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Streamer Gets Angry and Makes Horrible Apology Video

  • Published on Dec 13, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • This is the greatest twitch streamer apology of All Time
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  • Marcus Christoffer Pagh Martinussen

    Responding to the death of someone's mother as "a big bucket of bummer" is indescribably vile

    • Bob Duncan
      Bob Duncan 5 months ago +23

      I love u

    • limecat
      limecat 5 months ago +115

      It is a big bucket of bummer, but he should of also followed with sorry for your lose, hope you get through things. Or something then it's done. No need for a melt down.

    • XerNation
      XerNation 5 months ago +2

      Why did she want people to know anyway

    • limecat
      limecat 5 months ago +101

      @XerNation it's a simple question, personally I would of just replied good, great, ok, not so great ect. Then asked if to elaborate then I'd go into detail but that's just the culture here, we use phrases like "how's it going" or "where yah been" as a greeting lol but still all she said was her mum died then he flipped out over negative energy. Like chill have a snickers or something 😆

  • Morgan VS The Internet
    Morgan VS The Internet 5 months ago +4086

    She wasn’t trauma-dumping. She just answered his question, and all he had to do was give a small gesture of sympathy and move on. It's not that hard to be like, “sorry for your loss, glad you're here!”

    • QueenCurlyQ
      QueenCurlyQ 5 months ago +219

      Seriously. A simple “oh, I’m sorry to hear that. It’s good to have you back on the stream, though.” would have been fine!

    • Llamania man
      Llamania man 5 months ago +175

      Even if she had been trauma dumping, publically shaming a viewer for something like that is not ok. It just ruins to stream for everyone.

    • Morgan VS The Internet
      Morgan VS The Internet 5 months ago +54

      @Llamania man Oh definitely! He showed his a$$ to his whole community.

    • Fahed !🤘😈
      Fahed !🤘😈 4 months ago +2


    • roytooshort
      roytooshort 4 months ago +3

      It is trauma dumping when you tell information like that to someone at random. It isn't right what she did and he has no obligation to pretend to cater to it like the comments here suggest.

  • Medium D Speaks
    Medium D Speaks 5 months ago +1840

    It absolutely breaks my heart that the person who just list her mother in her tweet is saying "I know I'm also in the wrong a little". Mi corazón, you are not in the wrong AT ALL. I desperately hope she can understand that and that this guy is just the worst type of monster

    • -Random-
      -Random- 4 months ago +96

      for real I'm seeing people defend the streamer in this comment section and I'm losing hope in humanity, like how tf do you even defend the streamer that's just wrong in every way

    • ToddSnow
      ToddSnow 4 months ago +39

      You had me until “worst type of monster.” Is he a douchebag? Of course. Don’t over exaggerate stuff, it discredits the good points you make

  • Jesse
    Jesse 3 months ago +1160

    Imagine he goes thru a rough time and his chat just told him what he told her 💀💀

      SAGUARO 2 months ago +16

      lmao 🤣

    • sensZ
      sensZ 2 months ago +26

      "Hey guys , i guess thats it" ☠😭

    • Bryce
      Bryce Month ago +7

      @sensZ how can I escape my demons when his name is Ronald

  • MSK
    MSK 5 months ago +1093

    So ironic how he feels she's "bringing down the vibes of the stream" yet his response was more negative than her explaining what happened...

    • nothing
      nothing 3 months ago +18

      Narcs don't think how they themselves act

    • samdoesstuff
      samdoesstuff 2 months ago

      @nothing narc?

    • samdoesstuff
      samdoesstuff 2 months ago +3

      liyah ♱ bruh that's not what i saw on urban dictionary 💀

    • BluLikeFriendlyHit
      BluLikeFriendlyHit Month ago +8

      @nothing Narc doesn't have the definition that you think XD

  • Slorch Man
    Slorch Man 5 months ago +2207

    “How have you been?”
    “Not good, my cat died”
    “SHUT THE FUCK UP, SHUT YOUR MOUTH! You can’t say that because it is sad.”

    • rosette
      rosette 4 months ago +7

      favorite comment 😂

    • rosette
      rosette 4 months ago +5

      favorite comment 😂

    • Crunchy MarshMallows
      Crunchy MarshMallows 3 months ago +5

      lmao 😭

    • -Random-
      -Random- 3 months ago +7

      "don't ruin the mood of the stream"

    • YazmanianDevil
      YazmanianDevil 2 months ago +26

      I've had this happen to me in real life. Someone asked a question about my childhood and I responded factually, not harping on or anything just simply stating I was raised by a single father and someone else was like "this is depressing, let's change the topic".
      People are wild af. I guess next time I'll lie and say my parents never got divorced lmaooooo. Oh and the awkward silence that followed was so fun

  • Paul Rubino
    Paul Rubino 5 months ago +2094

    His response was WAY more damaging to the "mood" of his little show than her honest answer alone could have ever been.

    • Going Slowly Nowhere.
      Going Slowly Nowhere.  5 months ago +133

      Exactly. This whole shit would be so much easier to "gloss over" by 30 seconds of "Oh man, that sucks. I am glad to see you back, and I hope we can bring some smiles to your day" or a similar overused kindness. Platitude? Maybe, but a hell of a lot better than this mess.

    • Joe Shmoe
      Joe Shmoe 5 months ago +34

      100% this. If he had simply answered "oh man, sorry to hear that" and then just moved on, that would have been ok. But making such a deal about this and showing absolutely no understanding/empathy/concern will probably speedrun the end of this streamer's career.

    • joeyjojos
      joeyjojos 5 months ago +22

      @Going Slowly Nowhere. I mean, most people actually care when someone's parent dies. That's like top ten worst things that happen to a normal person. This dude just doesn't care

    • azitaulava
      azitaulava 5 months ago +1

      @joeyjojos you mean top 3.

  • Mars
    Mars Month ago +95

    When my dad died, literal children reacted better to my grief than that grown man did.

    • Chara Presscott
      Chara Presscott Month ago +1

      I thought it was a streamer I watch...but I haven't been there for a while.

    • tot
      tot 15 days ago +3

      SAME. and im sorry for your loss. i lost my dad last year and its a horrible thing to go through. i cant imagine telling someone i know this and they get mad i told them. disgraceful.

  • Kino
    Kino 5 months ago +594

    No fucking way he compared one's parent dying to losing a dog or getting divorced.
    Then had the audacity to shame her and justify his behavior.
    I really do hope she's doing better now. The fact that she felt the need to apologize breaks me.

    • witchino
      witchino 5 months ago +32

      Honestly, people like this need to go through trauma like that to see what it's like. This dude is dehumanizing her so much and it's terrible.

    • ♡internet angel♡
      ♡internet angel♡ 4 months ago +6

      Although I haven't had to experience any of the following he listed nor losing a parent, I feel as though the struggles he listed don't hit anywhere near as hard as losing a parent, which only makes this so much worse because it just provides that he has a very minimal understanding on how losing somebody like that could be so damaging

    • Homeyworkey
      Homeyworkey 3 months ago +15

      @♡internet angel♡ you dont need to tierlist traumatic events lmao
      people don't need an understanding, they just need to be sympthatic, its not much to ask for

    • An H
      An H 3 months ago

      @witchino Do you realize that what you just said is basically "Let's have more people go through traumatic events, so the world will be an even sadder place?"

    • witchino
      witchino 3 months ago +12

      @An H that is in no way near what I meant by my statement, that is how you chose to see it my guy. I was saying people should only judge so harshly when they've been in somebody else's shoes 💀

  • Wade Sharp
    Wade Sharp 5 months ago +303

    “Where have you been?” = “where’s the donations been?”

  • A Random Environment Artist
    A Random Environment Artist 5 months ago +344

    I can’t believe his first instinct was to shame her

    • Blonderella
      Blonderella Month ago +11

      Some streamers start to get steady viewers and think they’re gods

    • tot
      tot 15 days ago

      @Blonderella yes. egotistical

    • Politically Wincorrect
      Politically Wincorrect 4 days ago


  • cryin pooper
    cryin pooper 5 months ago +228

    "I'm just subtly trying to tell you" has some real "Dumbledore asked calmly" energy

    • Andrea Gunell
      Andrea Gunell 3 months ago +16


    • cryin pooper
      cryin pooper 3 months ago +3

      4:52 for anyone wondering

  • Matthew Garthson
    Matthew Garthson 5 months ago +19331

    This man literally just showed us why mental health is such a problem. "Don't say you're sad, just STFU and say I'm good"

    • PeepoQT
      PeepoQT 5 months ago +655

      Oh my god you're so right

    • ANDRS
      ANDRS 5 months ago +789

      I had a friend do this to me but he said “dude i aint your therapist” which hit hard cause i thought he was a friend since then i just roll with family no friends just other people

    • oleevv
      oleevv 5 months ago +46

      Correct me if i'm wrong, but i believe many if not all very social people are thinking in that way

    • Zhepard
      Zhepard 5 months ago +235

      @ANDRS I mean believe it or not he actually is trying to look out for you if you're telling him so much that that's the response he gives then you probably need a therapist doesn't sound like he said it the right way but you gotta talk to a therapist if you're trauma dumping that much

    • Cortez Baldur
      Cortez Baldur 5 months ago +145

      Would it sound odd of he said he can't afford a therapist. Or even worse alot of people don't like talking to them cause alot of therapists are cold or even condescending.
      Usually if u talk about ur feelings u wanna talk to people ur comfortable with.

    QUEEF LIPS 5 months ago +430

    “I don’t wanna ruin the vibe”
    Also him: completely ruins the vibe by making a huge deal about it and yelling and bitching.

  • salvador
    salvador 5 months ago +812

    It’s people like him that make the world impossible to live in for anyone going thru trauma or anyone with neurodivergence. Im autistic and I can’t tell you how many times people have given me a look after I say something that says EXACTLY what he’s saying with his voice: “when I ask that, these are the two acceptable answers. Any other answer is wrong and bad”.
    I’m glad this guy got lit TF up over his horrible character in this situation! I love justice in these situations!!!!

    • DFQuartz IDN
      DFQuartz IDN 5 months ago +16

      I’m so sorry you had to go through such a life. I hope you’ve found the right people to open up to.

    • Schrödingers Katze
      Schrödingers Katze 4 months ago +22

      It's also so weird to me that where I live you usually get a very long answer to the question "how are you?" and tell you about every little piece that hurts in their body, but traumatic experiences are still a taboo for some reason. You just can't say more than one small sentence about it.

    • R M
      R M 4 months ago +7

      The sad thing is that negative exposure is still good exposure and his channel is blowing up now and people will forget about the incident and he’ll be more popular making a lot more money too

    • Mc Clure
      Mc Clure 4 months ago +29

      For real. 'How are you' has just become a meaningless greeting, no one actually cares how you are. I just respond to it with 'good morning' or the like nowadays. No wonder people feel ignored when everyone's always asking how you are and any answer besides 'fine' is treated like taboo. This guy took it even farther and it's great he got ripped into for it.

    • Austin Batton
      Austin Batton 3 months ago

      Then again grow a pair, life isn’t gonna baby you get over what strangers say or think

  • BryanDraws
    BryanDraws 4 months ago +146

    Ironically, him giving her a basic empathetic response was easier than having a massive baby rage moment about it.

  • kylegonewild
    kylegonewild 5 months ago +156

    "Damn, that sucks. Glad you're feeling good enough to come back around though."
    It's literally so simple.

  • Clifton
    Clifton 5 months ago +98

    Today it's been exactly 2 years since my dad passed away. I'm a grown man and it still breaks my heart.
    I know bringing up stuff like that can ruin the vibe, but I've literally seen Charlie handle that kind of comment perfectly while streaming at least a dozen times. Of course he doesn't go into a motivational speech or tell you how to bring them back. He usually just says something like, "I'm so sorry to hear that, I hope things get better for you", but that's literally all it takes.

  • Zer0
    Zer0 5 months ago +4967

    He put more energy into his little temper tantrum than he would have if he just said “oh damn that sucks I’m so sorry I hope you’re okay”

    • Patrick39
      Patrick39 5 months ago


    • NotYarrs
      NotYarrs 5 months ago +415

      It's literally easier to have no empathy and say just: "oh I'm sorry for your loss." In like 2 seconds then forget about it. He did literally everything wrong.

    • TheKomentor
      TheKomentor 5 months ago +2

      If I lose a parent, I wouldn't break it in front of thousands of people who have nothing to do with my personal life. I would keep it to myself and my close friends and relatives. Penguinz and others like him should stop virtue signalling on issues like this.

    • ToomKing / Dog Byte
      ToomKing / Dog Byte 5 months ago +445

      @TheKomentor it's cool you'd choose not to talk about it. It's cool that she decided too talk about it when asked. Both of those are fine. His response wasn't

  • cerealeater0313
    cerealeater0313 5 months ago +128

    It’s so funny how he’s shaming her for forming a “negative atmosphere” as he loses his fucking marbles💀

  • Logan SL
    Logan SL 5 months ago +136

    The worst part is, this guy isn't the only person that does this, he's just the only one dumb enough to do it on stream. But there's a huge amount of people that could not give less of a shit about other peoples struggles even after asking "how are you?" because they just expect a positive response regardless of how the person is doing. People like this are a big part of why mental health issues are so prominent and difficult to cure

    • Iridescent Pink
      Iridescent Pink 5 months ago +2

      Yeah i definitely expect strangers to be my shoulder to cry on and take care of my mental health. Its not the cost of mental health or lack of research in many mental illnesses - its because randoms on the internet and entertainers on the internet dont cuddle me when im sad

    • Logan SL
      Logan SL 5 months ago +15

      @Iridescent Pink that’s so country dependent though, I’m not American so there is no cost here. Though for a lot of people insurance does cover it over there. And also there’s a huge difference between asking showing sympathy/empathy to literally any degree and “cuddling me when I’m sad”. Bro was an asshole and a lot of people are like this which is what I’m saying is the problem. It’s a lack of compassion for other struggles that is the problem, people shouldn’t be expected to go above and beyond and actually talk about it with the person, since that’s the job of a therapist and can be stressful to deal with, however literally just caring and being supportive is just as easy as all the shit he said and probably would’ve taken less time. It’s not being a shoulder to cry on it’s just not being a dick about it, basically just basic human decency.

    • Kris choo choo
      Kris choo choo 5 months ago +2

      @Iridescent Pink You need
      ✨ Grammarly✨ it took me awhile to make out all the gibberish you said. But I think I understand now :)

    • Iridescent Pink
      Iridescent Pink 5 months ago

      @Kris choo choo ok thanks for letting me know you can't read well that's not reall my problem though

    • Kris choo choo
      Kris choo choo 5 months ago +4

      @Iridescent Pink Yea and thanks for letting me know that you shame people for simply answering questions

  • ilovesoup
    ilovesoup 4 months ago +46

    I can't believe she feels like she's in the wrong for saying that her mother passed. Unbelievable. Screw this guy, i hope his reputation is forever ruined (but we all know, all his viewers have probably already forgotten about it and its like nothing ever happened.)

  • Sadie
    Sadie 5 months ago +101

    The fact he literally tried to gaslight her by saying he didn't ask about that is insane to me. "Where have you been?" is clearly a question asking why she hadn't been in the chat for a while. And then he had the nerve to say he didn't ask that, he just asked how she was? Even then, her response wouldn't have been inappropriate.

  • Nissan Skyline
    Nissan Skyline 4 months ago +21

    He shamed her so much to the point where she actually feels like she's in the wrong. Jesus Christ, how pathetic.

  • Lily Dawson
    Lily Dawson 5 months ago +3543

    He didn’t even ask her how she was, he asked her WHY SHE’D BEEN GONE. Wild.

    • Chaud Spieler VT
      Chaud Spieler VT 5 months ago +350

      Goes to show he doesn't care about his viewers....even sending his followers to attack her on Twitter as they call her a clout chaser when she did nothing wrong even mocking her for being a little chunky...yeah that streamer is THAT pathetic!

    • xTwilightWolvesx
      xTwilightWolvesx 5 months ago +169

      @Chaud Spieler VTHe’s a disgusting person for doing that to someone who’s grieving, as if what he did during the stream wasn’t enough.

    • Jake who hates cake
      Jake who hates cake 5 months ago +26

      @Chaud Spieler VT hes got a whole ass video of him justifying what he did. look up his twitch. @wefoundthebody

    • 𝒜𝓂𝓎𝓓
      𝒜𝓂𝓎𝓓 5 months ago +51

      exactly, he doesn't care about her, just why she wasn't there to bump up his viewer count.

  • petal
    petal 5 months ago +138

    she didn’t ask him to be a therapist, all he had to do is give his condolences and move on if he didn’t want to talk about it for a long time.

  • Ariona Miller
    Ariona Miller 5 months ago +19

    NerdyCurvy if you’re reading this, a lot of people are on your side, and i also lost my mom at twelve, and it wasn’t alright on his part- you don’t have to feel guilty at all. I really hope you can be at peace with this loss, and it’s shitty that this situation even had to be involved ❤

  • Bool’s Realm
    Bool’s Realm 2 months ago +22

    If this is how he treats his supporters imagine how he treats his partner

  • Ezra Kerbs
    Ezra Kerbs 5 months ago +58

    Charlie, just thank you for being a decent human being. It's tough out here, you help.

  • shanarose hartie
    shanarose hartie 3 months ago +18

    all he had to say was “i’m sorry that happened, my condolences. i hope you and your family will be comforted and heal… ANYWAY!” and i feel like that would have been fine

  • Ava Silva
    Ava Silva 5 months ago +3944

    the fact that she felt like she was in the wrong and apologized breaks my fucking heart

    • jah terminated lmao
      jah terminated lmao 5 months ago +13

      she obviously didnt think she was wrong. she made a sappy tweet trying to garner even more sympathy than she would have. think about it, she didnt think she was in the wrong enough to not tweet it. you must be new to twitch drama.
      im not saying hes in the right, im saying that she definitely knew what she was doing by tweeting that

    • victoria
      victoria 5 months ago +668

      @jah terminated lmao you’re weird Lmao

    • jah terminated lmao
      jah terminated lmao 5 months ago +13

      @victoria she wouldnt have put "i know im in the wrong" on a PUBLIC tweet literally linking the clip where she was supposedly "in the wrong" if she actually thought she was in the wrong. i know how twitter works, not everything should be taken at face value

    • jah terminated lmao
      jah terminated lmao 5 months ago +4

      good for her tho. she got some free clout out of this

  • Charlene
    Charlene 5 months ago +78

    In seeing how this all went down, it makes me think of my own experiences with grief. My father died when I was three, and I've seen a very wide range of responses growing up when I've been put into a position when I've felt I've had to tell people about my loss. I've experienced some wonderful, caring responses from many people... and some really messed up ones, including from a supposed best friend who told me, and I quote, "Don't talk about that, it's too depressing." Some friend, huh?
    What I've learned is that some people have no capacity to handle talking about grief. Clearly, this guy doesn't. Does that excuse him? Absolutely not. It's not hard to say, "I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you have a lot of support as you get through this. My best to you." That's enough. You don't have to make it a big conversation, and frankly, sometimes the person who is grieving doesn't want it to be a big conversation either. It's very simple. Don't say you pity them, don't try to turn it into something big. Just acknowledge it and move on. Chances are, the reason why she was there, watching his stream, is because she didn't want to talk too much about it. Maybe she just wanted to take her mind off of it for a little bit, which is an absolutely legit grief response. She wasn't trauma dumping. Trauma dumping would be writing paragraphs about what happened. She answered simply.
    I always wonder about people who respond like he did. What was he taught growing up? Was something missing in his training on how to have appropriate social skills? The lack of basic, appropriate compassion blows me away.

    • bbsonjohn
      bbsonjohn Month ago +2

      He was taught to hide his sad emotion. Maybe he was told sadness is not any part of manhood. So anything negative would trigger their anger response, as opposed to a wide range and variety of negative emotion. And then he lost the touch how to handle other's sad emotion.

    • Charlene
      Charlene Month ago +4

      @bbsonjohn I think you're definitely on the money here. I've worked with kids for many years, and I can't tell you how often I've seen adults tell even the smallest of kids things like, "don't cry," "big boys don't cry," "stop crying, you're giving me a headache," "get over it," even when their tears are 100% legitimate under the circumstances.
      I'd probably replace sadness with anger too if I was told not to express sorrow. I'd be angry that I wasn't allowed to express my pain. But these things can be unlearned with practice, and even, in those who are at the more extreme end, with therapy. But of course, this kind of thing gets so normalized that people don't question that their emotions are stunted. They think everyone else is wrong to feel those things because that's what they were taught.
      It's a pretty sad way to live.

  • Dowpler
    Dowpler 5 months ago +49

    Imagine how she feels, losing a mother that loved and cared for her since birth, only to be scolded for answering a question she was asked

  • Josh Loshaw
    Josh Loshaw 5 months ago +22

    What I love most about this channel is I love you calling out all these assholes. People don't use their brains and read the room anymore.
    Edit: Also, if he would have replied saying I'm sorry to hear that wouldn't that be good vibes lol

  • Clouxed
    Clouxed 5 months ago +49

    My cousin passed away a little while ago and if my favorite streamer I watched everyday said it was “A big bucket of bummer” days after it happened I would’ve cried. Feel so sorry for her and wish them the best.

  • MrGecko66
    MrGecko66 4 months ago +17

    Bro coulda said “ I’m so sorry that happend, let’s try to have a good stream and cheer you up” or literally anything else! There were so many easy ways to not be a horrible person.

  • Destiny Nicole Curry
    Destiny Nicole Curry 5 months ago +2255

    He doesn’t tolerate drama, but makes it into the biggest deal ever

    • joeyjojos
      joeyjojos 5 months ago +64

      Fr he really could have just moved on instead of going off on her

    • room temperature iq
      room temperature iq 5 months ago +72

      He doesn't want to bum the stream out, but will absolutely make an apology video live on stream, and then spend the entire next day talking about it again.

    • Vali .S
      Vali .S 5 months ago +27

      @room temperature iq the... audacity of some people is way beyond acceptable, I hope his career just ends

    • Zero
      Zero 5 months ago +57

      Thinking that someone else's mom dying is _"drama"_ is even more ridiculous.

    • Zero
      Zero 5 months ago +12

      @joeyjojos Exactly, if he had just ignored the comment, if it was that big of a deal, he could've avoided this situation entirely.

  • Mike G
    Mike G 4 months ago +15

    I love when you expose these people to millions of your followers. You’re the man Charlie

  • BB Kayy
    BB Kayy 2 months ago +9

    I'm genuinely shocked that he reacted this way to a girl who just lost her mother... it's just DISGUSTING how little empathy this man has

  • Christian PK Reeve
    Christian PK Reeve 3 months ago +17

    I don't normally comment on Clip-Share videos, and I know this happened awhile ago, but I had to comment. I often get people come into my streams sharing unfortunate and sometimes devastating news. They will often apologise for 'bringing the mood down' or something to that effect, and I always tell them to never apologise and to always share. Fact of the matter is, livestreams are communities built up from people. People have good and bad experiences in life, and they may not have someone or somewhere that they can share difficult news. I like to think that my livestreams can offer people a safe space to share things with other people who care and wanna reassure them. It's really sad to see this, and I hope this streamer can be more empathetic in the future. Honestly, sometimes offering people a space to do that can save their lives, and at the end of the day, we should all really be looking out for eachother.

    • Oliver Charles
      Oliver Charles 3 months ago +2

      i rarely watch streams, but that is a very good way of putting. Thanks for being a normal human being with empathy instead of shaming people for expressing their situations.

  • Epiphany Syzygy
    Epiphany Syzygy 5 months ago +34

    When he experiences the pain of losing a parent, he'll understand how immature and callous his behavior towards her was. He'll almost certainly be in her shoes one day, and he'll have to confront his bad choices then. It's just a matter of when that'll be.

  • Rainbow Vader
    Rainbow Vader 4 months ago +19

    Imagine being so sensitive that you think someone saying their mom died is "trauma dumping"

  • Aaron
    Aaron 5 months ago +4221

    The guy is having a meltdown because he was minorly inconvenienced by hearing about a viewer losing their mom... what a class act. 👏

    • Brooke Lynn Planz
      Brooke Lynn Planz 5 months ago +213

      Typical narcissist behavior.

    • honeycrispTV
      honeycrispTV 5 months ago +100

      @Brooke Lynn Planz narcissist, yes. but also a specific type of narc: the spoiled, whiny manbaby. One of the worst.

    • Random Channel
      Random Channel  5 months ago +78

      When you order keemstar from wish

    • Carlos R
      Carlos R 5 months ago +31

      @Random Channel bro even wish keemstar is better than this guy

  • Kieran Caldwell
    Kieran Caldwell 5 months ago +16

    Poor woman, i hope shes ok.this guys response to her pain was absolutely vile.
    It's so disgusting to pretend to care how someone is only to shame them for opening up, like don't pretend to care about someone if you don't, dude

  • BrutalDabs
    BrutalDabs 5 months ago +23

    that's a really messed up thing to say to someone after such a big event in their life people like him are the reason why some ppl dont ask for help when they are going thru it 😤 i feel so bad for her 🥺

  • Bilbo Beggins
    Bilbo Beggins 4 months ago +5

    Her answer took the attention from him, and he could not have that....
    what a narcissist
    His response makes me nauseous

  • Timothy Rendell
    Timothy Rendell 5 months ago +9

    Personally going through a pretty rough time in life. This is probably my first time ever commenting on a youtube video. Thank you for making your content and doing what you do. I listen to you daily as well as a few other creators. You all are helping me get through this hard point. Keep up the great work!

  • Slippery Nixon
    Slippery Nixon 4 months ago +6

    "Calling this an apology is a disservice to apologies"
    That was very nice, understated and just really nice. Charles gets it

  • Dj Alien
    Dj Alien 5 months ago +44188

    Losing a parent is one of the worst sorrows to go through in life. The fact he shamed her for giving a reasonable response on an awful experience is stupendously stupid.

    • - 87
      - 87 5 months ago +1475

      EXACTLY! He made her situation seem less than it actually was, devaluing a human life that was precious to her. Truly disgusting stuff. Hope his career falls into a pit.

    • PhazeBeast
      PhazeBeast 5 months ago +609

      He was very rude and disgusting

    • kryptofly
      kryptofly 5 months ago +537

      …I’ve lost both, one in my teens, the other after I retired. The loss and pain never really goes away….

    • PhazeBeast
      PhazeBeast 5 months ago +369

      @dudeimgeorge how is it attention shit if the streamer asked that person? The streamer could've just said something like " oh I'm so sorry for the loss " period end of story. 🤦‍♂️

  • danksuccsucc
    danksuccsucc 5 months ago +15

    Most streamers I watch have so much empathy and genuinely care about their audience. It's sad to see that some streamers can't even comprehend the concept of basic human empathy. Simple things such as "I'm sorry that happened to you, I hope things get better for you." It's not that hard to be empathetic and keep a good vibe in your stream going.

  • Dark Matter Demon
    Dark Matter Demon 5 months ago +19

    Gotta love how he wants positive vibes, then proceeds to swear a lot, which can carry negative connotations.

  • Serenity
    Serenity 15 days ago +1

    Binging all these videos for the funny commentary, and damn this one always makes me sad as the person was already in a rough place went somewhere for some entertainment and got roasted and told he's teaching her a "Lesson" I can only imagine how flustered an embarrassed they must have felt. Hope they're doing okay.

  • Giant4331
    Giant4331 18 days ago +1

    You always had a good moral code Charlie. From the early days. I said it once on Facebook and I'll say it again,
    If anyone deserved to get big in the community, it was you buddy. :)

  • Ewok
    Ewok 5 months ago +10

    God forbid someone have a bad day around this guy

  • sunnie bear
    sunnie bear 5 months ago +27029

    The fact that she thinks she's "in the wrong a little" for being honest about what happened is bonkers. Girl, no you're not. You answered a question that he asked honestly. I feel so bad for her feeling like she did something wrong because she didn't in any way

    • Patrick39
      Patrick39 5 months ago +28

      I’m better than penguinz0

    • whyquestion
      whyquestion 5 months ago +13

      Ratio + k-pop better + mbappe better than haaland 🤳🏼👶🏻👦🏻🤓🤓🤓

    • ♡ berries and cream ♡
      ♡ berries and cream ♡ 5 months ago +1092

      i genuinely feel bad foe her too like he could have just said im sorry to hear that not make it a deal

    • WarlordofBritannia
      WarlordofBritannia 5 months ago +1007

      Public gaslighting a fan is one helluva horrible thing to do, this dude should be ashamed

  • ChoiceBased
    ChoiceBased 4 months ago +2

    I recently started following her on Twitch as she streams. I believe it is important to support her and increase her viewership. I do not condone treating anyone, including women, with disrespect.

  • • Ro the Alien •
    • Ro the Alien • 5 months ago +24

    It's not even trauma dumping, because she does not go into excruciating details nor she talks about how depressed she is. She just stated her mom died, which is something that sucks but it happens and a normal response would be "hey that sucks hope you get better" and even if it makes you uncomfortable you just don't answer and ignore the message

  • Ragnarok 935
    Ragnarok 935 4 months ago +4

    As a youtube streamer myself, i try to comfort the person going thru a hard time and i try to not make it the focus of the entire stream. Especially not in regards to how this streamer acted in response. This was absolutely disgusting and horrible behavior. All it takes is a simple, "I'm sorry that happened, i hope everything goes well," to lift their spirits. Instead, he turned it into a bigger deal

  • bofooit gojo
    bofooit gojo 5 months ago +10

    I'm more concerned by his community in his chat not calling him out. Imagine having so many brainless yes men that won't keep you accountable.

  • Starshine
    Starshine 2 months ago +3

    There was the easiest bounce back in the world that he didnt use.
    Him: where have you been?
    Her: my mom died
    Him: im so sorry to hear that. Im so glad youre here though, hopefully we can add some brightness to your day!
    And then move forward with the stream

  • Isaac Ashby
    Isaac Ashby 5 months ago +4283

    What’s so insane is that instead of feeling bad for her, he feels bad for HIMSELF for having to hear about it. You think it’s hard to hear? Imagine how hard it is to go through something like that

    • idkwattonamemyself
      idkwattonamemyself 5 months ago +78

      this is my philosophy, glad someone else thinks this way too (:

    • 𝒜𝓂𝓎𝓓
      𝒜𝓂𝓎𝓓 5 months ago +113

      As someone who had a parent pass away, this type of thing is traumatizing. A few months after my mom passed, someone (a customer) shamed me at work in a somewhat similar way, and I had to take my lunch break early, I was sobbing.
      I'm glad the majority of the internet is on her side, and I hope that she makes it through this whole ordeal okay.

    • 雲Nepheles
      雲Nepheles 5 months ago +58

      Man has a ''main protagonist'' sort of mentality or something. The fact that he thinks first about his feelings...

    • W0rkhop
      W0rkhop 5 months ago +1

      ngl ive had parent pass away and never would i trauma dump it onto a streamer 1 because its TMI and 2 because its literally a suicide pass where all the streamer can do is make a pitiful comment about you or everyone gets mad or they ignore you, but this guy handled the drama so poorly its insane. could have just said "i dont care i dont like negative donos" and anyone online getting mad is just being soy because he didnt wanna listen to trauma dump donos

  • JenniferT19
    JenniferT19 5 months ago +6

    I’m glad people are giving him shit. He just showed his true colors with that reaction

  • Sola Guinto
    Sola Guinto 3 months ago +3

    holy shit, it's already hard enough losing a parent, let alone dealing with how others react. One of my biggest fears after my dad died was making people uncomfortable just by my very presence, and this is exactly why. There's so much unnecessary shame and stigma around loss, which is SO weird when loss and grief is universal
    THIS is why people have a hard time expressing their emotions publicly or being honest about their mental health. I hope she now knows she wasn't in the wrong at ALL, it makes me so sad seeing her tweet even expressing even an ounce of guilt for being real and open. This guy's lack of empathy was wrong, not her

  • axowotlz
    axowotlz 5 months ago +2

    She got manipulated by him and that breaks my heart, oh my God that dude sucks. Twitch streamers are terrible, dude. Actually. I really hope Kirby's okay out there.

  • Jake
    Jake 5 months ago +41

    The sheer lack of empathy shows how far we've fallen.

  • Albert Gore
    Albert Gore 4 months ago +3

    “I am so sorry for your loss, we’re here for you”
    Boom a career saved in a single sentence.

  • Grudge Judy
    Grudge Judy 5 months ago +4367

    She definitely wasn’t “trauma dumping.” If she’s a regular in a 55 average viewer stream then I can absolutely see why she’d feel comfortable enough to say, “my mom died” instead of “something horrible happened!”
    The fact that this guy was so angry at her and has “strict rules” against sharing bad news is very telling.

    • Joer
      Joer 5 months ago +5

      not wanting attention seeking idiots in your chat is "very telling" i swear

    • room temperature iq
      room temperature iq 5 months ago +376

      @Joer Any successful streamer would've been able to avoid drama here, easily. The fact that he's gone so far off the rails for being told he's wrong just shows he's not cut out to be one anyways.

    • Jordie
      Jordie 5 months ago +309

      @Joer Is it really attention seeking if HE asked? Like she just said exactly what happened. If you ask someone where they been/how they are don't always expect good news. If you only want good news then don't ask. He coulda said "oh hey nice to see you again we missed you" instead of asking where she'd been.

    • Karrie S
      Karrie S 5 months ago +117

      Exactly. He is so delusional. Him saying she could have Had a simpler response, so could he have. So trifling he is

    • Lama
      Lama 5 months ago +120

      @Joer it's not considered attention seeking when it's in the chat of an irrelevant nobody "streamer" lmao

  • Roarshak
    Roarshak 4 months ago +3

    Friends and I were just talking about how we need to host some mental health streams where we just chill and let everyone express what they are going through. It seems those might be needed more than we thought. I really hope this girl is okay. I have lost people I love and can't imagine a "supporter" or "friend" treating me this way for mentioning it. All the homies are always there for me. We need to start doing that for everyone guys. It's okay to struggle, it's normal. It's not okay to hold it in alone. If you need someone to talk to, reply here or on my channel. I would love to chat with you and make sure you are okay.

  • ꧁G͓̽i͓̽g͓̽i͓̽ M͓̽a͓̽r͓̽i͓̽e͓̽꧂

    I've been to many small streams like this where you think it's an open community with good people.. sometimes it's just as toxic as a big streamer's community and worst of all the streamer turns out to be the most toxic one of all.

  • Mel Mota
    Mel Mota 13 days ago

    I feel do bad for her i hope she's okay now i send my condolences it must've been so hard for her ♥️

  • Kaylee Ruiz
    Kaylee Ruiz 3 months ago +2

    All he had to say was “Im sorry to hear that! Thanks for joining the stream hope you enjoy!” and move on! She didn’t unload heavy news he asked a question and she responded. Especially since he asked specifically where she’s been. She probably felt she needed to tell the truth so he knew she hadn’t just stopped supporting him.

  • Clutch Saboteur
    Clutch Saboteur 4 months ago +1

    She was there to have a good time and to distract herself after devastating loss, and dude shamed her for it

  • Aetherial Muffin Slayer
    Aetherial Muffin Slayer 5 months ago +2390

    I got a (non cancerous) tumor taken out of my back and i couldnt sleep, so i picked a random streamer and watched them late at night. I mentioned what had happened, and the dude told his chat to give me love. The chat stream flooded with hearts and well-wishes. It was one of the sweetest things anyone had ever done for me. It was maybe one of three total times I was on Twitch, but I subbed to the dude just for that act alone.
    It was pretty baller.

    • Jason
      Jason 5 months ago +200

      And this is how it should be not necessarily more, but definitely not less. Hope you're doing well now

    • poetrynerd
      poetrynerd 5 months ago +72

      Aww. Hope you are doing ok now

    • JustSomeEggsInAPot
      JustSomeEggsInAPot 5 months ago +71

      That my friend is the potential power of a good community.

    • kr4
      kr4 5 months ago +4


    • Mattooee
      Mattooee 5 months ago +14

      Massive W

  • Fransie
    Fransie 5 months ago +3

    If you're a streamer, don't forget to end the stream with a raid and make some smaller streamers day.
    Even if you pull like 3 viewers, those people truly appreciate it.

  • TheTwistedSavant
    TheTwistedSavant 5 months ago +4

    "I apologize...but I stand by every word I said btw thanks for the sub!"
    How do you not think at any point in the editing and review process that this isn't gonna make you look like the good guy? People baffle me sometimes.

  • Brad Leigh
    Brad Leigh 2 months ago

    Charlie, you sir have obviously been raised well, either by great parents/ other family members, or self learning- clearly absorbed and learnt from life thoroughly yourself (I don't know your personal story- wont assume to know which. Easily could be both) but the second you mentioned that he also had the option of a simple empathetic response I pretty much applauded my computer screen. Used to watch you years ago- found you because of the epic Smurf game video, but I've been watching a lot of your recent videos- You're like a dose of calm, measured sanity in the current cluster-fuck that society seemingly has become.

  • Talon Carpenter
    Talon Carpenter 5 months ago +2

    The fact no one in the chat called him out on his BS is arguably more concerning

  • Cinder Luna
    Cinder Luna 5 months ago +2

    I hope shes doing better today and I hope this shit hasnt caused her getting hate messages.

  • Maxi Moose
    Maxi Moose 5 months ago +4315

    He totally seems like the kind of guy that would abuse his wife and then make her feel like she was in the wrong for making him do it

    • joseph UAV
      joseph UAV 5 months ago +196

      People like that are sick, but you are right he fits the shoe.

    • kimmyfreak200
      kimmyfreak200 5 months ago +95

      yah a male amber heard

    • darken
      darken 5 months ago +146

      @kimmyfreak200 my cat stepped on a wasp

    • k3stea
      k3stea 5 months ago +73

      @darken kinda random but is the wasp okay?

  • Ms Z
    Ms Z 5 months ago +15

    "At one point, he explains the interaction by saying that he "didn't unload on [Alicia] because her mom died."
    "I treated her like sh*t because I don't like her," he says. He continued to say that it wasn't the first time Alicia had joined his stream, along with others, to try and throw a "pity party.""
    ------pasted from an online article about the situation.
    What a moron. If you don't like someone, then why are you asking them TWICE where they have been? I usually don't make it a goal to acknowledge people I don't like once, let alone twice in less than 5 minutes.

  • DrBeefenator
    DrBeefenator Month ago +2

    i love how charlie actually does something about it

  • bbsonjohn
    bbsonjohn Month ago +4

    "Trauma dumping" has been a phrase so abused by streamers/youtubers as an excuse not to give an one-line sympathy because streamers/youtubers are too mentally weak to sympathize and handle someone else's tramau.

  • coconutcore
    coconutcore Month ago

    So…he’s trying not to bring down the atmosphere of his chat?
    Good job!
    You know what brings a good atmosphere? Streamers that show empathy and create a community that feels connected and welcome. Those are the only streamers I watch.
    Besides, who gets that bummed out from hearing someone else in a chat isn’t doing great if the streamer gives a short, supportive response. It’s wholesome and it makes me happy more than anything else if they do it right.

  • Kazukamichan
    Kazukamichan Month ago +4

    Bro could've just said "Sad to hear, stay strong" and continued to steam but no he chose to be a ass hole to the girl.

  • Sparrow Hawk
    Sparrow Hawk 5 months ago +2123

    The funny part is, he totally killed his own vibe with his response. If he’d just gone “aw I’m really sorry” etc then moved on it would have been fine

    • Patrick Osuch
      Patrick Osuch 5 months ago +82

      Exactly lol 😂 he became the vibe killer

    • Septembers Oblivion
      Septembers Oblivion 5 months ago +43

      Yeah, he made a full rant on something that could have been a simple offer of sympathy to a known person in his community.

    • Kesh Goldberg
      Kesh Goldberg 5 months ago +17

      He should've said some positive words and moved on smh

    • GenderedMess
      GenderedMess 5 months ago +10

      Literally, he could have said something on the lines of 'sorry for your loss I hope you feel better soon'

  • Kaity R
    Kaity R Month ago

    All bro had to say was, "Ah man, that's awful. Sorry to hear. Glad you're here and hope you're doing okay."
    BOOM all good and continue streaming. What a gigantic tool

  • Flow
    Flow 5 months ago +11

    I feel so bad, it must be terrible finding out about one of your viewers losing a loved one… ON FRIDAY, I hope he can recover from this and heal. 🙏 ❤️

  • Tyler savoy
    Tyler savoy 5 months ago +7

    Shoutout to Philza for showing empathy to his viewers during his minecraft streams and supporting them in their sad comments

  • Amlk
    Amlk 2 months ago +5

    Given his job, his audience pay his bills tbh, and they're due basic courtesy. Especially when they're not being disrespectful or personally invasive.

  • wannabewyvern
    wannabewyvern 4 months ago

    I feel so bad for her, it must have felt horrible to just answer the question and have him explode on her

  • Caidalee
    Caidalee 5 months ago +2956

    “Where you been?”
    “Honestly, my mom died and it’s been hard.”
    “Oh shoot man, I’m sorry to hear that. Well, we’re glad to have you back, hopefully we can raise those spirits with this stream! Let’s go guys, Ws in the chat for DirtyKirby for pushing through while I get through this menu screen.”
    That’s how easy it could’ve been.

    • brown barbie
      brown barbie 5 months ago +93


    • Mina The Raichu
      Mina The Raichu 5 months ago +195

      Psst. Her user is MissNerdyCurvy. Just a heads up.

    • GeekyNerdDemon
      GeekyNerdDemon 5 months ago +5


    • deltuhh
      deltuhh 5 months ago +125

      I was gonna say something exactly like this and I completely agree. This is how he should have handled it, especially that person being a regular in his community is wild

    • Al Bino
      Al Bino 5 months ago +102

      Didn’t even have to he that long, just offer condolences and wish them well then move on. Talk about killing your own career though 😂

  • H.n.r_Funi
    H.n.r_Funi 5 months ago +6

    I couldn't start to imagine how bad she must've felt losing a parent then getting yelled at and embarrassed like that in her favorite stream infront of chat afterwards, what a piece of garbage of a dude

  • Captain Chrono
    Captain Chrono 5 months ago

    There were so many ways he could handle this and he did it in the most infuriating and disgusting way

  • Rays Metal Tracks
    Rays Metal Tracks 4 months ago +7

    Imagine just trying to get back to some type of normalcy in your life if only for a few minutes, and the one place you felt somewhat "comfortable" turns on you.

  • Soulaxe
    Soulaxe 5 months ago +5

    He lacks common sense and sympathy, he’s crazy and weird I hope she is ok and I wish her the best, there has been so many deaths for me, I can’t even comprehend the pain she was feeling, I hope she was ok 😢❤

  • elot 🫶
    elot 🫶 5 months ago +8

    he sounds like the people that go “stop trauma dumping” when someone so much as mentions any negative thing thats ever occurred in their life

  • lou rivera
    lou rivera 5 months ago +3780

    I feel so bad for her, I couldn’t imagine losing a parent and then getting yelled at by one of your favorite streamers.

    • The Coolest Cat
      The Coolest Cat 5 months ago +92

      and this is why some people commit suicide and they cant handle anything anymore

    • Brad
      Brad 5 months ago +16

      @The Coolest Cat because of what a twitch streamer thinks? That's a sad existence

    • Bob Duncan
      Bob Duncan 5 months ago

      I love u

    • Aley
      Aley 5 months ago +185

      @Brad u missed the point

    • Shayna
      Shayna 5 months ago +31

      I lost a parent, and if this happened to me during that time I'd be so inconsolable

  • Brandon "AKA" ~ (SlickSlasher)

    your words are well spoken, tbh he himself when he had put her on full blast he gives vibes that the world revolves around him and that he himself is the "god of dialog" in a sense that only he has the right answers. and if someone says the wrong answers wrath shall fall upon them, like i couldn't care if this dude dropped from the face of the planet, it was rude of him to not just say any of the things you had mentioned with some form of sympathy.

  • Tyler Campbell
    Tyler Campbell 3 months ago +2

    Why can't people just have some empathy and consideration for those around them. It really isn't hard to be nice.

  • Zero Redux
    Zero Redux 3 months ago +1

    Dude like after losing both my parents last year and hearing this asshole go off like this shit isn't right. My thoughts go to her and hopefully she has people being super supportive of her because losing a family member can be heartwrenching. Thank you Charlie for calling this shit out!