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The first person to suggest mail by pigeon.

  • Published on Aug 28, 2018 veröffentlicht
  • Fun fact tho, they used to call mail people 'couriers' and horses were used centuries before pigeons... but not in this sketch 🤫
  • ComedyComedy

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  • Verda Korako
    Verda Korako 3 years ago +35147

    His neighbors must think he's insane always yelling at himself.

    • Pepper 173
      Pepper 173 13 days ago

      Well his neighbors are just him too so they know their all crazy

    • Sk8 N8
      Sk8 N8 18 days ago

      Can you deliver my mail

    • Incognito
      Incognito  18 days ago

      His house isint attached to his neighbor

    • Anime junkie
      Anime junkie Month ago

      Imagine going outside and rdc is play fighting in anime clothes

    • Samkelo Vilakazi
      Samkelo Vilakazi 2 months ago

      He's good. Clip-Sharers are so common that at this point they know why their neighbour is screaming

  • Rage Quit
    Rage Quit 2 years ago +15833

    "That's that pigeon money."
    -Argus, 1150 A.D.

    • Zach
      Zach 6 days ago


    • myth
      myth 2 months ago


    • Ronar Prefect
      Ronar Prefect 6 months ago +3

      Yeah, I'm stealing that. From now on, when I describe a rich person, I'm telling people they have "pigeon money".

    • Apsoy Pike
      Apsoy Pike Year ago

      @Ꭲ. Ᏼ. Ꮇ ɢᴀᴍɪɴɢ no prob bro.

    • Ꭲ. Ᏼ. Ꮇ ɢᴀᴍɪɴɢ
      Ꭲ. Ᏼ. Ꮇ ɢᴀᴍɪɴɢ Year ago

      @Apsoy Pike oh that's embarrassing lol. Thank you 😊

  • Tommy
    Tommy 3 years ago +5620

    "That arrow was entirely in his back"
    See this is why I love CalebCity - the ideas are great, but the little things like extra dialogue bits really push them over into actual genius.

    • gabby
      gabby Year ago

      @Click X m

    • gabby
      gabby Year ago

      @Click X mn

    • huh
      huh 2 years ago

      “So you’re the famous thief” “Who’s asking?” _”that wasn’t a question”_

    • UTIMES 10
      UTIMES 10 2 years ago +1

      @Click X pretty sure it's just his dialect

    • NotSoPoliteCub
      NotSoPoliteCub 3 years ago

      Don't forget about the weird sound he makes

  • Donte
    Donte 2 years ago +2923

    he just held a camera in the air until he found a bird flying past his house

    • N G
      N G 11 days ago

      @Mr. lollylolol fun fact: pigeons produce milk

    • yup nope
      yup nope 5 months ago +1

      holy fuck i didnt even think of this thats amazing lmfao🤣🤣🤣

    • toptenguy1
      toptenguy1 11 months ago +7

      What are you talking about? That is CLEARLY footage of the actual pigeon delivering the message! :)

    • Glow
      Glow Year ago +5

      The ppl providing logical explanations are ruining the joke!

    • Lex Thompson
      Lex Thompson Year ago +1


  • David Duffy
    David Duffy 3 years ago +15322

    I love how its pitch black outside, and it cuts to a pigeon with the bluest sky possible, ridiculous lol.

    • Vatronn
      Vatronn Year ago


    • Edfaceeh
      Edfaceeh Year ago

      @Dogsarecute it was a year ago, let them rest

    • Dogsarecute
      Dogsarecute Year ago +3

      @Slamblaster no one was in baby rage mode. They were just correcting his mistake. It’s not that difficult to understand basic English.

    • Cherry77
      Cherry77 2 years ago

      @Slamblaster haha yeah thanks!

    • Cherry77
      Cherry77 2 years ago

      @J G hmm no

  • One Letter Shor
    One Letter Shor 2 years ago +2840

    Guy: *suggests pigeons*

    • Awesome Nate
      Awesome Nate 4 months ago

      @Mr. lollylolol Take my like and get out.

    • Airotiv
      Airotiv 5 months ago +1


    • Evo
      Evo Year ago

      Man came in with the drip to show off that pigeon money 💰

    • D Roman
      D Roman Year ago

      That PIGDEON MONEY to the face! #getouuuuuuuut

    • double.J.platinum
      double.J.platinum Year ago +1

      Get OWL? So the king is telling Guy not to gets pigeons, but owls?

  • James Foley
    James Foley 3 years ago +25077

    "I feel like I've been shot with an arrow. Is there something in my back??"
    "nah you good bro"

    • No
      No Year ago

      @James Foley bruh

    • No
      No Year ago

      Imagine copying a sentence from the video and getting 23k views bruhhhhhhhhh

    • dill pickle scented sock
      dill pickle scented sock 2 years ago

      April Psycho ...

  • The Challenger
    The Challenger 3 years ago +3687

    “Some four legged animal like a WOLF-“ I like how that’s the first thing that came to his mind.

    • Jaxon the Okay
      Jaxon the Okay 5 months ago

      i mean wolves are very big but idk about ridable

    • Damien
      Damien 3 years ago +2

      Declan Donaldson and think how cool he'd look

    • Monique
      Monique 3 years ago +5

      Bobby da Costa I bet the dogs ate the homewo-, I mean, letter. That’s why they moved on to pigeons.

    • pinkdoesstuff
      pinkdoesstuff 3 years ago +10

      @Lady Cacti lmao what

    • Lady Cacti
      Lady Cacti 3 years ago +7

      I was thinking of a spider having four legs even though a spider has 2 legs lmao

  • Grumpy_the_Innocent
    Grumpy_the_Innocent 2 years ago +14868

    A king that opens his own door...how responsible.

  • Blaiyan
    Blaiyan Year ago +1979

    I wonder how many pigeons just flew off and thought, 'screw this' and just never came back. And somebody pretended like it did and just wrote some made up response to save himself.

    • MrSqurk
      MrSqurk 9 months ago +1

      @Sloojey he was talking about humans ffs

    • Blaiyan
      Blaiyan 9 months ago +1

      @EebstertheGreat thank you for the information but some of you'll... please stop taking this seriously. It's just a silly joke. It's not meant to be accurate nor based in fact.

    • EebstertheGreat
      EebstertheGreat 9 months ago +2

      The success rate depended on distance and time. If you wanted to take a lot of pigeons a long ways and keep them there for a while, then their success rate getting back home was terrible, and you would need to send many pigeons to get a sufficiently high probability of one making it. But if you just take some pigeons across town for the day, then the success rate is nearly 100%, with most failures happening when the pigeon gets eaten by birds of prey.
      Also, occasionally there would be a really bad storm, and even if you sent a bunch of pigeons, every single one would die. So it wasn't _that_ reliable.

    • AliceIsGayerThanYou
      AliceIsGayerThanYou 10 months ago

      Last on pidgeon 10 years ago

    • Sodsuren Dunkhorol
      Sodsuren Dunkhorol 11 months ago +1

      apparently homing pigeons had a 95% success rate in WW1
      I would imagine the percent would be even higher when there aren't bullets flying everywhere

  • jawher touil
    jawher touil 2 years ago +12271

    the most unrealistic thing about this is that the king had to open the door

    • snanoopis
      snanoopis Year ago +1

      Mfs really be getting mad over historical accuracy in a Caleb city skit

    • Liihhhhhh
      Liihhhhhh Year ago

      He speaks the truth

    • depressed weeb
      depressed weeb Year ago

      fr everything else was on point but that

    • Thunder God Eneru
      Thunder God Eneru Year ago

      And that they used dollars instead of coins

  • Galactic Avatar
    Galactic Avatar 2 years ago +976

    It would've been funnier if "years later" they were using the king's suggestion of tubes and he was sitting on his throne panting and wheezing, saying, "Yo, this ain't as easy as I thought it would be."

    • Walalabengbeng
      Walalabengbeng Year ago +2

      @Tonio Kettner well he clearly the superior youtuber it seems

    • Tonio Kettner
      Tonio Kettner Year ago +1

      @Scrull !?!?!?!?!

    • Scrull
      Scrull Year ago +1

      @Tonio Kettner he has 9 subs and you have none so he knows how to get subs atleast

    • Jamie G
      Jamie G Year ago +1

      @Tonio Kettner i didn't. thanks.

  • jacob
    jacob 3 years ago +18586

    The fact that he says ‘bro’ to the king makes it even funnier. These vids are amazing!

    • Jamell Michaels
      Jamell Michaels 11 months ago +1

      @Majik my favorite line from him lol

    • DreTheThinker
      DreTheThinker 3 years ago +5

      This king is awful at commanding respect.

    • Majik
      Majik 3 years ago +6

      Ima have to dead slide you bruh

    • MLRD
      MLRD 3 years ago +1

      They are TBF!

  • Abraham Elijah Ayala
    Abraham Elijah Ayala 2 years ago +5779

    Are we going to act like we didn't almost feel the pain at the sound of the king hitting pigeon idea guy with his staff??

    • EthanBRaps
      EthanBRaps Month ago

      his name is Argus

    • Isiah Guitinez
      Isiah Guitinez Year ago +1

      Bruh I felt that on so many levels🤣🤣😭 just his little cower as he tightens up and braces to be hit was priceless 💀

    • Derek Wyld
      Derek Wyld Year ago

      Argus lmao

    • Kris
      Kris Year ago +1

      3:41 Reply Button

    • Cree8Ball
      Cree8Ball Year ago +3

      I hit my head in real life at the same time, so I literally did feel his pain

  • Why We Love Film
    Why We Love Film 3 years ago +5528

    Imagine how he reacted when the Pigeon actually delivered the message. They must’ve went crazy. He must’ve been like...
    “I told thou! I told thou!”

    • hi hi
      hi hi 10 months ago

      lol that dude musta been like "thou art stupid" to the doubters

    • Sirlinux3
      Sirlinux3 11 months ago

      @Rotmg Troller Fan its also thou

    • ShigarakisPlayerTwo
      ShigarakisPlayerTwo 2 years ago

      LMFAOO this had no business being this funny 😭😭

    • Zenitsu
      Zenitsu 2 years ago +1


      TRIGGERD 2 years ago

      Bro y u have the same icon as me

  • Devin Jasmin
    Devin Jasmin 2 years ago +359

    “Long live this bankroll!” Still has me dead

  • Shahir Abdullah
    Shahir Abdullah 2 years ago +5089

    "Your Majesty" to "Bro" transformation killed me.

    • Neeti Mishra
      Neeti Mishra Year ago +3

      @Merxellus Ah yes, That's me

    • Zac Davis
      Zac Davis Year ago +7

      @Merxellus Under appreciated comment.

    • Merxellus
      Merxellus Year ago +48

      @Saturated Cranium in my city!! You would get bloopeddd for doing somethin dat dumb!

    • Merxellus
      Merxellus Year ago +33

      @Neeti Mishra we squabing

  • tbhugged
    tbhugged 2 years ago +507

    Ok but compared to other kings back then this king is honestly one of the nicer ones

    • doyouknowkeplertwentytwob
      doyouknowkeplertwentytwob 4 months ago

      Oh, did you know them?

    • Pro Decks
      Pro Decks Year ago +3

      @Multiverse Traveller(വിഭിന്നലോക സന്ദർശകൻ) you misunderstand, the topic was referring to kings back in the day, the ones with absolute power and no one to tell them they can't do something (AKA the type of king we see in this skit) those kings were indeed ALL bad at varying degrees, because absolute power tends to corrupt... absolutely. they were less kings and more dictators when you get down to it on a technical level, and these types of absolute monarchies were ripe for abuse and corruption. so yes there may have been absolute monarchs that were relatively normal or mediocre or irrelevant, but back then that standard was
      "oh they only ordered the death of a few people in secret"
      Not that you or I could prove or disprove that today as it's almost impossible to know what these types of kings did secretly without records that back it up.

    • Multiverse Traveller(വിഭിന്നലോക സന്ദർശകൻ)
      Multiverse Traveller(വിഭിന്നലോക സന്ദർശകൻ) Year ago +6

      @Pro Decks Lol, no. Most kings like most rulers now were just mediocre or irrelevant. They weren't some evil incarnate. There were like million kings in the past thousands of years. Yet out of the records of these various thousands of kings very few were crazy or evil enough to be worth mentioned compared to majority of the normal kings. Non monarch rulers are hardly different. I could point to a good bunch of crazy democratic rulers yet that doesn't mean democratic rulers are all evil incarnates.

    • Magos Explorator Adeon
      Magos Explorator Adeon Year ago +5

      @WLaN Nice doesn't really give the impression of a good monarch, benevolent maybe?

    • Pro Decks
      Pro Decks Year ago +41

      @WLaN not really, there were just the kings that killed people and the kings that killed ALOT of people.

  • Re Mi
    Re Mi 4 years ago +24145

    Fun Fact: A large reason they chose pigeons is because they automatically know their way home. You can blindfold then and take them miles away but they will still know how to get home. Pigeon IMO are actually one of the most interesting birds, because not only are they the only birds that do this, they are the only avians that produce milk to feed their young and can adapt to almost any environment in the world. Excepting extreme temperatures and rain forests.
    Edit: My most popular comment is on pigeons and idk how I feel about that
    Edit 2: Thanks to the people that actually know more than a Google search about pigeons lol. Apparently I'm at least partially wrong about everything here but I'm gonna keep it up cause the comments are pretty informative and fun

  • chocolatebrownie
    chocolatebrownie 3 years ago +3643

    can we just take a moment to acknowledge how good his editing skills are.

    • Chal P
      Chal P 2 years ago

      Low standards are bad.

    • Tw12ve
      Tw12ve 2 years ago

      @dribbleYG he made some fucking phenomenal cuts look at when get back here actually works when the thing Caleb sign comes that the best cut

    • Pro Player
      Pro Player 2 years ago

      @dribbleYG ur damn right

    • Sherif Usman
      Sherif Usman 2 years ago

      RedSparton 22 l

    • tcswed
      tcswed 2 years ago


  • Dante Royall
    Dante Royall 3 years ago +4090

    I be forgetting he's by himself playing all these characters lmao.

    • Yumi弓
      Yumi弓 2 years ago

      they look like 2 people..?

    • Dominx
      Dominx 2 years ago

      doesn’t he have a roommate

    • David Mays
      David Mays 2 years ago

      @Simpman Z
      Then I wouldn't be suprised.

    • Simpman Z
      Simpman Z 2 years ago +2

      What if he can clone himself?😳

    • Ishmail Sesay
      Ishmail Sesay 2 years ago


  • C_Splash
    C_Splash 2 years ago +678

    4:30 "This that new sheep cotton silk pouch" lol those are 3 entirely different materials. I love re watching these and finding new details like that

    • bait
      bait Year ago


    • H.U.S.K. Project
      H.U.S.K. Project Year ago +1

      @B K as a human I can confirm. **hand bag noises**

    • najee wilson
      najee wilson Year ago +2

      Sheep cotton silk pouch sounds like a assassin's Creed upgrade lol

    • Michael Nettles
      Michael Nettles Year ago +1

      @Kyle Perry materials* you don't need an apostrophe

    • andre rogers
      andre rogers Year ago +2

      @Kyle Perry They have material and in fact the whole body could be used as material. Do you even know what material means?

  • Joan Jimenez
    Joan Jimenez 3 years ago +3422

    "Oh yeah that's that pigeon money"

  • Puppy Puppington
    Puppy Puppington Year ago +112

    That “thonk!” On the Head had such perfect comedic timing. It’s hard to make slap stick physical comedy that hilarious. Especially on your own. This is some good shit.

  • ·ࡇ·
    ·ࡇ· 3 years ago +8428

    **throws money at the king**

  • LunoWyd
    LunoWyd 3 years ago +3689

    Argus: Look at this
    King Caleb: What about it?
    Argus: This that new *Sheep Cotton Silk Pouch*

    • K J N
      K J N 2 years ago

      I swear, I literally said 'sheep cotton' (by accident, I'm not an idiot) last night, when talking about something...

    • What da technodoge doin
      What da technodoge doin 2 years ago

      Ooooh, another verified youtuber

    • Memski
      Memski 2 years ago +4

      Sheepy Vuitton 😂

    • Rcc Templar
      Rcc Templar 2 years ago +4

      Damm, a pouch made of 3 materials yet it still looks like its made out of one solid material (I know its not real but if it was it would be impressive).

  • Tramarison Crum
    Tramarison Crum 2 years ago +1423

    Caleb said “maybe they can ride something with 4 legs”.......... what else would they ride a kangaroo 😂😂

    • Samuel Hope
      Samuel Hope 9 months ago

      I mean kangaroos would be a five legged transport

    • Del X
      Del X Year ago

      Dont say that.. look at the guy who doubted the pigeon

    • Isaac Chen
      Isaac Chen Year ago +1

      Well, a kangaroo has a built in pouch to put the mail

    • D Roman
      D Roman Year ago

      What if instead of walking they use their hands?

    • Alex
      Alex Year ago

      A dinosaur

  • Herbivore The Carnivore

    I love the idea that they have silk pouches, standardized currency and metal crowns/canes but not the concept of riding a horse

  • Val Mid
    Val Mid 2 years ago +517

    Argus: can’t we use pigeons-?

    • Gxorgz489
      Gxorgz489 Year ago +3

      Hey I’m here for the interview

    • Patrick Ho
      Patrick Ho Year ago +11

      saw this as gogeta out

  • Sean Steo
    Sean Steo 2 years ago +34

    This gives me motivation to get paper just so I can toss it in people's faces in stacks like that.
    That shit must be a good feeling

  • Daniel Thrasher
    Daniel Thrasher 4 years ago +8842

    Why am I just now getting a notification for this? Damn if only Clip-Share had designated pigeons to deliver letters telling me that a new vid is out

    • Krish Vikash
      Krish Vikash Year ago

      Wat r u doing here?

    • Karma ?
      Karma ? Year ago

      Tell me about it...

    • Devss
      Devss Year ago

      Pffft look at the date of when I'm sending this

    • B0DEN47
      B0DEN47 Year ago


    • Risky
      Risky 2 years ago

      Oh hey it’s Daniel Thrasher!! what are you doing here ya old bean?

  • Adam USMC
    Adam USMC 2 years ago +9

    Every time i come back and watch these videos, im astounded at how fucking smart Caleb is. Hes a god damn genius. I hope he gets a legit gig soon, acting, comedy, get some real crazy type of money, he deserves it. Hes been entertaining us for years and years.

    • demon masterX
      demon masterX 2 years ago +1

      Everyday I wonder how he griffy etc coming up with those skits

  • Karby's Place
    Karby's Place 9 months ago +6

    You know what's actually insane, that the whole bit where the king talks about the whole mail by tube thing was unneeded, because it is not part of the punchline really, but it is an amazing moment because there's like thirty things going on and the servants looking trying to not say anything over how stupid his idea sounded. And it's still equally as funny.

  • Navi 34
    Navi 34 2 years ago +74

    Argus became boujee after learning about the pigeon system 😂😂

  • Teona
    Teona 3 years ago +51

    "Yeah! That's pigeon money! Long live this bank roll!" 😂😂🤣

  • Jehtblu
    Jehtblu 2 years ago +65

    I love how the king immediately starts telling him to get out when he Argus comes back bragging

  • Riley Scott
    Riley Scott 3 years ago +7207

    Also, can we talk about this dudes quality editing. Like it straight up feels like he's beating the crap out of himself and answering the door for himself.

    • Daiden Kai
      Daiden Kai 3 years ago +1

      For the cost and time of production it’s pretty funny provoking the questions.. wtf and why? I don’t want to read too much into because it’s really diverse interpretable, on purpose. Seems like he’s commenting on how we are always questioning ourselves and to confront the things weighing you down and that inner dialogue. Or he might just be making him and his friends laugh and is inside jokes. Idk!

    • Vysair
      Vysair 3 years ago +1

      the good ol vine

    • uncharted7again black king
      uncharted7again black king 3 years ago +3

      Right lol

    • Silver the Elf
      Silver the Elf 3 years ago +34

      😂 quality indeed, absolutely.
      It’s top notch I dead, king of acting with only one person, genius at how he makes it appear like he’s fighting and talking with clones, nah man there literal clones and this is taking place in aria 51! 😂

    • Gerardo Perez Jr.
      Gerardo Perez Jr. 3 years ago +46

      He’s acting is top notch.

  • FalseTone
    FalseTone 2 years ago +146

    Caleb coughing at the beginning hit differently now.

  • find my well being
    find my well being Year ago +31

    Imagine saying "Bro" to a king and almost punching him to the chest just cuz you're so tired

  • Pk Slap
    Pk Slap 2 years ago +7

    This is still one of my favorites. The sound it made when the staff hit his head 😂

  • A guy
    A guy Year ago +2

    Can’t believe Caleb actually trained a lodge on for this skit, that’s dedication right there.

  • MythicBeanProductions
    MythicBeanProductions 7 months ago +4

    Love how he suggests a wolf as a four legged animal before a horse

  • _anoja31_
    _anoja31_ 4 years ago +1753

    The random pigeon shot lmaoo

    • Amiriah Scott
      Amiriah Scott 3 years ago +3

      Update, I liked it now it’s at my birthday 🙃

    • Harold Balczac
      Harold Balczac 3 years ago +41

      Especially since it's dark outside lol.

    • Amiriah Scott
      Amiriah Scott 3 years ago +4

      anoja31 can’t like the comment because it’s at my favorite number

  • WonkUWonki
    WonkUWonki 3 years ago +160

    "That's that pigeon money." Lmfao. I'm done sun.

  • MNJ 4Christ
    MNJ 4Christ Year ago +1

    Dude went from "Your Masjesty" to threatening to slide the king while calling him "bro" real damn quick 😂😂😂

  • jasonm299
    jasonm299 2 years ago +24

    when this dude said “imma have to dead slide you” I was just dead 😂😂😂

  • Just Another Weirdo
    Just Another Weirdo 3 years ago +25

    shit had me dying of laughter

  • brachios squill
    brachios squill Year ago +24

    Man I was so mad to realize that the way this actually works is that they breed a bird that recognizes its home (point a, home kingdom), and then take the bird to point b
    and all they doing is returning home whenever they deliver a message

    • brachios squill
      brachios squill Year ago +2

      @Jodie Price nah they imprint on their birth home I think

    • Jodie Price
      Jodie Price Year ago

      So if you take that bird and put it in a cage somewhere else for a few months, won’t it consider that it’s new home?

  • Jamaica Fox
    Jamaica Fox 4 years ago +13835

    When you're so tired you threaten the person you're providing a service to

    • ThatGuyKiko
      ThatGuyKiko 3 years ago +1

      @GoodGuy Guan you clearly don't know shit about working in a professional environment if that's your thinking based off of his comment lol

    • NaoPoint
      NaoPoint 3 years ago

      No he was gonna punch him if he found out it was poop

    • I’m not blind but I love blindfolds
      I’m not blind but I love blindfolds 3 years ago +1

      Giggly Fox 12 an hour ain’t worth it dawg

    • Extreme Sandvich
      Extreme Sandvich 3 years ago +2

      @sosa kun Toxic much?

    • JayReshon
      JayReshon 3 years ago +15

      GoodGuy Guan What an ignorant comment lmao. Y’all wanna attack other people for not thinking/acting like you do. Live and let others live, everyone has different perspectives. Respect that.

  • Brian T
    Brian T 3 years ago +2

    This has to be the biggest W in all of Caleb’s videos
    In all seriousness that man Argus is ballin

    SOLOMONDAGOD Year ago +4

    The "several weeks" delivery time still has me dead lmaooo

  • danyul
    danyul Year ago +12

    “This that new sheep cotton silk pouch” had me crying😂

  • Eduardo Carranza
    Eduardo Carranza 9 months ago

    I love how the last guy suggests the worst thought when the other two had even better suggestions.

  • Mannyy keith
    Mannyy keith Year ago +29

    “Awh yea that’s that pigeon money ‼️‼️” 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Manny A
    Manny A 3 years ago +2746

    I died at : “find me a way back bro, i’m not walking back. i’m tired. .” ..”imma be waiting outside, i need a way home!” that’s how it really be

    • Jamell Michaels
      Jamell Michaels 11 months ago

      @ZoFi Productions damn frfr?

    • DiegoDaBonkinator
      DiegoDaBonkinator 3 years ago +9

      @Jack Joung Quest failed: The messenger did not get home in time.

    • ZoFi Productions
      ZoFi Productions 3 years ago +60

      The sad part is he died at that too... that arrow definitely punctured a lung.

  • Nes
    Nes Year ago +23

    "Long live this bank roll" will be the new motivation 😂. I've watched this video multiple times and just realized he said that at the end 😂

  • Jordan Broussard
    Jordan Broussard 2 years ago +180

    "Why do you keep antagonizing him? You know he can have you killed right?"
    "At this point it's a game. If he gives in, I win. And he knows that."

    • No Favors
      No Favors Year ago


    • Human Being
      Human Being Year ago

      *does not apply*

    • Rayse
      Rayse Year ago

      nice England

    • JB Studios
      JB Studios Year ago +7

      Ah TFS as made a permanent impact on this world

    • velix
      velix Year ago +2


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    Genic 21 Year ago

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    Elijah Pittman 3 years ago

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    King The Master 2 years ago +5695

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    Creative Mind 3 years ago

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    Lando De Windt 4 months ago

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    UCeagle79 3 years ago

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  • Tracy M.M
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    Rafael V 4 years ago +702

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    • Justinworld9
      Justinworld9 Year ago +1

      3 years later he has over 4 million now...

    • thegigadykid1
      thegigadykid1 4 years ago

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      roofoochoo 4 years ago

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      RhizometricReality 4 years ago

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      Lwandle Buthelezi 4 years ago +1

      Rafael Vargas simple answer: he doesn't churn out enough content for how Clip-Share is set up to promote/recommend videos.

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    Nergana 3 years ago +30

    King: Opens door.
    Caleb: Hey, I'm here for the interview.

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    kizazz jazz 3 years ago +1

    for the person who's wondering where Caleb's great taste in music is shown at 4:04 is called "wave - Oscar Peterson" and the outro is 'ella vader - the mini vandals'
    (btw i used the shazam app to find it)

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    pinkyfruit ASMR Year ago +1

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    PyroArq 3 years ago +4

    1:56 there are 2 camera shots to show the characters because caleb is playing both parts. so he played the door closing sound over both shots to make it feel like its 2 different people. just genius. sometimes i forget its the same guy playing all parts.

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    Goldfish Empire 3 years ago +9154

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    “Thanks for watching”
    “Thanks for the views”

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    • jackblayse
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      isn't that... the same thing? i mean...

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    Goggles_20 3 years ago

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    Like that other video of the 1st insect eating plant, how do you get these ideas man? They're so damn great (and weird tbh)

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      @Moonstone Magic you're welcome. Btw correction:your comment is 1k already.

    • Moonstone Magic
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      OfficalEmman eh, that stuff doesn’t matter to me 🤷🏽‍♀️ but thanks 😊

    • E-man
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      @Moonstone Magic Very much apreciated. Wonderful. Your comment is close to 1k too.

    • Moonstone Magic
      Moonstone Magic 4 years ago +2

      OfficalEmman its cool. No hard feelings. Just commenting on some funny stuff 🤷🏽‍♀️😊 all love.

    • E-man
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      @Moonstone Magic My guy or girl actually no thats weird. I'm just curious. Ok. Alright. I'm not mad. We're cool?

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    • SpeedwagonIsMyWaifu
      SpeedwagonIsMyWaifu 3 years ago +1

      Monsiuer Oof He is assuming that it’s “racist” and that they were implying that because he’s black he robbed party city

    • lildeskchair
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    3 seconds later: listen bro..

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    Lord Beerus Year ago

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    Silent Noise 3 years ago +6226

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    • Shadow Reaper
      Shadow Reaper 2 years ago

      @Silent Noise ok thanks

    • Silent Noise
      Silent Noise 2 years ago

      @Shadow Reaper An anime and manga called Freezing

    • Da Best
      Da Best 2 years ago

      Alexander M no it’s that the king asked an obvious question and then the mail guy threatened them and also ,just because you think something isn’t funny doesn’t mean isn’t funny everyone has a different sense of humour.

    • Alexander M
      Alexander M 3 years ago +1

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  • a guy who eats mustaches

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