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Simon Cowell Cries After Golden Buzzer Tribute Audition To Nightbirde On America's Got Talent 2023

  • Published on Jun 5, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • GOLDEN BUZZER Audition Tribute To Nightbirde Makes Simon Cowell CRY On America's Got Talent 2023
    #goldenbuzzer #agt2023 #simoncowell
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  • Empress Ahenkorah
    Empress Ahenkorah 3 months ago +2051

    I've been watching talents shows for so many years, but none has brought tears, chills, and joy at the same time to me. Absolutely breathtaking. During Nightbirde's audition, I was going through the worst days . Jane gave me so much strength and hope. Jane, you've been missed, amazingly, you are still here. We hear you, Jane. We hear you!😍

    • Kelvin Wallace
      Kelvin Wallace 3 months ago +26

      Please forgive me as I'm not an active viewer of AGT telecast. But could you briefly tell me a little about Jane's story and when was her performance on the program?
      I will scan Clip-Share to find any old performances.

    • Te Aroha Warren
      Te Aroha Warren 3 months ago +44

      ​@Kelvin Wallace Look up 'Nightbirde'. She had cancer and passed away February last year at the age of 32. She was a very beautiful person inside and out.

    • paty0916usa
      paty0916usa 3 months ago +23

      I know... I'm here at the office now crying like a baby...wooow...

    • Coumba Pouye
      Coumba Pouye 3 months ago +4


    • abdisalaam ali
      abdisalaam ali 3 months ago +6

      So do I really 😪💯

  • Suzzie's Place
    Suzzie's Place 2 months ago +1610

    The only song in the history of AGT that has been heard for the first time on this stage and gotten the Golden Buzzer TWICE!

    • ParadigmShift
      ParadigmShift 2 months ago +50

      Her songs deserves that

    • Sibusisiwe Mbhele
      Sibusisiwe Mbhele 2 months ago +10

      Wow👌 👏 😍 👍 🥰

    • Mag Yoe
      Mag Yoe 2 months ago +18

      Amazing!! Awesome!!!
      Can sense the spirit presence of dearly missed but not forgotten, our favourite Jane/Nightbird in the midst of these precious talented African kids/teens in their soulful rendition of her original song "It's ok" that was beautifully sung in their creative acapella group style version.
      It was so captivating to watch & admire a very professional standard of their artistic ethnic rendition that was quite moving & sad but also very touching to hear that AGT favourite Jane/Nightbird has inspired them.
      Oh wow...Praise God! 🙌🏼
      Truly, it was a very well appropriated & deserved Golden Buzzer moment for both Jane, this young African team & her fans too. 🙌🏼👏🏼👌🏼☘️🕊️
      Tho' gone but well loved, treasured & remembered - Nightbird Jane has truly touched our hearts!💞💖

    • John Kochen
      John Kochen 2 months ago +6

      And deservedly so.

    • Rat Lid
      Rat Lid 2 months ago +6

      Thanks for telling us, incredible ❤

  • GlennS
    GlennS Month ago +260

    I lost my beautiful wife to cancer 9 days after Jane "Nightbirde" passed. My wife loved this song and so do I. It's been a little while since I have cried like this again. So beautifully done.

    • Michael Korsten
      Michael Korsten Month ago +10

      My thoughts are with you my friend.

    • Megan Watson
      Megan Watson Month ago +6


    • Felicidade Rosse
      Felicidade Rosse Month ago +3


    • Dimitri GAETE
      Dimitri GAETE Month ago +4

      🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏sorry for her and you man😢😢😢

    • George Moore
      George Moore Month ago +3

      So sorry for your loss. I've lost several aunts to cancer so I'm well aware of the devastating pain the disease leaves on the heart. Nightbirde brought tears to my eyes, partially through the song, but mostly through her positive outlook through all her suffering. This group from S. Africa did a great job and WOW, what a wonderful tribute to Jane a.k.a Nightbirde!!

  • MysticVisions37
    MysticVisions37 2 months ago +541

    Even though Nightbirde has passed, her presence is still being felt all over the world. What a beautiful and moving tribute to such a wonderful soul. Love this. Soar high with the angels, Nightbirde. It's were you belong.

    • Brenda Nankya
      Brenda Nankya 2 months ago +9

      So so nice

    • Mark Leland
      Mark Leland Month ago +4

      1000% AGREED 👍 I love Night Birde too.

    • Amina's World 🌍
      Amina's World 🌍 Month ago +4

      I agree 👍 💯 Nightbirde will always be remembered

    • MrBud85
      MrBud85 Month ago

      ​@Amina's World 🌍I forgot who she was until this

    • Dee Grant
      Dee Grant Month ago

      ​@MrBud85bi😊 no

  • Jade
    Jade 28 days ago +31

    What a beautiful tribute 😢 Loved that they did it in their own style too. Her legacy lives on

  • Gwen X
    Gwen X Month ago +102

    This made me cry… Not only was the tribute so touching and emotional, it was also so beautiful! Nightbirde would’ve been so proud and honored ❤️ I love how they all 5 pushed that golden buzzer. This was by far the best golden buzzer in all AGT history.

  • Victoria Petrillo
    Victoria Petrillo 2 months ago +190

    This was such a beautiful tribute to Nightbirde. Her song is so moving and I loved hearing a choir version of this song. They did a phenomenal job! They sounded amazing, great energy, the made it their own and it shows how much they appreciated her song too and that's such a beautiful thing that her music was truly appreciated and loved all around the world and her legacy continues through all who she inspired 💕

  • Catherine Same
    Catherine Same 3 months ago +519

    I love how Simon seems to be the toughest jury , yet he is the most emotional one of them all 🥰🥰🥰🥲🥲

    • WizzyDoes Dallas
      WizzyDoes Dallas 2 months ago +22

      I think he maintained a friendship with her and they would talk on the phone after she had to leave the competition.

    • franceska Jacobs
      franceska Jacobs 2 months ago +11

      Beautiful tribute 2 Jane. night bird rest in paradise we love this well done ❤ Simon is beautiful sensitive saw him cry Soo touching God bless u Africa great job well done u made her proud❤

    • paul ogo
      paul ogo 2 months ago +8

      Simon is like the beast that turned beautiful.

    • Renee
      Renee Month ago +1

      Im at work crying like rih jane

    • Rosheine Nelson
      Rosheine Nelson Month ago +1

      Perhaps that’s why

  • Brittany Kelley
    Brittany Kelley 20 days ago +23

    I cried during this whole performance and for about fifteen minutes after the video ended. She would have been so honored to hear this choir do such a beautiful tribute to her and her song! This is inspiring and absolutely amazing and magical! ❤❤❤

  • eu do
    eu do 2 months ago +91

    This truly was emotional. Could not hold back the tears. I have looked at the Night Bird story and her renditions on AGT. This is truly an honor to her and to all that have gone through her experience and those that may go through it as well.

  • Explore with acbongjoh
    Explore with acbongjoh 2 months ago +231

    There is no way u can watch this without shedding tears. Continue to Rest in Peace Nightbirde

    • Brett Reid
      Brett Reid 2 months ago +3


    • crissy pow
      crissy pow 2 months ago


    • Baridakara Waate
      Baridakara Waate 2 months ago +4

      u can if you don’t know who nightbirde was

    • PinkieJoJo
      PinkieJoJo 2 months ago +1

      Don’t know who that is honestly. Guess I will have to look her up

  • Daniel Torralbas
    Daniel Torralbas Month ago +46

    This is by far one of the most emotional, touching and encouriging Golden Buzzer ever given in AGT history.

  • siera clayton
    siera clayton 2 months ago +41

    This is exquisite. This choir's voices, their pure tones, skill, and lush harmonies made for a wonderful tribute to Nightbirdie and profoundly affected everyone who'd watched her and knew of her bravery and perseverance.

  • Alison
    Alison 3 months ago +361

    I _love_ what they did with her song. It's beautiful.
    3:04 I'm sobbing with goosebumps because that harmony is gorgeous.

    • Eric A
      Eric A 2 months ago +10

      I thought I was the only one, that part is absolutely perfect, so much going on, amazing!

    • Oluwasegun Seyi Ikotun
      Oluwasegun Seyi Ikotun 2 months ago +6

      Honestly the harmony is electrifying

    • Albert Hoskins
      Albert Hoskins 2 months ago +3


  • Joy RareFilly
    Joy RareFilly Month ago +71

    This was the best tribute to nightbirdie. Made me cry with joy and sadness at the same time. This choir sang this song as if nightbirdie was there on stage. What an awesome tribute to a beautiful soul lost too soon.

    • Paul James
      Paul James Month ago +1

      This was wonderfully done

    • Charlotte Wood
      Charlotte Wood Month ago +1

      Who is nightbirde

    • Emily
      Emily Month ago

      @Charlotte Woodshe’s a prior contestant who passed away from cancer

  • starry118
    starry118 2 months ago +37

    I didn't even know who Nightbirde was, until this video, but this performance and the reaction had me in tears. I looked her up & I understand now ... this was a beautiful tribute to a beautiful soul. Rest Well! 💖

  • Philip Damico
    Philip Damico 2 months ago +105

    A beautiful tribute, she reached across the globe; and you brought her back. Thank you.

  • Sania582ify
    Sania582ify 2 months ago +7

    Incredible choreography, including the world's characters. So natural, so powerful!

  • Teresita Mcginnis
    Teresita Mcginnis 2 months ago +79

    What a beautiful thing this choir did to her song,what an awesome tribute in Nightbird's honor ,very well deserved golden buzzer wow !!!

  • Christine Pernetti
    Christine Pernetti 3 months ago +477

    I was battling cancer when I heard Nightbirde and she was an unbelievable inspiration to me. What a gift she was, and continues to be in the gift of this amazing choir and their heartfelt tribute. Your music, strength and beautiful heart live on, dear Nightbirde.

    • Augie D
      Augie D 3 months ago +10

      Why this show always makes me cry?

    • Cat H
      Cat H 3 months ago +3

      Me too
      Such a tribute to her magical words

    • Nana Nie
      Nana Nie 3 months ago +11

      May the God Lord give you strength to over come every disease , be blessed and live long to fulfill the every dream

    • Paul Turner
      Paul Turner 3 months ago +2

      So damn Awesome 😍

    • Elizabeth Heim
      Elizabeth Heim 3 months ago +3

      “Nightbirdie”? You, my dear sweet child of god will do well to respect Mary our true mother. She reincarnated herself into the woman you dare call “Nightbirdie”. Our sacred true mother deserves the respect of being called her PROPER name. May you repent a thousand times over to live eternally in heaven, for she will come again to save humanity! Hallelujah and amen!

  • Sandi Wood
    Sandi Wood 2 months ago +21

    Never cried as hard as I did watching an audition as I did with this one. So moving - I keep coming back to it and it gets me every time. That very last bit where the girl in the choir is holding a heart up to the audience and the camera pans to the audience doing it back to her ......oh man.

    • Art Huanosta
      Art Huanosta 2 months ago

      I seriously thought they were ganna put up a picture of nightbirde's beautiful smile right at this moment you're saying.

  • Terrence Young
    Terrence Young Month ago +10

    I've watched this replay several times and gotten emotional each time. Beautiful tribute to Nightbirde.

  • CarolSparrow274
    CarolSparrow274 2 months ago +29

    Chorei! Linda apresentação! Linda homenagem! Nightbird foi uma das mais marcantes, sem dúvida! ♥

  • Cecilia Paredes La Torre

    Me hicieron llorar de emoción, recordé a nightbird y a mi hija que falleció...un torbellino de emociones!!!

  • anjylkat
    anjylkat 2 months ago +20

    Wonderful tribute to Night Birdie who’s spirit lives on through this song and it’s energy across the world! RIP Jane (Nightbirdie!) ❤❤❤

  • Terkina
    Terkina 3 months ago +251

    What an incredible tribute for an amazing lady. RIP Nightbirde, you are missed but never forgotten.

  • Juvencio Lazaro Chirindja
    Juvencio Lazaro Chirindja 2 months ago +13

    Belíssima homenagem a Nightbird.

  • Ravi Nexis
    Ravi Nexis Month ago +28

    Tears 😭 in my eyes. Thank you Nightbirde for being a great gift to the world and thank you Choir for the tribute

  • Liz SA
    Liz SA Month ago +5

    Their voices blend so perfect for the song. Sooo beautiful ❤️

  • Amit Nawale
    Amit Nawale 2 months ago +20

    Incredible.. Nightbirde will always be in our hearts.. She was an angel ❤️.. this act was on a different level. I've been following almost all major talent shows in the world and I've never ever seen such a love for any performance that all the judges, host and audienc want to press that golder buzzer at once.. ❤❤❤

  • Collins Kofi Qaku
    Collins Kofi Qaku 2 months ago +27

    This is just PROPER AUDITION. You guys nailed it. So emotional. Kudos, mzansi. ❤️

  • Melissa Gahn
    Melissa Gahn 3 months ago +119

    I am sure Nightbirde is smiling down on these performers and cheering them on. RIP Nightbirde, your influence continues to shine on AGT, the judges, and the performers and always will.

    • Bobby Raymond
      Bobby Raymond 3 months ago +2

      You can say that again ,just shedding tears right now ,where are you from?

    • Melissa Gahn
      Melissa Gahn 3 months ago +1


    • Bobby Raymond
      Bobby Raymond 3 months ago

      @Melissa Gahn OK ,I'm from Denmark but live in Lancaster California ,my pleasure meeting you ,so how is work and the family and where do you live in state?

    • Bobby Raymond
      Bobby Raymond 3 months ago +1

      @Melissa Gahn May this Sunday bring bliss to your soul. May you enjoy the fellowship of your family and friends. May your soul be nourished and your spirit refreshed. Have a beautiful Sunday.
      We are thankful as we should, for all of God’s unending mercies, for His countless miracles and His wonderful blessings. It feels really beautiful to be loved by this awesomely powerful God. Have a lovely Sunday.
      May the good Lord wrap His Almighty arms around you and your family today. May you enjoy His peace, His love and His joy. May your heart be filled with hope for the week ahead. Have a beautiful Sunday.

  • toutounoulash
    toutounoulash Month ago +16

    I love how the judges were in tuned with the audience. Wonderful way of honoring Jane.😢❤

  • R. Katie Kãne
    R. Katie Kãne Month ago +12

    Every once in awhile a vocalist (or group) comes along that sends chills up my spine...and in that moment I know they are something special. It happened when Jane "Nightbirde" sang that song, and again when I saw this very talented group perform it in her honor. What an amazing tribute to a beautiful soul! Thank you for sharing your gift with us ♥♥♥

  • Edejamir Costa
    Edejamir Costa 2 months ago +13

    Incrível........fantástico........maravilhoso.......Golden Buzzer merecido!!!!

  • keen1598
    keen1598 Month ago +10

    I dont know how this song and this video in general does it, but I have been watching this video at least once a day since I first found it, and every time it brings me to tears. What a way to pay tribute, and also such a perfect daily self-affirmation.

  • Natalia Romanov
    Natalia Romanov Month ago +20

    I loved their tribute. Their energy is incomparable.

  • N H
    N H 3 months ago +242

    I knew what this was but I did not expect to cry and here I am with tears rolling down my face. Nightbirde is smiling down and she is proud of this group.

    • 상임
      상임 3 months ago +8

      눈물나네요. 이곳에서 암투병 중에
      하늘나라에서는 마음껏 부르세요.
      정말 감사합니다🙏

    • Viola Atilano
      Viola Atilano 3 months ago +6

      Me too just watching simon shedding some tears my tears were falling unconsciously

    • Ethan McLachlan
      Ethan McLachlan 3 months ago +4

      @상임 i pray that you will be healed and live a long amazing life

  • J L
    J L Month ago +8

    I had chills, tears and such an appreciation for these beautiful people. Beautiful presence, voices and hearts. They put so much respect and grace into this performance and tribute. No one could have done it like them. Nightbirde… the world heard your words and you will live on forever. YOU ARE LOVED FOREVER, FLY HIGH. 🙏🏻💜

  • Dallas Bagley
    Dallas Bagley 13 days ago

    A testament to how INCREDIBLE of a song writer Nightbirde was. The golden buzzer, twice over, and justifiably so. Breathtaking performance, different, but as good as the original.

  • Marie Germain
    Marie Germain 28 days ago +2

    Night bird - generating an unimaginable source of positivity whilst in the midst of devastating circumstances. How could she not be the ultimate inspiration to all? This tribute was genuine and pure. Well deserved.

  • Marsha Mellow
    Marsha Mellow 2 months ago +5

    This brought me to tears, simply beautiful!!! As the choir sang my mind played back memories of Jane's performances and her story of hope through her struggles. She left behind such positivity and hope that her memory will live on for years to come.

  • Carol Smart
    Carol Smart 2 months ago +7

    Great talent choir! Wonderful tribute to Nitebird!🙏🏼💕😊

    • Michael Donald
      Michael Donald 2 months ago

      Simple music can make you sing, a simple hug can make you feel, better, simple things can make you happy, I hope my simple hello will put a smile on your face..

  • Rune905
    Rune905 3 months ago +101

    I totally agree with Simon, the judges, and the audience here. Best tribute to a legend that inspired everyone. RIP you beautiful Queen.

  • Jason In The A.M
    Jason In The A.M  Month ago +20

    Nightbirde is one of the most amazing people. She maybe gone, but she lives on forever

  • Michael Welch
    Michael Welch Month ago +9

    What a passionate, talented, loving and kind group of people! Wish them all the success in the world! One of a kind, just like Nightbird!❤❤❤❤

  • EVANGELISTA, Deah Chen L.
    EVANGELISTA, Deah Chen L. 2 months ago +10

    They deserve a golden buzz. . Beautiful performance😊

  • Theophilus Mensah
    Theophilus Mensah 14 days ago

    This is the very good reason why I kept saying that it's not the length of time that one lives that matters but the quality of life that one leads that matters. I'm soaked in tears already, Rest well Nightbirde 😢❤

  • Sana
    Sana 2 months ago +16

    She was the most amazing person I've ever and ever seen in my life. Her song is the most meaningful thing for me in my life. It feels like I'm experiencing every words and moments in that song and just get goosumps and shed tears. I just LOVE her and her song. Rest in peace Nightbirde!😭😭😭😢❤️‍🔥💝

  • W-Address
    W-Address 2 months ago +169

    A fine tribute to a fine person sung by a group of absolutely beautiful people. I'm sure she was smiling and applauding from above

  • Sky Automotive
    Sky Automotive Month ago +1

    i had to watch it again, for over and over... thats how beautiful this performance is

  • Rui Teixeira Cafala
    Rui Teixeira Cafala 29 days ago

    Bela Homenagem

  • valerie jones
    valerie jones 2 months ago +13

    I saw some comments on another posting of this who didn't like this version however Nightbirde's version was her own uniqueness and I Love how they made it their own including their culture yet honoring Nightbirde. Excellent 💯

  • silverparis
    silverparis Month ago +1

    The most beautiful voices and very inspiring performance! Bless them 🤍

  • Acre Guy
    Acre Guy 2 months ago +10

    This is definitely a pro level group!! They need to get into a good studio and get recorded. Talent like that must be archived forever.

  • Erin Morrison
    Erin Morrison 3 months ago +297

    Rip nightbird. This was absolutely beautiful. She is shining down on this young choir. Thank you

    • Bobby Raymond
      Bobby Raymond 3 months ago +5

      This got me a lot of tears ,Simon will never forgot NightBirde ,where are you from?

    • Jim Reynolds
      Jim Reynolds 2 months ago +2

      😢❤😅❤❤ great tribute!

    • Jim Reynolds
      Jim Reynolds Month ago

      Your very kind,thank you

  • Crystal Clear “Refinement” As Water

    They deserved this. A beautiful song, a beautiful tribute to a beautiful woman. R.I.P. NIGHTBIRDE

  • Cheryl Pedersen
    Cheryl Pedersen 2 months ago +52

    This had me crying 😢 I loved nightbird ,when she sang that ,the 1st time it really hit me. She's missed so much. Thank you for doing such an amazing job performing her song ❤ She's definitely smiling down on you ❤

  • Ian C
    Ian C 2 months ago +1

    I was chocking up listening to their tribute and remembered nightbird... miss her! this song means a lot to me, myself. amazing

  • Pixie
    Pixie Month ago +6

    Wouldn't it be so wonderful if that song won a Grammy award!!❤

  • Andrew Orion
    Andrew Orion 2 months ago +9

    Nightbirde lives. These are true angels singing her song. Thank you for an amazing and truly inspired performance. ❤

  • Mike Crumby
    Mike Crumby 3 months ago +108

    This sounded like Angles singing praise to Nightbird, the harmonics, the voices and presentation were Absoloutley FANTASTIC!! Thank you guys from ALL of us.

  • Julie Kowing
    Julie Kowing Month ago +2

    Beautifully done and a perfect tribute to a woman who shared her gift so unselfishly.

  • Delaurent Alix
    Delaurent Alix Month ago

    Magnifique... Tout y est... C'est juste sensationnel et très émouvant. Suis convaincu de là où elle se trouve, elle est heureuse... C'est magnifique ❤️🥰🌹✨🦋💐
    💐May your soul Rest In Peace Nightbirde. 💐

  • Media Mania
    Media Mania 7 days ago

    This is absolutely beautiful. Nightbirde is smiling down from Heaven on this group.

  • Lesa Burdette
    Lesa Burdette 2 months ago +5

    What a beautiful tribute to nightbird ❤

    • Michael Donald
      Michael Donald 2 months ago

      Hello how are you doing
      Beautiful music can make you smile
      Hope my hello put smile on your face 😊😊😊

  • TheGweedMan
    TheGweedMan Month ago +3

    The best and most heartfelt performance ever on AGT. Everyone who watched this had their hearts touched.

  • Freda Mallory
    Freda Mallory 3 months ago +604

    Rest In Peace NightBird! Your spirit came back as a Whole choir, Legacy Forever😢😢😢😢

    • Bobby Raymond
      Bobby Raymond 3 months ago +9

      Her spirit is always around us ,she will be miss but never be forgotten ,where are you from?

    • Freda Mallory
      Freda Mallory 3 months ago +3

      @Bobby Raymond Los Angeles

    • Bobby Raymond
      Bobby Raymond 3 months ago +3

      @Freda Mallory OK ,Just shedding tears here right now ,this video is really full of emotion ,I'm from Denmark but live in Lancaster California ,nice meeting you and how is work and the family?

    • Bobby Raymond
      Bobby Raymond 3 months ago

      @Freda Mallory Never mind being friend with you ,while chatting on google chat with Gmail address and leave this public chat
      How about that?

    • Bobby Raymond
      Bobby Raymond 3 months ago +2

      @Freda Mallory This week has been full of so much to think about but I pray this weekend keeps your body, soul and spirit refreshed and free from worries.
      So many things give you fear and anxiety. The Lord will settle it this weekend. Have a swell time.
      May all that surrounds you bring you closer to fulfilling your dreams this weekend.

  • Inez Debaue
    Inez Debaue 2 months ago +1

    Blessings and love from Germany/Belgium to ALL of you who help this world to become a better place to live in! ❤️

  • James Corkern
    James Corkern 2 months ago +1

    Man I loved Nightbird man… she had a real reach, this was beautiful ❤️🇺🇸

  • kwest51
    kwest51 2 months ago +15

    They turned this song into such an expression of joy, what a fitting tribute to Jane.

  • Samuel Robles
    Samuel Robles Month ago +3

    To live on in the hearts of those we leave behind is to be truly immortal. Nightbirde is a soul so powerful even her body could not hold it back. She lives on in those who heard her music her story and were inspired by her. That buzzer belonged to Nightbirde and she gave it to the choir. There is no doubt in my mind of that.

  • Happy Love urself
    Happy Love urself 2 months ago +4

    I never cried like this for years. This is beautiful. ❤

  • lo115
    lo115 3 months ago +99

    An amazing tribute of an amazing person by an amazing choir on an amazing show ❤

  • Morning Glory
    Morning Glory Month ago +1

    Goosebumps! So beautiful and touching ❤! I'm in tears.

  • Tamika Wadlington
    Tamika Wadlington 26 days ago +1

    This was so special and meant so much to me! I love night bird and her song is very inspirational all over the nation. Thank you all the judges and audience for making this one of thee most memorable times of agt. They definitely deserve this buzzer, they performed this song phenomenal!! (Rest easy and continue to fly high night bird)❤❤

  • Maria Helena Agata Freire
    Maria Helena Agata Freire 2 months ago +3

    Muito lindo. 🇧🇷

  • Chuckster007 a
    Chuckster007 a Month ago

    Gone but never forgetton, RIP Nightbird. Soar High!!!

  • Mirror
    Mirror 2 months ago +4

    Nightbird’s legacy will forever stay and continue to inspire many many lives. She would be very proud

  • Teresita Casanaan
    Teresita Casanaan 2 months ago +63

    Can't help it😢. I cried with Simon and maybe with millions of people while watching this! ! Too many memories of Nightbirde...Thank you for this amazing tribute to Her!

  • DeeCee
    DeeCee 2 months ago +1

    May they all be showered with as many blessings as pieces of tinsel that fell upon them that day. Such a beautiful tribute and such pure hearts.

  • Carrie Barker
    Carrie Barker Month ago +1

    I freaking loved this, it’s prob one of my favs from AGT ❤️

  • Enrico St Hill
    Enrico St Hill 2 months ago +4

    This was ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL to see but especially to hear! What an amazing tribute that was!!!!

  • dsarmiento0213
    dsarmiento0213 19 days ago +2

    This is amazing! Her legacy lives on. Nightbirde quote " you can't wait until life isn't hard anymore before you decide to be happy". A quote we should all cherish and remember. ❤

  • Gin and Ring
    Gin and Ring 3 months ago +71

    Completely moved to tears… again!!! The first time was Nightbirdes audition.
    When Jane said, “you can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore before you decide to be happy” it was the words we needed to hear and we’ve never forgotten them or her 💛
    What a beautiful tribute, thank you 🙏🏻
    RIP Nightbirde 🕊️

  • AJ Stell21
    AJ Stell21 2 months ago +2

    Love you NightBirde. RIP. Had goosebumps down my whole body. I know that was you acknowledging you’re here. ❤️❤️

  • Kimber Pas
    Kimber Pas 2 months ago +6

    What an extraordinarily talented group of young people. Nightbird is smiling. Best of luck to you all. ♥️😊

  • PHIL
    PHIL 2 months ago +1


  • Angelica Campos
    Angelica Campos 22 days ago

    Linda apresentação ❤

  • Sylwia
    Sylwia 3 months ago +29

    Dawno nic mnie tak nie poruszyło jak to. Wszyscy znamy historię tej piosenki i może dlatego tak mocno to oddziaływuje. Nie mniej jednak wspaniała interpretacja, pełna pasji i nadziei i.... radości, tak radości, hołd złożony Życiu, jego niezwykłości, dowód na to, że pomimo wszelkich przeciwności życie może być piękne.
    Jane, pamiętamy ♥️♥️♥️

  • Nathalia Pacheco
    Nathalia Pacheco Month ago +2

    Que perfeição, lindo demais!😍😍😍😍👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Jenni B
    Jenni B 2 months ago +1

    So truly amazing...Nightbirde was incredible, and even though she isn't here, that legacy goes on...how precious is that? Wonderful job!

    • Michael Donald
      Michael Donald 2 months ago

      Simple music can make you sing, a simple hug can make you feel, better, simple things can make you happy, I hope my simple hello will put a smile on your face..

  • Lilia Cristine
    Lilia Cristine Month ago

    Muito emocionante, lindo de mais

  • GC
    GC Month ago +4

    Still has the incredible beauty, comfort and poignancy of the original but they infused sheer joy into it.

  • Ramona
    Ramona 2 months ago +9

    God, this was so touching. It felt like Jane was there at the moment altough we couldn't see her. I'm sure her spirit was there, full of love and enjoying this very special moment

  • Dann Feltrin
    Dann Feltrin 3 months ago +47

    I was holding myself to not cry with such a beautiful version of a beautiful song, until freaking Simon spoke and I just can't stop now. Great job, totally deserves the Golden buzzer.❤

  • Mercy Setorwu Oteng
    Mercy Setorwu Oteng 2 months ago +1

    Nightbird you've been missed. Your memory lives on

  • Ashley Bonanno
    Ashley Bonanno Month ago +5

    This was performed in perfect harmony & Lord knows Nightbird has a gigantic smile across her sweet face💕🤗

  • Marie Munn
    Marie Munn 2 months ago +2

    What a wonderful tribute to a beautiful lady, I pray these people are greatly blessed by God for creating an amazing tribute like this, in Jesus holy name amen

  • Personal Porcelana
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    • Lourilene Santos
      Lourilene Santos Month ago

      Pena não falo inglês tinha ter interprete essa página