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THE NIGHT SHIFT #13: we can't do this, you're my stepbrother

  • Published on Aug 23, 2019 veröffentlicht
  • so you work the night shift? so do we. we can get thru this together. a random collection of news, stories, weather, and other random unplanned happenings. and tons of buttery toast.
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Comments • 2 000

  • iFerg
    iFerg 2 years ago +2907

    Mike really giving the boys the content they want. You deserve it all Mike my man.

    • Neil CODM
      Neil CODM 8 months ago

      yo ferg, why you here ahahaha

    • MotoEnz
      MotoEnz 8 months ago

      men of culture we meet again this is our COD...

      ZOROGASH Year ago

      Wtf are you doing here

    • Brandon
      Brandon Year ago

      Are you kidding

  • Austin Graham
    Austin Graham 2 years ago +29

    Been a casual fan for a little while. Honestly I've always looked at viewing your content as a guilty pleasure; Ive never watched for personal growth. Reason I say this is that your two simple pre-cleaning mental health tips are actually very valuable to the extent of bettering mindfulness. Thinking about checking out your book man congratulations on that btw, keep sharing your truths, keep influencing for the better. Much love.

  • Diego Escobar
    Diego Escobar 2 years ago +10

    Mike, you’re an inspiration brother and slowly but surely moving up on my rank of favorite youtubers, love this shit + longer episodes

  • Psipherion
    Psipherion 2 years ago

    Love the structure you have going here with the list - that'll def help keep you on track and it feels right for this show. Great work, Mike! Always enjoy #thenightshift and look forward to more. Also, the toilet time with Spencer segment this time was gold 😂

  • Koray Ekiz
    Koray Ekiz Year ago

    Im so happy you’re getting the recognition you deserve mike ur content is great.

  • Alex Chapmann
    Alex Chapmann 2 years ago +7

    I love this show Mike!. Your finally getting credit you deserve.

  • jeffjeff
    jeffjeff 2 years ago +2

    I actually like the longer content tbh it gives me an out during my day to unplug I'm liking the small changes your Makin and it's cool to see someone my age grindin with the younger gen. Keep it up mike btw you have the perfect influencer in Logan behind ur back bro that kids got his sh*t together hope u guys continue to prosper

  • Princess Lollypop
    Princess Lollypop 2 years ago

    I love watching these videos. Keep up the good work Mike

  • Omar Musallam
    Omar Musallam 2 years ago +6

    And answering fans questions should def be part of every night shift show ! I love it honestly

  • Kristen Stoner
    Kristen Stoner 2 years ago

    love you mike, you make me laugh constantly.

  • Kiana Sosa
    Kiana Sosa 2 years ago

    Can’t wait for the book to come out seems like it’d be an amazing read just from the little bit of stories you’ve shared

  • Victoria Siegrist
    Victoria Siegrist 2 years ago

    I hope you see this because you should know I really enjoy what your doing. I can see the progression and hard work your putting into this and your older demographic is liking this content. 😘

  • suzanne gullace
    suzanne gullace 2 years ago +1

    Keep doing questions and answers!! Are your parents still around? If so are they proud of you?? They should be, great job big mike!!

  • matt prior
    matt prior 2 years ago

    I love these episodes , man !
    Definitely different from the usual interview /podcast rut !
    Mike is very natural and a vibe kinda like Joe Rogan , the younger , leaner and taller version off course !

  • Nicole Butler
    Nicole Butler 2 years ago

    Ur such a genuine person keep doing dope things mike

  • Afshin Ommi
    Afshin Ommi 2 years ago

    good. listening to your mom and team, it shows how brave and willing to break the normal you are

  • MythicRein 1
    MythicRein 1 2 years ago +1

    Should keep the fan questions at least every few videos or once a month. Good shit man, looking forward to the next 1

  • Beauty Shit With Noelle
    Beauty Shit With Noelle 2 years ago +23

    I personally like longer episodes as long as it’s interesting and a lot of what you say is interesting I’m 33 and relate everything you say. It’s the only reason I watch impaulsive as well

    • Bridget C
      Bridget C 2 years ago

      I can relate with everything mike says as well! Girls really do enjoy his stories also! I am 35 and I live for mikes content. We DONT want shorter 🙏🏻😉

    • Beauty Shit With Noelle
      Beauty Shit With Noelle 2 years ago

      Noelle Shultz I have never met another one who spells it the same as me! Yay! Noelle’s unite! 💯💋 ♥️

    • Noelle Shultz
      Noelle Shultz 2 years ago

      Hi I’m Noelle too! 💜

    • April
      April 2 years ago +1

      Beauty Shit With Noelle i agree it felt rushed. You make great content mike no need to rush greatness. We love your stories and everything in between the randomness. Don’t cut us short 🤟🏻I’m 29 and can totally relate there aren’t many youtubers who are real with the world. It’s always nice to come here for a laugh after a long day.

  • Gwyn Terry
    Gwyn Terry 2 years ago +2

    Really liked this episode. You’re so much more comfortable in front of the camera and on your own now

  • Calvin Van Vuuren
    Calvin Van Vuuren 2 years ago

    Definitely keep the coworker questions Mike and you still crack me the fuck up man

  • Trent polcyn
    Trent polcyn 2 years ago

    keep it up man and your energy seems at an all time high maybe the soberness is helping a bit good job man and thanks for the nightly entertainment

  • PJ Cole
    PJ Cole 2 years ago +11

    I honestly think Mike should do motivational speaking videos or something like that. I feel like he had a lot of wisdom and a lot to talk about. I feel like he learns from every experience and it would be cool to see how he learned from different experiences

  • JAXX
    JAXX 2 years ago +2179

    Mike, you don't look young because of your face, you look young because you dress like a kid

    • Adam Craig
      Adam Craig Year ago

      @Joshua Payne you can wear shorts yea. Sports shorts when exercising. Then tailored shorts or maybe denim depending. But the hoody... the cap, the trainers lol he looks like bart simpson or one of those kids from recess. Standards for mens style have really slipped recently.

    • Joshua Payne
      Joshua Payne Year ago

      @Adam Craig you can’t wear shorts and a shirt at 34 😂. It’s not like he works a 9-5 he’s self working so he wears what he wants🤦🏾‍♂️💀

    • Adam Craig
      Adam Craig Year ago

      @Joshua Payne do you want to go through each item of clothing? Tbh if you're asking this im concerned that you think his style is appropriate for a 34yo lol

    • Joshua Payne
      Joshua Payne Year ago

      @Adam Craig you didn’t explain how though 😂

  • Danielle J
    Danielle J 2 years ago

    Yes yes love the fan questions. Keep it up, ur so unbelievably real I want nobody else but u doing Q&As lol!

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob 2 years ago

    I fuckin love this show. Keep it going, Mike.

  • Kevin Tello
    Kevin Tello 2 years ago +3

    I love that you answer questions! keep doing it. Also, I think it's cool that you Interview adult stars.

  • Situation IT
    Situation IT 2 years ago +3

    Keep the videos coming mate! Your funny af and you always call a spade a spade, it makes my depression go away, so thank you very much 👍

  • Anthony Cruz
    Anthony Cruz 2 years ago +1

    Keep the adult star segment coming and don’t forget about showing the bedrooms. Loved that and need more ASAP!

  • adam beaudoin
    adam beaudoin 2 years ago

    keep the long episodes bro. love the show

  • Makaveli 98
    Makaveli 98 Year ago +69

    2:23 this actually happened to me this week. I went to the dmv because I had a a scheduled written test but when we got there it was closed until further notice. So then we went to a different dmv and stood in line for an hour only to find out we don’t have all the document. Then we went to the dmv today and stood for another hour. We thought we had all the papers but there was a different lady helping us out and she said “I’m sorry we can’t help you, you need to bring your certificate of completion”. I was sure I gave my mom this certificate but she left it in her room...This has been such an inconvenient experience, now I feel Mike when he said he knew he was gonna get absolutely nothing done. Same here

  • Felix Foti
    Felix Foti 2 years ago

    So much respect for the mental health tips. We need more influencers who promote mental wellness instead of grimy self destructive nonsense

  • Amy a
    Amy a 2 years ago

    Love the Q&A and think the episodes should stay longer! Not make them shorter !

  • HaveNoClueLol
    HaveNoClueLol 2 years ago

    Love your work mike 😂😍

  • Chris Breheim
    Chris Breheim 2 years ago

    Definitely add more fan questions those are always good

  • Matthew Skidmore
    Matthew Skidmore 2 years ago

    Mike don't worry about the length of the video 26 minutes or 35 minutes we will clock in and stay because we are legit fans here and r ready to work lmao

  • Alexis Menendez
    Alexis Menendez 2 years ago

    Keep the vids coming love itt

  • Saran Rai
    Saran Rai 2 years ago +6

    This the best shit in Clip-Share keep doing what ur doing

  • Alexandra Oravec
    Alexandra Oravec 2 years ago

    Love this so much!! You da shit Mike

  • Edogamunoz
    Edogamunoz 2 years ago +3

    Mike.... a man of great taste. RESPECT MY BRODA ✊

  • sachin suvarna
    sachin suvarna 2 years ago +188

    toilet time with Spencer really the highlight of the show its so hilarious lol

    • Mike Rider
      Mike Rider 2 years ago

      Fuck... I had to turn my volume down.

    • Zak Moon
      Zak Moon 2 years ago +1

      sachin suvarna hahahahaha yes

  • Richard Searfoss
    Richard Searfoss 2 years ago +3

    Wow Emily’s Content is amazing! Thank you Mike for getting us acquainted

  • Florensia 123rt
    Florensia 123rt 2 years ago

    At 26 minutes I still watched it twice you're a real influence. Stopped the drugs mental health is alot harder than you'd think huh. Keep it up dude can't wait for the next upload

  • Brice Elizabeth
    Brice Elizabeth 2 years ago

    Genuinely love these videos

  • Film Productions
    Film Productions 2 years ago

    I love the long night shift episodes

  • supermanouche
    supermanouche 2 years ago

    Better than the last one, you can't always hit the target perfectly feels like there is more energy

  • Laurence Vos
    Laurence Vos 2 years ago +1

    More business talk Mike, some of the insights you've given so far have been great!

  • Yaquelin Labbe
    Yaquelin Labbe 2 years ago

    It's funny how mike makes me want to eat buttery toast out of nowhere

  • Austin Robinson
    Austin Robinson 2 years ago +1

    I like when the episodes are long and you do stuff with other celebritys

  • JasonieNadi
    JasonieNadi 2 years ago

    Keep them long lmao love this

  • Narpinder Singh
    Narpinder Singh 2 years ago

    I actually love mike
    best personality on Clip-Share!!!!!

  • John Han
    John Han Year ago +2

    Mike a year later is about 3x as good, lotta growth, keep it up

  • joan s
    joan s 2 years ago

    Keep em long mike !

  • Abhishek Chaubey
    Abhishek Chaubey 2 years ago +34

    If i was logan i really need a friend like mike love u both guys❤️🤘🏻

  • Nicole P
    Nicole P 2 years ago +1

    Mike just trying to keep it together during that interview is a mood 😂

  • killa capn
    killa capn 2 years ago +6

    Make the questions regularly biweekly, good content

  • Tomáš Čikovský
    Tomáš Čikovský 2 years ago +1

    mike is the master of getting closer without getting seen.

  • Abel Perez
    Abel Perez 2 years ago

    Man you're sense of humor is awesome.

    MANNY VLOGS 2 years ago +121

    Mike when you said “Late november? Perfect that works great for me. Why do I need a license to drive before november” I DIED 😂

    • Zak Moon
      Zak Moon 2 years ago

      MANNY VLOGS hahahahaha

  • Ty Cyan
    Ty Cyan 2 years ago

    I think Spencer is most funny when he bags on Mike and Logan for being dumb, douchey and not thought out. He being the smarter and more thought out kind of friend, makes him funny when the other 2 are acting like kids and he fathers them lol love spencers character!

  • Sam Weaver
    Sam Weaver 2 years ago +15

    Mike is in his prime and at his happiest when he’s with the porn stars I love it

  • JBeauFit
    JBeauFit 2 years ago +1

    Gotta say mike is funny af😂

  • Brooke Strohm
    Brooke Strohm 2 years ago

    Your killing it bro!!!!!!

  • Paul Lucente
    Paul Lucente 2 years ago

    My son used to watch Jake paul I told him that I thought Logan was a better influence n he could learn more watching logan but I couldn't watch ever since u got on I been watching alot u brought alot to the table n made it more like joe Rogan and more adult content but ur funny as fuck I'm hooked now keep killin it u turned that shit in too a I'll pod cast n bring some real east coast n street shit to the table n feel like I ain't watching a kid channel congrats keep doing ur thing n bring serious shit n and ur one liners u got me dying laughing every day u could get u guys on showtime new desus n mero again congrats n good looking out bringing a podcast that's up there wit Rogen wit out the hunting n dmt stories u guys doing some new fresh stuff oh n loved to see u guys get that lil punk Charlie z in n go in on him or put him in the ring with Logan that guy needs a good old fashion beating sucker punching people n running if he dont drop em

  • I Am Groot
    I Am Groot 2 years ago +1

    Im starting to love the night shift more everyday...

  • Amber
    Amber 2 years ago +3

    Ahaha toilet time with Spencer had me fall off my chair laughing :) :)

  • Cassiopeia
    Cassiopeia 2 years ago

    Please don't truncate the episodes. The longer duration in no way diminishes the value of the content. You're the Gavin Mcinnes of our generation. The more, the better.

  • Pablo Aguilar
    Pablo Aguilar Year ago +12

    Watching this again after 11 months and the question he ask to her is about her favorite fast food restaurant, we have to see it coming a food review channel xD

  • Chris Paul
    Chris Paul 2 years ago

    I like that one...right to business! Keep it up,big fan!

  • bamboozled
    bamboozled 2 years ago +4

    Spencer doesnt get enough credit his parts are the best

  • Cameron H
    Cameron H 2 years ago

    Hey dont feel bad Majlak Mike, I have no expectations when watching The NiteShift either.

  • jetta8037
    jetta8037 2 years ago

    Mike, my two cents, Time wise this episode felt rushed, seemed a bit uncomfortable less natural for you. It felt like past episodes seemed right being 15-20 minutes. Also, I felt the added time left room for your banter, your personality and less formatted "rambling".works and is more inline with the "Night Shift". I feel like bits like fan mail and such should be regularly, inregular. Specific to fan mail people ask the same questions, human nature.
    Best of luck with the book, looking forward to comparing stories... Keep entertaining us...... Thanks (4am, sorry for the grammer)

  • Kevin Burns
    Kevin Burns 2 years ago +6

    The way he came in “what a sweet girl” i cried for 30 seconds😂🤣💯

  • Daniel Sanchez
    Daniel Sanchez 2 years ago

    Only watched two episodes and I really enjoy them

  • Alex Mallet
    Alex Mallet 2 years ago

    I really love that Mike is so respectful toward the female sex-workers. He actually cares about them and wants to know more about their lives. Shout out to guys who don’t objectify women 👏🏽🙏🏽

      TONYREACT 2 years ago

      Not objectifying woman who objectify themselves

  • Itadori Hyuga
    Itadori Hyuga 2 years ago +5

    Mike you should look into making your own space for the the night shift with your own sign (that glows). I think that would help take the show to the next level. The more effort you put in will show

  • Edwin Peraza
    Edwin Peraza Year ago

    HAHAHAHA I had the same exact experience like a month ago at the DMV and as you said, I went with no expectation

  • Rocko Perez
    Rocko Perez Year ago

    Mike the goat 🐐making content for the boys 😂😭💯❗️

  • innominandum
    innominandum 2 years ago

    make them longer not shorter, keep it up btw your doing gr8

  • Vincent: Disc Golf
    Vincent: Disc Golf 2 years ago

    I’m obsessed with this show hahaha

  • pedro
    pedro 2 years ago +18

    keep making the videos 20min+... we love them

  • king kelvo
    king kelvo 2 years ago +2

    This is the most slept on channel on Clip-Share, show bangs bro 🔥

  • Salty Spitoon
    Salty Spitoon 2 years ago +4864

    Did he have a drone tho?

  • Roman Spencer
    Roman Spencer Year ago +2

    Damn mike, emily Willis. You won. I’m as proud as you as Little brother can be.

  • Nick Botha
    Nick Botha Year ago

    Mike has come a long way 👌🏼

  • Alexis Aschkenase
    Alexis Aschkenase Year ago +7

    What’s in the stemless wine glass? 🤣
    Also, love the channel, my company is requiring a ton of overtime as of last week and I’ve been binging these videos hardcore since then 😅

  • Luis T
    Luis T 2 years ago +4

    Definitely have to go do some more research on this new nightshift guest

  • Koen Hensgens
    Koen Hensgens Year ago +13

    When he looked at her and said "Ok, I have to try and make it through this" I DIED

  • Milan Thakkar
    Milan Thakkar 2 years ago

    Bro you are going to surpass the Paul's. Sick content

  • shane hochstetler
    shane hochstetler 2 years ago +16

    Yo Mike love the night shift. But you should make the side bar circles blacked out until it plays so you don't know what's coming.

    FYIASAP 2 years ago +4510

    Whos watching while mike is dating lana rhoades

  • Collin Lindsey
    Collin Lindsey 2 years ago

    20 minute episodes are perfect

  • Andrew Brown
    Andrew Brown 2 years ago

    The night shift is the best thing going on Clip-Share

  • Lilbig daddy
    Lilbig daddy Year ago

    Dude I could not have a steady conversation with her...I would literally bust at will

  • Supratick Das
    Supratick Das 2 years ago

    Spencer is that kind of guy who will do a meditation before wearing a condom😂

  • Makaveli 98
    Makaveli 98 Year ago +52

    9:06 you should be proud of that. That’s the way my mom is, she’s gonna be 47 in a week and people still think she’s in her 20s or 30s. Her youthful appearance is a trait I think I got from her

    • BrehZii
      BrehZii 9 months ago

      My mom is like 40, and they don't think she is as young as your mom, but they think she is in her 30s bearly
      Edit: Same for my dad.

  • Rusty Wells
    Rusty Wells 2 years ago

    Fuck them all Mike you go with your gut and do what it tells you that's how you got to were you are now!

  • Jason Kravet
    Jason Kravet 2 years ago

    Yes the qna was great!!! Love it that fast and cut.

  • Stories From Behind Bars
    Stories From Behind Bars 2 years ago +3

    this is why i love you mike

  • Thej Kiran
    Thej Kiran 2 years ago

    Love the format! keeps it sane with the blocks on the left!

  • Coopa Da Hoopa
    Coopa Da Hoopa Year ago +93

    10:37 mikes face💀💀💀