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I'll Take The Bait

  • Published on Apr 10, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • This is the greatest complete nonsense situation of All Time
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  • Al
    Al 5 months ago +33463

    For being a dude born into the age of the internet, Charlie truly has the patience of a saint.

    • Dilby
      Dilby  5 months ago +1027

      Also a level of communication that's kind of going extinct. Most youtubers quickly devolve drama like this into personal attacks, insults, and "dirt digging", rather than simply and patiently addressing the other person's points while raising your own pertaining to the actual argument.

    • Robert Monroe
      Robert Monroe 5 months ago +404

      First Sneako, then that skinny McLaren dude and now this. Charlie is really busy setting up his Rogues Gallery this year. 😅

    • #1 Roxy Fan
      #1 Roxy Fan 5 months ago +158

      ​@Robert Monroe charlie beginning to be like Batman. 🦇

    • Alesana
      Alesana 5 months ago +76

      i was thinking the same thing man. shit i even thought about streaming before just for fun not thinking of anything but then i see crap like this and i just can't imagine going through it. my mental would snap so it's def impressive to see charlie keep his composure even tho you can def tell he's upset the longer the video goes. it's wild that some random no body can just say shit like that and have such a butterfly effect. hopefully this meow meow girl or whatever the fuck her name is just disappears soon after everyone sees how delusional she is.

    • Rone
      Rone 5 months ago +92

      As expected from jesus

  • Kee Lin Woo Sen
    Kee Lin Woo Sen 5 months ago +2759

    The mental gymnastics that mukitty had to jump through in order to provide 20 points against Charlie when she only had maybe 1 is crazy. She quite literally tried to stretch her video like it didn’t meet the word requirement for her English class.

    • Mr. Friendship
      Mr. Friendship 5 months ago +48

      Yeah. MuhKitty is desperate to prove Charlie wrong, yet she doesn't even try.

    • Zeus2459
      Zeus2459 5 months ago +36

      The lie counter is ironic lmfao

    • Doodle
      Doodle 5 months ago +12

      That's the perfect analogy lmao

    • John MacAngus
      John MacAngus 5 months ago +19

      Lesson: don't fuck with Charlie cause he has common sense

    • Mechanoid
      Mechanoid 5 months ago +4

      Definitely English class. ESL

  • Ryan Anweiler
    Ryan Anweiler 5 months ago +1471

    Mukitty is actually secretly Charlie's biggest fan. Behind her weird minecraft greenscreen, her walls are lined with nothing but godslap and moist esports merch.

    • SanFrancisco Bay
      SanFrancisco Bay 4 months ago +3

      ah yes this is what a grown man writes to defend someone is lying... your knees hurting ?

    • #1 Goon fan
      #1 Goon fan 4 months ago +96

      @SanFrancisco Bay hop off the nuts 🗣️🗣️

    • SanFrancisco Bay
      SanFrancisco Bay 4 months ago +3

      @#1 Goon fan pause, wtf you talking about somebody nuts on youtube bro

    • Joshua Benson
      Joshua Benson 4 months ago +72

      ​@SanFrancisco Bay ah yes this is what a grown man(?) writes to simp for a liar and a troll

    • SanFrancisco Bay
      SanFrancisco Bay 4 months ago +2

      @Joshua Benson incel behaviour bro time to go outside

  • Jeremy Eyles
    Jeremy Eyles 5 months ago +792

    The fact that she seems to think you were laughing out of joy when the fansly ad came on is fucking hilarious in its own right

    • SanFrancisco Bay
      SanFrancisco Bay 4 months ago +4

      charlie cant say anything against it because qt is ludwig`s girflriend and ludwig is also owner of moist esports

    • Jeremy Eyles
      Jeremy Eyles 4 months ago +64

      @SanFrancisco Bay charlie criticizes his friends, he said that multiple times in this video. the laugh that he let out when the ad came on was clearly out of discomfort.

    • Karonuva
      Karonuva 4 months ago +22

      I think this is a common occurence online nowadays, people having arguments in their own head and taking the most mundane thing and instantly deriving the worst of it. Like someone saying "I like pancakes" and then somehow accusing that person of being a narcissistic manipulator because they talked about themselves.

  • iBolt07
    iBolt07 5 months ago +1932

    Of all the Clip-Sharers, Charlie truly feels the most human and relatable. He has a good sense of self-reflection and self-analysis and isn't full of himself, and he's able to admit when he's made mistakes and when he's wrong. I really appreciate the clarity here.

    • Lotus Eatter
      Lotus Eatter 5 months ago +44

      That’s probably why so many people watch him

    • Mr. Friendship
      Mr. Friendship 5 months ago +41

      He's also respectable and well-headed as well. I guess there are anyone else who hated him because he speaks the truth.

    • Neo- Didact
      Neo- Didact 5 months ago +15

      I honestly f***ing agree. He is relatable to everyone and has such down-to-earth legit takes. Think of him as a friend.

    • Neo- Didact
      Neo- Didact 5 months ago +13

      @Mr. Friendship I put him on after work. Wonderful therapy. His voice puts a smile on my face and I wish I could shoot the shit and hug him.

    • Mr. Friendship
      Mr. Friendship 5 months ago +3

      @Neo- Didact True.

  • Its TKB
    Its TKB 5 months ago +341

    honestly, a 41 minute video by Charlie is like a dream come true

  • Shroomy
    Shroomy 5 months ago +5060

    Mukitty sounds like she'd be an actress for a mobile game ad

    • pixalis
      pixalis 5 months ago +350

      state of survival

    • Gabe R.
      Gabe R. 5 months ago +126


    • breakup google
      breakup google 5 months ago +82

      Did you ever see the movie Full Metal Jacket? She sounds like the minor character that has the most memorable line.

    • Ewout Verheij
      Ewout Verheij 5 months ago +100

      I had to put the video at 2X speed to actually listen comfortably at what she was saying, toddlers speak faster then her.

    • Pyroo TV
      Pyroo TV 5 months ago +29

      @breakup google 😭😭😭😭 this is too good

  • Henry Ravolan
    Henry Ravolan 5 months ago +699

    Let’s be honest. Most of her fans are enamored with the idea of a big, massive streamer like Charlie being humbled by a smaller creator.
    So much so that they completely ignore common god damn sense.

    • Logan Asbury
      Logan Asbury 5 months ago +68

      That or they just see the pretty face talking and want to do anything to defend her.

    • Egg
      Egg 5 months ago +40

      They might be more enamored with her face and body tbh...

    • L S
      L S 5 months ago +3

      Or maybe her points that still stand, ever thought of that?

    • Egg
      Egg 5 months ago +87

      @L S literally none of them do

    • Le Mon
      Le Mon 5 months ago +43

      @L S going to assume that you're one of those people who falls in love with a streamer (ie her) who will never know your name...

  • Rozza
    Rozza 5 months ago +553

    Charlie handles "controversy" better than almost anyone on Clip-Share,especially the way he doesn't try to bully smaller channels who try to make videos against him

    • SanFrancisco Bay
      SanFrancisco Bay 4 months ago


    • Rozza
      Rozza 4 months ago +24

      @SanFrancisco Bay aye, that's what I said...cheers

    • ItzEzgathGaming
      ItzEzgathGaming 4 months ago +11

      ​@SanFrancisco Bay That is what he said, glad to see Charlie has attentive fans like you 👍👍👍

    • hurtled
      hurtled 3 months ago +4

      Not "almost anyone"
      Just anyone

  • Casey
    Casey 5 months ago +121

    The mental gymnastics she has to go through to prove her points are next level. What a train wreck of an argument.

    • Not Sam
      Not Sam 2 months ago +5

      ​@LaphonzI would love to know how he promoted it, but unfortunately the evidence for his crime doesn't exist cause he didn't. But maybe you're right and I've been manipulated by the penguin bc all I see is him saying it's bad and debunking all of her points for 41 minutes straight. My man, for one of her points she literally had to edit out a section of the video charlie made to make her look better. It seems maybe you're the one who's been manipulated here.

    • LittleNugget:3
      LittleNugget:3 Month ago

      @Not Sam deleted his comment 😂☠️

  • Robin Lundqvist
    Robin Lundqvist 5 months ago +139

    Moist really shouldn't apologize for not oversharing every thought that has ever gone through his mind

  • KylesCorner96
    KylesCorner96 5 months ago +94

    Swapping between charlie and her video was like having a pleasant evening with the messiah and randomly being dunked into a weird fever dream while wearing drunk goggles and spoofing crushed up quaaludes and Xanax.

  • Raul Guerrero
    Raul Guerrero 5 months ago +7133

    Charlie is going through what the average retail worker goes through trying to explain a stores policy to a customer

    • Properly Gaming
      Properly Gaming 5 months ago +359

      "Mam im sorry but your coupon has expired..... no mam im not saying you are stupid all im saying is you didnt notice the expiration date, it happens..... yeah ill go get my manager"

    • Vex o
      Vex o 5 months ago +60

      @Properly Gaming Im going to be be working retail soon. doesn't look exciting ^ :(

    • Properly Gaming
      Properly Gaming 5 months ago +90

      @Vex o worked it for a year before i got tf out and never looked back. Ill live on the streets before i ever have to deal with that shit again. Good luck to you.

    • phrogu3
      phrogu3 5 months ago +75

      @Vex o retail isn’t the worst if you have good coworkers and try to leave work stress at work and come home not thinking abt stupid customers

    • HTBen
      HTBen 5 months ago +12

      Damn Darth Vader Spittin

  • prdprdprdprdprdel
    prdprdprdprdprdel 5 months ago +320

    It's pretty impressive that if you want to manufacture Charlie drama, the best you can go for is "He didn't express his stance clearly enough"..

    • iabaca
      iabaca 5 months ago +1

      He didn't. And he was hypocritical.

    • The Iris
      The Iris 5 months ago +51

      ​@iabaca yeah his reaction was several milliseconds off so therefore he is hypocr1tikal

    • SanFrancisco Bay
      SanFrancisco Bay 4 months ago +1

      she address what he did wrong and he kept defending himself as if it is ok to show fansly to kids which is not even allowed on twitch but because its big event twitch allows it. Charlie address like all the big drama and scandals but when it comes to his friends he just shuts up and lets it slide

    • Casey Baker
      Casey Baker 4 months ago +33

      ​@SanFrancisco Bay so you just didn't watch this video at all, huh?

    • SanFrancisco Bay
      SanFrancisco Bay 4 months ago

      @Casey Baker you can write more in youtube you know ? if you want to defend him dont use questions. use statements...

  • Лещ
    Лещ 5 months ago +69

    I appreciate how passionate you are when talking about sexual assault and respect towards victims ❤

  • Egg
    Egg 5 months ago +116

    The literal mental adventure taken to make these points against Charlie is just shocking

    • SanFrancisco Bay
      SanFrancisco Bay 4 months ago +2

      the mental adventure you have to go through to defend someone lying is crazy.

    • tiocfaidh ár lá
      tiocfaidh ár lá 2 months ago +6

      @SanFrancisco Baybros doing backflips on it 😭😭😭

    • idk
      idk 2 months ago +2

      sounded like it ruined her ability to think properly

  • pea sad
    pea sad 5 months ago +85

    “this guy is scary!” on screen as charlie is literally correcting a mistake he made is so hilarious to me

    • SanFrancisco Bay
      SanFrancisco Bay 4 months ago

      he is scary for manipulating his audience into believing lies. and he didnt correct his mistake ever. he said you need to do a lot to access fansly as if he knew yet he didnt which means he lied...

    • Charles
      Charles 4 months ago +2

      @SanFrancisco Bay what’s my real name? If you get it wrong you’re a liar

    • SanFrancisco Bay
      SanFrancisco Bay 4 months ago

      @Charles the difference is i didnt claim to know your name in the first place

    • New Tony
      New Tony 2 months ago

      @SanFrancisco Bay Being wrong and lying is not the same.

    • Chocolata Rein
      Chocolata Rein 2 months ago

      @New Tonythat was shockingly thought out

  • david thompson
    david thompson 4 months ago +27

    I got nothing but respect for you, for actually having the patience to sit through that brain rotting video.

  • QK 4302
    QK 4302 5 months ago +6562

    She probably "wins" a lot of arguments by being so mind numbingly confusing that other people don't even know how to respond

    • Giuseppe Sabatelli
      Giuseppe Sabatelli 5 months ago +395

      "My opponent came out today fully addressing the issue from last week. But yesterday he didn't say a thing!"
      "Yeah but I addressed it."
      "No, you can clearly see from all your vods up until your addressed it the first time that you never addressed it."
      Let the past die. Kill it if you have to.

    • MrTimbomax
      MrTimbomax 5 months ago +85

      Those are the people who want to have "live talks" - a trap with them. Way better everyone gets the arguments and makes a video, like seen in this case.

    • trash wych of the north
      trash wych of the north 5 months ago +79

      I feel like if you have decent reading/general comprehension, you wouldn't fall into her traps, but unfortunately the world isn't as literate as it used to be. logical fallacies are like a suggestion manual for people like that

    • Radik
      Radik 5 months ago +5

      @Giuseppe Sabatelli Love the Star Wars reference lol

    • Mulder
      Mulder 5 months ago +17

      ​@Giuseppe Sabatelli bro she's referring to the fact that he claimed (and asmongold ran with this point) that he said she misrepresented him. That she litterally left out some of his response even though hee video came out before he made any response. What is so hard to understand about this.

  • The true Clem
    The true Clem 4 months ago +17

    Charlie needs to get an award for staying calm and dealing with this pointless drama. Mukitty just threw a bunch of shit at the wall with a hope something sticks

  • Darius Daniel
    Darius Daniel 5 months ago +64

    Charlie is the John Wick of the internet. Everyone is wanting a piece of him

  • your_fireplace
    your_fireplace 4 months ago +37

    the amount of patience he has with her is kinda scary

  • Jk3 Jk3
    Jk3 Jk3 5 months ago +72

    you know it's gotta gonna be good when charlie has to put a video out longer than 10 minutes

  • sarmik11
    sarmik11 5 months ago +60

    ”He uses the word prove, which in the viewers mind means that he’s proving something” damn she at least figured this out.

    • Cipher Gacha
      Cipher Gacha 2 months ago +2

      Damn, she’s got us figured out

  • JustAPerson
    JustAPerson 5 months ago +4826

    I think her strategy was to make her response so mind-numbingly stupid that it'd be impossible to watch through all 20 lies without losing it

    • Braxton Perez
      Braxton Perez 5 months ago +38

      Good strat

    • aeoli garlic
      aeoli garlic 5 months ago +233

      I can't stand the way she talks. I know it shouldn't be something to bash or a strong ground of argument but i'm petty and not the bigger person in these kind of situations

    • Shakur Taylor
      Shakur Taylor 5 months ago +59

      @aeoli garlic Lmao I can relate

    • William Uemura
      William Uemura 5 months ago +68

      Echo-chamber strategy. Professional media teams use this as an intentional strategy sometimes.
      It works if your audience already agree with you and aren't paying attention to the content: FOX News is the perfect example, although I don't know whether they do it on purpose.

    • Johnny B
      Johnny B 5 months ago +29

      @aeoli garlic sounds like Dora the explorer

  • Shadowboxg
    Shadowboxg 5 months ago +20

    Charlie has more patience then a parent with a screaming child in a grocery store

  • Mr. BlobBERRY
    Mr. BlobBERRY 5 months ago +19

    If I was in a universe consisting of only youtubers and I was in a lawsuit, I would get moist as my lawyer.

  • Gabriella Wang
    Gabriella Wang 5 months ago +8

    I cannot say if I admire Charlie's patience to argue without decending to personal insult or his speech skill more.

  • Syrenity
    Syrenity 3 months ago +6

    I can barely keep my sanity together when it does comes to her editing.

  • Edythe Connor
    Edythe Connor 3 months ago +2

    I’m late to this situation but this reminds me of when my dad and me would be arguing the same point, each thinking the other is disagreeing. Not exactly the same thing happening here but feels similar. No matter how much Charlie explains himself, Mukitty takes it wrong.

  • Chicken Sandwich
    Chicken Sandwich 5 months ago +21986

    thank goodness charlie came out with an excuse for me to not do my homework right as i was about to start

  • Eddie Greenhill
    Eddie Greenhill 5 months ago +36

    Charlie is the epitome of a normal guy who is famous, his genuine passion to be level headed is so relatable. I’ve always loved his content but recently I genuinely look up to him and I’m god damn 23.

  • FuelMan
    FuelMan 3 months ago +4

    I love how Charlie defends himself perfectly and argues without losing patience if more people are like this on the internet maybe more people will be smart plus he know when he is wrong when many people don't know when to admit it

  • hotwhisky
    hotwhisky 5 months ago +7

    I love how whenever a creator tries to throw dirt at the moisty man’s image, he always comes with a response in less than a day, debunking every claim against him and fucking 360 no scoping the reputation of the perpetrator. I aim to be this perspicacious and well articulated while simultaneously ending careers and tormenting the souls of liers

  • Vegasdave 21
    Vegasdave 21 5 months ago +10

    Charlie has been here for years and it's been a joy to see him grow, learn, make us think, share and just enjoy what he has to offer for everybody who listens. I worry about the negativity carelessly/intentionally thrown at him but seeing all the support we give back is reassuring to see.

  • Howie L
    Howie L 5 months ago +20

    Her on screen lie counter is so funny to me. This is the dumbest drama lol, I'm sorry this is what you gotta go through. Really seems like the language barrier might be part of her issue with the situation

  • Blink
    Blink 5 months ago +2750

    I like how he's so unproblematic that instead of getting aggressive he just gets frustrated and talks like he's explaining a baby how real world works.

    • Ozan Gözoğlu
      Ozan Gözoğlu 5 months ago +90

      Internet is full of babies

    • Kakachi
      Kakachi 5 months ago +67

      @Ozan Gözoğlu or people that make drama to draw in baby viewers and attention

    • LVTHOR Ascending
      LVTHOR Ascending 5 months ago +59

      That's exactly what he's doing, she speaks like she's trying to pronounce words she doesn't know from the dictionary.

    • JNC
      JNC 5 months ago +5

      Why would he get aggressive and why is he getting a medal for that bare minimum 💀

    • Coulsen Bailey
      Coulsen Bailey 5 months ago +37

      @JNC L comment

  • ShatteredRig
    ShatteredRig 5 months ago +31

    Charlie is being incredibly polite about her lunacy.

    • Laphonz
      Laphonz 3 months ago

      Polite? You mean deflecting? He did the same thing as Adin Ross, he's just playing mental gymnastics to play it away

    • The Viewer
      The Viewer 3 months ago +4

      @Laphonzi think you mean she is doing mental gymnastics to troll and misinform

  • Raine Eniar
    Raine Eniar 5 months ago +6

    I am sorry you are dealing with this. You're a TREASURE Charlie and we still love you

  • Gogurt
    Gogurt Month ago +2

    this was the saddest video so far. Charlie had to prove this girl wrong on so many different occasions, he actually started losing his voice

  • Happytown
    Happytown 5 months ago +23

    I always thought MuKitty was just 100% trolling all the time because of the way she talks but I'm starting to think that's just the way she actually speaks lol

  • Turnabout
    Turnabout 5 months ago +10

    Charlie: "I usually just talk about goofy-silly internet drama."
    MuKitty: *drinks gallon of goofy-silly juice*

  • Bram Weijgers
    Bram Weijgers 5 months ago +3297

    The patience Charlie has. I would treat her like she treats her audience. Like a child.

    • Vi Ortero
      Vi Ortero 5 months ago +136

      It’s all sped up. With BIG red arrows. Over Minecraft gameplay lmao

    • Wendigo Hunters!
      Wendigo Hunters! 5 months ago +50

      Charlie is experiencing a fraction of what anti-flat earth debaters experience on a daily basis

    • Dtreezy
      Dtreezy 5 months ago +8

      Why does everyone in the comment section think they're on a first name basis with cr1tikal lmfao some next level parasocial

  • Pedro Solis
    Pedro Solis 5 months ago +19

    all I've seen lately are random people I don't know taking shots at Charlie and he's taking it like a champ. Respect!

  • Palm TopTiger
    Palm TopTiger 5 months ago +7

    I feel bad for Charlie he doesn’t deserve this stress, people who put a bad name on people should be put on a public shame board on the internet

  • J A X O N
    J A X O N 4 days ago +1

    The most ironic thing about this situation is that they both created more curiously and promotion for that site than the initial stream ever would’ve.

  • ♡༒︎Cheese Grimace༒︎♡

    Charlie talking so calmly and patiently to these people is like watching a dad talk to their bratty kid about why they're wrong and how they can move forward

  • Xzendon
    Xzendon 5 months ago +2

    I'm really glad to see you're branching out in the kind of content you're making. Dismantling and destroying stuff is a fun and rewarding hobby!

  • Troy_665
    Troy_665 5 months ago +6264

    Charlie: *sneezes while watching an elderly abuse awareness ad*
    MuKitty: "he clearly supports elderly abuse because he sneezed. Here's 20 reasons why"

    • Vloggin and bloggin
      Vloggin and bloggin 5 months ago +295

      don't forget at least 15 reasons are the same reason

    • QuarterMoon
      QuarterMoon 5 months ago +219

      @Vloggin and bloggin "You can see in the video that he never said he DOESN'T support elderly abuse, which clearly shows that he does support elderly abuse."

    • Sara Mark
      Sara Mark 5 months ago +83

      @QuarterMoon "you see, how is it not obvious guyyyyz"

    • Loş Pamuk
      Loş Pamuk 5 months ago +62

      She's just farming him for clout.

    • Vloggin and bloggin
      Vloggin and bloggin 5 months ago +55

      @SAVINIJASON999 but he did admit he handled it wrong, he is no saint, but he is by no means a b a d guy

  • Jalapeno.biznaus
    Jalapeno.biznaus 5 months ago +4

    We don’t deserve Charlie. This man is the definition of patience, the good thing about the internet is that most of us are actually rational, it’s only the idiots who speak out and pretend they have an audience. An actual smart person stays out of it. I would follow this man to the end of the earth

  • GerryCatLord
    GerryCatLord 5 months ago +10

    I love how Charlie doesn't put himself above the criticism, instead apologizing for what he admitted could've been done better. True saint shit ong

  • TheRedPandaCat
    TheRedPandaCat 5 months ago +3

    You do have to admire how much of a complete troll she is

  • Banjo
    Banjo 5 months ago +6

    charlie always has the moral high ground and has the most down to earth community anyone that goes against him gets an istant L

    EXTRA LONG SHORTS 4 days ago

    This video right here is why moist is one of, if not my absolute Clip-Share Role Model of how to conduct yourself without resulting to childish antics and speaking clear, concise thoughts that no matter how you chop it, serves to better his previous points and at the SAME TIME, allows the criticism and responds accordingly because he actually gets that nobody is above being called out on their shit

  • ExpertDay613
    ExpertDay613 5 months ago +3366

    i love how she’s playing weirdly creepy music to make charlie seem like a serial killer

    • Person Who asked
      Person Who asked 5 months ago +33


    • Ryan Lowe
      Ryan Lowe 5 months ago +7

      i just roflcoptted myself..

    • Maaz Abbasi
      Maaz Abbasi 5 months ago +198

      Ngl, it's hard to take her vid seriously with that music

    • LostInPripiat
      LostInPripiat 5 months ago +210

      Sensationalism. The psychological effect of the music is used to make the narrative be more impactful. Wich is sad, because it's mostly bullshit, and it only makes her look dumber.

    • Crisel Ann
      Crisel Ann 5 months ago +46

      lmaoo it's so cringe

  • NinjaNaj
    NinjaNaj 5 months ago +11

    Charlie explaining/talking to mukitty is like me talking to my cat to not pee on my motorcycle's wheels

  • Logan Speller
    Logan Speller 5 months ago +6

    I'm at a point with this drama where I'm so over it and I can't believe this is still happening. Props to Charlie for being able to tolerate it for this long lmao

  • Derek
    Derek Month ago +1

    "The best part about making content for your own fanbase is you can say wrong shit and still be right" - Mukitty

  • Júan-Jésus
    Júan-Jésus 2 months ago +1

    Bro keeps his cool no matter what happens, even at the end, I think he looks very calm, what a legend. Huge huge respect fo him.

  • JRamsey
    JRamsey 5 months ago +5

    I don’t know if there is a person’s voice that is more frustrating than mukitty’s frustrating, painfully slow voice

  • Alec Trups
    Alec Trups 5 months ago +6607

    Anyone who's got a chronic social fear of being misunderstood must have one hell of a time having a conversation with this girl

    • R-Caine
      R-Caine 5 months ago +170

      We just put a Gundam sized pole between us and her.

    • Texty
      Texty 5 months ago +556

      "chronic social fear of being misunderstood" i never heard such an accurate way to describe my phobia. i will use this from now on. Thank you

    • Snobby grinch.
      Snobby grinch. 5 months ago +32

      👩‍🦰🔫me at middle school with tHOes GiRLs 😢

    • Pheasant 13
      Pheasant 13 5 months ago +57

      Makes communication on internet platforms very difficult

    • Pootis
      Pootis 5 months ago +24

      Guess I'm never talking to her

  • Mandiee
    Mandiee 5 months ago +11

    I genuinely have no idea how it is possible to dislike Charlie.

  • Seeker Valtriz
    Seeker Valtriz 2 months ago +3

    MuKitty's takes and voice makes me feel good.
    Because while I despise myself, I find comfort that things could have been way worse. I could have been like her.
    Fucking hell.

  • Shura
    Shura 4 months ago +3

    Charlie is that one Clip-Sharer I used to think isn't cool until I watched his video, but now I'm addicted to his videos. Because not only does he patiently address all dumbassery, he also spreads it open harder than the last time they had ever had their ass cheeks open

  • Twisted Adventures
    Twisted Adventures 5 months ago +1

    It's good to see someone in your position take criticism with such grace. Kudos

  • Komixz.mp4
    Komixz.mp4 3 months ago

    So funny that charlie sounds mad but has a grin on his face the whole time

  • Krusty
    Krusty 5 months ago +10165

    This feels like when your kid learns the word "why" and sends you down a rabbit hole of explaining why they have a bedtime and you don't.

  • Mic Norton
    Mic Norton 3 months ago

    This is as close as I've ever seen Charlie to going into a flying rage,, then nearly is in tears with frustration..

  • cherrrr
    cherrrr 5 months ago +6

    it takes a lot of emotional maturity to sift through the insults and find genuine criticism to address and that’s admirable asf!

  • GreyfauxxGaming
    GreyfauxxGaming 5 months ago +22

    Moist giving me PTSD flashbacks of one of my ex's. Your never going to set her straight because she wont ever allow your words to connect.

    • adamant22
      adamant22 5 months ago +6

      same dude same, had one like that around 5 years ago

  • 🍼Nico🍭
    🍼Nico🍭 3 months ago

    He handled this so well and that's why I like Charlie's content.

  • Ray FRillie
    Ray FRillie 2 months ago +5

    MuKitty seems like the person to go to the gym, and if someone even is looking in the same direction she is in, she goes live and blasts every person there for being a creep

  • StoneMountain64
    StoneMountain64 5 months ago +813

    Its just weird they had a porn sponsor for the event, wild 😂. Gotta say tho the way you deal with so much stuff and turn that patience into content its incredible.

    • Ty TakeNotes
      Ty TakeNotes 5 months ago +15

      Very much agree, Squad Commander. 🫡

    • FrostedRaps
      FrostedRaps 5 months ago +3


    • Vindicator
      Vindicator 5 months ago +8

      I did not expect to see stone mountain here

    • Bmxbro339
      Bmxbro339 5 months ago +1


    • Kin Ki?
      Kin Ki? 5 months ago +1

      Hope they come to an agreement and stop with this drama.😓

  • Kavaiツ
    Kavaiツ 5 months ago +1

    Ahh this was a great video to sleep to. Even had images of you and Adin pop into the plot of my dreams while I took pictures of things and more lol

  • POOTIS Sandvich
    POOTIS Sandvich 26 days ago +1

    If she was a lawyer, every client of hers would probably lose their case

  • Ethan Weller
    Ethan Weller 5 months ago +2

    Charlie has an incredible ability to absolutely perforate any false narrative about anything and I love seeing it

    • L S
      L S 5 months ago

      more like an ability to create a false narrative and have everyone run with it somehow

  • joel the goat
    joel the goat 5 months ago +16

    Hearing Charlie’s monotone voice being sped up was so funny for me 😭

  • The Exploding Karat
    The Exploding Karat Month ago +1

    I like that you can hear Charlie's voice wear out. His voice sounds very different from the beginning then it does near the end.

  • Jonathon Yuma
    Jonathon Yuma 5 months ago +3645

    It's so sad that recently Charlie has been having to break down his videos on a scale of elementary school levels for full grown adults to understand

  • ian nathanson
    ian nathanson 5 months ago +5

    I would love to just smoke a joint with this guy he just seems like a cool guy. Keep up the good work

  • Rocket_Rocker_69
    Rocket_Rocker_69 Month ago +1

    If you guys want a TL;DR version: Charlie said the Aiden ross situation was bad and straight up laughed at how ridiculous the QTCinderella situation was but Mukitty didn't like that he didn't explicitly say it was bad like Aiden Ross's and called him a hypocrite (what?) and kept saying he lied and showed his video clips when she was the one that edited the parts out where he admitted he was wrong about certain aspects of the situation.

  • Gavin Brodie
    Gavin Brodie 5 months ago +4

    I have never seen charlie so invested to prove somthing wrong

  • Spiritorn
    Spiritorn 3 months ago +1

    I can barely resist the urge to jump off a tall building after listening to a 10ish second clip of "Mew Kitty" Respect to any of her viewers who haven't done so yet.

  • Hydra_Drizz216
    Hydra_Drizz216 3 months ago

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  • God Emperor Trump
    God Emperor Trump 5 months ago +1760

    Watching Charlie’s patience get stressed and tested like this is truly a sight to behold

    • SkyrimSlasher
      SkyrimSlasher 5 months ago +38

      what else would you expect of Jesus Christ? He was hung on the cross for days, of course he has this much patience, our saviour!

    • Montega Stever
      Montega Stever 5 months ago +17

      ​​@SkyrimSlasher amen. Charlie is my religion frfr

    • iskando
      iskando 5 months ago +1

      well.. there was this instance whence a weapon of mass destruction was presented by He himself.. pray shall those moments not rise again

    • SkyrimSlasher
      SkyrimSlasher 5 months ago +1

      @iskando bro that was awesome, the guns were badass

  • Mayhem
    Mayhem 5 months ago +2

    It's actually so nice of Charlie to give Mukitty her 5 mins of fame, even though he's aware that she's baiting, clout chasing, attention seeking lol

  • Create
    Create 2 months ago +1

    The dramatic music she uses for calling you out on nothing is friggin gold.

  • Juice Time
    Juice Time 3 months ago

    such a good point, it’s impossible to agree with anyone 100% of the time and i think this should be pushed more. people just follow everything someone says just because they agree with them on one point

  • T0xicShadoww
    T0xicShadoww 2 months ago

    Honestly good on Charlie for not using his patience she’s so obnoxious. He had to repeat himself multiple times and it’s sad she can’t understand these basic points. Good on you, Charlie, for being so calm yet firm. Most would probably loose their temper with somebody like her

  • Jennifer Upshaw
    Jennifer Upshaw 2 months ago +2

    I don't think Charlie needs to explain or defend himself. I do appreciate that he does.

  • Cody Edwards
    Cody Edwards 5 months ago +2815

    I wonder if she's ever heard of the psychological phenomenon of people laughing when they're uncomfortable-it's actually fairly common. Also I swear Charlie sounds so exhausted by the end

    • Gaming Moyai
      Gaming Moyai 5 months ago +97

      I would too if I had to listen to that voice for this long

    • Manuel Silva
      Manuel Silva 5 months ago +10

      Sure. But what about he phenomenon of charlie saying word by word " who thinks these two cases are even comparable must be insane"? Was that statement also a nervous reaction? The point here is that charlie had two different responses back to back and can't admit it.

    • Dan
      Dan 5 months ago +7

      @Bunnie you can access the porn without paying for it though
      And Charlie said they were similar situations in this video, he just tries to minimise the porn advert cause he didn't react to it at the time when he should have done, that's why people are upset

    • top hat
      top hat 5 months ago +93

      @Manuel Silva those two cases are not comparable. get outta here troll

  • Shigure Huynh
    Shigure Huynh 3 months ago

    Bro I was getting exhausted listening to her just straight out lying about this stuff, I have no idea how Charlie was able to get through all that.

  • AdkinsGamer
    AdkinsGamer 2 months ago

    bruh, you're calm in every video, like if whoever made fun of you or tried to cancel you was just an ant and you're the boot, pretty cool if you tell me, new sub.

  • Firen 013
    Firen 013 5 months ago +9

    I'm going to fail the the AP US History Exam because of how much this situation melted my brain

  • yes
    yes 5 months ago +1

    i feel so bad for charlie he has so much patience 😭😭

  • Squaul DuNéant
    Squaul DuNéant 10 hours ago

    Imagine the easy W she could get by just admitting that it was indeed weird but that she did it anyway tho ?

  • veryseriousjoke
    veryseriousjoke 5 months ago +2301

    I feel so bad for Charlie. As soon as he got into the big leagues reaching 10M subs, it’s been one person after another bashing on him, way more often than before. This is literally the chillest dude on Clip-Share.

    • mechanari
      mechanari 5 months ago +176

      It's bound to happen to anyone who gets popular online the number of haters rises as the number of fans does

    • veryseriousjoke
      veryseriousjoke 5 months ago +39

      @mechanari Unfortunately true

    • Bin Frishinger
      Bin Frishinger 5 months ago +21

      imagine this makes you "feel so bad" for someone who earns millions each year doing what he does here. But to make you feel a bit better, he will get through it. He's not a child, he can handle a little bit of criticism.

    • Joe Green
      Joe Green 5 months ago +228

      ​@Bin FrishingerImagine thinking having money means you stop being a human with feelings and deserving of epathy.

    • veryseriousjoke
      veryseriousjoke 5 months ago +42

      @Bin Frishinger Gotta love the internet lol

  • Bubba Gooseman
    Bubba Gooseman 5 months ago +11

    A gun Clip-Sharer called Nut'n'Fancy described infighting as being like "a squad of Marines in an LVT heading towards the beaches of Normandy, and they're all fistfighting over a pack of cards; you have a bigger enemy to worry about!" That's what she's doing, she doesn't even care about the real enemy anymore, she's picking a fight with a fellow soldier because she thinks he's a hypocrite.

    • Blue Valley
      Blue Valley 4 months ago +1

      Or more likely cuz she’s more concerned with clicks and attention.

  • ObsidianArrow
    ObsidianArrow 5 months ago +6

    As a wise man once said “it’s hard to win an argument with a smart person but nearly impossible to win an argument with a stupid person” -Bill Murray (stupid person obv being MuKitty)

  • けんぞうちゃん
    けんぞうちゃん 2 months ago

    The way she makes her video look like a “top 10 scariest ghost videos” is absolutely insane