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THE NIGHT SHIFT: reuniting with logan paul

  • Published on Jun 9, 2021 veröffentlicht
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    on today's episode, we journey to miami beach for a very important moment in youtube history, plus we link adin ross with logan paul, check in with bryce hall ahead of his big fight, and jeff wittek saves me from pirates...again.
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    so you work the night shift? so do we. we can get thru this together. a random collection of news, stories, weather, and other random unplanned happenings. and tons of buttery toast.
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  • Mike Majlak Vlogs
    Mike Majlak Vlogs  11 months ago +544

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    • CEO Mawa
      CEO Mawa 10 months ago +1

      @Vantoontv Ayyy... Didn't expect you'd respond. Nice work, my guy. Yo, ship me one of those collectibles, would love to have them. 🙌

    • Vantoontv
      Vantoontv 11 months ago +1

      @CEO Mawa Yes lol, you a real one💯

    • Brandon Duran
      Brandon Duran 11 months ago


    • Niff Lofair
      Niff Lofair 11 months ago

      Standing there like a fruit! Insulting him again by not shaking his hand straight away!

  • AustinChallenges
    AustinChallenges 11 months ago +2530


    • Sky Blaze
      Sky Blaze 10 months ago

      @Brodnax yep and people really think they're friends..it's clear they're not

    • Brodnax
      Brodnax 10 months ago

      @A. Vc mike made a story up about logan around people when logan wasn't around.. after he was called out he said it was a joke. Never admits his wrongs.

    • Brodnax
      Brodnax 10 months ago

      @Sky Blaze logan keeps mike around for business decisions.. they use each other really

    • A. Vc
      A. Vc 11 months ago

      What really happend between them?

    • Otakuako842002
      Otakuako842002 11 months ago

      As if it was ever over.

  • Niki Childers
    Niki Childers 11 months ago +12

    Love the whole team Mike, your positive energy is infectious and thank you for always bringing awareness to addiction. 💕

  • ACTOrange - Brawl Stars
    ACTOrange - Brawl Stars 11 months ago +5

    Great source of entertainment every week and I love how everyone just goes with the flow

  • Hunter Merrill
    Hunter Merrill 11 months ago

    always love watching your videos, they are funny as hell and always give inspiration to do better for ourselves

  • Carter Moran
    Carter Moran 11 months ago

    These videos have been amazing! Keep it up!👏

  • Mateo Maurtua Fry
    Mateo Maurtua Fry 11 months ago +165

    Mike casually facetiming Amara showing her the collectibles of himself literally shows how little we really all know about their lives because they are still really good friends. Good shit mike !

    • Mario Lopez
      Mario Lopez 11 months ago

      He said Babe to lana 😶

    • Mateo Maurtua Fry
      Mateo Maurtua Fry 11 months ago

      @Prs4ever111 no she’s not lol.

    • Laura Vittadini
      Laura Vittadini 11 months ago +3

      Johnny Sins 😴😴😴

    • The Agamer
      The Agamer 11 months ago

      We know it isn't him, he said it in the podcast that it is Lana's new boyfriend

    • NBDxFBI
      NBDxFBI 11 months ago +3

      @Prs4ever111 nope it's confirmed it isn't his child

  • Haleigh Maguet
    Haleigh Maguet 11 months ago +1

    Keep making content, brightens my week watching your videos! And very accurate burger reviews.

  • Isabelle Arguelles
    Isabelle Arguelles 11 months ago +498

    “knock out mentality” - Bryce Hall before he got knocked out

    • a1sh
      a1sh 11 months ago +4

      @misuyy fong yeah that's pot heads philosophy

    • misuyy fong
      misuyy fong 11 months ago +3

      Yesterday’s history, tomorrow’s a mystery, today we live………

  • Mr Greatfull Gaming
    Mr Greatfull Gaming 11 months ago +2

    Keep up the grind mike puts a smile on my face...

  • Dan Dan
    Dan Dan 11 months ago

    Your videos always puts me on a good mood for real, thanks for posting again.

  • Frank Garbutt
    Frank Garbutt 11 months ago +188

    “Yeah, this is definitely heroin gum.” Jeff is always on point with the jokes 😂

    • Yodes
      Yodes 11 months ago

      Family guy joke rip off

    • 6aski
      6aski 11 months ago

      i make mini movies if you're interested😁

    • Kukata 30
      Kukata 30 11 months ago


  • Hunter Peña
    Hunter Peña 11 months ago

    Love you Mike!!! You always make my day better even if my day is complete sh*t. Love you brother!❤️

  • barteja19
    barteja19 11 months ago +1

    Mike I love the positivity. Keep grinding through everything. You're a special dude. all love

  • Tickzy Official
    Tickzy Official 11 months ago

    i love the energy in Miami! All love to you Mike you're amazing!!

    LULDXRTYY 11 months ago +1

    youre an inspiration man fr i like how you used your platform to help people with addictions and showed us you can literally become whatever you want to be with hard work and dedication.....i pray the lord keeps blessing you and that you take those blessings and share them with others keep hustling gang fr.

  • nh
    nh 11 months ago +74

    mike is actually hella underrated, he has one of the best highest quality vlogs w/ lots of other influencers its so fun to watch

    • green Mustard
      green Mustard 11 months ago

      @Mervedi Kumbi ill bet u a collectible he won’t

    • Mervedi Kumbi
      Mervedi Kumbi 11 months ago +1

      Mike pin this please!

  • Jacob Lunn
    Jacob Lunn 11 months ago

    Love the videos brother keep up the good work 🙏🏻❤️‍🔥

  • William Clements
    William Clements 11 months ago

    u always make my day better with the vids love the work and keep it up

  • Tickzy Official
    Tickzy Official 11 months ago +1

    i love the energy in Miami! All love to you Mike you're amazing!!

  • Lucas Lorusso
    Lucas Lorusso 11 months ago +2

    Honestly bro I’ve enjoyed ur content since day one, but now ur just starting to make me love ur vids even more. Keep up the good work mike

  • Leland Leonard
    Leland Leonard 11 months ago +58

    It’s nice to see mike in recovery but can still manage himself when he’s around people partying doing blow etc. Makes me realize it’s not impossible, thanks for the content and your sobriety brother. You staying sober keeps me and others sober!!

  • Micheal Jennings
    Micheal Jennings 11 months ago

    Man ur doing great keep it going bro never give up ur my role model 💯💪

  • Rayden Mather
    Rayden Mather 11 months ago

    Glad to see you’re still happy out here making our days!

  • Justin Jeter
    Justin Jeter 11 months ago

    Mike is such an amazing motivator I stopped doing Scruggs cause of him love you mike and thanks for everything keep doing you your awesome

  • HYDRO swavy
    HYDRO swavy 11 months ago

    Mike thank you for entertaining me for the whole year since covid started! We are thankful for your vids!

  • Jay Durant
    Jay Durant 11 months ago +39

    Whatever happens in his unpredictable future… I hope he keeps doing this nightshift series. I can easily without a doubt say everyone who’s a real one / OG knows mike is a inspiration sent here to show us life changes are possible and he’s literally walking proof. I’m glad he’s reunited too, it’s gonna be a hell of a year.

  • Brit Smith
    Brit Smith 11 months ago +2

    Love you and your book! I’ve read it twice already! I’m also in recovery and we have bery similar stories! I’m 2.5 years clean and your book helped me so so much! So much that I went back to school to become a Medical assistant and my graduation is on June 23rd! Again I love you and thank you for sharing your story you’ve helped so many people! Keep up the good work

  • Elijah Rodriguez
    Elijah Rodriguez 11 months ago

    Love how you crossover with people mike really brings the influencer community together like the marvel universe!! a job well done love watching your videos it feels like I'm watching a sitcom!!

  • Ryan lkkl
    Ryan lkkl 11 months ago +1

    Mike is fucking amazing, and he has some of the best content on Clip-Share! All he needs to do is post twice a week...

  • Andy Bird
    Andy Bird 11 months ago

    Mike you’re destined for greatness brother❤️ good luck to being a Dad

  • Insane Lyrical
    Insane Lyrical 11 months ago +174

    Congrats Mike!.. We staying positive like that pregnancy test!!!

  • Victor Gregory
    Victor Gregory 11 months ago

    Mike keep balling and living life, fuckin love to see you happy! keep grinding the vlogs we all love them homie

  • Beefstu
    Beefstu 11 months ago +1

    Still my fave show on Clip-Share.. hope to see more collabs with Jeff too!

  • Niff Lofair
    Niff Lofair 11 months ago +46

    Who knew Logan would prove himself as a really good guy and mature.

  • Nate Twente
    Nate Twente 11 months ago

    Good job mike! Keep it up!

  • TheRealA360
    TheRealA360 11 months ago +44

    The fact that Mike and Lana are still friends is amazing. Truly a great friendship there.

    • indenial
      indenial 11 months ago +5

      A_Beats nah its someone elses mike said

    • A_Beats
      A_Beats 11 months ago +1

      @Ethan Coffeen fr?

    • Ethan Coffeen
      Ethan Coffeen 11 months ago +3

      Bc she’s pregnant with his kid

  • Geloskie
    Geloskie 11 months ago

    Bro i hope that everyone going through recovery is as strong as this. Hes in the middle of a lot of temptation and he still doesnt give in. god speed to you

  • Bmars Fam
    Bmars Fam 11 months ago

    You’re one podcast with Bradley really helped me out. Keep spreading you’re word. I like you’re content and what you stand for. Keep it up 🙏💯

  • Ben Whiting
    Ben Whiting 11 months ago

    Your super dope mike and well aware of everything going on around you stay sober and humble

  • Cal 777
    Cal 777 11 months ago +111

    logan: *makes $20mill
    mike: "reuniting with logan!"

    • Drizzy Twizzy
      Drizzy Twizzy 9 months ago +2

      It’s like a son winning the lottery
      Then the dad coming back

    • Vinnie McDonald
      Vinnie McDonald 11 months ago +5

      Logan decides that to be fair. Lets be real with who holds the power.

  • Fierce Peter Gaming
    Fierce Peter Gaming 11 months ago +238

    *Freakin’ sweet!*

  • ShashVille
    ShashVille 11 months ago

    The way mike keeps it real with everyone and constantly supports and gets to know new
    influencers is so respectable!!!

  • Melvin B SO CRAZY
    Melvin B SO CRAZY 11 months ago +1

    Massive respect to you bro ...I'm 40 and i just luv your shit man.
    Keep showing them youngin' we can rock still

  • Timo Exclusive
    Timo Exclusive 11 months ago

    Amazing vlog, glad to see everybody back together

  • Ashleigh Gribben / urtinyson

    Good to see the brothers back together ❤️

  • Bobby Macblain
    Bobby Macblain 11 months ago +32

    Hey Mike I just wanted to say that when me and my girl lost our baby at birth I just binged the night shift, and it literally got me through the hardest time of my life, so thank you for that, and keep doing your thing brother much love 🙏👏

  • Louie Rossi
    Louie Rossi 11 months ago

    Great to see you loving life Mike!

  • Paul B
    Paul B 11 months ago +1

    Honestly, I'm so glad you're back to your normal self. All that shit online could have fucked up your vibe, but you keep grinding and I respect it Mike.

  • rezqi
    rezqi 11 months ago +1

    keep up the good work bro ur vids are very entertaining

  • Andy Rickard
    Andy Rickard 11 months ago

    Positive comments - thanks you for all you do Mike, you’re a good dude. You should make more videos of giving things away to people less fortunate.

  • yazan abdo
    yazan abdo 11 months ago +16

    I’m happy both you and Lana can be cool enough to share each others accomplishments together even after the bitter stuff. Props to both of y’all! Also those collectibles are the most unique I’ve seen an influencer drop to date! Keep up the great work mike :)

  • M. Ali
    M. Ali 11 months ago

    Mike we love you man your shit genuinely keeps me sane and in the right mindset to work and succeed at both uni and my shitty part time job bless up brodie

  • Oschkar
    Oschkar 11 months ago +4

    i love how you and lana still get along so inspiring !

  • M. Ali
    M. Ali 11 months ago

    Mike we love you man your shit genuinely keeps me sane and in the right mindset to work and succeed at both uni and my shitty part time job bless up

  • Cam Floyd
    Cam Floyd 11 months ago +3

    Your book was one of the first books I’ve willingly read in years and I absolutely loved it. Been awesome to watch your journey for the past few years!

  • Andrew Muzychko
    Andrew Muzychko 11 months ago +317

    "something positive"
    I'm glad that Mike and Amara are still friends

    • 6aski
      6aski 11 months ago +1

      i make mini movies if you're interested😁

    • Quad Video By Reggiexp
      Quad Video By Reggiexp 11 months ago +1

      @asher white still could be a lie who knows

    • asher white
      asher white 11 months ago +3

      @DRAXUNO he said on impaulsive he wasn’t the father

    • Andrew Muzychko
      Andrew Muzychko 11 months ago +1

      @DRAXUNO that's good

    • EmanAve
      EmanAve 11 months ago

      @DRAXUNO i think so

  • Emre Norcross
    Emre Norcross 11 months ago +1

    I love you and Logan’s friendship 💪🏼 I needa see you living with him again ✅

  • Luis Alcantara Gomez
    Luis Alcantara Gomez 11 months ago

    Real Talk: Listen Mike, Im not your pops, but I'm DEADASS proud of you. Continue to Stay positive my brotha because there NOTHING you cant do!

  • Tony Gebhardt
    Tony Gebhardt 11 months ago

    Love the great vibes. From Miami. Keep doing you.

  • Austin
    Austin 11 months ago +1

    I'm a huge fan of your content/work. love all your content and try and dm you on insta whenever I can to show my appreciation. Keep grinding brother

  • caiden Jarrett
    caiden Jarrett 11 months ago +16

    Thank you for being yourself and never taking anybody’s shit when they told you to be somebody you weren’t and I’m sure just you alone have inspired plenty of blemishing talent in that fact but by becoming friends with Logan you’ll be able to have one of the greatest influences to an authentic audience that most people could ever imagine and I’ll say it one more time, thank you mike majlak

    TURTLECRAFTER 18 11 months ago

    This video put a good smile on my face ☺

  • CJU
    CJU 11 months ago +1

    Appreciate the positive vibes brother 💯

  • tatumvalorant
    tatumvalorant 11 months ago +1

    Hey Mike, my name is Neil and I’m 24 years old. I am in recovery after suffering from alcohol abuse. I ended up dead in a hospital, through intensive adversity and determination I have been sober for over a year. I want to thank you for being open about your addiction and helping to reduce the stigma around recovery. You’re the man! Appreciate you

  • johnnydoesminecraft
    johnnydoesminecraft 11 months ago

    mike i love you bro you’ve changed my life in ways that i cant even explain thank you ❤️

  • Taylor White
    Taylor White 11 months ago +8

    You have gotten me through the pandemic when I was at my lowest point and I can’t thank you enough for your constant positivity even when life throws a curve ball at you!

  • Dinosaur
    Dinosaur 11 months ago +3

    I’m POSITIVE that I’m gonna watch the next episode of the night shift!

  • Cordell Hardy Photography

    Things start looking up when you stop looking down. Love you mike.

  • Damir Selimovic
    Damir Selimovic 11 months ago

    Let’s go mike I’m happy your a dad I hope this is positive enough

  • Brady Knowz best
    Brady Knowz best 11 months ago

    Just really happy to see you together again! I hope logan comes back i miss the vlogs

  • Andrea Ocampo
    Andrea Ocampo 11 months ago +25

    Love that energy between him & amara 💞
    The fact that they still talk & support each other that’s what’s up 💖

  • Alan_is_Awsome
    Alan_is_Awsome 11 months ago

    Appreciate what you do for us

  • The Daily Yinzer
    The Daily Yinzer 11 months ago

    Glad you’ve been so successful in the recovery process

  • MAK Dwayn
    MAK Dwayn 11 months ago +1

    Love the come up ur an inspiration to millions and hope nothing but happiness in ur life

    LAZY IN THE MORNING 11 months ago +1

    mike your videos are dope as hell i been wating for like 6mounts now good too see how you turned your life around in a way hearing your story has helped me do the same in certin aspects of my life bless up bro

  • Armando Garza
    Armando Garza 11 months ago +7

    I love the vibes Mike always brings to his vlogs! Always something to look forward to when there’s a new episode of the night shift

    • Logan Faked It
      Logan Faked It 11 months ago

      If you want to know about the Logan Paul illuminati conspiracy theory I made a video exposing the rigged fight and fake dead body, and how Logan is joining the illuminati to become president

  • Sonic TURTLE
    Sonic TURTLE 11 months ago +25

    This man would’ve been no where without Logan

  • Lord Magic
    Lord Magic 11 months ago +1

    Love the vids w/jeff... ur chemistry really goes well together

  • vinomeknow
    vinomeknow 10 months ago

    5 days off 1 year sober mike! Thanks to you for motivation:) from Canada

  • doire aintu
    doire aintu 11 months ago +1

    Mike is the reason I watch impaulsive. We need more of him!

  • Miles Francis
    Miles Francis 11 months ago +102

    “Yeah, this is definitely heroin gum.” Jeff is always on point with the jokes 

  • J
    J 11 months ago

    I absolutely love Jeff he’s an awesome edition

  • Ashton
    Ashton 11 months ago +1

    SOMETHING POSITIVE!! love the vids bro ur killin it

  • Nicholas Thomas
    Nicholas Thomas 11 months ago +1

    Onya Mike. Love the content all the way from Australia!

  • Giorg. io
    Giorg. io 11 months ago

    Yo Mike I’ve seen all your videos I love your content keep up the good shit

  • Nicholas Mouhot
    Nicholas Mouhot 11 months ago +6

    Mike your a life saver. I almost didn’t have a video to watch while eating dinner. Appreciate it man

  • Jc Martinez
    Jc Martinez 11 months ago

    Congrats on being sober mike, stay away from adins camera man!❤️

  • Ferocious_Snail Roswell
    Ferocious_Snail Roswell 11 months ago

    Logan and mikes friendship is like my talent framing houses... undeniable

  • Anton Munster
    Anton Munster 11 months ago

    You're amazing. Really changing peoples lifes out there.

  • Timmy Reitz
    Timmy Reitz 11 months ago

    I fuckin love you Mike. You inspire me to be greater and showed me the dangers of addiction through The Last Vital. I’m so excited to see what you, Banks, Rice, Sommer, and Adin will do in your new house. All love

  • Miguel Avera
    Miguel Avera 11 months ago +158

    You’re going to be a great father.

  • Jon Adams
    Jon Adams 11 months ago +4

    There comes a time in everyone’s life, when we arrive at the conviction taking Shifts every Night
    We gotta fight for what we want or we gonna, see those on top when we’re under

    ABHISHEK GOSWAMI 10 months ago +5

    It really feels like strange, meeting a best buddy after a long time.

  • Matthew welch
    Matthew welch 11 months ago

    Love to see the boys back together

  • Reign Victorious Nation
    Reign Victorious Nation 11 months ago +1

    You're awesome Mike would love to meet you bro!

  • Osvaldo Cielo
    Osvaldo Cielo 11 months ago +25

    Whatever drama mike is in we can always count on the content still being available on the night shift.🤞🏽💪🏾#positivity

  • Thu Thuy
    Thu Thuy 11 months ago +65

    George saying “I knew it , it’s his kid “ LMAOO

  • Revetron 1.2
    Revetron 1.2 11 months ago

    The best duo is back ❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥

  • Dalton Norris
    Dalton Norris 11 months ago

    Love the videos keep up the amazing work btw mike u are the father