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Hermitcraft Panel Behind The Scenes At MINECON LIVE

  • Published on Oct 4, 2019 veröffentlicht
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    We are off on another Scar adventure vlog to Nashville Tennessee! We are going to Minecon LIVE to record the Hermitcraft panel for the live Minecon broadcast. Big thank you to Mojang and Minecon LIVE for putting on the Hermitcraft panel for 2019. I hope you enjoy seeing the behind the scenes of the Hermits getting ready and putting on the panel. Also, the amazing crew that make the broadcast happen. What should my next vlog be too?
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  • GoodTimesWithScar
    GoodTimesWithScar  3 years ago +10391

    Thank you for watching and hope you enjoy seeing the behind the scenes of Minecon. Where should the next Scar adventure vlog be too?

    • Jonathan Murphy
      Jonathan Murphy Month ago

      its been 6 years later and I still love this video. Hope you hermits get to go to another Minecraft live in the future.

    • popcocovix
      popcocovix Month ago

      I don’t know where you should go next but please make it so it’s soon :((( I miss scar vlogs… it’s been 3 years…. Missing scar vlogs just a bit

    • xRyuuCH_Gaming
      xRyuuCH_Gaming 4 months ago

      Just looking Old videos!

    • Julian Keeling
      Julian Keeling 10 months ago

      This is two years late but thank you for this ur the vest

    • TheMaskedGamer
      TheMaskedGamer Year ago

      Bro how tall is mumbo!?!?!?

  • RooRaw
    RooRaw 3 years ago +14657

    Anyone else feel like Scar is a genuine inspiration as a person?

  • cheesekie
    cheesekie 2 years ago +2633

    Anyone else loves how everyone looking fancy while iskall just wears a backwards cap

    • WithyCreeps
      WithyCreeps 29 days ago

      backwards cap is a huge thing in Sweden, at least around the 2016 - present day era

    • mogsia
      mogsia 2 months ago


    • safwa witwit
      safwa witwit 8 months ago

      Am I the only one who thinks that Iskall looks like Notch?

    • mps
      mps Year ago +1

      @Dylan Coertzen Ωmega

    • FireBall Studios
      FireBall Studios Year ago +2

      @Dylan Coertzen omega fancy of doom

  • alex
    alex 2 years ago +4858

    Scar: They want us to look presentable!
    Iskall: backwards hat INTENSIFIES

  • Blue Footed Booby
    Blue Footed Booby 2 years ago +3783

    Seeing Scar with the mask looked so normal from a 2020 perspective and then I realized this was 9 months ago

  • jacey04
    jacey04 2 years ago +3645

    The way he says “somehow I’m gonna figure out how to breath” so casually is just.... I don’t even know. He’s really inspiring and persevering

    • Ednx
      Ednx 4 months ago +1

      13th reply 2 years later

    • MegaCraftCat
      MegaCraftCat 4 months ago

      12th reply 2 years later

    • ghost
      ghost 4 months ago

      11 reply 2 years later

    • Rita Hartanti
      Rita Hartanti 11 months ago

      10th reply 1 year later

    • Bubby
      Bubby Year ago

      8th 1 year later

  • docm77
    docm77 3 years ago +17847

    Scar's bro is my secret favorite dude😁

    • ConcertsUK
      ConcertsUK 4 months ago


    • Rubin reed
      Rubin reed 4 months ago

      U comment on every video don’t you

    • Keith Graham
      Keith Graham 7 months ago +1

      @antiisocial Scar has an unknown muscular disease.... why wouldn't he be?! -.-

    • Ice Gaming
      Ice Gaming 11 months ago

      Goat approval

    • Coco Noisette
      Coco Noisette Year ago

      Scar is my unsecret favorite dude

  • Ella Christensen
    Ella Christensen 2 years ago +1328

    Who else thinks scar is one of the only hermits who actually looks like his Minecraft character

  • Savanna
    Savanna 2 years ago +1413

    Scar: "Do you think I will be hit by lightning? That never happens"
    *sad Jellie noises*

  • Lunalotl Music
    Lunalotl Music 2 years ago +1329

    Scar risked his health for a masskiller, a overenergetic concrete addict, a 7 foot spoon, and a weird superhero xD

  • Cala Mamder
    Cala Mamder 2 years ago +1579

    Mumbo just glancing over at scar awkwardly when he’s getting ready is the peak of awkwardness

    • spectre
      spectre 3 months ago

      @Cala Mamder noted

    • Golden Hawx
      Golden Hawx 7 months ago +1

      @Cala Mamder lmao 😂

    • Cala Mamder
      Cala Mamder 7 months ago +3

      @Golden Hawx i said this 2 years ago my guy, i realize that now lmao 🤷

    • Golden Hawx
      Golden Hawx 7 months ago

      He was saying something 🤦‍♂️

    • Btak Pnap
      Btak Pnap Year ago +23

      scar was saying something so mumbo just looked at him because that is what people do when communicating

  • Toyratz - Gaming, Tutorials
    Toyratz - Gaming, Tutorials 2 years ago +848

    They should do a "Meet a minecrafter" on scar, he's the most inspiring minecrafter I've ever seen...

    • ForeverRanger 91
      ForeverRanger 91 Year ago +7

      @zedoreku Doesn't appear it exists anymore. Shame because it was a good piece and talks about how Scar was a really good swimmer and then he started getting sick.

    • Eyad Gaming
      Eyad Gaming Year ago

      @zedoreku Can you link the post?

    • zedoreku
      zedoreku Year ago

      @ForeverRanger 91 I need a link and fast
      i searched it up, yes, and a redditor from 6 years ago posted a link to it, but it just redirects to the CNN front page

    • ForeverRanger 91
      ForeverRanger 91 Year ago +20

      CNN actually did a piece on him. Scar was a highly gifted swimmer before his condition took that away from him.

    • Jack Moorman
      Jack Moorman Year ago +9

      Only thing is that it might be a bit hard to set it up with his breathing condition

  • Jia Sharma
    Jia Sharma 2 years ago +649

    I love how scars brother is coming introduced with a banana

  • Sourus
    Sourus 2 years ago +739

    4:19 it’s obviously a super big tragedy for whoever’s car that was, and I hope they’re ok, but the joyful music in the background made me giggle a little

    • xRyuuCH_Gaming
      xRyuuCH_Gaming 4 months ago

      Old comment 666 likes what the HECK?!

    • Aaisha Ismail
      Aaisha Ismail 5 months ago


    • Bryan Hagan
      Bryan Hagan Year ago +13

      Fun Fact: I was at a bus station about 200 feet away watching the whole thing happen.

    • ღSyreniessღ
      ღSyreniessღ Year ago +11

      @Stellar Oml, when i started reading that i believed it. Until i got to the part with Cleo 😂

    • Stellar
      Stellar 2 years ago +40

      It was Joe's car and Cleo did that

  • are those real gators
    are those real gators 2 years ago +549

    I love how False was about to put her other arm around Mumbo but then she was just like

    • Adalia Wright
      Adalia Wright 3 months ago

      @Shreyash Oh my gosh it really does say 98 foot... In reference to some roller coaster called mumbo jumbo, but still. I wonder if he named himself after the rollercoaster...?

    • Enolp
      Enolp 4 months ago


    • Anthony Howard Stark
      Anthony Howard Stark 8 months ago

      I WAS LOOKING FOR THIS COMMENT HAAH so awkward oh no :´)

    • Shreyash
      Shreyash Year ago +6

      If u just go and search "Mumbo jumbo's height" it shows 99 foot..

    • Spectral Quill
      Spectral Quill Year ago +1


  • Coletje
    Coletje 3 years ago +3350

    Just wanna give a shout out to your brother for being so supportive and helping you out with everything so much.
    This one's for you!

    • Audrey Hogan
      Audrey Hogan Year ago

      That’s a good brother

    • Rbck
      Rbck Year ago

      @Allison Su when I read grain, my imidiate thought was of grian.

    • Allison Su
      Allison Su Year ago +3

      @Bekahoot I beg to differ. Obviously to the public, Scar’s bro seems the most supportive, of which he probably is. And maybe a bit overprotective, but who’s to say that’s always a bad thing? Sean and jono are probably great as well, just more behind the scenes because, well, ren and joe don’t really vlog that much. Take this with a grain of salt because your comment was probably a joke, and an apology from me for replying to a 3 month old comment

    • Bekahoot
      Bekahoot Year ago

      Best Hermit bro. Suck it, Jono Smithers and Sean Hills!

    • Joshua R. Collins
      Joshua R. Collins Year ago +1

      @whably potato tbh i wasnt who he was

  • Robinson Bright
    Robinson Bright 2 years ago +868

    "They want us to look professional"
    Iskall: Ok Lol

  • LunaeTheDragon
    LunaeTheDragon 4 months ago +13

    I couldn’t stop laughing when the hermits were taking a photo, and Oli (Mumbo) was towering over everyone. 😂

  • Squacki
    Squacki 2 years ago +396

    I want a genuine explanation from the 159 people who disliked this video.

    • Anzar M.A
      Anzar M.A 4 months ago +3

      The only good thing about removing the dislike count is this

    • Microwave Transformer
      Microwave Transformer 4 months ago

      @ghost_snail 0*

    • Luis Suazo
      Luis Suazo 9 months ago +1

      @Manta Wave don't be mean to people, let them pick if they dislike is their lose

    • Ace
      Ace Year ago +1

      @Eddie Marohl pearlescentmoon likes

    • Eddie Marohl
      Eddie Marohl Year ago +1

      I just see them as Australian likes

  • Internet Explorer
    Internet Explorer 2 years ago +230

    I love how he casually records a car in flames 😂😂

    • Davi Clemons
      Davi Clemons 4 months ago

      @CubicBezier who just casually uses bing

    • CubicBezier
      CubicBezier Year ago

      @Endang wasanani idk, use bing instead

    • Endang wasanani
      Endang wasanani Year ago +1

      Wheres google

    • Dhruv Jain
      Dhruv Jain Year ago

      @Sbjakka STOP IT HES ALREADY DEAD(geddit they pulled the plug on ie?)

  • Elder18
    Elder18 3 years ago +8963

    Scar: They want you to look professional
    Iskall: “wears sweatpants”

  • Zippa
    Zippa 2 years ago +339

    hi scar, you might never read this, but i started watching you recently due to hermitcraft season 7. And i enjoyed watching you a lot, nice and fun way of playing! Seeing how you manage all your things is actually really amazing! Im very impressed! Keep up your work, you are doing really well!

    • Drama Llama42
      Drama Llama42 Year ago

      Haha I started watching at season 6

    • Malachi Wood
      Malachi Wood 2 years ago +5

      I also just started watching him, and from the first video I was hooked. And then I started watching him even more and see some of what he has to go through everyday, and it just amazes me how bright of an outlook he still has all the time. I’m truly inspired by him and it’s people like him that make you stop and realize that even if you not have the best life or chances, be happy with what you do have and what you do get to do. Huge props to Scar.

    • Chaos
      Chaos 2 years ago +2

      Same with me!

  • SisterShree
    SisterShree 4 months ago +12

    "I've never experienced a cowboy hat" now lives rent free In my head

  • David Hoagland
    David Hoagland Year ago +31

    Scar wearing a mask in 2019, what a trend setter.

  • Renascitur
    Renascitur 2 years ago +795

    Scar: wears a suit
    Everyone else: *T-shirt.*

    • Clariphone .
      Clariphone . 4 months ago

      @Squibs ba dum tssh

    • BaconKattID
      BaconKattID Year ago

      @Nabil, who hurt you

    • Squibs
      Squibs Year ago

      @Spectral Quill sry...its late at night. So my english is not that great now.

    • Spectral Quill
      Spectral Quill Year ago

      @Squibs What's what's that?

    • Squibs
      Squibs Year ago

      @Spectral Quill so what's that?

  • BossAwesome
    BossAwesome 2 years ago +69

    Mumbo: handsome dude at a pizza place
    False: your cool aunt
    Iskall:huggable college friend
    Stress: your family friend that you do everything with
    Scar: the cool dude who has fun at events

  • Rob H
    Rob H 2 years ago +62

    This puts such a huge smile on my face I’m just grinning non stop

  • GopzU
    GopzU 2 years ago +349

    Scar setting the trend 2 months earlier wearing that mask.

  • 04x16
    04x16 3 months ago +5

    This video is almost three years old now, but its still easily one of my favorites and is very comforting for me as a disabled teenager, especially knowing there will be people and friends who will be there to accommodate and help you, and talking about those aspects even if it was a brief mention, was quite nice to hear.

  • Fallendawn
    Fallendawn 3 years ago +2293

    You looked so great in that suit scar!

    • Minty
      Minty 3 years ago +3

      Your profile picture is my discord server’s logo

    • MissyBellsprout
      MissyBellsprout 3 years ago +10

      He looked so good! 20/10

    • John Black
      John Black 3 years ago +33

      No doubt, dude needed the sharp dressed man award for the show.

    • Ollieb393
      Ollieb393 3 years ago +6

      Aidan B. crisp, yeah

  • Carter Rowe
    Carter Rowe Year ago +81

    The mask Scar was wearing is now the most normal part of this vlog.

  • Mohammed Rayees
    Mohammed Rayees Year ago +15

    Scar is such a positive person that he puts happy music for an ongoing fire.

  • Kasper Buyens
    Kasper Buyens 2 years ago +35

    Can we all just appreciate how much his brother do for him!

  • Zakariyah Ahmad
    Zakariyah Ahmad 2 years ago +197

    Scar: This battery is about to di...
    Battery: *Dies*

  • Ervin
    Ervin Year ago +21

    “I chose the mountains”
    Good choice, since they are updating not only the mountains but the terrain generation aswell, 1.18 is gonna be amazing

  • SpecialBunnyOPS
    SpecialBunnyOPS Year ago +54

    Scar: I will need you to support me on the way
    Scar realizing that there will be 100k people wanting to support him

  • David Ståhl
    David Ståhl Year ago +17

    Rewatching this now and it always surprises me how much of a giant mumbo actually is. He’s like 6’5 should have chosen the nba over Minecraft lol

    • Magikarp
      Magikarp 3 months ago +1

      Why be a basketball player when you can make complex machines that most people don’t understand in a block game.

  • David Schneider
    David Schneider 2 years ago +32

    This guy is sooo inspiring love him and his bro really cool

  • Hi, now go away.
    Hi, now go away. 2 years ago +72

    Dude, I have a C-PAT and I act like its the end of the world, this man is a legend.

    • Speed
      Speed 2 years ago

      Oh yeah, scar needs a constant battery doesn't he.

    • jiyzo
      jiyzo 2 years ago +1

      Scar makes me happy man i swear i guess staying positive and happy would help

  • Sho Desu
    Sho Desu 2 years ago +8

    I didnt know Scar was disabled!! He always sounds so happy but once knowing he is disabled, i began crying and gave me inspiration that nothing is impossible!!!! I am soo happy for him overcoming hardships while being on a wheelchair! Yeet!

  • Hallam Family
    Hallam Family 2 years ago +352

    No one: Mumbo in the thumbnail: hi welcome to chillis

  • PolarImpulse
    PolarImpulse 9 months ago +4

    Scar, you are literally the definition of 'Perseverance' and you're just such a happy guy it literally just makes me smile every time I watch your videos :)

  • mangaartist
    mangaartist 3 years ago +1343

    Scar : sees a fire
    Also scar : plays gentle music

  • Seren Eva
    Seren Eva Year ago +6

    Scar is literally one of the most genuine dudes ever

  • pinkflamingo
    pinkflamingo 2 years ago +36

    i love how iskall is just wearing a shirt and pants and a shirt turned backwards whereas scar is wearing a suit 😂

  • TERRoR Marz
    TERRoR Marz 2 years ago +29

    I love you scar just dont be so harsh on yourself

  • FYZ Secunex
    FYZ Secunex 2 years ago +10

    I can’t even describe how much of an inspiration Scar is. Absolute icon. Keep going Scar! We love you.

  • Brandon H
    Brandon H 3 years ago +5887

    I feel like scar is a bit too critical of himself, but literally he's in a wheelchair, doing stuff no one else could

    • laartje24
      laartje24 Year ago

      @Smokeseer Technology is rapidly evolving though, it is pretty cool to see. There are now versions of video games including minecraft that you can play with only the movement of your eyes. I really hope it never comes that far for Scar but if so, technology has got his back.

      AKAGAMI NO SHANKS Year ago

      @laartje24 😭

    • random person
      random person 2 years ago +1

      @Kasper Bastrup he used to swim a lot i think it was his fave thing but after he got the disease

    • amithariial
      amithariial 2 years ago +5

      @_ fucking what

    • _
      _ 2 years ago

      elin sörmark ewww

  • Ghost R
    Ghost R 2 years ago +10

    I like scar, everytime i see him he makes me smile 😊

  • Catherine Reed
    Catherine Reed 2 years ago +4

    Looking back on this from today, the pic of the five of you is a dream family for me. Mumbo is the brilliant but geeky dad who invents stuff that False, the financial wiz of a mom manages to use to pay for the family's needs. Stress is the best sister ever, willing to share all her beauty secrets, while Iskall is the brother you can hang with and chill. Scar is the ultimate peace keeper, so beautiful and calm in heart and soul. All of them ALWAYS have got your back, questions are only asked later in private. People ask why I keep watching Hermitcraft when I barely play Minecraft anymore. This is as close as I can come to an answer: I feel that if I REALLY needed help, I could ask any Hermit, and they would do all they could in real life to keep me safe. If I found myself homeless, I feel I could contact Joe or Tango or Scar or Impulse, maybe even Bdubs, and one of them (or all of them) would scrounge up a safe place for me to sleep a night or two. IJeven might feed me a meal or two. The ones scattered outside North America might just send funds to the ones closer to me to lend aid. The ones I am not so familiar with would probably do the same, they have the same goodness of heart or they wouldn't be Hermits.
    Not saying it is their jobs to fix anyone's life, but just knowing people are out there, people who have such good hearts and souls, it helps me sleep better at night...

  • RL_Russ
    RL_Russ 2 years ago +5

    Scar is so happy with everything he has gone through,so inspirational 🙏

  • Pineapple Lord
    Pineapple Lord 2 years ago +13

    Just want to say I'm not making fun of scar's breathing condition
    "So I'll figure out how to breathe" scar 2020

  • kaikly
    kaikly Year ago +1

    Scar is so inspiring and just all around an awsome person.

  • Beautifully Accepted
    Beautifully Accepted 8 months ago +3

    Scar, you're the sweetest. You looked dapper and did great! :D

  • Aiden Man
    Aiden Man Year ago +29

    Joe hills was probably outside of his house staring up at your plane.

  • Igor Ferreira
    Igor Ferreira 2 years ago +126

    "presentable", literally the best looking one.

  • Skipper Pinguin
    Skipper Pinguin 3 years ago +5348

    You missed the opportunity for “Superfast Flight Mode”

  • Tio
    Tio 4 months ago

    I love how inspirational Scar is hes so heart warming

  • StaticWolf Blogson
    StaticWolf Blogson Year ago +1

    Everything about you is an inspiration scar.
    Your energy is just magnetic.
    Im so glad iv found your channel.

  • Jebbbo
    Jebbbo Year ago +1

    i just find everything about scar so amazing and inspiring

  • Christine
    Christine 2 years ago +1

    Your brother said it! It's a really cool thing you guys do! This year has been rough and finding the hermits, especially you, Grian, and Mumbo has really taken the edge off. You are so lovely! Thank you for doing what you do.

  • Naomi Buckingham
    Naomi Buckingham 4 months ago

    I loved watching this! I was so happy watching this, and I find it amazing how the other hermits helped Scar carry his equipment and stuff when he couldn't. These are all truly amazing people.

  • Caryn DERT
    Caryn DERT 7 months ago +2

    Just when I thought I was already "scarred for life," enjoying your channel. I come across this post. While watching, I experienced an abundant amount of heart felt joy. I had balls of tears welling up my eyes as you 'scarred' more love, even deeper into my heart.
    THANK YOU for this OM-AZING share. Best real content available!

  • Mathew Cobb
    Mathew Cobb Year ago

    i really enjoyed watching this, really good to see you still getting about even with your obstacles. just glad they dont stop you from achieving greatness

  • XxCoolCat27xX
    XxCoolCat27xX 2 years ago +84

    First time I've SEEN Scar.
    I never thought hed be this cute.
    Cuter than Mumbo.

    • AleKO
      AleKO Year ago +2

      Best part is that this comment has 69 likes lol

    • Rachel Koh
      Rachel Koh 2 years ago +28

      *giggles in relate*
      As grian would say,
      "My heart, my little heart"

  • NeatAnarchy
    NeatAnarchy 3 years ago +4822

    I never knew scar was disabled, I watched the hermitcraft panel and I was thinking to myself why s scar in a wheelchair and using oxygen but I didn't look into it. I genuinely think scar is a true legend, keep up the good work my guy!

    • Ziggy W
      Ziggy W 2 years ago

      Abyl Dabl
      Don’t you love using oxygen

    • Doomsday Dragons Productions
      Doomsday Dragons Productions 2 years ago

      Not disabled, just got more challenges

    • PryxisJr
      PryxisJr 2 years ago +2

      I respect the way you said that comment. You didn’t make it rude at all. Scar is such a great role model, and I always look up to him too!

    • Paddy Bradley
      Paddy Bradley 2 years ago

      Same here

    • Lol
      Lol 2 years ago

      Don’t say that he may read the comments

  • Dylan_jke
    Dylan_jke 2 years ago +1

    It’s just makes me so sad that stuff like this happens to such amazing and inspirational people yet he still entertains thousands of people and make every one who watches his content have a better day.

  • John King
    John King Year ago +2

    Dude scar is just the coolest ,sweetest guy

  • kyle Culp
    kyle Culp Year ago +1

    This is amazing. Scar was looking SHARP.

  • Eden the cleric
    Eden the cleric 11 months ago +1

    i love how scar is like ow no i have a much better room, you kinda deserve it and for you its a lot more special to go to different places then for others so you trully deserve to get the treatment a king would get

  • POSPrincess91
    POSPrincess91 3 months ago +1

    I would just absolutely love to meet scar or play with him. Such a good person.

  • Calligator69
    Calligator69 Year ago +1

    Idk how anyone couldn’t like scar, he’s such a great guy

  • The Life Of Cara and Emily

    This is one of the first videos I’ve watched of Scar but I can already see he seems like such a genuinely kind and sweet person.

  • Tob Raham
    Tob Raham 2 years ago +1

    This was so cool, my favorite part of the trip was seeing you guys together IRL

  • Sewykik
    Sewykik 2 years ago +2511

    When scar said “just came back from meeting the hermits” I immediately thought of a bunch of hermit crabs

    • jake stan
      jake stan 4 months ago

      this is kinda uncultured---

    • Marie Alonso
      Marie Alonso 7 months ago +1

      I once raised hermit crabs and I had named them after hermits(so I had a Mumbo, a Grian, an Iskall, a Scar...)

    • blue pancakes
      blue pancakes Year ago +1

      Im picturing a bunch of old thin men with beards looking like they live in the woods like the movies

    • Martial Fantasy
      Martial Fantasy Year ago +1

      crab rave!

    • TF Ayush Mc
      TF Ayush Mc Year ago

      @♡ wait a minute,how does he knows scar

  • Sparrow the SkyWing
    Sparrow the SkyWing Year ago +1

    Scar is a genuinely underrated Clip-Sharer.

  • Minecraft_ Music vids
    Minecraft_ Music vids 2 years ago

    I love going on adventures with scar!!! :D

  • O1iveO1l_76
    O1iveO1l_76 2 years ago

    I love your videos! they make me so happy and even when you die in hermicraft you laugh a little which makes everything better and like it was no big deal. i binge watch your videos like all day!

  • Lord Christopher Howard

    This is amazing, what you're doing is incredibly inspirational, you don't let your disabilities get in the way of your travel.

  • DundaBluebone
    DundaBluebone 3 years ago +5238

    a wheelchair out in a lightning storm, i'm trying to imagine what would be scarier than a Charged Scar!!

  • LilAssMonkey
    LilAssMonkey 2 years ago

    Lol, love the chemistry between you two, and the panel turned out great!

  • MilkyTea
    MilkyTea 2 years ago +246

    “i hope i look presentable”

    • Alex Gray
      Alex Gray Year ago +3

      Such a beautiful comment.

  • Master of Writers
    Master of Writers 8 months ago +1

    I never fully realised until now just how significant the differance between airplane cabin pressure and standard sealevel pressure was.
    Id heared of stuff getting sucked out of the cabin during hull breaches due to the pressure differance, and I felt my ears pop while acending on them, but I guess having to think of having trouble breathing on one really makes things set in.

  • Silverw0lf24
    Silverw0lf24 2 years ago +1

    Scar your a legend!!!!! Keep up what your doing your an amazing person and I wish you the best. Your awesome!!🔥🏆

  • TheSaltyMug
    TheSaltyMug 3 years ago +2129

    This video is incredibly wholesome ❤️

    • Rachel Koh
      Rachel Koh 2 years ago

      @the guy next to you scar could make that wholesome

    • the guy next to you
      the guy next to you 3 years ago +2

      Yes all of the video cliff is wholesome "shows a car burning"

    • Trashclan Gaming
      Trashclan Gaming 3 years ago

      I agree

    • Brayden Smith
      Brayden Smith 3 years ago +2

      I feel proud to be the 400th like...don’t know why

    • Dana Lynch
      Dana Lynch 3 years ago +14

      Yes yes it is. Wholesome intensifies

  • CamdenAndFriends
    CamdenAndFriends 2 years ago +1

    Keep it up scar! We’re here to support you!

  • Tristan Hellöre
    Tristan Hellöre 2 years ago +2

    scar you are a such a inspiring person and i love the part when you flew in the plane it relly gave me that felling of being in the air in a plane. ly scar :)

  • Stan Brusky
    Stan Brusky 2 years ago +2

    Scar, your music taste is always amazing.

  • Kimi
    Kimi 2 years ago

    Your such a inspiration a family member suffers from something similar to you, and I know how it feels, to go through it makes you amazing, sending love your way!

  • Jan Tristan Hernandez
    Jan Tristan Hernandez 2 years ago

    I respect scar so much, that im always thinking of how i can support him more.

  • B-Smoke
    B-Smoke 2 years ago +7

    I feel so bad that scar has the breathing condition. Like I would rather have so he doesn't have it is my first scar video but just seeing him being so happy makes me just happy to know he's ok

    • random person
      random person 2 years ago +3

      @Claire Wagoner yup especially since he used to love swimming

    • Claire Wagoner
      Claire Wagoner 2 years ago +3

      It’s not really a breathing problem but he has a disease that weakens his muscles. It’s so inspiring to see him doing wonderful things

  • Steven Bryson
    Steven Bryson 2 years ago

    Your a truely inspiring scar. You seem like a great person i love your videos and ill be recomending your channel to my nephew whos a paraplegic. Im sure your the kinda guy he could really look up too. From your new biggest fan

  • Tobi Ali
    Tobi Ali 2 years ago

    I love scar, what a great guy. I want to meet him one day

  • SH
    SH 2 years ago +1

    Scars a legend keep it up dude!

  • B. C.
    B. C. 2 years ago

    Such genuine and nice people, I get such a good vibe every time I watch your behind the scenes episodes 😊 Thanks for sharing

  • lobis
    lobis 2 years ago +1

    I just want to say scar is one of the nicest people on you tube I have ever seen I just think it’s so nice that he likes to just bring people along with theses fun things and is just I can’t put it in words he just just EXTREMELY nice

  • Guilherme Idéias
    Guilherme Idéias Year ago +1

    Scar's brother sounds so happy to be there as well 😄

  • Perplqxed
    Perplqxed 3 years ago +721

    Scar is such a professional salesman, and concorp member, wearing the fancy jacket to show of his diamond riches...

  • Pedro Breyner
    Pedro Breyner 2 years ago +29

    When this got released the mask confused everyone, but not us

  • Kevin Hill
    Kevin Hill 2 years ago

    Dear good times with scar you are an inspiration. When I say an inspiration I mean it sincerely. All the things that you have to go through, and all your conditions you still put a smile on and make sure everyone around you is happy and we all thank you for your awesome videos and great attitude. So keep it up.