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Doom's Most Mysterious Glitch Finally Solved After 30 Years

  • Published on Jan 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    Today we take a look at the rarest glitch in Doom history. The All Ghosts Effect has long been considered a freak of nature that can't be tamed, or controlled, or predicted. But 30 years after the game's release, everything has changed.
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  • Karl Jobst
    Karl Jobst  Month ago +3611

    3 videos in 4 days? Let me know if the quality of these videos are ok, because I've made them a bit shorter and a bit more casual which is just so much easier on me honestly. If I can get away with making more videos, at a shorter length that would be awesome. I will still do longer, more in-depth videos too but I want to add in more of these shorter, more laid back videos as well.
    Also big thanks to War Thunder tbh. Play War Thunder now with my link, and get a massive, free bonus pack including vehicles, boosters and more: playwt.link/karljobst2023

    • marenelinea
      marenelinea Month ago +1

      I enjoy all your content Karl, regardless of the length! 💯 👌
      Watching your video about the unoriginal arcade game joystick for Billy's lawsuit and his own personal drama, made me pretty optimistic tbh.
      Not only is he getting Extra Extra Banned, hopefully he'll be Super Duper Yeeted into jail as well. 🎉🧑‍💼
      The recently published photos, will without a doubt definitely benefit your own case with this toxic madman as well.
      I hope you are able to take good care of yourself in the middle of all that's happening.
      You have my full support Karl. 💚
      The King of Con is finally going down!!

    • VR Arcade
      VR Arcade Month ago

      Solid as always

    • Klaus Stock
      Klaus Stock Month ago

      @Korra Is Waifu You,: "Not much of an achievement."
      Everyone who actually tried this: "**** ******* ****!"

    • Korra Is Waifu
      Korra Is Waifu Month ago +1

      Only 1 time did I ever kill every single demon in the dark room before dying from the natural damage from the room itself. and I'm glad my friend was there to witness it. Not much on an achievement but I'm glad after hundreds of playthroughs I can say that lol.

    • Klaus Stock
      Klaus Stock Month ago

      One word: speedrun.

  • V
    V Month ago +4732

    One thing we can all agree on; ZeroMaster and Decino are both Certified Absolute Legends.

  • Battalon
    Battalon Month ago +623

    Thank you Zero Master for saving us 300 years of work! ❤️

    • kyle fer
      kyle fer Month ago +3

      Could have just had 300 people spend a year trying to get it to work. 🤣

    • Adrian J
      Adrian J Month ago +2

      @LucianDevine its something I can imagine Warhammer 40k to do, would be cool to see in a novel, for example theres a family dedicated to breaking a password of some powerful machine from the past, like... a laptop/pc with windows 20 xD and every genetation has set combinations to try out... Although, they'd propably have servitors programmed for that and after 500 years they broke to password to enter the desktop

    • Birdo
      Birdo Month ago +3

      @sMack you can put AI on it soon, never say never :)

  • AstalThe9
    AstalThe9 Month ago +231

    JESUS I WASNT CRAZY! This happened to me in Doom 2 WAAAY back in the late 90's. Scared the piss out of me with those wavy after images and suddenly immortal monsters. Left a scar on me, but I never thought about it till now. Thanks for making me relive it (I think).

    • OldHumpy
      OldHumpy Month ago +1

      It happened to me also during the 90s!! On doom 2, map 27 monster condo, I think it was on the library full of monsters... but I remember there was only 1 revenant left and it was unkillable and passed through walls. It also scared the crap out of me lol

    • Cyberdemon1542
      Cyberdemon1542 Month ago

      Tell us more

    • AstalThe9
      AstalThe9 Month ago +9

      @zxvc I remember it being early in the game, but it was so long ago. I paniced and closed it quickly.

    • zxvc
      zxvc Month ago +3

      was it on the same lvl zeromaster played?

    • sMack
      sMack Month ago +11

      & it didn't even take you 300 years -
      Lucky guy!! 👏😌

  • Rory Bevis
    Rory Bevis Month ago +1826

    I love how whenever Decino says something is "practically impossible", Zero Master takes it personally

    • vk vk
      vk vk Day ago +1

      @BQuick54 Seems like someone that's known as the greatest of all time is more likely to be a cheater than someone that outright sucks at the game, no? Maybe he's only so good because he cheats, I mean it's not such a crazy leap of logic to think that

    • Lukmendes
      Lukmendes 23 days ago +1

      @Caribbeanmax The way Zero Master sees it, "impossible" is just a word with "possible" in it.

    • aidan
      aidan Month ago

      @Michael Fetter lmao

  • Andres de Leon
    Andres de Leon Month ago +98

    Decino breaks it down, ZeroMaster manages to do it and Karl Jobst makes sure people are aware of all of it.

  • Captain Ravioli
    Captain Ravioli Month ago +359

    Decino is the guy that got me into doom, nowadays I don’t watch him as often but when I was really into doom I always watched every upload, I recommend his analysis series to anyone interested in dooms mechanics

    • gromit190
      gromit190 Month ago +1

      Decino's video on the Doom AI inspired me to write my own (small) game

    • Chris Robertson
      Chris Robertson Month ago +3

      Same, dude. i used to watch his videos almost religiously. i just kinda fell out of love with doom and stopped watching.

    • KingKlear
      KingKlear Month ago +11

      Check out his recent playthrough of Overboard! It's short semi-sequel to Going Down and it's glorious.

  • RemoteEars
    RemoteEars Month ago +1030

    I really like how in 96, "melee" attacks were referred to as "near attacks"

    • Шавермус
      Шавермус 24 days ago

      ​@Andy Speck what is CE

    • machineofadream
      machineofadream Month ago

      I was born in 81, and I don't remember ever calling them "near attacks". It would be more correct to say that there wasn't a widely agreed-upon term for what to call a close-quarters attack. As others have pointed out, there were games that called them melee attacks well before 1996.

    • David Maciaszek
      David Maciaszek Month ago

      @TheSpinkels D&D had Melee and Ranged in the mid 70s which the terms hit the rpg computer games

    • The Nameless
      The Nameless Month ago

      @Shane O'Brian you can dual-wield in Goldeneye.

    • storerestore
      storerestore Month ago

      @Mikkel Sieburg Wow I didn't know Halo: CE came out in the 1640s, I could swear it was just a couple of decades ago!!!

  • SilverSpireZ
    SilverSpireZ Month ago +152

    It was only a matter of time before decino was given a shoutout here. And man is it cool to see! Both him and Zero Master have done so much for this community. Super excited to see what both of them find and accomplish going forward!

  • Asato Wolfe
    Asato Wolfe Month ago +59

    The fact that you're still uploading videos and putting smiles on people's faces while dealing with lawsuits is amazing and _you're_ an Absolute Legend for that. Thank you for all you do.

  • CEO of onion incorperated

    glad to see decino getting more recognition, man deserves a million and one medals

  • HanakiKoi
    HanakiKoi Month ago +21

    Speedrunning has always had two sides; the runners themselves and the brave soldiers picking at the seams of the game until it either breaks or they understand why something breaks. We salute both and thank them for entertaining us and breaking our favorite games for decades.

  • Alastair Jones
    Alastair Jones Month ago +51

    The devs of Doom must be blown away by all the tricks and methods the community has found over the years to complete the game in so many different ways.

    • Elysara Ch.
      Elysara Ch. Month ago +2

      @Noah the Epic Guy on the surface, yes - there are some massive exploits that break the code, but they're often extremely precise and hard to pull off. But they're there.

    • Noah the Epic Guy
      Noah the Epic Guy Month ago +5

      I love how the two replies say almost the exact opposite thing.

    • pyro
      pyro Month ago +11

      What I find truly impressive is how difficult it is to execute these tricks after 30 years. The game's code is relatively solid despite its age.

    • Elysara Ch.
      Elysara Ch. Month ago +15

      I'm sure Carmack has a good chuckle sometimes at how broken and exploitable his 30 year old code has ended up being :>

  • DragonsEatCheese
    DragonsEatCheese Month ago +1703

    I love how speedruns are either ultra-precise use of the pieces of the game, or shattering it in an ultra-precise manner.

    • ThePurplePassage
      ThePurplePassage Month ago

      @Guy Fred he did not say they that did not respect it either, just that if you tried it yourself you would have respect for them, in the sense that you will likely appreciate the effort more than you would do if you did not try it yourself.

    • drb0mb
      drb0mb Month ago +4

      but i dislike how glitch and old-release use alienates a lot of the community, like speedruns of borderlands 2 being done in versions before bugs were patched. nah dawg that's just cheating at that point. you're using a version that needs research and circumvention to install; your competition is thin.
      i think of it like when skateboarding was vilified and priced out of peoples' capability. the pros had courses designed like urban environments, but you're being escorted away by security for grinding down a railing. that's not for you, it's for the pros, and the pros don't want you competing.

    • Ecgtheow
      Ecgtheow Month ago +4

      @Anthony Steible many games have Glitchless categories for people like yourself. If a glitch is hard to pull off or requires esoteric secrets from the void then it's still a challenge, just a different one than you enjoy.

    • Anthony Steible
      Anthony Steible Month ago +2

      I might get hate, but why can't people be legends for playing the game and beating it in an outstanding time. I don't really find someone proud about beating a game or level only by abusing glitches to be particularly impressive. I love cheating and/or finding little hacks in my offline or single player games, but I would never boast about any accomplishments achieved doing so.

    • Guy Fred
      Guy Fred Month ago +10

      @The channel With The Spookiest Ghost Sounds no one said they didn't respect it though..?

  • Coffee Break Kiwi
    Coffee Break Kiwi Month ago +30

    I'm not a speedrunner myself, but I am very intrigued by it all. These doom videos of yours really put one of my favorite games of all time in an entirely new light, never knew this was possible. Makes me want to just try it, not to speedrun but just to see if I myself can "break" the game.
    I also still secretly hope to one day see you suddenly upload a video titled "goldeneye is finally broken" by the way (probably not gonna happen).

  • Bastiaan
    Bastiaan Month ago +35

    I love how it seems as though after a lot of decino's breakdown analysis videos Zero Master shows up and proves his final conclusions about what is or isn't possible wrong. The two make a great tag team combination.

    • Bastiaan
      Bastiaan Month ago +1

      @FFKonoko well now you put it like that, fair enough haha.
      I still love their teamwork on cases like these though.

    • FFKonoko
      FFKonoko Month ago +3

      But he didn't. Decino said it would require astronomical precision and would be NEARLY impossible.
      Zero master doing 300 years worth of attempts seems a solid proof of that exact conclusion. 😄

  • Duothimir
    Duothimir Month ago +4

    Decino: "It's technically possible to do this intentionally, but the odds are astronomically low."
    ZeroMaster: "So you're saying there's a chance."

  • Christopher Lopez
    Christopher Lopez Month ago +26

    I suggest Decino as a whole, been following him for AGES and he's inspired me to begin my journey of working up the difficulty gameplay across WADs.

  • Hyacsho
    Hyacsho Month ago +29

    The fact that there's still so much to Doom is always a shock to me. And yes, my jaw did drop when I saw Zero Master's run

  • RobbidyRob
    RobbidyRob Month ago +957

    Thank you for recognizing and featuring Decino, he put's an incredible amount of effort into breaking the mechanics of Doom down and explain them to someone like me, who has no clue about this game. He definitely deserves more attention.

    • MadMikeMike
      MadMikeMike Month ago

      Heck yes. Agreed

    • petrorabbit
      petrorabbit Month ago +1

      If you go check his channel dont mention the imp cliff 😅

    • TheLippyServer
      TheLippyServer Month ago +10

      Decino is one of the coolest people on this platform for sure.

    • Blutwind
      Blutwind Month ago +11

      @Penguin DT i love how supposedly his video about broken spawners was used to fix them

    • Penguin DT
      Penguin DT Month ago +14

      Not just DOOM, other titles as well. I've really enjoyed his breakdowns of the madness that is Serious Sam.

  • Chris Welcome
    Chris Welcome Month ago +7

    One of my earliest memories of gaming was Doom with my brother and cousin. We'd play in on LAN at my dads work place and I was always the green guy, which was super annoying because I always got accidently killed with friendly fire being mistaken for an enemy. Can't believe that was nearly 30 years ago now. This game will forever hold a special place in my heart

  • Mats Moland Træen - Guitarist

    It's so fascinating to see just how hard these speedrunners go for it. I would never spend time on it myself, but it's very fascinating to watch how far they take it and how much thought is put into it.

  • Kylemsguy
    Kylemsguy Month ago +14

    I can't recommend decino highly enough. His yellow background videos are amazing at explaining DOOM mechanics all the way down to the code. His gameplay footage is great and really entertaining too. He's definitely one of the top DOOM youtubers, and I think anyone with an interest in DOOM should check him out.
    Shout out to Zero Master too. He's truly a DOOM god. Massive respect for his skill and pushing the boundaries of the game.

  • Mr. Improvements
    Mr. Improvements Month ago +2

    I remember going to the flea market in early nineties and picking up doom on a floppy disk , that was an awesome time back then , was like no way is this the full real game , it was me and my friends had an awesome time playing it was ground breaking and kinda scary playing at first brutal when you never seen anything like it .

  • Dave O
    Dave O Month ago +34

    I’m pretty sure Decino covered this in one of his monthly Doom mechanics videos. Maybe a couple years ago? I can’t remember but I’ve seen him explain it and the source code behind why it happens. Cool channel.
    Addendum: I wrote this comment at the very beginning of the video 😑. If only I had the patience…
    I stuck around and learned something awesome I didn’t know. Karl, you are a legend.

  • Ledmeister
    Ledmeister Month ago +404

    Very cool! And it was interesting to see here at 3:33 my first-ever, and ofc very confusing, encounter with this bug. FWIW, later in the '90s I got the bug again in the Black Tower level of the Doom II Master Levels. Like E1M8, this level has the same kind of special damaging floor, and allowed me to accidentally finish it in world-record time. (The demo file is still around, called BlackBug.Lmp.) Crazy stuff. Anyway, great video as always, Karl. Cheers. :)

    • Randi Billett
      Randi Billett Month ago +1

      @Ledmeister So, in effect, the answer to the question of 'how long' is not much, in relative terms, at least. But man, that guy has some dedication, if they seriously brute forced the application of a bug that, at the time, not a single person had any idea how to cause.
      That also tells me that, yeah, it was probably one of those runs that you aren't likely to beat without getting the glitch to occur. Interesting

    • Ledmeister
      Ledmeister Month ago +7

      @Randi Billett After seeing my demo, Never_Again played the map until the same glitch occurred, and was able to exit about 3.5 seconds faster. My demo was recorded with Doom II v1.9 under DOS, and the run time there is "21" seconds (the OG retail game rounds the time to full seconds). When played under some other source ports, the demo goes slightly out of sync, and ends about a second later.

    • Randi Billett
      Randi Billett Month ago +4

      Well, this raises a fun question. How long did it take for anyone to beat the accidental WR time in Black Tower? Or is it one of those instances where you couldn't hope to beat it without getting the glitch to happen again?

    • HarbingerDawn
      HarbingerDawn Month ago +37

      @cooperised Yes, the "impossible" part about it was being able to purposely cause the glitch on demand and use it as a viable speedrun strategy. It can of course happen at random, and if you're on a level with a death exit you can make use of it.

    • cooperised
      cooperised Month ago +52

      So this isn't actually the first time the glitch has been used to get a WR, but it's the first time it's been actively exploited for that purpose? That's fascinating.

  • LeCharles07
    LeCharles07 Month ago +4

    I wish there were more channels like decino. No one else dives into the code and shows you how it all works, it's amazing.

  • Mechagirl Sachiko
    Mechagirl Sachiko Month ago +3

    This is why I love this community. There's always something new and exciting at the turn of the corner. New mods, new level packs, new speedruns... And new weird cool stuff, like this glitch being used for something.

  • onikoneko
    onikoneko Month ago +16

    I know it's your catchphrase, but you, Decino, and ZeroMaster *are* absolute legends, all in different ways

  • R2Bl3nd
    R2Bl3nd Month ago +1

    The whole thing about being able to simulate 6 and 1/2 hours per second, and it taking 300 years worth of simulation time, absolutely blew my mind. Thank you for sharing this!!

  • Zeug
    Zeug Month ago +13

    Sitting down for a nice Karl Jobst DOOM video is one of the ultimate comforts

    • sMack
      sMack Month ago +1

      It really is quite relaxing, not sure exactly why but it's nearly therapeutic, 😌👌

  • The Dude
    The Dude Month ago +2

    Zero Master really is the greatest Doom player ever. Legend!

  • Matthew Anderson
    Matthew Anderson Month ago +1

    Karyl, thank you so much for continuing to be such a resounding voice for the speedrunning community. I hope you continue to educate and entertain us for a long time to come! =)

  • Christoffski
    Christoffski Month ago +1

    This is an awesome video. Doom absolutely holds up and it's cool people are still finding strats for these games.

  • Not Rich Just Bored
    Not Rich Just Bored 27 days ago +1

    I love this so much! 30 years and doom speed runs are still evolving...

  • Victor Boechat
    Victor Boechat Month ago +1

    It's so insane to witness how the leads of different Doom categories (top player, top content creators, etc) came together to solve this glitch and show how it's done. Kudos to all of you that keep Doom alive! 👏

  • MegaRazorback
    MegaRazorback Month ago +245

    Now all we need is Decino to do what he always does and really go in depth with this lol! Edit: Oh he already did? Oh...

    • YogiTheBearMan
      YogiTheBearMan Month ago +5

      Kind of surprised Zero Master is able to replicate the bug reliably enough to use in full episode speed runs. Ya I’d like to see Decino analyze Zero Masters strat and what it takes to pull off in this specific scenario

    • HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul
      HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul Month ago +3

      @JohannesMP Just give it some time, we'll get it eventually.

    • JohannesMP
      JohannesMP Month ago +10

      Well, it would still be neat if Decino were to do a breakdown of Zeromaster’s process and ultimate solution. I’m sure there’s plenty more details there specifically that were not covered in this video.

    • Jason Leon
      Jason Leon Month ago +4

      He already has

    • imsoready 111
      imsoready 111 Month ago +8

      He did, though. The link to it is in the description of this video

  • Eve Bat
    Eve Bat Month ago +1

    As a game developer I've been watching Decinos videos for causal entertainment for years. Really awesome to see them mentioned

  • dr .n0
    dr .n0 Month ago +2

    times have been tough for me emotionally and your content always comforts me. im always psyched when i see a new video come out, your voice and presentation saves me karl. i am liking and finally subscribing and always on the look for more content!

    • Muhfugha
      Muhfugha Month ago +1

      Those feelings will come to pass, hang in there stranger

  • TheMikeyb86
    TheMikeyb86 Month ago +5

    I've seen this happen once. I was watching my brother play in the 90s on Doom2. We were so confused and it was indeed pretty random. Haven't seen it IRL since.

  • SuperHansburger93
    SuperHansburger93 Month ago +1

    I saw the speedrun from Zero Master a few days ago. When I saw the hitscan glitch I was like "WTF just happened?".
    After some googling, I was blown away when I saw the explanation. This is the kind of thing that you'd expect to be TAS only, especially if you can only do it at the very end of the run.

  • BallbreakerRUS
    BallbreakerRUS Month ago +8

    I like they way it sounds when Karl says: "...*Someone* achieved...*slight dramatic pause*... this run..." and you are about to witness something really good and bask in the epicness of the moment.

  • quarnook
    quarnook Month ago +252

    its cool that people are still looking to find stuff about this game even after almost 30 years

  • Z
    Z Month ago +4

    Zero Master is just insane at the game. My god the amount of skill he has is incredible.

  • Dank Achilles
    Dank Achilles Month ago

    I've been watching decino since he only had hundreds of followers and his videos have been top notch since day 1. Glad you gave him a shout-out. His DOOM content in very well made.
    Edit: These short form videos are still fantastic bud. Keep em coming 🙏

  • Sliven Kage
    Sliven Kage Month ago +6

    Amazing video as always Karl ! Something similar happened in Need for Speed : Underground 2 speedrunning .. the game was being speedran absolutely normally for 15 years .. and then me and other runners from the community completely broke the game with OOB and finishing OOB as well .

  • Sid Game Review
    Sid Game Review Month ago

    It’s so nice to see this channel grow so much ❤ hella of a lot of fun to watch

  • Brian Edwards
    Brian Edwards Month ago +7

    300 years equivalent... This my friends is why TAS runs are so important. This was an awesome video. And enlightening to boot

  • CrazyPancakes72
    CrazyPancakes72 Month ago +78

    I love being bored at 1am and getting a surprise Karl upload to free me from insomnia boredom

  • Gamer3427
    Gamer3427 Month ago

    What's really interesting to think about is that while stuff like this will only rarely be known about outside of the speedrunning community, or even specifically the Doom community, it'll still cement their places in history within said community.

  • C King
    C King Month ago

    One of the best speedruns of all time. Not because of the run itself, but because of the genius simulation testing which helped make the glitch viable in a run.

  • Alex Miller
    Alex Miller Month ago

    The simulation was interesting! Do you think a similar simulation could be used in Goldeneye to uncover new glitches or out of bounds tricks? I know Goldeneye only loads so much at once, but I imagine it could still be useful.

  • Pagliacci
    Pagliacci Month ago +2

    Dude I hope you keep doing these shorter videos! It's just wonderful to see you uploading as often as you have been.
    You're one of the very few YTers that I'll wait forever for a video from and then I'll savor that shit when it's posted.
    But I am an addict and these last 4 videos have been really good, whether they be about an achievement or a cheater.

  • Khaøz
    Khaøz Month ago +1

    I've seen Decino's video about the bug when it came out, it was an year ago or so!
    Seeing speedrunners now finally implementing it on a real run just blowns my mind how amazing the speedrunning community is 🤯

  • GrouchTheGreat
    GrouchTheGreat Month ago +64

    Such a steady fire of top notch videos, super proud! Also very excited to see your opinions/observations of the Goldeneye port

    • SmokeRulz
      SmokeRulz Month ago

      @Karl Jobst Of course it would be! You're a Goldeneye legend and we'd like to hear your thoughts. Definitely also check around and see how the speedrun community is taking it. Sure it's possible they don't care at all, but it's also possible you'll be surprised and get something video worthy.

    • Timic83tc
      Timic83tc Month ago

      @Karl Jobst if you play on an old Xbox one like me and download games in the background, you can sometimes get less FPS than N64 and do huge teleports/warps.

    • Guillermo J Perea
      Guillermo J Perea Month ago +2

      @Karl Jobst YES buddy, it is a legendary game and you made it even more so, so it would be interesting to get your take on the port and on the scene's reception towards it. You know; how hot or cold it is for the community, what's cooking, and what the opinions are.
      Congrats for your incredible content man, keep it up!

    • Two Wolves HighFiving
      Two Wolves HighFiving Month ago +4

      @Karl Jobst not sure if you have ever been into RTS games,but age of empires 2 was also ported & I'm very happy.
      Lots of nostalgia and fun playing age of empires. Hopefully they port aoe III soon too.
      Going to play goldeneye once I play AOE 2 a bit.
      Thanks for the lovely video Karl. I grew up playing doom. Was my first game at age 5. Used to play with cheats as a way to practice at that age. It definitely helped me hone the skills I have today. Both in video games and other aspects of life.

    • Karl Jobst
      Karl Jobst  Month ago +43

      Yeah is that something that would be interesting? I'll definitely play it and check it out. Doesn't seem like there is much interest in it as far as speedrunning goes. I'm very surprised about that.

  • Johan Hansson
    Johan Hansson Month ago +1

    Back in the days, i actually experienced this bug once (at least i think it's this bug). It happened while playing one of the levels in the dark forces mod and resulted in an immortal Imp chasing me through the map 😅

  • Jackeat
    Jackeat Month ago +1

    Been watching decino for years. Quality videos about sometimes very obscure and esoteric aspects of Doom speedruns.

  • Avasam
    Avasam Month ago

    Awesome video. Really reminds me of a fall-through-ground / collision loss glitch in Pitfall TLE that has happenned to pretty much everyone, and is somewhat consistent with certain routes. But no ones knows how to control or replicate where it would matter.

  • Wing 01
    Wing 01 Month ago +1

    Amazing video as always! I don't have a lot of knowledge about classic Doom speedrunning but I can understand this video. Also I think the speedrunning community is very creative for finding and using glitches like these.

  • almostmatt1
    almostmatt1 Month ago +10

    By the way, all-ghosts also differs from no clip in that Doomguy still cannot travel onto different sectors that are too high, the regular Z-height limit of a climbable 24 units/frame is still imposed. Because of this, it's still possible to run into many barriers that will obstruct the player, where these same barriers would not hinder you with regular no clipping. Luckily in e1m8 and pl11 this doesn't end up being a problem :)

    • Plekto's Gaming
      Plekto's Gaming Month ago

      There is a known bug in E1M4 in the blue computer room from what I just found doing some research, but at the time I was getting mobbed and it glitched out - well, for 3-4 seconds until I got beaten by imps. Yep - what I remember was at that location and map and matches this bug. Apparently there are a few specific locations in the original game that would make it far more likely to happen.

  • TheDaggwood
    TheDaggwood Month ago +40

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    Arto Heino Month ago

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    I love Decino's channel and have been watching it for years now. He's a great guy and his videos are not only extremely informative but endlessly entertaining as well. Definitely check it out for all kinds of interesting technical information and impressive gameplay videos of Doom. Thank you for the great video and stay safe out there!

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    Spencer Kruse Month ago +1

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    Kyezoar Month ago

    First discovering this rare as... hell bug from one of Decino's fantastic analysis videos to finally seeing it solved is truly wild

  • #Artzi_IP#
    #Artzi_IP# Month ago +1

    i remember this glitch happening to us when we were playing with a bunch of boys, wich was normal at the time because not many houses had computers, year was probably 1996 and computer was Wyse 486 what a powerfull machine. with this glitch happening we first time were able to see whole map and all secrets and we were never able to recreate it. good memories and so funny to find this like 27 years later 😅

    • Osmosis Jones
      Osmosis Jones Month ago +1

      Oh man, just some wholesome Doom with the boys. I almost wish I could back to those days.

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    vexorian Month ago +20

    Damn that was a good doom trivia challenge question. When you mentioned that you can't trigger switches or use exit teleporters or kill enemies. I was trying to think if there was any level that doesn't end like that. It took me a while to remember Phobos Anomaly. But completely missed about that troll exit room in Plutonia.

  • Inventive Username
    Inventive Username Month ago

    First time I've been in one of these and known where it was going! I indirectly found the pumpkin man because Karl's E1M1 vid introduced me to high level Doom play, so it's nice to see it all come full circle.

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    Catorade Month ago +1

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    That guy is a godsend for breaking down how things work. And is also really good at doom. Also, does some other retro fps games too.

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    Ein Month ago

    This highlights the best part of the speedrunning community so well, even as someone who doesn't REALLY enjoy speedruns much.
    If there is something weird in the game, they will find it, figure out how it works, then put it to the test. It's pure scientific method for something that's supposed to be entertainment, and you can't help but be impressed at the level of detail these people operate at.

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    LKCynric Month ago +1

    Fantastic video. Never seen the glitch before so it was a lot of fun.
    Funny the first thing i thought was "how did they know very little about it? Decino even goes through how the code works line by line, must be. A crazy glitch" and then there he is explaining it. What a legend he is!

  • annihilator247x
    annihilator247x Month ago

    Decino made an analysis video on this glitch explaining exactly what happens to the RAM a while back. Look up Doom's most bizarre glitch. Basically, the intercepts array overflows its space in RAM and corrupts the block maps size with sufficient intercepts. It's possible to cause this on nightmare difficulty by spawn camping an enemy but will more likely happen due to a rounding error from the fixed point coordinates system.

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    clearspira Month ago +31

    ZeroMaster is the closest we'll ever have to a literal Doom God. The things he has done and probably will do are mind-blowing.

    • marco rodriguez
      marco rodriguez Month ago

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    • Nihilanth
      Nihilanth Month ago

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    • marco rodriguez
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      K: you humor me with your arrogance and contempt, a flood of accusations born from the poison of envy and smite of disrespect

    • Nihilanth
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      @Lazareth Of Nazareth he's very humble, yes. But have you seen his playthroughs through all the extremely hard WADs like Italo doom? Decino is incredibly good.

    • Lazareth Of Nazareth
      Lazareth Of Nazareth Month ago

      @Nihilanth - decino is brilliant at analysing the game, but even he would bow to ZeroMaster in executing - he even says it himself in one of his videos.

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    Content has been great keep it up.

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  • Chris Tressler
    Chris Tressler Month ago

    I experienced something vaguely similar only once.
    This reminded me back when I'd play D!Zone 2 levels Sin City. The final level's battle had a plethora of demons teleporting in. Back then I'd cheat and had god mode on; eating a snack while waiting for them to populate, a cyberdemon somehow blasted me outside the level. Never experienced anything like it, I was confused and didn't know how to get back in.
    And there didn't seem to be any broken linedefs either?

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    Fuzz 417 Month ago

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    Thanks for the effort, great delivery as always!

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    Orzorn Month ago

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  • Chris Horry
    Chris Horry 25 days ago

    Thanks for reminding me I first played Doom 30 years ago, and I'm still playing it to this day. Although in 30 years I've never encountered this bug, so that shows you how rare it is.

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    Royce Marcus Month ago

    Glad you made this video. I saw this run on zero master's channel but had no idea what was going on. This syntheses it so well. Had seen Decino's video but worth another watch after this.

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    There is literally no one on Earth or in Hell that can stop Zero Master from finding a way to break and solve things, much like the way Decino can research and shell out info like a perfect rockstar professor. These two deserve their titles as Absolute Legends with a STAMP of approval.

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    ZandarKoad Month ago

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    Keep the good work, love ya.

  • AlvinK
    AlvinK Month ago

    I have a feeling that there will be a point where this glitch will be "fixed" and the game will go back to normal, meaning the glitch could be used to actually increase the speed of other levels by rushing to the end, and then fixing the game to work like normal again.
    If there is some sort of code overflow going on, there might be a way to revert that data to 0 or another value that doesn't cause the overflow.

  • Nether Portals
    Nether Portals Month ago +1

    Would be cool if there were a set of moves that brought you out of the glitch to press the buttons, over flow the over flow. Cool run Zeromaster!

    • reptongeek
      reptongeek Month ago

      There is actually. If you use save and load it brings you out of the glitch allowing you to complete the map or level. The problem I though the run isn't legal because it uses a save state

  • OmegaZX0000
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    It's so funny seeing these videos. When we played Doom way back when, we could go through walls with the rocket launcher trick. We knew we had to be "bouncing' for it to work, but never knew why. I was always curious about it. My friends would just say it's a waste of time. There was no speedrunning back then that I knew of so even if we found a use for it, it wouldn't have mattered.

  • canadianbakn
    canadianbakn Month ago

    One thing I would have liked to see in this video: how was he able to leverage this bug on other Doom levels, was it similar to this one where he just had to travel to an area and not being able to interact wasn't an issue? Thanks for the great content as always!

    • Celestin
      Celestin Month ago +3

      This bug would be useful in only 2 levels: E1M8 of Ultimate Doom and MAP11 of Plutonia. Everything other map requires the player to press a button, walk over a line or kill a specific enemy to end, with the bug breaking all three means

  • John Ellison
    John Ellison Month ago +1

    Wow mate. I always thought that this was happening because I was using a cracked version of Doom when I first got it after it came out. I'd completely forgotten about the scenes you have shown that appear in the gameplay. Great video mate.

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    10 years back in the Kaizo Mario community, a "Shell jump" was considered an insanely hard trick that only the best of the best could pull off consistently, if at all. Nowadays, it's babie's first steps to kaizo. Never underestimate what -gamers- humans are capable of if they really try. We're literally born with the ability to constantly push our own boundaries, and some never stop.

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