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It's All Music (from Spin)

  • Published on Aug 11, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • No talking. Dancing! Check out Rhea (Avantika) and her family and friends in the official Disney Channel music video "It's All Music!"
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    #ItsAllMusic #DisneySpin #DCOM
    Music video by Marius de Vries, Pratibha Singh Baghel, Raj Pandit, Lauren Evans performing It's All Music (From Spin). © 2021 Walt Disney Records
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Comments • 727

  • OrangeMonkey
    OrangeMonkey Year ago +460

    I like how Disney showed an Indian family in a very respectful light. I think they did a great job, and I can't wait for more movies with different cultures!!

  • Evelyn Nazaire
    Evelyn Nazaire Year ago +1189

    Rhea is officially the best Disney DJ ever!! It's so cool when people put their unique cultures and history into the things they love, like music and art!

    • CutieNerd Li
      CutieNerd Li 2 months ago

      @Anonymous there's kelsey if she counts

    • AJ Martino
      AJ Martino 3 months ago

      Yeah I can listen to that all day

      HAUNTER 6 months ago

      Agreed, people and make new and incredible things when put together.

    • Araceli Iyiewuare
      Araceli Iyiewuare 8 months ago


    • Virendra Jadeja !!
      Virendra Jadeja !! 10 months ago

      Agreed,plus she looks absolutely Beautiful just like her mother !!
      As for that guy Max,who she liked,he did not think there would be consequences for breaking her heart 💔 !!
      P.S.:What type of male would use a female as a pawn,How Selfish/Cruel of him? Honestly,I don’t trust men like him !!

  • Cheyenne Mclin
    Cheyenne Mclin Year ago +680

    the way this song conbines beautiful hindi music with the new pop and retro music is honestly amazing and different from any other music ive ever heard

    • LahLah
      LahLah 9 months ago

      @sanjivani k thks for the recommendation. Any other suggestion? I really liked it

    • Rana Nashi
      Rana Nashi Year ago

      I want to see the same with Jpop, Chinese pop, Arabic, Turkish, and Latino.

    • nothing to see here
      nothing to see here Year ago +2

      Дэвид Pomo just saying, u have very little knowledge about indian culture and probably russian culture too even though your name is written in russian.

    • Son Ye Jin
      Son Ye Jin Year ago +3

      Дэвид Pomo Firstly, russian or hungarian people don't look like this, nor do they have such accents and they definitely don't dress like this. People are literally writing its "indian" and you're still saying "russian" like tf you on?

    • Ros den Hertog
      Ros den Hertog Year ago +6

      Дэвид Pomo did you even watch the movie?? It's awesome!!!

  • Juliya Smith
    Juliya Smith Year ago +128

    I was a background actor here, and I got CHILLS hearing this in real life. The best Disney production I worked on so far♥️

    • Karma Küntz
      Karma Küntz 7 months ago +2

      @Royalty Poetry I would be surprised if they did for certain reasons

    • Royalty Poetry
      Royalty Poetry 7 months ago +1


    • Karma Küntz
      Karma Küntz 9 months ago +5

      It was a beautiful song and meaningful experience

    • chloe ramirez
      chloe ramirez 9 months ago +6

      Omg!! How were you able to do that?

  • Darwin Bowman
    Darwin Bowman Year ago +755

    This has to be, without a doubt, the best DCOM I've seen in awhile! This movie goes back to the heart of what made DCOMs great to begin with. I like how this story feels real and relatable, no zombies, no musicals. Just a girl who finds her passion in music again all the while trying to meet the expectations of her father, teachers, and friends. What an unexpected masterpiece of a film. Highly recommend you check it out

    • Mohamed JAOSOMILA
      Mohamed JAOSOMILA 11 months ago

      J'aime beaucoup a a prendre le chanson des belle💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝🌈💖🌥️❤️💛

    • The dutty crew
      The dutty crew Year ago

      I didn't know a dcom was a hindi and English movie!



    • Anh Thư Bùi
      Anh Thư Bùi Year ago

      plsss the zombie and musicals part is too specific looool

  • King Dragold
    King Dragold Year ago +707

    This was so 🔥🔥🔥 glad to see Disney’s still making great movies and now they are adding the different cultures and letting people represent

    • emma234🌸
      emma234🌸 Year ago +4


    • Aud Sings
      Aud Sings Year ago +5

      @Caitlin Sahadeo ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Caitlin Sahadeo
      Caitlin Sahadeo Year ago +3

      @Aud Sings You don't have to say thank you when you are so talented job well done

    • Aud Sings
      Aud Sings Year ago +3

      @Caitlin Sahadeo thank you!!

    • Caitlin Sahadeo
      Caitlin Sahadeo Year ago +4

      @Aud Sings Cool edits

  • DJ PRIXY Official
    DJ PRIXY Official Year ago +73

    Being a Indian DJ this movie just makes me feel proud for Disney and this part was the most awesome one

  • Swasti Karna
    Swasti Karna Year ago +63

    I'm an Indian and this movie, OMG, I feel so overwhelmed. It's always a proud feeling to see your country in a good light. Thankyou so much Disney... Love to all the people around the globe... 😘😭

  • Attack on titan Sierra
    Attack on titan Sierra Year ago +281

    I love this song!!! And when she puts her mother's song on I felt like crying this song is so beautiful 🥺😄

    • Lexillios
      Lexillios Year ago

      Same. I lost my mom at a young age too. Mom was a seamstress.. i kinda want to make clothes too tbh

    • Mariah Gates
      Mariah Gates Year ago +1

      @sarah kennedy no Rhea said that her mom died when she was 8 years old

      MICA ELLAH ROMERDE Year ago +1


  • Cory Campbell
    Cory Campbell Year ago +299

    Rhea is officially the best Disney DJ ever for the newest movie Spin she is dedicated to her mom because it all about sounds and music I’m loving her true art and unique culture of India 🇮🇳 congratulations 🎊🎉🍾

    • Rupali Corraya
      Rupali Corraya 8 months ago

      Дэвид Pomo you must be from Russia.😃😀👻🤡😆

    • GListen
      GListen Year ago

      @Son Ye Jin 😂😂🤟🏻

    • Son Ye Jin
      Son Ye Jin Year ago

      @GListen Lmao i loved the conversation here

    • GListen
      GListen Year ago +1

      @Conrad Ortiz no no u got it wrong I am not the actor
      I am just from India 🤣

  • Kaori.
    Kaori. Year ago +37

    I’ve watched this 3 times already, and this is literally awesome. The music she made is so calming, it makes my problems wanna dance.

    • sydney reid
      sydney reid 2 months ago

      Me too I only watched this twice

  • Tressa26
    Tressa26 Year ago +272

    I am in LOVE with the outfit and her little head piece (dont know the name of it) but yeah, love the cultural flare behind it all

  • Eldred D’souza
    Eldred D’souza Year ago +109

    This is literally such a good movie. Idk why so much hate for it exists. I personally was thoroughly entertained watching it and thought that the overall cinematography was excellent!

    • sydney reid
      sydney reid 2 months ago

      Right I love it

    • ShAnTi
      ShAnTi 10 months ago +3

      I'm sorry but the movie had quiet a few cultural stereotypes and inaccuracies. Indian Americans are American, don't know why movie directors always have to make an Indian/ Asian American characters whole personality their ethnicities culture. Of course it's amjazing to shiw an Indian Americans culture but don't make it their entire personality but at the same time don't just leave their culture out. There is a fine line between the two and it's not that hard to stand on if you do your research and speak with IRL Indian/American kids.

    • Travon Thompson
      Travon Thompson Year ago +1

      @ClaireI클레어 all Disney movies are short they not even 2 hours long

    • Nyter87
      Nyter87 Year ago +6

      I have been looking for all the hate comments and have yet to really find any. Please direct me to them because no Spin slander will be tolerated under my watch!!!

    • Mahek Prem
      Mahek Prem Year ago +3

      @ClaireI클레어 ya

  • Divya Roy
    Divya Roy Year ago +19

    As an Indian feeling this mix this is soo vibrant, brilliant and the best.
    Love this ❤️

  • Saanvi Srivastava
    Saanvi Srivastava Year ago +260

    Am I going insane or did they actually use some of "The Twist" in this? Because it sounds really good!!

    • Amit Shah
      Amit Shah Year ago +4


    • Eldred D’souza
      Eldred D’souza Year ago +5

      The original tune is from the movie ‘Naagin’.

    • Khushi Handa
      Khushi Handa Year ago +9

      Yeah! I think they also used paapu can’t dance at 3:00

    • Saanvi Srivastava
      Saanvi Srivastava Year ago +10

      @Alas Yes, that's what I meant! I guess I'm just shocked that a song as popular as "The Twist" and one I grew up listening to made it into a Disney movie lol

  • Latha Kumar
    Latha Kumar Year ago +122

    Just watched the movie and it was wonderful!! Nice to see the mix of Indian culture with the west. Rhea was awesome and thanks to Disney for making this!!

    • Travon Thompson
      Travon Thompson Year ago

      @Reedhi Dhondee spin

    • Reedhi Dhondee
      Reedhi Dhondee Year ago

      Name of the moive

    • Nayana
      Nayana Year ago

      @K K No of course I think there is. But when you compare this movie with something like never have I ever, you will understand what I mean.

    • C Babwah
      C Babwah Year ago

      @Nayana I agree with what you're saying, but the guy commented about the director who is actually Indian, however the ones who wrote the story (screenwriters) are white.

  • tragediesrequiem1
    tragediesrequiem1 Year ago +95

    Woowww!! I haven't watched a dcom movie since the mid 2000s since dcom all became really boring and cheesy but this is definitely one of the best dcom of this time. Just wished they gave the guy an ending. But overall, love the Indian culture music fusion. Gave me goosebumps.

    • Nayana
      Nayana Year ago +11

      The guy was salty about her winning, when he had the audacity to use the music that was mostly made by her. It's okay

  • Prachee Goswami
    Prachee Goswami Year ago +72

    Don't tell me I'm the only one who got goosebumps. Use headphones ya'll. 🎧

  • Hitesh Devalia
    Hitesh Devalia Year ago +27

    What an amazing direction. Background videos adds meaning to Rhea's emotions. Yellow colour, sunset, wind , celebration

  • Flawless Journaling
    Flawless Journaling Year ago +48

    Spin is just the best Disney movie ever !! we could learn a lot from all of the characters, especially Rhea to follow our passion no matter how many obstacles stand in our way .

  • Christina Romano
    Christina Romano Year ago +12

    Hearing this music makes me feel more free, happy and relaxed ...Like there’s nothing holding me back from doing whatever I want ...Disney should make more movies like this 🥰💜

  • Nyter87
    Nyter87 Year ago +4

    Y'all, Avantika did THAT. Her acting in this scene was spot on 👌🏽. And to the actual producers of this song... THANK YOU!

  • 𝐌𝐚𝐲𝐲𝐚 🤍
    𝐌𝐚𝐲𝐲𝐚 🤍 9 months ago +2

    Goosebumps Starts When She Puts The Tape Her Mother Left For Her. Nostalgia Moments For Sure ❤️❤️❤️

  • Iyahna Scott
    Iyahna Scott Year ago +3

    When I heard rhea’s mom sing. It gave me chills, it was so beautiful I almost cried ❤️

  • Caitlin Sahadeo
    Caitlin Sahadeo Year ago +82

    I am really hoping in future there could be a spin 2.

    • CutieNerd Li
      CutieNerd Li 2 months ago

      we need a max redemption arc in spin 2

    • ClaireI클레어
      ClaireI클레어 Year ago +3

      @Priyu Shah Personal Opinion: Why would she fall in love with with Max if they got in a fight apparently a couple years back also are they just going to show a scean of her graduating high school?

    • Priyu Shah
      Priyu Shah Year ago +4

      @ClaireI클레어 her graduating high school and going to music school to become a great musician/DJ and then couple years later she meets
      Max and their love story would continue and together they will become famous DJS

    • ClaireI클레어
      ClaireI클레어 Year ago +4

      What would "spin 2" even be about

      TWICE IS THE BEST PERIODT..... Year ago +3

      Agreed just finished watching it..... Soooooo beautiful great movie


    This is the moments when Disney bring us back to where we started.
    When it's all around our life is it, and yes. Disney has made another touch in my heart again and again.

  • Mieré Nierez
    Mieré Nierez 2 months ago +1

    The actress who played the DJ is so gorgeous, like, I got emotional seeing her pride up there. This song is phenomenal

    MANJARI SINGH Year ago +6

    I'm Indian and I'm proud of india

  • Cleopatra Dizon
    Cleopatra Dizon Year ago +75

    I love how she calmed the audience down at first with smooth music until she went into full blown spin. It kinda reminds me of how Selena handled the audience in her concert by calmly slowing with the singing of Como la flor before into a beat sound.
    Of course, I’m not comparing them. It just reminded me of that and I love what Rhea did with her music ❤️ It proved that even an indian song can be danced to as well. Most people here in my place likes popular american and korean songs only. Sometimes our kind of song but they ignore when it is a indian song.
    It makes me sad because I have a classmate that is Indian and she herself feels disheartened with how people react to Indian Music 😓

  • Aarya Mishra
    Aarya Mishra Year ago +77

    It's just the most proud movement that Disney us made some show for india and Rhea is just wow 🤩🤩🤩

    • CutieNerd Li
      CutieNerd Li 2 months ago

      @Wintry - 🤓

    • Wintry
      Wintry Year ago +3

      @devsda1 Long Live Doraemon fuk this spin shit

  • Joe Mendoza
    Joe Mendoza Year ago +6

    Que hermoso es crear musica con otros sonidos y Rhea lo demostro con los diferentes sonidos de la vida por que la musica esta en todas partes

  • Beast Keeper25
    Beast Keeper25 Year ago +9

    Culture and history in this took my breath away like was in India and dancing to this beautiful music

  • Nylon Zahara
    Nylon Zahara Year ago +3

    Rhea is amazing and the way they combined genres like this makes me feel like watching Spin

  • Nilisha Agarwal
    Nilisha Agarwal 4 months ago +1

    Can't get enough of this.. listening to 10th time in a row..beautiful

  • YouTube lover
    YouTube lover 9 months ago

    I love the music so much!She truly is a great DJ in Disney.Reina used music from her culture and it was great!🥰💙💜💕❤️😍

  • Manya Jain
    Manya Jain Year ago +194

    The most unrealistic part of this DCOM was the Nani trying to set up the father.😂😅
    Wish I had a grandma like her.

    • Manya Jain
      Manya Jain Year ago

      Simrah Faheem it's a original Disney movie... Spin

  • psychicriver
    psychicriver Year ago +7

    I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and just had to look up this sequence. I was skeptical about how Disney would portray an Indian main character and her family but wow, they did a great job here. It was both entertaining and respectful. More content like this please!! This was my first Disney Channel Original Movie but if they make more content like this I'll be there to watch :)

  • ᰔlove is sour grapes ఌ
    ᰔlove is sour grapes ఌ 10 months ago +4

    I’m so proud that an Indian girl is in this movie! And I love this movie a lot

  • 43 Jaiversni R
    43 Jaiversni R Year ago +6

    This is insane... specially her mother's and signature steps..in love with it ❤️❤️❤️

  • Zarina Lutchman Hosein

    The best heart warming Disney movie. The music is so enticing I just want to dance. Thanks Disney for showcasing my ancestral roots in Spin.

  • Prasanna Challa
    Prasanna Challa Year ago +2

    Disney is innovative itself with different tradition and culture it gives kids a image of how they spent there life
    i am so proud to be a Indian and happy that my kids can also can enjoy it

  • CallMehAnu
    CallMehAnu Year ago +80

    I am actually from India and I understand this song so good work Avantika

  • The young wolf
    The young wolf Year ago +7

    The part when it says it all music is just so good and the dance she did I just amazing I am mind blown by the music and the movie 🤩😃❤️😍🤯

  • lowbudget ethiopian
    lowbudget ethiopian Year ago +47

    This is supposed to be an OSCAR contender. All the characters clicked which is very rare nowadays,the story,culture,friendship,fun,dance,technology at play it has everything tucked and tied to the storyline.
    A very beautiful story!
    An excellent movie!

  • Muskan Agarwal
    Muskan Agarwal Year ago +7

    I watched this movie today and ....I.....really can't get this mix out of my mind .....it's just so so awesome......it's all music.....

  • Shadow
    Shadow 9 months ago +2

    Every time i hear her mom's voice it makes me cry 🥺

  • Mahie Goel
    Mahie Goel Year ago +4

    Woahh, this movie is just soo beautiful!!! Extremely loved it ..the whole setup.. everything!!! ❤️
    Rhea is just fabulous, and this song..the melody omg🥰🥰

  • Annie Thomas
    Annie Thomas Year ago +8

    I just got done with the movie!
    It’s mind blowing
    I just loved the music too
    Amazingly beautiful!!
    Bless the entire team!

  • theivster16
    theivster16 Year ago +2

    I love her music, it represents who she really is. Passionate, creative and dedicated towards what she truly is, to create music to bring happiness towards people. I was dancing and crying at the same time as well, especially when she played the tape. It was heartwarming and awesome.
    Hindi music mixed with modern music, a beautiful and awesome combination. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Emani Jasrotia
    Emani Jasrotia Year ago +9

    Proud to be an indian and ofc I watched premiere in indian television💜💜💜💜

    • Emani Jasrotia
      Emani Jasrotia Year ago

      @devsda1 ya🥺🥺

    • Emani Jasrotia
      Emani Jasrotia Year ago

      @Amit Shah Yup it was🥳😘💜

    • Mahek Prem
      Mahek Prem Year ago +1

      @Amit Shah me too 🤩

    • Amit Shah
      Amit Shah Year ago

      I watched it live on American tv and was in tears, made me so proud to be Indian and with the fact it was independence day weekend

  • Truong Giang Le
    Truong Giang Le Year ago +3

    Rhea's smile is so sweet that I could see all the joy and pride in her

  • Tim Threatt
    Tim Threatt Year ago +5

    this what u call musical art she did her thing with this I love it ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Xuân Mai
    Xuân Mai Year ago +2

    This music is so good I listen to it over and over again!!!!!!

  • Gloria Platt
    Gloria Platt Year ago +6

    Not gonna lie, got a tiny bit of August Rush vibes during the movie when she was making this song :) LOVE that movie so loved it. I love when people take every day sounds (like the cooking noises or double dutch), or even sounds that others would find annoying (sirens and plastic bags rustling), and turn them into gorgeous music. There really is music in everything if you know how to listen for it :)

  • Arif Hanafi
    Arif Hanafi Year ago +12

    I actually cried watching this, it's so freakin good

  • Swuxi
    Swuxi Year ago +29

    Even though it’s not much choreography it’s so catchy. 💃

  • Yearin Najmin
    Yearin Najmin Year ago +3

    I just watched the movie and it's just spectacular...as an Indian it's great to see...loved Rhea

  • YJ
    YJ Year ago +2

    I never get tired by watching this.

    • YJ
      YJ Year ago

      @1994glg sweet dreams!

    • 1994glg
      1994glg Year ago

      I'm going to bed.

  • Nasya Rdz
    Nasya Rdz Year ago +3

    Esta película es lo mejor que pudo haber sacado Disney hasta ahora, rompe con muchos estereotipos que les ha tomado una eternidad soltar a los escritores en todas las series/películas adolescentes. Además el desarrollo de personajes fué magnífico, la fusión cultural y el soundtrack ni se diga!

    • Nasya Rdz
      Nasya Rdz Year ago

      @MICHAEL BHAU ?? Go find a comment where your opinion makes sense 💀

  • nokusu
    nokusu Year ago +2

    Watched it just now, i love how beautiful Rhea is and her music made me GOOSEBUMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 4TT4 Official
    4TT4 Official Year ago +3

    Thrill of cultures combined ! ❤️

  • Darsh!
    Darsh! Year ago +7

    As an Indian. I’m really happy with the movie and the music

  • Mitali
    Mitali Year ago

    I don't know but I cried watching it.
    I just love it and I am so proud to be an 🇮🇳

  • DurableProductions
    DurableProductions Year ago +49

    This film actually looks amazing!

  • The Toca girls🦋
    The Toca girls🦋 Year ago +69

    It sounds amazing I can’t wait to watch that

  • nobody
    nobody Year ago +1


  • Anhquynh
    Anhquynh Year ago +1

    i want disney to make music movies like this too, it's so good and fascinating

    MISS GURL💕 Year ago +60

    This is my favorite song now!!!

  • Shenika Outlaw
    Shenika Outlaw Year ago +40

    Rhea is so talented you go girl love u

  • ☁️AngelOnCloud9☁️

    Omg I love this song!!!!😍😍😍😍😍🥰🔥👍🏽

  • GRECIA KELLY Jurado Berdeja

    Beautiful❤️Cry when listening to this beautiful mix

  • Caitlin Sahadeo
    Caitlin Sahadeo Year ago +11

    This is officially on the top of the list of songs for me.

  • Girlie 4 Ever
    Girlie 4 Ever Year ago +25

    She is so beautiful and young talented teenager I ever seen. I am so proud of her. I never heard Bollywood in Disney before

    • Abhishek Devpuni
      Abhishek Devpuni Year ago +2

      Lol its a Hollywood movie not bollywood.all indian movie not be called bollywood like slumdog millionaire movie

    • sunitha vinod
      sunitha vinod Year ago +1


  • Khan Zaveriya
    Khan Zaveriya Year ago +16

    I'm glad so many people liked the Indian DJ spin
    Proud moment for an Indian
    For me !☺️😳

  • Sania Sultan
    Sania Sultan Year ago +3

    *Me being an Indian and Disney finally spreading Indian culture*

  • Bavesh Kanjee
    Bavesh Kanjee Year ago +1

    I'm proud to be a INDIAN may GOD BLESS YOU all family and friends AMEN 😘

  • Rakhi Prasad
    Rakhi Prasad Year ago +8

    She's so so amazing!

  • Aswina Bakthavaksalan

    I just watched the movie my face after the movie 😮 I love it so much the culture they brought to the movies was amazing and inspiring

  • isabelle boudreault
    isabelle boudreault 7 months ago +1

    I love this song!!!!!!

  • Meghna
    Meghna Year ago +4

    Nani has my heart. There should be someone like her in everyone’s life to uplift and support

  • Carmela Fernández Pallero

    I just added it to my playlist this is amazingly good I loved it 💕🎼
    Greetings and hugs from Argentina 💙

  • Jyotsana rai
    Jyotsana rai Year ago

    I am proud to be an Indian.🇮🇳🇮🇳Jay hind!!!

    EDITOR YT Year ago +45

    The girl got talent very nice

  • Vidita Narasimhan
    Vidita Narasimhan Year ago +1

    Feeling proud!! This is so good I cannot express... Ahhhhh ❤️❤️❤️

  • shar francisco
    shar francisco Year ago

    Filme lindo😍😍

  • Sharon Robinson
    Sharon Robinson 10 months ago +1

    Love it !

  • StarSick
    StarSick Year ago +21

    Rhea you inspire me sooo much... You awakened the party animal inside me. Now I also wanna be a DJ like you. Love you so much❤
    Happy Independence Day!

  • Eva Bellova
    Eva Bellova Year ago +1

    Amazing music ❤️

  • Cloud Panter
    Cloud Panter Year ago +1

    Yeah, its all in the music ! Love, emotions, culture , history, art and so uch more....so beautiful

  • Pragya Singh
    Pragya Singh Year ago +6

    I really love this song ❤️❤️😭😭 love you from India ❤️🇮🇳.

  • jacksonconnell
    jacksonconnell Year ago +10

    I didn't watch the film, but I was curious enough to go back and catch this. I. Was. HOOKED! Like... Woah! It was incredible, and made me feel bad for not seeing the entire film that lead up to this. Really amazing, I was in love the moment she started! 💗💗💗💗💗💗

  • kranthi nayee jampula

    This song literally makes me cry it's so touching

  • José Manuel De la Cruz Flores

    Me encanta 😍😍.

  • Archi ♥
    Archi ♥ Year ago +18

    This feels so good

  • Aurora Fallea
    Aurora Fallea Year ago +2

    absolutely gorgeous !! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Dead Skyy
    Dead Skyy Year ago +13

    I’ll be back when this video hits 1M views and she blows up 💙

  • Life With Leah
    Life With Leah Year ago

    I love this song! It's calming and exciting! I was listening to this song for exercising!❤️❤️❤️👏👏👏

  • Gamingmovie Pro
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    Been obsessed with this song for a week now and most likely for the rest of my life 🔥❤️

  • Salvine20
    Salvine20 Year ago +1

    Rhea your music is very amazing. Love you so much!!

  • •Tanjiro•
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