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Daemon Targaryen | Ambition

  • Published on Nov 1, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • «Dreams didn't make us kings. Dragons did.»
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  • Jesse JR
    Jesse JR  5 months ago +36

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    • Theodore Duggan
      Theodore Duggan Month ago

      Jesus ain't you right.
      This dude just CRUSHED it.

    • Türkçe Dublaj Editler
      Türkçe Dublaj Editler 2 months ago

      hello. how can you download the music without copyright?I also edit movies, but I can't share videos due to copyright.glad to help you with this

    • Daksh Banswal
      Daksh Banswal 4 months ago

      Can you make a series of videos like this on Harry Potter?

    • Ebipade Oweifie
      Ebipade Oweifie 4 months ago

      I don't know if your going to see this but i feel you should create a digital course on how to do this kind of videos and sell it, alot of people in your channel would love to know how to do this kind of videos

  • krrev
    krrev 4 months ago +711

    Hard to imagine someone playing the role any better

    • Hrishikesh Unni / Czech republic
      Hrishikesh Unni / Czech republic 2 days ago

      What about grey oldman doing the role

    • Bilal Ahmad
      Bilal Ahmad Month ago

      This has been said by many people but they're all wrong.

    • Eve91fitz
      Eve91fitz 2 months ago

      I knew Matt Smith was perfect for the role. Love him!

      FACTS FEED 2 months ago +3

      Fr man. When i see the casting. I was like wtf. Matt Smith as targeryn.
      Emma d'arcy, and paddy as viserys. Honestly only casting i liked before the show came out is aemond , and olivia cook as alicent Hightower . Now things have completely changed
      they proved me wrong. I'd love every casting except that mysaria one.
      She sucks

    • Christian George
      Christian George 2 months ago


  • Shadhi Ridhvan K
    Shadhi Ridhvan K 4 months ago +511

    Daemon's ambition is not for the throne it was for his brother's love

    • Layla Axe
      Layla Axe 14 days ago +1

      He wants to be by his brother’s side not rule but to be his right hand man

    • Yassine Nawar
      Yassine Nawar 17 days ago +1

      ​@Billy Wolf man u really didn't understand Daemon the last thing he cares about is the throne he only wanted to sit by his brother's side he wanted to be his shadow

    • Logan Zlotnick
      Logan Zlotnick 3 months ago

      if he truly wanted his brother’s love he would have served better as the master of coin

    • Bird Watcher
      Bird Watcher 3 months ago +4

      All Daemon ever wanted was to be something other than Vyseris' fuck-up loose cannon brother.

    • Alicia
      Alicia 4 months ago +21

      @Billy Wolf Daemon doesn't want the throne. He's looking for a legacy and to restore House Targaryen. That's why he was loyal to his family till the very end. A true dragon.

  • TheYoungGamer
    TheYoungGamer 4 months ago +279

    Daemon is so complex. Or at least chaotic. He serves the crown but he does it in his own way. He wanted to protect his brother, win wars for him, keep him safe, but he was pushed away. He cleaned out the city of criminals, won the war against the triarchy, tried to live quietly, all to either help his brother or do what he wanted. He doesn't openly fight his brother but he also doesn't just do whatever he's told. And with Rhaenyra he is the same. He does things in service to her, to help her gain what he believes she deserves. I think his main fault (ignoring the murdering and incest) is that he doesn't care much for what they actually want. He doesn't really think about how they will react to what he does, he simply just does things for them that he thinks will help them. It's kind of like he's bullshitting his way through life cause he doesn't actually know how to have a healthy relationship because everyone is always trying to kill him and his family. He's a bit childish, pouting when he was kicked out for "coupling" with his niece and throwing violent tantrums when he's insulted in some way. I feel like even Rhaenyra walks on eggshells with him a bit as well. Like he could go off at any moments notice. Because he does. He's impulsive and violent without a care about what other people think because, as he put it, he's a dragon and his word is law and truth. But he doesn't put himself on the throne, he's too wild for it, but he will make sure that others see his family's words as law and truth if it's the last thing he does. I'm just worried that he might be tired of it after all these years. That his brother never fully trusted him, that Rhaenyra doesn't want what he wants or at least isn't taking the same route to achieve it that he wants to take.
    It's amazing how well written his character is and how Matt Smith brings him to life. And this video showed him quite well.

    • priyanshu sahu
      priyanshu sahu 9 days ago

      Wow! Great description......

    • Bird Watcher
      Bird Watcher 3 months ago

      @SwiftFox Productions In all fairness, in the show he gave Laena a lot more of a chance than he gave his first wife.

    • venes
      venes 4 months ago +1

      this is by far the best character analysis of daemon ive read

    • Lushiøs
      Lushiøs 4 months ago +6

      @SwiftFox Productions Yup, damn Daemon and Rhaenyra for being such unnecessarily complex and fascinating characters 😏
      Maybe saying he might have been "happy" was a bit much, especially after something like that happening, but I don't think he was bitter either. Similar to how I seem to recall Milly Alcock saying that reading young Rhaenyra's true feelings is often about the (micro)expressions of her mouth, I believe Daemon reveals his true self through his eyes - e.g. the intense "give me an excuse" stares towards Otto, his many soft gazes at Rhaenyra. As we've clearly demonstrated here, the smile can be interpreted numerous ways, but I completely failed to take his gaze in consideration; to me, its not the look of bitterness, defeat, happiness, or pride... I have no clue what it is but it feels like a warm look to me, which makes sense considering I saw his expression as he grabbed Rhaenyra to be one of genuine concern. To be fair, he did look angry just before he let her go but that could've been him being angry with himself for snapping and taking his frustrations out on Rhaenyra, or maybe him having difficulty coming to terms with the fact that with this revelation, Rhaenyra has officially surpassed him as the alpha in not only the relationship but also as a Targaryen...? Why can't Season 2 come sooner?! 😂
      "Submissive" was never a word I imagined I'd use when describing Daemon "The Rogue Prince" Targaryen but here we are! This show started with it early and seems to really be going all-in on the idea that the only one who can "tame the dragon" is Rhaenyra; might have something to do with her being the Blood of the Dragon herself... Daemon usually has this unnecessarily-attractive arrogance to him that made it immediately noticeable that he behaved differently when returning to Rhaenyra, and I think her sight being so fixed on him from the moment he climbed those steps was her also noticing something was off about his behaviour - he doesn't meet her gaze until he is practically forced to when he has to lead her away from the table.

    • SwiftFox Productions
      SwiftFox Productions 4 months ago +9

      ​@Lushiøs Yeah, Daemon and Rhaenyra are just a nightmare to discuss 'cause, no matter what, one always seems to end up writing essay-length comments. 😂Like you said, we’ll probably never know one way or another with Daemon but, just to give my personal interpretation for fun… I actually didn’t read the expression on Daemon’s face at the end of the "choking scene" as a smile. Or at least not a smile of happiness. At best, I think it’s maybe more of a bitter smile...??? I actually read it as him accepting that Rhaenyra has just outed him as she always does and since he can’t actually let himself be vulnerable, he just has nothing left that he can say about it. I actually see something a little sad and defeated in Daemon in that moment. ‘Cause the brother he loved and is freshly mourning has just slapped him in the face from beyond the grave (or that’s how Daemon would see it anyway). Now, Daemon can’t accept the dream being too important ‘cause then it hurts more that he wasn’t trusted with it. And since Rhaenyra has just called him on all that and he is incapable of saying he’s sorry or admitting that she’s right out loud, he just has no choice but to leave it all unsaid.
      Yeah, I think referring to Daemon as submissive after that is an appropriate description! I can definitely see his body language in the very last scene as a combination of submissiveness, as well as, navigating the delicacy of having to give Rhaenyra the worst news a mother could hear. I absolutely agree that it will be very interesting to see how their relationship progresses from here! 🤔

  • Valentin Roux
    Valentin Roux 4 months ago +354

    This character is so strange, powerful, dangerous and attractive.. we have to applause the unique Matt Smith.
    Daemon would have been such an iconic king.

      DDRAGONZ 2 months ago

      He would have been a better king than his brother. He was more aware of the people around him - not only in the court but also on the streets. And despite the rough facade, he is the better man too -- his brother chose to sacrifice his wife so he can get a son, Daemon didn't want to sacrifice Laena for a son... He didn't allow the Sea Snake to talk bad about his brother... He didn't finish off Ser Cole after he knocked him down (only to get attacked by him in the back )... He was protective of Rhaenyra and her children, kind to his daughters... So many details that show just how awesome this guy is! You can't help but love him, despite his imperfections. Daemon's character has so much dept...

    • Nigel Philip
      Nigel Philip 3 months ago

      Congrats you have described the meaning of dragon

    • Alicia
      Alicia 4 months ago

      I don't know about king. He's a great warrior though.

    • Alex Rinaldi
      Alex Rinaldi 4 months ago

      good carachter but like king absolutly not!

    • Esther Xie
      Esther Xie 4 months ago +5

      @Wonipowa exactly. Daemon is the most interesting character. I really hope the show will give Daemon more screen time in season 2.

    CONCEPTS J.R.S. 4 months ago +156

    Beautifully done brother. I knew your Daemon video was around the corner; you killed it, all the way through. Matt Smith won me over immediately in this role and the more I read about how much he improvised, only made me love this character more.

    • Jesse JR
      Jesse JR  4 months ago +1

      thank you so much brother

  • Dino Studio - một bức ảnh, ngàn lời nói

    "You can keep your tongue", this is the epic moment of Daemon Targaryen

      DIEDRE JOHNSON 4 months ago

      @Ruhrpottpatriot no by

    • HB
      HB 4 months ago

      @rohan shende truth speakers don't generally do well in the game of thrones.

    • rohan shende
      rohan shende 4 months ago +2

      @Ruhrpottpatriot Exactly. Which is why HISTORY remembers Aegon 2 as the rightful king and Rhaenyra is known as the usurper

    • Ruhrpottpatriot
      Ruhrpottpatriot 4 months ago +10

      @rohan shende As Corlys put it: History doesn't remember blood, it remembers names. So he can keep his tongue for telling things nobody will remember.

  • Ghilzai
    Ghilzai 4 months ago +45

    Awesome character played by an amazing actor. Grey , evil , wicked whatever he might be , the audience cant look away when the rogue prince is on the screen.

  • soul
    soul 4 months ago +51

    Daemon Targaryen. Love his character so much, his character has so many facets, which make you love him, hate him,desire him, and want to be him.

  • Alexander Kenway
    Alexander Kenway 4 months ago +55

    Daemon's such an awesome character

  • JS Films
    JS Films 4 months ago +53

    This was amazing man, the first music is so perfect and fitting for Daemon, so hyped for season 2 of peak!

  • mel paradis
    mel paradis 4 months ago +20

    A lot of people talk about how great matt was in this (and I absolutely agree, loved him ever since the 11th doctor), but I just have to say: this edit was INSANE!
    You captured daemons character in such an accurate way! his chaotic, sometimes ruthless nature, the love for his brother, his restlessness, his relationship with rhaenyra... the way you connected the visuals with quotes of the show and used THAT to underline his character even more ... This edit felt like it had a complete arc, almost like a little film! It was just PERFECT!
    The BEST Daemon edit I have seen so far (and believe me i have seen a looooot lol)
    loved every second and definitely will watch it more than once

  • Lucius M
    Lucius M 3 months ago +16

    “The throne? I would gladly take it. But if it’s not for me, then as long as there is my blood sitting on it, i would bleed for them. But I won’t die for them. If i do, who will be there to protect the fool?”

  • Michael Redford
    Michael Redford 4 months ago +30

    There's that one line where he slightly threatened Corlys that he may not speak ill of the King, I really loved that line but it is hardly used in any of the edits I've seen of Daemon recently.

    • Brandan Palmer
      Brandan Palmer 2 months ago +1

      “I can speak about my brother any was I wish. You. Will Not.”

    • SwiftFox Productions
      SwiftFox Productions 4 months ago +11

      Agreed. That line really sums up Daemon in many ways. He may appear to clash with Viserys but, he will always defend his family with his last breath. No one is allowed to cross Viserys or Rhaenyra when he's around (as Corlys' brother, Vaemond, found out the hard way...)

  • VentusBruma
    VentusBruma 4 months ago +16

    As many issues as Daemon had, I'm convinced he and Viserys would have been a team to be reckoned with if Otto wasn't there being the snake he was causing division.

    ROGUE PRINCE 4 months ago +15

    We need more Daemon in S2 and further

  • Lᴜɪ́s
    Lᴜɪ́s  4 months ago +10

    Awesome character in an amazing show. Dreams didnt make us kings. Dragons did.

  • Gentle_Orange
    Gentle_Orange 4 months ago +18

    Daemon is a great character ^-^ this edit is amazing

  • Jin Woo Lee
    Jin Woo Lee 4 months ago +2

    The best Daemon tribute I have watched so far on Clip-Share. Believe me, I have watched a lot of them by now.

  • Brandan Palmer
    Brandan Palmer 2 months ago +2

    Daemon is so amazingly complex of a character, but I think one thing is clear. Unlike what Otto said Daemon didn’t want the throne. He never did. All he wanted was his big brothers love, but as he said, all he feels his brother ever did was try to send him away, throw him away. Daemon is not innocent by any means. He has done truly truly horrible things. But much of his actions are a mixture of coping mechanisms, deflections, distractions. Your big brother can’t push you away if you push him away first. If you crack jokes about dead babies no one will see how heartbroken you really are. If you steal an egg and make a scandal, or win a war maybe you’ll finally get your brothers attention.
    But at the end of it all, with his brother rotting while living, stumbling to his throne he picks him up, and carries him to that throne himself. He places the fallen crown on his head. There isn’t a second thought. There is nothing but love and regret in his eyes. It’s truly amazing stuff.

  • Autismo
    Autismo 4 months ago +14

    It drives me crazy that I don't see more people talking about his reaction to Rhaneys telling him they named Aegon king. He says "You could have burned them all." I think there might be a touch of the Mad King in Daemon.

    • Stevo Staple
      Stevo Staple 2 months ago

      @Mr J yea daemon was saying straight facts in ep 10 sadly he did some bad things this ep

    • Mr J
      Mr J 2 months ago +3

      Yup but it's true. Rheneys could've ended it all right there

  • Pratham Lokhande
    Pratham Lokhande 4 months ago +15

    He is fucking badass !!🔥🔥

  • AdzzieMac Edits
    AdzzieMac Edits 4 months ago +7

    HOTD is a 10/10 series I recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it yet

  • Monika Byun
    Monika Byun 4 months ago +4

    Well done! Daemon is my favorite character. He is someone who I would want to have my back.

  • Kevin Diaz
    Kevin Diaz 2 months ago +6

    Funny how ottoo said all those things about daemon and yet it was his side of the family (greens) who almost destroyed the realm 😂

  • Amit the RCBian
    Amit the RCBian 2 months ago +7

    The most fearless man in Westros even dragons respect him. 🔥🔥🔥

  • Burl900
    Burl900 Month ago

    The dragon within grew restless and could not stay in hibernation. He is one of my favorite characters in a song of ice and fire.

  • Puspita Das
    Puspita Das 2 months ago

    In the last few episodes I missed Daemon speaking Valyrian. That must change in season 2. I absolutely loved Daemon and Rhaenyra's conversations in valyrian.
    And where is the long heir? Please get his long heir back 🥺

  • Chippewa Guy
    Chippewa Guy 4 months ago +10

    I hate I watched this show already. Now I have to wait two years to see more

    • E001
      E001 4 months ago

      1.5 ... April 2024

  • Ebipade Oweifie
    Ebipade Oweifie 4 months ago +3

    If there is one thing house of dragon taught us is that we should keep our family closer to maintain the legacy

  • Al RNL
    Al RNL 4 months ago +5

    Wow Jesse, it was a brilliant work, 7 minutes of pure and great talent! Very well edited

  • little joey
    little joey Month ago

    Bro you need to do a rick grimes tribute in the future with your talent and such a beautiful character it would be crazy

  • PyroSync
    PyroSync 4 months ago

    Loved this, Jesse! Awesome storytelling 🙌

  • AJ Floukru
    AJ Floukru 4 months ago +5

    this was an amazing edit I've enjoyed watching this masterpiece, I haven't watched this show as yet, but I will soon

  • Ragnar
    Ragnar 4 months ago +1

    Awesome edit,and people wonder why Daemon is such a fan favourite .

  • Shehroz Adil
    Shehroz Adil Month ago +1

    Absolutely beautiful ❤

    KNIGHT NXK 4 months ago +3

    Daemon 6:07 opressed ofthers with his power, but from other perspective i see him as someone who has balls to go over and beyond for his kin. that's how i felt in this clip
    He will use any means necessary, without any regret at all to secure the position of their family. I respect that. and yes it is super crazy and psycho like, but still. He has what it takes to gain power for his side, it's a rare talent.
    Anyway, he can be cruel and yari yare yada, he is a mix of both good and evil, you cannot know what he will do or think, makes him higly unpredictable. When you are born into a royal family with dragons, you are not an ordinary human anymore, you have resources and you are able to pull the power from wherever you wish if you want to and you know how to. He played on his strings.
    For me he is nor good nor bad character personality-vise, but what i can see is that he had some kind of love and respect towards viserys til the end, even tho they both had multiple fights and disagreements.

  • Mugen
    Mugen 4 months ago +14

    Loved him since the beginning, roque prince ftw

  • May Boom
    May Boom 4 months ago +5

    Dramatic und truthfull, I love it!

  • KillerQueen
    KillerQueen Month ago +1

    I've finally I watched "House of Dragon" and Daemon is definitely my favourite character 😅 I love the way you show him in your edit, you just captured him so well - awesome job ❤

  • Sassy
    Sassy Month ago

    Can't wait for season 2, to think he is bad-ass in season 1, I can only imagine what season 2 will be like.

  • Sharrpp
    Sharrpp 4 months ago +6

    your editing is on another level jesse

  • Wyatt Rota
    Wyatt Rota 4 months ago +3

    "valyria is gone, we don't belong anywhere" that might have some truth to it

  • A
    A 4 months ago

    Amazing work!

  • Caterina D'Angelo
    Caterina D'Angelo 4 months ago +3

    Only his voice Is the show , his face Is the show!!!!

  • joyful mindset
    joyful mindset 4 months ago +1

    You would get views you deserve in a more fun and emotional way.Keep doing multifandoms with more striking titles.

  • Mari Moore
    Mari Moore Month ago

    i have always wanted to see dungeons and dragons it looks so good

  • Lauto
    Lauto 3 months ago

    damn you killed this, like actually murdered. you definitely deserve more views.

  • mbarekkk souad
    mbarekkk souad 4 months ago +13

    Matt smith is just great 🥰

  • Christian Padron
    Christian Padron 3 months ago +2

    His ambition is Dragons. He Controls them with his Mind, and sings to them.....

  • David
    David 4 months ago +3

    such a good portrayal,good job brother.

  • Jk
    Jk 4 months ago +10

    best character in the show by far

  • Aedvinious
    Aedvinious 4 months ago +1

    We’ll done, as always! Loved it!

  • Cody Atkins
    Cody Atkins 4 months ago +3

    Reminds me of Vegeta. Such a beautiful shade of gray! Huge fan 🤘🏻

  • Ana Clarisa Arrosio
    Ana Clarisa Arrosio 3 months ago +1

    I really look up to this man a lot i dont only lust on him but also see him as an adult figure

    ANGXLINA 4 months ago +4

    This is just perfection

  • Emanuela Manucci
    Emanuela Manucci 4 months ago +7

    MATT lo interpreta in modo fantastico ❤️👍

  • Viktor Petrov
    Viktor Petrov 3 months ago +1

    The first 2:50 is superb!

  • Gigi Pretty
    Gigi Pretty 4 months ago

    That was superb editing 😘🤌🏻

  • CJJK
    CJJK 4 months ago +3

    Fantastic as always. Keep it up 👍

  • Ana Clarisa Arrosio
    Ana Clarisa Arrosio 3 months ago +1

    Deamon knew from the very first moment about Ottos manipulative plan

  • no need
    no need 4 months ago +2

    Goosebumps! 😎😎

  • May Boom
    May Boom 4 months ago +1

    I love the change of music and theme in the middle of the video.

  • Madiha khan Yousufzai
    Madiha khan Yousufzai 15 days ago

    GOD I love him!!!

  • Cody Atkins
    Cody Atkins 4 months ago +1

    🔥🐉🔥🐉🔥🐉🔥I'm surprised Jesse jr didn't use the scene of him dragging the Crab King out of the cave. (Unless I missed it) :X Good video 👌🏼

  • K.S Edits
    K.S Edits 4 months ago

    This is incredible!!

  • Laudy Daudy
    Laudy Daudy 4 months ago

    You killed it as always :). Well done edit.

  • Erkin Egmklw
    Erkin Egmklw 4 months ago

    Amazing video🔥 you should do one for Kratos👍👍👍

  • Susan Ajayi
    Susan Ajayi 4 months ago +3

    I was ENGAGED! This is sooo good🥹

  • EZDE X
    EZDE X 4 months ago +1

    Good shit bro!!! This the first video I’m seeing from you ! I love it keep it up big bro!

  • Jon Barnes
    Jon Barnes Month ago

    where do you get the high quality footage from for your edits?

  • Dana Nicole
    Dana Nicole 4 months ago


  • Toochukwu UZOHUE
    Toochukwu UZOHUE 4 months ago

    I want to start learning editing movie videos
    Where do I get the movie footage?
    What application do I use to compile it?
    I really like watching videos like this it gives me purpose to move on.
    Any help please?

  • Feron Igigi Draconian Nephilim Starseed

    i love him bravo

  • Drakther Hellscream
    Drakther Hellscream 10 days ago

    Daemon is best person in HoT,for now ...

  • Lᴜɪ́s
    Lᴜɪ́s  4 months ago

    The gods give just as the gods take away.

  • Srikar Vedula
    Srikar Vedula 4 months ago +4

    My fav Daemon Targaryen

  • dawijcho
    dawijcho 4 months ago +1

    Just brilliant

  • AdzzieMac Edits
    AdzzieMac Edits 4 months ago

    Brilliantly made! 👏

  • Jonathan Flores
    Jonathan Flores 4 months ago +1

    You most definitely earned a subscriber

  • Soul
    Soul 4 months ago

    have u ever thought of doing a Great Gatsby inspired video? it would be a banger imo

  • Golden
    Golden Month ago

    well done good sir

  • Danny B
    Danny B 4 months ago +3

    Daemon is the fucking man.

  • Ana Clarisa Arrosio
    Ana Clarisa Arrosio 3 months ago

    Incredible character and i see what he wanted was to protect his brother and all his loved ones , i love him and thinking with my brain i cant wait to see him destroying the greens, destroy them please Daemon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joseph Darwish
    Joseph Darwish 4 months ago

    Never disappoint

  • Jair Ambriz
    Jair Ambriz 4 months ago +1

    Fucking masterpiece

  • Izan Tzafer
    Izan Tzafer 4 months ago

    Awesome video

  • EZDE X
    EZDE X 4 months ago +1

    Bro I’m sorry I’m here again YOU JUST KILLED IT Bro bro !!

  • Yash Sehgal
    Yash Sehgal 4 months ago

    awesome Work.. I LOve This

  • made on Earth
    made on Earth 2 months ago +1

    best fictional series after game of thrones!! in my opinion

  • Usama Mustafa
    Usama Mustafa Month ago

    This is soooooo good 🔥😭🔥

  • İbrahim_Sukurov
    İbrahim_Sukurov 2 months ago

    hello. how can you download the music without copyright?I also edit movies, but I can't share videos due to copyright.glad to help you with this

  • Stevo Staple
    Stevo Staple 4 months ago +1

    Beautiful edit, I love the war music and shit with him. Ohh audio machine that's why it reminded me of two steps from.hell

  • Ana Clarisa Arrosio
    Ana Clarisa Arrosio 3 months ago +2

    I feel inlove with the wrong person of the show but i am still team black and i am going to be cheering for them

  • Sam Burns
    Sam Burns 2 months ago +1

    With this video, in my opinion, you slugged a home run that traveled over 500 feet. Great video of my favorite HotD character. He steals virtually all the scenes that he's in.

    LOG D JOHN 4 months ago +2

    Now thats an amazing edti for HOD

  • Ronin
    Ronin 4 months ago +2

    straight badass

  • Mason
    Mason 4 months ago +2

    This is🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Carla Taylor
    Carla Taylor Month ago

    Excellent video

  • Ana Clarisa Arrosio
    Ana Clarisa Arrosio 3 months ago

    If i was Daemon i would have burned Lord Hightower , yes i said it but i am sure he thought about it 1000 times