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How to SWEEP with Klawf!

  • Published on Mar 19, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Klawf is a very cool new Pokemon with a unique ability called Anger Shell. It has some very niche potential as a sweeper, but needs very specific team support to be strong. So I built this super fun team using Lumineon and Salamence to make the most of Klawf's new ability!
    Team paste: pokepast.es/5e1634553f6e81c2
    My twitter: sja900
    00:00 Klawf
    01:39 Battle 1
    08:01 Battle 2
    15:23 The team
    19:24 Battle 3
    #pokemon #pokemonscarlet #pokemonviolet
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  • foofootoo
    foofootoo  Month ago +95

    6:54 someone forgot to ability patch their Sylveon 😬
    I decided to leave in decision making time in the replays after I got feedback that the replays are quite fast to follow when I edit it out, lmk if the extra details in the narration are appreciated or if the replays take too long now 😁 and thanks for watching!

    • Johnny P
      Johnny P 10 days ago

      @Casey Albright that’s what I was thinking 😂

    • Johnny P
      Johnny P 10 days ago

      @Casey Albright that’s what I was thinking 😂

    • Assorted Atrocities
      Assorted Atrocities Month ago

      @Casey Albright Good idea but I'm pretty sure VGC bans OHKO moves.

    • Casey Albright
      Casey Albright Month ago

      How about scope lense guillotines clawf with gravity sandy shocks? 😢😶

    • Imaan Latios
      Imaan Latios Month ago

      I thought the speed was fine before personally

  • Shin3y
    Shin3y Month ago +155

    I love how this channel has become make anything have a niche even if it’s not supposed to be good in any sense. That’s exactly my style XD

    • Shin3y
      Shin3y Month ago

      @hindel soft the team you described using is literally a gimmick team, a bit hypocritical much? Your teams problem suffers from the same main flaws as foos team, Klawf is too niche. Klawf is generally to frail to be consistently set up and once it is set up it’s already lost most of its HP, all the opponent has to do to win, is identify Klawf as a potential threat early, and take it out before it’s a problem.

    • Donkey Konga
      Donkey Konga Month ago


    • hindel soft
      hindel soft Month ago +4

      @foofootoo I got to 2900 in ranked doubles with a Klawf on my team (that got played like 40% of fights). Klawf is a lot better than it's given credit for. The stats may seem like they are not good enough at first, but Klawf's real virtue is that it's stats are good enough so that it can deal consistent damage that carries it's weight, it's actually usually bulky enough to survive a long way into the battle and take hits which would seem fatal and it's movepool which at a glance seems lackluster but actually provides both good coverage AND with the benefit of having a useful effect and usually being spread moves! (yes, besides knock off these moves have low power, but their overall contribution is great!)
      Another virtue of Klawf is it's great synergy with Garchomp. By using Rock Slide with both we're looking at 1/3 to flinch the opponent completely. By using a well-prepared Earthquake with Chomp, Klawf can get boosted in order to deliver a powerful attack, usually before the enemy can move.
      My one criticism for Foo: I understand that channels like these need views so they rely on gimmick teams aimed at making one pokemon into a sweeper - but as a Klawf enthusiast, I believe it's true strength is as a team player , and since it's actually good it doesn't need a whole team supporting it and can stand alongside a team of meta-relevant mons.

    • Shin3y
      Shin3y Month ago +4

      For real XD

    • foofootoo
      foofootoo  Month ago +31

      Lumineon's niche is literally tailwind + weak lol

  • Voicelet
    Voicelet Month ago +20

    3:56 that 360 spin after ball throwing is sick

  • BlahBohogun
    BlahBohogun Month ago +53

    If Klawf had access to shell smash this strat would have been even crazier.

    • foofootoo
      foofootoo  Month ago +11

      I'd love to see it! The cool thing with this set up is that Klawf doesn't have to use a turn to set up, it passively relies on its partners to do that, so it can start spamming powerful moves straight away

    • Timothy Pickarski
      Timothy Pickarski Month ago +8

      Instant belly drum with +3 speed turn one, but would crumble to priority with 50% hp and -3 to defenses.
      You’d probably have to pair with Indeedee for priority protection, but I think setup would be harder since Klawf would be vulnerable turn one. Idk, I think he would definitely hit harder but he becomes too frail/setup gets more risky so it would be interesting to see this play out

  • Bean Burrito
    Bean Burrito Month ago +37

    With how many boosts Klawf can accrue, it makes you wonder just how shellfish it can get. What’s for certain is that it’s got big mussels. Who knows, maybe this is just a side hustle for it

    • Glaudragonlord 189
      Glaudragonlord 189 Month ago +3

      I see what you did there. Hahaha 😂. Good one.

    • foofootoo
      foofootoo  Month ago +22

      I love how it turns being in a pinch to it's advantage

  • Obi Braxton
    Obi Braxton Month ago +31

    I love how after 16 or 17 mins you do a break down of various versions of team leads you can do and showed it actually working love the way you format your videos 👏🏾🔥

    • foofootoo
      foofootoo  Month ago +6

      Thanks! I thought it was very important to show the other mode of the team since Klawf cannot win all the battles!

  • Rayneingdown
    Rayneingdown Month ago +7

    I LOVE the fact that you beat out a competitive team with these guys! Watching this while I waited on dinner to be done was so nice. I honestly was hyped for Klawf at first and then didn’t actually do anything with him, but I love the two options for this team and will absolutely be trying it out!

    • foofootoo
      foofootoo  Month ago +1

      Super glad you enjoyed it!

  • Frozenflame006
    Frozenflame006 Month ago

    I appreciate you Foo for making videos out of almost all of my favorite new Pokemon this generation. Klawf, Farigiraf, Scovillain, Tink, you out here being an MVP and getting my creative juices flowing for teams that aren't just unga bunga meta and using fun Pokemon in ways people aren't ready for.
    Now if only Klawf's Anger Shell animations didn't take a whole minute to go off and sped through faster like other multi-stat changers...

  • Midnightgamer21
    Midnightgamer21 Month ago +5

    I love how you can turn any “bad” Pokémon into a good one. All Pokémon are respected here!

  • Soto
    Soto Month ago +4

    I love watching your videos even though I no longer participate in competitive battles. But your content is just so well done and fun to watch. :D

  • Kargando
    Kargando Month ago

    For singles I give him swords dance and rock tomb with either stone edge, rock slide or terra blast for 3rd slot and x-scissor for 4th, works alright sometimes

  • TempYard
    TempYard Month ago +3

    Your content is always so fun to watch. Thank you Foo!

  • Daniel L.B. de Souza
    Daniel L.B. de Souza Month ago +3

    If it had shell smash on top of anger shell it would be insane.

  • Sylver Eon
    Sylver Eon Month ago +1

    I’ve been using a doubles OU team on showdown with Jumpluff and Clawf as the main two. When it works it works so well and I love it :)

  • N C
    N C Month ago

    This really showed the strength of farigiraf. especially the opponents not knowing what it does LOL

  • Surprise Cat
    Surprise Cat Month ago +4

    Battle 3 was such a good match.

    • foofootoo
      foofootoo  Month ago +1

      Yeah really intense and prediction heavy!

  • Patrick Burton
    Patrick Burton Month ago +2

    One of the coolest cry’s in Pokémon. I love the titan sounding editions this gen like Klawf, Skeledirge and cetitan.

    • foofootoo
      foofootoo  Month ago

      Yeah I love its cry. Baxcalibur's cry is cool too imo

  • RazzleberryJam
    RazzleberryJam Month ago +1

    I actually thought that Klawf got shell smash.
    Though now that I think about it, it's probably a good thing that it doesn't. Being able to get free stats from your ability, a weakness policy AND being able to use shell smash would be WAY too much for 1 turn.

  • Jackie Dan
    Jackie Dan Month ago +1

    Well done! Love the teams. Keep em coming!

  • matthew thomson
    matthew thomson Month ago +1

    The 2nd battle was awesome. Klawf put in work vs a legit team. Also how good is it that tauros is a threat again.

    • foofootoo
      foofootoo  Month ago

      I'm so glad that the support Pokémon were able to activate and protect it just as I planned!

  • TonyAM
    TonyAM Month ago

    Your nickname for Klawf reminded me of how I called my Heatmor in Black/White Clawdius if male, and Clawdia if female.
    That said, nice battling!

  • Ryan Mahon
    Ryan Mahon Month ago +1

    I would say the drop in defenses from its ability does fit it thematically since it loses its shell

    • foofootoo
      foofootoo  Month ago

      That's true, I don't really mind the defense drop, I just think that the conditions mean you're going to faint soon, so there could be more of an upside than just +1 to its stats. +2 would be much nicer!

  • Bill Cass
    Bill Cass Month ago

    Can you fit in a Costar Flamigo to come soak up all those Klawf boosts? I've been working on a team that will try this, so it's great to see a similar Klawf strategy in action!

  • Bakes 13
    Bakes 13 Month ago +1

    This team is honestly incredibly anti meta for cartridge play. The lumineon arboliva lead destroys dondozo for so many reasons. Also with grassy terrain down klawf can really tank that salamence earthquake for the weakness policy boost saving his health and the anger shell boost for later.

  • slothape
    slothape Month ago

    I think when people saw its ability they expected shell smash.

  • oscar alonso
    oscar alonso Month ago +1

    Great vid as always. Its nice to see a titan that isn't great tusk put in some work.

    • foofootoo
      foofootoo  Month ago

      Yeah, the titans are not always the most viable. I enjoyed using Bombirdier on my Scovillain team too

  • Super Sonic
    Super Sonic Month ago +5

    Palafin-Hero also has a great shiny too.

  • MicoDossun
    MicoDossun Month ago +3

    I love Klawf I just wish anger shell wasn’t such a slow ability while playing the story.

    • Shin3y
      Shin3y Month ago +1

      @foofootoo fr I hated sitting through stat buff after stat buff.

    • foofootoo
      foofootoo  Month ago +1

      Did they really need to show activation for every single one of the stat changes 😂

  • TheGundamDude
    TheGundamDude Month ago +2

    this was my first shiny from this game. love it.

  • Katicon
    Katicon Month ago +1

    I actually like trick room sand team with loaded dice klawf

  • Monkey4ce
    Monkey4ce Month ago +1

    I used Lumineon with soak to allow my toxtricty to sweep and to not worry about ground types, I made it just faster than it along with tailwind.

    • foofootoo
      foofootoo  Month ago

      Yeah Soak + Tailwind is a reason to use it too

  • Minty FN
    Minty FN Month ago +1

    Competitive battles aside, Swords Dance Klawf is pretty absurd for your regular playthrough. Klawf is very likely to get hit down to less than half after 1 hit so you use turn 1 to SD and come out of turn 1 with +3 attack, +1 Speed. White herb is reusable too so you can dodge the defence drops too so you can still eat 1-2 neutral priority hits.

  • Alexandros Mourelatos

    My brain was much more simple...I did the same combo of WP on Shell. But I also used Endure on Klawf to make sure it will survive abd use a Pixilated Sylveon holding a white herb to use psych up. It's gimmicky. But white herb fixes low stats

  • Neo_B
    Neo_B Month ago +1

    funnily enough, Meowscarada sucker punching nothing was a good play it makes it no longer weak to Tera Flying and Farigiraf’s psychic as well… it’s an amazing play but it is interesting

    • foofootoo
      foofootoo  Month ago

      I think it wasn't Protean, but that would have been amazing to play it that way!

  • Pedro Paulo Honorato
    Pedro Paulo Honorato Month ago +3

    Klawf is so freaking cute walking near its trainer

  • nyc now
    nyc now Month ago +2

    I love your content, would love to see Clowitzer get some love

    • foofootoo
      foofootoo  Month ago +1

      I do really like Clawitzer! I'm focusing on the new Pokémon atm but Clawitzer might feature on one of the teams

  • Yamperman123
    Yamperman123 Month ago +1

    I think Klawf is awesome too!

  • typhlosion787
    typhlosion787 Month ago +2

    Klawf is one of the best shinies ever imo. Goofy clown crab

  • Abel Medaris
    Abel Medaris Month ago +1

    I feel like Klawf would benefit greatly from a partner with the triage ability. I moss comfey…😢

  • IceLuxray
    IceLuxray Month ago

    I'm so happy to see use of lumineon lol

  • River Williamson
    River Williamson Month ago +1

    I'll absolutely be renting this team to hone my PvP skills

    • River Williamson
      River Williamson Month ago

      There's a lot more nuance here than in the Doodle team you created earlier, but dang that one's fun

    • foofootoo
      foofootoo  Month ago +1

      Good luck!

  • Zeo
    Zeo Month ago +1

    Endure Klawf can work too since you have Farigiraf.

    • foofootoo
      foofootoo  Month ago

      Oh yeah that's a cool option

  • Pokésports
    Pokésports Month ago +1

    this is nuts foo, great job!

  • DeNayTan
    DeNayTan Month ago +2

    The best thing about Klawf is the walking animation

  • Studio Anima
    Studio Anima Month ago +1

    Foo come up with some terrifying strategies.
    I would love to battle him JUST so I can say that I lost to him

    • Studio Anima
      Studio Anima Month ago

      @foofootoo would be an honor either way lol
      Love the videos!

    • foofootoo
      foofootoo  Month ago +1

      Idk a lot of strategies I use are match-up based so you might destroy me 😂

  • purple potato
    purple potato Month ago +1

    Can you make a video on arboliva, it’s actually pretty good plus I just like it lol

    • foofootoo
      foofootoo  Month ago +1

      It's a super interesting Pokémon, I can definitely look into it more in the future!

    • purple potato
      purple potato Month ago +1

      I know you had it on this team but it can actually work as a main sweeper with harvest and sunny day + a fire terra type

  • oocher • fruity plum guy

    hi foo, seeing as you are using all these "lesser" pokemon in new ways, can you please try a unique dudunsparce set? i would love some proof that it can be useful

    • oocher • fruity plum guy
      oocher • fruity plum guy Month ago

      @foofootoo that's awesome! i'll look into that build myself :D

    • foofootoo
      foofootoo  Month ago +1

      Yes I've seen people use beat up or pin missile to activate rattled and weakness policy on a tera psychic dudunsparce!

    • Hello There
      Hello There Month ago +2

      There's the weakness policy tera psychic rattled set

  • Lamont Caldwell
    Lamont Caldwell Month ago

    My first shiny was klawf

  • Marshall Wingerd
    Marshall Wingerd Month ago +1

    i love when people show underused pokemon. Last gen i used a choiceband basculin with head smah

  • Tina Angelos
    Tina Angelos Month ago +1

    Please make more swsh vids like you did long ago PLEASE

    • foofootoo
      foofootoo  Month ago

      Thanks for the feedback, what kind of videos do you mean? Do you have an example?

  • Tiger's Tale
    Tiger's Tale Month ago +1

    So I'm guessing klauf doesn't get shell smash

  • Badass Uchiha
    Badass Uchiha Month ago +1

    Give this Pokémon Stored Power move & a Foucus Stash item maybe Endure Klawf will destroy a whole Team

    • foofootoo
      foofootoo  Month ago

      It has a super low special attack stat unfortunately

  • Outrageous Lamp
    Outrageous Lamp Month ago +2

    at 20:33 the opponent does a spin

  • Kinorey02
    Kinorey02 Month ago +1

    Someone forgot to Ability Patch their shiny Sylveon. Lol

  • Highzen TV
    Highzen TV Month ago +1

    I want to see this guy make a build with.... Spidops

  • SolCalibre
    SolCalibre Month ago +1

    This is it chief, we've found the niche.

  • SkyWolve
    SkyWolve Month ago +1

    I'd argue that Klawf cannot have the best Gen 9 shiny because Tarountula exists

  • Lord Aryu
    Lord Aryu Month ago +1

    I don't understand why they gave it such as bone-chilling cry...it's straight out of a horror movie

  • Sean Wisniewski
    Sean Wisniewski Month ago +1

    So I ran a team which was double spore trick room with Tera ground belly drum hariyama.

    • Sean Wisniewski
      Sean Wisniewski Month ago

      @foofootoo Yeah put one or two pokemon to sleep set up trick room, and let Hariyama rip everything to shreds with earthquake, rockslide, and 2232 attack.

    • foofootoo
      foofootoo  Month ago

      That sounds threatening

  • Y.G. García
    Y.G. García Month ago +1

    these videos are why I sub

  • Neil Lazenby
    Neil Lazenby Month ago +1

    I just wanted t write that if you look at the thumbnail in the correct wrong way, it looks like Klawf has sad blue eyes.

  • TDawgMaster
    TDawgMaster Month ago +1

    Klawf's stats look like bargain bin Kabutops stats

    • foofootoo
      foofootoo  Month ago

      Oh yeah you're completely right

  • Essman
    Essman Month ago +1

    You asked yourself if you could but never stopped to ask if you should

  • GallantBlade475
    GallantBlade475 Month ago +2

    I've not played S&V and this video was the first time I learned that Klawf apparently MOOS?

  • Jack Mansmith
    Jack Mansmith Month ago

    Hey Foo if I beat you in a battle would you consider making a video with me?

  • TheCriiss180
    TheCriiss180 Month ago

    There is a video of a girl searching for the biggest shiny klawf i just love how big it is

  • davis2110
    davis2110 Month ago +1

    this shiny makes it look like a bootleg metagross

  • Jay Play
    Jay Play Month ago +1

    It’s a weird kingler. Simple as that.

  • Justice Alistair
    Justice Alistair Month ago +1

    Is it me or does Klawf have the most unsettling cry. I like Klawf but it’s cry is nightmare fuel.

  • - zsDUGGZ -
    - zsDUGGZ - Month ago +2

    Now do spidops next

  • rangelanky
    rangelanky Month ago +2

    kingler is the best crab tho

    • foofootoo
      foofootoo  Month ago

      Kingler walks sideways so it is immediately very cool

  • EatdisKiwi
    EatdisKiwi Month ago +2

    You feed klawf klawf meat no wonder they were disgusted 🥴🥴

  • yeas rat
    yeas rat Month ago +2

    6:54 what do you mean not very effective on klawf were they not pixilate? 💀💀

    • yeas rat
      yeas rat Month ago +2

      nvm foo already said that i didn’t see it 😝😝

  • Hulkling's Boyfriend
    Hulkling's Boyfriend Month ago +1


  • indestructible delta

    The waffle house has found its new host

  • marioman 6444
    marioman 6444 Month ago +6


    • marioman 6444
      marioman 6444 Month ago +3

      @foofootoo lol!; i Ended up using Beartic for a bit when you talked about him, might have to try him again🧊🐻‍❄

    • foofootoo
      foofootoo  Month ago +3

      As long as I don't have to do the washing up

  • Memely D Catting
    Memely D Catting Month ago +1

    Olive mon is soo cool

  • Grifleep
    Grifleep Month ago +1

    What was the random mooing throughout the video? Also YoBananaBoy is also the only part I remember from Lockstin's girafarig video

    • foofootoo
      foofootoo  Month ago

      Klawf's cry is hilarious, it's just in game audio!

  • Noah olesen
    Noah olesen Month ago

    me like klawf!!!!!

  • A B
    A B Month ago +2

    Crab people
    Crab people
    Look like crab
    Talk like people

  • xmusicana famiglea
    xmusicana famiglea Month ago +1

    Mashed potatoes and klawf

  • Akhil Dusi
    Akhil Dusi Month ago +1


  • BladeTNT
    BladeTNT Month ago +1

    Interesting name for Klawf, like my sister

    • BladeTNT
      BladeTNT Month ago

      I mean that you gave my sister's name to Klawf, great pun

    • foofootoo
      foofootoo  Month ago


  • Shwifty Shwanson
    Shwifty Shwanson Month ago +1

    Bumpety bump!

  • Pájaro The Bird
    Pájaro The Bird Month ago +4

    Claudia the claw is my babygirl. Like this comment to tell nintendo to bring back cherrim the queen thx

    • Pájaro The Bird
      Pájaro The Bird Month ago

      @foofootoo when the dlc drops, if nintendo does cherrim justice, you can make that video :D cheers

    • Shin3y
      Shin3y Month ago +1

      @foofootoo yeah it scares me

    • Shin3y
      Shin3y Month ago +2

      My two favs are luckily in this game, but I feel bad for all y’all who’s favorites are cut. (Unless it’s Lando-T, smeargle, etc.) hopefully gamefreak will bring it back for you eventually.

    • foofootoo
      foofootoo  Month ago +2

      Cherrim in sun next to Protosynthesis paradox mons sounds tasty

  • EpicRatisPrettyCool
    EpicRatisPrettyCool Month ago +2

    Crab crab crab crab crab crab crab

  • Dark O-man
    Dark O-man Month ago +1

    i just wish it was grass-rock

    • Dark O-man
      Dark O-man Month ago

      @foofootoo this is true :( - grass-rock is surprisingly effective as a type, leaving only 4 weaknesses(ice fighting bug & steel) (though only 2 resists in electric/normal ) and STAB is only resisted by steel

    • foofootoo
      foofootoo  Month ago +1

      Aah with the moss? I wouldn't get away with the Earthquake/Surf strategy then though 😬

  • Novarender
    Novarender Month ago +1