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Apple Vision Pro - Is it worth $3500?

  • Published on Jun 5, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • My full impressions of the Apple Vision Pro AR and VR headset!
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  • Mrwhosetheboss
    Mrwhosetheboss  3 months ago +10702

    Took me a little longer to put this together than I expected, but as always, I hope it was worth the wait - I need to sleep now been up for 24 hours lol - love you guys
    Also thank you for 15 Million! ♥ Btw I JUST finished testing out how good Apple's customer service actually IS - this will surprise you: clip-share.net/video/Z7iBFklVU_I/video.html

  • MrUnknown
    MrUnknown 3 months ago +40663

    I was literally dying when they showed a father recording their kid's birthday in the presentation. Imagine being a kid blowing out candles and your father is wearing digital ski goggles ffs apple 💀😭

    • Anton
      Anton 3 months ago +1442

      Lmao bought account

    • Yakuzaka1412
      Yakuzaka1412 3 months ago +2487

      Imagine everyone using a Smartphone all day... oh wait. It is just normal now.

    • Sanket Jadhavar
      Sanket Jadhavar 3 months ago +805

      Yeah but its equally awkward although much common for people having huge devices in front of face recording the birthday! We are already a society of idiots, no harm in going all the way😂

    • Valentin Bonsi
      Valentin Bonsi 3 months ago +1014

      I think you forgot 25 years ago you were blowing out your candles with your father holding a 50cm long cinema camera

    • Orion
      Orion 3 months ago +495

      There no different when 80s the dad using big ass camera to capture the moment

  • Davide Cassarino
    Davide Cassarino 3 months ago +1505

    When I watched the promo video I got the chills, I have mixed feelings about this. From one side this new technology is exciting and it shows that Apple can still be innovative and looking forward to the competition, my other side is scared AF, this is the BLACK MIRROR, we basically become one thing with the tech, also wearing it isolates you even more from the external world, even if they put a glass in front of it and you can see your surroundings. You put it on and it's you and the tech, it's not a collective experience, it's the single person interacting with the virtual world. I'm sure that it can be used in many wonderful ways, but we are not ready yet, it's going to be another tool that will shift humanity to be self adsorb, just like mobile phones did, using more and more the tools and being sucked into it.

    • Chioma
      Chioma 3 months ago +62

      For me, i feel like something like this is mostly best worn maybe when you just wanna play video games or watch movies because it’s not proper to wear something like this to your job or in a meeting lol people won’t take you seriously.

    • MAMAvsGOD
      MAMAvsGOD 3 months ago +13

      @Chioma slow person I see.

    • Al ManSoori
      Al ManSoori 3 months ago +29

      you couldn't have explained it better, i agree with you.

    • Mowgli
      Mowgli 3 months ago +33

      I don't understand. How is this any different from other VR headsets? You're still not going to be able to wear this for more than an hour without your head sweating.
      If you want something to be scared of, we already have smartwatches that record raw brain data and feed it to whatever apps you give permission to.

    • kneeves
      kneeves 3 months ago +8

      we will never be ready for it

  • Clint Golub
    Clint Golub 3 months ago +249

    When Arun said in this video “I’ve never both wanted and not wanted a product to exist as much as this one. This is the start of the end for shared social experiences”, I think he absolutely nailed where our future is going from this point forward. Watching the WWDC presentation which I’ve waited months for, it was the first time I had a little bit of pre-emptive nostalgia for the world we’re now going to leave behind. I don’t know how I feel about public places transforming into pseudo-private ones to this degree. Our species cannot evolve nearly as fast as our technology now is and that honestly does worry me a little bit; especially since that we’re also at the dawn of a true A.I. revolution that’s happening concurrently.

    • Speed
      Speed 3 months ago +2

      I didn’t read the whole thing and I’m to lazy to and I loved the part where he said it was worth it

    • Attila Adnan Behbudov
      Attila Adnan Behbudov 2 months ago +6

      Could become a reality for some, but I truly believe that if apple and other companies can get features like SharePlay to the next level, everything will be fine. We have (at the start of it) doubted every revolutionary piece of tech starting from the invention of fire and guess what, we’ve been fine every time so while there are some worries as long as everything gets fixed, we’ll be just fine, if not doing better.

    • pyrotechnic
      pyrotechnic 2 months ago +3

      @Attila Adnan Behbudov Yep agreed. Something is always lost and something is always gained. Our species will be fine.

    • Midro 24
      Midro 24 2 months ago +1

      I'm curious. What do you think came first? The antisocial hermits then the technology? Or did the technology create all of the antisocial narcissist we see now?

    • Dio
      Dio Month ago

      @Midro 24I believe technology did create antisocials. If I give you all the reasons then all I’m gonna say is look at the years before iPhones, iPad’s computers and what not was made. And try to research how human interactions were during that time and compare it to know.

  • NightDocs
    NightDocs 3 months ago +88

    When you mention that it’s an optimistic gamble, I think it’s important to remember that the dip in VR interest happened while this was well into development. At this point they’ve already sunk the cost and they’re taking a very bold step with the price point to double down and try to iteratively solve the problems that nobody else tried to while doing the most Apple thing ever - carving out a market pretending that competition doesn’t exist

    • MohilYT
      MohilYT 2 months ago

      I'm first guys

    • OneHouseofCards
      OneHouseofCards 2 months ago

      Like legit, I can buy a pretty good VR Setup With that amount of money, all the bells and whistles included with maybe some leftover for games.

    • Joey Gil
      Joey Gil 2 months ago +3

      What problems are they solving? The screen can’t be that good if you can see through it, with power like this games could be played but knowing apple, they would screw that up, This is useless

    • adis krdzic
      adis krdzic 2 months ago +3

      @Joey Gilthe display is way beyond any vr headset on the market it seems, and it’s. Stand alone computer as well

    • Joey Gil
      Joey Gil 2 months ago

      @adis krdzic you sure? Nothing about it being 8k, or even 4k yet, also seeming like the screen won’t have such a good contrast with darks

  • Peter Lynch
    Peter Lynch 3 months ago +103

    As much as I'm enjoying the information and graphics, I can't help but appreciate the quality of the videography. The smooth flow of panning in and panning out, almost a 3D experience. Whoever is behind that camera, they are gold.

    DXVIANT VFX Month ago +5

    The way you managed to break down the steps Apple has used to prepare for this type of technology through years of models and devices in their past is amazing.

  • Shivam Trivedi
    Shivam Trivedi 3 months ago +856

    This is legit the best video I’ve seen on Vision Pro! I too feel that apple focusing on LiDAR, spatial audio, cross platform apps, continuity and dictation was all leading upto this! Cant wait to see what’s next 😍

    • Aditya Garg
      Aditya Garg 3 months ago +7

      Bhai badiya roast video bana na jaake

    • aquabery
      aquabery 3 months ago +14

      there's not that many videos so like...

    • Cyaneet Noodles maker
      Cyaneet Noodles maker 3 months ago +7

      speaking of lidar... yeah you know the increased in horror if they use this in a maze
      edited: or in a set place

    • Monke7
      Monke7 3 months ago +1

      Who asked lil bro?

  • IamZeus1100
    IamZeus1100 3 months ago +194

    While it can cause more isolation , I think leaning more into the AR feature could have a lot of incredible group things . Like it could change education forever if they can connect them for a shared viewing , you could take you students on an AR style trip to ancient ancient Egypt , explore the stars , break down molecules like never before .
    It could have a lot of benefit for social style gaming , things like paintball , sports , archery , hell even trading cars games yugioh projection stule could be improved with AR too .
    This kind of technology can do incredible things but also detrimental things , it’s up to us how we use it at the end of the day but it’s important we ask ourselves what we want to get of technology as we advance more and more

    • Illford
      Illford 3 months ago +17

      lowkey if my school trip was AR I'm not paying for it. Why tf would i pay 3.5K for a headset only to then pay to go on Google Maps

    • Darkfird
      Darkfird 3 months ago +11

      @Illford I think like schools buy computer for their students, they could potentially buy those headsets in the future for students, so you won't have to pay for it.

    • Dragon
      Dragon 3 months ago +1


    • IamZeus1100
      IamZeus1100 3 months ago +9

      @Darkfird yea that’s more so the idea I was aiming at . That and it wouldn’t replace actual field trips or anything , just to be implemented into day to day lessons , much like checking out school laptops or a computer lab. Could make learning incredibly immersive

    • Devin Higoy
      Devin Higoy 3 months ago +5

      The schools I went to wouldn't have the budget for these things.

  • Kidd Ayee
    Kidd Ayee 3 months ago +34

    I truly enjoyed watching this video. The way you break down information into it's core components and then explain each one is how things should be explained to grasp a better understanding. Absolutely phenomenal man! You earned a follower today

  • Benjamin McReynolds
    Benjamin McReynolds Month ago +5

    I'd really like to see them focus most on AR Advancements. High quality AR in my opinion has the most potential out of anything other than a quality headset display to use for ur PC/phone/game console. AR has so much that can be improved upon and i really hope we see this category of software capabilities improve a ton.

  • Sawan Bruins
    Sawan Bruins 3 months ago +24

    Great video (again)! My thoughts on this is that this will be now in a nice, a bit as the MS Hololens. That product was also highly priced and not for the consumer but for companies. It was not very unsuccessful as they even made an updated second one.
    However, Apple likes to showcase what this can do for a consumer as interested businesses are already aware what the Hololens could do and this all that and more.
    I believe the only way to get this in consumer range is to either follow the way Meta does it with the quest (low price, but basically a mid-range Android phone in a headset with an alternative OS), or to make it cast from the iPhone. The main reason that this is soo pricy is probable because it has it's own computer in it. It is a very powerful mac with an excellent screen and a lot of (expensive) cameras and sensors. Using the computing power of the iPhone will probably slash the price by 2/3, making it a slightly over $1.000,- which will be acceptable by a lot of people.
    For me this shows the battle has begun between Apple and Meta. I'm very curious who will be the winner in the coming 5 years, but if I need to bet geven the bad reputation of Meta in many countries (privacy) I put my money on Apple. I would not be surprised however if Samsung will introduce a comparable product in a few years...

    • Borntorazegames
      Borntorazegames 3 months ago +1

      Cept Hololens is $3000 - $5000 and mostly used for developers.

  • Knotty Stripes
    Knotty Stripes 24 days ago +1

    This is actually closer to something that I would like on the market, not all the way there but close. I'm excited for this tech to evolve!

  • Leonhart
    Leonhart 3 months ago +1919

    great job, informative and amazing speed to get it out but top quality as always

  • Guilherme Zogbi
    Guilherme Zogbi 3 months ago +13

    I'm intrigued on what's gonna be the accessories made for this headset. The cases and screen protectors as we know it, might not be a big deal market here as it is for mobiles/tablets...

  • Martin Day
    Martin Day 3 months ago +4

    All sounds great, the headset seems packed with features that one wouldn't normally expect from a 1.0 product version, seems to blow Meta's efforts out of the water, but, what's the killer application.
    Throughout history 3D TVs were touted as the next big thing, and as far as the last generation of 3D TVs went they technically cracked it, but the demand for 3D TV was just never there.
    Augmented reality is making enormous strides, those 3D advertising billboards in the major cities around the world are breathtaking.
    But to encourage people to wear something it either has to look cool (and that is different to the headsets being a cool design), or deliver a killer App. Interesting, that this was all about the headset and not why using it would be better.
    Meta and Apple seem to see the home entertainment as the driving force for virtual reality, considering how evasive these devices are people's demand for privacy, they might be better off concentrating on the business world. The medical profession, military, construction, security and manufacturing are all areas where privacy and style are not the primary concerns and where virtual reality could bring real benefits.
    In addition, there is the main driver for technical innovation throughout history, there is of course always the porn industry.

  • lfidarraga
    lfidarraga 3 months ago +24

    It looks incredibly awesome but I'll wait for the next generations. I'm sure the battery thing will get an improvement in the future

    • MaxkillerV2 Gaming
      MaxkillerV2 Gaming 2 months ago +3

      Just tape a iphone on some glasses and there you go. This "VR" is extremely pointless.

    • BXM
      BXM Month ago +1

      @MaxkillerV2 Gaming it's a lot more complicated than that. that's like saying watching a movie with your face touching the TV is the same as watching a 3D movie. regardless, this particular device is pointless because you can get the same thing for a 10th of the price with oculus.

    • Tatienou orest
      Tatienou orest Month ago +2

      @MaxkillerV2 Gamingsame as smartphones are useless
      Just carry around your Nokia 1600 or even better, use wired phone. Who needs to walk around with a phone am I right?

    • MaxkillerV2 Gaming
      MaxkillerV2 Gaming Month ago

      @BXM You're right this device is pointless, but you missed my point. It literally does everything that a phone can do... But on your face, 3D is a different experience cause it's supposed to look like it's in front of you. This is just a screen on your face that pretty much does anything a phone can do. The worst part you can still see around you, people can see the eyes which much make people look goofy, it has a lower battery life than a actual phone and Apple want $3500 for this?

    • BXM
      BXM 29 days ago +1

      @MaxkillerV2 Gaming have you ever actually used a vr/ar device? it's not just a screen on your face. that would be an awful experience. it's designed in a way that gives depth perception, in a way that a 2d screen can't replicate

  • Candela Lux
    Candela Lux 3 months ago +20

    I see it as an amazing working tool, imagine being able to work on such a big screen. It’s not about being used like a phone it’s about being used for work in my opinion.
    If you can link like a room together and have people on Avatars while talking data or being able to log into your classroom from home while the teacher also works on a headset sounds crazy cool. And if you want to join the class you can also be physically there. It offers a lot more freedom in work environment for everyone of us

    • Pocnit
      Pocnit 3 months ago +1

      Sounds perfect I'd love to only work for 2 hours.

    • Anya Jonathan
      Anya Jonathan 3 months ago

      And also for programmers

    • Candela Lux
      Candela Lux 3 months ago +3

      @Pocnit isn't there an option to stay plugged in? so power wouldn't be the issue

    • Kippertrace
      Kippertrace 3 months ago

      Let's all not move.lets not travel, exercise or interact personally ever again. Lts become stagnant and obese.
      Careful what you wish for folks. You might not be able to leave your 15 minute city. This is the trap to keep you there.

    • Filip
      Filip 2 months ago +1

      ​@Kippertracehave you used vr? Real stuff still beats vr. No one would choose seeing paris in VR over going there IRL. No one would choose meeting someone in vr over meeting someone irl.
      Irl is still better.
      Vr is replacing real stuff. It can however replac and make digital stuff better. Like work, games, education etc.
      For example Incase a new pandemic hit then everyone could have headsets and be in a more "real" classroom rather then just being on zoom.

  • Elvis Martinez
    Elvis Martinez 3 months ago +24

    Absolutely loved your take on where Apple is going with this product, very balanced and brilliantly communicated, thanks!

  • DoomRater
    DoomRater 3 months ago +8

    "No other company has had an opportunity to do this"
    I'll go ahead and argue that a lot of what was considered hardware failures by Valve trained them on what would eventually make a great Steam Deck. It's not the same developmental leap as a personal headset (and the Index isn't a revolutionary step, either) but other companies will make silent steps towards the right direction too even if by accident.

  • Dhrutube
    Dhrutube 3 months ago +28

    At first, they do seem overpriced but the fact that you have unlimited space means this could replace every monitor ever. I would love to have something like this and a keyboard and mouse attached to it. Saves so much space and monitors are already quite expensive anyways.

  • 21dreamz
    21dreamz 3 months ago +6

    This is why I love your content, it’s intuitive and well thought out… LiDAR is but one example of how you process tech use cases and how companies plan for 5 years in advance. You and your team is definitely “smart” 👍🏽 good job!

  • Ømvr
    Ømvr 3 months ago +4

    The headset itself looks amazing. but my only concern is the price if they can make something similar to this but like the Quest 2 then I can see more people affording it.

  • Dean Omatsu
    Dean Omatsu 2 months ago +1

    I asked a question on a service call if they have heard if you will be able to create multiple screens. I work as a Video director and editor. To be able to use this in an editing configuration so I could eliminate multiple screens when editing on location would be fantastic. Also to allow me to review footage I just shot or preview effects, these could be really helpful. The Apple rep could not answer my questions but said that they would be getting more information towards the end of the year.

  • Zain Ul Abideen
    Zain Ul Abideen 3 months ago +1486

    I don't think any tech in my life has gotten me this excited and this terrified at the same time.

    • Darius Henoc
      Darius Henoc 3 months ago +138

      this presentation just look like a black mirror episode for me

    • Fireblade
      Fireblade 3 months ago +83

      elon musks brain chip thing as well, that's very scary

    • Crunkin1t
      Crunkin1t 3 months ago +21

      ​@Firebladethat's ground breaking not scary

    • Idi B
      Idi B 3 months ago +32

      Yeah I feel you. I got this exact same feeling with ChatGPT a few moth back too.

    • weirdwordcombo
      weirdwordcombo 3 months ago +18

      @Fireblade disabled people very much welcome what you call scary

  • Benjamin Kindle
    Benjamin Kindle 3 months ago +6

    I really don't think they're aiming to replace the iPhone with this. You can use the iPhone in a detached way while doing other things (like standing in line at the store). This device is targeted at full immersion, more similar to a Mac or a home theater.

  • rotary65
    rotary65 3 months ago +4

    I think it all comes down to human social interaction. The ideal tech needs to enhance these interactions, not replace them. Therefore, the easiest, most fluid interface is likely audio, not video. Think Her. We need to leverage AI into personal assistants that we interact with through conversation. That seems far more natural and seamless to me than video goggles.

  • Kaan Demirkiran
    Kaan Demirkiran 3 months ago +3

    I love the idea of the device scanning your room and then projecting it while on a flight so you feel like you're in your comfortable home chair whilst traveling to another country, it's absolutely crazy, especially for a VR lover, however it's also really really scary, but if people would know how to keep a healthy balance in using this device ans staying present in life (which let's be real, definitely won't be the case) it is the ultimate luxury living for our species.

    • Pocnit
      Pocnit 3 months ago

      Yeah till you hit an air pocket and your house feels like it's freefalling. Or the plane is banking.

  • Ghoul
    Ghoul 3 months ago +4

    This is a really cool device and also expands the virtual reality world but I wouldn't even consider buying this until it goes down in price by a couple thousand dollars 😭

  • Mincent Price
    Mincent Price 2 months ago +2

    Super cool channel! You explain everything so well - even an old dude like me can understand and appreciate the research and critiques. Cheers

  • TayZonday
    TayZonday 3 months ago +570

    This could be amazing at teaching people who struggle with coordination to swing a bat or hit a tennis ball. Track the ball, the racket, the court etc.

  • Thedmljd
    Thedmljd 3 months ago +4

    I really love the technology and I do think it will pave way for the future, but I believe this was too early to put out into the market. They should of went the cheap route and implemented augmented reality glasses that mirror your phone screen with its own dedicated apps. It would be just another bluetooth device, but it would be lightweight, way less noticeable and last for more than 2 hours. Realistically we should be on our 3rd or 4th generation of google glass which would look way less like a dragonball z scouter and more like the amazon echo frames with AR capabilities. This option would also be cheap enough for the masses to use on a regular basis and could be functional with an apple watch.

    • Stephen
      Stephen 3 months ago

      Yeah I don’t think this would sell well to the general population. Aside from price, having something on your head that big for so long just sucks

    • Filip
      Filip 2 months ago

      Have you tried real vr and "phone vr"? Phone vr is litteral garbage.

  • Tatienou orest
    Tatienou orest Month ago

    Worth the money for now
    Especially if it forces other companies to get into the action and even perfect it
    Can’t wait for the wireless glasses-sized version

  • Pam Rathbun
    Pam Rathbun 3 months ago +7

    respect to how much effort he and his crew put into their videos, much more than even mkbd

  • PL Tech Reviews
    PL Tech Reviews 3 months ago +3

    While I understand your pov regarding clicking with fingers instead of blinking, I do think it would be a good idea for Apple to include a blink option in the accessibility settings as that would make it better for physically disabled people like me (as well as the option to open an apps using your voice / taking a picture by blinking twice)

  • Selors
    Selors 2 months ago +1

    personally, i believe that the vision pro will only be a good product if people can learn to keep their screen time low. this can be the best thing that happens this decade, if people don’t get addicted to it. this is perfect innovation and the logical next step. but it’s still only good if it doesn’t separate people from others. just like the iphone, people getting addicted and stuck with this device will ruin it. we can’t let this thing separate us from other humans, no matter how good it is.

  • Mewtwodestroyer
    Mewtwodestroyer 3 months ago +2252

    If you thought that phone addiction was bad, imagine how addictive this will be.
    Edit: After they change the form factor to be more lightweight and portable.

    • Кирило Мудроха
      Кирило Мудроха 3 months ago +66

      More like reppeling knowing that you spent 3500$ on modernized google gogles.

    • nnn nnn
      nnn nnn 3 months ago +37

      and this is not expensive. my laptop and monitor cost about $4000.

    • dnxx
      dnxx 3 months ago +18

      Its not like people just gonna walk around in this everywhere.

    • Anon
      Anon 3 months ago +18

      It's not, it's way easier and seamless to use a regular computer or phone

    • Timothy Thibodeaux
      Timothy Thibodeaux 3 months ago +112

      @nnn nnn just because you can afford it doesn’t mean it’s not expensive

  • Ru45.2
    Ru45.2 3 months ago +1

    A cool idea they could add is lens specific headsets so if you wear glasses you can get the right prescription for the headset

  • Wolfe Thorne
    Wolfe Thorne 3 months ago

    As impressive as all the technology behind the Apple Vision Pro is, I still feel as though the target audience is murky beyond Apple fans with $3500 burning a hole in their pockets. While it is going to be the best VR/AR experience money can buy out of the gate, you can do, from a usage standpoint, about 80-90% of what this new headset brings on much cheaper headsets such as the quest 2 or even the quest pro (it is... strange... to me, calling a $1000 product "The cheaper option") that are out right now. To be fair, I am excited to see where things go a generation or two down the line from the apple pipeline, but I'm not a monetarily endowed enthusiast so the value proposition doesn't work out for me.

  • Samoerai
    Samoerai Month ago

    Very nice video with some very interesting points and concerns. I’m very glad you spoke up about some the reason why this is (or should be) very controversial. I’m curious and also kings scared to see where the development of this takes our society

  • THE infinity 069
    THE infinity 069 3 months ago +5

    Im so excited for these as it brings a revolution to the technology that we're using currently. As a developer this brings unimaginable joy to me idk why? Maybe because im a nerd/geek or something but this is the future...

  • Colebot
    Colebot 3 months ago +1

    If Apple includes two battery packs with the headset, then the battery issue gets a lot better. I hope they do that

  • Richard Thunderbay
    Richard Thunderbay 3 months ago +807

    This is one of a few videos that I have watched about this product. I find the technology to be incredibly impressive. I still think that it will be a niche product that won't replace your smart phone. Oddly enough, it may be your laptop that goes by the wayside.

    • Ton Machielsen
      Ton Machielsen 3 months ago +40

      This is the ONLY video I watched about it. No need to look further. The quality of this video is amazing. Picks all the right cherries, tastes them and then gives an honest opinion on how they taste.

    • Ice Yeti
      Ice Yeti 3 months ago +19

      It will be a niche product for now, but gradually as revisions get cheaper and lighter I think it will become a lot more commonplace

    • jarkee
      jarkee 3 months ago +4

      @Ton Machielsen okay lets see these cherries. ohh this one looks proper. *eats*. goddayum... this is fantastic, you can feel every atom in your mouth, but this is concerning, this might replace all the fruits someday because its sooo good...

    • Earth Colored Eyes
      Earth Colored Eyes 3 months ago +8

      Especially for those who will watch porn on it. Lets be real here, we all know all the men children are thinking of how to make them into X-ray vision goggles.

    • Jaideep Shekhar
      Jaideep Shekhar 3 months ago +7

      ​@Earth Colored EyesOnly men?

  • Ice with drip
    Ice with drip 3 months ago +35

    Just imagine big tech companies like Apple, Neuralink and OpenAI collaborating on creating the ultimate futuristic device.

    • Sigma Grindset
      Sigma Grindset 3 months ago +5

      Uncle Ted warned us.

    • Zuki
      Zuki 3 months ago

      If neuralink works like its supposed to Apple will go out of business.

    • Ryan Reis
      Ryan Reis 2 months ago

      @Sigma Grindset The industrial revolution and its disastrous effects on humanity ...

  • Ammar Chishti
    Ammar Chishti 3 months ago +1

    What a video
    I am amazed how smartly you reviewed the product without even experiencing it by yourself
    You are really good at what you do!!!

  • Doctor RPG
    Doctor RPG Month ago

    So I know that Caviar released a $40,000 version of the headset which has a cover to keep one's eyes private because it's weird and I kind of like that. Do you think that such a case would be commonplace. I think that such a peripheral will become an absolute need both to protect the outside screen from scratches and to enable privacy of one's own physical presence, plus it looks more Cyberpunk-esque which is an aesthetic I can get behind

  • Ray Mobula
    Ray Mobula 3 months ago

    Wondering, Microsoft has the HoloLense 2 on the market - how is this doing? Yes, its somewhat older tech, but did it go anywhere? Maybe Apple calling this product not AR/VR/xR but a Spatial Computer makes a difference? Apples advantage could be in own the full stack, from processors, hardware to software. Well, lets see how this one turns out. Maybe hell has to freeze one more time, and the Vision Pro will work on Pc too?

  • singhsanghsungh
    singhsanghsungh 3 months ago

    I also think this is the basis for (pardon the corporate parlance) a new arena for "spatial computing" beyond just a headset. I can see near-future iPhones shipping with 3D capture cameras so people can share videos and images with Vision Pro users; I can see a version of a "spatial computer" that doesn't use a headset at all, but instead, two small devices that are wirelessly connected. One device goes on your desktop, about the size of a Mac Mini, the other has a bunch of cameras on it and mounts on the wall. A link is created between the two devices and there you can interact with floating screens and the on-wall device as the depth cameras that allow you to interact with a mac OS screen in 3D space.
    "Spatial computing" is an Apple buzzword, but, strangely, it helped me crystalize what the future could be, beyond a typical headset.

    • Gautam Rao Bendapudi
      Gautam Rao Bendapudi 19 days ago +1

      you predicted the first one. 15 pro is doing the 3d photo and video capturing

  • Ramsul
    Ramsul 3 months ago +849

    Can we just talk about how the hell this guy and his team literally managed to make an absolute top quality video like this less than 24 hours after the teaser of the product?

    • Mr Awesome
      Mr Awesome 3 months ago +22

      He's got bunch of editors I guess??

    • Blob Blobkins
      Blob Blobkins 3 months ago +48

      How is even possible when a multimillionaire who has editors, scenarist and scripts can stay in front of a camera and read text? Impossible.

    • Bohne
      Bohne 3 months ago +6

      @Blob Blobkinsn‘t be jelly
      answer: whaaaat I‘m not jelly

    • vil727
      vil727 3 months ago +16

      He already started the post-production before the embargo lifted

    • Jonathan Armstrong
      Jonathan Armstrong 3 months ago +1

      @Blob Blobkins clearly not impossible

  • EvanInRoblox
    EvanInRoblox 3 months ago

    I'm so excited for this technology and only if they could it make affordable for the average working class. I've always wanted to try a AR headset smartphone.

  • Doowie
    Doowie 3 months ago

    All of us who have VR headsets, knew that Apple would indeed create something interesting, but we also know that would overprice the device, that it was never aimed at normal consumers.
    For the same price you can buy enterprise/company VR/AR headsets, which are far superior. And for consumer headsets for the average job, you can buy the Quest2 or Quest3 (once that's released) for a fraction of the price Apple is requesting.

  • Peaceful Minds 101
    Peaceful Minds 101 3 months ago +4

    It's fantastic to see a company pushing the boundaries of what is possible while keeping user needs at the forefront.

  • Clash ofqueen
    Clash ofqueen 3 months ago +3

    9:03 ....you practically read my mind and explained literally the mixed emotion i was feeling throughout the video. The excitement and the uneasiness of such advancement in tech.

    NATURAL STAR 3 months ago +5

    Just imagine big tech companies like Apple, Neuralink and OpenAI collaborating on creating the ultimate

  • AMIR.A.9999
    AMIR.A.9999 3 months ago +818

    I like how Clip-Sharers see things differently. MKBHD didn't like the recording option because it's not how other people want to see you, and Arun loves it because it's easy and also 3D. Love both of them

    • Paul Price
      Paul Price 3 months ago +62

      I know I might be a bad person for saying this, but the 3d recording could be used like all new products for VERY intimate times with your lady or boyfriend, p*rn has pushed all industries, VHS, and internet. imagine you can relive a intimate time with a lady in 3d, or download someone else's....

    • Anirudh Ganesh Iyer
      Anirudh Ganesh Iyer 3 months ago +25

      Ikr...Mkbhd is like my dad and Arun is like my mum...They both are amazing but have diff opinions

    • Name Less
      Name Less 3 months ago +57

      @Paul Price it will be the most godless f***ing losers gathered together since the flashlight

    • AMIR.A.9999
      AMIR.A.9999 3 months ago +13

      @Paul Price LMAO

  • Si BoBo
    Si BoBo 3 months ago +1

    Yup. Couple of iterations down the road and it will explode into a new engagement with the technology. This is the developer/big spender gadget proof of concept, but the engagement with it will be enough to set that future in stone. It's essentially the first iPhone - cool, expensive, clunky and most people don't quite know why they'd want one, but enough of a baseball bat to the market and people's expectations that it will change usage completely over time.

  • Robert Nichols
    Robert Nichols 3 months ago +3

    In the next 2-3 iterations the size will be reduced considerably and it will be widely accepted to see people walking around using these types of devices. This is only the beginning. Great video lad! Super informative! Best one I’ve watched yet on the Apple Vision Pro

    • SativaLungz
      SativaLungz Month ago

      I agree, but it will destroy everybody's facade of the little privacy we have left. Everything will be recorded in 360 3d at all times. It may make people start to act differently and social interactions will be skewed.

  • null
    null 3 months ago

    "I honestly don't know what other company could compete with it" - would love to hear more on what you think about Meta's VR market prospects.

  • Colin Cleary
    Colin Cleary 3 months ago +1

    I think this could be a big breakthrough for people with certain sight issue.

  • WhisperingWooper
    WhisperingWooper 3 months ago +3

    I wonder how this device would work with people who have eye issues or bad vision in general? I feel like the eye tracking might not even work well if that’s the case.

    • Stupid Stuff
      Stupid Stuff 2 months ago

      Perhaps the iphone will be relegated to use for people who are physically incapable of using the Vision. The future seems weird.

  • Luke Yager
    Luke Yager 3 months ago +732

    To address the screen close to your face issue: the problem isn’t the screen being close, it’s in straining your eyes. When you look at a phone your eyes narrow in to look at something up close and that can be damaging over time. With a VR headset, even though the screen is close, your eyes are more spread out because you are looking at something that appears to be far away.

    • Spectre
      Spectre 3 months ago +17

      Very true

    • Regina Trans
      Regina Trans 3 months ago +22

      Steve Jobs would be working on holograms over this non sense, a lot of us cant use VR cause we get dizzy and stuff, plus what u say, Steve left a good number of great designers for sure and they've been followed his legacy really good, but we all know the brain there was Steve Jobs, its been literally 12 years since Steve left, at this point we would have MacBooks with fully touchscreen keyboards that resemble a foldable phone, we would have iPhones as thin as a card or a just a transparent screen, we would have holograms, and paper screens all over the world, not a VR headset that obviously will be detrimental to our actual vision, even the Retina display, it improved my visual damage I had with prior retina display computers, still its not perfect and i cant be on the screen all day, imagine having screens in your eyes, theres a reason why developers stopped working on the other VR headsets

    • Zaid Khalifa
      Zaid Khalifa 3 months ago +12

      There are multiple ways that the human eyes perceive depth. Mainly 2, stereoscopic focus, and idk what to call this but just normal focus, which the eyes adjust by changing the focal length of our eyes.
      Focusing on things too close to our eyes is not good for our eyes, but VR headsets take care of this as they have a lens in the eyepieces that "move" the screen backwards, so your eyes actually focus farther away.
      Since VR headsets still don't have varifocal lenses this means that the screen has to be a fixed distance away from your eyes, somewhere between 25 cm and an infinite distance away.
      Some people feel dizzy or get headaches from VR due to this mismatch of depth info from the stereo focus, and lens focus.

    • Rebel
      Rebel 3 months ago +1

      @Zaid Khalifa you sound like you should work at one of these headset companies

    • KisasterBochraceur
      KisasterBochraceur 3 months ago +7

      ​​​@Rebel He probably used Ai to blabber this nonsense.

  • lionlj
    lionlj 3 months ago +3

    Sure the added features are nice but a lot of this just seems like an upgraded Quest 2: better/more cameras, running on a computer rather than a phone (also working standalone), Handtracking outside the Fov, the abillity to use a battery at the back of the head (just not as added capacity but as the main one), 3d perception, speakers at the ears and smaller as is the trend with all vr headsets over the last decade. Not sure if that's truly worth it in this generation for some added comfort in tech, and ergonomy (and let's be real, it looks as goofy to walk around with that as all vr headsets)

    • KD
      KD 3 months ago

      Legit, even the quest has hand tracking features too and it also has good graphics and cameras as well. I do think the vision pro will have better quality than the quest, but honestly their very similar. One is more like a apple phone and the other is like a gaming headset. I’ll stick with my cheaper, yet still expensive headset lol.

  • Abisheka Uvindu
    Abisheka Uvindu 3 months ago +1

    Hey arun, question. How does this system work with people that have different eye sights? And how does it work with spectacles ?

  • Clint Brenner
    Clint Brenner 3 months ago

    Im sure it has some neat features and actual applications that make perfect sense. But this will likely not be a new iPhone or a device for everyone. I admire your optimism and perspective here nevertheless.

  • Billy-Ray Sanguine
    Billy-Ray Sanguine 3 months ago +2

    Actually vr does not cause short-sightedness (which is the issue with ipads and phones) due to the lense technology. Many people are unaware of that. Ofcourse the issue with blue light disrupting our sleep cycle and stuff still remains - but night shift might help there (completing the ski-goggle look with a ski-goggle orange view-tint XD)
    But yeah, vr is actually better for your eyes in terms of short-sightedness than PC monitors, phones and tablets because the focal point is further awa

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 3 months ago +396

    Tech has come a very long way, 5 years ago I didn't even think most of the features in this headset were possible. I can only imagine what stuff like this is going to evolve into in the near future
    Also if I'm going to buy this, I am definitely going to have to wait until it goes on sale

    • pawala
      pawala 3 months ago +17

      The individual components (VR, AR, gestures, etc.) have mostly been around for more than 10 years. The breakthrough was Apple's silicon to bring them all together in a wearable but performant package.

    • Memoruhh
      Memoruhh 3 months ago +16

      5 years ago 80% of this were already on other headsets. Lol

    • lokanantazain n
      lokanantazain n 3 months ago +6

      Did people forget google glass?

    • Piyh
      Piyh 3 months ago +3

      Oculus rift came out 9 years ago

    • 1000Tees
      1000Tees 3 months ago +2

      @lokanantazain n the AR was not like this at all, not even close

  • Holycrapski
    Holycrapski 3 months ago +2

    This is another Apple product that you need to tell/show others you have, more than it's a product you need.

  • impossible prune
    impossible prune 3 months ago +5

    I wish this could some way or another be coordinated into the gaming market, it has such high potential.

    • Retr0-spect
      Retr0-spect 3 months ago

      Why did you just copy someone elses comment like it was yours?

    • Paul Doyle
      Paul Doyle 5 days ago

      Can't it costs way too much

  • Shuli Ashkenazi
    Shuli Ashkenazi 3 months ago

    Your part about humanity and setting apart was one of the most content-full things you've ever said.
    It was worth subscribing just for that

  • Heisenberg
    Heisenberg 3 months ago +2

    I don‘t think that the Apple Vision Pro will replace the iPhone… just imagine to always carry this headset around when your out in the the woods or park, on your way to work, shopping in a store, training in a gym, etc. Even with lighter and more compact versions in the future it’s unlikely that people would use it as their primary way to interact with messages, calls and use it for quick researches. An iPhone that fits into your pocket is just quicker, more compact and by all means a longer lasting battery.
    What I could imagine is that the Apple Vision Pro will replace the some of the computers of Apple. Think about it. Screens would be unnecessary with the 5K resolution of the headset it’s nearly impossible to differentiate between real and digital world, in particular if Apple makes the experience very immersive with shadows casted by Apps, etc… The computing power is delivered by an M2 Chip which can not be used on full capacity at the time, or is at least the best thing you can get today if you wanna have computing power to work efficiently. You can choose your workspace to look like your ordinary living room. You do not need a desk. You can sit or stand wherever and however you want.
    From my perspective it’s more likely that the Apple Vision Pro will replace the computers of Apple, or at least will be a very valid choice if you don’t want to use an ordinary computer any more.

  • John K
    John K 3 months ago +3

    I understand the fear and skepticism about this product, I really do, but for me I am more excited about this than any other tech product in my life. I think the applications are twofold: work & entertainment when you are alone. I could never see myself wearing this in public (except maybe on a plane), especially with the low battery life, but it could completely replace the need for a single person to use a TV. I agree that it is quite an isolating product, but I think that it wouldn't be used in group gatherings. What it could mean is that in a four person friend group, say ten years in the future, that only one friend has a TV that is used for social gatherings, whereas everyone has a headset.

    • GrowToCycle
      GrowToCycle 3 months ago

      Did you even buy an HTC or Oculus headset? If you didn't, I doubt you really want a vr headset

  • Navtej Singh
    Navtej Singh 3 months ago +516

    its crazy seeing how apple has been secretly developing this right in front of our faces. by introducing lidar into iPhone and iPad, nobody really needed lidar and was kinda weird that they added the sensor to an iPhone and iPad, and then spacial audio for airpods, and apple silicon, all of these things then coming together to make apple vision pro is crazy to see.

    • RSMO
      RSMO 3 months ago +45

      its a bilion dollar industry, they have thought out everything from what we have now till the future. they discus this daily in the office and at home. its crazy what their hidden projects could be, pretty scary tbh

    • NeonVisual
      NeonVisual 3 months ago +7

      Except other companies developed this technology first..

    • ♡Its_Sanddi♡︎
      ♡Its_Sanddi♡︎ 3 months ago

      @NeonVisual which?

    • NeonVisual
      NeonVisual 3 months ago +13

      ​@♡Its_Sanddi♡︎ LespMotion bought it to market over a decade ago. Companies like Varjo have had it in VR headsets for years.
      Typical apple fanboyism, believe everything they are told and then think they have some kind of miracle product, when in fact it's just cobbling together other people's technology.
      To be clear, this headset does nothing that existing VR headsets are already doing, except this one forces you to be tethered to a box on your waist like a colostomy bag. The only exception to that is a pointless battery wasting LCD screen on the front of the device to fake eyes of the wearer.
      It's a nonsense product, with a nonsense price which not even the most hard core VR fan is going to buy. Apple positioning this as "the future of phones and computing" shows just how out of touch they are in a VR market that has already flopped.
      This happens once every 10 years or so. A product comes along which is the latest the history of failed products in the catagory like 3D TV's and movies with glasses. Always they fail to address the baseline flaws.
      In Fruit Co's case they still havn't fixed VR's primary flaws, namely no one can strap one of these to their faces for longer than 30 minutes before they become painful and cause tension headaches. VR also can't give an immersive experience so long as the visual definition is lower than that of simply looking at something with your eyes, and the biggest drawback of them all is that VR doesn't use plenoptic depth of field which is vital for humans to gauge distance and focus. So far Lightfield is the only VR company to create true VR with plenoptic focus. Everything else just layers depth like stacking playing cards, it doesn''t work and causes headaches and sickness.

    • RSMO
      RSMO 3 months ago +7

      @NeonVisual ofc others have made it first, its not about who developed it first, its about who makes it the best or mainstream

  • HeemanMcSpeed
    HeemanMcSpeed 3 months ago +2

    Technology is getting uncanny, idk if I want to live in this kind of world.
    Edit: I’m extremely relieved that tech reviewers are talking about the concerns of this technology. I fear that human isolation is only going to get worse as this stuff keeps continuing to advance, especially since some people are addicted to staring at their phones or playing video games. This can only make this problem worse.

    • Miti Jr
      Miti Jr 3 months ago

      Meh people are overrated 😂

  • David’s Music House Inc.

    I am a person of low vision issues due to Glaucoma and I have yet to see anyone speak about the possible breakthroughs of the vision pro for VIP (vision Impaired Persons) to bring a computer screen with best detail as a giant screen and use speach to text etc. seems to be a great solution for us to do work and watch media. Can you investigate any resources who may be thinking of this aspect? VIP’s could be a large customer base for this device.

  • Mais
    Mais 3 months ago +3

    This is more like the Oasis then any of the Big VR Tech Companies right now, with the light on the front of the headset with actual visuals, the shape of the goggles and how high tech and immersive the headset is. It is almost unreal how far tech has come within the last 80 years.

    • Erime
      Erime 3 months ago

      Cool, we can all trip over our sofas as our houses burn down around us sooner rather than later ✌️

  • snifl
    snifl 2 months ago +1

    I don’t think the vision pro would have a physical sim slot, it would be more likely to only use eSim

  • Vevca
    Vevca 3 months ago +398

    I'm glad that you mention how VR could be isolating and make people lose the human connection and stuff. It's good to know that other people are worried about that too.

    • Lynn McKenney
      Lynn McKenney 3 months ago +33

      I feel less isolated when playing vr with friends than when sitting on my couch binge watching tv shows.
      Different strokes for different folks!

    • Elan Technology Company
      Elan Technology Company 3 months ago +48

      @Lynn McKenney imagine that even when your mother comes to your house you dont see her but you have two layers of glass and millions of apps between you and her isnt it a bit dystopian?

    • Elan Technology Company
      Elan Technology Company 3 months ago +21

      I am glad that the tech bros are not all super dumb and do not support every technological advancement unconditionally; great that arun can see the downsides also

    • LsdRaccoon
      LsdRaccoon 3 months ago

      @Elan Technology Company it depends on the situation

    • Amazing Horizon
      Amazing Horizon 3 months ago +14

      @Lynn McKenney "I feel less isolated when playing vr with friends than when sitting on my couch binge watching tv shows."
      Yeah, obviously VR feels closer than binge-watching TV.
      But that is not what people are comparing.
      It is the playing VR together vs playing a board game, Volleyball, running together, going out to eat together, ... what people are comparing.
      And in that Case VR is more isolating.

  • Bananna_man
    Bananna_man 3 months ago

    I’m amazed and terrified of this product one the one hand it’s an amazing technological advancement in our society, but on the other like he said, we are going to lose so much human connection with family and friends etc.

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith 3 months ago

    Charging and using this product together is going to be mandatory to make it worth the price.

  • mr. rachet philanthrophist

    As it will go thinner. More people will start buying it. Also wireless magnetic chargeability can be a good factor inducing more people to buy it.

  • ToOreosOneCup
    ToOreosOneCup 3 months ago

    I’m totally in on this. 100% saving now for one. It looks so cool! I don’t even care.

  • The Solder Guy
    The Solder Guy 3 months ago

    This actually looks awesome and terrifying at the same time. But with all that new tech, the only question I have really is.....can people with glasses still use them?

  • Jim Kanaris
    Jim Kanaris 3 months ago +164

    I'm glad to see people in the tech community excited by the innovation but also not oblivious to elements that require pause. It's a nice balance to what must necessarily be: optimistic marketing.

    • humble indian
      humble indian 3 months ago

      stupid design ....every body has failed in producing a headset mobile...headsets is uncomfortable cant wear them more than 5-10mins ...its like wearing a plain glass ...moreover you cannot wear the and get out in the street ...nobody will be interested ...the downfall of apple has began😁😁

    • Dont_Enter_My_Profile_
      Dont_Enter_My_Profile_ 3 months ago +1

      Don't read my name...

    • whatever
      whatever 3 months ago

      a copy of other vr headsets on the market is truely innovation

  • demon2441
    demon2441 2 months ago

    Even with this impressive foray into VR/AR, should any part of this misstep then it will be an albatross for Apple.

  • Colin Cleary
    Colin Cleary 3 months ago +1

    My girlfriend has a rare visual disease called RP. She has waited for this sort of image projection onto glasses since she forst tried to calibrate an occulus. Taking the world and putting it onto a 2d screen makes it so much easier for her to see. This sort of product is something she is looking to wear most of the day to help her see. Im not seeing applications like this talked about with this product. However, i think it is one of the biggest uses for it.

  • Sam Rajput
    Sam Rajput 3 months ago

    I will definitely buy the 2nd generation of this product, it seems a new way to consume content.

  • J0 Fiz
    J0 Fiz 3 months ago +4

    So it’s really quite clear that the biggest reason people won’t want this is because of it scanning your home at all times and sending data back, scanning how your eyes move around ads and sending the data back. If apple truly wanted to sell this for what it does, they would state in the ad “we guarantee 100% privacy and will never tap into your cameras or sensor data”. But they haven’t, which tells me that’s exactly what they want to do

  • Lide Studios
    Lide Studios 3 months ago

    My brain is still processing this stuff-- from one way, I know that Apple put a lot of effort into this project and it's truly amazing, but from another way, I feel like Apple is moving too quickly... I mean, people are already isolated bc of phones and all, and now Apple is trying to replace phones with a new product that literally covers your face and takes everyone into a separate world...

  • lake line
    lake line 3 months ago +695

    Is amazing how VR set has been around for many years and really never got mainstream outside the gaming community. My first VR experience was in 1994 with a VR set that actually cost 3000 USD at that time and it was a flop because you just could use it to play games like Doom. The Apple VR Set looks quite well designed but seems to me to be a product that is still in development.

    • Snips
      Snips 3 months ago +33

      It is still in development for another year, they announced it a year early so all type of app developers make apps for it

    • Don't Remove
      Don't Remove 3 months ago +11

      Imma stop you right there incorrect you this is an AR product not VR. Don't get it twisted 0:24

    • Don't Remove
      Don't Remove 3 months ago +5

      Every time you put VR you did a disservice to the VR community

    • Martin Kelvin
      Martin Kelvin 3 months ago +19

      @Don't Remove Nah, it’s a vr/ar product. You can dim the outside camera from 100% to 0%, depending on how immersed you want to be in a virtual experience.

    • CandiedCat
      CandiedCat 3 months ago +1

      The Virtuality was radical

  • lalakia
    lalakia 3 months ago

    it’s really cool and unique and all but at the moment i just don’t really have confidence in this tech and i feel like people won’t switchor get used to it for a long time so i don’t think it would be as big as a success.

  • Joey barclay
    Joey barclay 3 months ago +1

    Human connection has been fading for so long, this has always been the next step, hopefully apple sees this and tries to integrate these together as much as possible, in many ways. We can only hope.

  • JK Visions
    JK Visions 3 months ago

    I think this thing is great. you can still watch stuff together but its great for work and if you are a movie fan.

  • TurtleBot
    TurtleBot 3 months ago

    U bring up a great point about shared experience this Can connect people who aren't actually together better than ever but with them blocking your face and giving u a 1 person experience its definitely bad for when ur in the same room

  • developer of things
    developer of things 3 months ago

    I'm just disappointed to not see multiple monitors on the virtual Mac screen on this headset. I hope Apple decides to add this as a feature otherwise it can't replace my computer monitors.

  • Marcello Reeves
    Marcello Reeves 3 months ago +605

    My main concern is the closed ecosystem, other VR and AR setups that can link with stuff outside their own ecosystems(such as the valve, vive, pico, and oculus headsets) have much greater potential in my opinion because the user can do what they choose with the headset. Apple is notorious for keeping everything to themselves, and for once I don’t think it will work out for them.
    Edit; after reading the reply’s of this comment I believe I need to re-clarify my point. I don’t think the headset will fail, and it is certainly a step in the right direction, I just think the closed ecosystem will hold it back from its full potential.

    • Lawrence Legaspi
      Lawrence Legaspi 3 months ago +43

      You already said it, there's valve, vive and oculus.. Apple likes to do their own thing and keep it within their ecosystem. With many apple users, I'm sure this will be a success.

    • BananaVr
      BananaVr 3 months ago +2

      Exactly because it’s basically just the oculus quest 2

    • Tamas Kiss
      Tamas Kiss 3 months ago +8

      If you count that even Steam has only 120 million registered users, but Apple alone on just iPhone has 1.5 billions active users that is 12x more like the whole Valve community.. so even if there are more supported brands on the others the combined reacheable persons still way less there compared to Apple. And developers making money based on the reacheable amount of users.. more user more chance to get their money (not to mention that Apple users have the highest pay potential, like half amount of users compared to Google, but still doubled amount of yearly profit, which is the 15%-30% cut off from the price, so actually part of the money what the developers earned there.. and the doubled amount of profit for Apple means that developers are also earned doubled amount of money there..)

    • Anonymous Axolotl
      Anonymous Axolotl 3 months ago +4

      I completely agree. I wouldn't be surprised if Apple forced people to use Facetime, or an Apple keyboard/mouse/phone to fully use the headset. I really hope that they don't force people to do it but it seems likely

    • Internet User
      Internet User 3 months ago +2

      My main concern is your comment

  • Julrich25
    Julrich25 3 months ago

    Thanks for sharing such deep and reflective videos for any new geek. Frankly we are on the edge of something that can support human race or could insolate our societies more than never and in some black mirror style future, maybe we will be known an as unsocial beings completely connected to the matrix instead of being worried of real life. Cheers!!

  • Btunes
    Btunes 3 months ago

    As much as I love the technology behind this, I don't understand who this is for. It may be a start to a new era, but I don't think I'll ever see myself using it.

    • Logan Snyder
      Logan Snyder 3 months ago

      If you have ever seen the movie Wall E that's where our future is heading. Closer than we all think

  • oneito
    oneito 3 months ago

    i think Microsoft with their Hololense might be well positioned to compete in this category and come up with something abit more compelling, and it seems Apple has been watching

  • Steph
    Steph 3 months ago

    Awesome video. Great summary and insightful thoughts. Thank you.

  • An Introvert Abroad
    An Introvert Abroad 19 days ago +1

    Short sighted to think that apple won’t have sharing options so that you share everything if you want. Cuz they will. But also plenty of people want the meta verse and you said it yourself this product is simply an stepping stone to the true goal. Which is AR glasses.