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Psychology FACTS on TikTok

  • Published on Sep 25, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • Claire Cosio
    Claire Cosio 3 months ago +17978

    we always talk about "psychology facts" but never "psychology opinions" 😔

    • bugcatz ☆
      bugcatz ☆ 3 months ago +1052

      we always say ‘why are psychology facts?’ and never ‘how are psychology facts?’

    • Noah Scott
      Noah Scott 3 months ago +307

      Call that psychoanalysis

    • Jane
      Jane 3 months ago +192

      I just want to know how you psychology feel

    • Meowbahh
      Meowbahh 3 months ago +4

      Chad Chad had a yikes take like below the tiktokers meow 😺

    • seemp :]
      seemp :] 3 months ago +3

      Huh true

  • Bethanoni
    Bethanoni 3 months ago +3624

    Repackaging emotional abuse tactics as "dark psychology" is really fun and cool

    • Hyiso
      Hyiso 3 months ago +201

      Every time they said "dark psychology" it made my eye twitch and then scream... THATS NOT A THING! IT'S NOT A THIIIING!!!!

    • Rosemary
      Rosemary 3 months ago +4

      @Hyisonot that deep man

    • acanthocephala
      acanthocephala 2 months ago +88

      @Rosemarytry googling “hyperbole” and using it as a device to perform rhetorical analysis on the previous comment. or don’t, idrgaf bc youtube comments aren’t that deep which you clearly don’t understand XD

    • VVVVVV
      VVVVVV 2 months ago +24

      @Rosemaryit is

  • Edward L. Wittlif
    Edward L. Wittlif 3 months ago +4549

    Psychology Tip: To test if your friend is a narcissist, tell them you have a live squirrel inside your chest. Now *pay close attention* because their next reaction will tell you everything. If they have a hopeful look in their eye, it means they are a squirrel, and they think the squirrel in your chest might be their long lost sister. But if they have a hungry look in their eye, *they are a cannibal squirrel* and you need to flee as fast as you can

    • Focused Fighter
      Focused Fighter 3 months ago +66

      This version is how acurately F'd up it is when SHE says hers: both at the same BS to me.
      Aslo, Shiba Inu from SH2, profile pic.

    • Chaos Wolf
      Chaos Wolf 3 months ago +146

      I told my friend this, and they chased me down and assaulted me, and now I’m on life support… guess she really was a narcissist/cannibal and actually a squirrel! Thanks for this helpful tip!

    • Isa GF
      Isa GF 3 months ago +98

      Instructions unclear, now I have a bunch of squirrels living in my kitchen and my friend stole my dad's jet

    • Doggo a Dexx
      Doggo a Dexx 3 months ago +12

      @Isa GFwhat the hell happened?

    • Mike_coxlong420!!
      Mike_coxlong420!! 3 months ago +5

      What 😀

  • Annie Goldring
    Annie Goldring 3 months ago +1199

    Funny, apparently we’re rebranding emotional abuse as “dark psychology.” Really has a cool ring to it

  • MillennialBoomer
    MillennialBoomer 3 months ago +6139

    I like how they treat manipulation tactics like they're some kind of "dark magic". Really adds a lot of whimsy to the act of lying and manipulating people

    • 10 Billion Bacteria were beaten to death by Blarf
      10 Billion Bacteria were beaten to death by Blarf 3 months ago +170

      psych tiktoks out here using their dark psychology powers to manipulate people using mysticality and whimsy

    • Ernest Omiloli
      Ernest Omiloli 3 months ago +98

      The way you used whimsy makes being a dirtbag seem so magical.😅

    • Ai Aikawa
      Ai Aikawa 3 months ago +8

      ​@10 Billion Bacteria were beaten to death by Blarf this comment is hilarious from a kokichi pfp (I love kokichi)

    • AmazingZie378
      AmazingZie378 3 months ago +44

      When you add “dark” in front of any other field, it sounds silly. Like “dark engineering” or “dark agriculture.” Imagine being like “hey! What are you studying?” and they respond with “oh! I’m majoring in dark environmental science with a minor in dark geology.”

    • Miki Kuhl
      Miki Kuhl 2 months ago +10

      ​@AmazingZie378dark calculus
      Which is just regular calculus honestly
      No matter your skills in any given field, even advanced mathematics,
      We shouldn't be dealing with numbers too much. There's something scary about the imaginary number and I had to crash through at least two weeks on using the damn thing
      Don't remember a single equation but I'm okay with that. We built the tower of babel with the power of numbers now look at us there's literally greek in my formulas :(

  • starrstruck
    starrstruck 3 months ago +1674

    As someone who studied psychology in BitLife, I can report that all the psychology facts in this video were completely truthful.

    • AJacks
      AJacks 3 months ago +81

      If u take someone to the movies enuf times they'll marry you

    • Karuchan
      Karuchan 2 months ago +32

      ​@AJacksif someone says excuse me to you and then thank you that means they're attracted to you

    • dumb anonymous person
      dumb anonymous person 2 months ago +23

      if someone says 'sorry' they want to marry you (100% PSYCHOLOGY FACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1)

    • Starz
      Starz Month ago


  • Ellnador
    Ellnador 3 months ago +10732

    As a psychologist, it’s always really validating and humbling when people disagree with my professional opinion because it doesn’t coincide with the PSYCHOLOGY FACTS they saw on TikTok once

    • Mane
      Mane 3 months ago +378

      I can't believe that's a thing

    • veni
      veni 3 months ago +811

      help imagine you tell them smth and they go "well tiktokboy32554 told me otherwise so stfu"

    • RandomBubble
      RandomBubble 3 months ago +69

      @veni lmao

    • Cecília
      Cecília 3 months ago +377

      its so annoyingly cause u have to go through so much work just to form a correlation NOT CAUSATION in psychology but these tiktok psychologists only have to type something on their phones for people to see it as “real facts”

    • J B
      J B 3 months ago +16

      Honestly the tik toks are probably as educationally rigorous as your schooling was

  • Milo Pacheco
    Milo Pacheco 3 months ago +3630

    I'm so glad content like this is trending. Chad Chad is a great example of being extremely funny while still shutting down harmful behavior, its extremely fun to watch and good to know this content is reaching so many people.

    • Philosophy_Bot
      Philosophy_Bot 3 months ago +48

      Beep bop... I'm the Philosophy Bot. Here, have a quote:
      "Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes"
      ~ Oscar Wilde

    • ten
      ten 3 months ago +29

      fr !!!!! these videos help So much to pinpoint warning signs and red flags u probably missed before!!!

    • Void
      Void 3 months ago +5

      ​@Philosophy_Bot bad bot

    • Foolishly_Royalty
      Foolishly_Royalty 3 months ago +1

      ​@Void still better than "This clip is-" and "This is why he quit!!"
      "This is why your father left you
      (Making fun of bots)" posted by said bot

    • Jannatul Ferdousi
      Jannatul Ferdousi 3 months ago +6

      I think I fell in love with her all over again after she used the Sherlock theme. I shit you not I GASPED so loudly and started smiling like an idiot😭

  • MX-01
    MX-01 3 months ago +1399

    You just have to compliment the human females. Say nice things like "I really admire the shape of your skull" or "My favorite part of you is the part that's covered in skin". Works every time.

    • K B
      K B 3 months ago +104

      that's true, find somebody who loves all of you! the parts with skin AND the parts without 😌

    • Abby Cantrell
      Abby Cantrell 3 months ago +156

      As a skeleton, I find this to be very manipulative as I'm a female without skin. It makes me question if i accidentally got skin on me from my last meal, but I do like being complemented on my skull shape as i spent a lot of time shining it every morning.

    • sparkle jump rope queen
      sparkle jump rope queen 3 months ago +36

      not everyone has a body you know

    • Vanilla
      Vanilla 3 months ago +28

      I tried this on a ghost and it failed :(

    • melting slime
      melting slime 3 months ago +7

      @Abby Cantrellyoure the funniest person on earth

  • Kathleen Wright
    Kathleen Wright 3 months ago +476

    The “dark psychology” reminds me of how I was treated in my pre-teen/teen relationships. It’s been 15 years and I’m still working on the trauma and trust issues.
    Please be good to each other!

    • The peas rolled off the counter
      The peas rolled off the counter 16 days ago +1

      Same fr😭 I don't think I suffer really bad trauma but it's still there

    • dokagon75
      dokagon75 4 days ago +1

      I just don't date. Feels like a waste of emotional resources.

  • Real Person
    Real Person 3 months ago +2525

    The "narcissist" one is infuriating and common. Pseudo-scientific psychology combined with the demonization of NPD just. melts people's brains

    • lu
      lu 3 months ago +371

      istg people throw around the words narcissist and antisocial in the same way they used to throw around depression when someone was sad because they lost a game in 2013

    • Seymour Disapproves
      Seymour Disapproves 3 months ago +308

      It really does just feel like everyone just moved on from using the word "psychopath" to describe shitty people to using the word "narcissist." Some people will run through every disorder in the DSM before they think to reflect on their behavior

    • spawn of heehoo
      spawn of heehoo 3 months ago +81

      neurodivergent femmes are the most popular people to call narcissists i've noticed

    • sewage skank
      sewage skank 3 months ago +124

      @spawn of heehoo moms and ex-boyfriends are literally the only ppl accused of being narcissists. apparently no one else can be one

  • Oliver Rose
    Oliver Rose 2 months ago +60

    I am a person with npd and I’ve been feeling pretty awful lately because of this “narcissistic abuse” rhetoric online and seeing creators I look up to repeating it, and I was pretty scared to watch this video because of how awful people are to anyone with a personality disorder but omg thank you for being so normal it actually made my day to see someone even just sympathise with a hypothetical “narcissist”. The bar is low but that’s still incredibly rare so thank you so much, genuinely.

  • Phos Padparadscha
    Phos Padparadscha 3 months ago +28643

    Calling people “females” or “males” is incredibly embarrassing behavior

    • más
      más 3 months ago +2482

      And a bright red flag for real 🚩🚩🚩

    • StrangeAelurus
      StrangeAelurus 3 months ago +1212

      ​@más it's not even red atp it's vermilion

    • Tamar Leah H.
      Tamar Leah H. 3 months ago +530

      Or it's not a native speaker

    • OutlawTheSecond
      OutlawTheSecond 3 months ago +933

      if you aint a scientist or a doctor you arent allowed to say it

    • a
      a 3 months ago +114

      @OutlawTheSecond could you explain why please

  • Die Six
    Die Six 3 months ago +1205

    The funniest thing about that one woman who was like "here's how you spot a narcissist" is that if she actually bothered to research NPD even a little bit she'd find out it's a traumagenic mental disorder. That people get via repetitive childhood trauma due to a certain dysfunctional/abusive parenting style and it's often comorbid with CPTSD, just like BPD. And not something you can just "tell" somebody has or use in place of ways to describe somebody who's egotistical, arrogant or an asshole.
    That and it's also hilarious that she's implying all people with NPD are abusive or going to manipulate you. Way to stigmatize an already very demonized mental disorder lol.

    • Entrapta
      Entrapta 3 months ago +71

      finally someone with common sense

    • Die Six
      Die Six 3 months ago +52

      @Entrapta Ty, I try lol
      I love learning about various mental disorders and actual psychology/how the mind works.
      I'm getting sick and tired of people using narcissistic as a synonym for abusive, toxic or power hungry or whatever other negative trait somebody could have since it's stupid and doesn't make sense to me hahah. Most people don't label somebody with BPD as an awful person right off the bat (most of the time, I happen to have it) but in comparison to that and in my experience as well as through a lot of observation, people are often very prone to labelling somebody with NPD as abusive and self-centered just because they have the disorder or have traits of it without any other reason.
      It infuriates me to no goddamn end lmfao.

    • C T H U L H U
      C T H U L H U 3 months ago +124

      The funny thing is, if *you* looked up narcissism, you'd realise it's a seperate thing from NPD.
      You're making a mistake in assuming "narcissist" *means* NPD, and it doesn't. You're not wrong about what NPD is, but its existence as a personality disorder comes from the much simpler and less serious "narcissism", a preoccupation with one self. The name itself came from Narcissus, a mythical man from a roman poem who would reject women's advances before being cursed by the gods to be in love with his own reflection, hence "narcissist" means someone who is overly obsessed with one self and one's needs, often at the expense of others, just like how you can be "obsessive" and not have OCD, how you can be "depressed" but not have "major depressive disorder". The real irony is, your problem is based on over-applying psychology and DSM-V to assume people are talking about a personality disorder when they're talking about a personality trait, to complain about someone not looking up NPD despite the fact they weren't even talking about it.
      "You can't use it in place of ways to describe somebody who's egotistical, arrogant or an asshole" yeah, agreed, some people overuse narcissist to describe people they don't like, but "egotistical" is actually a synonym for narcissistic. You CAN in fact, use narcissist to describe somebody who has an obsession or admiration of themselves, like self-absorbed, conceited, etc because that is the literal definition. Not every word that is used in psychology is exclusive to psychology, and assuming some tiktoker who thinks you should trap people with games to see if they're narcissists or have NPD (cause doing either is nonsense and useless) is also someone who would ever do enough research to use narcissist vs NPD properly is a you problem. Clearly they have 0 idea of what they're talking about, you want them to at the very least be more accurate in using terms they don't understand so they have, 0.5 idea of what they're talking about?
      And I only say this, because this overly educational view also trivialises and changes words, like how "anorexia", a symptom of low/no appetite, became short hand for "anorexia nervosa" a mental disorder where people avoid eating, so that now, anorexia is useless because you have to specify lack of appetite anyway, because people assume it means AN.
      "here's some advice if you ever feel anxious-"
      "UMMM I highly doubt you have the necessary qualifications to be giving people advice on how to manage symptoms of Generalised Anxiety Disorder, sweaty 💅"

    • Die Six
      Die Six 3 months ago +77

      @C T H U L H U Holy shit I feel stupid hahah, thanks for correcting me. This actually clears up a lot and oh man I really wish I looked at that more.
      Nobody's ever really told me this nor have I seen anything about it so this is very relieving to hear. That is some funny as hell irony on my part and I'll fully admit that you were right in stating that my problem was that I thought NPD means narcissist when upon looking up narcissism and actually researching the things you said you're totally right in that NPD wasn't being talked about, it's not used in the same way and I was wrong for thinking that. You bring up a *lot* of good points I failed to see or think about and it's very nice to have it pointed out, and to reflect on my views about this as well as potentially other things I could be wrong about as a result of learning a bit more. I kind of assumed that since narcissism is a trait of NPD that people weren't using the word correctly and that is so stupid of me to have though for (now) obvious reasons. I'm face-palming at myself hard hah.
      Once again thank you, and I'm very sorry for not making sense beforehand. I'm very glad to have learned from this. ^^

  • Melinda
    Melinda 3 months ago +637

    I love the private jet one. I like imagining that woman has done that "trick" a lot and thinks everyone around her are narcissists, when actually they're giving her a confused, incredulous smile that anyone would just make up a private jet story like a first grader making up really obvious shit to impress people.

    • Bea Kind
      Bea Kind 3 months ago +36

      If any of my friends said they had a private jet I'd literally laugh out loud 🤣

    • Elizrebezilma Dommdo
      Elizrebezilma Dommdo Month ago +7

      Fr. Imagine a grown woman approaches you and is like, "Hey my name is Janet and by the way my dad owns a private jet. Just kidding! I don't, but since you're laughing at me, that's probably a red flag that you were planning on using me and you're a narcissist. Okay bye!"

  • Jeremy Green
    Jeremy Green 3 months ago +130

    As a psychology teacher, these "dark" psychology facts on social media drive me up a wall. I try to debunk this stuff to my impressionable teenage students all of the time. Ugh!

  • Naorée
    Naorée 3 months ago +296

    I really hate the laugh one because it happened to me. A few years ago I was chatting with a friend of a friend, he made some funny jokes so I laughed. About 10 min later I mentioned my boyfriend and the dude got mad "If you have a boyfriend why do you laugh at my jokeS?!". I had to explain to him that I laughed because it was funny, not a pleasant conversation to have! We were in our mid 20s, still blows my mind how aggressive he became

    • BwooHuraca
      BwooHuraca 3 months ago +80

      It's weird that some people interpret "laughing at a joke" as "this person is hot for me" rather than "this person thought my joke was funny."

    • [error]
      [error] 3 months ago +68

      Didn't you know? Having a boyfriend means your sense of humour turns to ashes and gets absorbed by your pancreas. It's the sacrifice you make in order to feel love. #TrueBiologyFacts

    • deviltrigger
      deviltrigger 2 months ago +22

      ​@[error]your body's hormonal makeup will change so that you're only able to laugh at your boyfriend's jokes anymore. Only one dude at a time, ladies!

    • missjoasia123
      missjoasia123 Month ago +2

      He’s a narcissist, jk jk. Probably a red flag for real tho 😂

    • The peas rolled off the counter
      The peas rolled off the counter 16 days ago +2

      I have many friends with great senses of humor and it's pretty easy to make me laugh... oh no... looks like I'm about to date everyone in my inner-to-sorta-distant circle

  • Panoptischau
    Panoptischau 3 months ago +144

    "Teaching" people toxic and manipulative behaviour...as someone who's in their third round of therapy, that just brings me so, so, so much joy. Thank you couch psychologists for your service towards a less healthy and validating world for all.

  • BigFanOfManyThings
    BigFanOfManyThings 3 months ago +6318

    As a ‘female’, I can confirm that we will indeed fall in love with anyone who constantly speaks in sarcasm, because if overused, it never loses its humour and in no way appears like they think we are stupid 👍🏼

    • Joelle
      Joelle 3 months ago +203

      I actually hate sarcasm. it’s so annoying just be sincere

    • Jared H
      Jared H 3 months ago +218

      Oh wow, you're SOOO smart for noting this.
      *prepares to no longer be single*

    • The Cringe Lord
      The Cringe Lord 3 months ago +171

      Yeah! Once, I had a male creature sarcastically say my dog was hanging out indoors when I saw that he got ran over by a car! I had never felt so attracted before!

    • D¡git4L_Id1◇t
      D¡git4L_Id1◇t 3 months ago +132

      If a man talks to me sarcastically I have no choice but to just break up with my girlfriend and become straight
      Like its just so attractive when a man talks to me like I have the mentality of a bag of rocks

    • ArcheryMidnight
      ArcheryMidnight 3 months ago +9

      Oh really, that's super interesting

  • likeaustralia
    likeaustralia 3 months ago +557

    As a dark psychology wizard, I’m guffawing and tittering the day away watching this video. Thanks Chad Chad. 👍

  • Elise Code
    Elise Code 3 months ago +402

    she's so right, it's like "here's how to check if someone is trying to manipulate you...by manipulating them"

  • Unfortuitous Ash
    Unfortuitous Ash 3 months ago +115

    when people say "social media is ruining peoples minds" this is the type of stuff that makes me agree.

  • A Z
    A Z 3 months ago +163

    I met a person that did these “test” questions, first time meeting her too, made me so uncomfortable and gave me big anxiety being around them, decided to just completely stop answering their questions and then she got mad. Weirdest interaction I’ve had with someone and I believe they were doing these “dark psychology tricks”, some people are strange 😅

  • Creecher
    Creecher 3 months ago +32

    Can we just appreciate Chad Chad for calling out the weird ableist "How to tell if someone is a narcissist" tiktok? People with NPD get demonized so much in media and made out as villains when they're just people with trauma-based personality disorders, and calling out the colloquialism of disabilities is so important

  • Zara J Day
    Zara J Day 3 months ago +7520

    As a psychology major, it drives me crazy how much pop-psych has poisoned most people's concept of how the human mind works. It seems anyone can make up a new difference between men and women, or how to tell if your crush likes you, and people will spread it around like influenza. Actual psychology is so fascinating that I struggle to see why people need to make up things to talk about.

    • Meowbahh
      Meowbahh 3 months ago +27

      The human mind works like a charm too bad you're using its power on Chad Chad. Life is composed of food,sleep, entertainment, and goals.

    • Ethan Grant
      Ethan Grant 3 months ago +399

      ​@Meowbahh that was near entirely incoherent

    • AG
      AG 3 months ago +178

      Thanks for highlighting these two terms "PSYCHOLOGY" and "POP PSYCHOLOGY" as people' tend to conflate the two
      Especially Gen Z thinks that Pop psych is actually psychology and totally remain oblivious to the fact that Pop psych is just another branch or field of study in Psychology .

    • Vava
      Vava 3 months ago +32

      Actual psychology is sometime absolutely unscientific and rubbish since a. we don't really understand what happens in people's head and b. a lot of psychologists sells pop psychology. So it's extremely easy to understand why people are so interested by pop psychology since it always has been a thing, even in the actual discipline.

    • _o
      _o 3 months ago +152

      ​@Vava 🤡

  • Hannah Davis
    Hannah Davis 3 months ago +271

    I'm a narcissist and oh my God, the narcissist one had me laughing. Who wouldn't want to see a private jet? And my face was in shock at the "he couldn't even afford one in his dreams." 😂 What? Oh my God. You just insulted your father, why? I love (sarcastically) seeing people talk about narcissists who have NO idea. I'm used to the stigma and ableism and demonization so I just try to laugh at it and that one was absolutely ridiculous. What even? 😂
    Edit: also thanks for not demonizing NPD. Even in leftist spaces, i am met with the ableism surrounding narcissism and "psychopathy/sociopathy" (aspd) and it often feels like i just have to accept that it's just always going to be a thing and specific spaces for NPD and personality disorder folks in general are the only real safe spaces. So it's nice to see a tiktok about narcissism and have it actually be treated as harmful because it is! Im so tired of hearing how harmful, evil, manipulative, abusive, soulless, empty I am cause I was a neglected child and now crave attention and adoration and praise. Most of my narcissism just comes out in video games anyway. But that's just a rant cause it's been really and over the past month or so and it eats away at me a lot. So just thanks, Chad Chad. It means a lot to us NPD folks :3

    • Sirene Kalypso
      Sirene Kalypso 3 months ago +47

      I'm glad you felt safe here!
      I'm a diagnosed ASPD (Sociopath) aaanndd my wife is diagnosed with NPD.
      Its great to see more of us feeling safe enough to discuss ourselves!

    • Entrapta
      Entrapta 3 months ago +41

      I am not cluster B but I too am sick of people who demonize these disorders, especially since they almost always consider themselves "mental health advocates."

    • StuckInTheLazyCorner Again
      StuckInTheLazyCorner Again 3 months ago +16

      ​@Sirene Kalypso I know this is so random but I just wanted to say that if that's you in your pfp you're really stunning! Also I'm glad you and your wife found each other ☺️

    • Sirene Kalypso
      Sirene Kalypso 3 months ago +15

      @StuckInTheLazyCorner Again Yes thats me! And thank you so much! I love her so so much!!!

    • jadead
      jadead 3 months ago +24

      my therapist just tuesday was demonizing personality disorders. it wasn't NPD but it made me really sad how much harmful rhetoric she had under her belt about BPD patients.
      keep going, cluster B besties, yall got this

  • Zoe
    Zoe  3 months ago +138

    something about how people think making people with specific illnesses monsters is something that breaks my heart everyday. how do people think that makes a person want to attempt recovery if their told by society what their mind does, they are fundamentally broken an unlovable. shout out to my cluster bs and people with psychotic disorders we deserve better

    • Ezraniac
      Ezraniac 3 months ago +7

      Much love right back at u!!

    • Insomniac Raccoon
      Insomniac Raccoon 3 months ago +13

      Cluster B here! Thank you! Seeing everywhere how I'm a ticking time bomb and inherently abusive honestly just makes me want to give up entirely. Whats the point of trying if I'll always be a manipulative bastard?

    • Stevonnie
      Stevonnie 3 months ago +12

      I'm in the plural community, which is connected to the dissociative identity disorder community, and it's wild learning about how people have actually SCARED their therapist... simply by mentioning they have alters or are plural or whatever. I actually had that with a therapist, who would intentionally avoid talking to me about my plurality. Only when I got a therapist who was experienced in dissociative disorders did I get proper help and respect, but even therapists trained in those disorders can be cold towards anyone they think might be "dangerous" based on stereotypes. There are a lot of people who have BPD and psychosis in the community too.
      This is all to say, it's horrifying how easy it is for people to throw your personhood aside simply because media, stereotypes, and lack of compassion say you MIGHT be dangerous. When really, we're people who need help and might even be happy with what makes us "strange" but want help with the parts of it that make it a disorder.
      People really treat mental illnesses like warning signs of how awful a person may be instead of thinking about what trauma they may have gone through to develop that illness. Or for those born with neurodivergent, thinking they'll automatically be a pain in the ass. You can have any kind of mental illness and still be varying levels of a "bad" person.

    • DJ reems
      DJ reems 3 months ago +7

      I'm sorry y'all have to put up with that, it's really sad to see the same patterns be repeated again again with every mental illness that gets the spotlight. Every single time it feels like people have to learn the same things all over again. Hope you're surrounded with love and compassion regardless

  • the person
    the person 3 months ago +45

    The last tiktok in the dark psychology part about the hot and cold technique is an actual manipulation tactic called lovebombing, which is used by abusers in relationships or sometimes even friendships. The abuser is abusive towards the victim, however when they try leaving the relationship or start getting cold they'll start showering them with love and affection in order to keep them which creates an unhealthy definition of love in the victims mind.

  • Grady
    Grady 3 months ago +69

    I'm imagining the secret wars that the “Dark Psychologists” and the “Light Psychologists” must wage for the fate of TikTok content everywhere.

    • Anthony Davis
      Anthony Davis Month ago +3

      what if the fire psychologist nation attacks?

  • Andy The Dishwasher
    Andy The Dishwasher Month ago +6

    I've known schizophrenic people that, when exposed to this concept of 'dark psychology', experienced serious exacerbations of their paranoia after contemplating the possibility that people were doing this to them. It compromised their interpersonal relationships to a massive degree. This stuff hurts people.

    • Andy The Dishwasher
      Andy The Dishwasher Month ago +3

      To clarify, I'm specifically referring to the term 'dark psychology' as propagated through these clout-chasing 'influencers' as opposed to actual techniques of psychological manipulation, which are referred to by actual professionals as 'psychological manipulation', not 'dark psychology' because they aren't sorcerers and neither is your toxic ex.

  • May
    May 3 months ago +4676

    After watching this and downloading TikTok I've become a licensed psychologist. Now I can keep the money I saved up for a psychology degree and buy a private jet.
    Thank you Chad Chad. 👍🏻

    • Isla
      Isla 3 months ago +9

      Replied to this the minute it was commented

    • Jo Daddee
      Jo Daddee 3 months ago +73

      But why when you can manipulate your friend for their dad’s private jet? Speaking of which there was something I wanted to tell you

    • Meowbahh
      Meowbahh 3 months ago +1

      Chad Chad has no skills she can only talk meow 😺

  • NotequaLto ///
    NotequaLto /// 3 months ago +44

    I took a course once in my psych studies on intimate relationships. Probably one of the best classes I've ever taken. Looking back, I can see how it would be a bit challenging to understand some parts of it without a basic psych course under your belt. However, the advice that can be generated from the content would be amazing for almost anyone. I honestly asked my professor "why don't we teach this in high school?"

  • cha cha real smooth
    cha cha real smooth 3 months ago +31

    I cackled when you mentioned the Bible verse, here's the exact reference from Matthew 7:3:
    “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?”
    whether you believe in the Bible or not, you gotta admit that it has some pretty good advice- especially for the people chronically starting Twitter arguments

  • Run You Fool
    Run You Fool 3 months ago +20

    As a psychology student about to write a psych exam, I can confirm this is exactly what is in my text book. 😊

  • Hiro Aki
    Hiro Aki 3 months ago +59

    I'm really into psychology and maybe I'll even be able to study it one day. I find tiktok content like this so infuriating, like yeah, I guess it's funny, but also the app is used by young teenagers and kids who don't have all the information and they're gonna start believing that crap. Not to mention that so many of it demonizes people with "scary" illnesses, like no, just because someone has a personality disorder doesn't automatically mean they're a bad person. But there's also the other extreme of people claiming you don't need to get treatment because you're already perfect and everyone should accept you as you are. Which sounds nice but also if someone struggles with any illness, telling them to not seek help can never end well

    • lu
      lu 3 months ago +10

      exactly! you're not a monster for having npd, but getting the help you NEED will definitely be good for you and possibly the people around you.

    • [error]
      [error] 3 months ago +1

      Having a disorder doesn't make you a bad person, but staying unmedicated/out of therapy and refusing to accept criticism or better yourself does.

  • yung guattari
    yung guattari 3 months ago +24

    as a former psychotherapist and professor (retired young to live the life of being poor but happy) the very first thing that you must be aware is that psychology CAN NOT be thought as broad generalizations that apply equally to everybody, that's literally the definition of mal-practice.

  • Shekinah Louis
    Shekinah Louis 3 months ago +3759

    I have my final paper for my Psychology degree today and this really helped to get in some last-minute revision. Thank you Chad Chad! 🙏🏽

    • dumbgato
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      Good luck man!

    • Khrishp
      Khrishp 3 months ago +168

      You plannin on using the hot-cold-sarcasm-humor-darkpsych methods to make them love you to get the grade? Nice, true alpha-sigma lone wolf gigachad behavior.

    • shalmali -
      shalmali - 3 months ago +4

      Good luck!!

    • Andy Kuchta
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      You already are got the power 👁️💋👁️

    • Meowbahh
      Meowbahh 3 months ago

      Chad Chad will bring you down a letter grade you should be listening to me meow 😺

  • Aether Abyssal
    Aether Abyssal 3 months ago +37

    As someone with NPD, hearing people talk about "how to tell if someone is a narcissist" makes me so uncomfortable. Narcs aren't like inherently evil, we're just kinda high maintenance?? We don't just see people as tools good lord :/

  • Touya Todoroki
    Touya Todoroki 3 months ago +12

    real psych fact: if you have a friend that consistently makes you feel worse, they're not worth it. full stop. a responsible person prioritizes their mental health over the temporary amusement of others. i can't even count all the perfectly good friends i've had to cut off since they wouldn't quit lovingly babying toxic people even when they themselves were turning toxic... because they were adamant that wouldn't be very nice. ugh.

  • Fermywormy
    Fermywormy 3 months ago +19

    As a psychologist, I dislike these “little things” that mean someone likes you because healthy communication should be at the forefront of trying to see if someone likes you back.

  • Rubyskies
    Rubyskies 2 months ago +6

    The fact that calling it ""dark psychology" is basically just a method to make extremely toxic or manipulative shit sound like something "cool". Gotta love it/s

    • gardeniasxroses
      gardeniasxroses 2 months ago +1

      fr! also using different names for it is just bs

  • astrobones
    astrobones 3 months ago +2161

    As an asexual who laughs way too much and way too easily, can confirm: the only times I've felt sexual attraction is when I've accidently looked at someone while laughing

    • Meowbahh
      Meowbahh 3 months ago +6

      Pokemon PFP and watches Chad Chad Chad oof 🤧

    • ALPHA
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    • Gregory Boatswain
      Gregory Boatswain 3 months ago +6

      That's kinda wild to me, I won't lie

    • Ckw
      Ckw 3 months ago +88

      @Meowbahh what’s wrong with that 🤨

  • Tyler Cashman
    Tyler Cashman 3 months ago +7

    I love how people are calling emotional manipulation "dark psychology"

  • Mossy is bored
    Mossy is bored 3 months ago +8

    *[cracks knuckles]* oh boy, it's ableism o'clock!
    for all of yall with npd, bpd, aspd, psychosis, or any other stigmatized disorders/symptoms, you're swag and you deserve happiness. posted with love from someone who very likely has undiagnosed avpd and some kind of paranoia/derealization thing going on.

  • Red Wiltshire
    Red Wiltshire 3 months ago +39

    Honestly I love the “how to spot a narcissist” and proceeds to explain the behaviour of a sociopath 😂

    • Moxie M
      Moxie M 3 months ago +18

      It’s like “oops sorry wrong cluster B disorder”

    • jasperjazzie
      jasperjazzie 3 months ago +13

      @Moxie M so many people just lump them all together as some kind of "crazy evil person disorder" that i'm not even surprised. i wish people would learn that that's not how any of this works

  • Star Man
    Star Man 3 months ago +16

    "Yeah, females love me as long as I make them question their sanity and play weird mental games that make me feel like I'm in control of all our interactions".
    Chad Chad with the absolute zest on that line.

  • UnknownedLeaf
    UnknownedLeaf Month ago +5

    here’s a light psychology trick to seem like a good person:
    1. Come to terms with yourself and figure yourself out and how you plan on building yourself to become better.
    2. Patience is a virtue. Having a lot of patience is key in becoming a kindhearted individual.
    3. Be genuinely nice to people, even if they respond with hostility.
    4. Know your limits. Understand that you cannot help everyone. You do what you can, not things you can’t.

  • Bookmouse
    Bookmouse 3 months ago +2985

    I love how the "dark psychology" bros are just an update to the thinking of "insert gifts, receive sex;" that we're just robots that just need to be hacked correctly to reliable dispense The Sex.

    • Gorevoid
      Gorevoid 3 months ago +169

      It probably makes sense from his perspective since he seems like he might be an actual robot

    • jobohobo
      jobohobo 3 months ago +6


    • AsuraTheBass
      AsuraTheBass 3 months ago +96

      I dont know why but reading "dispense The Sex" just made me cringe but also kind of laugh?

    • D¡git4L_Id1◇t
      D¡git4L_Id1◇t 3 months ago +56

      "Dispense The Sex"
      *I n t e r e s t i n g . . .*

  • Dogski28
    Dogski28 Day ago +1

    I love how they call it “dark psychology” like it’s some forbidden school of magic and not just emotional manipulation

  • Jae
    Jae 3 months ago +14

    8:50 as someone that actually has mental issues surrounding compulsions, that's the absolute best way to get attacked, blocked, and never spoken to again. Don't do this ❤

  • Luna🌙Lovegood
    Luna🌙Lovegood 2 months ago +3

    These dark psychology facts really just validating my distrust and confusion with guys I was with in the past. One in particular was so damaging. I feel dumb but I really fell for the one where they are super sweet and loving and then completely pull away and pretend like ur not there and do it again and again. At a very vulnerable state I fell for this and it was confusing and painful. I grew to hate the guy and eventually cut things off and he still randomly tries to message me claiming he really cares about me. It’s sick. I found myself disgusted with him and feeling like he was so fake but never feeling like I could be sure. Just this overwhelming feeling I could not ignore. Because he didn’t do or say anything directly to make me feel that way it was all in the behavior. He chose it words very carefully so I couldn’t really call him out. When I tried to ask about things it was always. That wasn’t my intention and stuff but I felt like it was. He let it slip once saying he loved “teasing” me by playing with my emotions and easily manipulating me. I always wondered why he smiled so much when I was crying, upset or sad or saying sorry. I wondered why he always wanted me to tell him all the painful things and confide in him but seemed to be taking notes more then trying to help. Why he would laugh and smile the only time I saw a genuine emotion in him. And he smiled again when he said that but it was like almost a scary smile. It made me feel….unsettled and disturbed he said he was just joking after but he wasn’t. It stuck with me and he was good at making me think it was in my head and my own insecurities. I won’t lie he had me in a desperate place for a while. When I started to heal from the trauma I was dealing with I realized something slowly every time I saw him I felt more and more unhappy. I always felt unhappy around him but it was like I became more aware of it because I wasn’t consumed in my own insecurities anymore. I wasn’t blaming myself anymore. Every time I saw him I couldn’t wait to be away from him his energy was so toxic, I found him annoying overbearing and unattractive, I was extremely bored and I wondered what the fuck did I ever see in him? The last time I saw him he couldn’t handle me at all. He started to get nervous just being around me because I wasn’t letting him manipulate me and I wasn’t scared to speak my truth anymore regardless if he liked it, I left like 30 mins into seeing him out of shear boredom and at the time I actually puttied him. I realized how insecure he actually was. And I felt bad for him for a long time after and tried to be friends but he wouldn’t stop trying to play those old games. Always asking me about my life right away to gauge my emotional state and waiting for an opening. It was so gross and really pathetic. I couldn’t believe I once thought I loved him. Dark psychology is real and honestly people use it alot more then u think. People need to make U insecure and keep u down because they are to insecure to be what you deserve. Or to just treat u right. If they can convince you I deserve less u will never realize U deserve better. Never stay where u are unhappy. Never let a person mess with your mental health. Be weary of people who just come around when ur down. We can’t think clearly when we’re in a bad place. We don’t see people for who they really are. Our senses can become dulled by pain, fear, or desperation. And There’s a lot of vultures out there.

  • E E
    E E 3 months ago +7

    I think myself and everyone else with a psychology degree or any job form of psychology would like to thank this video for its services protecting us 😭 people don't even do psychology A level and make up so much crap.

  • Suzii Motii
    Suzii Motii 3 months ago +26

    Personally as an ADHD person, if someone says never mind its gone. I'm not gonna remember that you had something to tell me in the first place.

    • deviltrigger
      deviltrigger 2 months ago +2

      Unmanipulatable through the power of adhd squirrel brain!
      But for real, I think I couldn't even give my boyfriend a silent treatment if I wanted to bc he too has ADHD and wouldn't even notice I haven't texted back 😂😂😂

    • Hadrian Ryan
      Hadrian Ryan 4 days ago +1

      Yeah, the extreme apathy I've become possessed by lately means a "never mind" is one more thing I don't have to care about and summon up the energy to respond properly to. It's like plans getting canceled in terms of instant relief. 😂

  • Ellis Brehme
    Ellis Brehme 3 months ago +2500

    As an incoming psych major who wants to be a psychologist for a living, the concept of “dark psychology” is probably the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. It reminds me of the dark academia aesthetic and dark magic, which must be what they’re connecting it to.
    Also, the dark psychology hot and cold girl was also in Drew Gooden’s video about getting taller. I think she spreads a lot of false information.

    • Shuur Monsters
      Shuur Monsters 3 months ago +74

      as an occultist it was the dark magic connection i linked to first. especially surrounding the concepts of like forcing people to fall in love with you.
      baby witches grow out of that stuff as they learn how magic actually works.
      is it similar with psychology and intellectualism?

    • Sours
      Sours 3 months ago +27

      @Shuur Monsters I thought about dark magic too. I don't do anything occult-y but it definitely gave me the same vibes as those black magic tiktoks

    • ZZZ
      ZZZ 3 months ago +96

      People dont Iike her she got into a huge online mess and is one of the most hated tiktokers

    • freudiannipslip 🇺🇦
      freudiannipslip 🇺🇦 3 months ago +6

      @ZZZ what happened with her?

  • Ethan Siltala
    Ethan Siltala Month ago +1

    Y'know, in middle school (long before tiktok existed) I not only developed my lifelong hyperfixation with human psychology, but I also unconsciously started using a "tactic" to hopefully make my crushes like me more. I realized, much later, that what I was doing was not only CREEPY AS HELL but, in some cases, might be considered emotional manipulation and STALKING. Now, did it work? I mean, my fiance of six years hasn't left me despite the fact that I admitted to learning his schedule, where his classes were, and what path he took to walk to class, so id call it a massive success.

    • Ethan Siltala
      Ethan Siltala Month ago

      And just in case anyone is curious, the "tactic" was 1. Inserting myself into their friend group, becoming friends with their friends in an attempt to make a greater excuse to spend more time with them. 2. Go out of my way to interact with them regularly, and make my presence known, but also make it as natural as possible. (aka adjusting my own walk to class to line up with theirs, learning where they sit for lunch, etc.) and 3. Actually just becoming friends with them, because I thought this was all completely normal and not obsessive behavior whatsoever. The goal was essentially to lead them right to the point of us being close friends, and then just.... waiting. Hoping they'd ask me out or something.

  • Camouflaging
    Camouflaging 3 months ago +5

    thank you for this video. this sums up the whole “delulu” and “delusional” cuteness/personality trait that’s been plaguing the app for a bit. to add on, since it’s a music app, people really market to these type of people and play w/ their feelings on purpose for more views. shits wild but u just gained a new sub 😈

  • MelonCat3000
    MelonCat3000 3 months ago +5

    Hey Chard (not really)
    great video as always, really enjoyed it :) I want to call you out on the sponsorship though, airup is completely stupid because the amount of plastic waste it produces is horrendous.. Especially since the capsules are not refillable.
    Hope you consider dropping them! Or even better: talking to them about that issue.

  • Jannine Doreste
    Jannine Doreste 3 months ago +3

    Just found your channel and as someone with a psychology degree too I am absolutely loving this and your sense of humor.

  • seungberry
    seungberry 3 months ago +4

    She never fails to make me laugh

    • Nishim_riK
      Nishim_riK 23 days ago


  • Beardiemom
    Beardiemom 3 months ago +2306

    There's something that *really* freaks me out about those "dark psychology" videos: Half of them look like an abuser's handbook and I've had a friend that definitely did that cycle of validation before pulling away to me. And it pains me to admit that it worked until he went after my partner.

    • The Cringe Lord
      The Cringe Lord 3 months ago +230

      I’m sorry that happened to you, and you’re right. They’re just adults teaching minors (mostly teenagers) that it’s okay to manipulate and abuse someone, and giving step-by-steps on how to do so.

    • Peter Yeeterson
      Peter Yeeterson 3 months ago +167

      Yeah, those videos are literally just “how to abuse the person you’re romantically attracted to”. Great thing to show teenagers, who as an age group already lack empathy because their brains aren’t fully developed yet.

    • Elliott McPeek
      Elliott McPeek 3 months ago +43

      I'm so sorry you went through that. I completely agree though, that's basically exactly what it is if not just manipulation. So gross how that blonde person is presenting it like some cute informative video

    • Gin ny
      Gin ny 3 months ago +9

      What did you do then? I recommend kicking people out of one's life that do that. If someone makes you feel bad, let them go and look for better friends. I wouldn't stay in a work evironment either, where they use this shit - find a better place if you can.

    • Beardiemom
      Beardiemom 3 months ago +38

      @Gin ny Oh yeah, I kicked him out of my life. Three times before it (hopefully) stuck, one of which he infiltrated our online friend group under a false identity.
      Absolutely agree that you should remove people from your life that are manipulative/abusive like that.

  • Lengorchi
    Lengorchi 3 months ago +6

    The last sketch reminded me how when my mom died my uncle (her twin brother) said to me to hide all jewelry because my friends might steal it. After that he kept repeating how my girlfriend just wants to steal my flat and she actually doesn’t love me, that I need to be cautious of all other people because they’ll want to steal from me now that I don’t have parents. I was thinking like “Damn, he must be really traumatized by other people”. Guess what, not one of my friends stole from me. Also, three years have passed, and me and my girlfriend still living together being in a loving relationship. I guess straight men don’t believe in normal human interactions.

  • alyssaakabob
    alyssaakabob 3 months ago +1

    This is so interesting. I'm a BCBA and there is a lot about addressing learned behavior and the environment it is reinforced in. So what's clinically interesting about some of this TikTok dark psychology advice is... Bullshit.
    Really appreciate you highlighting these issues and some of the danger on people misusing therapy speak

  • Auby Enjoyer
    Auby Enjoyer Month ago +2

    I love the way that they talk about psychology like it's magic lmao
    "There's a spell that can do that but it's dark magic and highly frowned upon"

  • chan
    chan 3 months ago +4

    In hs as a freshman, we did those security practices where we hide in the dark on one side of the room quietly. I got my phone and went to notes and wrote stuff like 'i gotta tell you something' hinting at a confession to a friend girl and then ended up saying I'm batman and looking back at it like wow that's pretty immature and now they're spreading that on tiktok

  • Connor Burton
    Connor Burton 29 days ago +1

    Those "Dark Psychology" TikToks have the same energy as that prohibition-era grape juice with a label essentially saying: "Warning: Do not follow this series of detailed steps or this grape juice would turn into wine."

  • R.J. Whitaker
    R.J. Whitaker 3 months ago +3715

    When they refer to women as "females",you know their advice is going to be toxic.

    • Katherine battle
      Katherine battle 3 months ago +26

      But you definitely don't think it's toxic for women to call men "males." Also female is another word for woman.

    • occultsupport
      occultsupport 3 months ago +25

      @Katherine battle fr. I dont get the hate for people calling women females in this comment section. It's just another word for woman! What's the big problem????

    • koltrast
      koltrast 3 months ago +298

      ⁠@occultsupport I think it’s because a majority of the examples used in this video are for men trying to get women, and in a lot of those videos, they refer to women as ‘females’ way more than theyre calling dudes ‘males’. This is the same for a lot of those dumb dating advice videos too.
      But referring to women as ‘females’ is seen as rude because that word gives a connotation that you think lesser of them, like they’re animals. They do mean the same thing, but again, different words for things can have negative or positive connotation that put a spin on things.
      Calling men ‘males’ can also have that same negative connotation, but it isn’t being pointed out as much because it simply isn’t being used to describe men by people like the examples in this video more than they are calling women ‘females’, so people are less inclined to point it out in the first place.
      Sorry for the essay, I just like explaining things and I hope you understood.

    • Echo
      Echo 3 months ago +287

      @Katherine battle Female is not another word for woman. The terms male and female can be applied to any animal while man is define as “human male” and woman is defined as “human female.” This makes using the terms male and female come across as dehumanizing.

  • Angela Zeng
    Angela Zeng 3 months ago +72

    13:03 "thank u for subscribing" i caught that dark psychology trick guys it made me want to subscribe INSTANTLY

  • magdalena
    magdalena 3 months ago +10

    if you suspect someone's a narcissist, take them
    to a psychotherapist and use other manipulation tactics to get them to pay for the appointment you need to schedule for yourself.

  • Keila B
    Keila B 3 months ago +4

    That part where you threw keys to yourself and caught them was gorgeous. The film industry should take notes

  • Static
    Static 3 months ago +4

    As someone who is currently majoring in psychology, can confirm, tiktok is the best place for 'facts'.

  • myroc1
    myroc1 3 months ago +1411

    I love the thought of Narcissist's testing each other for NPD by just endlessly manipulating each other in a glitched out loop of lies.

    • Speed weed
      Speed weed 3 months ago +28

      New Democratic Party?

    • beehivebat
      beehivebat 3 months ago +91

      @Speed weednarcissistic personality disorder

    • Mika
      Mika 3 months ago +24

      ​@Speed weed narcissistic personality disorder

    • Jane
      Jane 3 months ago +10

      three people took the bait, and it wasn't even good bait. Sad.

    • beehivebat
      beehivebat 3 months ago +98

      @Jane ah yes, the bait of clarifying for a question that really has no impact on any of our lives. Oh the humanity

  • LotsOfNotParrots
    LotsOfNotParrots 3 months ago +8

    Yeah playing mind games with people definitely fucks up the relationship for good. TRUST IS IMPORTANT AND IT TAKES A LOOOOONG TIME ONCE YOUVE BROKEN IT

  • Phoebe Purtill
    Phoebe Purtill 3 months ago

    Your videos are so consistently such a high quality that I always feel like they've been written by a team of professional comedy writers. But it's one amazing gorl xx

  • Isa
    Isa 24 days ago

    as a psychology major, and knowing that psychology is like the popular major rn, I think its great that ppl are excited to learn about it but just making shit up and giving advice on how to manipulate and emotionally abuse ppl is just so insane to me like just crack open a book or read a small article or something don't just say things lol😀

  • Ant Man
    Ant Man 3 months ago +6

    the inclusion of the "beep boop boop bop" song you used at 6:36 that Mr. Krabs hears and requests on the radio in the episode of SB when Bob and Squidward are convinced he's a robot was a very pleasant surprise. . . I find something new to love about your channel with each video. thanks Chad Chad, even if that's not your real name

    • Seachelle
      Seachelle 3 months ago +4

      actually, it goes "beep beep bop boop"

  • Phosphilolite - Speaker of Santa

    I did not know the phrase "Dark Psychology" existed until right now and now cannot stop cracking up

  • idon'tknow _whattowritesooo 155

    we stan certified and licensed professional psychologist chad chad

  • Maddie Baldwin
    Maddie Baldwin 3 months ago +1

    Thank you Chadchaddddd for the wonderful video I’m so glad I could click on it and thank you for the roofing and warehouse stocking tips I feel like an expert already!

  • Sakine
    Sakine 3 months ago +11

    “Are you caller me a liar?”
    “Well I’m not calling you a roofer”
    Under appreciated joke right there. I gave an audible “ha!”

  • Lilly_Loves_You
    Lilly_Loves_You 3 months ago +2

    My teacher also watches your videos, that’s how funny you are, teachers watch you reacting to content. You’ve made it, Chad.

  • Fonze
    Fonze 2 months ago

    This video had me dying of laughter 😂 Found you through jarvis and glad I did!

  • SamaChaos
    SamaChaos 3 months ago +1248

    So I’m a real life therapist (licensed and everything) and also a very online younger millennial. The landscape of mental health and psychology discourse online is so interesting. Like, yes, anxiety is a lot more normalized now. Fantastic. People are more aware of neurodivergence. Great. But also not everyone you meet has borderline or narcissistic personality disorder and not everything is directly explainable by a psychology “fact”. Like the only thing that’s true about people is that nothing is universally true.

    • natkatmac
      natkatmac 3 months ago +77

      It's people who have no idea what the DSM is explaining to other people who also have no idea what the DSM is how to diagnose a complete stranger based off one manufactured interaction.

    • Kjara Kravik
      Kjara Kravik 3 months ago +37

      I started studying psychology two tears ago and the most frustrating part about it was having to learn about all these older renowned psychologists coming up with their theories and acting like they were universally true

    • The Cringe Lord
      The Cringe Lord 3 months ago +41

      “Like the only thing that’s true about people is that nothing is universally true.”

      waLKANOTHER 3 months ago +68

      As someone with diagnosed BPD but doing a lot better these days, it's gross to see how crucified people with it are. It's one of the most emotionally torturous disorders and although there's plenty of people who don't get help and let it ruin their and others lives, there's lots of us doing work to get help and be better people and control emotions better.

  • Riley Greenwood
    Riley Greenwood 3 months ago +5

    My grandfather was a psychologists and while my mother didn't become one, she learned just enough from her father to be able to mess with her school counselor

  • Dea
    Dea 3 months ago

    The main problem with that first 'dark psychology' one is that you're not making them love you, you're giving them an obsession that doesn't need to happen. When you shower someone with praise and affection and then suddenly stop and cut all communication with them when they do something you don't like even slightly and then return after depriving them of that after they apologise for something they may not have even done and keep repeating that cycle you are creating an obsession not infatuation. I don't doubt that most people on tiktok are completely unaware of the difference between love and obsession so allow me to lay it out for you: love can usually be described as a desire to be close to and spend time near another human usually due to physical appearance or behaviour such as compliments, a soft voice, low aggression levels and wider shoulders/hips (depending on sexual orientation). Love comes from a place of curiosity, happiness and familiarity. Obsessions on the other hand are for the most part, repetitive thoughts or actions focusing on (usually) a routine or set of actions but can spread to apply to people or objects. Failure to appease the subject of obsession often results in feelings or thoughts of paranoia, anxiety, dread and a hesitancy to do things until the obsession is indulged. For a few people these obsessions control and persuade their lives and are incredibly frequent. In situations like these we refer to it as Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (side note I could go on a whole rant as to why I hate when people say they have OCD as an excuse for perfectionism). For a majority of cases of obsession an individuals quality of life and functionality is greatly hindered and leads to increased rates of anxiety and depression. Where as love does nothing of the sort. Doing anything like what's described in the first 'dark psychology' tiktok is not only ethically and morally wrong but down right illegal. If you made it this far, I hope I helped you understand the difference between these two and thank you for reading. ^-^

  • King of Aluminum
    King of Aluminum 3 months ago +1

    That clip of you passing the keys to yourself looked so natural that I didn't even initially realize that it had to be edited lmao

  • randomwhy
    randomwhy Month ago

    Chad humorously critiques TikTok's pseudo-psychology trends in a video. They dissects various "facts" and tricks, revealing their lack of credibility and questionable advice. Chad uses humor to encourage critical thinking and responsible information sharing, highlighting the absurdity of many TikTok psychology trends.

  • June Bollington
    June Bollington 3 months ago +1

    Obvious things aside the “I ain’t calling you a roofer” joke was top tier thank u chad chad for being the #1 source of dad jokes that I will definitely giggle about later

  • John Doe
    John Doe 3 months ago +357

    Chad Chad: "YOU are a psychologist"
    Me, an actual psychologist: "how the fuck does she know? 👁👄👁"

    • mandarinablue
      mandarinablue 3 months ago +20

      Me as a student in psychology. Ahaha yes, actually no, uh ...

    • mona anom
      mona anom 3 months ago

      same 😂😂😂

  • Danielle Lueder
    Danielle Lueder 2 months ago

    The "find the hidden narcissist" rhetoric in media is getting super frustrating. I see it not just on social media, but my news feed. Like they live among us and only through a series of clues and tricks they can be revealed, like they're vampires or something. I'm not saying narcissists don't exist, but this idea that they are everywhere, waiting to strike is not only icky, but discrediting to people who genuinely live with this personality disorder.

  • Levyathyn
    Levyathyn 3 months ago

    "Dark psychology" really is the guide to being that one ex they never forget about.

  • RKM14
    RKM14 3 months ago +11

    "eat up,sluts" I LOST IT😭💀6:59

  • Robby Mitchell Gaming
    Robby Mitchell Gaming 3 months ago +3

    “Well I ain’t calling you a roofer” got me so good
    Perfect subversion of expectations

  • Sparky6Voltz
    Sparky6Voltz 3 months ago

    I adore how much goes into all of the bits throughout these videos- they're all so good

  • claire
    claire 3 months ago +1081

    My psych professor told us that “everyone is a psychologist, because we all see behavior being performed daily and can make inferences based on our experience. What separates the psychologist from the researcher is the mitigation of biases and putting aside that personal experience to evaluate and test a phenomenon.”

    • JhericFury
      JhericFury 3 months ago +135

      "The difference between science and fucking around is writing it down" to quote one of the myth busters

    • Meowbahh
      Meowbahh 3 months ago +3

      The difference is they are getting paid meow 😺 I skipped the whole Chad Chad video

    • mookie monster
      mookie monster 3 months ago +29

      I don't remember if my professor said anything similar, but he DID say that if you suck your thumb as a baby you'll grow up to become anal retentive, so... I dropped my psych major and became a poet because what the fuck.

    • Professionally Correct
      Professionally Correct 3 months ago +12

      They really said that?? HUGE red flag.

    • Erin S
      Erin S 3 months ago +5

      I would also argue that education is important, more important really.

  • Rad Isk
    Rad Isk 3 months ago +5

    I like that they treat psychology like its magic they even have a dark version

  • Rida Fatima
    Rida Fatima 2 months ago +2

    The "I wanna tell you something... Oh nevermind" has occurred to me many times. It was so funny cuz I always respond with "Okay not a problem" or lately, just absolutely ignoreeee the existence of that text. Drives the other person crazy.

  • Buse Hazır
    Buse Hazır 3 months ago

    10:49 I love the self insuring smirk at the end as well 👍🏻 I believe her %100 without a doubt in my mind.

  • Karim Mansour
    Karim Mansour 3 months ago +1

    Thank you Notreally, I realized long ago you use reverse psychology in your humor, so all those tiktoks are cool and should be used 😃👍

  • A Moose
    A Moose 3 months ago +4

    "Dark psychology" is a really funny and whimsical way to say "mental abuse."

  • LazyBunnyLyn
    LazyBunnyLyn 3 months ago +270

    Theres a story of a woman whose bf told her she smells..lots of times to the point she get self conscious. She did shower, wear perfumes etc etc but he still said she smells. So finally she confronted him and was like, my friends and family said i smell fine, i shower daily, etc etc and if she smells to him lets just break up. The guy finally confessed his dad told him to do that because if the girl think shes smelly she wont break up with him cuz she wont have confidence to find someone else
    Guys...DONT do this. This is mental. This isnt dark psychology, its borderline abusive

    • Shuur Monsters
      Shuur Monsters 3 months ago +101

      idk about "borderline" to be honest. i think it pretty soundly qualifies as manipulative at the very best, and as emotional abuse at worst.
      either way i feel like calling it abusive is appropriate.

    • SunshinePIRRATA
      SunshinePIRRATA 3 months ago +106

      IT IS ABUSIVE, let's stop sugar coating mfs treating people like shit, they're not just mean, they're not just pathetic, they are abusers, he was emotionally abusing her to gain the confirmation that she wasn't going to leave him, that's abuse.

    • Jemma Zwan
      Jemma Zwan 3 months ago +20

      No need for the borderline.

    • Meowbahh
      Meowbahh 3 months ago +2

      More fantasy stories from Chad Chad watchers 🥱