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How to Easily Kill the Wither in Minecraft

  • Published on Mar 14, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • How To Easily Kill The Wither in Minecraft (Java edition)
    I tried this out in hermitcraft and couldn't believe people don't use this technique??
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  • Grian
    Grian  8 months ago +9874

    I did make a short on how to kill the wither in a similar way on bedrock, but it's probably easier to just suffocate it in the end under the portal, so I decided not to upload it.

    • MouseKapow
      MouseKapow 3 days ago

      @ProtoMedia poor me

    • Stam Dagdelenis
      Stam Dagdelenis 22 days ago

      @ProtoMedia as a bedrock player the only easy way is to trap him into the ender porter, he can literally break bedrock and go through walls + the frame drop because he breaks so many blocks and the entity lag is just insane

    • Angel Jarieth
      Angel Jarieth Month ago


    • DaBaleyBoys
      DaBaleyBoys 2 months ago

      To use 10 iron golems?

    • Blaz1ngEagle
      Blaz1ngEagle 2 months ago +1

      i think its impossible

  • Logan Cherrington
    Logan Cherrington 8 months ago +4654

    “I kept the wither in a cage as a pet.”
    “In bedrock edition.”
    “R-right this way, sir.”

    • YeeterDeleter01
      YeeterDeleter01 9 days ago

      I mostly play bedrock. On top of the insanely difficult fight, the game lags like crazy. Somehow I did it first try just by going to the bottom of the world (pre-caves&cliffs). I had diamond gear and my brother to help. He was 8 at the time so he died like 3 times.

    • DracoJ4275
      DracoJ4275 24 days ago +1

      @Chris Gomez I play bedrock

    • Chris Gomez
      Chris Gomez 24 days ago +2

      @DracoJ4275 you need bedrock

    • Charles_ton
      Charles_ton Month ago

      I have played bedrock all my life and I have lost to the beast many times, sir piggles the third was killed in the slaughter, may he rest in peace

    • Pykrozma
      Pykrozma Month ago

      @Logan Cherrington thankyou I've been trying this on bedrock for ages to complete my mob collection

  • Crafter_100
    Crafter_100 8 months ago +1985

    Bedrock version wither: **kills all iron golems in 0.001 secs**

    • Angie Cats
      Angie Cats 24 days ago

      ​@SilverPh3nix i haven't attempted it yet but I think i might try that 😅
      Getting a lot better with my bow skills.
      However, trapping it in bed rock in the end sounds like a much better plan for a noob like me 🤣🤣

    • XrayWizz
      XrayWizz 2 months ago

      This is why BEDROCK people can't have nice things 😂 (beacon)

    • SilverPh3nix
      SilverPh3nix 4 months ago +2

      As someone who has killed many withers on hard mode in Bedrock edition, it is really simple and people are going about it wrong. On Java if you want to kill the wither, spawning it underground is the way to go. Many Bedrock players see this and try to replicate it, and end up dying multiple times. On Bedrock, **spawn it above ground**. Trust me, it is so much simpler. Just find a nice open area far from your base and get a good bow, and a smite V sword and everything will be all said and done within just a few minutes.

    • G Adithya
      G Adithya 4 months ago +3

      that isnt even the worst part the stupid wither breaks blocks like crazy and keeps flying far away from the golems and snipes the ones that survive. not to mention it targets the player too

    • random Dude
      random Dude 4 months ago

      @Dreagon I am pretty sure they want to redo combat and wait until then to adjust both withers to be comparable in difficulty

  • Zoneduzstuff
    Zoneduzstuff 8 months ago +573

    This short: exists
    Me who saw the hermitcraft episode:
    Do not cite the deep magic to me witch, I was there when it was written.

  • garou | ガロウ
    garou | ガロウ 8 months ago +284

    : How do you kill the Wither easily?

    • Random 漫然
      Random 漫然 3 months ago

      @Someone. that's 100% true

    • hello
      hello 4 months ago +11

      The good old Technoblade quote:
      "If you have a problem, the answer is ✨slavery✨"

    • Lela 🖤
      Lela 🖤 4 months ago +6

      @Someone. Thats... true

    • Someone.
      Someone. 5 months ago +22

      Slavery is the answer to almost everything in minecraft and for the rest of the things the answer is genocide

    • Shreyan
      Shreyan 5 months ago

      Well technically it's child labor and gang violence

  • Lightning _11
    Lightning _11 8 months ago +6711

    Alternate Title: Killing the wither with money.

    • Ender Master 🇺🇦
      Ender Master 🇺🇦 4 months ago

      I have had a mc world for less than a week we made an iron farm on the irl day so no not with money I was told making an iron farm is lazyness but in reality the guy who does not make it is the true lazy one or the guy with no experience we also have a good farm in this world just built it yesterday took 4 hours but was well worth it

    • Sota_TAE
      Sota_TAE 5 months ago

      pay to win

    • Russel Carreon
      Russel Carreon 5 months ago

      @Cryptonic like how Tony Stark has a lot of Powersuit on Iron Man 3

    • Rinat Rafikov
      Rinat Rafikov 5 months ago

      Best comment

    • Brenz carl casas
      Brenz carl casas 5 months ago

      Well using a full enchanted armour and tools of netherite or diamond is more expensive and harder to get.

  • Hải Gia Bảo Nguyễn
    Hải Gia Bảo Nguyễn 8 months ago +146

    Grian: How to kill a wither easily
    Mumbo: **touch a button of a command block and kill the wither**
    Grian: Wait, how did you do that?
    Mumbo: S I M P L E R E D S T O N E

    • The_DjGamer
      The_DjGamer 4 months ago

      Well it kind of is
      You just get a command block with a button and put in the command
      Kill @e

  • Lenard Valdez
    Lenard Valdez 8 months ago +35

    "it's really that simple"
    Bedrock wither: YOU'RE CHALLENGING ME?!
    15 minutes later*
    Bedrock wither:Destroys the whole minecraft

  • shado 1345
    shado 1345 8 months ago +22

    Ah yes. I love how this is just a tutorial on exactly what you did in your most recent hermitcraft episode.

  • demi goddex
    demi goddex 5 months ago +31

    me: man the wither looks weak
    me: remembers I'm a bedrock player

  • Ranger117
    Ranger117 8 months ago +2652

    How to fight the wither easily in bedrock edition:
    Step one: don’t.

    • Dayea Aniya
      Dayea Aniya Month ago

      I just beat the wither once on our bedrock server... and I lost my soul speed 3 netherite boots.

    • ZombieC100
      ZombieC100 2 months ago

      First time fighting a wither I died about 70 times, took me over 16 hours, lost atleast nine enchanted golden apples. I was a noob back then :(

    • Virginia Productions
      Virginia Productions 4 months ago

      @SilverPh3nix that's if you have good aim. It's hard to aim on a lot of bedrock versions and the wither in it's first half you can't hit with a sword

    • SilverPh3nix
      SilverPh3nix 4 months ago +1

      As someone who has killed many withers on hard mode in Bedrock edition, it is really simple and people are going about it wrong. On Java if you want to kill the wither, spawning it underground is the way to go. Many Bedrock players see this and try to replicate it, and end up dying multiple times. On Bedrock, **spawn it above ground**. Trust me, it is so much simpler. Just find a nice open area far from your base and get a good bow, and a smite V sword and everything will be all said and done within just a few minutes.

    • Virginia Productions
      Virginia Productions 4 months ago

      @Farhan Ega step 2: spawn every mob that fights the wither 10000 tomes

  • DiabloDawnguard
    DiabloDawnguard 8 months ago

    You can also trap them, and throw instant health potions at them. It sounds crazy, but if you throw instant damage, it heals it

  • Axolotl Guy
    Axolotl Guy 3 months ago

    An easier way is to spawn the wither horizontally in a 3 long 3 wide 2 tall room at deepslate, and the either cant move, allowing you to kill it easily. Just run from the explosion though

  • Holidaupy
    Holidaupy 4 months ago +1

    Easier way: dig a two tall block hole under the fountain in the end. Make and obsidian wither shape horizontally on the ground. Spawn the wither, and it will start suffocating. For quicker results, hit it while it suffocates. For humiliation (the wither's humiliation) just let it suffocate.

  • El Boyo
    El Boyo 8 months ago

    I'm wondering if wardens would be as effective when they are fully released or if the warden would ignore the wither and go after you.

  • Kraned
    Kraned 8 months ago +5

    Mojang: lets add a boss to make the game more fun! this is gonna be so hard and everyone is gonna have so much fun preparing and deafeating it
    Grian: spawn 5 iron golems underground and go afk

    • Tarak Taras
      Tarak Taras 4 months ago

      mojang:ah,i see,Well the bedrock wither is harde-
      everyone:*spawns the wither under the end portal*
      mojang:that's fine...

  • Andrew Powell
    Andrew Powell 5 months ago

    For bedrock if you set it up right you can use the end portal to suffocate the weather I also spawned a whole bunch of chickens there for the weather to kill to get the weather roses and then use the weather roses for a gast farm

  • KillaZ_Symphony
    KillaZ_Symphony 5 months ago +12

    “Do the hard word for you”
    Me: gets over 100 iron

  • Uncooked Toast
    Uncooked Toast 6 months ago

    The reason it doesn’t work on bedrock is because of the explosions the wither makes when it spawns and it’s stronger in general with its dash attack.

  • wernt0
    wernt0 8 months ago +5721

    "It's really that simple" He's learning from Mumbo!

  • Daan vP
    Daan vP 5 months ago

    You need 12-15 iron golems on bedrock (solo fight). Spawn them 20 blocks away from the wither in 3 different boxes. Dig a web of tunnels around the wither spawn.

  • oopsiedoodle
    oopsiedoodle 2 months ago

    I'm a little confused about the whole, Bedrock Wither is harder, I tried fighting both of them with similar gear and Java was way harder imo (but probably because I barely play on keyboard)

  • caxssyxag
    caxssyxag 8 months ago

    This also works for bedrock edition, but u need like 4-6 more iron golems and probably u will need to give the golem a bit of help :D

  • Faith Baker
    Faith Baker 8 months ago

    If you have access to the end just dig under the bedrock portal, make an obsidian cross in the ground (2 block tall little cave with the bedrock above) build the wither horizontally on that obsidian. The wither will spawn with its head stuck in the bedrock and start to suffocate, you can hit it to help it along

  • ThatGuyNamedFlash
    ThatGuyNamedFlash 6 months ago

    Not necessary you just need a long 2x1 tunnel in deepslate and spawn the wither the deepslate will be blast resistant enough to protect you and it's a decent way to mine deepslate fast. (also you can kill the wither bare handed using this method)

  • Melody099
    Melody099 6 months ago

    Can't thank you enough for this tutorial

  • YourPalBeep
    YourPalBeep 5 months ago +1

    I remember letting a wither lose once on a sever by mistake on bedrock while it was on hard mode so I ended up dying more than someone should

  • TyphoonBeam
    TyphoonBeam 5 months ago

    I remember back before the wither was capable of breaking obsidian... Then the update came along, and I spawned the wither in an obsidian box. Safe to say I soon regretted not checking the update log.

  • Jacob Eaton
    Jacob Eaton 8 months ago +1078

    Love how it takes only 5 golems and impulse said “I’m gonna use 20, 30 would be too easy” and never even got to touch the wither 😂

    • Nv pyscho
      Nv pyscho 8 months ago +7

      @Bt hardcore series

    • Bt
      Bt 8 months ago +8

      which impulse video was this

  • Mysterious Crow
    Mysterious Crow 4 months ago

    There is an even better way. It's making some cage that contains the shreaker it must be in the aicent city because when you use silktouch it will not be summon able l. Don't break shreaker and secure it by using wool. Then when it's caged make sure to have a wither like door. Then summon the wither but first you must have mobgrife false so the wither dose not break the cage and escape. And that's gonna be fastest way to get nether stars!
    Edit:when you make the cage you need to remove the wool and have a skulk sensor nearby so you can summon the warden

  • Naomi _best
    Naomi _best 4 months ago

    I remember watching the episode where he found this trick and was all surprised that it actually wored that well 😅

  • GamingFuriousEDITS
    GamingFuriousEDITS 4 months ago +1

    Or maybe you can spawn him under the end portal back to the overworked so he does of suffocation so no iron goes to waste

  • Aiden Savickas
    Aiden Savickas 8 months ago

    Alternatively if you want to be cheaper make a giant hole very deep and make the room wither-proof such as extended pistons which cover 2 blocks and then pour water through the opening and fill the room with water then make a enter Pearl stasis chamber get a friend or alt then summon the wither then get your alt or friend to close the trapdoor to teleport back up and then wait until it dies. Alternatively you could also just make a wither proof panic room using obsidian and fill it with water before summoning the wither inside of it.

  • xisumavoid
    xisumavoid 8 months ago +8852

    I thought you might stand behind one spamming it with iron ingots to keep it alive! :-)

    • Kokuyoseki Haiwado
      Kokuyoseki Haiwado 4 months ago

      @Cacao_ just have an iron farm

    • Senior Avocado
      Senior Avocado 4 months ago

      @PJ McGinnis i thought it was in bedrock years ago though...

    • Newb
      Newb 5 months ago

      69 replies :)
      not anymore :C

    • SnekmS
      SnekmS 6 months ago

      meet the medic

    • Fiyibomi Olabode
      Fiyibomi Olabode 7 months ago

      @PJ McGinnis nope not true

  • RednaxG
    RednaxG 7 months ago

    It’s a good video but I honestly feel like a smite sword, full armour and some gold carrots will do the trick but If I were to play in hardcore this may be a viable strategy

  • Drew Vonilten
    Drew Vonilten 8 months ago

    this is actually pretty cost effective for me usually because by the time I go about killing the wither I have an iron farm

  • Korrina Messmer
    Korrina Messmer 7 months ago

    It works in bedrock just use 5x the amount of golems and run for the hills

  • Hertz
    Hertz 3 months ago

    An easier version is to spawn only one golem and heal him everytime he's low with a piece of iron ingot

  • Asparagoose
    Asparagoose 8 months ago +731

    Bedrock wither: *proceeds to kill 50 iron golems within seconds*

    • SilverPh3nix
      SilverPh3nix 4 months ago

      As someone who has killed many withers on hard mode in Bedrock edition, it is really simple and people are going about it wrong. On Java if you want to kill the wither, spawning it underground is the way to go. Many Bedrock players see this and try to replicate it, and end up dying multiple times. On Bedrock, **spawn it above ground**. Trust me, it is so much simpler. Just find a nice open area far from your base and get a good bow, and a smite V sword and everything will be all said and done within just a few minutes.

    • Ultama
      Ultama 4 months ago

      @Pack O' bro i had full netherite max prot 4 enchants smite 5 sword etc beacon got killed in a min bedrock wither a beast incarnate

    • Dogmuncher_
      Dogmuncher_ 6 months ago

      @Matthew Jones you’re not impressing anyone with lies

    • Soul
      Soul 8 months ago

      @The Duck it does

    • Soul
      Soul 8 months ago

      @NickVs Nostalgia nope in normal too

  • Max Welton536,329
    Max Welton536,329 8 months ago +1

    Bonus points if you pack stacks of Iron Ingots to constantly heal the golems mid-battle

  • Anunir
    Anunir 7 months ago

    u can also line the walls and ceiling with obsidian so the wither has no where to go other then to get wrekt by the golems.

  • Jesse :3
    Jesse :3 6 months ago +3

    **bedrock wither laughing maniacally**
    You thought it was that easy?

  • Pheor Rungurd
    Pheor Rungurd 6 months ago

    The Wither has 2x the HP on Bedrock, so it takes a few more golems.. plus it summons Wither skeletons.

  • sanzboy YT
    sanzboy YT 8 months ago +1364

    "How to kill wither easily"
    "So you dig straight do-"
    Me who watched grians episode: no need to tell me

    • UnknowN_TM
      UnknowN_TM 7 months ago +2

      @Oliveleaf cookie I think he was joking. Often when brits say "java" it sounds like "javer", and grian is no exception.

    • Oliveleaf cookie
      Oliveleaf cookie 7 months ago

      @Editz Productions java*

    • Editz Productions
      Editz Productions 8 months ago +3

      in javer edition

  • fire walk - band
    fire walk - band 4 months ago

    I killed the wither for the first time in java edition recently and it was the easiest thing ever
    I prepared for the fight like i normally would on bedrock and i was so underwhelmed

  • Heiner Wilmsmeyer
    Heiner Wilmsmeyer 8 months ago +1

    I think it's quite easier in the End, underneath the bedrock platform

  • Gaven
    Gaven 8 months ago

    I had a trick I used to use, we would mine out a space in one of the obsidian pillars in the end, make a half block to one block gap where we stood outside the pillar to stabby stab.

  • TerQi
    TerQi 8 months ago

    I can just spawn him in a branch mine and hit him while the wither is trying to attack me cuz it will get slowed while breaking the blocks around you it's cheaper and better for early game when you only have iron it's even possible with no armor and a wooden sword

  • Xtreme243
    Xtreme243 8 months ago +585

    Honestly if grian does a tutorial besides building,it's still a good one

  • JLad147
    JLad147 8 months ago

    I tried this tactic immediately after the video was out it 100% works if it wasn't for this I would have died to the wither

  • MeBeQuack
    MeBeQuack 7 months ago +1

    Can't you just trap the wither under the end portal, as it is made out of bedrock. And then slay it as it cannot reach you?

  • Mlem
    Mlem 7 months ago

    The fact that getting the skulls is harder then the fight in the End. I did this now 2 Times with the same golems, its insane, lmao. And you don't even need much golems. I did it with 4 and just healed them up, after the first wither died.

  • Akō
    Akō 5 months ago

    you can actually use 1 iron golem and keep healing it using iron ingot for cheaper alternative

  • Hiroshi Hiroshi
    Hiroshi Hiroshi 3 months ago +1

    Or just trap it in the end portal that allow you to leave the end, you dig below it and make the wither flat not standing. (I have no idea how yo explain just comment to now more, I might replied and tell more about it if you want)

  • MelMelSan
    MelMelSan 8 months ago

    as someone who got an iron farm, this sounds like an easy win to me

  • PoobMan6
    PoobMan6 Month ago

    Would this be possible with less iron golems if you heal 1 or 2 with ingots?

  • yash kumar
    yash kumar 5 months ago

    Instead of having 5 iron golems, make one that you heal lots of times

  • miroke
    miroke 8 months ago

    There is another way, much cheaper: trap it under the end portal pillar in the end

  • Timothy Tardie
    Timothy Tardie 8 months ago

    It's the same for bedrock but you need twice as many iron golems

  • shreeni logu
    shreeni logu 8 months ago

    Dig to bedrock level and spawn the wither and cover the the top layer with obsidian and make a small space so that u can hit . Idk it would work properly because withers can break obsidian with it's explosion

  • shreeni logu
    shreeni logu 8 months ago

    Dig to bedrock level and spawn the wither and cover the the top layer with obsidian and make a small space so that u can hit . Idk it would work properly because withers can break obsidian with it's explosion

  • Daniel_Ghax
    Daniel_Ghax 8 months ago +1397

    "Expensive" last time i killed the wither it cost me like 30 Anvils, so this is fine

    • Eben
      Eben 8 months ago

      @Sevrin Tiger yep! On my server we built a 90 villager iron farm in spawn chunks, we are just burning the iron now and using it as a bone meal farm as we have too much iron

    • Hei Bai
      Hei Bai 8 months ago

      @Sevrin Tiger ahahaha iron golem farm above the wither farm for double resources- genius!

    • Jake Dempsey
      Jake Dempsey 8 months ago

      You used anvils o_O

    • Death By Lag
      Death By Lag 8 months ago +7

      @Sevrin Tiger oh I didn’t actually know that. Huh.

    • I tried
      I tried 8 months ago

      @Sevrin Tiger thats genius i gotta try that

  • PenguinPlayzVideoGamez
    PenguinPlayzVideoGamez 7 months ago +1

    Wait till he finds out about the fact that you can just hit the wither in a strip mine instead of using a bunch of iron.

  • Cameron Grondzki
    Cameron Grondzki 8 months ago

    There's much easier, and cheaper ways to do it, fastest is with 2 accounts and dripstone but the easiest is trapping it in the bedrock end fountain

  • Gaminglichgamer
    Gaminglichgamer 8 months ago +1

    The wither from bedrock edition would just blow up by the time it gets half way, kill all the iron golems and charge through survivors.

  • cyyeh
    cyyeh 7 months ago

    Never would’ve thought that Grian will make another Minecraft short.

  • turnipaitor
    turnipaitor 8 months ago +836

    I remember a couple of years ago I tried to beat the wither on the surface and it just flew up and up and up. I don’t think I ever killed it lol just gave up eventually

    • Normal Channel
      Normal Channel 8 months ago +1

      If you managed to get hom to half health, then he would come down.

    • Anant Tiwari
      Anant Tiwari 8 months ago +1

      @Gustav Googlefisch SAME DUDE! And it just eventually died

    • Glados
      Glados 8 months ago +1

      Legend has it, the wither will travel all round the world and come back one day. To take its REVENGE

    • Annapotat098
      Annapotat098 8 months ago +2

      and then suddenly a boss bar appears

    • EDcreative Plus
      EDcreative Plus 8 months ago +1

      I did that on a server once spawned the wither lost it, then just logged off. 🤣

  • Matthew Hutchison
    Matthew Hutchison 4 months ago

    Or just use the bedrock end portal? Much simpler and more cost efficient.

  • ImplestiK
    ImplestiK 5 months ago +2

    Alternatively trap it in the bedrock in the end portal

  • Home time mayhem
    Home time mayhem 8 months ago +1

    it's possible in bedrock too... if you happen to have a disposable iron dimension

  • Jyaden_
    Jyaden_ 5 months ago +1

    I did the method and it worked, but the nether star was burned in lava while the iron golem is fighting

  • longbeing
    longbeing 8 months ago +323

    When he said it’s a little expensive, I fully expected him to use end crystals

    • CerebralDreams
      CerebralDreams 8 months ago

      @Rafał K - Stacking raid farm. If you're not producing 50,000+ emeralds per hour, you're doing it wrong.

    • Rafał K
      Rafał K 8 months ago +1

      @SleepyCatGuy "but at this point of the game you should have a sorting system right about now."

    • SleepyCatGuy
      SleepyCatGuy 8 months ago

      @Rafał K a sorting system is not a farm tho...

    • Rafał K
      Rafał K 8 months ago +1

      @Shell Mora right, also slime farm, skeleton farm, trident farm, copper farm, bamboo farm, pumpkin farm, cacti farm, melon farm, witch farm, hoglin farm, zobified pigmen farm, enderman farm, creeper farm, automatic potion brewer, sorting system, obsidian farm, ender dragon exp farm, raid farm, bad omen farm, all books in villagers, and a decent emerald farm.

    • Shell Mora
      Shell Mora 8 months ago +5

      lol that's Mumbo's thing.

  • niall davis
    niall davis 7 months ago

    Yeah this will work in java but not in bedrock because the withers code is different eg it is has much more spontaneous movement and can go through obi

  • Stickman Gaming
    Stickman Gaming 8 months ago

    saw this in the Hermitcraft episode, Grian with Scar is just hilarious to me "you want ME to LURE it?!", add Mumbo in the mix and i laugh a lot :D

  • Nic
    Nic 8 months ago

    I’ve tried this and you only need 1 or 2 golems with some spare iron to heal them

  • em gee
    em gee 8 months ago

    I'd imagine you could also bait some village golems down there too, if needed

  • LiffeyKid
    LiffeyKid 8 months ago +714

    Does anyone wanna abuse an iron golem?
    Grian: *Yes*

    • Mikey Gieles
      Mikey Gieles 8 months ago +4

      Grian in hardcore: hey iron golems are pretty efective against raids
      Grian after what he learned in hardcore: IRONGOLEMS ARE THE ULTEMATE WAPON!

    • Dr. Florida Man; PhD
      Dr. Florida Man; PhD 8 months ago +7

      Also Grian: Let’s make 5 golems. For science.

  • Cereal man
    Cereal man 4 months ago

    In bedrock, we tried it and it killed the iron golems and made a pretty big cave.

  • BlueMisty
    BlueMisty 4 months ago

    thanks a lot. i havent killed the wither or even tried to fight it ever since 1.8

  • Sasnb
    Sasnb 4 months ago +1

    So you’re saying 180 iron ingots, 3 wither skeleton skulls, 4 soul sand and 5 carved pumpkins is considered only a BIT expensive!?

  • hi_im_lily
    hi_im_lily Month ago

    i love that 'ta-da' at the end of the vid and thank you gri-on for the information i shall watch more of your content while waiting for your new season 9 episode's😊 witch has many lore🙂

  • Harry Eastwood
    Harry Eastwood 2 months ago

    Make sure that you hit the wither once, or you won't get the XP.

  • Axolt Vibes
    Axolt Vibes 4 months ago

    I had seen you do this in one of your videos recently glad you made a tutorial 😂

  • lordclick
    lordclick 6 months ago

    Do one on end crystals, there really op

  • Isaac Cooper
    Isaac Cooper 8 months ago

    Before I watched this and grian's latest episode of hermitcraft I thought killing the wither would be a pain but man I am going to get some beacons soon oh boy :)

  • Azekill Diablo
    Azekill Diablo 8 months ago +197

    "If hypixel has taught me one thing, it's that, if there's a problem, the answer, is slavery" - Technoblade

    • Synchro
      Synchro 8 months ago +4

      wiser words have never been spoken.

  • Dan Hardballer
    Dan Hardballer 3 months ago

    You can also do it under the end portal but that a bit more cheese and do it after killing the dragon.

  • Blank
    Blank 5 months ago

    If you wanna kill the wither in bedrock, go to the nether in spare diamond armour with max blast resistance and a smite v diamond sword. Go to y 11 and dig a small hole ( big enough for the wither to fit in ) mine out of where the wither will spawn and begin fighting
    This way, you’ll get ancient debris and a nether star at the same time.
    (make sure you block all the lava to check for ancient debris behind it)

  • JzoeJzoe
    JzoeJzoe 4 months ago

    You can just spawn the wither under the bedrock portal in the end and it will slowly die and you don’t have to do anything

  • Josiah Hill
    Josiah Hill 8 months ago

    better to do it in the end. endstone is more blast resistant. and you only need 4 golems.

  • Dylan Colley
    Dylan Colley 8 months ago +159

    Guys, enough iron for four iron golems isn’t that much.
    Especially considering you need literal stacks of enchanted golden apples to kill the wither in another version of the game…

    • ?!
      ?! 8 months ago

      Well not in the new update

    • Coco
      Coco 8 months ago +1

      Or there is this method where you just spawn the wither right under the nether roof, he will be stuck in the bedrock of the nether roof and can't hit you then you just kill him

    • 20quid
      20quid 8 months ago

      You don't need stacks of golden apples in bedrock, just decent armor, some food, some totems, milk buckets, and a couple of cows tied up that can refill your milk buckets.

    • Tr1ckSh0t
      Tr1ckSh0t 8 months ago +1

      the bedrock wither really isnt that bad

    • MagicYapper
      MagicYapper 8 months ago +2

      Nah mate its not at all. But you can build a simple iron farm

  • Kristoffer Isaiah Atienza
    Kristoffer Isaiah Atienza 5 months ago +6

    "How to kill the wither in Bedrock"
    *I can smell the clickbait*

  • Eroh420
    Eroh420 8 months ago

    the reason why people don't use iron golems is because it's silly takes time and it's much easier to suffocate it or kill it in a longer tunnel

  • lee
    lee 8 months ago +1

    I saw you and scar do this in the episode and be like "Oh how has no one done this" I was half expecting this video 😂

  • GlitchedGamerZ
    GlitchedGamerZ 5 months ago

    There is no way of EASILY beating a Wither in Bedrock Edition unless you spawn it underwater, and have it break those blocks. It slowly dies by water damage, NOT DROWNING.

  • mothman enthusiast
    mothman enthusiast 8 months ago

    Mans did this on Hermitcraft and immediately showed the rest of us, what a king.

  • Phyllip Johnson
    Phyllip Johnson 4 months ago

    Or you can just spawn it under the end portal(in the end)

  • Naming
    Naming 7 months ago

    First get a looting sword second go to the nether and find a fortress third kill the wither skeletons with you looting sword fourth dig to deep slate then dig a 3 x 3, 4 x 4 or a 5 x 5 area to spawn the wither, fifth spawn 5-7 golems lastly make sure the wither agroes the golems then boom nether star

  • Troselingasher
    Troselingasher 7 months ago

    Wow that does sound expensive, I'll just spawn it in the end portal bedrock in java, but I'll keep this in my back pocket if needed

  • ALoneRemote
    ALoneRemote 8 months ago +550

    “May be a bit expensive.”
    *laughs in iron farm*

    • most definitely not a durian
      most definitely not a durian 6 months ago

      @Lord Lofty it could work, but it also means partially opening up/dismantling the farm a bit, dig a hole big enough for the iron golem straight under it, and finally pushing/mincarting/water streaming/leading them to their position to fight the wither. Which is not always ideal, especially when you already built a good looking building around the farm to decorate it.
      When the alternative is just grabbing the necessary amount of iron from the farm, craft a bunch of blocks and shear if you don't got one in the first place, gather some pumpkins from your pumpkin farm, dig one-two blocks wide hole straight down, before finally placing and positioning the iron blocks where you expect to combat the wither, where you want them to be in

    • plushiepenguin
      plushiepenguin 7 months ago

      @Cherry Dragon why search for a vein when you can have a virtually infinite source? even the most basic design can yield chests worth with very little effort.

    • Cherry Dragon
      Cherry Dragon 7 months ago

      With the 1.18 Iron veins wich LITERALY can contain HUNDREDS of iron ore... its not that expensive anymore.
      I had a mining trip in a cave below my village and got 8 stacks of iron out of it. Just from that 1 cave

    • WyldCat
      WyldCat 8 months ago

      *laughs in huge iron and coal mountain*

    • Lord Lofty
      Lord Lofty 8 months ago

      @TisonArrow couldnt you just dig down right under the farm?