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Creepiest Guy I've Ever Seen

  • Published on Nov 7, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • This is the greatest concerning individual of All Time
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  • Zulu Zizo
    Zulu Zizo 6 months ago +3760

    "Stalking isn't a problem."
    "Women have rape fantasies."
    "The woman I was chasing should do porn."
    That didn't take long.

    • Husky ♡
      Husky ♡ 6 months ago +287

      I hate how people try to force others into doing things like that. We don’t want to be stalked, we don’t want to be raped, we do not want to do porn in most cases. Saving yourself for marriage exists, and saving yourself for your husband and your husband only also exists.
      To clear things up, I’m not some serious Christian, it just says in the Bible that you should wait til marriage, so that’s what I’ll do. Lust is literally one of the seven deadly sins. And yes, sex is allowed according to it, but it’s meant to be an intimate act between husband and wife, not some rando you met on the internet looking for a dopamine rush.

    • Bruh Moments
      Bruh Moments 6 months ago +54

      @Husky ♡ not everyone has reasonable and logical thoughts😂

  • 𝒿𝓊𝒶𝓃𝒶
    𝒿𝓊𝒶𝓃𝒶 4 months ago +6563

    "That's like fun to women, women like that, a little excitement." The instant disapproval from the cops was amazing.

    • Marie Payan
      Marie Payan 3 months ago +343

      Honestly, yeah, the way that the cops were basically like as gently and professionally as possible being like fuck you bro was amazing and the fact that that cop actually said “fathers will hurt you over their daughters” you know he was thinking if this was my daughter Id fuck you up too!!! Like he fully, was not blaming that dad at all for contacting him to try and protect his own daughter. 😂😂😂😂😂

    • LiliumCruorem
      LiliumCruorem 2 months ago +20

      Bruh I read this comment at the exact moment the cops heard him say that shit 😂😂😂 horrifying modus operandi

    • :D
      :D 2 months ago +5

      they really don't :fearful:

    • Lea Schneider
      Lea Schneider 2 months ago +13

      "NACAB", maybe?

    • Jake Super
      Jake Super 2 months ago +2

      ​@Lea Schneider
      No, acab

  • E
    E 2 months ago +2132

    He's got real hidden talent as a musician.
    He should keep it hidden.

    • Solestia Canine7
      Solestia Canine7 2 months ago +16


    • Isaiah Malladi Rasmussen
      Isaiah Malladi Rasmussen 2 months ago +56

      his talent so hidden, it's even hidden from himself.

    • baconheadhair
      baconheadhair Month ago +10

      You have a real talent of finding comments made by others and applying them under the context of videos you watch.
      A real hidden talent of avoiding creativity.

    • Joeseph terry
      Joeseph terry Month ago +1

      ​@baconheadhair dam

    • Overlord🍌
      Overlord🍌 Month ago +5

      His mixtape wasn't released it **escaped** 😍 (please put it back)

  • Jacob Setser
    Jacob Setser 2 months ago +393

    As a father, yes fathers will definitely hurt you over they’re daughters

    • Deb B
      Deb B Month ago +16

      So will a Mother and a Nana.

    • Frank G
      Frank G 17 days ago +2

      You can try

    • Zero
      Zero 16 days ago +5


    • Jackster
      Jackster 16 days ago +3

      ​@jaywexler859it's a grammatical error

    • Zombified Pariah
      Zombified Pariah 16 days ago +2


  • David
    David 3 months ago +1917

    This man isn't just creepy hes a ticking time bomb and hes gonna hurt somebody someday

    • LSD123
      LSD123 3 months ago +26

      Hes creepy af...

    • Trebors Tactics
      Trebors Tactics 3 months ago +64

      For sure. When you see people like this all of the sudden minority report type shit sounds like a good idea. He needs to be preemptively arrested. Being that fucking creepy should be illegal. If that dude was harassing my daughter I’d have done a lot worse than a phone call.

    • Zocet
      Zocet 2 months ago +15

      He is currently in custody

    • Kyle Spratt
      Kyle Spratt 2 months ago +2

      ​@Zocet source?

    • DooN
      DooN 2 months ago +15

      @Kyle Spratt a Clip-Share comment

  • Just_an_internet_explorer

    This dude set off so many red flags, that I was kind of expecting them to remind him that they are in fact police officers.

    • Yeah Me
      Yeah Me 26 days ago +7

      He'll just say "but I didn't do anything wrong, I was a romantic who got pushed away by an angry dad who threatened me with a knife"

  • Alex Whitehead
    Alex Whitehead 6 months ago +11080

    this guy genuinely needs to be on a watchlist

    • Scagateher
      Scagateher 6 months ago +591

      People have gone to jail for far less. This guy needs to be locked up asap.

    • DarkSunStudios1
      DarkSunStudios1 6 months ago +402

      @Scagateher Fr, like how can somebody be arrested for peeing on the street and this dude is threatening people and stalking women and is still walking around

    • Flo V
      Flo V 6 months ago +8

      He 100% is

    • Eddom
      Eddom 6 months ago +24

      Does someone know his name?

  • Shadownova 896
    Shadownova 896 3 months ago +2091

    "Don't you think chasing someone's scary?"
    "It was only a few blocks"
    Geez, the mind on some of these people

  • Sweettina2
    Sweettina2 3 months ago +1789

    This is the kind of man that women are terrified of, his sick mind could lead him to justify whatever he chooses to do. It's like they read those fake letters in porn rags and think that's really how woman think.
    I've been stalked, it is very scary, you just don't know what they're going to do.
    That "music" sounds like the song track from hell itself.
    Thank you for posting this. Young women need to protect themselves from these psychos.

    • DaN
      DaN 3 months ago +7

      what is a porn rag

    • Dr. Snailracer
      Dr. Snailracer 3 months ago +20

      @DaN wrong place to ask buddy

    • DaN
      DaN 3 months ago +1

      @Dr. Snailracer mk

    • Aether of the North
      Aether of the North 3 months ago +36

      I just know someones gonna think that's how all metal music is... Allow me to clarify that even in rock and metal terms, that music is complete trash and the only nice thing one could say about it is that the drums had a consistent pace. And I'm positive it's because it's a pre-recorded sample that came with the software he made it on.

    • aeslayyyter
      aeslayyyter 3 months ago +17

      general black metal dude I have never seen a black metal listener that are normal they're either woman hater incels or racists sometimes both of them at the same time

  • Qeoe
    Qeoe 2 months ago +177

    5:02 The way the cop was completely unfaded by the sharp turn that convo just took has me more than concerned about what kind of people he has to deal with on a daily basis.

    • steve huggett
      steve huggett Month ago +6

      In the words of Harry Chapin (RIP),
      "It's pimps and whores, punk gang wars, robberies and homicide,...when you walk the beat with the creeps on the street, there ain't no place to hide,...spent half my life, without no wife, ridin' herd on the scum of the earth,...I learned the tricks of the trade from the gutter parade, and then I prayed for all I'm worth... "
      After a while, nothing much surprises you, and you do your best to not get emotionally involved.
      Those guys did what they could, legally; I think they did a good job. That he wouldn't take their advice, or accept that he wasn't every woman's dream, is no fault of theirs.
      The guy is psychopathic, and seriously deluded.

    • Jimmy Wiggle
      Jimmy Wiggle 5 days ago +2

      You should watch Donut Operator. He makes good content and is really good at giving insight in the mind of the police . I used to have a thing against cops until I saw his content, just goes to show people can always have more empathy.

  • Kalico
    Kalico 3 months ago +760

    There's a difference between having a consensual interaction between two adults that trust each other (BDSM play) and just straight up stalking and chasing someone that wants nothing to do with you. That guy is dangerous.

    • Jesus Christ
      Jesus Christ Month ago +2

      Ur Clip-Share is hella old when u start ur channel

    • Ballsack gaming
      Ballsack gaming Month ago +8

      @Jesus Christ 2010 not sound that long ago but 13 yr old account sounds ancient

  • Jordan Densmore
    Jordan Densmore 2 months ago +287

    Charlie’s channel is a safe haven for me. I love how he goes so in depth into the mind of not only the the girl, but also the man in this video. He’s intuitive, educated and well spoken and thats what makes his content so amazing. :)

    • byjalen
      byjalen 2 months ago +10

      w compliment

    • Bosh
      Bosh 2 months ago +8

      W viewer

    • Rosa Kitty Gacha
      Rosa Kitty Gacha Month ago +6

      couldn’t have put it any better !

    • CrasherX2000
      CrasherX2000 24 days ago +5

      Despite the memes centered around him, this is one of the best ways to describe Charlie

    • AR15andGOD
      AR15andGOD 16 days ago +1


  • Alma’s Music world
    Alma’s Music world 6 months ago +10578

    When he said “every woman has fantasies about rape” it sent chills up my spine, no we do not. We have nightmares because of people like him.

    • T L
      T L 6 months ago +1248

      The stuff this dude believes about women is all terrifyingly self-serving. It doesn't even make sense according to his own logic. Even if that *was* true, it's still purely a _fantasy!_ A lot of fantasies would be no bueno IRL, but this guy clearly doesnt get that. And in a general sense, just because someone has a fantasy or desire doesn't mean it's ok for someone to force that upon them, that would be madness! Like.. I fantasize about swimming in a pool full of blue jello all the time but I'd still be really pissed if somebody pushed me into one right now

    • MEGA
      MEGA 6 months ago +39

      Stats prove this though

    • MEGA
      MEGA 6 months ago +23

      @shubham gupta cope with the brutal truth

    • terable
      terable 6 months ago +1160

      @MEGA its not rape though its called CNC. women dont want to actually be assaulted ffs

  • Venom Squid
    Venom Squid 4 months ago +772

    It's cool that he posted the evidence himself

    • Him Who is Not to be Named
      Him Who is Not to be Named 2 months ago +47

      It’s like when a Karen posts a video of her antics, thinking the internet is just going to _explode_ and rally to her side.

    • Elena
      Elena Month ago +3

      Don't know why they always do that 😂

    • Michael Price
      Michael Price Month ago +6

      @Elena Because they literally can't imagine anything they do is wrong.

    • Sail
      Sail 27 days ago +2

      he's narcissistic enough too

  • Dreadwinger
    Dreadwinger 4 months ago +153

    He’s the literal embodiment of Reddit

    • Jacob Nevison
      Jacob Nevison Month ago +29

      I once saw them remove a woman’s post about being assaulted because it violated a rule about language use. Reddit mods are actually the worst people and I knew one IRL so. Yeah they all suck.

    • The Eva Hamilton
      The Eva Hamilton 29 days ago

      @Jacob Nevison worse than discord mods?

    • Jacob Nevison
      Jacob Nevison 28 days ago +5

      @The Eva Hamilton One and the same they are.

    • NewStarConstellation
      NewStarConstellation 9 days ago +1

      @Jacob Nevison Nothing is worse that Wikipedia mods/admins.

  • Lexie_Joestar 🏳️‍🌈
    Lexie_Joestar 🏳️‍🌈 2 months ago +418

    As a specimen of the female species, this seriously gets under my skin and i am actually terrified for that woman hopefully she is safe
    (Lol i started a war in the comments 💀)

    • Deanna S
      Deanna S 2 months ago +48

      When he said "bad shit happens..." I got a chill down my spine.

    • Artist Of The Darkness
      Artist Of The Darkness 2 months ago +71

      Luckily He's been arrested. His name is Jacob Yerkes

    • Lexie_Joestar 🏳️‍🌈
      Lexie_Joestar 🏳️‍🌈 2 months ago +55

      @Artist Of The Darkness thank god for that, he really is a ticking time bomb

    • Sleether 404
      Sleether 404 2 months ago +13

      This is the type of harassment men will never experience. Unless they are stalked by a larger gay man

  • Ketsu
    Ketsu 4 months ago +197

    watching this video i kept holding my breath, feeling deeply unsettled and digusted, until i saw charlie's beautiful face rescue me from the disturbing things this man spewed

    • Snake
      Snake 19 days ago

      Especially that song at (1:36).
      But anyways, glad he was finally arrested.

  • angelcakes
    angelcakes 2 months ago +76

    Yup, met guys like this. Trying to justify trying to sexually assault me by saying women like rape fantasies.😕
    Even after me slapping him cause he was trying to kiss me after me saying "no" very clearly he still didn't get the point...

    • Snake
      Snake 17 days ago +1

      Now he is no more so good riddance.

    • BigNate60 2.0
      BigNate60 2.0 16 days ago +1

      Wait you’ve had this happen to you?! That’s awful!

    • luna
      luna 14 days ago +2

      Get strapped bestie some people deserve to be threatened with blicky

    • angelcakes
      angelcakes 13 days ago +1

      @luna I wish, a taser or pepperspray aren't even legal where I live :(

    • luna
      luna 13 days ago +2

      @angelcakes same honestly we deserve a pink handgun 🙁

  • Wuzzup129
    Wuzzup129 6 months ago +11540

    For those who don't know/are still worried: The man's name is Jacob Yerkes. He's now in custody because of his videos. He played himself.

    • MillieCipher
      MillieCipher 6 months ago +2014

      Thank fuck for that

    • celestial null
      celestial null 6 months ago +1059

      Thanks for letting us know. That's one good thing to hear today.

    • Xeonerable
      Xeonerable 6 months ago +1071

      Dang even the FBI is involved according to the articles, rightfully so.

    • Ile Wolf
      Ile Wolf 6 months ago +269

      Oh that's good news

    • Crippling Depression
      Crippling Depression 6 months ago +196

      Thanks for the good news!

  • darklorddisco
    darklorddisco 3 months ago +197

    The pained look of confusion on the officers’ faces is priceless

    • Professor Meme
      Professor Meme Month ago +5

      The cop had the expression of everybody who also watched this

  • Newb
    Newb 4 months ago +107

    This...was actually scary...
    Like fiction could not get away with writing a guy like this cause it'd be considered "unrealistic"....my jaw kept dropping.

    • Revon
      Revon 3 months ago +7


    • Ashley Paine
      Ashley Paine Month ago +6

      this isn't even uncommon bro lol Ask your female relatives I promise you every single one has stories you do not want to hear

    • Katsu
      Katsu Month ago +2

      @Ashley Paine sad but true

  • Kate Sabad
    Kate Sabad 2 months ago +73

    Holy shit…. Thank you for this, I never would have believed this story of I hadn’t seen it. The things he said to the police, I honestly thought it had to be like an Eric Andre sketch at first-like he’s playing a character of the most unhinged, dangerous, oblivious INCEL on the planet. From the music to the stalking to the mentioning rape to the cops…it just keeps progressively more unbelievable.

  • BlackThorn, WhiteThorn
    BlackThorn, WhiteThorn 3 months ago +232

    The fact that he is FAR from the only guy like this out there. There are so many men walking around with the same views. A lot of them are smart enough to keep it internalized, and they mask what they really are under a guise of something more palatable and safe.

    • Greg g
      Greg g 3 months ago +9

      So many women walking around like this too it's scary

    • Charles Cheese
      Charles Cheese 3 months ago +22

      ​@Greg g Yeah except for the fact that that almost every woman unfortunately knows at least one man like this. They might not be this bad but there's a scary over abundance of incels popping up everywhere now.

    • Greg g
      Greg g 3 months ago +4

      I'd say just as many crazy women to be honest. So it's a human nature thing .. last couple of years a huge up tick in women serial killers in your mind what does that mean

    • kanye north
      kanye north 3 months ago

      I got bad news for u

  • AmericanTough🇺🇸
    AmericanTough🇺🇸 Month ago +14

    Did he seriously say “she should do porn!?”
    What…the… FUUK!?!”
    This dude needs to be on like 5 watchlists… at least 👀

  • Simply Sunky
    Simply Sunky 6 months ago +4582

    The fact he said all that stuff right in front of cops is so terrifying.

    • Goat-ward the Gamer
      Goat-ward the Gamer 6 months ago +343

      Terrifying, but with a silver lining; the video got him arrested

    • brinazarski
      brinazarski 6 months ago +110

      @Goat-ward the Gamer did it? do you have a source? this guy needs to be kept away from society.

    • Dr. G&W
      Dr. G&W 6 months ago +55

      I fear for the shrink that tries to unravel that knot

    • MurkyyLurkss
      MurkyyLurkss 6 months ago +41

      The fact he posted this... It's terrifying...

    • iSniper
      iSniper 6 months ago +35

      In his head he was just defending himself, absolute lunatic

  • JustBluntly
    JustBluntly 3 months ago +234

    It is people like these that help me angrily understand why so many women out there say they hate 'all men' It is unreal listening to this guy talk to the COPS

    • JustBluntly
      JustBluntly 3 months ago +10

      @Kyle Schaff oh I agree quite a bit , thankfully he has been arrested apparently, people like this man.....piss of me so much. And many authorities out there think nothing should be done 'until the person has actually done something' but then it is too damn late

    • A W
      A W 3 months ago +17

      A bad seed isn't an excuse to be sexist lol, that's like Charlie talking about EDP or whatever and someone saying "this helps me understand racists and the KKK" lmao.
      But anyway, this video should be shown to people who talk about women living "on easy mode" (you know they have no female friends since in their imagination "an average woman" is a supermodel everyone tries to fuck and will do anything to please) - sure, being a woman has its advantages, but I'd rather be a man than have to worry about living among creeps like this one... there's a reason women in pubs or clubs always go to the bathroom with a friend or two, not to even mention basic stuff like never walking alone at night

    • JustBluntly
      JustBluntly 3 months ago +28

      @A W Oh I understand that, it is not a solid reason for anyone to think like that. But it helps me UNDERSTAND why some do indeed think that way. I don't like people that think like that, but it is like almost everyday I hear another horrible story, and it just helps me understand them while not making what they are deciding to think right.

  • Kitty P I VODS
    Kitty P I VODS 3 months ago +132

    “I’m older than her father.” Mm yes, that is how you win her over, for sure man.

  • Swiftanium
    Swiftanium 28 days ago +7

    The fact that he said ALL of this to the cops sends chills to my spine.

  • Joey Korsmit
    Joey Korsmit 4 months ago +96

    That officers patience for trying to deal with this guy is amazing he deserves a raise

  • Gallows Bound
    Gallows Bound 2 months ago +20

    It's wild to me that this guy willingly recorded this himself.

  • Michael Snow
    Michael Snow 6 months ago +4777

    UPDATE: This man was arrested four hours ago. Rest easy friends.

    • SangoReborn
      SangoReborn 6 months ago +106


    • Michael Ramirez
      Michael Ramirez 6 months ago +789

      @SangoReborn sweet and sour for me, thanks.

    • Michael Snow
      Michael Snow 6 months ago +89

      @SangoReborn I've tried twice to say but both times my comments were deleted.

    • Suchan
      Suchan 6 months ago +37

      @Michael Snow Is it through links? Because that is to avoid bots

    • Michael Snow
      Michael Snow 6 months ago +66

      @Suchan Someone further down in the comments said the same thing after me but louder lol. You can find all the info there.

  • BurnEShortliver
    BurnEShortliver 4 months ago +323

    To think that when I was a kid/teen I was exactly like this guy, not in the way that he's so self absorbed that he's trying to defend his actions, but the fact he's stalking a woman. I'm really not proud of it, and bear a lot of guilt for some of the things I may have said or done. I'm lucky enough that people in authority didn't take it seriously (probably because I have autism but that's no excuse) and I had a wake up call about the consequences of the things I was doing before I became an adult, and the latter I will forever be grateful for. I learned that doing crap like that just isn't cool and can cause women so much trauma, and I believe if people like my former self and the guy in this video can be educated about how not to stalk people and how downright selfish it is then the world would be a much safer place for both the victim and the stalker themselves.

    • TheSushiFoo Brown
      TheSushiFoo Brown 3 months ago +79

      I'm glad you were made aware of your actions and take accountability for them. I hope you're doing well for yourself!

    • Tara Alan
      Tara Alan 3 months ago +53

      Well done for having an insight into your behaviour. I don’t think that you’re “ exactly like this guy” as I don’t feel he’ll ever admit to being wrong, whereas you fully understand that it wasn’t the right thing to do.

    • alwaysyouramanda
      alwaysyouramanda 3 months ago +15

      Sometimes the best learning comes from mistakes. 😔

    • CiloTheGod
      CiloTheGod 3 months ago +13


    • Joseph Vargas
      Joseph Vargas 3 months ago +32

      admitting it and admitting u were wrong is a big step in a good direction 👍

  • Jessica
    Jessica 2 months ago +66

    This was so insane that I actually thought he was trolling. I can’t fathom someone actually views life and women this way

    • Michael Price
      Michael Price 2 months ago +3

      Who keeps trolling when the cops show up?

    • 7opheR
      7opheR 8 days ago

      People like that are extra scary because it is increasingly obvious that he legitimately believes his own distorted logic. Not only that, but he doesn't believe his distorted logic is flawed. There are MANY people like this in general. If you open your eyes you will see people like this everywhere. Only change will be what distorted logic they truly believe in is.

  • Derek Turner
    Derek Turner Month ago +6

    Dude is definitely a threat that should be dealt with before he hurts someone.

  • THErealUNDEAD1
    THErealUNDEAD1 4 months ago +72

    This is one of those guys who talks so highly of themselves as being a good guy. I’m a guy myself, and whenever a guy always has to talk about how good of a boyfriend he would be and what not. It’s honestly a red flag for a lot of fucked up shit. Good guys don’t have to tell others how great of a person they are.

  • Chonky Plover
    Chonky Plover 2 months ago +17

    "I just chased her for a couple blocks" Ah yes

  • xXtha
    xXtha 6 months ago +92131

    I was prepared for terrible music but I was not prepared for a literal jumpscare

    • Sad World
      Sad World 6 months ago +4177

      I'm terrified bruh😭😭😂😂

    • Foirx
      Foirx 6 months ago +415


    • Jerrkid
      Jerrkid 6 months ago +2639

      No seriously that actually sacred me😭

    • somewhatoriginal
      somewhatoriginal 6 months ago +1677

      demon screeching noises

    • Man With A Plan
      Man With A Plan 6 months ago +1486

      bro that is not music

  • Big Lacheese
    Big Lacheese 3 months ago +57

    This is why it’s so important to take care of your mental health, this dude could’ve been a perfectly decent dude but it seems like he went into a manic episode and watched a few too many Andrew Tate videos and this is what happened. Very sad, very scary for people around him.

    • Oliver Charles
      Oliver Charles 3 months ago +12

      No offense, but that just sounds you are making excuses for the guy.

    • Phoenix
      Phoenix 2 months ago

      He doesnt look manic it seems like thats just him

    • MasterLollipop
      MasterLollipop Month ago +3

      @Phoenix As a person with severe bipolar disorder, and manic episodes that can mimic schizophrenic psychotic breaks, I ask this out of genuine curiosity, but what does it look like when someone is manic, and is there a reliable way to be able to tell every time? Because sometimes I am losing my fucking shit and resisting the urge to scream and fight demons, but nobody around me seems to notice there's anything wrong. Makes me curious to know if there really is a surefire way to predict or recognize manic episodes.

  • Luminya M
    Luminya M 2 months ago +40

    Omg that guy is terrifying. Thank you for making this video, I really appreciate it. What a wonderful young man you are.

  • Michael Price
    Michael Price 2 months ago +26

    It can't get any creepier.
    "I'm older than your fucking father.".
    I stand corrected.

  • Ellie S
    Ellie S 3 months ago +56

    The guy needs serious help. He sounds like one of those guys who becomes unhinged because he feels rejected and then does something unspeakable.

  • Zachary Dietze
    Zachary Dietze Month ago +5

    For anyone wondering, his name is Jacob Yerkes. That guy's name needs to be known so that he can be blacklisted from society.

  • Initius
    Initius 6 months ago +4561

    Charlie saying his music sounds like “five trash cans being violently thrown together while a guy is getting murdered in an alleyway” and then cutting to it sounding EXACTLY like that took me out. I was not expecting that scarily accurate analogy.

    • tinyveggie
      tinyveggie 6 months ago +161

      tbh even that sounds more badass then whatever the hell my ears were just subjected to. should file a complaint on charlie for even putting that in there.

    • Lena Treegardener
      Lena Treegardener 6 months ago +96

      Same. Hes a man of the hyperbole, but he really wasnt kidding this time.

    • Hank Norway.
      Hank Norway. 6 months ago +8

      I thought he was talking about St. Anger for a second, ngl.

    • Prplex
      Prplex 6 months ago +37

      The worst part is it was even exaggerated. Like I was thinking it can only sound so trash, but it sounded so much worse somehow

    • Dark Avennger
      Dark Avennger 6 months ago +8

      But that’s true street music, especially if you’re in Detroit

  • jaid angie
    jaid angie 3 months ago +50

    scary to think about how many men like him actually exist :(

  • Sleepy RPG supercharged
    Sleepy RPG supercharged 3 months ago +15

    He tells the cop what the dad said to him and the cop responds “ for chasing his daughter? 🧐” I loved that part so much lmao dude is probably a dad himself and just wanting to knock the creep out himself.

  • Spoof
    Spoof 18 days ago +1

    bro when he said "I think she should do porn" just completely outta no where I burst out laughing because I just couldn't believe that someone like him exists. Crazy

  • WateverWatever04
    WateverWatever04 3 months ago +44

    This is genuinely terrifying, my God.

  • sonicboom126
    sonicboom126 Month ago +2

    That guy is the leader of the nice guys community.

  • KrispyWhisper
    KrispyWhisper 6 months ago +2615

    Nah this guy's not creepy, something has to be ambiguously threatening to be creepy. There is nothing ambiguous about this guy, he is just straight up scary.

    • Rampant Fantasy
      Rampant Fantasy 6 months ago +37

      well the word creepy is often also used just as a shorthand for something generally unpleasant so i think it still applies but i do agree

    • Tree River
      Tree River 6 months ago +4

      @Kornelia funniest thing I’ve read today 😂

    • Red Star 🅥
      Red Star 🅥 6 months ago +2


    • hhhhhh
      hhhhhh 6 months ago +36

      @Kornelia this dude's music alone would have me sprinting out of the theater

  • Ty
    Ty 3 months ago +62

    “No I wasn’t chasing her, only for a few blocks” LOL
    I don’t think Michael Myers chased anyone that far

  • TheMJDoctor
    TheMJDoctor 4 months ago +12

    The scariest thing about this guy is that he truly does seem like the kind of guy that will not take No for answer.

  • kitshui
    kitshui 15 days ago +2

    its terrifying how men like him exist.

  • LionFishDen
    LionFishDen 4 months ago +10

    This guy is real scary. Thankfully the police took notice and he was arrested before he acted on his threats. Even though guys like this often go under the radar until it’s too late, it’s nice to know that he was stopped in this case.

  • Hope For Me Farm
    Hope For Me Farm Month ago +4

    Man I freaking love you (not in a creepy ass way ) thank you for being you and making me laugh even in these situations that are so CRAZY! This guy is super sketchy scary and DANGEROUS. You're right red flags everywhere!

  • Madi
    Madi 6 months ago +4396

    "Bad sh*t happens" immediately made me believe this man would become a headline if someone doesn't step in and stop him. I cannot imagine how terrified that girl and father are

    • Patrick R
      Patrick R 6 months ago +40

      It reminds me of the Gabby Petito case

    • Ms Meg Gacha
      Ms Meg Gacha 6 months ago +4

      hey im really better than charlie lol

    • Allo-Edits
      Allo-Edits 6 months ago +48

      @Ms Meg Gacha bro no you are not

  • Chris T
    Chris T 4 months ago +9

    I’m a little late to the party here, but I want to give a shout out to the cops keeping a straight face the whole time. I don’t get to say this often but this guy was legitimately jaw dropping to me.

  • Ashlee Daff
    Ashlee Daff 3 months ago +21

    Random appearing cat + “Why I oughta” = GOLD 😂 But forreal this guy is literally insane and it scares me that there is more people like that in this world…

  • 1 0
    1 0 2 months ago +5

    Everytime im sad about being alone, i go back to this video and take pride in being afraid to converse with people in fear that i may overstep/offend someone/embarrass/make a joke of myself.
    I am glad that i have too much self awareness rather than none at all.

  • Shuhrat Kessikbayev
    Shuhrat Kessikbayev 3 months ago +18

    I love how he says her dad is controlling his own daughter while saying women needed to have their own free will when the woman (out of her own free will) called her dad to handle him

  • fruitfish
    fruitfish 6 months ago +6415

    It's really nice of him to show his face, so every woman can avoid the guy forever for their own safety/well being.

    • Blackest33
      Blackest33 6 months ago +156

      As much as I despise most of social media, it's great how many bad apples decide to publicly expose themselves. The funny part is that they do it thinking to receive support from their audience, which often backfire spectacularly. Better yet, it also helps identify their supporters.
      That being said, I like thinking that this guy (as anybody) can get help and eventually become a contributing member of our society. The fact that his appearance (and I read in other comments his name as well) are public domain for ever and ever it's not great for the purpose of giving him a second chance (granted, once he deserves it and he's not a threat for anybody anymore).

    • Jo Blo
      Jo Blo 6 months ago +88

      When he said to the camera "bad shit happens" all I could think is _run, girl, run!_ Because he's not going to stop until you're his or you're punished. Edit: corrected spelling error

    • Chibi Usagi
      Chibi Usagi 6 months ago +14

      He did everyone a huge favor. 🤣

    • Beth Yant
      Beth Yant 6 months ago +2


  • Troll ScreaM
    Troll ScreaM 3 months ago +12

    An unfathomable hard watch. Jesus Christ that dude is something else

  • HBr
    HBr 2 months ago +6

    Almost all the important people in my life are woman and the things this guy said made me physically sick, the thought of my girlfriend or female family members encountering someone like this is without a doubt my biggest fear in life to all women PLEASE STAY SAFE

  • Elena
    Elena Month ago +4

    He is such a nice man, don't know why she isn't giving him a chance...seems fine to me 😂

  • Pamela Usher
    Pamela Usher 4 months ago +9

    Thank god there is someone like you to bring these creeps down. thank you son good job 👍

  • Rig
    Rig Month ago +6

    I gasped so many times at this video. It's scary

  • Maria Paula S
    Maria Paula S 6 months ago +5866

    This dude actually described to the officers all the crimes he did and wants to do with complete confidence tf. The officer's face reflected his sheer bewilderment at what he was hearing lol

    • zen
      zen 6 months ago +252

      exactly, the guy needs to get help asap because he seems like he would hurt somebody

    • Patrick39
      Patrick39 6 months ago +1


    • Dflaming 1
      Dflaming 1 6 months ago +101

      @zen I'll help him. Gimme 5 minutes

    • Mountain Mike
      Mountain Mike 6 months ago +79

      @zen Help? I've got a box of 12ga. buck that'll help him really well.

    • MrProthall
      MrProthall 6 months ago +88

      @Mountain Mike /r/iamverybadass

  • Rowan Jalso
    Rowan Jalso 4 months ago +5

    This is utterly terrifying. The only silver lining to this vid is watching the cops slowly realize how batshit this man is. Their facial expressions are priceless. You can see the precise moment when the main cop lost his patience with the amount of crazy being spewed. 😂

  • Chicken Cherry Cola
    Chicken Cherry Cola 3 months ago +7

    The worst part is the story starts off sounding like a sweet story with a guy wanting to play music for the girl he likes, but then goes instantly to holy shit someone arrest him

  • Trey Peters
    Trey Peters Month ago +2

    This is one of those videos that gets played on the news shortly after the girl disappears. I really hope she takes some extreme measures to prepare for when this guy tries to abduct her, he seems like the kind of crazy that will never acknowledge the fact that she doesn't want him in any way

  • HanzTheSwaglord
    HanzTheSwaglord 3 months ago +5

    Holy shit i collapsed a lung from laughing after hearing his 'music'

  • --
    -- 2 months ago +1

    God, the notion that a random male coworker of mine that I casually interact with in the future could stalk me, believe I might be into rape, and create this kind of narrative in his head, is so terrifying. This world is so terrifying for women.
    Ik not all men are like this, not even most men, but even one man like this in my entire company could end up hurting or harrassing me, and that is so crazy to think of.

  • Cousin M
    Cousin M 6 months ago +6774

    "Fathers will hurt you over their daughters. Leave her alone."
    Fucking based. Literally made me smile

    • CtrlAltSpoods
      CtrlAltSpoods 6 months ago +656

      I reckon that cop definitely has a daughter

    • Sixk
      Sixk 6 months ago +416

      @CtrlAltSpoods definitely does LMAOOOO he looks so over it 😭

    • Patrick39
      Patrick39 6 months ago +4


    • Sadie Hates Bowling
      Sadie Hates Bowling 6 months ago +212

      men only think about the value a woman has in relation to the men in her life
      "Yo, that's somebody's daughter, man"
      she's also a person. An individual. Fathers may hurt you over their daughters, but the daughters will also hurt you over themselves

  • Chris Lowdermilk
    Chris Lowdermilk 2 months ago +10

    This guy makes Skippy look normal.

  • Taysketches
    Taysketches 3 months ago +3

    It is my fear to run into a person like this one day, peeps need to learn that no means no.
    Edit: Also Charlie wasn’t kidding about this guys music, it sounded like if Patrick started a heavy metal band

  • Alaina Rose Mckenzie
    Alaina Rose Mckenzie 2 months ago +9

    This man literally terrifies me. The fact he's still out on the streets is scary. I guarentee he's going to hurt someone if he's not arrested or put in a mental health unit. While yes, rape fantasy is the most popular sexual fantasy, you can't just ASSUME that every girl you meet will be into that. I really fear for the safety of the girl involved 😢

    • Michael Price
      Michael Price 2 months ago +4

      1) he's been started so probably not on the streets any more.
      2). There's a big difference between wanting to pay out a rape fantasy and a real rape. Things like a safe word, agreed limits and oh yeah deciding who you want to do it with instead of just getting creepy mccreepyson.

    • miyuh🩷
      miyuh🩷 Month ago

      He's been arrested. Look up his name and all the information is on the front page

  • Disco_opp420
    Disco_opp420 3 months ago +4

    Brilliant video, thank you for shining a light, hopefully something will done, so this situation doesn’t end up in death, take care x

  • Executive Ranger
    Executive Ranger 2 months ago +2

    when he said "i think she should do porn" especially just out of nowhere like that i knew everything i needed to know about this guy

  • OnionFan
    OnionFan 6 months ago +5006

    The fact that he said he was older than the girl's dad mixed with the cop asking how old the girl is makes it 100 times more concerning.

    • Gu!do
      Gu!do 6 months ago +1004

      Dont forget the girl calling her dad instead of 911. Probably shows that she is still living at home.

    • Connor June
      Connor June 6 months ago +284

      And the fact he didn't answer

    • LocalHobo
      LocalHobo 6 months ago +445

      He told the cop she was 27 and he’s 25 but that obviously could be a lie. This dude needs to be locked up either way, he CANNOT be allowed to interact with people in society with his view on reality

    • WixkedLovy
      WixkedLovy 6 months ago +272

      Honestly, calling the dad over 911 is probably the best option in a situation like this. Well the BEST option, if someone is falling you by car, is to go to the police station right then.
      But sometimes the cops aren’t very helpful in situations of stalking when in comes to the victims. That older cop seems chill though.

  • Alex Ritchie
    Alex Ritchie 3 months ago +7

    God: "I'm going to give most of the supply of human self confidence and determination to the creepy weirdos."
    Humans: "Yeah, great, thanks."

  • Valkerson
    Valkerson 4 months ago +7

    Watching Charlie’s videos makes me feel sane

  • Sary
    Sary Month ago +6

    I'm not even in a relationship with a girl and I can already tell people like him this:
    If you want to win over a woman, the least you can do is know the lady _and show her some _*_God damn RESPECT_*

  • Molly
    Molly Month ago +1

    This man makes me genuinely terrified. The way that he casually spouts shit like stalking and rape ideation in front of cops makes you wonder what he imagines is too dangerous of his own thoughts to say out loud. I feel so incredibly bad for that woman and I dearly hope that she gets a restraining order or something to prevent him from attempting anything.

  • Jamie Doe
    Jamie Doe 2 months ago +1

    Kudos to you for saying something. I think if more content creators weighed in on this, there would be less kids running around thinking that this way of thinking is the norm.

  • Wild Trickster
    Wild Trickster 6 months ago +5996

    when he said her dad's controlling her, the scare factor about it skyrocketed for me, he sounds like the kinda dude that'd "save you" and do things "for your own good" by locking you up in his basement for 27 years

    • Gopher
      Gopher 6 months ago +301

      Oh officers no need to worry, I'll give her water when she is good and I'll even add food as an added bonus! And sometimes, I'll even let in some light! No need to worry at all.

    • The Squiddler
      The Squiddler 6 months ago +30

      @gopher too generous lol

    • Wild Trickster
      Wild Trickster 6 months ago +99

      @Gopher Dude's head cannon be like: "that's a fine young Gentleman right there Gregory" said the officer to his partner as he warns the dad to not waste the cops' time and puts his name "on a list"

    • Videotic Critic
      Videotic Critic 6 months ago +31

      *tips fedora*

    • Paul Jabber
      Paul Jabber 6 months ago +37

      Well the irony being it's always guys who go on about "protecting vvomen" that always turn out to be the biggest abusers of them. Saying that, there is also the very creepy reality of parents who try to control their adult "kids" behaviour and life. Something else that's disturbing too, is how we always hear about the "controlling boyfriend" allegedly trying to stop the girlfriend from going out er friends etc but you never hear as much about the controlling friends, who try to wreck her relationship etc.

  • WJ ZAV
    WJ ZAV 3 months ago +2

    Props to the police officers for managing to keep a straight face while dealing with this guy.

  • WerdFTW
    WerdFTW 4 months ago +16

    "I'm letting her make her own choice
    as long as she chooses to be with me. Plus she could make a good prawn star."

  • WyzeGuise
    WyzeGuise Month ago +1

    That song playing while this dude is chasing you is legit a horror film

  • T Seps
    T Seps 4 months ago +3

    His description of how the dude's music sounds ended up being way more accurate than I was expecting

  • sussy monkey princess

    nothing couldve prepared me for that snippet. put me through 12 whole seconds of agony

  • Sok Chua
    Sok Chua 6 months ago +11597

    He’s not just creepy he’s downright psychotic

    • _ redline
      _ redline 6 months ago +85

      @Armadillo_15 ???😂

    • Billiam Busey
      Billiam Busey 6 months ago +56

      @Armadillo_15 Wrong. He is not only one thing, but the other as well.

    • Jorge Flores
      Jorge Flores 6 months ago +164

      @Armadillo_15 I don’t think you understand how words work lol

      MISSAOK 6 months ago +20

      Fr he’s dangerous

    • Jordon Lees
      Jordon Lees 6 months ago +77

      Bro emptied his deck with incel cards and lost the game

  • HarlokCastle
    HarlokCastle 3 months ago +2

    You know it dark but with how crazy this has gotten with these creepy losers,I now fantasize of a world where this behavior is a capital offense. I’ve seen this too many time with these types of people and they are literally holding us hostage with the fear that these little sociopath will kill people let just nip it in butt already! You can fix someone who broke to begin with especially since they don’t see anything wrong with themselves!

  • Silver817
    Silver817 4 months ago +4

    Why wasn’t he arrested right there?! He’s an absolute danger to that family! Especially that girl! He told the cops what his plans were for her and yet they let him go… you don’t need any Precogs to know this guy is going to commit a horrible crime on someone!

    LA NERD NETWORK 2 months ago +3

    Your cat is so big now!!! I'm so happy she found a great home.

  • Atomic B5172
    Atomic B5172 3 months ago +1

    This guy does a great job at painfully re- explaining the obvious. Somehow, he knows more than everyone else. It is no mystery why people like this end up with Clip-Share channels.

  • Leo Dalkey
    Leo Dalkey 2 months ago +1

    He knows this, making an ass out of himself gets him a lot of attention. Back in highschool I knew this kid who was always getting hazed. I tried to stick up for him, I don't believe anyone should carry on like that. Remarkably kids did leave him alone. But I soon learned he had developed a taste for it. He was playing into the bullies own woke delusions. Goading this poor guy to kick his ass. It wasn't the pathetic nature that worried me, this was calculated. He was inside that bullies head pulling wires. I had to cut em loose.

  • 4head
    4head 6 months ago +3213

    The creepier part is that he’s not the only guy who thinks like this

    • dab or die trying
      dab or die trying 6 months ago +237

      yep. so many people in this comment section lowkey defending him in some of the replies and its so concerning
      edit: stop asking me to show you the comments I've already replied to the first person that said that with a comment example so you can find it there. take the time you'd be taking to write me a reply to scroll thru these replies a little

    • becky :3
      becky :3 6 months ago +170

      Men be like Not All Men 🥺 then act nonchalant abt guys like this lol

    • mohmar2010
      mohmar2010 6 months ago +66

      @dab or die trying excuse me what!? My god
      I genuinely hope everyone who thinks like that get help before they do something stupid

    • Commissar Kitty
      Commissar Kitty 6 months ago +29

      @becky :3 do you think all men are like this phyco ?

  • Pimp Daddy Disco
    Pimp Daddy Disco 4 months ago +2

    I've always felt so bad for the shit dudes do.
    Be cool, be funny, don't be this guy.
    It's not hard to get laid if you aren't a scary creep.

  • Need2Connect
    Need2Connect 4 months ago +1

    My ex wanted to role play once. I agreed but was weirded out. Then she brought up scenario and it was a ray fantasy. I almost puked. And i went limpy and we didn’t do it at all for about a week or so. I think i cried too. It was scary and gross that she even suggested it. And its is totally rare too. Not normal at all.

  • Sophia Layne
    Sophia Layne Month ago +1

    It's the fact we walk around people that are actually like this. That's why my bf got me a knife, tazer and pepper spray. He knows there are whackos outside. The guys that stand up for him or say "men always get rejected" "you should give him a chance" are the same type of guys. They act like that wondering why they were rejected or never been around a female. They need help and or to be locked up

  • Alex Gates
    Alex Gates 3 months ago +1

    When he turned the camera around and he looked exactly like we all thought he would