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He was OUT the day after 😂🌿 | Joe Rogan - Joey Diaz


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  • Dash Man
    Dash Man 2 months ago +56005

    I can’t explain it, it’s just the way he says certain things I’m instantly drawn in. A class storyteller.

    • Thomas M Leahy
      Thomas M Leahy 16 days ago

      ​@scoobyKeeped?? More funnier? How about funnier, or funniest?

    • Honest GAME station
      Honest GAME station 20 days ago

      He's engaging his speech and clarity his mannerism and pacing

    • Love
      Love 23 days ago

      Right 💜💜💜💜👍🏿😊

    • Jaden Spangler
      Jaden Spangler Month ago


    • Ray Finkledink
      Ray Finkledink Month ago

      It's a Jersey, new york thing.

  • Nuttzers
    Nuttzers Month ago +6172

    Joey's dropped a couple 1,000mg stars of death on his old podcast with Lee, so if he says they're lying, HE'S PROBABLY RIGHT!!

    • theseaweedguy
      theseaweedguy 18 hours ago

      ​@Emil Tuverot 28 grams in 1 ounce. Living in the US these r regular conversions when buying weed lol

    • theseaweedguy
      theseaweedguy 18 hours ago

      The stars of death are also 250mg. Like 1 star is 250mg. I think he said it was the purple ones that were the strongest. But apparently these bars are stronger which is why he's saying they're more than 250mg

    • Chris Day
      Chris Day 2 days ago

      ​@BGSknkLrd no they're not, some people have a specific enzyme in their liver that doesn't allow the liver to process THC for the 'high' factos

    • That GamerGuy
      That GamerGuy 2 days ago

      Nah straight up certain strains are more potent
      Like when testing the LethalDose50 of thc on rats it depended on strain and gender 800mg/kg(really potent strains) up to 1900mg/kg(not so potent) so they could’ve just extracted from a more potent strain it could also deal with if you’re extracting from 6star bubble hash (90-120 micron particles of marijuana [fully mature trichomes are104]). Or some trim that doesn’t have matured trichomes
      So it’s possible even if it hits much harder it’s not lying about the amount

    • Peenus_cancer
      Peenus_cancer 2 days ago

      It’s all jus weed y’all act like it ain’t all the same shit

  • DrKatuhstrofik
    DrKatuhstrofik Month ago +2117

    "dawg you gotta see pictures of me"
    That shit KILLED me. What a great story teller.

    • The Reptard
      The Reptard 29 days ago +1

      You didnt laugh at that

    • Saier Hill
      Saier Hill Month ago

      Facts bro shit sent me 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Jeohran Alfhir
      Jeohran Alfhir Month ago

      @INiko Jesus love us so much that you don't have to look for convertees on fucking youtube

    • INiko
      INiko Month ago +3

      Jesus loves you so much he died for you he wants to be your friend accept him before it's too late the rapture is soon God bless you and your family ❤ ❤

    • INiko
      INiko Month ago +5

      Jesus loves you so much he died for you accept him before his return ❤,

  • Josh M
    Josh M Month ago +161

    He's that uncle that always has stories that makes the room go quiet when he speaks

  • Square root of piE
    Square root of piE Month ago +2

    God I can’t believe I’ll probably live to see the day this man goes, Joey is truly a gem, I hope only the best for him and his loved ones, one of the funniest people I’ll ever know 🙏

  • brrclappa
    brrclappa 2 months ago +4979

    every 3-4 words this dude spits out either has me smiling or laughing. absolute king.

    • MikeY
      MikeY 2 months ago +1

      @Brother DJ Keep living your life according to, and praying to an imaginary dude if it makes your life meaningful, but I for one love to live freely and i want to do things my oen way. Not according to a book from long ago

    • Trip Tfout
      Trip Tfout 2 months ago +2

      @Róbert Juščák everyone can live in peace and harmony if people just be cool

    • Trip Tfout
      Trip Tfout 2 months ago +2

      @Róbert Juščák ask yourself why the idea of God pissses you off. Do you not like being told what to do? You don’t like authority ? Idk man , people only get mad at somthting if it reflects something about themselves . So why is it that God offends you so much

    • Trip Tfout
      Trip Tfout 2 months ago +2

      @Róbert Juščák I do respect them , cause I’m a nice person and I’m kind to others 👍 , if I meet a flat earther I’m gonna be kind, it’s who I am .

    • Róbert Juščák
      Róbert Juščák 2 months ago

      @Trip Tfout earth could be flat too u know 🤡 respect their opinion

  • Ghostie
    Ghostie Month ago +14

    My uncle is Joey’s agent, he sounds like this literally all the time-it’s never even close to a lie when he tells stories like this-and that’s what makes him one of my favorite comedians of all time

    • Thomas
      Thomas Month ago

      That's crazy, my uncle is his agent too!

  • Big Kid Barone
    Big Kid Barone Month ago

    I love this guy..I remember I got a 500 MG bar and gave a quarter of it away..thank god..I didn't even make the kid pay me after that. I thanked him for keeping me from eating all of it

  • DukeLukem
    DukeLukem Month ago +623

    this is the best advertising you could get, let joey tell a story about your product

    • Trotterhorse Watson Jr.
      Trotterhorse Watson Jr. Month ago +1

      I love to listen to Italians talk. When I was a kid, our neighborhood was turning black, my neighbor Ms. fanny refused to move and made friends with my aunt. Years later I found out they were more than friends. Short story, to a long one. She spoke just like joey, and I fell in love with the language. Think about it a black kid cussing out his teacher in Italian....my aunt did not talk to Ms. Fanny for a week. But Ms. Fanny loved cooking for me, and my aunt(no clue at the time) and whenever she cooked her Ravioli, all was well between them. I can hear Ms. Fanny's voice in Joey's voice. It's really cool. I copied this. To remember Ms Fanny's voice.

    • cambell porter
      cambell porter Month ago +2

      ​@NovaRedHead 👆

    • cambell porter
      cambell porter Month ago +1


    • cambell porter
      cambell porter Month ago +1

      ​@Cheyenne Crystal I'll refer you to this mate ordered from em they got Dmt LSD chocolate Bar, mushroom and other psych product as well.

    • NovaRedHead
      NovaRedHead Month ago +7

      Shut up and take my money. I'll have 5 🤣🤣

    NOBLE XII Month ago +12

    I love how Joey says his whole name when he calls him out , DONT YOU START THIS SHIT WITH ME JOE ROGAN 😂

  • Dante Ponte
    Dante Ponte 2 months ago +11908

    Joey: “it’s a thing called moon okeh?“
    Also Joey: “ it’s a chawclate bawr “
    Thanks for the likes lmll stay blessed ladies nd gents

    • Poncuk Kizim
      Poncuk Kizim Month ago

      🤣🙏💞 thx bro u2!

    • Ronaldo Felix
      Ronaldo Felix Month ago +1

      ​@MostDopeDanks I was thinking the same thing when I heard it 😂

    • J J
      J J Month ago

      @Dante Ponte You know naff all about me so stop with your assumptions. It's simple..you're brainwashed & I'm not ! Coming at me all 'high n mighty' (pun intended) thinking you know everything ! I gave an opinion which is a fact also. I will not entertain this bs any longer...'Christ knows' there's no getting through to the indoctrinated mind. Sour gits the lot of you. Let's hope you don't need medical help anytime soon. A prayer should suffice for you..you won't need the doctors ! I made a reasonable statement. But the responses I've had from you believers makes me appreciate my rational thinking even more. Toodle pip !

    • Dante Ponte
      Dante Ponte Month ago

      @J Jyeh freedom of speech nobody asked for loll everything was fine nd dandy till u came along wit a bitter comment like u wanna be a internet thug do tht crap elsewhere or better yet pick a fight outside or sumthing maybe you’ll come back with a better self esteem

    • J J
      J J Month ago

      @Dante Ponte Are you replying to me ? If so address my name. Who tf are you to stop my freedom of speech ? And 'he' is a she you ignorant fool.

  • LaFeaClipz
    LaFeaClipz Month ago +293

    He ain’t lying I bought a pack of some and ate half a bar cause it said 250 and I have high tolerance and that shit hit 🔥🤣

    • LaFeaClipz
      LaFeaClipz Month ago +2

      @The Cartload Show I get them on weed maps here In Cali

    • LaFeaClipz
      LaFeaClipz Month ago +1

      @Reina Macaren-a nah they just good thc edibles from dispensaries they smack

    • Reina Macaren-a
      Reina Macaren-a Month ago

      Never heard of it. What's in it, caffeine❓️

    • Wong Louis
      Wong Louis Month ago

      @The Cartload Show Read my messages Above all over again

    • The Cartload Show
      The Cartload Show Month ago +1

      @Wong Louis what store

  • Cam Kornacki
    Cam Kornacki Month ago

    LOL I love the way uncle Joey tells stories! And it's weird with edibles there have been times where I had bought a 500 mg cereal bar and it didn't do shit and other times where I would buy like a 200 mg candy bar or something and it would have me fifty shades of fucked up lol and it's all from dispensaries I live in Montana and it's recreational here although that doesn't necessarily mean the edibles are regulated

  • FendiCarter
    FendiCarter Month ago +1

    Joey Diaz has such a compelling tone and voice that I would literally follow him to the end of the world 😂

  • rayton white
    rayton white 28 days ago

    This guy really lived his life to the fullest. 💯 %

    SAUCE T!NY Month ago +13

    That “But they’re lying to you” always gets me 😂😂

  • Juan Leyva
    Juan Leyva Month ago +30

    They need him to narrate a good gangster movie in the future.

  • Estrella Casias
    Estrella Casias Month ago +1

    I wanna invite this guy to a party like he's everybody's favourite uncle

  • draya
    draya Month ago +3

    He's so fucking charismatic and cool! Everyone should have a friend like Joey in life! You will forever laugh and have them good laughs that hurt with tears 😭 he reminds me so much of my Dad it's amazing! In highschool, my friends and my boyfriend and his friends were ALWAYS at my house just blowing and cracking up with my dad, he's the coolest realest person I've ever had in my life 🤣🤣🤣💀🤩

  • Aty
    Aty Month ago

    Every time i watch this man i laugh in the first 2-5 seconds for no much reason

  • Paul Smyth
    Paul Smyth Month ago

    Joey Diaz is genuinely one of the funniest and most gifted story tellers on the planet....I can and have listened to him all day.... the pirate booty story is one of my favorites.... I've also seen him eat multiple stars of death, and if he says they're lying, I believe him.... and I really really want to eat a moon bar...10 fuckin dollars dawg 🤣🤣😍😍 love this dude

  • Dustin Larkin
    Dustin Larkin Month ago

    I wish I could tell stories as good as Joey.

  • ExoSkullZ
    ExoSkullZ Month ago +2

    Joey's the type of guy who has a story to explain the details in his story 💀

  • John Wick
    John Wick 2 months ago +22542

    The "dawg you gotta see pictures of me" explained it all

    • O A
      O A Month ago


    • Eli Baugh
      Eli Baugh Month ago

      Literally the best part

    • Lukas Prien
      Lukas Prien Month ago


    • The Confused One
      The Confused One Month ago

      ​@Uh SÍ that chocolate covered marshmallow sounds familiar, is it "JUNK" by Leif Goods? If so we ate the same thing and i passed tf out when i only had 3, pieces, man i'm weak

    • armchair satanic advocate
      armchair satanic advocate Month ago

      @Uh SÍ wow you built different huh. kinda pathetic tbh--or, sorry maybe it was your first time consuming any kind of cannabis. boomers like Joe & Joey talk abt bud like whites in the 90s--like it's lsd mixed with acid lmao. it doesn't take you outta your mind unless you're bipolar or schizo, in which case it can legit trigger an episode

  • The_Unabashed_Truth w/La Donna

    I love 💕 Joey….he makes my soul smile 😊

  • brian morrissey
    brian morrissey Month ago

    He always comes off like that one cool uncle that talks shit and tells you war stories all day, never a dull moment 😆 🤣

  • Jeffery Ball sr.

    Gotta love Joey Diaz,,he's gangsta all da way!😂

  • Richie Ricky
    Richie Ricky Month ago

    Joey is a dude you could sit on the porch with an chill all day - ahahaha he is a true human , accepts all people an is down for a good time !

  • Tony Camaj
    Tony Camaj 2 months ago +975

    “I don’t mind being lied to.” Joeys one of the funniest dudes out there.

  • michael miller
    michael miller Month ago +9

    I hope I can meet Joey before I die, he's like a cursing teddy bear lol.

  • Daniel DeVito
    Daniel DeVito Month ago

    I'll always love this guy because he stood up against Doc Ock for Spider Man on the train

  • jmika
    jmika Month ago

    Honesty is everything. You got to love him

  • Patrick D
    Patrick D Month ago

    They’re still lying 😂😂 I live in California where moon bars are sold in many dispensaries. Back when they were 250mg it was one of the strongest edible highs I’ve ever had. There’s a 100mg limit now in California but the moon bars are still around and I can tell you they are definitely MUCH MORE than 100mg regardless of what the package says 😂

  • paynts
    paynts 2 months ago +7839

    Joey is a global treasure

    • Samir Abazi
      Samir Abazi Month ago

      ​@MIKE VZHARI lol he is more relevant & revered than your whole lineage combined, bro.
      Stop hatin'.
      Stay safe.

    • HerboSmoker
      HerboSmoker Month ago

      ​@MIKE VZHARIhe's a better man than you

    • Mk
      Mk 2 months ago +5


    • Cliffbowls
      Cliffbowls 2 months ago +3

      Joey is a waste of an episode of jre

    • Omicron Lyrae
      Omicron Lyrae 2 months ago

      A global fatty that's gonna die of any one of the dozens of obesity related health issues lmao 🤣🤣🤣

  • Reginald Riggins
    Reginald Riggins Month ago

    This guy is great I seen him in so many films and he's a great actor I love listening to him speak He's very funny

    • Fire Edits
      Fire Edits  Month ago

      the most political comment i've seen under a joey diaz video 💀

  • James Clemons
    James Clemons Month ago

    The more I hear these guys the more I realize my friends and I are STONERS!!! 😂😂😂😂 I can eat 500 and be rocked but still work the next day no problem lol

  • ThatGrumpyChick
    ThatGrumpyChick Month ago +1

    This guy is the type of guy the sit on a stool by a shop front, shelling peas and everyone young and old comes and sit in front of him and listens to his stories

  • 1rome_empire
    1rome_empire Month ago +53

    If that chocolate was strong enough to take uncle Joey out then yea they definitely forgot to add an extra 0 lmao

    • 1rome_empire
      1rome_empire 20 days ago

      @coldest ML fireflies? That's some strong ass chocolate 😭

    • coldest ML
      coldest ML 20 days ago

      Didn't know chocolate can make you high til I was seeing fireflies and realizing the day after

    • ThisIsMyName
      ThisIsMyName Month ago +1

      2 extra zeros*

  • BillyBobTurtle
    BillyBobTurtle 2 months ago +5233

    "250, but they lie to you. Which I like. I like being lied to" 😂

    • Moses
      Moses Month ago

      Joey also lying when he says 10 dollars. Good luck finding any edible in a store that’s 250mg for ten bucks

    • Teresa
      Teresa Month ago

      ​@Mel n Liz factually incorrect. Save your misogyny for your mom, who had the audacity to shit you out

    • Curtis Gregor
      Curtis Gregor Month ago +2

      Thanks for quoting what we all literally just watched.

    • Accelerator Magazine
      Accelerator Magazine Month ago

      @casedgod Yep, nearly 5,000 likes now. Don't think up ur owm comments, just pick a line from another comment and "quote" it. Glad you liked it cause he is a phuking boss.

    • casedgod
      casedgod Month ago +2

      you quoted that shit perfectly bro! 😂

  • TecateGPT
    TecateGPT Month ago

    When I watch Joe Rogan shorts, I notice the guests not having much input or any meaningful to say.
    But everytime when it Joey Diaz he always takes the spotlight, I've always loved every single on of his podcasts he took part in, he is funny asf

  • Uncle P's Podcast
    Uncle P's Podcast Month ago +381

    "Which i like, i like being lied too"😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Eddie Henry
    Eddie Henry Month ago

    I took a whole one like 4 years ago and he’s completely right, couldn’t believe how gone I was

  • Rosalyn James
    Rosalyn James Month ago

    why do I love this guy so much 😂he is so damn funny

  • sayTHR33 🚫
    sayTHR33 🚫 2 months ago +921

    Joey Diaz is gold 🪙 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I love ❤️ listening to him tell stories.

  • Nick B
    Nick B Month ago

    Joey reminds me so much of my dad 😂

    WILLIAM MANTLOW Month ago +1

    Joey is the greatest story teller to live.

  • Ivan Pedro
    Ivan Pedro Month ago

    No disrespect, but Joey is the definition of "trust me bro I know what im taliking about"
    I'll never forget that video where he said that banana as a fruit and banana blended have different calories 💀

  • reagan baluku
    reagan baluku Month ago +3

    This is another “say hellooo yo my little friend “ -scare face kinda story telling. I’ve watched this over and over 😅 damn hilarious..

  • DeathOfIRI
    DeathOfIRI 2 months ago +166

    This man has a certain quality which I can not explain but it makes me smile every time I see him.

    • d. kern
      d. kern Month ago

      He's got kind of a "Norman Rockwell face" . Rockwell; the illustrator for the Saturday Evening Post magazine.

    • Jean Marceaux
      Jean Marceaux Month ago

      It's called charisma.

    • KukoShwom
      KukoShwom Month ago

      He knows the meaning of life

    • Vince C
      Vince C 2 months ago +3

      He seems like a no-bullsh*t kinda guy.

  • Jay
    Jay Month ago

    I love this guy. I want the whole show.

  • ShaSanction
    ShaSanction Month ago

    He’s naturally hilarious

  • eddie julian
    eddie julian Month ago

    Joey is funny as hell! Just imagining him high at jits is hilarious!

  • TheOneShotWunda
    TheOneShotWunda Month ago

    That’s how I felt after eating the TKO Kushypunch jellies back before they changed the formula lol. It said 1000 mg but that shit had me floored worst than any thing I’d done of similar strength

  • Mark Rhode
    Mark Rhode Month ago +1

    Ate a 250 MG brownie and felt like I was going insane it was my first time getting high. I thought I was the highest person on earth and was begging God I'd never eat an edible again if he let me come down lmaoo. Had to call out of work the next day and finding my bosses number took me 40 minutes

    • Jblaze 4201
      Jblaze 4201 Month ago

      I smoke on top of doing edibles 😂

  • Jäger Bandit
    Jäger Bandit Month ago

    Joey sounds like me. I also love it when people lie to me about how strong edibles are. If its not strong enough to make me see and have a full blown conversation with God then i dont want it

  • AFaria
    AFaria Month ago

    Lol love Joey such a great storyteller

  • matthew vokaty
    matthew vokaty Month ago

    Joey Diaz is the man the myth the legend

  • Nate Clasen
    Nate Clasen 2 months ago +1023

    I felt the “I like being lied to” lmaooo

  • mrbigg151
    mrbigg151 Month ago

    I could listen to his stories ALL day

  • Nicolas Burleson
    Nicolas Burleson Month ago

    Their laughing but he's made people cry and run away with his edibles.😂🤣

  • franklin young
    franklin young Month ago +32

    OMG I wish I could have heard the whole story and I want a moon bar.

  • Shubham Manna
    Shubham Manna Month ago

    Old man's hilarious 😂

  • Nostradamus
    Nostradamus Month ago

    I'm surprised Joey can do Jiu Jitsu without passing out.

  • R. Garcia
    R. Garcia Month ago

    Ya know that something's funny when Joe Rogan's laugh literally comes out as "HaHa HaHaHa" 🤣🤣

  • Obito28
    Obito28 Month ago +18

    I feel like edibles from 2012-2016 were just on another level. I remember eating just 1/4th of a bar senior year of hs on my bday and I was a zombie the whole day at school. Thank god I had short day lol

    • cambell porter
      cambell porter 24 days ago

      @Vance Whitworth lol

    • Vance Whitworth
      Vance Whitworth 24 days ago

      Thank you for your explaination. So it's all the caffeine. I remember several times of drinking 4 or 5 cups of coffee in a short period of time. And it left me absolutely climbing the walls and absolutely unable to sit steal for one moment over a period of about 4 hours. LOL

    • cambell porter
      cambell porter Month ago


    • cambell porter
      cambell porter Month ago

      ​@Zen Zen Diego_elonzo

    • cambell porter
      cambell porter Month ago +1

      ​@Zen Zen I'll refer you to this mate ordered from em they got Dmt LSD chocolate Bar, mushroom and other psych product as well.

  • t l
    t l 27 days ago

    Wish I knew these guys personally they seem like they can expand your thinking by just sitting down for a few hours and smoking.

  • 1 Bad Z
    1 Bad Z 2 months ago +880

    Joey: I ate the whole bar.
    Joe: and then what happened?
    Joey: Dog you gotta see pictures of me.
    Joe: Jamie pulled up the pictures.

  • Astræa
    Astræa Month ago +19

    Moon bars are no joke I didn’t even eat the whole thing and my thoughts became different colors and my skull was opened up I had no container on my thoughts the thoughts were connected to the universe 😂😂😂😂

  • Jonathan Moore
    Jonathan Moore Month ago

    I would love to hang out with him

  • Hoosier812
    Hoosier812 Month ago +1

    Been there Joey, I literally turned into Stephen Hawking one night. Had to communicate with my dog with eye blinking. I still struggle to walk a straight line.

  • Bianca x
    Bianca x Month ago

    His straight face 😂😂

  • Bruce Furze
    Bruce Furze 2 months ago +9251

    "250 but they're lyin' to ya" 😅😅😅

    • batchagaloopyTV
      batchagaloopyTV 28 days ago

      it 250 a serving i bet??? and its prolly 4 servings lol

    • Ashley S
      Ashley S Month ago


    • EAZYEfrain
      EAZYEfrain Month ago

      Lol probably 250mg is the serving size probably 6 servings per bar

    • John Anderson
      John Anderson Month ago

      ​@AatonA Diego_elonzo

    • John Anderson
      John Anderson Month ago

      ​@AatonA I'll refer you to this mate ordered from em they got Dmt LSD chocolate Bar, mushroom and other psych product as well.

  • Ryan Wilkes
    Ryan Wilkes Month ago +1

    He’s just so smooth with telling a story

  • nicoya4rmdabay
    nicoya4rmdabay Month ago

    Only tried this brand once before prop 64 passed and once after. The moon balls. Pre prop 64 said 200 mg per package but felt like 600. Post prop 64 its only 100 mg and barely gave me a buzz but damn they still taste great

  • Checc AgirlOutTho
    Checc AgirlOutTho Month ago

    When he said "I like being lied to" She felt that 🤭😅😂

  • Dr. Jimmy Rustlan
    Dr. Jimmy Rustlan Month ago +1

    This only tells me how dedicated to jiujitsu joey is 😂

  • Anthony Mobberley
    Anthony Mobberley 27 days ago

    He tried it twice...I love this guy

  • 🔥adriannd🔥
    🔥adriannd🔥 28 days ago +1

    I love how all the names for the flavors have something to do with flying or taking off 💀

  • First Name Last Name

    100%. I ate half a bar and fell asleep while laughing. Lol

  • Daniel Alsaedi
    Daniel Alsaedi Month ago

    He is so funny 😂

  • Drake Alexander
    Drake Alexander 2 months ago +361

    Joey: "And, let me tell you. Even eating chocolate bars and full breakfasts, I'd never gained weight. One day, my wife gives me these banana smoothies. Now? I'm gained weight."

  • echos29
    echos29 Month ago

    I could listen to this man talk all day

  • Albert Kim
    Albert Kim Month ago

    the way he talks makes everything sound like it was a threat 😂😂

  • J. Muth
    J. Muth Month ago +2

    Brenden quietly whispering “20 years” when Joey asked a rhetorical question “how long you know me”💀 #thatmakessense

    ANTAL ZOLTAN GAL Month ago

    Love Joey he's a natural

  • Perfect Stranger
    Perfect Stranger 2 months ago +885

    "But they're lying to you" (with the head shake) sent it

  • Jex2112
    Jex2112 Month ago

    Joey HAS to be the most interesting guy ever.. I defy anybody to tell me someone who has more amazing stories...

  • Quinn Duntley
    Quinn Duntley Month ago

    Joey had a real 250 mg edible for the first time 😂

  • masondean73
    masondean73 Month ago +1

    man you guys are so good at quoting videos, here’s a gold star!⭐️

  • Z Deity
    Z Deity Month ago

    I’ve done 250 before and I’ve eaten 500. 500 was pretty manageable for me. I was absolutely cheesed off my gourd but I wasn’t completely gone, though I was close. If someone tells you it says 250 and that they’re lying, then they’re definitely lying about 250. 250 just had me feeling lightly stoned, so I also felt like the packaging was lying about saying 500 because your average blunt has 50

  • Roger Delacruz
    Roger Delacruz Month ago

    Uncle Joey is a national treasure.

  • The One
    The One 25 days ago +2

    I swear I love this guy!

  • Buddy Raw
    Buddy Raw Month ago

    This man is so f*cking hilarious without even trying.

  • Chaz Maxwell
    Chaz Maxwell Month ago

    Dude this guy has a great voice be cook get him as the voice in your GPS or as the narrator in a book

  • ChOcOlAtE TOONZ4
    ChOcOlAtE TOONZ4 Month ago +2

    Uncle Joey knows his shit.😂

  • Anthony Richards jones

    I fucking love Joey Diaz!!
    'Dog, you gotta see pictures of me'🤷🏻‍♂️😂🤣🫨

  • HappyChineseBoy
    HappyChineseBoy Month ago

    I remember those too, when it became legal in CA I loved those bars, brings back memories, sucks tho it’s not a thing anymore due to dogshit regulations.

  • David
    David Month ago

    I ate a 100mg cookie before an airplane flight and saw some wild stuff when I closed my eyes. Kinda felt bad for the person next to me.

  • TrashcanJOE
    TrashcanJOE 2 months ago +4

    Man I remember I went to Great America once, my bro gave me 2 bags with 2 edible cookies each totaling to like 700-800mg. First time I had ever eaten edibles so I ate both of them and we took off. I legit blacked out for 4-5 hours, they said I didn’t get on a single ride all I did was sit on different benches and ledges and stare at my hands. I only remember one thing, which is when I stumbled into a little restaurant thing and asked my bro to get me a water, but he said they were only getting alcohol and I was like legit heartbroken 😂

  • Dev Dinero868
    Dev Dinero868 Month ago

    This guy is a legend.