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Critical Role Answers Your Questions - Full Panel | C2E2 | SYFY WIRE

  • Published on Apr 7, 2018 veröffentlicht
  • The cast of Critical Role (Travis Willingham, Marisha Ray, Talliesin Jaffe, Sam Riegel, Liam O'Brien, Laura Bailey, Matthew Mercer) go straight to the fan Q&A during their panel including what was unexpected from the narrative that affected their character.
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    The very first C2E2 happened in 2010. The good ole days!
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    Critical Role Answers Your Questions - Full Panel | C2E2 | SYFY WIRE
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Comments • 515

  • dustinb42
    dustinb42 4 years ago +1271

    Let's be serious, if Jester was a real person today, she would be an instagram/Clip-Share star.

    • Shadowy Fox
      Shadowy Fox 3 months ago

      She'd be the adult you had to put the leash backpack on.

    • D Nar
      D Nar Year ago

      Oh yeah

    • nomoretelekom
      nomoretelekom Year ago +2

      we do not use !serious" and "Jester" in the same sentence...paint that on a wall 100 times please.

    • PJ VC
      PJ VC 2 years ago +1

      @Useless Mitten and yet still if jester dies the community will go nuts. she is the treasure of the team

    • Useless Mitten
      Useless Mitten 2 years ago +3

      @PJ VC dude, crit role characters have died before.

  • Jaykunn
    Jaykunn 4 years ago +584

    the runway walks
    4:38 Sam
    8:15 Matt
    12:35 Travis
    14:56 Laura
    26:13 Sam part 2
    34:04 Taliesin
    35:53 Liam
    41:53 Marisha

    • Princess Blazena
      Princess Blazena 10 months ago +6

      "Strutting for 2!" -Matt

    • GodBear
      GodBear 3 years ago +37

      I'm impressed by how well Laura struts while THAT pregnant

    • GameBrain Jagras
      GameBrain Jagras 4 years ago +31

      I thought someone was missing from your comment but then I realized Ashley wasn’t there

  • Anthony Sampedro
    Anthony Sampedro 5 years ago +1337

    I love how they separated the couples but were sure to let Sam and sit next to Liam

    • Dice
      Dice 2 years ago +3

      I mean 19:00

    • Irishandproud101
      Irishandproud101 2 years ago +2

      Then they didn’t separate all the couples......

    • ElizaShakiraMassani
      ElizaShakiraMassani 3 years ago +11

      They separated the couples but not the twins! Woohoo!

    • Shwiiiiies
      Shwiiiiies 3 years ago +3

      You all noticed that wow

  • Luca Tedesco
    Luca Tedesco 2 years ago +317

    “The hospital sequence was based on a real teenage shenanigan that began with the phrase, ‘Can anyone vomit in command’”
    Of course Taliesin would have something like that

    ORANGE FOOL 4 years ago +596

    I have watched this multiple times, I still die laughing during Marisha's walk when Sam yells, "There's a child!"

    • GodBear
      GodBear 3 years ago +60

      Did you notice how everyone has a reaction to Marisha "droppin' it like it's hot" - and then there's Liam who just looks like it's just another tuesday

    • RavenStorm31
      RavenStorm31 3 years ago +3

      omg me too!!!

  • Ben
    Ben 4 years ago +587

    I actually can't believe Sam set up the runway gag just for the shirt reveal

    • John penn
      John penn 3 years ago +9

      And that’s why he should be president for dnd beyond

    • GodBear
      GodBear 4 years ago +15

      I expect nothing less, I mean after all he is Sam Mother f-ing Riegel

    • Vegar Ystenes Valstad
      Vegar Ystenes Valstad 4 years ago +27

      Benson Lim that’s Sam in a nutshell. Would love to have him in my VTM:DA game 😂

  • Lillian Constence Doodles

    Time stamps: hope this helps
    5:12 what is the most interesting thing the narrative has given you
    7:12 make your own Hogwarts house
    10:02 Vox Machina: An Exandrian Musical (you can find it on YT)
    12:03 characters favorite brand name cereal
    15:19 cosmology of exandria
    17:17 something you wanted to talk about but you haven’t been asked
    19:15 what is a weird personal experience that influenced some thing about your character
    21:00 favorite studio Ghibli film
    22:02 jesters favorite song (popular)
    24:11 pooping or Burt Reynolds
    28:04 how does Matt use words to pull you in
    30:25 who would grog arm wrestle
    31:23 Matt how do you prep for games
    33:32 how fun is it to play DND
    35:05 introducing kids to DnD
    39:03 Face of the party swap
    41:00 campaign one and campaign two character me up
    44:27 (campaign one spoilers) Clairotta
    46:29 favorite thing you’ve ever done as a character
    48:21 bards guide to survival
    49:58 modern AU
    51:00 wrangling a lot of players
    55:06 character playlists

  • realafan888
    realafan888 4 years ago +228

    Love that Matt is at full attention when Marisha walks. THAT'S relationship goals.

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith 5 years ago +529

    It's funny how Sam and Liam are the only couple allowed to be sit next to each other.

    • Sir Moriarty
      Sir Moriarty 4 years ago +8

      I’d definitely see them as a couple if they didn’t have families of their own

    • Khai Leaf
      Khai Leaf 4 years ago +42

      It's because they're the strongest couple of the bunch

    • Lieutenant Ofgames
      Lieutenant Ofgames 4 years ago +8

      Jason Smith o hunny. I wish they were together. They’re both married and have kids 😂

  • Михаил Хруник
    Михаил Хруник 4 years ago +900

    OK, folks. "Popular" by Laura Baley starts at 23:08
    I know you need this.

    • malus-pumila_3.14
      malus-pumila_3.14 Year ago

      omg thank you i was looking for it

    • Giovana P.
      Giovana P. Year ago

      Thank you! That's why I'm here

    • Chris
      Chris 2 years ago

      I saw this in a tiktok, remembered from 2 years ago, and had to come watch it again. You're a Saint

    • Shadow CuSidhe
      Shadow CuSidhe 2 years ago

      Thank you!

    • Ana
      Ana 2 years ago

      I need a full Jester cover of this!!

  • Jynx
    Jynx 5 years ago +787

    A friendship like Sam and Liam. That's all I want.

    • SophFearne
      SophFearne 2 years ago

      19:00 Sam takes every opportunity :D

    • RavenStorm31
      RavenStorm31 3 years ago +1

      @frank zeches i totally get u id be the same way if i was a dude lol!!!

    • RavenStorm31
      RavenStorm31 3 years ago

      they have the best friendship ever omg!!

    • Zach Leming
      Zach Leming 4 years ago

      My friend I are like them but raunchier.

    • adarcer
      adarcer 5 years ago +10

      @frank Zeches set the alarm for noon and you could use the "It's high Noon" soundclip. lol :P

  • Veangous Hawk
    Veangous Hawk 5 years ago +545

    SISGIL..., that great Quote: "never make fun of someone who mispronounces a word, it means they learned it by reading"

  • Bailey Grau
    Bailey Grau 2 years ago +90

    Why is no one taking about Liam at 3:33 its the best thing ever

  • Ashley Winters
    Ashley Winters 2 years ago +22

    I love how Matt said hi to as many audience members as he could when they introduced themselves, but most spoke so quickly he couldn't get a word in 🥺

  • Bolnark
    Bolnark 2 years ago +179

    “What a legacy you’ve left behind, Sam.”
    Oh, and did I mention, COUNTERSPELL.

  • Clementine P.E
    Clementine P.E 3 years ago +73

    8:32 Can we appreciate the all the air that is making Matt's hair look like he is America's next top model?

  • Jet Vulcan
    Jet Vulcan 2 years ago +28

    Laura's facial expressions when she is embarrassed and trying to decide if she will answer. then we get her singing and the belly rub for her walk.

  • Samantha Nicole
    Samantha Nicole 5 years ago +570

    Marisha is gonna be a really great embarrassing mom.

    • Vivi Sovadina
      Vivi Sovadina 3 years ago

      No, She Will be the coolest mom

    • Aurin saint
      Aurin saint 4 years ago +3

      @gamingkitten93 missing the point of the comment though.... No one is telling her to have or not have kids.

    • Scott Dean
      Scott Dean 4 years ago +12

      @gamingkitten93 you went from it's non of our business to i did all the Google searches about her I could real fast there buddy.

    • TheSubso
      TheSubso 4 years ago +6

      @gamingkitten93 its non of your business to dictate what other people find offensive or not. Go fight your own fights.

    • David Mobeck
      David Mobeck 4 years ago +9

      gamingkitten93 I’m always told I’ll fall in love but you don’t see people like me making a big fuss over people saying “X will be a good Husband/Wife” get off your high horse.

  • Hannah Ciaran
    Hannah Ciaran 4 years ago +124

    I’m sad knowing I will somehow never be as graceful as Liam rolling off the couch...

  • Senza Misura
    Senza Misura 5 years ago +409

    The couple times Taliesin said he couldn't say anything because of spoilers is making me way more suspicious of Molly than I was before

    • Deshan Felder
      Deshan Felder Year ago +6

      @tezla actual oh my the way this has aged

    • tezla actual
      tezla actual 2 years ago +12

      Oof this aged like milk

    • Big Bundle
      Big Bundle 2 years ago +1


    • Madolche
      Madolche 2 years ago +4

      @Colie Braun HOW ABOUT NOW FOLKS!?!?

    • Kodey Honeter
      Kodey Honeter 2 years ago +1

      @Colie Braun Matt said somewhere that Molly's over-arching story had a huge stem in the larger over arching story. So it was sad to see him go. Also molly was just a super interesting guy. First of all he was a pc that somehow, got revived and lost most of his memories. The ones he did have lead us to believe that he was a part of some kind of powerful cult, and possibly that he was the center of it, and had followers. Molly's story, imo, was going to be great. He reminded me of Scanlan, being such an odd and kinda shitty person, that probably would of blossomed into something incredible as his past and true nature got revealed.

  • Call me Randy
    Call me Randy 5 years ago +231

    Liam's son will give us long distance space travel, and he will be a D&D nerd.
    *All of my yes*

  • Soulren
    Soulren Year ago +8

    Sam: Stunned
    Liam: Stone-faced acknowledgement
    Taliesin: Scandalized housewife

    • Soulren
      Soulren Year ago +2

      Also matt's "That's my wife" is iconic

  • Braden Potts
    Braden Potts 4 years ago +49

    “It’s tough being the baby sitter” ~ Travis
    “Fjord tough” ~ Marisha

  • Hazy09
    Hazy09 5 years ago +96

    I know Sam was joking about having to squash down his charisma, but it’s true! Nott is super charming and I love her.

  • Taiylor Wallace
    Taiylor Wallace 3 years ago +23

    I love that Travis is always the first to crack up at Laura.

  • John Hurley
    John Hurley 5 years ago +896

    "Yes, I ate them and I- I did not share them 😳"
    - Laura Bailey

    • Michaela N
      Michaela N 4 years ago +15


    • ho1m
      ho1m 4 years ago

      Timestamp for people 9:25

  • K
    K 5 years ago +910

    Matt says "you kids", it's official , he is over 9000 years old

  • Hyunllx
    Hyunllx 3 years ago +43

    It's genuinely so wild to me how Marisha is the shortest cast member wtf

  • Gene Zhao
    Gene Zhao 3 years ago +21

    28:40 reading shows examples of how writers set scenes and you can adapt these ways, the best do it very quickly and vibrantly it just feels natural as if actually seeing a visual instead of reading words
    29:00 look at a list of different senses to hit/ you can use whenever introducing scenes
    Also knowing more words can help you to have more ways to express the world
    33:10 dm tips online also great worldbuilding

  • Jerica Locke
    Jerica Locke 4 years ago +46

    Jester and Caleb singing Popular is all I've ever wanted.

  • Musical Cake
    Musical Cake 4 years ago +45

    I just need 10 hours of Liam falling off a couch

  • lonlygnome
    lonlygnome 5 years ago +205

    Finally a video where you can tell how tall Sam actually is.

    • Jeff
      Jeff 5 years ago +35

      I think Travis completely throws off my perception of their heights. :)
      I thought Laura, Sam, Liam, and Matt were all shorter than they are, and I thought Marisha was taller than she is.

  • Omsung
    Omsung 2 years ago +7

    My favorite part was Sam yelling, "THERES A CHILD" when marisha was doing her walk

  • Pandaman_5
    Pandaman_5 4 years ago +133

    (42:07) I was laughing at how Sam said "there's a child" in the background.

    • skinnypete1982
      skinnypete1982 2 years ago +9

      "THERE'S A CHILD!"
      Well that child learned something today, now didn't they Sam?

    • Critter813
      Critter813 2 years ago +10

      Ok but matt being the permanent proud husband, "Yeah I put a ring on that" makes this even one even better

  • Will Doran
    Will Doran 5 years ago +149

    I was one spot in line away from asking them all to do a Pumat Sol impression

    • Ron
      Ron 2 years ago +2

      Nooooo how did the gods not let it happen

  • Chris Gee
    Chris Gee 4 years ago +33

    I was 8 years old. I was to save a small village that was being held hostage by a band of Orcs. First roll was a nat 20 crit to snipe an orc guard. I saved a farmhand early on who asked to help. I think this was an opportunity for me to trust this guy, and he would die and I would feel some loss. However, he made it with me to the bugbear chieftain. In combat I missed most of the time, while the farmer crit twice... I went from total badass, to dead-weight for a farmer... such a good first game.

    • Stars&Gears
      Stars&Gears 2 years ago +1

      You accidentally played someone else's origin story. Amazing

  • Oliver Biggs
    Oliver Biggs 5 years ago +258

    Can we all agree a Mollymauk/Greatest showman medley is in order?

    • wyrdbellows
      wyrdbellows 4 years ago +9

      joseph avraham Santos TAKING YOUR BREATH. STEALING YOUR MIND.

    • Joseph Av. Santos
      Joseph Av. Santos 4 years ago +3

      Buried in your swords there is an ache you can not ignore

    • wyrdbellows
      wyrdbellows 4 years ago

      Oliver Biggs power pp

    • Elle Realyay
      Elle Realyay 4 years ago

      Oliver Biggs do you have a Twitter or some platform we can talk on about making this

  • Deschain 1999
    Deschain 1999 2 years ago +5

    Matt Mercer has never failed a performance check. Ever.

  • Lane
    Lane 4 years ago +224

    can someone animate the runway walks as their characters? lmao

    • JRellevant
      JRellevant 2 years ago +5

      I'm still waiting for this xD

    • deffdefying
      deffdefying 3 years ago +21

      Beau would absolutely drop it like it's hot

    • Kyn of the North
      Kyn of the North 4 years ago +38

      I know this is several months late, but imagining Caleb doing Liams walk both scare and amuse me!

  • Andrew Tenllado
    Andrew Tenllado 5 years ago +100

    When Marisha dropped it I was scared it would be another Death Sneeze situation

  • Brandon Nakagaki
    Brandon Nakagaki 4 years ago +44

    Travis. The REAL wrangler/handler of this group.

    • deffdefying
      deffdefying 4 years ago

      I mean he has to prepare for dadhood somehow

  • Kyle Stroud
    Kyle Stroud 5 years ago +125

    "Total applesauce moron" is an amazing description of Grog.

  • Ben Wathen
    Ben Wathen 5 years ago +151

    Marisha getting cut off at the very end of the video was perfectly Marisha of her lol

  • Roman Edits Photos
    Roman Edits Photos 9 months ago +1

    this panel is the reason why I got into critical role. no friend took me I stumbled into it and got hooked.

  • João Pedro Lazarino
    João Pedro Lazarino 5 years ago +51

    I'm really impressed by how perfect Trouble Is a Friend, Blood In The Cut and I'm All Bloody Inside are for the characters

  • Sandra Mills
    Sandra Mills 3 years ago +41

    "Brought to you by Mutant Soda, coming to you in flavors like...red and...ambiguous"
    I don't know why but that got me!

  • BigButtus
    BigButtus 5 years ago +96

    It's always weird to see how tall Sam actually is.

  • Carsomyr
    Carsomyr 4 years ago +39

    19:00 "I heard a great disturbance in the force. As if the voices of many Fanfic writers suddenly cried out in ecstasy, and were immediately encouraged..."

  • Robert McGovern
    Robert McGovern 5 years ago +76

    Thank you SYFY for sharing this panel!

  • SadFlan
    SadFlan 5 years ago +9

    so many great relationships. I love how they all interact And I find them inspiring me to be a better person while also making me feel more comfortable being myself. love these guys

  • Ak1hiro
    Ak1hiro 4 years ago +15

    How did the audience there even control themselves i got sO EXCITED EVEN WHILE watching through screen

  • Ana
    Ana 2 years ago +5

    I like how Clarota betrayed them and died because they didn't get his relationship points high enough lmao

  • bairdrew
    bairdrew 5 years ago +123

    The only greater Bromance than Sam and Liam is Pat Stewart and Ian McKellan.

  • Patrick Harrigan
    Patrick Harrigan 5 years ago +8

    I think this is my favorite panel they've ever done. I laughed so hard :)

  • Revan Reborn 1
    Revan Reborn 1 5 years ago +408

    i still struggle to figure out which one of them is the sexiest. i've narrowed it down to 8 of them

    • Joshua Ford
      Joshua Ford 3 years ago +8

      Sam but only when he's sitting next to liam.

    • PHNeutre49
      PHNeutre49 3 years ago +19

      Sexiest : Travis (and I'm saying that being a straight dude) / Fjord
      Cutest : Matt / Jester
      Coolest : Khary Payton / Beauregard (She tries so hard tho)
      Funniest : Sam / Sam

    • Ask Shadow Bolt Moon
      Ask Shadow Bolt Moon 3 years ago +5

      I narrowed it down to fjord

    • Obicheese Kenobi
      Obicheese Kenobi 4 years ago +36


  • Ronnie Rose
    Ronnie Rose 5 years ago +94

    They made me laugh sooo much like, I was wheezing? on the floor? most of the time. I hope to see them one day, eventually, even though I'm from central europe and can't afford to travel overseas... *soft tiny sigh*

    • Andromeda
      Andromeda 4 years ago

      I feel you. Living in a Europe and as a poor student, meeting them is right now only a dream. So I really hope for us both we could see and meet them one day.

    • Courtney Payne
      Courtney Payne 5 years ago

      Ronnie Rose don’t give up hope!!!!!! One day!

  • Jack Writer
    Jack Writer 2 years ago +4

    Great to hear every time when they say Molly is played by Taliesin. Then I know instantly in wich timeframe the interview was recorded.

  • Sir Moriarty
    Sir Moriarty 4 years ago +4

    I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time. God it feels good.

  • Asma Almandil
    Asma Almandil 2 years ago +2

    Laura bailey singing popular as jester is amazing ❤️ gosh i love her shes so cool!!!!

  • Sybaritic Cupboard Rat
    Sybaritic Cupboard Rat 3 years ago +19

    Anyone else wonder why most of the CR cast has a big reaction to Marisha's runway walk, but Liam's just poker face.

    • seven cats
      seven cats 3 years ago +3

      I'm not sure what you're implying?

  • Youtube Emperor of Mankind

    Laura Bailey is godlike.
    Super talented awesome woman.

  • Eric Dunne
    Eric Dunne 5 years ago +56

    Woot! Marisha's walk was awesome.

  • OhGoodAFarce
    OhGoodAFarce 5 years ago +22

    The second Laura mentioned Lenka for her playlist song I was like "... is it Trouble Is A Friend?" and then when it was I was like "YESSSS!" \o/

  • Thea Nyktos
    Thea Nyktos Year ago +2

    I keep trying to decide whose runway strut I liked best, but I just can't. They're all amazing.

  • bigophil
    bigophil 4 years ago +3

    Love Laura so much, wicked is one of my all time favorite musicals.

  • Carsomyr
    Carsomyr 4 years ago +3

    I think I could watch these guys answer question for a solid season. Make it happen, please?

  • Sadie McC
    Sadie McC 2 years ago +6

    We need a full cover of Jester singing Popular.

  • XxNWOxX0
    XxNWOxX0 5 years ago +8

    I love how they all get along so well.

  • HacKer3kk
    HacKer3kk 2 years ago +5

    Coming back to this in 2020, Caleb's cereal would be called "Widogast's Gloomy O's"

  • TreeFolkDruid
    TreeFolkDruid 5 years ago +755

    did mat say "yeah, I put a ring on that" after Marishas walk?

    • skinnypete1982
      skinnypete1982 2 years ago +6

      I mean, wouldn't you brag?

    • ArcTrooper Fives
      ArcTrooper Fives 2 years ago +3

      He sure did.

    • Ronald Leight
      Ronald Leight 3 years ago +16

      As a child, she was a dancer, before she got into acting :D

    • RavenStorm31
      RavenStorm31 3 years ago +34

      i mightve had a moment when that happened cause she was being badass doing her walk and he was just like...THATS MY WIFE GUYS!!!

    • Sir Moriarty
      Sir Moriarty 4 years ago +50

      He’s so proud of her lol

  • e
    e Year ago +1

    I never realized how tall Sam is. I know Travis is 6 feet something and Sam is almost his height

  • Onése Vanessa
    Onése Vanessa Year ago +1

    I’ve watched this once before but I wanted to come back just to hear Laura sing Popular and then before I could skip to it the theme song started playing so I decided to stay for the intro and now I’ve decided to watch the whole thing…. I love em.🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Dairycream5
    Dairycream5 3 years ago +41

    21:28 matt dont listen to travis! Do not spare him!

  • Rebekah Larsen
    Rebekah Larsen 2 years ago +1

    6:01 With what's happened recently in the campaign with 9s, Matt's response has so much more meaning now

  • Erik Kalkoken
    Erik Kalkoken 3 years ago +11

    For anyone wondering (like myself). The song they are playing for the runway scenes is: George Michael - Killer Papa Was a Rollin' Stone

  • Lilyminer
    Lilyminer 3 years ago +1

    I loved it when she introduced them as their characters

  • scepta101
    scepta101 Year ago +1

    Can we talk about how they mentioned space travel and the Astral Sea ended up being important to the final arc?

  • Riley Wakeford
    Riley Wakeford 4 years ago +16

    I'm disappointed, Taleisin (probably spelt that wrong) barely had any questions asked. Everyone else got some solo questions but our poor demon overlord had to sit and listen to everyone else for a majority of the panel

  • Lucas Gray
    Lucas Gray 3 years ago +7

    Marisha’s walk 👌🏻

  • Your Conscience
    Your Conscience 4 years ago +5

    21:47 he always has the right answer and now I understand quite something

  • Tobonic123
    Tobonic123 5 years ago +135


    • CakeOfDoom
      CakeOfDoom 3 years ago +2


    • GodBear
      GodBear 4 years ago +2

      Armor of Agathys reference or am I forgetting something?

  • Shadow CuSidhe
    Shadow CuSidhe 2 years ago +1

    She even giggles as jester i love it

  • PandoraWolf
    PandoraWolf 4 years ago +7

    I was really hoping for a question to matt like, whats the meanest thing the players ever have done to you as a DM and vice versa in this campaign.

  • Rick Hunter
    Rick Hunter 4 years ago +1

    All about the DM, This was soo cool to watch Really Need More CelebriD&D With Matt as DM and longer battles filmed :)

  • AndyCleve
    AndyCleve 4 years ago +5

    im just imagining the people at the soundboard when they started doing the runway walks... "guys...Guys... GUYS I NEED RUNWAY MUSIC NOW!"

  • Mila Oliveira
    Mila Oliveira 2 years ago +1

    I laughed out loud for so long that my face hurts now.

  • Grey Hurst
    Grey Hurst 4 years ago +9

    Guy asks about a Bards Guide to survival
    Liam:Be friends with a giant
    Me:What if my Bard is the giant
    (I was tasked by my DM to make an ironic character and I chose to make a Goliath Bard)

  • Bulldozer
    Bulldozer 2 years ago +6

    *in a puzzle for campaign 2*
    liam: I have no idea but Caleb would know.
    matt: ....

  • ZeZu Bat
    ZeZu Bat Month ago +1

    After watching campagin 3 this becomes much more hilarious

  • Logan Storm
    Logan Storm 5 years ago +2

    This was so awesome to see live!! I got to ask a question!

  • Vjeran Janeš
    Vjeran Janeš 2 years ago +2

    i'm just binge watching everything Critical Role related

  • Brooke Corbyn
    Brooke Corbyn 5 years ago +5

    I'm really sad that marisha's final exclamation was cut off lol

  • FuzzyFish
    FuzzyFish 4 years ago +2

    I want a critical role encyclopedia

  • Jasper Forge
    Jasper Forge 4 years ago +249

    Sam: "The emoji movie?"
    Matt: *TRIGGERED*

  • Victor Vogel
    Victor Vogel 2 years ago +1

    The DM to end all DM's is actually a pretty accurate title for Mercer. And where was Ashley for this?

  • Gottalove Walruses
    Gottalove Walruses 3 years ago +13

    I need a full cover of Jester singing Popular!

  • Sesimie StreetFighter
    Sesimie StreetFighter 5 years ago +1

    Loved this panel!!!

  • Mothman But fashion
    Mothman But fashion 5 years ago +3

    If someone could animate the run way walks that would be 10/10😍👌🏿

  • Arcyo
    Arcyo 5 years ago +185

    House Easycry is my Hogwarts House. On point.

    • K. whatever
      K. whatever Year ago

      i read that as House Ecstasy

    • Andrea Miller
      Andrea Miller 5 years ago +4

      Pretty sure Gus from Psych would have been in that house. He's a sympathetic cryer

  • Viking Empress
    Viking Empress 4 years ago +32

    Why has no one drawn how they described their Vox Machina meeting Mighty Nein?