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Jelly Roll - she (Official Music Video)

  • Published on Dec 1, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • MyDragonFly

    RIP to all those we have lost to addiction. And thank God we are still here. This story could have been any of us.

  • Brittany Cavalier

    I lost my mom to addiction this week, her funeral is tomorrow and this song hits me so hard right now. So accurate and so sad. I wish everyone fighting addiction would have the strength to get help. Your family loves you and would do anything to help you through it and be with you every step of the way through recovery!

  • Kristen Wyatt

    Coming up on 3 yrs sober... At 35 yrs old, I've been to TOO MANY FUNERALS. This song caught my heart strings.

  • Yungly
    Yungly  +142

    I lost my mother a few years back to addiction, and I hated her for it. This song and story has really opened my eyes to a much bigger picture than what us, outsiders/loved ones/friends, perceive. I don’t blame her anymore Jelly Roll ❤

  • Henry Delgadillo

    Just now finding this song. As a former addict , he's right nobody is ever too far gone. I pray that someone out there gets help like I did and they have the life they were meant to have.🙏 thank you jelly for this amazing song

  • Tondrea aka I'm_just_T

    This song gave me chills the first time I heard it. My dad was alcoholic up until my 13th birthday & my present was him going to rehab. That was probably the best gift I ever received! ❤️ I also had an aunt on mom's side who died at 47 years old from addiction. 🥺 The stigma on mental health & addiction needs to end, we are losing to many loved ones! 🫂🤟🏻🦋

  • wickedwonka999

    Pretty sure I'm gonna bawl my eyes out like a baby every single time I hear this song.... 2 years clean and counting. Stay strong people, you're all loved by someone.

  • Surya Nycole

    Man, you sang for me and my life. So grateful to be sober, we need people like you who care about people like me ❤️

  • Christina Dingus

    “She thinks she’s flying while we’re all watching her fall.” I lost both of my brothers to addiction. This song speaks so loudly to those of us who have watched someone we love fight this battle. I wish I could have helped them. I miss them every single day.

  • B V
    B V  +53

    Thank you to all the survivors and supporters listening and commenting. Only a few truly understand what it means to battle and fight the demons back . We are all loved by someone💜

  • Tammy
    Tammy  +2

    This is such a true reality that most people probably doesn’t realize. My son and his gf were at this point in their lives. He just went to rehab and this song has definitely been my life for the last few years prayers for all the momma going through this

  • Kayla Mae Bryant

    God! I ugly cried to this! I thank God I found recovery and my story can continue. My heart bleeds for those who who are still sick and suffering. We Do Recover!

  • Evie Lopez
    Evie Lopez  +311

    I have lost both parents, my little sister, and my absolute best friend in life to addiction. By the grace of God I have 7 and a half years clean! This song definitely hits me in the feels. Praying for the families and friends of the voiceless and all those still struggling. 🙏🏼

  • cormatt williams

    7 years clean. This song hits me in the depths of my soul. Prayers for those struggling. Please call someone. Get help, we need you.

  • cecelia gallardo

    This made me tear up. I will be 6 years clean in March and I see myself in the lyrics of this song. You nailed it Jelly!

  • Tiffani Kreft

    I love this song! I’ve lost so many friends to addiction. I thank God I was in the 2% that made it out! Recovery does happen! ❤

  • Brian Bowers

    So many people struggling out there. Glad we got someone like jelly to help us through life with his music

  • Heidi
    Heidi  +1

    I have lost my brother and many close friends to addiction, also almost died myself… it’s true no one is to far gone and we do recover!!! Prayers for all those we have lost and how beautiful it is to know that in Heaven there are no drugs and no suffering

  • Tina Bagheri

    I lost a son to addiction. I miss him dearly. December 18 makes 5 years since he has been gone. To all of you who struggle with addiction, please find help! You are so much more than your addiction. You are somebody’s someone. This mama’s heart still hurts.

  • Jack
    Jack  +1

    This song hits home to me. My sister died on Christmas morning in our family home from an overdose. She was sober for months until then. She got cash from a Christmas card and immediately bought 5 stamp bags. She left behind a 3 year old. Just hit home to me.