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Ukraine frontline fighting: Is Bakhmut worth its price for Ukraine's soldiers? | DW News

  • Published on Mar 27, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine has become the symbol of the Ukrainian resistance. Despite months of intense fighting and likely tens of thousands of deaths, Ukraine is still holding on. Some in the West have criticized the Ukrainian leadership saying the town is no longer worth the cost in human life it claims. DW correspondent Max Zander went to the frontline to find out directly from the soldiers fighting for Bakhmut.
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Comments • 1 632

  • OutsidersRo
    OutsidersRo 2 months ago +329

    The tears of that soldier, broke my heart...So many lifes lost...so much destruction...

    • Jay Tomaski
      Jay Tomaski 2 months ago +6

      ​@Human Beings R Thinking Beings we smoked in the evening and then they were gone

    • DJTV
      DJTV 2 months ago +22

      That's war. Brutal, bloody, costly and ultimately pointless.

  • Claude Insecte
    Claude Insecte 2 months ago +143

    These guys are beyond brave. Total respect to them all.

    • Susana Queiroz
      Susana Queiroz 2 months ago +4

      💙💛🙏Slava Ukraine and the Brave Heroes fighting for their Country and their Freedom 💙💛🙏God bless and protect them and their Country and lead them to VICTORY 🙏💙💙💛💛🇺🇦❤️🇵🇹

    • Roman Vasylenko
      Roman Vasylenko 2 months ago +2

      @Human Beings R Thinking Beings you seems lost -- smoking something?

    • Asif Ahmed
      Asif Ahmed 2 months ago +2

      Ahh...like anybody cares of your respect...

    • Africa... food and lifestyle
      Africa... food and lifestyle 2 months ago +3

      Brave for American money

  • Meg'sCarpentry,lovedogs
    Meg'sCarpentry,lovedogs 2 months ago +66

    The emotion of the soldier that lost his fighting friends brought tears to our eyes and sorrow to our heart. We must not forget that Ukraine is suffering and will for years from these horrific terrorist russian attacks. We must continue to support Ukraine in any way we can.....these peaceful people are so more deserving of all the help...they must not feel they are alone...we must continue to support Ukraine. 💝🇨🇦. 💙💪🇺🇦

    • JubzyX7⭐️
      JubzyX7⭐️ 2 months ago +2

      LOL fighting Friends 😂😂😂
      All mothers says if you go by Gun then you surely die by Gun.. 💯😂😂🤡🤡🤡
      If two MEN has a dispute they use just physical hands/Punches with minimal destruction... 💯🤡🤡😂

    • O'Connor
      O'Connor 2 months ago +12

      "We must not forget that Ukraine is suffering"
      *Two lines after*
      "We must continue support Ukraine in any way we can"
      Support them for what? For more suffering? Choose one narrative, pal

    • Moto Ride
      Moto Ride 2 months ago +4

      @O'Connor clearly, as no support and Ukrainian defeat means even more sorrow and misery under Russian boot

    • Sh Sh
      Sh Sh 2 months ago

      Boo hoo 😂

  • Sophana San
    Sophana San 2 months ago +148

    Wishing everyone safe and that war ends soon.

  • Vito Bauer
    Vito Bauer 2 months ago +40

    Please stay safe. You are the strongest man on the planet! My Polish respect to all Ukrainian man and woman.

    • relaxing sounds
      relaxing sounds 2 months ago +1

      Have you heard of the palestinians?

    • Billy Madison
      Billy Madison 2 months ago +1

      ​@relaxing sounds Wrong color of ppl for media coverage bro. Heard of Myanmar?

  • Pretorius Sarel
    Pretorius Sarel 2 months ago +94

    Hardship is clear, but they keep on fighting in what they believe, a lot of respect for these guys

    • eliot ness
      eliot ness 2 months ago +3

      need not only another 3000 tanks now to really make a difference! but also need 300 000 volunteers in meatgrinder. why dont u?
      the Chinese leader did not join Zelensky's plan for the peaceful annexation of Crimea and the murder of two million inhabitants of Crimea, why not u?

    • SpinDoctors Without Borders
      SpinDoctors Without Borders 2 months ago +1

      Misguided believe? 🤔

    • relaxing sounds
      relaxing sounds 2 months ago +2

      That's what happens when war mongers use you

  • TRiSK25RiDER
    TRiSK25RiDER 2 months ago +93

    Slava Ukraini! God bless Ukraine and its people.

    • Albert Mag
      Albert Mag 2 months ago +5

      May God protect them and keep them safe.....""Power to the People of Ukraine""...🇺🇦🇺🇦❤❤

    • eliot ness
      eliot ness 2 months ago +4

      need not only another 3000 tanks now to really make a difference! but also need 300 000 volunteers in meatgrinder. why dont u?
      the Chinese leader did not join Zelensky's plan for the peaceful annexation of Crimea and the murder of two million inhabitants of Crimea, why not u?

      NACHOOFF 2 months ago +4

      What about the Russians? God loves everyone, it does not matter their country.

  • Paul G
    Paul G 2 months ago +6

    Unlike in other wars where it's mostly the young doing all the fighting, I'm struck by how wide the age range is of the combatants on either side are in this war - on the Ukrainian side especially. Even more surprising is the anecdotal evidence that when it comes to junior leaders (junior NCOs & junior officers), it seems to be more the younger generation than the older.

    • Allan Maina
      Allan Maina 2 months ago +8

      I read an article saying that most of the army that NATO helped train for Ukraine is already gone. All the young soldiers dead, an entire generation, gone. What you're seeing is the B team, hence the older guys I think.

    • Ninja Behind The Scene
      Ninja Behind The Scene 2 months ago +3

      ​@Allan Maina they are being massed behind the lines with the new weapons over 100 modern tanks. Where did this report come from.

    • antred11
      antred11 2 months ago

      @Ninja Behind The Scene "Where did this report come from."
      Probably the Pravda.

    • Distrust Humans
      Distrust Humans 2 months ago +4

      They did not have a choice; all men 16-60 were drafted and prevented from leaving the country under penalty of death.

    • AJolie009
      AJolie009 2 months ago +2

      @Ninja Behind The Scene How many are being amassed? Men (young boys and older guys) forced into recruitment!? They’ve burnt through their best troops already. Except for the minor couple of thousands scattered in training on different weaponry systems.

  • Mussy Design
    Mussy Design 2 months ago +8

    I feel so sad for both sides as they are both suffering in this horrific war without having a choice to pull out

  • d s
    d s 2 months ago +55

    Some real heroes right there, holy wow

    • relaxing sounds
      relaxing sounds 2 months ago +1

      The real heroes are becoming billionaires here in washington

  • Frederic Picard
    Frederic Picard 2 months ago +35

    This soldier has a soul. Even though he is required to kill, he remains human.

    • relaxing sounds
      relaxing sounds 2 months ago +2

      If you kill, you have no soul

    • 🌚U.H
      🌚U.H 2 months ago


  • mzantsi
    mzantsi 2 months ago +7

    I feel pain of Ukraine people, soldiers and civilians. May God 🙏 protect you

  • JTMaster
    JTMaster 2 months ago +84

    Everyone keeps talking about Bakhmut not really being worth defending anymore. They always fail to realize that if they fall back to another city, then that city will be massively targeted too. And so on and so on. That also makes more land they would have to push through in a counter offensive and more land Russians will have mined.

    • kendujja
      kendujja 2 months ago +3

      Attacked with what??? Shovels?

    • Eugene Vikernua
      Eugene Vikernua 2 months ago +2

      It's impossible to imagine this picture in any European city from Poland to Portugal. However many in Baltic states are thinking about NATO's ability to protect them.

    • Li F
      Li F 2 months ago +7

      The reality is Ukraine has substantial defensive lines that have been constructed on the hills behind Bakhmut. These would be a more advantageous position to fend off Russian forces and defending here wouldn’t jeopardize any city. My assumption isn’t that Ukraine wants to hold onto Bakhmut at all costs, they’re just trying to make it look that way. This ties up a lot more Russian troops that otherwise could be deployed across the frontline. Perhaps Bakhmut holds still because it’s a great diversion to maintain until Ukraine launches its rumoured late spring/summer offensive. Ukrainian airborn troops have just finished their training on British Challenger tanks and Leopards, and they’re wrapping up training on American Abrams. Meanwhile the first batch of Western tanks have arrived from Germany and Portugal, and many more are in transit. It seems things are in motion for something big in the coming months.

    • Sinvx
      Sinvx 2 months ago +4

      @Li F Bakhmut is mostly a wagner offensive. Majority of Russian soldiers have been hunkering down North and South of Bakhmut preparing for the spring offensive. The goal from what I understand is to get Ukraine to keep diverting attention to Bakhmut, which is working.

  • James Marchetti
    James Marchetti 2 months ago +27

    Extremely important story and reminds me still after all this time to keep continously praying for Ukraine 🇺🇦 🙏 !!

    • Bojan Bojovic
      Bojan Bojovic 2 months ago +3

      Praying? Really?

    • eliot ness
      eliot ness 2 months ago

      need not only another 3000 tanks now to really make a difference! but also need 300 000 volunteers in meatgrinder. why dont u?
      the Chinese leader did not join Zelensky's plan for the peaceful annexation of Crimea and the murder of two million inhabitants of Crimea, why not u?

  • Christopher Davies
    Christopher Davies 2 months ago +1

    As long as Bakhmut remains in Ukraine hands their morale will stay strong. God bless those on the front line and the sacrifice they make and to see tears is to see pure human emotion and Ukraine hero Soldiers are addament that they need to Win this war for the sake of all the fallen heroes and their Deaths are motivation for them to achieve that is not to forsake your fallen comrades lives! Glory to Ukraine

  • Krugiodendron053
    Krugiodendron053 2 months ago +159

    Fun fact: the Battle of Bakhmut has lasted longer than the Battle of Stalingrad..

    • the who?
      the who? 2 months ago +9

      Battle of Stalingrad is an all out warm world war 2 is an all out war.

    • DefiantHardcore
      DefiantHardcore 2 months ago +14

      And has so far cost more lives for the Russians..

    • the who?
      the who? 2 months ago +28

      @Joshua Ball dont compare past wars with Ukraine war. Ukraine war is not an all out war.

    • Sardaukar _77
      Sardaukar _77 2 months ago +2

      @the who?Russia can’t afford to.

  • The Watchman
    The Watchman 2 months ago +59

    Marvellous brave people fighting for us all against pure evil.

    • Music on a budget
      Music on a budget  2 months ago +21

      Nonsense . The rest of the world kn9ws better

    • davehar
      davehar 2 months ago +1


    • Oscar Toledo
      Oscar Toledo 2 months ago +13

      No they are not. They are only fighting to defend themselves they aren’t fighting to protect me or my country bud

  • Richard Davis III
    Richard Davis III 2 months ago +77


    • Dushyant Chahal
      Dushyant Chahal 2 months ago +4

      Even in the face of death, respect

    • kukul roukul
      kukul roukul 2 months ago +1

      KrzRoaster .... and towards the cats ! i heard cats are misteriously dissapearing from the streets in Russia :(

    • relaxing sounds
      relaxing sounds 2 months ago

      Lockheed martin thanks you all

  • Khusi Rana
    Khusi Rana 2 months ago +6

    God bless Ukraine 🇺🇦 🇺🇦🇺🇦🙏🙏🙏

    • Ninzki
      Ninzki 2 months ago +3

      God bless Russia 🇷🇺 too 🙏 🙏 🙏

    • Mikhail Belkin
      Mikhail Belkin 2 months ago

      Heil to Zelensky! 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

  • Paul Geno  Meditation for Motivation

    The mighty Ukrainian bravehearts defending Bakhmut are very strong and resilient. We pray for their strength, Victory and safety. Bakhmut is Ukraine forever. Let the Ukrainian mighty yellow and blue flag flutter in the winds of freedom and Victory soon, like they did in Kyiv and Kherson...SLAVA UKRAINI...HEROYAM SLAVA !!!!

  • The Lemon Pepper Don
    The Lemon Pepper Don 2 months ago +20

    Glory to the heroes of Ukraine!

    • relaxing sounds
      relaxing sounds 2 months ago +2

      Thank you for strengthening lockheed martin stoke. I am buying a new ford soon

    • Mikhail Belkin
      Mikhail Belkin 2 months ago

      Heil to Ukraine! Heil to the heroes!!! 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

  • Muhammad Ibrahim
    Muhammad Ibrahim 2 months ago +3

    brave soldiers on both sides - hope this war comes to end soon

  • Calimeh Chelonia
    Calimeh Chelonia 2 months ago +39

    Respect to the heros of Ukraine.

    • Mikhail Belkin
      Mikhail Belkin 2 months ago

      Heil to Ukraine! Heil to the heroes!!! 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

  • Widiatmo Petrus
    Widiatmo Petrus 2 months ago +1

    Still strong my brother Ukrainan, world behind You and God bless You.

  • Lychnis163
    Lychnis163 2 months ago +60

    It’d honestly be hilarious if it wasn’t so depressing and sad that Bakhmut isn’t even the main goal of the operation
    Bakhmut had a prewar population of 70k making it kinda small as far as cities go.
    The plan was to smash through quickly thus maintaining momentum, to take the 2 remaking cities in Donetsk of Slovyansk and Kramatorsk, which are
    -much larger
    -more heavily defended
    -and miles away from Bakhmut
    It’s like nearly killing yourself to climb to the top of a mountain thinking it’s the summit, only to see an even larger summit behind it.

    • Z5 10000
      Z5 10000 2 months ago +16

      The Russian used Bakmut as the perfect opportunity to decimate Ukraine professional army . Kramatosk will become next Bakmut therefore Ukraine fighting to hold Russia bsckn

    • Mike T
      Mike T 2 months ago +25

      @Z5 10000 Ukraine used Bakhmut for the exact same reason, and defenders usually hold the advantage in casualties in peer-peer situations.

    • Jay Gatsby
      Jay Gatsby 2 months ago +19

      @Z5 10000 You're right. Prigozhin throwing wave after wave after wave against a heavily fortified area was a move right out of the Art of War. It's almost as good as his other strategy of not having infantry support for his tanks. I've seen the drone footage of the marks Russia is leaving in the mud 😂

    • BillI Rubin
      BillI Rubin 2 months ago +1

      «В Гуляйполе местный житель устроил самосуд над украинскими военными. Один из боевиков Зеленского пытался избить местного жителя, но тот дал отпор, забрал оружие, убил обидчика и ранил еще троих его сослуживцев», - уточнил Рогов.
      Киевские власти пытаются представить этот инцидент как бытовой конфликт, обвинив местного жителя в поддержке России и пророссийской позиции.

  • alonzo ramirez
    alonzo ramirez 2 months ago +1

    Ukraine reminds me of my State of Texas, an American combat unit isn't, without a Texan. Their courage is beautiful and sorry to see the terrible cost. The price of Love is grief.

    • LisaPet
      LisaPet 2 months ago

      Minsk 2 was the solution with no cost. Those don't look like from front lines BTW.

  • Olya Kaini
    Olya Kaini 2 months ago +3

    Seeing this beautiful land all carved out, littered with explosives is just heartbreaking 💔

  • peyman rahimi
    peyman rahimi 2 months ago +23

    Long live Ukrain

  • Sven Bade
    Sven Bade 2 months ago +6

    Respect for the brave Ukrainians

    • Mikhail Belkin
      Mikhail Belkin 2 months ago

      Heil to Ukraine! Heil to the heroes!!! 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

  • duskmoon
    duskmoon 2 months ago

    Such a bloody conflict. Props to Ukraine for holding the line, and Germany for sending tanks to assist them. I like that some of the Ukrainian soldiers are using MG42s. Even today, still a formidable weapon to fight against, and good for holding a position.

    • Mikhail Belkin
      Mikhail Belkin 2 months ago

      Sending weapons means peace! 🇺🇦 Ukraine above all!!! 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

  • RM Studio Imphal
    RM Studio Imphal 2 months ago +13

    I am an Indian 🇮🇳... I feel so sad for Ukraine... I wish 🙏 Ukraine could save their Country.....

  • Loco Motive
    Loco Motive 2 months ago +3

    3:36 that look from the soldier to the officer says it all

    • SchlechtGut
      SchlechtGut 2 months ago

      the yonger guy is the officer?

  • RedPixel
    RedPixel 2 months ago +1

    dat controlled burst fire....tears, such is the courage under fear, far from family yet the death of the invader is the safety of the whole nation...Long live Ukraine!

  • Unknown Entity
    Unknown Entity 2 months ago +29

    1:55 That's a real man, 6 year old at home but he risks his own life to make sure his son can live in a free country..
    Also I think it's time we moved past this stigma that men can't cry or show emotion, it's very toxic, if you ask me real men cry too, when it is called for, and this is definitely one of those times.
    *Slava Ukraini*

    • DerEchtePurKus
      DerEchtePurKus 2 months ago +2

      Would be nice to move past the stigma that single women cant be forced to fight&die like the men. Either everyone or noone.

    • Kaiser Matt Tygore
      Kaiser Matt Tygore 2 months ago +3

      @DerEchtePurKus Frankly nobody should be "forced" to fight.
      forced conscription of anyone is criminal.

    • Eugene Vikernua
      Eugene Vikernua 2 months ago +1

      @Kaiser Matt Tygore You're right too. This is what going on in Ukraine now. Many volunteers are dead so the army needs new soldiers. Special teams are hunting men on the streets and everywhere. Nobody wants to die especially when they see this tiny "drop supply" of weapons and vehicles.

    • Ninja Behind The Scene
      Ninja Behind The Scene 2 months ago

      ​@Kaiser Matt Tygore lol if only fairy tails were real. Imagine the allies had had forced conscripts in ww2. Lol Russia conscripts people every year.

  • D25 Reg
    D25 Reg 2 months ago +18

    Prayers for the safety and glory of Ukraine….🙏🙏🙏🇵🇭🇨🇦❤️from Canada

    • Osman Cent
      Osman Cent 2 months ago +1

      Am about to immigrate to Canada 😂

    • eliot ness
      eliot ness 2 months ago

      need not only another 3000 tanks now to really make a difference! but also need 300 000 volunteers in meatgrinder. why dont u?
      the Chinese leader did not join Zelensky's plan for the peaceful annexation of Crimea and the murder of two million inhabitants of Crimea, why not u?

  • Henry Tshabalala
    Henry Tshabalala 2 months ago +11

    Good move for Germany ,and those efforts propelled by the new Minister of defence well and his words speaks with the actions.

    • Rune
      Rune 2 months ago +1

      Yes, I just wish we had been able to make that decision faster and deliver them faster to Ukraine. I blame our governments indecision and complex beaurocracy for that.
      Even worse, the west has no plan for this war aside from 'support Ukraine'.
      No plans for what the goal is and how to work towards that andno ideas for what comes after, win or loss.

  • Irish-Italian introvert.
    Irish-Italian introvert. 2 months ago +23

    00:55 70 years later and the H-Bandsaw is still a formidable weapon. Glory to Ukraine

    • Sitruc Htims
      Sitruc Htims 2 months ago +2

      And still cutting down Russians

    • Lord Sesshomaru
      Lord Sesshomaru 2 months ago +2

      It's Kanye's Buzzsaw now. 😂

    • Irish-Italian introvert.
      Irish-Italian introvert. 2 months ago +1

      @Lord Sesshomaru 🤣

    • Andreasarno Althofsobottka
      Andreasarno Althofsobottka 2 months ago +3

      This MG has a lower rate of fire than the original MG 42. It's most likely a Beretta 42/59 wich fires 850 rpm.

    • Sitruc Htims
      Sitruc Htims 2 months ago

      @Andreasarno Althofsobottka Thanks for th info, still very impressive to see such a cool gun being used.

  • Peter
    Peter 2 months ago +2

    I fear for the Ukrainian soldiers they have basically committed their army to the defence of bakmut and the losses both sides is awful the thing is Russia have far more people they can use I think Putin has used the wargner group as Canon foder to wear the Ukraine army down and Putin has been using the time to train new recruits properly and to build up supplies if we're talking man for man then Russia will win every time just off the real fact that they have way more people to put in the army I feel for the soldiers I really do the only way this is going to end is through peace talks we must push for peace as soon as possible

  • Paul Hirst
    Paul Hirst 2 months ago +2

    Well Done Germany and Spain!
    Ukraine You Are Not Alone!

    • Mikhail Belkin
      Mikhail Belkin 2 months ago +1

      Come to fight in Bakhmut! 🇺🇦 All will be Ukraine!!! 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

  • Alex Craig
    Alex Craig 2 months ago +2

    At first I thought like others that it wasn't worth it, but Russia's tactic is to raze cities to the ground, so keeping the fight in Bakmut protects the next city from getting utterly destroyed. It's not like the fighting will stop if Russia takes Bakmut, it will simply move on to the next. Plus Ukraine is bleeding the Russian military with extraordinary effect.

  • Sisqo Sylva
    Sisqo Sylva 2 months ago +29

    Glory to Ukraine ❤❤❤❤❤❤

    • Mikhail Belkin
      Mikhail Belkin 2 months ago

      Heil to Ukraine! Heil to the heroes!!! 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

  • Paul Shearer
    Paul Shearer 2 months ago

    Based on their results thus far, I have total confidence in whatever the Ukrainian military leaders are doing in Bakhmut.

  • Charles Simbolon
    Charles Simbolon 2 months ago +25

    Very highly respected and appreciated

  • Javier Martinez jr
    Javier Martinez jr 2 months ago

    Those corpsmen wt the field hospital are saints
    And so are every man and woman ina trench, forest, or abondoner building, may god be with you ukraine the eyes of the world have never seen a braver people

  • Sheffield
    Sheffield  2 months ago +7

    They're fighting for their own and families, peace , freedom ,they are heroes!

    • serz1885
      serz1885 2 months ago +1

      well they dont need to .just leave donbass in peace. nobody taking his family which i am sure on west side

    • Sheffield
      Sheffield  2 months ago

      @serz1885 That couldn't be Ukraine people's way in handling the national crisis, for certain countries it's.

  • Noel Schowalter
    Noel Schowalter 2 months ago +1

    but they keep on fighting in what they believe, a lot of respect for these guys

    • qatest mit
      qatest mit 2 months ago

      They been sadly forced to fight with suicidal instructions given to them by Zelensky. They are not happy with central command. All this is for show. Like Freddy Mercury sang "the makeup maybe flaking but my smile still stays on".

  • Ryan Walters
    Ryan Walters 2 months ago +4

    Germany needs to invest in its defense industry. This creates good paying jobs and they will be world class gear so it will be easy to export.

  • Mike Honcho
    Mike Honcho 2 months ago +5

    It seems like every Ukrainian is brave from the soldiers doctors news crew and civilian volunteers. Slava Ukraini

    • Sawfish V
      Sawfish V 2 months ago

      No they just got no other choice

    • Misiyuk
      Misiyuk 2 months ago +1

      Seems u don't understand that they choose the person on purpose to make u feel sth for em like any other media do.

  • julias ranu
    julias ranu 2 months ago +62

    Some people just don't understand why Ukrainians are holding on to bahkmut....it's not bahkmut that they are dieing for...it's the land where bahkmut sits on

    • eliot ness
      eliot ness 2 months ago +4

      need not only another 3000 tanks now to really make a difference! but also need 300 000 volunteers in meatgrinder. why dont u?
      the Chinese leader did not join Zelensky's plan for the peaceful annexation of Crimea and the murder of two million inhabitants of Crimea, why not u?

    • Sugars Pillay
      Sugars Pillay 2 months ago +3

      Then why do the Ukrainians and Americans day that Bakmut is not important.

    • Anthony Hulse
      Anthony Hulse 2 months ago +3

      @Sugars Pillayto make RuZZ losses look grotesque and it’s gains trivial.

    • John Knight
      John Knight 2 months ago +4

      Russia is also in the middle of making a fatal error, as the ratio of lost Russian soldiers attacking is much higher than the number of Ukrainians lost defending.

  • Radagast the fool
    Radagast the fool 2 months ago +6

    Ultimate heroes! Real men and wimen fighting for freedome and a future for their families.

  • Darrell Whittington
    Darrell Whittington 2 months ago +5


    • Mikhail Belkin
      Mikhail Belkin 2 months ago

      Heil to Ukraine! Heil to the heroes!!! 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

  • zakariye yahye
    zakariye yahye 2 months ago +6

    “The less emphasis the Western media places on Bakhmut's strategic importance, the more important it is to Russia. Why would the Ukrainians fight so hard for it if it wasn't that important? It has devolved into a meat grinder, in their own words. If it wasn't that important, they could have given up and launched a counterattack to retake other more important Russian-occupied cities.” - Douglas Macgregor

  • Lucas Johnson
    Lucas Johnson 2 months ago

    They keep saying a Bakmut isn't strategic, but I think it is. Letting it fall would demoralize Western nations who are already running low on weapons to send to Ukraine and losing interest in the war. Ukraine needs to prove that they can win with the vast supplies they're receiving or risk them drying up.

  • melodie shimon
    melodie shimon 2 months ago +1

    Slava Ukraine 🇺🇦 🙏

  • yura vlog
    yura vlog 2 months ago +3

    I don't understand the idea "why do they pay such a high price, just leave Bakhmut" - so what's next, it would be easier in some other town or they think that the enemy will stop? it would only continue with higher motivation

    • Я Безымянный
      Я Безымянный 2 months ago +2

      The point is, you can fight surrounded and lose 1000 men a day, or you can take a step back and keep fighting for 5 times less casualties. That is if Ukraine cared for their casualties.

  • nigh
    nigh 2 months ago +1

    Glad to see Mike Martin providing analysis again, I always find him quite insightful.

  • ID Artcraft
    ID Artcraft 2 months ago +6

    so much bravery..

  • BlackWater 49
    BlackWater 49 2 months ago +4

    10:05 Guys, they're called _Main Battle Tanks_ and are the descendents of the old medium tanks from WWII. I don't think any nation really operates any heavy tanks anymore at this point.

  • Michael H
    Michael H 2 months ago +1

    Always depends who has to pay the price. Government giving the family $1 mil compensation might change the attitude of the leadership.

    • Mikhail Belkin
      Mikhail Belkin 2 months ago

      That would be great! The assistance comes from abroad anyway, it's free! 🇺🇦 Ukraine or death!!! 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

  • Paul T
    Paul T 2 months ago +18

    The machine gun is a modified version of the famous MG 42 from WW 2. It's fascinating how history repeats itself.

    • gdi wolverine male 2
      gdi wolverine male 2 2 months ago +4

      The best infantry weapon ever made. But this time it is on the wrong side of history

    • Paul T
      Paul T 2 months ago +18

      @gdi wolverine male 2 sorry there bud, Russia is on the wrong side in this one, they invaded a sovereign state.

    • hua zhao
      hua zhao 2 months ago +2


    • hua zhao
      hua zhao 2 months ago


  • Robert Schweppenhauser
    Robert Schweppenhauser 2 months ago +46

    Good for Germany ...thank you for the leopard tanks.,🇿🇦

  • appletree
    appletree 2 months ago +29

    Keep going Ukrainian heroes ❤🇺🇦 the Russian evil won’t last forever. Love and support from Germany ✌️

    • gdi wolverine male 2
      gdi wolverine male 2 2 months ago +4

      It seems the noble Ukrainians last much shorter than the evil Russians ..... as the artillery decides

    • barebare
      barebare 2 months ago +2

      @gdi wolverine male 2 Quality over quantity:)

    • Rashtrakuta
      Rashtrakuta 2 months ago +3

      Why do you call Russians evil. Read what UN happiness index is saying. Ukraine is happier than more than 75 countries.
      Thanks to Russian bombs Ukraine is happier than many countries.
      Why do you want to be a party pooper when Ukrainians are so happy getting bombed.
      Read UN report before calling names to Russia which is spreading happiness in Ukraine.

    • barebare
      barebare 2 months ago +3

      @Rashtrakuta insensitive and evil comment, suits a Russian these days it seems.

  • zakariye yahye
    zakariye yahye 2 months ago +11

    “Whoever has Truth on their side, God is with them.” - Alexander Nevsky

    • eliot ness
      eliot ness 2 months ago +1

      need not only another 3000 tanks now to really make a difference! but also need 300 000 volunteers in meatgrinder. why dont u?
      the Chinese leader did not join Zelensky's plan for the peaceful annexation of Crimea and the murder of two million inhabitants of Crimea, why not u?

    • zakariye yahye
      zakariye yahye 2 months ago +7

      @eliot ness Russia has really tried Everything that's Humanly possible to avoid this tragic conflict (this Special Military Operation) and to save countless beautiful Lives and precious Souls, and to solve the problem through peaceful talks and productive negotiations.

    • taekyon2
      taekyon2 2 months ago +5

      ​@zakariye yahye how's life in your parallel universe?

    • zakariye yahye
      zakariye yahye 2 months ago +2

      @taekyon2 Russia can't afford to give the Ukronazis and their military and financial backers another chance, the Minsk 3 Agreement, to retreat into safety, to replace their losses, to replenish their stockpiles, and to rearmy themselves with deadly and dangerous weapons.

    • zakariye yahye
      zakariye yahye 2 months ago +2

      @taekyon2 “Russia is not Only demilitarizing Ukraine. Russia is demilitarizing NATO. The Russians created a trash compactor in Ukraine. And basically, the Collective West and NATO are sending Everything (All kinds of lethal weapons, such as Javelin Anti-Tank Missiles, Himars; High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems, Abrams tanks, and Leopard tanks) they've got into the trash compactor to be mushed up.” - Garland Nixon

  • Donald lafaurie
    Donald lafaurie 2 months ago +2

    fantastic reporting. so impressed. no one else gets that close.

  • Robert Schweppenhauser
    Robert Schweppenhauser 2 months ago +14

    Good men those Ukraine soldiers.

  • Noel Koppel
    Noel Koppel 2 months ago

    That MG3 is absolute badass gun. Slava Ukrain heroes.

  • Hordeum7
    Hordeum7 2 months ago +2

    Fighter jets that are supposed to be in regular use went down due to maintenance issues. If corruption caused all kinds of land and air vehicles to suffer so many maintenance failures, I can't imagine the state of their nuclear arsenal. Sure the quick responders should be in good shape, but I don't think their entire arsenal is in good shape.

  • Alex Silverborg
    Alex Silverborg 2 months ago +2

    Respect 💪

  • Azraenore
    Azraenore 2 months ago +2

    It's really god damn sad. It feels unreal how I can just watch Clip-Share now and someone else is dying in the same moment. This is not even the only bloody conflict of today.

  • MrMatthiasSchneider
    MrMatthiasSchneider 2 months ago +7

    Amazing report. That you DW.

  • Yurly Gonzalez Nieto
    Yurly Gonzalez Nieto 2 months ago +1

    Dios bendiga y protege a Ukraine 😘🇺🇦💘🙏

  • yooooooooo22
    yooooooooo22 2 months ago

    There are reports of an unfortunate divide in Ukraine between soviet era generals that want to micromanage every attack and those who want to fight in a more 'western' way. I also don't understand why is bakhmut that important for so many people to die, I hope it isn't a political decision because that would be really horrible.

    • Haru Krentz
      Haru Krentz 2 months ago +2

      And what on earth is "more western way"?

    • Mobolaji Awe
      Mobolaji Awe 2 months ago

      ​@Haru Krentz lol😂

    • kukul roukul
      kukul roukul 2 months ago

      @Haru Krentz KEEPING that freaking frequency OPEN and NOT like a tomb !

    • kukul roukul
      kukul roukul 2 months ago

      @Haru Krentz soldiers are afraid of speaking freely at radio because the soviet era skizos WANT respect , order and... bassicaly unconditional submision

  • marlen fras
    marlen fras 2 months ago +1

    Good reporting. Go Ukraine. God bless and protect all Ukrainian soldiers who must fight in Putin's war.

    • Ninzki
      Ninzki 2 months ago +2

      Zelensky’s been using teenage boys and older men to be the cannon fodders in Bakhmut.. its sad 😢 not sure if its worth it

    • Mikhail Belkin
      Mikhail Belkin 2 months ago

      Ukraine! Freedom! Democracy!!! 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

  • Jonathan Morgan
    Jonathan Morgan 2 months ago +20

    You can see the stark contrast in how the soldiers in Ukraine are feeling compared to even just months ago when they liberated Kherson. They look defeated and worn down. You don't see the fire in their eyes like you did back then. They may say they still believe in what they are doing, but how much of that is just for the cameras? These guys really need another big win or things are going to get even worse for Ukraine soon.

    • jvjd
      jvjd 2 months ago +9

      Because in Kherson ,Russia didn't fight for it, they just abandoned it. Victory was easy .
      Over here Zelensky should have done the same thing as thes Russians and retreat to better position , they did not. He has repeated his Mariopol mistake again .

    • Horoshko Aleksandr
      Horoshko Aleksandr 2 months ago +3

      @jvjd no, urban battle was avoided because russian cowards just ran away. But there were intense battles in the region during the whole summer that led to deoccupation

    • SueDenim
      SueDenim 2 months ago +11

      You try living in a trench for a year nerves on edge every day and night see how you look. You've clearly never even fought a cold off 😂

    • Haru Krentz
      Haru Krentz 2 months ago +4

      Big win, then what? Russia can always come back with more troops, more weapons, to destroy more ukrainian cities. What most of you dont understand is that Putin and Russia used to fight in long wars that could last decades.

  • Anna Bruce
    Anna Bruce 2 months ago +24

    Thank u Germany your siding in right place in our history.

    • suco2922
      suco2922 2 months ago +4

      Like usually wrong side!

    • eliot ness
      eliot ness 2 months ago +1

      need not only another 3000 tanks now to really make a difference! but also need 300 000 volunteers in meatgrinder. why dont u?
      the Chinese leader did not join Zelensky's plan for the peaceful annexation of Crimea and the murder of two million inhabitants of Crimea, why not u?

    • Forau DNB
      Forau DNB 2 months ago +1

      @eliot ness lol, same mindless copy and paste from you 😅🤡

  • Buzz Bladz
    Buzz Bladz 2 months ago +4

    Well done to Max Zander, Slava Ukraini!!

  • JA Garcia
    JA Garcia 2 months ago

    Amazing the reporter said that the morale is very high. This is nuts. No war, no more deads.

  • Marilena Ganea
    Marilena Ganea 2 months ago +65

    Those doctors worth their weight in gold

  • Chris Kirkemo
    Chris Kirkemo 2 months ago

    Prayers to the brave soldiers of Ukraine 🇺🇦 that this conflict ends and they can return to their families. Utmost respect for their bravery, resiliency and love for their country.

  • Gymnocactus6
    Gymnocactus6 2 months ago +22

    The Russian Soldiers Motto reads: "We the Unwilling, Led by the Unqualified, Are doing the Illegal and Immoral, For the Ungrateful!" What could go wrong?

  • Popular Front Liberation of Bougainville

    No one should tell Ukrainians what is or isn't worth fighting for. Its is their land.

    • Josef Pejov
      Josef Pejov 2 months ago +6

      As long as others pay for the party its pretty obvious that they will have a say in how long this will go on.

    • the who?
      the who? 2 months ago +3

      So do you suggest the financer for their weapons should stop also?

    • Popular Front Liberation of Bougainville
      Popular Front Liberation of Bougainville 2 months ago

      @the who? no one is telling Ukrainians to fight. Ask any Ukrainian. If anything people want them to surrender. If a country decides to help them defend themselves, that's up to them

    • Josef Pejov
      Josef Pejov 2 months ago

      @Popular Front Liberation of Bougainville Ok, thats not really true, i have seen several politicians in Europe who tell Ukrainians to fight. And its up to any country to face the consequenses of supporting war is my answer.. That has nothing to do what you wrote in your first post though...

    • DV
      DV 2 months ago +3

      So wrong. They must obey their boss command. The US.

  • Mark Killey
    Mark Killey 2 months ago

    No. Sometimes people need to know when it's a losing battle, and withdraw for another day. It's hard to listen to reason, if in a state of emotional turmoil.

  • Tuco Ramirez
    Tuco Ramirez 2 months ago

    Super effort Ukraine military. If you did not do this, then all the rest of us in EU countries and extended west would be fighting against the Russians. That day may still come.

  • Lowe505
    Lowe505 2 months ago +12

    i think about these guys everyday i am not a military tactician but i hope the Ukrainian military command is right about holding Bakmut

  • M P
    M P 2 months ago

    Hats off and respect to that Surgeon Dmitro. He seems extremely skilled. 80 trauma surgeries per day!!

  • O-Clean
    O-Clean 2 months ago

    Yes, no one would like to see their homeland taken away by anyone even if it a wasteland. Ukrainian soldiers stay save and god will bless you.

  • Claus Becker
    Claus Becker 2 months ago +4

    I had that machine gun when I was in the army - in the eighties. It is very robust

  • Scott Wallace
    Scott Wallace 2 months ago

    _Slava Ukraina._ Und danke DW. Ihr seid meine erste go-to Quelle für News aus der Region.
    cheers from windy Vienna, Scott

  • saefuddin aziz
    saefuddin aziz 2 months ago +2

    "This is already the longgest running and bloddiest battle of the war. How much longer can that go on". The best way to save the rest of Ukrine (both the country and the people) is pussing the leader go to negotiating table.

  • OG garage
    OG garage 2 months ago +1

    🙏 stay strong 😪

  • adventuresinbelieving
    adventuresinbelieving 2 months ago

    Great reporting Max and DW. BUT - this war MUST be stopped. These sacrifices are UNJUSTIFIED. CEASEFIRE!!!!

  • Joel Jere
    Joel Jere Month ago

    Fighting so intense

  • Facts Truth
    Facts Truth 2 months ago +3

    Support for Ukraine from St Louis ...

  • Shahida Nusrat
    Shahida Nusrat 2 months ago +10

    As a Pakistani I fully support love and respect Germany and its beautiful people from Pakistan 🙂. May Allah SWT bless Germany and its beautiful people from Pakistan 🙂

    • MrMor94ok
      MrMor94ok 2 months ago +3

      Thanks to Pakistan for military assistance to Ukraine. 🤝

  • Anthony Sosa
    Anthony Sosa 2 months ago

    im surprised by the amount of older folks I see in military , especially for ukraine , would have thought to see more youth 16-30 , I'm sure there's a lot of them but these interviews are always the older folk

  • GuyB
    GuyB 2 months ago +3

    If not Bakhmut, where? Where should Ukraine draw the line? Ukraine is not fighting for Bakhmut (Bakhmut is destroyed), Ukraine are fighting for Ukraine, in Bakhmut. If they withdraw from Bakhmut, the next city just becomes the next Bakhmut, raised to the ground and the same battle yet again.

  • S D
    S D 2 months ago

    Crying is good and its healthy !!! Stay strong!!! Slava! Slava! Slava!!!!!

  • Cameron Currie
    Cameron Currie 2 months ago

    Every life matters yu save as many people as you can.

  • Marcus Grant
    Marcus Grant 2 months ago +14

    Call sign таксист telling us how he copes was a gut punch. Please get home safely

    • Salocin
      Salocin 2 months ago

      What does it mean?

    • Marcus Grant
      Marcus Grant 2 months ago

      @Salocin “Taxi driver” таксист

  • Joel Jere
    Joel Jere Month ago

    Fighting to Defend everything on your Teritory it means your in a real fight.