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Hermitcraft 8 Episode 3: Revealing My BIG SECRET!

  • Published on Jun 28, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • Hermitcraft season 8 episode 3! We start out Ep 2 of Hermitcraft S8 with the big reveal of my mega top hat! Everyone made fun of my small hat and now they have to look at the biggest hat in Minecraft now! We build version one of the mobile shopping wagon that we will take to Hermit's bases to sell them stuff in the future. Also, we get fully set up with enchanted diamond armor and tools! I hope you enjoyed the video and the top hat reactions from Grian, Mumbo, Pearl, and Impulse! See you in the next episode of Hermitcraft season 8!
    Hermitcraft Season 8 playlist: clip-share.net/user/playlist?list...
    Hermitcraft SMP - season 8 info:
    We have 2 new Hermitcraft members for the new season:
    *GeminiTay: clip-share.net/user/GeminiTard
    *PearlescentMoon: clip-share.net/user/Pearlescent...
    We are all playing and building on one big Hermit island together with Minecraft proximity voice chat mod.
    Seed: -7381235180058670651
    For more information and links to all things Hermitcraft, follow the link to the Hermitcraft website: hermitcraft.com/
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Comments • 22 970

  • GoodTimesWithScar
    GoodTimesWithScar  Year ago +7148

    What did you think of the big surprise!? Also, thank you for watching and hope you have a great day :)

  • Wizards Warrior
    Wizards Warrior Year ago +3199

    Make a potion shop and call it “Scarbucks”

  • Joy
    Joy Year ago +166

    Honestly, how Scar brought everyone happiness with his hat was... frickin adorable and precious 🥺

    • Starlet Devil
      Starlet Devil Year ago +7

      It's his superpower, bringin joy wherever he goes.

  • BradGein
    BradGein Year ago +409

    "Top Hat" you defiantly should open a hat shop. All different kinds of hats 1 diamond block each.

  • Clover Arcondas
    Clover Arcondas Year ago +115

    The hermits: HOW HAVE YOU DONE THIS?
    The audience: HOW HAVE YOU DONE THIS?

  • Rue Isabelle
    Rue Isabelle Year ago +85

    "Top Hat"
    This episode had me laughing pretty much the whole way through... honestly I want a big hat now too hahahaha, you could totally make a living solely off of selling hats!

  • James Smith
    James Smith Year ago +4390

    If scar sold comically large hats, his store would be the new Barge.

  • Ruben Burger
    Ruben Burger Year ago +53

    Imagine all the boatem people wearing big hats like that.

  • Celestia Quinn
    Celestia Quinn Year ago +19

    It was so cute that so many hermits had the exact same reaction to Scars hat

  • if1oopthepig
    if1oopthepig Year ago +14

    Okay, Im late to the party, catching up on other Hermit's episodes, but Scar showing each hermit hos big hat and every one of them individually deciding to run off with it is sooo funny!!

  • Gus Mahan
    Gus Mahan Year ago +4

    I've just recently started watching you thanks to Mumbo, Impulse, and Grian, and I'm just trying to catch up on this Hermitcraft season. You seem to be the most respectful, awesome, and fun person ever and I love your style.

  • Myrillya
    Myrillya Year ago +501

    Scar, you should start the hat shop. Call it "The Mad Hatter's - Where the hat matters"

  • Kai Hiwatari Creative

    The top hat you had is the hat you had made it in season 7 when you had wizard power with the hat of hat which is the hat of the greatest hat ever in Minecraft hat that I hat seen.

  • GalacticRainestorm
    GalacticRainestorm Year ago +64

    7:40 I think that’s the only time I remember Grian almost dropping an f-bomb and it’s over Scar’s hat LMAO

  • Jessi RaRaRa
    Jessi RaRaRa Year ago +15

    I love that out of everyone.... I 100% expected Impulse to take off with the hat via pig..... and he is the only person who DIDN'T take off with it lol.

  • Spectre
    Spectre Year ago +8

    New sub here....loving this series so far...the 80's music vibe with the speed builds? I'm so here for it!

  • Guinea Pig Dance
    Guinea Pig Dance Year ago +590

    I really appreciate Grian for not putting the hat thing in the video avoiding spoilers for Scar's episode. What a Gentleman. . .

    • Rafael Linkens
      Rafael Linkens Year ago


    • Volmest
      Volmest Year ago +1

      Your pic is the best i've ever seen

    • Guinea Pig Dance
      Guinea Pig Dance Year ago +5

      @Taroxi Son the server had its own resource pack, it applies on every hermit, that's why they can get mob heads & miniblocks.

    • Anouk Rothoff
      Anouk Rothoff Year ago

      @Taroxi Son he did

    • Axolotl_Friend_
      Axolotl_Friend_ Year ago

      @Guinea Pig Dance cool

  • Yoyo Li
    Yoyo Li Year ago +4

    It’s so cute how he calls grian a cookie🥺

  • Random Stuff with Ryan

    The thing I love about scars building style is that he has so much story in what he builds

  • a5m
    a5m Year ago +2

    The Top Hat is AMAZING! :D I love it, and I loved everyone's reactions, and I also think it would be really cool if you made a hat shop. :) I don't know how much work it takes to make the hats, so it might be too much. I know your working hard already, and have a life outside of Minecraft to think about, and your health, but a hat or hat-themed shop could be really great, I think. :)
    I was a fan of the tiny hat, and I stan the Top Hat. It's amazing. :D Much like your starter house! It's so cool! You picked such a great theme, and then made such a great design which came out looking so awesome! I really like the wagon too. :) It's small and simple, but has nice details and colors.
    This episode was really fun to watch. I laughed and smiled so much. You brought me a lot of joy. Thank you, Scar. :)

  • Jazinga1
    Jazinga1 Year ago +4

    I love that tree you made with Mumbo and your Top Hat 😂😂😂 I want one of those hats!!

  • Hayden
    Hayden Year ago +528

    Scar: "Hey guys look at my cool hat"
    Everyone: "OUR hat"

  • PommeDeter
    PommeDeter Year ago +6

    I'm waiting the big war between all boatem Hermits in two clans : the big-hat clan and the Egg clan. It would be called "Turf war 2 : electric boogaloo"

  • The Misfit Owl
    The Misfit Owl 11 months ago +1

    Scar: "Check out my new Big Hat!"
    Literally everyone else: "This is mine now, byeeeeeeeee!"

  • ashenbreese
    ashenbreese 16 days ago +1

    scar is one of the few youtubers whose videos frequently make me wish there was a double like option! also, that impulse is the one person who didn't try to steal the hat, even though he blatantly said he wanted it, is what makes me love impulse so much. i'm team scar, but impulse is quickly becoming my number 2.

  • AllyReally
    AllyReally Year ago +3

    I'm very late to tye party but my favorite thing about the hat is that it's so massive on the ground but the shadow underneath it is tiny

  • Not_puffy
    Not_puffy Year ago +2

    He should make a giant hat for all the hermits

  • Chase3260
    Chase3260 Year ago +2

    Now we need a shirt with the wagon and the BIG hat!!! ❤️

  • Kadoomed
    Kadoomed 11 months ago

    Scar, your videos always cheer me up when I'm down. You're a beautiful human and I love how your mission is to spread positivity through the server and through your videos. Happy new year to you!

  • SkateSnake 88
    SkateSnake 88 Year ago +2

    I love the parking lot it looks amazing you should be proud of it! Top hat

  • denNes
    denNes Year ago +136

    If Scar really wants to sell hats, he needs to make them a little bit smaller than his hat. That way, it stays unique

  • Zathras 56
    Zathras 56 Year ago +2

    Dude watching you have fun with the hat helped me to have a better day

    • Aubrey
      Aubrey Year ago

      Same. No more bad anxious mood!

  • MidnightWolf
    MidnightWolf Year ago +1

    Scar bringing other hermits joy with the giant hat made my day ^^ (top hat c:)

  • Mya
    Mya Year ago +1

    I love you and your energy

  • lynx Shelly
    lynx Shelly Month ago +2

    At the start of the episode or to be specific, 0:18, Scar murmured an almost negligible line, conceding that "we should build a theme park" after he correct his misuse of word. This is just great foreshadowing for season 9 of Hermitcraft!

  • Ysbrant
    Ysbrant Year ago +52

    Yes, with the addition of the Top Hat, Scar's Wonka levels are rising. You should definitely make a theme park now!

  • Vera
    Vera 4 months ago +5

    Scar be like: we should build a theme park. HC S9..

  • Maxxie
    Maxxie Year ago +2

    I love how everyone impulsively ran off with the hat... Except for impulse. xD

  • Dio- chu
    Dio- chu 4 months ago

    8:58 Aww how sweet
    12:41 I just love Mumbo's laugh
    16:10 Id love to imagine her POV of him saying that outside her house
    23:54 And under this hat we have: an Impulse!
    Nice *Top-hat* btw

  • Hugh Dalrymple
    Hugh Dalrymple Year ago

    Loving the reactions to the hat, fantastic haha

  • gooseORmoose
    gooseORmoose Year ago +208

    Scar to Mumbo: "That hat looks good with your tie"
    Mumbo: Tries to steal the hat
    Scar to Grian: "That hat looks good with your shirt"
    Grian: Tries to steal the hat
    Scar to Pearl: "That hat looks good with your cape"
    Pearls: Tries to steal the hat
    Scar to Impulse: Doesn't say anything
    Impulse: Doesn't try to steal the hat
    Scar, you need to stop telling people they look good in your hat, it just makes them want to steal it.
    Top hat btw

    • ADMIRAL I.A.
      ADMIRAL I.A. Year ago +2

      Nice, only thing is “Tries”, not “trys” but I get what you meant

    • Respect Real Person
      Respect Real Person Year ago +7

      Scar to Impulse: "I want to see you ride the pig wearing the hat."
      Impulse: Rides the pig wearing the hat. And everyone is happily laughing together.

  • Salmonbear
    Salmonbear Year ago +1

    Everyone just thinks of you as the funny tag along for hermitcraft, but my god you know how to build.

  • Rootstock
    Rootstock Year ago

    Gotta say just found your channel. Thanks for the videos. “Top Hat” for sure!

  • atm 870
    atm 870 Year ago

    Top hat 💕, open the hat shop! So much love for scar and hope all days get better for you ❤️🙌👍

  • Jordel Neils
    Jordel Neils 7 months ago

    I love Grian's reaction to scars new big hat

  • Phinlay
    Phinlay Year ago +265

    Out of the four people you showed the hat to impulse was the only one who gave it back and didn’t run away.

      THE BRADZONE Year ago +29

      ironically the least impulsive hermit this episode lol

  • Carolina Schwarz Borchardt

    Yes, I would like to see your test world!

  • sneezy pete
    sneezy pete Year ago +1

    Yes, Tophat. Also, love Impulses impulsive kindness not run away with the hat!

  • Charistiaan Harmse
    Charistiaan Harmse 10 months ago

    I'm loving that 80's music Scar, I'm learning a lot about building from you. Thanks bro

  • bobbusx
    bobbusx Month ago +1

    Visiting from the future to see the moment that the seeds of Scarland were planted.

  • Abunniesworld
    Abunniesworld Year ago +241

    Yes! We would love to see your testing world! Since we viewers only see the version(s) put into Hermitcraft, it really helps a lot to see what your ideas started out like. It also helps me personally- to know that a great builder like yourself has to tinker around with their designs in order to get them how they like.
    Loving the top hat!! (And judging by everyone else’s reactions, they love it too!) I feel like this episode is going to be a classic to go back and rewatch later in the season. Thank you for your high-quality content as always!

    • Jona_vE
      Jona_vE 11 months ago +1

      Wow thats a long comment😂 but so true!

  • Kalle Dijkema
    Kalle Dijkema Year ago

    12:58 The little shadow of the enormous hat... Perfect.

  • Abby Havenstrite
    Abby Havenstrite Year ago

    Scar: builds massive wagon-boat
    Also scar: this is my cottage... I live here.

  • General Grey
    General Grey 4 months ago +1

    Tophat. Also the hat is amazing. Should add a mod to be able to hide in it

  • skamnatron5000
    skamnatron5000 11 months ago

    “Top hat” it got me to laugh more times than I care to admit.

  • MuffinMan
    MuffinMan Year ago +280

    Scar played the long game, intentionally embarrassing himself with the tiny hat so he could surprise everyone with the giant one. 10/10 wholesome scheme
    edit: top hat

    • Andy B
      Andy B Year ago +3

      @PeerRevue big -brain- HAT time.

    • PeerRevue
      PeerRevue Year ago +5

      *yeah, this is big brain time*

  • Jayden Porker
    Jayden Porker Year ago +1

    literally everytime someone tried on scars hat he found a way to match it to something they are already wearing, like grians shirt and pearls cape and mumbos tie hahahah

  • Aishani Gupta
    Aishani Gupta Year ago

    Love your builds, hat and also your time lapse music

  • Nadine Candelora
    Nadine Candelora Year ago

    Everyone in Boatem needs a different colored hat to match them

  • Georgitzu
    Georgitzu Year ago

    Hey Scar! I noticed your Hat had been renamed by an anvil (Due to the slanted text) and I was wondering if you used CustomModelData or make it? And remodelled a carved pumpkin? Thanks if I get any replies from anyone!

  • ClockworkC0rvus YT
    ClockworkC0rvus YT Year ago +294

    OPEN A HAT SHOP! It could kinda be like the barber shop from last season.

    • SyntaxTsundere
      SyntaxTsundere Year ago

      Carve Pumpkin, Get Hat

    • Madison
      Madison Year ago +4


    • Phil D
      Phil D Year ago +8

      I think every one in the Boatem Town should get one to spread good cheer to the server and everyone would know you all belong to Boatem town!

    • Loti
      Loti Year ago +6

      yesss i need this in my life

    • Artastic_Friend
      Artastic_Friend Year ago +8

      hAT shop hAT SHOP

  • ItsMeGordon
    ItsMeGordon Year ago

    Love ur new "Top Hat" scar😁

  • EggBabyOfficial
    EggBabyOfficial Year ago

    Alternate title: Scar flexes his giant hat for 27 minutes straight

  • Chloe Dove
    Chloe Dove Year ago

    Top hat ! It looks amazing

  • Elliot C
    Elliot C Year ago +1

    The surprise is . . . AMAZING!!!

  • Nathan
    Nathan Year ago +463

    I like how all of the interactions went exactly like this:
    Scar shows hat
    Scar gives hat to other person
    Other person tries on hat
    Scar points out matching item on skin
    Person runs away with hat

    • Roman Elliott
      Roman Elliott Year ago +1

      Don't forget person being surprised by the size of the hat on the ground and the "it doesn't fit in my hotbar" comment

    • Ian Peters
      Ian Peters Year ago +13

      Except for impulse, he didn't have anything matching, and just wanted his own hat

    • Andrei_St
      Andrei_St Year ago +3


    • Runequaza
      Runequaza Year ago +13

      Yeah all except for impulse

    • \ iExogen /
      \ iExogen / Year ago +53

      You forgot "person laughs maniacally together with Scar about the hat in their hand and on the ground"

  • Marching Flute
    Marching Flute 11 months ago

    Yes. Just yes. That's my response to Scar's whole personality

  • Xtreme Playthrus
    Xtreme Playthrus Year ago

    That is a fantastic top hat!

  • arctic sealer
    arctic sealer Year ago +1

    You should make a tiny hat for your big hat

  • Clover Arcondas
    Clover Arcondas Year ago

    If scar gets a bunch of hats he should make some kind of minigame where you have to do whatever the task is while holding the hat in ur hand and can barely see

  • JamesyBoi27
    JamesyBoi27 Year ago

    People scar said looked good in the hat: 3
    People that tried to run with the hat: 3
    Coincidences? I think NOT!

  • Unaipad
    Unaipad Year ago +1

    Normal people: Building timelapse
    Scar: SuperFastBuild mode

  • PvPlay
    PvPlay Year ago

    Scar you should open a cooked meat shop and call it “Scarby’s”

  • Elise Wells
    Elise Wells Year ago

    Big hat big ideas :D hats off to you Scar

  • Pixelcraftian
    Pixelcraftian Year ago +2994

    Everybody loves Small Hat, now prepare for Hermitcraft's biggest addition yet:
    Big hat

    • Dogboy1390
      Dogboy1390 Year ago


    • Peter The Robot
      Peter The Robot Year ago

      @Einoel Bärchen ah yes against the human species

    • Einoel Bärchen
      Einoel Bärchen Year ago

      This reads like a card from cards against humanity haha

    • Peter The Robot
      Peter The Robot Year ago

      Why are you everywhere?

    • Jhoon
      Jhoon Year ago

      @Fam Kleve oh I've never heard of that that's cool

  • TheLocalStanAccount

    That's a nice top hat you got there :) 🎩

  • Wendy Robinson
    Wendy Robinson 5 months ago

    The giant hat made me laugh. 😂😂

  • Deitie Ofall
    Deitie Ofall Year ago

    Rent out the wagons for other players to sell thier goods

  • FurryThanos
    FurryThanos Year ago

    You should through the hat on the ground and see if zombies can pick it up

  • Mindy
    Mindy Year ago +223

    1. Yes
    2. Top hat
    I loved this episode so much!

  • theophrastusbiology

    Definetly going to build a theme park after this

  • CapsuleGaming
    CapsuleGaming Year ago

    Scar : gets his armor enchanted
    Also Scar : doesn't wear his armor

  • Zach bolstad
    Zach bolstad 11 months ago

    Watching this on 12 /15/2021 and just had tornadoes in Wisconsin where I live close to the twin cities but it's going to be 23° F tomorrow lol should take a trip if possible see some wonderful things around the area but I feel that 113° been there at one point it is a pain lol 😆😆😆

  • Mason
    Mason Year ago

    impulse should change his skin so that the i is red, so then red can be the official boatem village color

  • ZloyXP
    ZloyXP Year ago +198

    Just now noticed that the hat is renamed "Jellie surprise" man that cat can sew

    • Drraiara
      Drraiara Year ago +8

      I thought I was the only one who noticed!

  • Snowowlmv3
    Snowowlmv3 7 months ago +1

    Scar should’ve opened a hat store called The Big Top Hat, because he has a giant top hat and the big top refers to the circus, which is around the time of steampunk stuff

  • Ryleigh McGowen
    Ryleigh McGowen Year ago

    I liked the tiny hat. It was cute

  • Manon_Snape
    Manon_Snape Year ago

    Yes i would love to see your testworld

  • Mirai Holmes
    Mirai Holmes Year ago

    Top hat. A hat shop does sound like a good idea a lot of people keep stealing your hat anyways

  • Phantom Fruit
    Phantom Fruit Year ago +433

    Scar: "Do you want to see my test world"
    Me: *"YES"*

  • Brian Crockford
    Brian Crockford 7 months ago

    Love the top hat!

  • Sliverwalker
    Sliverwalker Year ago

    Open air market? or maybe a trading post that goes into the ground like the Petra temple?

  • Alex Viol
    Alex Viol Year ago

    Alternative: I show my secret to the entire server.

  • Elizabeta Macovei

    Impulse: the first Hermit to NOT steal the hat.

  • Vingari
    Vingari Year ago +238

    New goal for the season: screenshot every hermit wearing that hat.

  • GinjaPenguin
    GinjaPenguin 11 months ago

    @goodtimeswithscar the reason the moons big is because when you opened the hat shop moon gets big? so make a moon hat

  • Rafi Noor
    Rafi Noor Year ago

    Yes please!!!
    Also, Top Hat for life!!

  • Alex the toaster
    Alex the toaster Year ago

    11:55 : scar made a place for copper to oxidize
    Also scar: waxes his base all the time when he could just take the oxidized copper and replace it with the first stage copper and have oxidized copper immediately

  • LadyDragon
    LadyDragon Year ago

    OMG I want your hat. In Green. I love it & YES you really need to sell them on the game In all colors. How did you make it? I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT. It's funny when others put it on it looks smaller on them. & really large on you. It's the best HAT.

  • David Roddini
    David Roddini Year ago +277

    Also, maybe Scar should build a shop selling 10 gallon hats. Everyone who has seen his has tried to take it.

      ABSOLUTE IDIOCITY Year ago +3

      Also with dofferent colors it will be awesome tho

    • 7Digits
      7Digits Year ago +1

      Also Yes

    • Adjust The Rain Music
      Adjust The Rain Music Year ago +16

      Scar should sell 9gallons so he can still have the biggest hat.

    • Aidan Taylor
      Aidan Taylor Year ago +10

      Almost everyone .
      Impulse is the only gentlemen deserving of such a hat