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This is why Invisible Ghillie Snipers are HATED in the game..

  • Published on Sep 10, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • This is why Invisible Ghillie Snipers are HATED in the airsoft game...
    He is wearing a KMCS Ghillie Suit enhanced with Adaptive Ghillie Mesh. See pinned comment for more details...
    Game took place at Phoenix Airsoft, UK.

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  • kickingmustang

    KMCS Ghillie Suits & Crafting Materials:

  • Avery Green

    "You see any enemies around?"

  • David Gunis

    gets poked in eye with usp silencer

  • Abraham Martinez
    Abraham Martinez 28 days ago +496

    Drax: ive mastered the skill on standing so incredibly still im invisible to the naked eye

  • Alone.I.Conquer TO

    He was invisible, because he was holding a camera. We all know you can't see a cameraman.

  • Dante Loparco

    3 guys staring right at a 6ft tall bush with a gun and a camera: “No enemies here”

  • AVID Sion
    AVID Sion  +242

    "Alright little Timmy, now look directly down the barrel and keep acting like you can't see me!"

  • Williams
    Williams  +63

    “He’s dead mate” at the end is just cold blooded. Bravo brother

  • Tim Buschmann

    He was like moving his head around the barrel in the beginning, like "watch your head, the tree is growing guns"

  • SoZen Works

    Sniper grabs mans shoulder: "shhhhh this will be quick they wont feel a thing"

  • Tristan Lanier

    "Hey I didn't see you at camouflage practice today!"

  • Mario Berry
    Mario Berry 14 days ago +22

    It gets funnier each time i watch this. Knowing the threat is still there, why did they call for a medic? 😂😂

  • Winlenator

    "you can either let them pass or engage your call"

  • Rifqi Taqiuddin

    The hardest part of not being detected, is holding your own laughter. Lol

  • NameNotImportant

    Ain't no way they didn't even saw you💀

  • Zen
    Zen 12 hours ago +2

    Live action version of Elder Scrolls Stealth.

  • Karma sona

    "There's someone prowling around here" "Must have been the wind"

  • hiPokemon1234
    hiPokemon1234 21 day ago +6

    Hiding in bushes from enemies in video games. The enemies walking next to the bush: "They're here somewhere... where did they go?"

  • Ramses Perez
    Ramses Perez Day ago +1

    6ft tall bush with a gun grabs on to his shoulder

  • Quarantine Me

    Guy staring down the barrel: “I think I saw something move. Must’ve been the wind.”