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Living with the 2022 Electric Hummer so you don't have to!

  • Published on Feb 5, 2023 veröffentlicht

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  • JoeDurobot
    JoeDurobot 2 months ago +122

    *In most countries in Europe you would need a CDL (licence for heavy trucks) to drive that thing since it's over 3.5 tons.*

    • Aterna Teus
      Aterna Teus 6 days ago

      @Tommy Apel no I know I thought he was referring to America..where getting a cdl is basically made to make money..you should see the elderly buy these huge things coming from basically driving a sedan thier entire life.

    • Tommy Apel
      Tommy Apel 6 days ago

      @Aterna Teus not in Europe

    • Aterna Teus
      Aterna Teus 7 days ago

      You can drive a 45 foot rv that weights 40k lbs with trailer without a cdl

    • Ocato92
      Ocato92 8 days ago

      @TriccT Actually, you don't need a full C-Class. For vehicles with GVWR between 3,5, and 7,5 tonnes C1 is enough but it's very rare for someone to get this one. Usually you already go with a full C-class.

    • Ocato92
      Ocato92 8 days ago

      I just want to point out that you need a C-class Driving Licence for vehicles with Gross vehicle weight rating of over 3,5 t. GVWR is the maximum acceptable weight of fully loaded vehicle. Here just the vehicle alone weights 4,1 t, so GVWR is probably way over 6 tonnes! You needed C-class Licence even for Hummer H1, which weighted about 3,3 tonnes.

  • Edwin De Paz
    Edwin De Paz 2 months ago +3

    Hummers have always been impractical. They tried making them smaller to make them practical and it ended up killing the brand

  • Envy1337
    Envy1337 2 months ago +291

    This vehicle has gotten me through so many hard times, it’s been a vehicle that’s literally saved lives. I wouldn’t be able to complete tasks without it.
    I think all of us playing modern warfare 2 DMZ have gotten used to it!

    • Nah
      Nah 20 days ago +3

      i am walter white. the one piece, the one piece is real.

    • Rene Hernandez
      Rene Hernandez Month ago +4


    • ImEnemy
      ImEnemy Month ago

      You nailed this comment my boy.
      Add me, I play dmz and wz2

  • h H
    h H 4 months ago +1177

    3 second 0-60 at 9000 pounds is absolutely insane this thing is a weapon of mass destruction

    • Azhar
      Azhar 22 hours ago

      9000 Pounds with not sure how much of a lithium it carries😂 definitely a WMD

    • ׂ
      ׂ 7 days ago +1

      Yeah thats just stupidly dangerous taking the average hummer driver into account

    • doublestrike photo
      doublestrike photo 10 days ago

      @Big Ree uhhh... No. Absolutely not.
      Performance sedan with oversized sport brakes vs 9000 pound monstrosity? Ha.

    • Remy Barton
      Remy Barton 10 days ago

      @GUY CHA0S Exactly lol

    • Big Ree
      Big Ree 10 days ago

      @doublestrike photo you know that hummer most likely has a better stopping distance than your car you own 😂

  • The Tuareg
    The Tuareg 2 months ago +2

    Marques, you should've tested it offroad, of course, dude, c'mon! You have to retest it. Load it with people and gear and go at least 200 miles to camp in the wilderness!

  • MaxRH92
    MaxRH92 2 months ago

    I love your EV/ automotive related content!

  • Joseph Delgado
    Joseph Delgado Month ago +1

    I love driving this car, it's the fasted vehicle I've ever driven, I literally go out of my way to get my hands on it... of course in MW2

    VIVIAN GEORGE Month ago

    When did he start a career in automotive journalism? Thought he reviewed cell phones!

  • Austin Zizzi
    Austin Zizzi 2 months ago

    So you’re telling me they made the mode animations of it towing a rocket and off roading on mars…. Are they trying to be Tesla?

  • Russell
    Russell 2 months ago

    Yup. Hit the nail on the head.
    This thing is a truck for people who don't need a truck.

  • On4Acres
    On4Acres 2 months ago

    Damn that weighs more than my diesel ram 2500

  • My name
    My name Month ago

    F150 EV can't compare to this bad boy not even in a million years!

  • jeromesnail
    jeromesnail 2 months ago

    In Europe you need a special permit to drive a car that exceed 3.5 metric tons.

  • Daisoreanu Laurentiu
    Daisoreanu Laurentiu 2 months ago

    Why didn’t they make it modular so that the could’ve produced a 2 seater pickup?

  • Haris Ainur Rozak
    Haris Ainur Rozak Month ago

    I can only imagine how much it cost when it comes to Indonesia..

  • Uday Pradhan
    Uday Pradhan 2 months ago +1

    MKBHD is absolutely right about the animations thing because its made by company called Unreal Engine who also made Cool graphics 3d animation made by Tony stark in Iron Man movie…..

  • Bugs
    Bugs 5 months ago +5564

    Personally, I like the style of this channel a lot. Not as high production as MKBHD but it makes it kinda feel like he is talking more directly to you and feels less scripted. Not saying I dislike the other channels style though, both are great.

    • Anon
      Anon Month ago

      hmmm, kind of like.. idk DADDY DOUG MAYBE

    • electricgas
      electricgas 4 months ago

      @Troy Meekhof and a likable person

    • rando man
      rando man 4 months ago +1

      Modern youtube style vs classic youtube style.
      Can't hate on the well rounded and refined high production style youtube videos but they make our community feel like TV or something, like a large very disconnected corporation.
      Gotta love the 'broadcast' yourself classic style youtube videos where everything feels real and personal. I feels easier to trust someone or atleast believe their ideas are their own and not paid for or scripted just because it sounds better or makes money

    • wUrdofwIZdumb
      wUrdofwIZdumb 4 months ago

      This is way better imo

    • jeff ghant
      jeff ghant 4 months ago

      This video has more views already than Doug's review of the F-150 lightning.

  • John Carpenter
    John Carpenter Month ago

    Hummer EV sounds like an oxymoron

  • Ashwini Sharma
    Ashwini Sharma 2 months ago

    I am glad of this video. Now I just have to give wide space to guy driving this giant

  • OV3RC4ST
    OV3RC4ST 2 months ago

    fun drinking game: take a drink any time MKBHD mentions truck, ev, battery, gigantic (or any things means big), pounds. I do this to youtube videos and this one got me to finish a can of Canadian Club

  • austin wilson
    austin wilson 2 months ago

    almost qualifies for a tax deduction

  • Objpos
    Objpos 5 months ago +3000

    This car is a massive feat of engineering and could be absolutely terrifying in negligent hands

    • Chris M
      Chris M 11 days ago +1

      Anyone who owns this monstrosity is negligent by default

    • Joel Ronish
      Joel Ronish 19 days ago

      Putting a 200+ kwh battery in a car is dumb engineering. Just stuffing batteries in an inefficient motor and heavy body is just stupid.

    • moviemania23
      moviemania23 Month ago


    • John Hogan
      John Hogan Month ago

      I felt super responsible back in the day when driving an old 60 series cruiser because of it's size and weight compared to the smaller cars around me. This new thing should have mandatory training and proficiency checks over time.

    • theniceneighbor
      theniceneighbor Month ago

      @Jordan Steele - AL 9k without people or cargo

  • Lukas Adomaitis
    Lukas Adomaitis 2 months ago

    A pegging car seat 😂😂😂

  • I Pleedafif
    I Pleedafif 2 months ago +29

    I can see these doing well in larger cities of Texas. Majority of the full size 4 door trucks are used for commuting by one person.

  • Brian Banks
    Brian Banks 2 months ago

    i paid 85K for my house in 1997, i love this vehicle but I can't afford another mortgage..LOL

  • Quilen Blackwell
    Quilen Blackwell 4 months ago +384

    My favorite part of this video is how he is throwing shade at the prospective Hummer owner the whole time LOL

    • Sly
      Sly 9 days ago

      @Autovetus that or a tech geek minority with an inferiority complex- it could definitely be either of the two I wager

    • Autovetus
      Autovetus 9 days ago

      Does he mean a tech-geek-white-suprenacist type of a person ?

    • Sly
      Sly 11 days ago

      @Charlie Rose you don't need to be a Tesla fan to dislike this vehicle

    • Taco Monster
      Taco Monster 12 days ago +1

      I’m not a Tesla fan whatsoever, but this truck is completely bananas. It doesn’t make sense for most people. Even if you can afford it… it just makes you be like hell nah!

    • Charlie Rose
      Charlie Rose 15 days ago +1

      He's a Tesla simp what did you expect

  • Fabi an
    Fabi an 5 months ago +965

    I agree on the center dash buttons, these actually look like a nice fusion between digital and analog.

    • Glenn Quagmire
      Glenn Quagmire 4 months ago

      Qif youve ever been in a H1? a lot of unnecessary center console. Driver and passenger literally in two seperate cockpits lmao

    • Juliusz Kopczewski
      Juliusz Kopczewski 4 months ago

      @iMeatbag Ridiculous. When they talk about wire weight I can assure you they aren't talking about these wires. The wires for buttons can be very thin and light and they can plug into the screen panel or some controller around it, they certainly don't go around the whole car.

    • Courtney Sutherlin
      Courtney Sutherlin 5 months ago +1

      @iMeatbag that sounds rediculos, the wires needed for those buttons is a very small gauge of wiring. It's only going from the console to the center console.mabye a few grams of wiring for those buttons. That is must rediculos statement I have ever heard. If you put in a customer car stereo the wiring would be one of the lightest things added.

    • dante42lk
      dante42lk 5 months ago +1

      @iMeatbag >there is a reason Tesla doesn't use them if they can
      Yep, screens are cheaper than actually designing a proper dashboard and quality control for the buttons.

    • Crispy
      Crispy 5 months ago +1

      @iMeatbag I don't think weight is the big factor, I think they want to build the simplest car with the fewest parts as cheaply as they can. Besides, the center screen still has all those same wires running to it instead of the buttons.

  • punkfruit
    punkfruit Month ago

    id consider buying an rog phone before i would consider getting this 😂guess im more of a phone enthusiast than a car one,..

  • Moises Aguirre
    Moises Aguirre Month ago

    Its a Hummer; it's supposed to be over the top

  • SaNd BoX
    SaNd BoX 4 months ago

    I don't normally watch your videos. usually, I like you, and I think that you are very professional, but I think you lost your true self in this video. you are driving, the coolest vehicle in the world right now and you're not showing any emotion. that's mind-boggling.

  • MyOneBlack Friend
    MyOneBlack Friend 2 months ago

    I have a ‘69 Firebird and is my "big tank-like fun vehicle.”

    DKKTK 5 months ago +463

    Amazing. In Germany, you would not even be allowed to drive this with a car licence - everything above 3.5 t requires a (semi)truck licence 😀

    • Kaden Stimpson
      Kaden Stimpson 2 days ago

      @20CafesporDia almost like a really heavy rocket payload, once you go beyond a certain limit, you need billions of dollars worth of fuel to bring a heavy object into orbit

    • Răzvan Maioru
      Răzvan Maioru Month ago

      @Toyota Corolla E140 That's only true if you count a 750kg trailer as a trailer fit for a semi truck. Otherwise you need CE

    • Răzvan Maioru
      Răzvan Maioru Month ago

      @Alex That's the maximum allowed weight though. Which means, if you weigh 74kg, carrying a single passenger the same weight as you will put you over the 4,250kg. And that's without counting any cargo, not even a single water bottle. I seriously doubt they set the official maximum allowed weight so that you can't even use three of the seats, so it's probably illegal on a B licence

    • miniroseyo
      miniroseyo Month ago +1

      Germans have been cucks for decades now

    • Jacob Awad
      Jacob Awad 4 months ago

      @aprilshowers that's a great point

  • RoyalJelly
    RoyalJelly 2 months ago

    I wish I could " have to "

  • Raymaster7482
    Raymaster7482 2 months ago

    In Europe you'd need a truck licence for this monster. Car licences only go till 3,5t

  • Kenny Ram Dash Cam
    Kenny Ram Dash Cam 2 months ago

    Think that it is smarter to vibrate the sest because people have a tendency to take their hands off the wheel when self driving mode. The driver wouldn't get the feedback unless holding the wheel

    xxACIDVIRUSxx 2 months ago

    “Living with the 2022 electric hummur so you don’t have to” but I want to, I’m just not rich like you so unfortunately I don’t have that choice!

  • SpooldUp
    SpooldUp 5 months ago +314

    I wish more manufacturers would give us buttons with tactile feel for climate control, radio, etc. Much easier to use when you need to keep your eyes on the road.

    • Zee
      Zee 5 months ago

      yeah man, button simply a lot better when driving. i hate touch screen in some of the car just to adjust AC.

    • Andrew N
      Andrew N 5 months ago

      they will bring that back as an invention and charge you for it big time.

    • John Maurer
      John Maurer 5 months ago +16

      Physical buttons are too reliable and can’t be monetized. Locking you into software controls means expensive “repairs” for software issues which can be created on a whim.

    • rami
      rami 5 months ago

      they could always add some haptics i guess

    • Reggie Buffat
      Reggie Buffat 5 months ago +4

      The screen plus multi menu buttons setup is probably the best UI possible for an ev.

  • Combo Mesh
    Combo Mesh 2 months ago

    Has MKBHD mentioned anything regarding the battery problems with F-150 now that it is winter time?

  • Greg Pappas
    Greg Pappas Month ago

    Can you not record in stereo? When you do it sounds really off and when you spin the phone around either way the audio keeps changing

  • Toss R
    Toss R Month ago

    when it freezes you lose 20% battery, its a scam

  • Carl Wemple
    Carl Wemple 2 months ago

    Electric vehicles are not for the common person, just look at priced for extended ranges. My issues with all EV’s is cost and battery distance compared to time to recharge.

  • Matt B
    Matt B 5 months ago +228

    9:34 This is actually horrifying. A 9,000lb truck doing 0-60 in 3 sec? There's not much that can withstand that kind of momentum.

    • Rob Griffin
      Rob Griffin 11 days ago

      I suspect everyone thinks everyone else is an idiot on the road, so that is not a tenable filter. I'd bet @AHungryHunky camps in the left lane on the same stretch of road that they are calling out, something I think - an in some states - is not something you should be doing. If road damage is a function of weight, just charge registration fees or tolls by manufactured weight for passenger cars. Insurance will take care of the rest.

    • JHIX X
      JHIX X 20 days ago +3

      @Chutneyperson the whole 1000hp EV is a marketing stunt that will die out fairly soon for everyday cars, because having 1000hp will significantly increase the insurance costs for the car which will make them less accessible to many buyers.
      What many people in this generation who are obsessed with EV performance forget to realise that even 300 horsepower is quite a lot and let alone 500 horsepower which all sounds modest to them

    • nd20
      nd20 Month ago +2

      @Edwin A it being heavier is exactly why it's dangerous... Those giant trucks are also damaging the roads. America needs to lose the truck and suv obsession

    • AZtronomy
      AZtronomy 2 months ago +4

      @Reggie Jenkins good luck convincing a country where you can buy automatic weapons and artillery that this car should be banned

    • Aireck
      Aireck 4 months ago +2

      @Reggie Jenkins EVs in general are going to put a huge strain on the grid as more people get them. If they don't start building more nuclear power plants.

  • Tigerpa
    Tigerpa 4 months ago +5

    Something I’ve wondered about EVs for a while. If we all drive EVs, would our current road construction be able to handle upping the weight of every vehicle by 25-50% or more?

    • Andri Andrason
      Andri Andrason 12 days ago

      No, even worse is the power grid wouldn't be able to handle the load.

  • Alejandro Cadena
    Alejandro Cadena Month ago

    It was designed as a military vehicle, not suitable for modern cities. What did you expect?

  • The Thai Life
    The Thai Life 2 months ago

    I guess you've set it up so that anyone who likes this vehicle will be ridiculed but in the face of that I'm going to say this is a really awesome EV.

  • colombian man
    colombian man 2 months ago

    cant believe they made the warzone car in real life

  • Biffa Plays Indie Games
    Biffa Plays Indie Games 5 months ago +7

    Not really a car guy, but loving the videos. Thanks 😁👍

    • Gregory Wilson
      Gregory Wilson 5 months ago

      Hey biffa, want a cuppa?

    • TheoGeekNZ
      TheoGeekNZ 5 months ago

      My worlds are colliding. Any chance I'll see you commenting on videos of people building log cabins in the wilderness?

  • costafilh0
    costafilh0 3 months ago +12

    I would turn off the vibration seats, replace the weels and tyres with 20" all terrains and enjoy this fun truck without the roof! This thing is AWESOME!

    • nozrep
      nozrep 2 months ago

      20” all terrains would be some terrible puny and small tires. Did you mean 20” rims with like, 40” tires?

  • Beats by Luke
    Beats by Luke 2 months ago +42

    As a Hummer H1 & H2 owner who’s trucks live & run in the tundra of northern Canada 🇨🇦
    the crab walk would come in handy when the polar bears are blocking your path👇🏼..
    (yes that’s a thing)
    Bring it up here I’ll give that truck a good test off road ( no paved roads up here)
    cheers from HudsonBay area 🇨🇦

    • DRealPk3
      DRealPk3 9 days ago

      The batteries won't charge in the tundra bro

    • Carl Holland
      Carl Holland 10 days ago

      you going to carry around 5 gallon jugs of extra electricity?

  • J
    J Month ago

    I kinda wish this had better production value

  • kris m
    kris m 3 months ago +7

    I've had my hummer ev edition 1 for 3 months now, and I still love it!!! Most fun I've ever had in a vehicle.

  • A.J. Spector
    A.J. Spector 5 months ago +157

    I’d love to see you do a auto-infotainment video series. Like a run down of every manufacturer’s attempt to integrate technology into their vehicles (both from a phone integration, and then overall technology usage for climate control, camera, security, display etc) - show how they compare to each other. Could break it up into each price segment, vehicle class, etc.
    A whole series I think would be fascinating to plan and watch.
    These are great btw - killing it.

    • ProCal
      ProCal 5 months ago +1

      That would be a very short video series considering how slow and outdated a lot of car manufacturers infotainment systems feel like they are from 2008.

  • TouringCar.ie
    TouringCar.ie 3 months ago +8

    Nice tour! What a huge beast of a machine. The brake regeneration paddles are great in traffic but leave a slightly sea sick feeling if you use the heavy setting.

  • Soul of Noctem
    Soul of Noctem 3 months ago +1

    I think the most impressive thing about it is the range. From going to one of the worse environmental vehicle to one of the better EV's out there, I like it. I like the design, the features and everything. But, like the original Hummer, it's not practical on the street. It can be driven and used everyday, of course. But, that doesn't mean it's practical.
    On and IT CAN GET TO 60 IN 3 SECONDS is something that shouldn't be. But, there it is. WOW!!!

  • jax rammus
    jax rammus 10 days ago +1

    rear wheel steering is so cool, should be added to more vehicles

  • Morten Berg
    Morten Berg 4 months ago +31

    Marques - you make the best review videos over all - your style is impecable and your direct and honest way of explaining things ….just works!! Giant new fan from Denmark 👍😎🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰

    • Fardoche
      Fardoche 15 days ago +1

      serioulsy? usually, you make clear comparaison to see the difference. If I am interested to buy this truck. After this video, I still have no clue if it worth or not. The video do nothing than throwing: it is a ROG phone!

    • Michael Gary Scott
      Michael Gary Scott Month ago +1

      @BenGSynth we have alot of ev cars like bmw hyundai tesla and all those. We don't have a lot of trucks because our roads are not that big

    • BenGSynth
      BenGSynth 4 months ago

      Do you guys have lots of EVs there? How's life in Denmark?

  • roelof doornebosch
    roelof doornebosch 5 months ago +182

    i think they totally nailed it, completely over the top like a hummer should be!
    0-60 in 3,5 seconds is hilarious considering the weight

    • Paul Robinson
      Paul Robinson 4 months ago

      The real hummer (HMMWV) is a spartan, highly mobile special purpose vehicle. Dressing up commercial vehicles like this and labeling them "Hummers" is simply playing to all the wannabes out there who have no real clue.

    • Duv Jones
      Duv Jones 4 months ago +1

      Honestly, when you state the weight first and then you get to the fact that it IS speed limited. I tend to find myself nodding in agree to that call.

    • T1Oracle
      T1Oracle 4 months ago +11

      Terrifying also...

    • ᴛᴇxᴛ ᴍᴇ ᴏɴ ᴛᴇʟᴇɢʀᴀᴍ👉@Askjeffwilliams
      ᴛᴇxᴛ ᴍᴇ ᴏɴ ᴛᴇʟᴇɢʀᴀᴍ👉@Askjeffwilliams 4 months ago

      Thanks for watching my videos 🆙🆙 Hit me up right away 🆙🆙 I have something for you: 🆙🆙

  • Mark Kithinji
    Mark Kithinji Month ago +2

    Just imagine how long this truck takes to charge😂

    • B B
      B B 10 days ago

      Wait until one catches on 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 and see if there's insurance for it.

  • ben muasa
    ben muasa 2 months ago

    so we don't have to :( but we want to :(

  • Daniel Reed
    Daniel Reed 2 months ago

    The weight allows business owners to write it off under section 179. That’s who this is marketed towards. Business owners.

  • MikeLov1n
    MikeLov1n 2 months ago

    FYI, Epic games is who created the screen animations. :)

  • Frederik
    Frederik 5 months ago +518

    in Germany you need to have a truck license for this. Everything over 3,5 tons is not considered a car. But if it barely fits in a parking spot in the US it won't in one in europe anyways. That thing is crazy. But seems like the most american EV out there :D

    • miniroseyo
      miniroseyo Month ago

      EU is cringe

    • Dan Valentine
      Dan Valentine 5 months ago

      This is for big wide north American roads

    • Dan Valentine
      Dan Valentine 5 months ago +1

      @Chief Enumclaw
      Ya old simpsons!

    • P S
      P S 5 months ago +1

      This ev at 9000 lbs is more than my Ford 250 super duty diesel. A 4 door big truck that I tow heavy machinery with. That’s a heavy darn vehicle

    • Noel Polanco
      Noel Polanco 5 months ago

      @Firth33300 I think you should take a trip down here so your mind be blown about how they live poor here is not like poor on most of the countries, also here in USA most people rather buy new than use and that is why there's alot of used cars, financing is easier when you buy new, so yeah here people getting government help and poor are driving brand new cars.

  • The Mad Quacker
    The Mad Quacker 8 days ago

    I think if they scaled this down to a more reasonable size they would sell a lot. It’s a good looking vehicle.

  • Emmig -21
    Emmig -21 10 days ago +2

    You couldn’t even drive this beast in Germany with your normal driving license in Germany, it called B and only allows u to drive cars up to 3500kg.

  • Darth Rock
    Darth Rock 2 months ago

    Bullshit. Having it LOANED to you for a couple of weeks isn't "Living with it."

  • kreglfromworld
    kreglfromworld 9 days ago

    As an European, the crab walk seems very nice for the inner city parallel parking. Especially for the small and tight spaces of the one-way streets. You'd be able to squeeze this monstrosity really nicely after you bulldoze everything behind you.

  • Charles Swank
    Charles Swank 5 months ago +128

    The crab-walk mode is there to enable parallel parking that E-Brodozer without crushing nearby smaller cars. Smaller cars like an F150 Lightning. Or a semi tractor. Not my jam. The buttons though! Will the rest of the automotive industry please take note of that setup! That part is awesome.

    • Viola Swamp
      Viola Swamp 5 months ago

      I'm looking for one with bow thrusters

    • If your married Your a simp and a cuck
      If your married Your a simp and a cuck 5 months ago +1

      @Charles Swank you say you work in trucks but someone who understands trucks and vehicle history in general knows electricity is literally the worst option for towing literally anything ever. This is coming from a mechanic who has a dad and younger brother who drives semi trucks. Evs are worthless but if you really want one then I mean they still make smart cars so......

    • Charles Swank
      Charles Swank 5 months ago +3

      @Dan Mac Actually, I learned to drive in an old Chevy dually and drove that for many years and had a Dodge 2500 (Quad, long bed) for years. Drove box vans and full sized work trucks with service beds for work too. Now I prefer my little truck. Hoping someday GM makes an electric Canyon/Colorado like thing that could tow more than 100 miles. A tall order indeed! And if it weren't for my small RV I'd likely ditch the truck altogether. We had a Bolt for awhile and although it was nothing fancy it was perfect for getting around and short road trips. Kinda reminiscent of old 1980's JDM hot hatches, just electric. I'm looking forward to new electrics in years to come.

    • Dan Mac
      Dan Mac 5 months ago

      Just make sure you never drive a big vehicle, it's hard to go back lol.

  • Ben Cox
    Ben Cox 3 months ago +2

    That paddle on the wheel would actually probably come in handy on steep downhill roads, given the extreme weight of this thing.

  • bzacon
    bzacon 2 months ago +1

    Crab mode is for parking and trailer maneuvering. Someone might use it off road but it would have marginal and niche utility compared with coordinated steering mode.

  • MF
    MF 9 days ago

    I like it TBH it looks so sci fi and I really like the trunk bed cover being retractable and functional.

  • Ricoh Vegas
    Ricoh Vegas 4 months ago +3

    I like this style of video! The review seems more genuine than a version with snazzy B-roll and cuts.

  • Cyranek
    Cyranek 5 months ago +5

    an electric vehicle for the extra wide gamer in your life

  • Carl
    Carl 26 days ago +1

    Where I live, a vehicle that heavy wouldn't classify as a car, nor even as a 'light truck', you'd actually need a frickin 'heavy truck'-license to drive it.
    It safe to say that monstrosity will never be sold in my country.

  • CallardAndBowser
    CallardAndBowser 6 days ago +1

    GM is so completely out of touch with what most customers really want and require in a vehicle.
    Chrysler had nailed it, in those regards when it made the big, boxy and roomy Town & Country mini van.
    GM should be making large, boxy SUVs with very wide bench seats, lots of head room, leg room, side to side
    room and lots of room for passengers and rear cargo.
    It's easy to get in and out of the Town & Country mini van and you don't need a ladder to climb up into it.
    Most drivers do not go off roading or tow with their trucks / suvs.
    Drivers do not want to be crushed up against the door, side pillar, center floor console, left front wheel well or
    squeezed into a bucket seat.

  • tominator369
    tominator369 Month ago

    In Europe. You would need a truck driving license as most common car driving licenses are limited to a weight of 3.5 tons

  • RAM City
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    Victor Poulin 5 months ago +3

    Basically an electric tank

  • Ryon Beachner
    Ryon Beachner 3 months ago

    One of my first jobs was Valet parking. I remember having to park the H2 and H3’s was always a colossal pain in the ass. Primarily because the size, but secondarily because the owners were always insufferable macho dickheads.

  • Chris Bradford
    Chris Bradford Month ago

    Crab walk mode could be really useful for parallel parking if that ever became a thing with this vehicle

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    The vibration through the seat is probably a safety feature knowing people are taking their hands off the wheel much to often to go on their phones. Red light, drive through... going 120km on the highway lol. Literally both hands! So I appreciate it.

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    Zachary Victorio 5 months ago +511

    0:00 Intro
    0:45 Size & Weight
    2:20 Aesthetics
    2:38 Parking
    3:25 Trunk Space
    5:14 Bluetooth Speaker System
    5:43 Who’s This Car For?
    6:10 Interior
    6:47 UI Features
    8:23 Rear View Mirror
    8:41 Butt Feature
    9:02 Complaints
    10:08 One Pedal Driving
    10:59 Rear Wheel Steering
    12:27 Rear Seat Storage
    13:02 Being a Backseat Passenger
    13:31 Conclusion
    Big fan Marques! Enjoy the timestamps yall!

    • Zachary Victorio
      Zachary Victorio 4 months ago +2

      @Adan Ramirez lol hater

    • Adan Ramirez
      Adan Ramirez 4 months ago

      Do something with your life

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      @Zoebby this got me rolling when I saw it in there

    • Zachary Victorio
      Zachary Victorio 5 months ago +3

      @Adam Kittson no prob! Just tryin to help everyone out 👍

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    James Smith 2 months ago

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    Who’stosay 2 months ago +4

    You had reservations about the Hummer through the whole video and then figured it out at the end. It’s very cool and very high tech that dash is well designed. Kudos to GM they’re really knocking it out of the park!

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    marina njer Month ago

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  • Joseph Jiran
    Joseph Jiran 4 months ago +2

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    • Charlie Rose
      Charlie Rose 15 days ago

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    • Bill Stein
      Bill Stein 4 months ago +2

      @RARESABRA LEAKS you sound angry. Who hurt you?

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      EndlessFunctionality 4 months ago

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      The Gray Man 4 months ago

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    Elemros Month ago +1

    Love the vehicle. I think "normal" car weight is subjective to where you live. In Texas it's almost all pickup trucks around where I live and those are 6-7K lbs. I used to have a Hummer and would love to have the EV for sure. 🤩

  • BornNo.1
    BornNo.1 4 months ago

    I drive one of the biggest SUVs on the road right now and love it. This Hummer is for people like me who like big trucks and SUVs period. People who like and drive big vehicles already are not gonna complain about the Hummers size trust me. If I could I buy this vehicle without thinking twice

  • Homayoon Kazemy
    Homayoon Kazemy 4 months ago

    I think your EV's reviewing has gone way more interesting than phone reviewing, you see tons of astonishing stuff here, while in phone's world apple adds an animation to 13s and calls it dynamic island in 14s and everybody talks about it, they should review their definition of innovation in 2022-2023, like really review 😂😂

  • Steve Reisman
    Steve Reisman 21 day ago

    I was one of the first in SoCal to own an H2, I ran an off-road club and I still have my H2 some 20 years later. I also own a Jaguar I-Pace and Porsche Taycan Turbo S so I'm big on EV and have the money to buy toys. I'm going to pass on the Hummer EV, I'd be happy to live the rest of my life without having to deal with finding parking for such a huge/wide vehicle....the term impractical comes to mind....and coming in at a whopping 9,000 pounds is ridiculous, it'll still require a lot of energy to move that thing around. And even with a 300 miles range, it's still impractical for off-roading because you often drive hundreds of miles to get to and from the trail and the weight & width off-road will still suck. I'm gonna wait until Ford comes out with a Bronco EV because the size is much more practical....that or wait for GM to downsize this goliath monstrosity much like they did with the H3. GM builds what they think people want but they don't do the research. Too big, too heavy, too wide and for most people, too costly.

  • AnuBius
    AnuBius 5 months ago +156

    This is such an interesting car, because even though its so big and has a small potential pool of buyers, you can tell that a lot of thought went into it. Some of the features are something every single other (electric) car should have aswell, especially the dash with PHYSICAL buttons/switches! Thats seriously such a smart way of solving a big part of menu navigation and searching for the right settings, which other EVs suffer from.
    EDIT: I dont like big cars, I rather hate them. What the Hummer does well however is the *details*, like the mentioned dashboard or storage behind the back seats. Those are all things that id like to see on small EVs aswell.

    • ProCal
      ProCal 5 months ago +1

      @NiceGuyRides I disagree, I think the design is well thought out and there is definitely new technology or forms of implementing existing technology that was done better than previously.
      I also think that EVs will be better in every way than any ICE offroad vehicle could ever hope to be as more models release and that is for 2 simple reasons. Reason 1 being because of its super low center of gravity and ability to place the batteries essentially anywhere on the chassis of the vehicle. And reason 2 being because of the fact that you can put the electric motors directly on the wheels and have truly independent wheel control without loss of torque or power.

    • NiceGuyRides
      NiceGuyRides 5 months ago

      @ProCal You keep acting like I have not seen the videos of this off-roading. I have. Time will tell if it can actually stand up to repeated abuse. Good luck if you break something.
      Again, it is impractical as an true off-roader for various reasons, but hey anyone can choose impracticality over practicality if you got the money. I don't think it is amazing. There is no ground breaking technology in the thing, and for any advantage it gains with crab walking and torque, it loses because of its size, weight and complexity.
      If off-roading is truly your goal, you'd be better off with something else. If off-roading in a Hummer is your goal, so all your friends can ooh and ahh at your bank account, then by all means. . . I'll wave at you as I am passing you in my Jeep.
      And back to the breaking point. Trails break the best of off-road vehicles - 3000lb Jeeps on Dana 60 axles. Replacement parts are cheap and rescue is easy for those -not so with this thing. Best keep it in the city where it belongs.
      I also reiterate the point that 20% of the Jeep trails that I have been on would be impassible in that size vehicle. Some of the other would be seriously damaged by a vehicle of that size and weight, making it crappy for the other people enjoying it. It is not a good design for and off-road vehicle.
      Ever heard the term tread lightly? It was invented by people who actually use the trails for a reason.
      As far as the Lightning. I think it is much closer to a competent off-road EV. It does need a lift however and they are going to have to work some major voodoo on the suspension to make that happen. So far all I have seen is a leveled lightning. My reservation was put in 7 days after launch, so we will see. It is hampered by its legacy design however. Manufacturers need to get out of their box with EVs to get the most out of them, ie. Cybertruck exoskeleton, Canoe cab forward design. . . Sky is the limit for the future.

    • ProCal
      ProCal 5 months ago +1

      ​@NiceGuyRides Sounds like a bit of gatekeeping at the end there. And yeah, I agree it is still super impractical and outlandish vehicle, just like all of its predecessors. But for the moment until more EVs come out, it is one of the very few EVs that are really good for offroad use straight from the factory, the Ford F150 lightning being another with maybe some aftermarket tires. You should see it in action, after looking more into it, there are already more 3rd party reviews of it offroad that demonstrate it's capabilities very well straight from factory (unfortunately can't link because YT hides or deletes comments with links).
      But I digress, it's still an amazing EV with a ton of useful features and a excellent platform to build future models off of. Chances are within the next year or two we will see more EVs that are even more capable offroad and more affordable as well. We might even see a smaller version of the Hummer EV released (smaller than the already upcoming SUV version) that is more reasonable in size and again less expensive.

    • NiceGuyRides
      NiceGuyRides 5 months ago

      @ProCal I think my point is that you lose the electric advantage with the Hummer because of its weight. You would be better off buying a gas truck, cheaper, less damage to the trail, not as wide, 0 range limitations. . . . Again, the only real advantage this has is ego. It is a status symbol, not well engineered and should be at the very bottom of any true off-roaders list of vehicles.

    • ProCal
      ProCal 5 months ago +1

      @NiceGuyRides lmao if it was gas and weighed the almost 9000lbs it does it would be around 9 mpg. Let’s not act as if large cars have great gas mileage in the first place. The fact that something so large and weighing so much can get a similar “mpg” to something less than half its size is an engineering marvel and proof of EVs efficiency over ICE cars.

  • Andrew Walker
    Andrew Walker 4 months ago +1

    This thing would be so cool if it had a Diesel. Can wait for that.

  • aaron patterson
    aaron patterson 4 months ago

    When it comes to low weight limits on roads, that usually to restrict 18 wheelers or rigs/big heavy trucks in general, NOT passanger vehicles.

  • Peter Petersen
    Peter Petersen 6 days ago

    I think some Porsche do the „crab walk“ on high speeds to switch lines faster. But its all automatic and it doesn’t turn that much in the back.

  • Rodney~Łamar
    Rodney~Łamar 4 months ago

    Marques!! I'm so mad at you that I just found out about this channel yess get into the auto market you are definitely at the top of my list for tech *subscribes now*

  • Snuggieman
    Snuggieman 5 months ago +385

    I feel like crab walk *could* be useful for parking especially with how big the car is. If you’re lined up straight with a spot but you’re a little to far left you can crab walk right while keeping the car straight on to the parking spot

    • Don G
      Don G 4 months ago +1

      I’d crab walk just because I can.

    • Snuggieman
      Snuggieman 4 months ago

      @Kyle Hagerty well, in case you did not know, “could” means maybe it does or maybe it does not. I do not have the car and I presume you do not either which is why I left it open ended

    • Kyle Hagerty
      Kyle Hagerty 4 months ago

      @Snuggieman does it?

    • Snuggieman
      Snuggieman 4 months ago

      @Kyle Hagerty what? I just said it could make it easier. Just like autopilot isn’t made for people who don’t know how to drive, it just makes it more convenient

    • Kyle Hagerty
      Kyle Hagerty 4 months ago +1

      if you cant park it just dont buy a truck

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