    I bursted out laughing at 9:21 when charlie talks about her personality and she out of no where tells him to Shut the F**k up. HAHAHA

    • Spin
      Spin Month ago +11

      It totally sounds like she’s talking to him

  • Some guy
    Some guy 2 months ago +4153

    I feel like writers these days confuse "independent" or "strong willed" with being unlikeable and rude

    • Andrew Cook
      Andrew Cook Month ago

      No its how everyone else looks at it if you correct someone now a days they look to it as rude

    • Lotie The Bunny
      Lotie The Bunny Month ago


    • Alkebulan Awah
      Alkebulan Awah Month ago

      In reality they are the same, cry me a river

  • Captain Onomatopoeia
    Captain Onomatopoeia Month ago +74

    You know what’s even more depressing? Aside from the existence of this game? People like the MC actually exists in real life… and believe they are the good guys and can rightfully and justified to fuck over everyone 😢

    • kaibruh
      kaibruh 27 days ago +4

      average twitter users

    • Zombified Pariah
      Zombified Pariah Month ago +6

      Uh...duh? It's called "Narcissistic Personality Disorder". They're narcissists.

  • Former CT Governor Dannel Malloy

    Gotta love how both Pyro and Charlie each predicted two of the biggest final act plot twists RIGHT off the bat (Cuff being a twist villain and the Dragon being protag’s mother) because this game’s story is the most predictable trope filled crap and its definition of subtlety is 3 clichés in a trench coat.

  • Natalie Haag
    Natalie Haag Month ago +124

    “Remember guys, one ounce of kindness equals weak!!” 🤓

  • Bartosz
    Bartosz Month ago +40

    Devs: *Make as unlikable character as it is humanely possible*
    Players: *Do not like the character*
    Devs: "people just doesn't understand and want depth from characters nowdays*

  • shy
    shy Month ago +47

    if they made her like cuff and get along as friends, or he lied and said he was her father and built a relationship so she trusted him, the twist would have been a lot more powerful i think

  • Funk Robot
    Funk Robot 2 months ago +2127

    Gotta love that Velma writing style, making the protagonist an insufferable person

    • CorruptedPoison
      CorruptedPoison Month ago +1

      @Vibe Vizier Depends how many episodes you watched. Deeper character than most people give the writers credit for.

    • Vibe Vizier
      Vibe Vizier Month ago

      @CorruptedPoison ehhhhhhhh? I find him unbearable, personally

    • DryComplimentary
      DryComplimentary Month ago +1

      Saints Row 2022 dialogue

    • Just a guy on YouTube
      Just a guy on YouTube  Month ago

      No, no he is not lmao neither are the rest of the characters as well.
      The show fell off hard.

  • heather
    heather Month ago +45

    a gross common theme in writing strong and powerful characters (especially in woman) is unintentionally making them assholes. Writers don’t know how to create these characters and end up correlating harsh and insensitive with girl boss. Its infuriating to see a character with genuine potential be thrown away because the writers think that making them be mean will make them ‘cooler’

  • Chiavica
    Chiavica Month ago +231

    I’ve literally wrote my whole life, I love writing! I have followed multiple writing courses and have two whole scripts ready (plus multiple stories) but I’ve been refused because I need to have 5 years of writing studies(?) or a writing degree.
    And then I see this or other shit on Netflix with horrible writing and feel really depressed because these degrees cost SO MUCH and you don’t have a guaranteed career after.

    • Khajiit Hadwares
      Khajiit Hadwares Month ago

      Can you write a despicable character worse than Frey, if that was your assignment?
      I rest my case.

    • Justin Cruz
      Justin Cruz Month ago

      Keep writing. No matter what.

    • guy
      guy Month ago +2

      @G G this gotta be the worst take ive ever seen in my life

    • Anthony L
      Anthony L Month ago +3

      There is horrible writing everywhere, don’t let it discourage you. The people need good writing. Getting a script picked up is probably extremely difficult.

  • Michael C
    Michael C Month ago +30

    How can a silent protagonist from a game decades old can have a more likeable personality than a character in a game in recent years

    • D Sweet
      D Sweet 9 days ago

      Because actions speak louder than words lol

    • Spin
      Spin Month ago +1

      Writing a likable person hasn’t changed much, which makes it even more appalling that they did so poorly

  • PilotMan
    PilotMan Month ago +43

    Foreskin is truly one of the games of all times.

  • Lofty
    Lofty Month ago +70

    "yo we're literally all dying" "ye but i didn't have parents qq"

    • Khajiit Hadwares
      Khajiit Hadwares Month ago

      "yo' she no have parenta" .... "ye but we all gon die som' day, so who car?"
      what worse [existential crisis]

  • Heraldy Axelevi
    Heraldy Axelevi 2 months ago +4330

    "This is all YOUR fault."
    "Oh, and tell me how exactly this is my fault."
    "... Can we just NOT talk?"
    10/10 on how to shift the blame to someone else illogically. What a likeable main character.

  • Jacob Bager
    Jacob Bager Month ago +39

    I think we should call it the new guy syndrome ( New guy meme ) where the writer makes a character believing they are good guys because they are self inserts but the whole world around them see them as bad people, because they haven't had the chance to learn about morality in real life, they cannot portray it in art

    • Jacob Bager
      Jacob Bager Month ago +1

      @Pan the Man
      That is true but at that point in my opinion her turnaround is too abrupt and quick that it feels unnatural.
      All in all I really feel sad because I was looking forward to try this game out, but having a character like that would really take me out of the experience.
      I'm glad that I could clear it out.
      Have a good day

    • Pan the Man
      Pan the Man Month ago

      @Jacob Bager Oh, makes sense.
      Frey only became a decent human once she discovered her mom didn't leave her and that mistreating someone might end up pissing off an archdemon who nearly kills her, but beforehand, she... was just a dick.

    • Jacob Bager
      Jacob Bager Month ago +1

      @Pan the Man
      The syndrome is that the artist of the comic puts their view on their main character (the lady) thinking they are the good and moral person in the story when in reality they are not and are surprised when the outside world react in the way that they want it to.
      I just feel like it's the same thing we see here with the way the main character in forspoken is portrayed.
      I don't know if I explain that well enough here but I hope it helped.

    • Pan the Man
      Pan the Man Month ago

      Except the new guy was the opposite, the one you describe is the lady that mistreated him. Unless the syndrome is about the audience...

  • VioletQueen
    VioletQueen Month ago +162

    32:48 33:10 Charlie is straight up losing brain cells trying to comprehend why Frey is like this.

    • Zombified Pariah
      Zombified Pariah Month ago

      @VioletQueen Oh...ok. Just thought it was worth mentioning.

    • VioletQueen
      VioletQueen Month ago

      @Zombified Pariah That one’s already been pointed out about quite a bit. Plus his reaction there is more “composed angry confusion” than “dying and babbling confusion.”

    • Zombified Pariah
      Zombified Pariah Month ago

      ​@Johnny SaleryWhy are you acting like that would have helped at all? Nobody is gonna like your protagonist if they're an ass for most of the story. How is that so hard to understand?

    • Zombified Pariah
      Zombified Pariah Month ago

      You forgot 17:19

    • Straight White Male
      Straight White Male Month ago

      It's gotta be bad if someone as woke as Charlie can't comprehend it. Still, this game is hilarious for doing it and I'm glad it was released. Meme material.

  • DorkLord54
    DorkLord54 Month ago +35

    It reminds me of YIIK, where the protagonist is purposefully written to be unlikeable, but they forgot to add more humanizing moments thru out to make you actually care what happens to them.

    • Hamchurger
      Hamchurger 19 days ago +1

      Thing is about YIIK. Its a comedy so its ok if the characters an asshole as long as the joke falls on him being a terrible person. (At least i think its a comedy, i fell asleep when i watching a walkthrough)

    • Ghost Hunter Mike
      Ghost Hunter Mike Month ago +10


  • Blue199
    Blue199 Month ago +159

    the fact that pyro and critikal are both so amazed by the auto-picking up items, like it's not a mechanic that existed in games since the dawn of time, it's crazy. my brother in christ, that's literally just like walking over ammo boxes in Quake 1

    • Call Me Travesty
      Call Me Travesty Month ago +10

      @Blue199 While picking up things automatically is not a new feature in a sense, comparing old school shooting games to open world style games like they are the same is kinda dumb.
      You think Charlie/Pyro don't know about running over items to pick them up? Reaaally? Reaaaaaally?
      It's more a comment of the fact in AAA Open World games, typically you have to stop and gather the herbs or carve an animal with an animation and how refreshing it is to not do that.

    • zentazym1
      zentazym1 Month ago +10

      @Jett Sett It’s like doom but with brown 3D models

    • tccc53
      tccc53 Month ago +12

      @Jett Sett Its like Doom but with 3D models.

    • Blue199
      Blue199 Month ago +50

      @Jett Sett like Doom but brown

    • Jett Sett
      Jett Sett Month ago +1

      Wtf is Quake 1

  • just another npc
    just another npc Month ago +73

    "I've shed blood for this place"
    "this place is not my home"
    Make it make sense writers💀

  • Sociophobicc
    Sociophobicc 2 months ago +2747

    The part where she calls an ancient evil demon a “gaslighting piece of shit” was so hilarious, this game wants to appeal to the tik tok demographic so hard

    • Nabs 2099
      Nabs 2099 Month ago

      @Al Dakota Bruh shit talking the MCU when yall like games like this and the shit sony makes is really funny.

    • Nabs 2099
      Nabs 2099 Month ago

      Haha gaslighting is a real thing though. Not sure whats tiktok about it. This game looks like ass tho.

    • Vibe Vizier
      Vibe Vizier Month ago

      @Rusty Smackleford tell me youre unvaccinated without telling me you're unvaccinated

    • Kizuato
      Kizuato Month ago

      @Funk Robot yh I'm pretty sure he never gaslight her just another example of using a word you don't understand just because it's trendy

    • Chris F.
      Chris F. Month ago +2

      Too bad the tiktok demographic won't have the braincells or the attention spam to sit through a whole game

  • safoan
    safoan Month ago +111

    I live in NY and lemme tell you something, a flying dragon trying to kill me is 100x better than living in NY.

      NY UAP DISCUSSION Month ago +1

      @Chris Bertolino that's what I plan to do. Fkn hate it here. NY is overrated and overly expensive for no reason.

    • Chris Bertolino
      Chris Bertolino Month ago +3

      And that’s why I moved from Long Island to Florida 😂

    • Cpt.CornNut
      Cpt.CornNut Month ago +4

      Completely fair

  • Hoàng Thanh Hải
    Hoàng Thanh Hải Month ago +44

    Finally a game that can chip-off Charlie's sanity away piece by piece. Watching his sanity slowly drifting off as the game progress towards the end gave me immeasurable joy.

  • BriaBri
    BriaBri Month ago +17

    I love how whoever planned the game difficulty thinks more health = more difficult. It doesn’t make them more difficult when their ai hasn’t been changed at all…they just become a nuisance to fight because they take forever to kill.

  • M#rcin123
    M#rcin123 Month ago +16

    This game is the the best example of a " millenial writing".

  • Cpt.CornNut
    Cpt.CornNut Month ago +14

    I can't imagine having to play this for over 6 hours. I could barely finish this video.

  • Mr Fancy Pants
    Mr Fancy Pants 2 months ago +5053

    So she doesn't give a shit about people who welcomed her, a complete stranger, with open arms and instead she wants to go back to new York where she's homeless, alone and has a gang after her. Makes sense.

    • Serguei Leonardo Afonin
      Serguei Leonardo Afonin Month ago

      @Jack Collins no, we would just cringe extra hard and call him an angsty teen

    • Vibe Vizier
      Vibe Vizier Month ago +1

      @Ethan Miller ayup. Frey reminds me of Alex YIIK. Which is. Not a good thing.

    • Jonathan Pilcher
      Jonathan Pilcher Month ago

      @Tabellarium they could've done something better with it like what you said, her having an existential crisis and depressive episodes over how shitty existence in general is, but ultimately I feel like she would still wanna go back to a much simpler safer life in our world, maybe up until later on in the story where she'd have a more personal connection to the fantasy world and it's people, giving her something to live and fight for

    • Tabellarium
      Tabellarium Month ago

      @Jonathan Pilcher Something important to note that isn't shown in this video is that she was seemingly about to unalive herself just before going to the other world. So, from her own perspective life in New York is so horrible she'd rather be dead. I really don't see why she would ever have a desire to go back there, no matter how bad this new world is.
      The most I could see happening is her falling into an extreme depression over both worlds being so horrible to her.

    • Ethan Miller
      Ethan Miller Month ago

      @Jack Collins Honestly, people were just as upset with Alex from YIIK. The only difference is that Forspoken is a AAA game and Frey is a young woman.

  • Surrounded Sita
    Surrounded Sita Month ago +15

    lmfao She apologizes to Homer after choosing to save Athia instead of returning to New York but like, didn't she give the cat to the judge after the fire? Did she just forget she did that?

    • Reese Piece
      Reese Piece Month ago

      Exactly ! Her character motivations are all over the place

  • Docile Catfish
    Docile Catfish Month ago +54

    I’ve never seen anyone in such a rush to become homeless again.

  • Dustedaway
    Dustedaway Month ago +17

    if you feel like you're writing stories like shit, remember that Forspoken exists.

  • King Leonidas
    King Leonidas Month ago +71

    I can’t believe he genuinely called that the dragon was the mom. Gigabrain

    • Aerick Mon
      Aerick Mon Month ago +14

      It was easy yall
      He’s not a genie, just well educated on stories

  • E than
    E than Month ago +20

    I love how early on they get to a point were she tells the cuffs to stop talking. They both agree to not talk. Then like 3 seconds later they're both talking again

  • Nazim Khan
    Nazim Khan Month ago +1824

    I honestly think they made Cuff into the bad guy simply because he is becoming more likable than the protagonist.

    • CaptenSalt
      CaptenSalt 13 days ago

      Becoming? No he just was.

    • Pan the Man
      Pan the Man Month ago

      @Arnaldo Bermudez At least they didn't start erasing him from the story.

    • Jokoko2828
      Jokoko2828 Month ago

      @The Xecutor He's more likeable by the simple merit of wanting to murder the protagonist.

    • Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
      Repent and believe in Jesus Christ Month ago

      Repent to Jesus Christ “Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.””
      ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭19‬:‭26‬ ‭NIV‬‬

  • harold daniels
    harold daniels Month ago +12

    It's the unapologetic, selfish "like me as I am", cause I'm cool, trope, without developing any likeable characteristics, to make you root for the protagonist, as the story moves along. There's no honor, no altruism, or humility, just, arrogance, selfishness, victimhood, and entitlement.

  • Nathan M
    Nathan M Month ago +17

    what if the bracelet wasn't evil at first and just went insane after being exposed to Frey for so long

    KEVCAT Month ago +21

    The Cuff in his true form looks bomb as hell

  • JotheRonin
    JotheRonin Month ago +13

    It felt good when Cuff started his villain arc

  • thelonleypancake
    thelonleypancake Month ago +38

    This game story feels like they cant get past the refusal of the call that comes with the hero's journey

  • Chitus
    Chitus Month ago +2052

    I love how the character 6 hours in is like " There is no place like home. I'm a New Yorker not an Athian." Even though she was trying to get out of the city at the beginning of the game because she literally said she hated New York. At first I was like "well congrats". A fresh start in a whole new world and you didn't need the money that burned up. But she still isolates herself and acts like a victim even though she was trying to get out the whole time. Then a purpose for living literally lands in her lap and she rebels against it.

    • Braxton Davis
      Braxton Davis 3 days ago

      @BloodyVikings You don't need to defend it bruh just say it sucks ass

    • Indigenous & Sober
      Indigenous & Sober 17 days ago

      Modern Dating in a Nutshell

    • Zombified Pariah
      Zombified Pariah Month ago +5

      You forgot to mention how she just suddenly switches to "YEAH I'M THE PROTECTOR OF ATHIA THIS IS MY HOME" during the final boss after bitching and moaning the entire game to everyone's faces about how much she hates Athia and how it can burn to the ground and die for all she cares.

    • Commander Jor
      Commander Jor Month ago +3

      @BloodyVikings she lives in New York where...you guessed it her life is also in constant danger

    • Francesco Deledda
      Francesco Deledda Month ago +3

      i guess it's true that you can run away forever but your problems will follow you😂

  • Alex Dombrowski
    Alex Dombrowski Month ago +7

    How have writers forgot to make a likeable character that starts out unlikable. Luke Fon Fabre is a great example. A whiney sheltered rich boy who goes on and adventure after being teleported away from home and slowly changes into a better person. How'd we go from that to this

  • Delicashilous _
    Delicashilous _ Month ago +28

    The point is to make a deep Character with understandable flaws, Not a flawed Character with modern narcissism.
    Even a Joker who just wants to see the world burn can work, Sometimes he says wise things about Society, and it works Because he is a mass-murdering sociopath. Thefore: a good Controversity
    You know why it works? Because villians like him are portrayed as villians from the creators, not as heroes.

  • Armando Salgado
    Armando Salgado Month ago +5

    Seeing Charlie in desperation at the end because the writers thought the players of their game were gonna be brain dead or have some kind o Alzheimer Variant that makes them forget the Storie points was hilarious, I wish he just went home to see if the dad was waiting on the other side lol

  • iiEquinox
    iiEquinox Month ago +5

    Now I never grew up as an orphan abandoned in a train station - but wouldn't someone with no friends or family like Frey literally throw themselves at the opportunity to be part of a community that obviously wants her and welcomes her there? The writing in this game is so bad that when she starts trauma dumping on Auden she's basically giving her reasons why she should STAY, not leave.

    • BWMagus
      BWMagus 2 days ago +1

      That was my thought exactly. She's loved and accepted and supported and praised and practically worshiped and her answer is "Nah dawg, I wanna go back to my weave and die in the gutter during a gang war."

    • Poker Face
      Poker Face Month ago +2

      They certainly would. It's a shame that while the story presents Frey as a foster home kid who had a rough life and felt abandoned, it doesn't really explore it because it would have shown Frey as vulnerable and *human*, and they can't have that.

  • Persephone
    Persephone Month ago +9

    This is like if you made Kill La Kill but Ryuko was insufferable, and Senketsu was evil.

  • By Candlelight
    By Candlelight 2 months ago +1943

    This makes me appreciate Link for never saying coherent words even more.

    • Just a guy on YouTube
      Just a guy on YouTube  Month ago

      @MC Ride
      “Oh boy!
      Smooching time!”

    • K6-3dfx
      K6-3dfx Month ago

      @MC Ride Was looking for this. XD

    • Wildfire
      Wildfire Month ago

      @Random npc I have to wonder what Link would say in Majora’s Mask

    • Esuidirie
      Esuidirie Month ago

      @Random npc Clapping? 🤨

    • Avery Fields
      Avery Fields Month ago +1

      @Hi I'm Gib I like this headcannon

  • Krimson Klaww
    Krimson Klaww Month ago +18

    Nowadays, writers think making your character unlikeable means they're tortured or cool or an antihero; like Rick from Rick and Morty or Bojack Horseman.
    But they end up fumbling the bag and their character ends up like She-Hulk or Indian Velma.

  • Tasya Nabila
    Tasya Nabila Month ago +14

    I think it might be interesting when she woke up in Athia, she's confused first, and the when she got the power she messing around a bit.
    But then she remembers about her cat and maybe the writer can made Frey's motivation to go home is only for Homer.
    Also maybe changed her personality a bit.

  • shane
    shane Month ago +23

    How do you manage to make me side with the bad guy for being a decent dude to chat with

  • Wytho
    Wytho Month ago +14

    I liked the bit where the vambrace said “Sir, your Tonta will freeze before you reach the first marker!”
    And she was all, “Then I’ll fucking see you in fucking Hell’s Kitchen, fuckass!” and crossed her two lightsabers together to kill him with his own butterfly beam.

  • HeyRyanIsOnX
    HeyRyanIsOnX Month ago +2

    Oof I am trying to write a main character that's snarky & arrogant (top in her field so she gets away with it career-wise) but the story is focused on her growth and redemption. I'm just worried she'll be so unlikable that people will automatically tune out or it'll end up as something like this :/

  • Starhal v2
    Starhal v2 2 months ago +6491

    She would've been a pretty cool character IF:
    - Her rudeness caused actual problems for her
    - She changed troughout the game as a consequence of seeing how it causes problems for her and/or other people trying to help her and her realising she's just pushing away potential help and friends
    - She had more than 30 IQ when her survival depends on it

    • aeoli garlic
      aeoli garlic Month ago

      the rudeness is just the effect of being raised fatherless

    • Slicing Onions
      Slicing Onions Month ago +1

      @Luciid Dreamz she changes at the end of the game?!? 30 min from the end she says she doesn’t care about anyone there. You must be

    • Waltar Whiet
      Waltar Whiet Month ago +1

      Fury from darksiders 3 had more character development. She's literally called FURY, she is the embodiment of it, her sole purpose for life is to kill, and she has a fantastic development, going from a sadistic, arrogant murderer to a wise, thinking considerate...well...still murderer.
      Instead of giving absolute shit stains like forespoken publicity, actual good but underrated games like the darksiders franchise need some love!

    • jax smith
      jax smith Month ago

      @Alexander Martinez Where did I say he "needed" a few femicides? Did you just make that up? I said he COMMITTED a few femicides because those were the most brutal and visceral murders depicted in the game, given the vulnerability of his victims. You're not one of those mens rights activists, are you? LMAOOOO
      Not to mention, if you think Kratos wasn't an anti-hero, but still admit the game is good, then you shouldn't have any problem with the protagonist in Forspoken. Glad I could clear that up for you.

    • Alexander Martinez
      Alexander Martinez Month ago +1

      @jax smith kratos was a tragic monster until the reboot. he only needed one game.
      also love how you say he needed a few femicides when he killed hundreds of unnamed men and like a dozen relevant male characters.
      honestly if you think OG kratos was an anti-hero you need to get your head checked, damn.

  • SurrealKeenan
    SurrealKeenan Month ago +9

    I think writers learned the wrong lesson from Iron Man. Yes, Tony Stark is rude and snarky, but that doesn't mean that rudeness and snark just automatically give you charisma

  • Andrejs Asd
    Andrejs Asd Month ago +52

    Looking how white was the mother and how "diverse" is the main character, we can guess what the father looked like, and see how the game keeps the stereotype about father being "out of the picture" perfectly alive... :D

    • Salty Eike
      Salty Eike 24 days ago

      They kept it realistic

    • Zombified Pariah
      Zombified Pariah Month ago +1

      Lmfao both these comments 😂🤣

    • HattedSandwich
      HattedSandwich Month ago +14

      You know how many gas stations there are in Athia? Muhfukin cigs are hard to find

  • Gustavo Sifuentes
    Gustavo Sifuentes Month ago +10

    she thought she was the hero the literal second she tried to shoot cuff and she didn’t have powers
    literally for one second SHE THOUGHT 🤣

  • 高橋ケビン
    高橋ケビン Month ago +11

    I love the casual “okay” when he did indeed figure out that they can parkour

  • king abdullah
    king abdullah Month ago +4

    Honestly, I wish more and more writers start writing female main characters like Deathpolca (demons roots) and not like Frey (Forespoken), Being Rude =/= being strong, infact, it says the opposite, the strongest of people are usually the least rude and most loved, even some strong leaders that did awful things were usually said to be Loved by the ones around them and Calm and Collective instead of rude and loud

  • Juju
    Juju 2 months ago +2321

    I love how modern game writers seem to think that adding curse words into every sentence (sometimes repeatedly) makes their characters come off as more "mature" or "edgy," but in reality they just sound like middle schoolers when they're out of earshot of their parents lol

    • Star Blossom
      Star Blossom Month ago

      I also hate it when they do use words that are not from the same time era where non of those word even exit to begin with, like the medieval era both in Game or Netflix show they use word that was never used or where created to begin with but really use modern word in those show.
      Why not use word that are made up for the era you are in that only makes scene in that time frame i really hate any creator who does this kinde thing.

    • TheBlackoutExplorer
      TheBlackoutExplorer Month ago

      @Nicodoesn’t want his kid swearing either get mads about it

    • madtabby
      madtabby Month ago

      @VideoAmigos execution has a lot to do with it.

    • Sunny M
      Sunny M Month ago

      Cart Narcs' channel calling people 'Silly Goose' and 'Lazy Bones' has more actual curse word energy than all of the F-bombs in this video.

    • Swagga Dash
      Swagga Dash Month ago

      It's just because it's so forced and unnatural. If you're around someone that swears a lot you don't hear it.

  • PrematuredGravy
    PrematuredGravy Month ago +17

    I feel like talking to Frey is like talking to a brick wall

  • EmpTea
    EmpTea Month ago +26

    Does anyone else notice how much of this game's architecture (especially at the beginning) is basically the Oolacile township?

    • Big Gay Inc.
      Big Gay Inc. Month ago +7

      they had to borrow from a better game ig lol I love how Dark Souls, a game that has very minimal story unless you go looking for it, is above and beyond this hot garbage

  • logan gattis
    logan gattis Month ago +4

    "Welcome to Forspoken. The game where you play as the antagonist, instead of the protagonist, except at the end, you have the choice of making a decent decision."

  • Shinzo
    Shinzo Month ago +22

    id love to stay in a fantasy world where I gained magic than be stuck on this planet

    • Shinzo
      Shinzo Month ago +1

      @Cpt.CornNut That's the plan if I ever go.

  • Parramatta
    Parramatta Month ago +4

    what is particularly frustrating is the parkour mechanics and the graphics are really good, there was a good foundation for a good game with better writing and execution

    • Comrade Sam
      Comrade Sam Month ago +2

      What tanks it is writing and combat, it really seems repetitive from what I've seen

  • Skorak
    Skorak Month ago +2704

    Justice for cuff dude, he didn't deserve this. Was the voice of reason for the entire game until the writers went like "nah he's cartoonishly evil now"

    • Pan the Man
      Pan the Man Month ago +2

      Nah, even when he became a mustache-twirling villain, his breaking speech about Frey's ego and trust issues was spot-on.

    • Cavirex
      Cavirex Month ago +2

      I'm just here to remind you that this narrative chef-d'œuvre, this digital tour-de-force, this interactive wonder, this amazing specimen of electronic media was written by four fucking people.

    • Warden Unknown
      Warden Unknown Month ago

      It's like Hack Horner and his conscience, except we're suppose to believe Jack is the good guy here

    • James Schulte
      James Schulte Month ago

      Did Rooster Teeth help write the game?

    • Igor Porfiírio
      Igor Porfiírio Month ago +3

      Nah, everyone would turn cartoonishly evil after spending that much time with frey, it makes you lose faith in humanity

  • Lambert Easker
    Lambert Easker Month ago +7

    I don't mind jerk or unlikeable main characters, but only if they improve over time.
    Great example is Luke fon Fabre from Tales of the Abyss. The guy was such an unlikeable brat but turned into a respectable badass in the end. And the reasons for being an unlikeable brat was also explained and reasonable.

  • Max Power
    Max Power Month ago +8

    I never realized how much I enjoyed a silent protagonist before watching this.

  • bill bill
    bill bill Month ago +13

    1:18 Charlie predicts the game's entire story.

  • BlazingOwnager
    BlazingOwnager Month ago +6

    The sad part about all this is there's a lot of potential for a lot of awesome fun with the base concepts, totally butchered.
    I would love an ending where you either have to return to New York and throw down with these things, or where her real world experience beats the bad guys in a way they didn't expect (like having a good old fashion handcannon).

  • Cloudy Nine™
    Cloudy Nine™ Month ago +6

    One of the few Clip-Sharers in a recession that actually deserve their income to buy the insane components to run this pos
    What the hell even was this game?

  • Color Green
    Color Green 2 months ago +2125

    Honestly I can’t blame cuff for being evil, being with her probably made him evil lol

    • Snow Petals
      Snow Petals Month ago +5

      Id like to think he had the '' accurate biblical angel' design, but got the gold metal body as the final thing. Either way, i've never wanted a 'twist' villain to win more than him,, it's a really good concept for a support character revealed into the main baddie, and the fact that Frey kept insulting and treating all parties like trash with her shit motives while whining from start to end. Game of the year, would highly reccomended 🥴

    • Poker Face
      Poker Face Month ago +1

      @Aphelion I know, but there was some dangerous defiance in Lucifer's beauty, to mark that he is a *fallen* angel. Speaking of visual game design, it's really important to convey both sides of the character who is both perfect celestial being who was banished. I think they could've made the latter more pronounced in his design while keeping him majestic. For instance, he had talons on his hands, which was a nice touch. IMHO, he really needs more details like that.

    • Aphelion
      Aphelion Month ago +8

      @Poker Face Tbf, his design DOES give Lucifer vibes. Lucifer was considered the most beautiful angel and had a silver tongue. Even his name of Morningstar lent to his perfection. Even after he fell, he was beautiful and a deceiver with his silken lies and used his good looks on top of it to his advantage. So, Vambrace, being so 'heavenly' makes complete sense when comparing him to Lucifer.

    • Fallen Stars
      Fallen Stars Month ago +2

      ...That would have made things kinda cool, like, making the final enemy by being an awful person, but that requires good writing

    • Karan Aher
      Karan Aher Month ago +16

      @Poker Face Also, I guess what they had in mind was he and the protagonist defeat the final witch. And only after that does he and the protagonist fight cause they both have different ideas of what fate the fantasy world shall have. Like, he says something about how humans are corrupt and should be eliminated because they ruin the world that birthed them and she goes like "wait a minute, this isn't what I wanted".
      Then he smacks her ass, and the dragon saves her before the witches give her their powers and she gets to make the first selfless choice by sacrificing herself to beat him or soemthing, but they ran out of budget or the higher ups decided the project was already going over budget.
      Either that or the game creator's were dumb, the higher ups that approved were dumber. It's a 50/50 in my opinion.

  • Doc. Schiwago
    Doc. Schiwago Month ago +10

    The hardware needed to run 720p30 (that is prehistoric in PC terms) is the most outrageous aspect of the requirements. From what I see so far from this game, 80€ is a very hard sell.

  • Xross
    Xross Month ago +7

    Yeah I really can't get behind this dialogue at all, but damn is that sad since the voice acting I find to be exceptional. The delivery is where it needs to be, it's just that damn writing.

  • Garibaldi Britann
    Garibaldi Britann Month ago +3

    Imagine Anne, Kagome, Luz and Chihiro acted and behave like Frey within their respective stories i'm pretty sure the world they visited would expel them out and prohibited them to visit it

    • Mr. Seemingly Expected
      Mr. Seemingly Expected Month ago +1

      Well Chihiro was a whiny kid at the beginning, but she quickly adapted to the world and revealed her better inner nature.