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The Big Game S1 ♠️ W1, E1 ♠️ Featuring Negreanu, Brunson, Laak and more ♠️ PokerStars

  • Published on Oct 9, 2018 veröffentlicht
  • Poker legends Daniel Negreanu, Doyle Brunson, Phil Laak, Phil Hellmuth and Tony G play with a Loose Cannon who claims that the only way to be the best, is to beat the best. Will he succeed?
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    We're taking a trip back in time to make you relive some exclusive moments of the PokerStars Big Game! This means: big names, big pots and big egos. Big Game is the next generation of high stakes cash poker and we've got some exclusive throwbacks for you, featuring Daniel Negreanu, Phil Laak, Doyle Brunson, Barry Greenstein and many more pro poker players. With 5 top pros (who buy themselves in for $100,000) and one Loose Cannon, anything can happen…Check out some amazing bluffs and epic poker hands, see how a Loose Cannon takes on pro poker players and watch some CRAZY poker games.
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Comments • 700

  • PokerStars
    PokerStars  Year ago +64

    Which of these poker legends is your favorite pro? Let us know why! ♠

    • Yeoman Adventures
      Yeoman Adventures 6 days ago +1

      Doyle w/o doubt... but Kid Poker is who try to emulate.

    • Patricia Davis
      Patricia Davis 12 days ago

      You are asking me to pick a favorite, That is like asking me to pick my favorite child. I just can't do it

      KURT HENLEY 3 months ago

      Hellmuth GOAT

    • Mark White
      Mark White 3 months ago

      No doubt it's Doyle Brunson💯

    • Adam Timmons
      Adam Timmons 3 months ago

      Middle Aged Poker (Negreanu)

  • Brad Schmitt
    Brad Schmitt 3 years ago +419

    I need to start a petition to get this show back on. Love the concept, the format and the players ... plus I want another shot to qualify!!

    • Kleine Raupe
      Kleine Raupe Year ago

      Hey dude I can't find it. Could u help me? :) would love to see it

    • Din Djarin
      Din Djarin Year ago

      Please do!

  • Shaun C
    Shaun C 3 years ago +418

    I Loved this series, so much personality on display.
    Poker now is boring, all silent math geeks hiding behind a mask.

    • Ricky Smith
      Ricky Smith 11 hours ago

      @Michael Angst also because this is a tv show lol

    • Mark Gomez
      Mark Gomez 3 months ago

      how old is this series?, episode?

    • memphis jedi
      memphis jedi 3 months ago

      @Abcdefg just write triton poker

    • Abcdefg
      Abcdefg 7 months ago

      @KALSA Films link please

    • Andy Red
      Andy Red Year ago

      The Triton poker series has excellent content! And huge stakes!

  • Ricky
    Ricky 3 years ago +1136

    Phil laak, Tony G, Doyle, Helmuth, Daniel?!?! Please re-unite this epic cash game table.

    • Ricky Thomas
      Ricky Thomas 2 months ago

      Add Chan and it would be perfect

    • memphis jedi
      memphis jedi 3 months ago

      @Ricky sure thing! I was just counting 9 players in the table so, I think there is a place for him too :)!

    • Ricky
      Ricky 3 months ago +1

      @memphis jedi But what about Wiggins?

    • memphis jedi
      memphis jedi 3 months ago +1

      Patrink antonius and ivey also !

    • Oculus Saber
      Oculus Saber 3 months ago

      With phil ivey its all my favs

  • Kevin’s Disobedience

    This was the best televised poker series ever, period. Six handed poker with lots of characters and one amateur. Quick action. No range charts, solvers, randomizers, or kids pushing pre-flop every fucking time. Pot-limit preflop and No-limit after is such a great idea.

  • freeflowme
    freeflowme Year ago +29

    I’m in the process of starting over and re-watching all of these episodes again from the beginning. This is such good entertainment, especially when Tony G and Phil Hellmuth are nvolved.

  • CDKJ 85
    CDKJ 85 2 years ago +37

    This was the best poker show ever made. I wish they'd bring it back

  • Johnny D'Angelo Entertainment

    Tony G one of the most entertaining poker players

  • killwalker 2019
    killwalker 2019 Year ago +167

    Brunson mucks 10 2 off.
    "It's too early for that"

    • The Turtle
      The Turtle 6 months ago +9

      @BorosWarmaster no shit

    • BorosWarmaster
      BorosWarmaster 11 months ago +1

      well that's the Brunson. It's his signature hand.

  • ScatteR RealmS
    ScatteR RealmS Year ago +28

    The loose cannon is a man who has a lot of fun with his life and I respect that

  • Benjamin Brown
    Benjamin Brown 4 months ago +1

    Just gotta say I appreciate the Poker Stars channel for being so active and putting these shows up on the YT. Other networks would benefit quite a bit from doing the same. I miss the Big Game but I'll watch anything that Stapes announces

  • 885 Blackjack - Las Vegas Blackjack News

    great KQ fold by Hellmuth against Laak's K10 at 18 minutes. Even though I really do not like Phil Hellmuth's game, he makes some pretty amazing lay-downs. And a special credit later in this episode to Texas Dolly, who lays down A7 of hearts vs Phil's 999 on the turn

  • Doc Holladay007
    Doc Holladay007 Year ago +6

    I hope they bring this back after a Covid . I miss watching my favorite poker players play NL

  • Mateusz Boczkiewicz
    Mateusz Boczkiewicz 9 months ago +1

    This is absolutely the best table at The Big Game - Doyle a legend, Laak is pure gold and G + Negranu vs Hellmuth is awsome to watch :D

  • andy wood
    andy wood Year ago +1

    These guys were so much fun to watch. When they were together games were lively. When they continually tried to get Hellmuth to blow his stack and then sat there snickering was too much. Tony G. needling Phil Hellmuth was so entertaining. Excellent poker too.

  • Stego
    Stego 2 years ago +18

    These guys all have different personalities, this is the most fun table I've seen in a while

  • Ersguterjunge
    Ersguterjunge Year ago +2

    This is probably one of the best episodes ever. Also I like how happy Phil is here - before being bullied by Tony G 😓

  • Dawson Patel
    Dawson Patel 3 months ago +1

    Im watching this after finishing the whole show, i just missed a few cannons but hearing phil say ur the worst one here to tony is just so funny knowing how well his matchup against tony is going to be in future episodes

  • Mike Calhoun
    Mike Calhoun 3 months ago +2

    I absolutely love Doyle. "Why would I lie Phil? My hand is in the muck."

  • Jambo
    Jambo 3 years ago +3

    Quality. I loved this show! Keep them coming.

  • holgh wolgh
    holgh wolgh 6 months ago +3

    Been watching a lot of poker recently as I've just gotten into it in the past few months. This series has been my absolute favorite ESPECIALLY this group of guys. How can you not love all of these guys?? Daniel is so cool, the loose cannon was so entertaining, Doyle is just a legend and he is adorable, and I love Phil and Tony even tho I'm learning many people dont like them.

    • Charles Martin III
      Charles Martin III Month ago

      Tony's my favorite. He'd make me mald in about two hands

    • Patroclus
      Patroclus 4 months ago

      For sure. Tony and Phil are still fun 😅

  • Jonathan Trego
    Jonathan Trego Year ago +6

    This is the best “week” , perfect lineup....

    SCRATCHONEMORE 3 months ago

    This is the best format for live cash tv, masterful blend of pros with different personalities and a loose cannon amateur to give the people at home a underdog to cheer for. The combination of Tony G and Hellmuth in cash is legendary entertainment 🤣

  • Alexander Pavlovsky
    Alexander Pavlovsky 2 years ago +12

    Doyle is amazing. Love to watch the man play.

    • Michael Marion
      Michael Marion 2 years ago +1

      Alexander Pavlovsky Yeah this table was a blast to watch

  • Elliot Jaffe
    Elliot Jaffe 9 months ago

    What a lineup they had for week 1!

  • Scott J Whitman
    Scott J Whitman Year ago

    poker stars needs to come back because the announcers have the funniest straightman layman dynamic

  • Emil Degas
    Emil Degas Year ago +67

    This Wiggins guy is amazing, someone should make a video on him just to make an example on the worst tells you could give. I get that sitting in the table with those guys is fun as fuck but you are there as a poker player, at least play good poker. I can't believe he is just this bad on his bet management and blatant tells.

    • Power to Truth
      Power to Truth Month ago

      @Breezy Style she did even know how to look at her cards

    • Breezy Style
      Breezy Style 3 months ago

      @Gerald Fillion not as bad as the blonde girl.. Houston or w/e, she was completely clueless.

    • Gerald Fillion
      Gerald Fillion 4 months ago +8

      I was cringing every hand he played man he's terrible... it was very hard to watch man

    • Justin Flatt
      Justin Flatt 4 months ago +5

      It was great television nonetheless lol

    • Sko Gudiño
      Sko Gudiño 5 months ago +7

      so bad lmao

  • Mephi
    Mephi 3 months ago

    only daniel can make the dealer start laugh while dealing lmao

  • Haja Klar
    Haja Klar 3 years ago +16

    laak and daniel are there, I don't need more to watch a series.

  • Bobby Novaxx
    Bobby Novaxx 8 months ago +6

    Going in with that KQ was a terrible play... That ace coming off would have been a massive pay day.

  • Clayton Copeland
    Clayton Copeland 2 years ago +20

    "I'm so glad to be the worst player at the table!" Tony G smeckled Hellmuth with Hellmuth's own words. Classic.
    They should do a video of just Tony G heckling Phil H... lmao

    • Viral Vidz
      Viral Vidz Year ago

      Ernest is clearly the worst player. He’s really bad even for an amateur. Going all in with 2 pair. That’s crazy.

  • Charles Floyd
    Charles Floyd Year ago +15

    “I’ve hit that big”
    “I’M ALL-IN”

  • Niccolò Ivarson
    Niccolò Ivarson 3 years ago +2

    Phil is so right though. Calling a J10 preflop against two raisers? Offsuit too? You can get card lucky in cash games but the skill that doyle and phil have wins bracelets.

  • Witold Geibig
    Witold Geibig Year ago

    Phil laak, Tony G, Doyle, Helmuth, Daniel?!?! Please re-unite this epic cash game table.

  • Saqo B
    Saqo B Year ago

    Tony owning Doyle is an all time classic.

  • Craig Evans
    Craig Evans 2 years ago +135

    Loose cannon pretty much telling them the hands he has

  • Young Gentleman
    Young Gentleman Year ago +2

    I dont even remember how many times i have watched this episode and all other first week episodes of the big game 🤣

  • Kevin’s Disobedience

    Say what you want about Hellmuth, but the guy can get away from big hands way easier than most pros.

  • ADistantStar
    ADistantStar Year ago +1

    I just wish today's players had half the personality of these guys!
    And of course, Joe Stapleton makes it even better!!!

  • Krzysztof Zukowski
    Krzysztof Zukowski Year ago +67

    Loose cannon lit up like a Christmas tree when he got the two pair. Go back to bingo young man, poker is not for you.

    • Nick
      Nick Year ago +18

      and jammed lol he could have slowplayed it an let tony hit his rivered A and spew it off lol

  • Patricia Davis
    Patricia Davis 12 days ago

    I have never heard of this show. wow. I have no idea why it went off the air it sounds like a sure fire winner

    SCRATCHING FOR CASH 9 days ago +1

    Wiggins is good but he missed a lot of opportunities to win big. You can tell he’s a new player. He value plays.

  • 117_Sins •
    117_Sins • 4 months ago

    13:39 funniest moment 😂

  • MarsdeN MullaC
    MarsdeN MullaC 2 years ago

    Phil Laak is like the kid in school who turns up to class late, makes noise to his chair then realises after he's sat down he's in the wrong class

  • Zen Trader
    Zen Trader 3 years ago +279

    The term "read him like a book" could have been made up for Ernest Wiggins.

    • evadecaptcha
      evadecaptcha Year ago +7

      @Jullifer Joseph Tuba He could've made so much on that hand. Tony would've bluffed his draw, or chased it, then would have hit his ace and paid Wiggins off.

    • kingofkings69ner jr
      kingofkings69ner jr Year ago +1

      Typical internet player

    • Ian Zellick
      Ian Zellick Year ago +3

      @Jullifer Joseph Tuba Terrible play yes. In his defense I think seeing Tony catch Doyle a few hands before he got pie-eyed and thought he could do the same

    • Jullifer Joseph Tuba
      Jullifer Joseph Tuba Year ago +16

      the ridiculous KQ all-in tho, can't believe he isn't a total newbie to the game

    • Donatas
      Donatas 2 years ago +12

      And all so big black fish was made up for Ernest Wiggins.

  • Jimmay
    Jimmay 8 months ago +1

    Wiggins all in against Tony G was so painful. Could've made so much more money

  • Beau Crawford
    Beau Crawford 3 months ago

    Ernest is just showing too much emotion haha Daniels playing him so hard

  • 6th Wilbury
    6th Wilbury 3 years ago

    Many, many fond memories... Stapes, Amanda and the Huffster were still over at PokerRoad.
    Also, Wiggins has a similar vocal habit as Tony G: the little exhale at the end of every sentence. Always sounds like they're constipated.

  • Jeb Helsing
    Jeb Helsing 2 years ago +4

    Usually when I see Hellmuth he’s his bratty self or just really tilted, seems like he’s actually enjoying the game and his fellow players here tho, love to see happy Hellmuth :p only 20 minutes in here tho so check back in around part 3-4 lol

  • Francis
    Francis Year ago

    I feel the pain Ernest. how did you get to play this champs?

  • Huub ten Hoeve
    Huub ten Hoeve 2 years ago +4

    Watching this back for the seccond time, i think it is a shame they never got Tom Dwan or Phil Ivey on the show.

    • Deaf2Demands
      Deaf2Demands 2 years ago

      I agree. But if they did, the loose cannon would be out after 5 hands or less.

  • Michael Gerrard Tyson
    Michael Gerrard Tyson 3 years ago +13

    Phil is so chill here. Seems like a cool guy.

    • Rosemary
      Rosemary 4 months ago

      Stupid is as stupid does

  • D1V1NE Networking Solutions

    Phil really knew Negs pair of kings on the second hand

  • Advaita Vedanta by Chris

    nice to see you again after so many years.

  • Yea Yea
    Yea Yea 2 years ago

    Put the biggest fish out of the loose cannons first to make the show look exciting and draw viewers in 🤣👌

  • n0thing
    n0thing 3 years ago +50

    Clearly shows the difference between an amateur and a pro

    • Despond
      Despond 3 months ago +1

      He plays like someone who just read quickly what hands are the best and went straight into his first game. The other players were trying to be nice with smiles and friendly jokes but they all knew it was just an ATM.

    • GorillaRadio88
      GorillaRadio88 Year ago +11

      This guy is pretty bad even for an amateur. Of course he somehow lucks out in an epic hand against hellmuth and wins 50k

    • Sebastian Gavajda
      Sebastian Gavajda 3 years ago +15

      Absolutely obvious. I would have milked that "loose cannon" for all his chips even with poor and mediocre hands. These are the folks you want to be sat against in a cash game table. A mouth as big as a bass's, yet still just a fish.

  • denmark dk
    denmark dk 3 years ago +5

    Old but good 👌
    Tony is so funny😅

  • arjan Arjan
    arjan Arjan 8 months ago

    Phil is best in folding 2nd best hands, he is classic

  • kamikazemelon787
    kamikazemelon787 2 years ago +104

    wiggins got aces on like the first ten hands and failed entirely poor guy

    • evadecaptcha
      evadecaptcha Year ago +5

      @Steven He got excited and bet pot right away. Instead of just doing a raise, saying "I bet pot" always looks strong.

    • Steven
      Steven Year ago

      What else could he have done? It was a normal raise.

    • Jayvee Simbajon
      Jayvee Simbajon Year ago +1

      He's amateur. Dont know how to handle aces. Smh

    • Matt Constantopoulos
      Matt Constantopoulos Year ago +14

      painful to watch at times

  • Steve D
    Steve D 3 years ago +2

    Wish I could have been on this show would have been cool

  • Classic Bants
    Classic Bants Year ago

    This was genius hand on so many levels 12:53

  • Michael T.
    Michael T. 11 months ago

    Watching Tony G razzing Phil hellmuth makes me so happy.

  • Kleine Raupe
    Kleine Raupe Year ago +1

    Hahaha gotta love Tony g. Playing super loose and bad but so damn lucky ^^ funny dude

  • Patricia Davis
    Patricia Davis 12 days ago

    I love the vibe of the loose cannon he is incredible

    • Patricia Davis
      Patricia Davis 12 days ago

      I am at the part in the video yo where the loose cannon goes all in against the mouthpiece from Australia. The shock and amazement around the table was was hilarious.

  • Logan Williams
    Logan Williams 3 years ago +8

    Hellmuth called two kings wow he was right for once.

  • Frigid Bones
    Frigid Bones 5 months ago

    I love how Tony G isn’t a part of the intro at all even though he is one of the biggest draws lmao

  • Darren West
    Darren West 9 months ago

    At 38.40 you see the Ace com on the turn before it reverts back to the flop.

  • Blob T
    Blob T 3 years ago +2

    They be calling out wiggins every time 😂😂😂😂 I be dying here in laughter. His still a rookie at the table hahaha

  • Niccolò Ivarson
    Niccolò Ivarson 3 years ago +6

    Hellmuth just the GOAT.

  • Holy Kussh
    Holy Kussh 3 years ago +4

    24:53 "It's like a double reverse bluff". Lmao! It really was and it worked

  • Sustainable Developing


  • DaRkMirRoR265
    DaRkMirRoR265 7 months ago +1

    32:20 Phil sitting looking like a mannequin from the gap! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Scotty ballgame
    Scotty ballgame 4 months ago

    Daniel is a lucky lucky dude lol... hes good at cards too

  • IlIlIIlIllI lIIll
    IlIlIIlIllI lIIll 2 months ago

    Wiggins seems like a cool guy i like this dude alot

  • M. R.
    M. R. 2 years ago


  • Rat
    Rat 2 years ago +3

    Stapleton is a legend 10:24

  • Yeoman Adventures
    Yeoman Adventures 6 days ago

    This is the best Loose Cannon in the series...

  • Dat 1 Song
    Dat 1 Song 11 months ago

    I would love to play poker with the cannon

  • Loyal Line
    Loyal Line 2 years ago +4

    25:53 Phil’s face after realizing he would have backed up into the nut flush😒🤣

    • Loyal Line
      Loyal Line Year ago

      Ritvik C 🤣👌🏼

    • Ritvik C
      Ritvik C Year ago +1

      Loyal Line LMAO thank you so much haha that makes this moment so much better

    • Loyal Line
      Loyal Line Year ago

      Ritvik C he folded Ace-5 of spades and the board ran out runner runner spades. He would’ve had the best hand by the river because even though the board was paired... Tony nor Doyle would’ve filled up. Phil would’ve took it down with the Ace high flush. That’s why at 26:08 he said “I would’ve busted you, don’t worry”.

    • Ritvik C
      Ritvik C Year ago

      Wait what do you mean backed up into the nut flush

  • Sean Haggard
    Sean Haggard 2 years ago +80

    Producer: “So are going to put Phil Helmuth next to Tony G or Tony G next to Phill Helmuth?”

    • Apoc
      Apoc 9 months ago

      They draw their seats

  • pepperoni1952
    pepperoni1952 3 years ago +1

    This is a 10 year old game Doyle wearing Doyle’s room hat and Phil wearing his Ultimate bet shirt and before Daniel’s hair transplants!

  • XtotheK
    XtotheK 11 months ago +1

    21:20 Wiggins badly folds out of turn

  • A. L
    A. L 5 months ago

    that “more famous for his folds than an overnight shift at the gap” remark took me out!

  • Jalypso
    Jalypso 2 years ago +1

    Can tell Tony respects Doyle massively just by the way he stacks him and chooses to needle Phil instead. Any other player he would be going in on them there.

  • Riccardo Basso
    Riccardo Basso 3 years ago +23

    Stapes was so controlled back in the day. 95% less puns

    • J Dee
      J Dee 3 years ago

      This was also national broadcast on FOX i think. I think he was limited in what he could say

    • Christhjian
      Christhjian 3 years ago +4

      I really enjoy his commentary on the big game for the most part. On EPTs he's always been way over the top for my taste.

    • Gabe K
      Gabe K 3 years ago +4

      and as a result, 100x funnier.

  • Mick The King
    Mick The King 2 years ago

    Can’t believe Wiggins folded an Ace with only a queen out there and 2&3 could’ve made a straight

  • J.R King
    J.R King 3 years ago +11

    No biggie just Doyle rebuying for another 100k

  • Charles Martin III
    Charles Martin III Month ago

    I know it's easy to say without 5 poker champions staring you down, but the cannon played that way too straight. That all in call was so jumpy. Then he even said he had two pair afterwards. If your gonna brag at least lie and say you had nothing

  • Frumpis Brinkleton
    Frumpis Brinkleton 11 months ago +2

    I love how Negreanu always starts talking gangsta when a black dude sits at the table

  • Paul Roos
    Paul Roos 3 years ago +11

    Wiggins!! Dont go all in, u had him

  • jim smith
    jim smith 3 years ago +20

    Who told Wiggins he can play poker?

    • jim smith
      jim smith 5 months ago +2

      @Some Random Dude Bad advice.

    • Some Random Dude
      Some Random Dude 5 months ago +1

      Apparently it was his GF

    • Furious Furg
      Furious Furg 6 months ago

      Seriously. If your gonna play straight odds on cards at least don't tell everyone that's what your doing in the most obvious way.

  • Aaron Cruz
    Aaron Cruz 2 years ago +5

    That was the realest moment when loose cannon Wiggins said, "I keep getting bomb ass ✋'s

    • drz
      drz 2 years ago +3

      He kept giving his hand away lol.

  • Lee Van Nguyen
    Lee Van Nguyen Year ago

    Still watching these Big Games in 2020. And still shaking my head that this loose cannon got on the show. Flopping 2 pair kq and is all in on flop against the most aggro player on table. He could easily have won 20-30k more.

    • Power to Truth
      Power to Truth Month ago

      I'm a bad poker player qnd even I know how to bet to get the most amount of chips from the other players

  • Some Random Dude
    Some Random Dude 5 months ago

    29:55 Daniel trying to do “black-talk” in the 2pr hand when Wiggins goes all-in is hilarious … “cuz”

  • VoltZ
    VoltZ 9 months ago

    Wiggins getting the good hands LMFAO

  • Rodrigo Rocha
    Rodrigo Rocha Month ago

    7:15 best hand Neagranu ever played, if you know what I mean haha

  • Sam
    Sam Year ago +5

    30:20 no tells on Ernest whatsoever 😂😂

  • Jamie McG
    Jamie McG 3 years ago

    Phil is a real life Spenny

  • heheh
    heheh Year ago

    best part lmfao: 8:59

  • Ricky Smith
    Ricky Smith 10 hours ago

    did you see that smile on his face when he said “all in!” after never making a bet lmfao my god he was cartoonishly bad at poker haha. I bet the “qualifiers” were online where he couldn’t announce to the table how good his hand is. But even still I don’t know how he made it haha.
    I really like the guy he’s a lot of fun I’m only joking around because I doubt he’ll ever read this if you do I’m sorry. But there were so many cringey moments when he played