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We (Force) Teach Davie504 to Play the Violin

  • Published on Jan 11, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Do not subscribe to @Davie504 and do not check out his video where we were forced to learn the bass: clip-share.net/video/623JjdtyrI8/video.html

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Comments • 4 834

  • Sheet Music Boss
    Sheet Music Boss 14 days ago +11

    i wonder who could possibly teach these guys piano

  • photoshopCAFE
    photoshopCAFE 14 days ago +4

    I'm amazed at how quickly Davie found the melody

  • z
    z 14 days ago +4

    I love how Davie slowely shows us who he is beyond the tough youtube persona. I saw he was actually trying and concentrating and thats really wholesome ❤️

  • serdy ximi
    serdy ximi 14 days ago +758

    Also love how Davie504 can't help but crack a smile here & there. Shows, like I've always suspected, that he's also human!!

  • Patrick Austin
    Patrick Austin 14 days ago +582

    Just 3 dudes having a good time. Genuinely impressed how quickly all 3 starting learning a new instrument, of course, these guys are all absurdly good at music.

  • Katharina Meinzer
    Katharina Meinzer Day ago +197

    Three music nerds being friendly to on another and dropping the fake hostage situation is really satisfying to watch

  • Jesse Wildman
    Jesse Wildman 14 days ago +5

    I love this. It’s supposed to be acting, but I can see Davie genuinely enjoying himself and it’s very wholesome.

  • Cedric 'Rick' Del Sol
    Cedric 'Rick' Del Sol Day ago +263


  • Ming Ming Lol
    Ming Ming Lol 14 days ago +322

    Davie's progress is genuinely impressive, I'm saying as someone who's been learning for over 8 years

  • C
    C 21 hour ago +92

    I like how Davie's real personality kinda shows here, how he's a shy but nice and polite person.

  • Sapphire Knight
    Sapphire Knight 14 days ago +446

    I will never live down the fact that Davie’s wrist is straighter than mine and I’ve been playing for 5 YEARS. Maybe it’s Davie is just too much of a savage and Brett and Eddy are just the best teachers there are that I could never compare

  • Nabali Gistinala
    Nabali Gistinala 14 days ago +313

    The happiness in Brett's face at the end when they perform he looks like a proud father

  • Matěj Grim
    Matěj Grim 14 days ago +2

    I like how they're slowly losing the seriousness and actually enjoying the time together😅

  • Patrick Jack
    Patrick Jack 14 days ago +329

    Davie has the potential to develop a monster fourth finger. Davie's got long, slender, strong, super smart fingers. Phalangeal isolation exercises, (hammer hovers), would bring him along quickly to cement the fingers in 1st position. The man must have some thick fingertip pads as well, take advantage of that by cutting some new violin string grooves in those callouses.

  • The Bengarian
    The Bengarian 14 days ago +75

    So I found Davie504 first because a bass was one of the first instruments my parents bought me and I was completely self taught. Then I found two set from him and realized I could relate to them more than most people because I went to university for classical piano. Every time I see these two channels calibrate I’m through the roof because they’re both amazing to me!!!!!!

  • Tightgarbage
    Tightgarbage Day ago +65

    I think that the teaching by gun point is both ethical and extremely effective!

  • Rebecca Ainsworth
    Rebecca Ainsworth 14 days ago +81

    They didn't even give him stickers! He didn't do too badly with intonation considering! For a bass player (used to frets) I am impressed!

  • Gelu Stoicescu
    Gelu Stoicescu Day ago +31

    Now I know why Davie always wears those headphones: they double as noise cancelling devices. Just in case someone has you practice a screeching instrument at gunpoint

  • MrToast
    MrToast 14 days ago +6

    It's so weird hearing Davie504 speak without his usual editing, he's a lot more soft spoken than expected

  • Yi Qing Tan
    Yi Qing Tan 14 days ago +69

    I love how they're such nice teachers even when they are "force" teaching hahaha