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Who Owns The Statue of Liberty?

  • Published on Oct 29, 2018 veröffentlicht
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    Part 2: What is Federal Land? • Why Nevada Owns Less t...
    Special thanks: Jameson W. Doig, Professor Emeritus, Princeton University.
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  • Fosh
    Fosh 3 years ago +2055

    I love how much personality these videos give different government bodies, it's such a fun and accessible way to learn history

    • Addison Rachel
      Addison Rachel 2 years ago +52

      Yeah! That's what makes me love these videos. I particularly love this video because New York radiates such sassy twin sister energy that's so entertaining.

    • Kwazi Rich
      Kwazi Rich 8 months ago +5

      I was literally thinking that to myself as I was scrolling through the comments; and then I see this comment.

    • 𝚎𝚛𝚛𝟺𝟶𝟺
      𝚎𝚛𝚛𝟺𝟶𝟺 7 months ago +6

      they are government bodies after all

  • Hunter Bouchard
    Hunter Bouchard 3 years ago +8050

    I like to imagine that if the world's oceans all dried up, New Jersey would technically own all of it as part of this pact and become a megastate as the ensuing apocalypse began.

    • iliveinasquare
      iliveinasquare 3 years ago +330

      oh my god

    • Phillip Alwood
      Phillip Alwood 3 years ago +83

      @iliveinasquare my thoughts exactly

    • Suomi
      Suomi 3 years ago +434

      New Jersey just figured out how to become the biggest state

    • Samuel Langhus
      Samuel Langhus 3 years ago +295

      “Not so small *NOW,* am I?”

    • Logan Armes
      Logan Armes 3 years ago +84

      @iliveinasquare global warming plot......

  • IKIA
    IKIA 4 years ago +6587

    Only grey could make the civil war look like an argument between two Girl Scout troops

  • RC Reviews
    RC Reviews 2 years ago +847

    "You know what would be on the New Jersey side? The gift shop."
    Grey... You could have very well plunged all of New England into civil war if any body with actual political power had been watching the video in that moment.

    • Mystrall
      Mystrall Year ago +56

      Breaking News: Civil War between New Jersey and New York uprising, the reason is due to question of who own the..... gift shop or liberty island????

    • NateStorm12
      NateStorm12 Year ago +44

      Breaking News: New England breaks into civil war over land dispute completely outside New England

    • hhiippiittyy
      hhiippiittyy Year ago +10

      Am I missing something?
      Are NY and NJ not parts of what's considered "New England"?

    • NateStorm12
      NateStorm12 Year ago +29

      @hhiippiittyy Yeah neither of them are New England. New England is Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

    • hhiippiittyy
      hhiippiittyy Year ago +4

      Cool, ty. I always thought it went all the way down to Pennsylvania.
      TIL otherwise.

  • Joden Paolo Peroy
    Joden Paolo Peroy 3 years ago +2475

    I only now noticed but the subtle hand movement of America towards her holster at 3:24 onwards - and New York getting the gist of it with a very quick look - is genius!

  • SomeLoser
    SomeLoser Year ago +339

    4:59 The US calling France a bitch is my favourite CGP Grey easter egg yet.

  • Greek
    Greek 3 years ago +7171

    Grey: You know what would be on the New Jersey side?
    Me: oh no
    Grey: The gift shop.
    Me: *oh no*

      FAMWEE FOOD 2 years ago +236

      Last time i was there they were building a new gift shop

    • Kowciller
      Kowciller 2 years ago +84


    • ElLikesGymnastics
      ElLikesGymnastics 2 years ago +30

      @Kowciller bringing in the heat

    • King Nothing
      King Nothing 2 years ago +195

      I just Googled and found that the sales taxes from the gift shop go to New York.
      Do with that as you will.

    • Anti_Neon
      Anti_Neon 2 years ago +204

      @King Nothing Ugh, Can’t NJ and NY just go to war already?

  • DivineAgitated
    DivineAgitated 2 years ago +6312

    Ah yes new york logic, the Hudson totally doesn’t flow out to sea like every other river in the world, it just takes a quick detour around Staten Island

    • PJ VC
      PJ VC 2 years ago +438

      logic is contextual when you have the power to state what logic means.

    • Cenentury0941
      Cenentury0941 2 years ago +467

      I'm assuming that electricity in New York follows the path of highest resistance.

    • Max Soto
      Max Soto 2 years ago +119

      @Cenentury0941 in New York escalator rides you!

    • MrZiiz
      MrZiiz 2 years ago +119

      @Max Soto We’re reaching fetish levels that shouldn’t even be possible!

    • Under Communism, Even Illness Becomes Wellness
  • Gabe Lipsitz
    Gabe Lipsitz 2 years ago +820

    I just think the little animation of Grey glaring at liberty island as the fireworks go off for a 4th time is this channel’s peak

  • Eurasia Acaci .-
    Eurasia Acaci .- 2 years ago +4108

    “If you don’t share the doll I will guarantee both of you that I will take it back”
    Love: Aunt France 🇫🇷

    • Eurasia Acaci .-
      Eurasia Acaci .- 2 years ago +77

      @A-E what

    • Ψ Воинomme
      Ψ Воинomme 2 years ago +47

      @A-E There is no stronger military in countries that own thermonuclear bombs just 2 devastated countries

    • Tryambak Nath Jha
      Tryambak Nath Jha 2 years ago +6

      @Ψ Воинomme that didn't make sense bruv

    • Kaka Hass
      Kaka Hass 2 years ago +44

      @CommanderDoom91 I think he meant "Between 2 countries with thermonuclear bombs there is no stronger military just 2 devastated countries" basically if countries have atomic bombs both of them can destroy the other so neither of them have a stronger military.

    • Christopher Daniels
      Christopher Daniels 2 years ago +20

      @A-E Vietnam enters the chat.

  • JesusJuenger
    JesusJuenger 3 years ago +2782

    'England said, "Whatever, your problem now," and left the colonies to 300 years of squabbling.'
    Haha that is so like England.

    • Forick Grimaldus
      Forick Grimaldus 3 years ago +70

      England: am I forgeting something.
      New Jersey and New York: my Islands! (Add verbatum for 300 years)

    • Jonathan Dee
      Jonathan Dee 3 years ago +56

      Brits draw bad borders

    • Jonathan Dee
      Jonathan Dee 2 years ago +2

      Nathaniel Tesfaye that's the point

    • Jim Taylor
      Jim Taylor 2 years ago +5

      British Dennis the Menace > the US one :-P .

    • Jim Taylor
      Jim Taylor 2 years ago +8

      Not really. The Indians were squabbling over everything before the British came, and resumed as soon as they left.
      With all those caste & religious problems, it was inevitable.

  • Newton
    Newton Year ago +49

    Your videos are so perfectly hilarious! I love all the little hints and nudges to *major* problems in history. People like you make me want to learn history rather than avoid it :)

  • Daniel Cheng
    Daniel Cheng 4 years ago +3463

    That moment when you realize cgp grey made a 7.5 minute long video just to start an argument between New York and New Jersey over who owns a gift shop

    • Caalamus
      Caalamus 4 years ago +97

      What would we do without him?! :]

    • Arthur Isaak
      Arthur Isaak 4 years ago +9


    • MitchLmitten /
      MitchLmitten / 4 years ago +90

      To be fair, it’s a pretty important gift shop

    • Caalamus
      Caalamus 4 years ago +6

      @MitchLmitten / I bet you it's less than 1/10 of NYC's gift shop revenue. As for the State... less than 1/100.

    • dontknowdontcare
      dontknowdontcare 4 years ago +17

      So, where does the money (consequently tax as well) from the gift shop currently go to? Is it NY?

  • Feline Discipline
    Feline Discipline 2 years ago +537

    I'd love to see an anime series of just New Jersey and New York duelling it out over the Statue of Liberty.

    • Gryn IQ
      Gryn IQ Year ago +8

      Gotta ask Hetalia lolol. I also think having Columbia, Johnny Reb, and Billy Yank should be in it too. Bascially i want all 50 states. PR and Mexico involved.

    • cloudy_
      cloudy_ 10 months ago +3

      Hetaila ghffh

  • Some Mina In A Basement
    Some Mina In A Basement 4 years ago +496

    I cannot express enough how much I love the cute stick figure characters, I legit re-watched this video because of how adorable they are

  • CrazyBird199
    CrazyBird199 Year ago +38

    I agree, gift shops are WAY more important than ANY statue could ever be.

  • Samuel Tukua
    Samuel Tukua 3 years ago +2094

    I love that France was about to correct "bffs, forever" being redundent

    • Kashif Khoso
      Kashif Khoso 3 years ago +328

      France actually did correct. :D
      Watch again with .25x speed. there's one frame you can only see in slow speed.

    • Samuel Tukua
      Samuel Tukua 3 years ago +85

      @Kashif Khoso Thank you, this has made my day!

    • Pallas Athena
      Pallas Athena 3 years ago +51

      I see it as Best French-speaking Friends Forever

    • Genshin addict
      Genshin addict 3 years ago +4

      @Pallas Athena Yass

  • Pietro Lima
    Pietro Lima Year ago +92

    I like how fireworks go off every time Grey says "Liberty Island".

  • Yisrael Katz
    Yisrael Katz 4 years ago +2173

    I love how you had the fireworks every time liberty island was mentioned. A lesser videomaker would've backed down after making the joke 2 or 3 times but you took it all the way.

    • David Ozab
      David Ozab 4 years ago +105


    • SubduedRadical
      SubduedRadical 4 years ago +37

      I like how it dialed up to 11 when the fort was built. :)

    • Laotzu Goldbug
      Laotzu Goldbug 4 years ago +7

      It reminds me of History With Hilbert, with the Dutch national anthem

    • TheManWithNoName
      TheManWithNoName 4 years ago +6

      Would like but it has 666 likes

    • Yisrael Katz
      Yisrael Katz 4 years ago +3

      @TheManWithNoName Lol thanks for letting me know

  • ErikTheRed33
    ErikTheRed33 3 years ago +121

    wild to think that this is the video that eventually led to Grey, in August of 2020, releasing a video explaining how he mistook submarine-based nuclear missiles for land-based nuclear missiles.
    Who Owns Statue of Liberty -> What is Federal Land -> Research for "What are Reservations" leads to Grey bumbling onto the Tekoi site -> multiple videos about Tekoi (+ 3? small asides for tumbleweeds) -> correction to Tekoi explanation, as well as compelling him to release the directors cut
    Oh there was also over 34 hours of driving footage, plus a timelapse and -a- two vlogs

  • Jeremy Kiahsobyk
    Jeremy Kiahsobyk 2 years ago +105

    I have to say, the stick figures of France and the fledgling United States fighting side by side to carve out a foothold for the new nation hit me right in my patriotic feels. We haven't forgotten our shared history! Vive la France!

  • Diane
    Diane Year ago +19

    Love how Grey made New Jersey and New York like a sisters’ rivalry

  • Riffi the Camel
    Riffi the Camel 4 years ago +7240

    You have insanely expressive stick figures.

    • DevvyDoesStuff
      DevvyDoesStuff 4 years ago +33

      Riffi the Camel 141st like

    • MsDestroyer900
      MsDestroyer900 4 years ago +105

      It's cause he's added fingers and eyebrows on his models. Even in his newest video, he's added animation.

    • Drew Mckinnon
      Drew Mckinnon 4 years ago +5

      I’m ur 1k like. Be thankful. 😝

    • TripleDart
      TripleDart 4 years ago +32

      Drew Mckinnon no one cares.

    • blevinator
      blevinator 4 years ago +5

      Except himself

  • 제규형
    제규형 2 years ago +21

    I didn't even know that the statue of liberty had ownership. I always just thought it was owned by the state as a whole since you know, the french sorta gave it to them. It never occurred to me exactly what state owned it. Thanks for the video.

  • English Tea
    English Tea 4 years ago +562

    I always love the personification of countries and states in your videos. It's amazing.

    • Smarteverything
      Smarteverything 4 years ago +3

      English Tea yeah

    • Rob
      Rob 4 years ago +2

      @Smarteverything You don't have to say yeah, you can just Like the comment.

    • Yavuz Milar
      Yavuz Milar 4 years ago +16

      @Rob yeah

    • le xi
      le xi 4 years ago +3


    • red benada
      red benada 4 years ago +3


  • Tiaan Van der Riel
    Tiaan Van der Riel 2 years ago +229

    Love the fact that Grey puts on a second pair of glasses while reading

    • Val’s Voice Vault
      Val’s Voice Vault 2 years ago +12

      “Let me put on my slightly larger glasses.” -Maurice Moss from The IT Crowd

  • Nana Asmah
    Nana Asmah 4 years ago +16

    As someone who lives and grew up in New Jersey, I've often heard this debate but never truly knew what the answer was. I feel like a life long question i've been asking has been answered, thank you!!!

  • William Desmond
    William Desmond Year ago +7

    It should be noted that NY, especially in the late 1700s/early 1800s, was probably so hell bent on holding on to as much territory as possible because they had just lost Vermont and didn’t want to lose more land (likely especially in fear that the rest of its upstate land could leave).

  • Carmack Sanderson
    Carmack Sanderson 4 years ago +119

    OMG, I just realize the ships in the river at 4:00 are called Gibbons and Ogden, after the supreme court case Gibbons v. Ogden, the court case that gave the federal government the power to regulate interstate commerce. Nice touch, Grey.
    Also, even nicer touch with the hidden frame at 4:59.

  • Georgia's Library
    Georgia's Library 2 years ago +12

    As a U.K citizen, this one got me: 'We have yet to talk about the squabble over the land, below the water, yes really.'

  • French people aren’t real people

    “Who owns the Statue of Liberty?”
    Me who is incredibly smart: America

    • CJMapping
      CJMapping 2 years ago +125

      America= North America+South America
      USA=United States

    • CrazyJ1301
      CrazyJ1301 2 years ago +319

      The Americas = North America + South America = América
      America = USA = Estadounidense
      América ≠ America
      "América", the continent, does not exist in English. What you're referring to is "The Americas." When speaking English, "America" only refers to the USA.

    • Louis Bouvier
      Louis Bouvier 2 years ago +61

      @CJMapping yeah fun fact no. Well sort of yes we are both right but your point has no valid ground. In the USA and most of the English world there is seven continents America not being one of them, instead America is known as the country. In parts of the non English world there is 6 (or less) continents America referring one of them instead of the country. Neither is wrong because continents are arbitrary so people can call the USA America all they wish.

    • moonchild
      moonchild 2 years ago +2

      @revil sanjiani no the liberty is on land not liberty Island

    • United Nation of Depresso
      United Nation of Depresso 2 years ago +31

      It technically belongs to france

  • Bryan Elder
    Bryan Elder 4 years ago +14

    2:59 We need more stick figures flipping pixelated birds. 😄 Great video, as always, CGP Grey!

  • Daniel Beller
    Daniel Beller 4 years ago +4

    Grey, you are so gosh darn funny. I am a hands-off Tim. I have never driven for a hotstopper, sent you a Christmas card, nor participated in your Reddit community. I want you to know that there is a contingency of people who listen to your podcast and genuinely love your YT channel who exist, and love you, and think you're awesome. Keep up the great work CGP Grey. Long live Flaggy Flag.

  • Achal Gupta
    Achal Gupta Year ago +35

    "Whoop NO! New York would tell the court to get bent!" I love this

  • Alison S Power
    Alison S Power 4 years ago +3

    This guy always makes his videos so funny and yet he always gets the point across in an educational way! SNAPS FOR YOU!!

  • Hfar
    Hfar 2 years ago +3

    It's ridiculous stories like this that make me love history.

    ULTRANAUT 3 years ago +22974

    I claim Liberty Island as an overseas territory of Arizona

    • Harrison La time traveler
      Harrison La time traveler 3 years ago +1376

      I claim Liberty island as a colony of Colorado

    • Hairy Putter
      Hairy Putter 3 years ago +1238

      Lol... Clearly Hawaii owns those islands

    • Chorus Kids
      Chorus Kids 3 years ago +860

      I’d say they're apart of Canada.

    • Jeffrey Zhang
      Jeffrey Zhang 3 years ago +1483

      French statue, French territory.
      Vive le France.

    • Mr.Bloxy
      Mr.Bloxy 3 years ago +834

      ??? We all know it's the last remaining part of the ottoman empire.

  • Hossam Ismail
    Hossam Ismail 2 years ago +284

    *Fun Fact:* The Statue of Liberty was initially designed for Egypt to be placed in the Suez Canal in 1867. The Khedivate of Egypt had proposed creating a work as wondrous as the pyramids or sphinxes. Bartholdi then designed a colossal woman holding up a lamp and wearing the loose fitting dress of a "fellah" to stand as a lighthouse at the entrance of the Suez Canal. The Egypt deal fell through, so Bartholdi decided to adventure to America.
    *Correction:* The statue wasn't sent to America as a gift, it was constructed in Paris by Bartholdi and was crowdfunded mostly by a man called Joseph Pulitzer, an American newspaper magnate, who helped him finish the job by printing the names of every person who donated to the cause. Which, obviously, made every American donate to see their names printed in the newspaper (so American right?)

  • Nicolau Saker Neto
    Nicolau Saker Neto 3 years ago +7

    No idea if you'll ever read this Grey, but it would have been cool to paint the Statue of Liberty in its original copper color. The green coating comes from patina, a kind of "copper rust". It's a fun tidbit that probably most people don't know about.

  • Kinko
    Kinko Year ago +10

    I really like how cute but also simple your characters are

  • Violent2aShadow
    Violent2aShadow 3 years ago +876

    50 years latter......
    New Jersey: Since rising sea levels will puts the entire island underwater....everything belongs to us now.

    • StraightUpPiano
      StraightUpPiano 3 years ago +66

      New York: But because The Statue of Liberty still exists above the water, therefore the statue itself is within our borders, despite being federal land

    • Księżniczka Katarzyna
      Księżniczka Katarzyna 2 years ago +2

      @Frooglet Animations oh yes, the "bigger stick strategy"

    • im in misery
      im in misery 2 years ago +5

      I mean if below becomes above is new jersey's then above becomes below should technically still be new york's land under new jersey's water which i don't know if it exists elsewhere or it would be unique to this

    • Marius Tan
      Marius Tan Year ago +3

      NY: Well now I plant 20 million more trees and the water goes back down! Its ours now.

  • Younscrafter
    Younscrafter Year ago +10

    4:53 I mean, unless there is really heavy fog that doesn`t allow you to say further than around 400 meters, and unless you strategically plan your route, it is almost impossible to reach the Statue without seeing anything else of the US.

  • L Sedge
    L Sedge 3 years ago +4656

    "Possibly because neither state has noticed"
    CGP, Are you trying to start a war with this video...

  • Jason Wilkins
    Jason Wilkins 4 years ago +4

    The story about New York dumping the dirt dug up in New Jersey's half of the river is just priceless.

  • standing here
    standing here 4 years ago +1

    thank you so much for explaining things in realistic terms ie those of obnoxious schoolchildren because i cannot take history like this seriously when it tries to take itself seriously

  • Sophie Le
    Sophie Le Year ago

    Super late, but I always thought that Liberty Island was federal land...and I think that would be better than having the Statue of Liberty in just 1 state.

  • TheWeirdOnes
    TheWeirdOnes 4 years ago

    I really like how you explained this. I just learned about the colonies but the way you said it made it entertaining as well educational

  • Endor Morre
    Endor Morre 9 months ago +33

    I find it so fascinating that if you're willing to do the digging, there are no simple answers.

  • HerrXenon
    HerrXenon 4 years ago +1585

    Me: Oh look, an old video of CGP Grey that I have never watched.
    Also me: No wait *THAT'S A NEW UPLOAD*

    • He YouTube Me
      He YouTube Me 4 years ago +27

      I'm glad I'm not the only one who did that.

    • Cian Sevilla
      Cian Sevilla 4 years ago +9

      wait this is a new upload

    • naurlind
      naurlind 4 years ago

      same, I ignored the bell

    • Semmelein
      Semmelein 4 years ago

      Exactly my thought! :D

    • joe joeington
      joe joeington 4 years ago

      It seems like one of his old bideos

  • PumpedAaron
    PumpedAaron 3 years ago +3

    Yo Grey your vids are pretty awesome! Really appreciate you and your work! ✌🏼

  • Waldstein
    Waldstein 3 years ago +3

    I love your videos about New Jersey and New York. They always make me laugh because you are showing them like two little kids, having an "it's mine" discussion about two islands and land. But showing the dispute like that actually resembles the truth. The dispute IS childish. (and funny to watch)

  • Katherine Perez
    Katherine Perez Year ago

    Amazing animation! I’m learning a lot!

  • P73
    P73 4 years ago +24

    You should do more state disputes! Like the Toledo War between Ohio and Michigan

  • Andrew Justice
    Andrew Justice 2 years ago

    Needlessly convoluted and pedantic… Brilliant! I love how terrible all of that was

  • NeonUFOs
    NeonUFOs 4 years ago +192

    CGP Grey should explain all the “story for another time” parts into one video

    • jy
      jy 4 years ago +27

      That would take a decade to make real in CGP timeline style.

    • Apiwat Chantawibul
      Apiwat Chantawibul 4 years ago

      "is another story and shall be told another time"

  • UInferno
    UInferno 2 years ago +37

    I can clearly hear Grey's smile when he talks about the gift shop

  • Tom Schmidt
    Tom Schmidt 4 years ago

    Great video. I had no idea the boundary dispute was so colorful. Kind of like the ongoing squabble we have in NH with Maine by Portsmouth.

  • bernier42
    bernier42 Year ago +3

    I love the inclusion of Ontario in the “interesting territorial acquisition strategy” at 5:59.

  • SkitzAdarsh
    SkitzAdarsh 4 years ago

    Great videos and concept. PLEASE DO MORE LIKE THIS.

    SQUIDDY!! Year ago +1

    I love this rivalry between the two states. It's like two brothers fighting over who gets to play on the xbox next.

  • Broken Eyes
    Broken Eyes 4 years ago +914

    Thanks Gray, if it appears on the news that New Jersey and New York or fighting over the gift shop and liberty Island, we know who to thank!

    • Rusty Shackelford
      Rusty Shackelford 4 years ago +37

      I can't wait, either. Gonna be great.

    • Dimension640
      Dimension640 4 years ago +15

      Yeah, great move Gray, for real

    • Nathan Lim
      Nathan Lim 4 years ago +5

      You spelt Grey wrong

    • kellyness
      kellyness 4 years ago +5

      @Nathan Lim no grey and gray are both accepted in the English language. Gray tends to be used more by Americans and grey by the English.

    • txag07
      txag07 4 years ago +29

      @kellyness Not if it's a name.... It's a name: CGP Grey. :)

  • Benjamin Bernal
    Benjamin Bernal 2 years ago

    I’m a big fan of Grey, and I have watched all the videos several times. This one is still one of the most complicated ones. Is there chart that ranks concept/video complexity somewhere ?

  • marc2156
    marc2156 4 years ago +73

    I'm a bit of a stickler for historical accuracy... at 4:42 the battle scene stickfigures depict the French soldier with a republic flag (current French tricolor) but it should have been a monarchist flag (white with gold fleurs de lys). As always, another very interesting and informative video.

    • Bulky Chalky
      Bulky Chalky 4 years ago +5

      But some people won’t understand which flag it is.

    • Frosted Cat
      Frosted Cat 4 years ago

      wow, haven't thought of that yet. you have good eyes

    • Uyarasuk
      Uyarasuk 3 years ago +1

      If we're bringing up period flags, the flag of New York before 1901 also had buff field like New Jersey instead of the current blue one.

  • Roperational
    Roperational 2 years ago +9

    CGP Grey: *makes a 7 minute and 29 second long video about who owns the Statue of Liberty*
    Also CGP Grey: *doesn’t give an actual answer at the end.*

  • Kesh
    Kesh 2 years ago +10

    I love how many easter eggs grey puts in his videos that I don't even notice until I go to the comments

  • Ost san
    Ost san Year ago +2

    I thought by 1832, it was confirmed that the Supreme Court had authority over interstate disputes. De Tocqueville discusses it in his book Democracy in America, which was written 1832-3.

  • MadPikachu777
    MadPikachu777 4 years ago +536

    Turning states into squabbling little girls is something I though Japan would have came up with first, good job. I found it funny and entertaining more than I would have thought.

    • Luke Amendolara
      Luke Amendolara 4 years ago +26

      but japan thought of cartoons having sex first so its even

    • Luke Amendolara
      Luke Amendolara 4 years ago

      also they dont have states

    • Luke Amendolara
      Luke Amendolara 4 years ago

      honestly they might have states idk do they have states

    • Appalachiosaurus22
      Appalachiosaurus22 4 years ago +4

      @Luke Amendolara They do they just use a different name.

    • yaoi boi
      yaoi boi 4 years ago +8

      they already have just that they turned state states into characters, not us states. (not part of us so irrelevant to japan)

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