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How much money will your FIRST INDIE GAME make?

  • Published on Jul 21, 2019 veröffentlicht
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Comments • 570

  • Thomas Brush

    Get two free months of Skillshare!

  • DevPlays
    DevPlays Year ago +202

    i would be honest even earning 1 $ from your first game should be considered a achievement

  • Portho Games BR

    A tip for every new game dev around here: learn music and audio production. No matter if you game only uses basic forms as graphics, if it has good original music and good sound effects, it will be good and it will sell.

  • DarthMerlin
    DarthMerlin 2 years ago +661

    "...even just $100,000..."

  • Nate Orthann
    Nate Orthann 2 years ago +27

    Loved this. Thanks for keeping it real, Mr. Brush!

  • psycthom
    psycthom Year ago

    Really like the story in Pinstripe and Neversong hope Mr Brush keeps making games in the same vein

  • Tritonn204
    Tritonn204 2 years ago +3

    I keep getting back to my first big project every year, but I've never felt super serious about finishing it till this year. Hopefully I can afford to make time to get that done because my skills are so much better now and I genuinely feel like I'm capable of releasing something I'll be proud of in the future (:

  • Voidyn
    Voidyn Year ago

    Thanks Thomas,Your videos really help me to keep going and learn code and create games. Congrats on 200K and Have a Great Day!

  • Samuel Hubbard
    Samuel Hubbard 2 years ago +6

    As always, great advice. I'm in the baby stages of my first, post college game. My expectations have just been justified from watching your video... Maybe pick up some pocket change, but make something to add to my portfolio, something that can show me that I can take a game from inception to release, and have it be a learning tool to make better games in the future.

  • Oskar Petunovs
    Oskar Petunovs 2 years ago +34

    I’m going to make my second game and if it gets atleast like 20€ I will consider it a success honestly

  • Adonis36

    I am also in my indie developer journey and I've started with zero money down. I definitely agree with your points and I was scared that I was the only one thinking that way.

  • clasics1
    clasics1 Year ago +1

    I honestly would be so so happy with making even 20 dollars off my game, the idea that I can do something I love and make money while doing it motivates me like none other.

  • Terry C Indie Game Dev

    Thank you so much for this video. You told me exactly what I needed to hear. I am going to stop worrying and just release my game on itch then move on to the next game. I am so grateful and thankful for the content in this video. Thank you so so so very much!!!!!

  • Used Cigarette
    Used Cigarette 2 years ago

    Thank you for the video. I'm making my first game and I keep second guessing how I should treat it. Thanks to you I think I should treat as just a lesson. But because when I create worlds I have to think about all the little details of how it works and its history to try and make a more immersive experience and feel of that the world isn't just a little map you can walk around and cuz I enjoy coming with these things, so basically i don't like making throw away projects with now meaning or atleast something that makes it special. Hope

  • Rickety
    Rickety 2 years ago +1

    I actually really needed to hear this! Right now my game development progress has taken a huge blow because my motherboard fried and since then I've just been watching videos and stuff on my work laptop until I save up the scratch to get new parts (not allowed to produce on my work laptop as any intellectual property that is produced on it will automatically belong to my employer). This really helped to put it into perspective for me, I've been thinking that I would release a game and then open a studio and start my game studio career but this video helped me to realize that I've got a lot of work to do. I currently hate my job and am very miserable, making games is a fun process for me and I think I put too much pressure on the game to bring me into a career that I enjoy, so I suppose the best thing for me is to have fun with it as a hobby until I can actually produce something that can make me some money, I mean it's fun anyway so why not just treat it like a hobby for now and get serious about it later?

  • Adriano S.
    Adriano S. 2 years ago +1

    This actually motivated me. I'm gonna make a list of simple games I can make. Thanks. 👍

    DJ KAALO 2 years ago

    Great man! I appreciate your hard work...you went so far! Well done!

  • Nordlight

    My first game made $ 780 in sales on Steam.

  • vikram singh
    vikram singh Year ago +3

    I loved the line when you said your first game going to probably flop anyway.

  • Farai Matyukira
    Farai Matyukira 2 years ago

    I really enjoy your advise on being a game dev I hope one day I will be able to work on a project with your