My Time at "Camp Operetta"

  • Published on Aug 11, 2019 veröffentlicht
  • What can I say other than that was one heck of a time
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    And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D May your Raoole be safe and his foot fully attached forever
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  • Jaiden Animations
    Jaiden Animations  11 days ago +3709

    Quick sidenote, the art credited as @amanda2k01 at the end was used by a handmade art tool by @SangledHere. If you like the art style of the drawing you should definitely check her stuff out :)

    • Poke Boy plays
      Poke Boy plays 34 minutes ago

      I'll say it in two ways
      1:Jaiden is the only one who has a camp operreta
      2:Jaiden是唯一一个拥有轻歌剧营地的人 VID

    • Elliot Traversone
      Elliot Traversone Hour ago

      yeet i love you're vids jaiden keep up the great work

    • Ethan Washington
      Ethan Washington 4 hours ago

      @Star Rae Potato

  • lorelai w
    lorelai w 11 minutes ago

    uhhhh, i just saw your advertisement on minecraft addons

  • Olivia Paul
    Olivia Paul 15 minutes ago +1

    omg am I the only rainbow fish stan? I helped teach a english class in china, and we had them perform the rainbow fish, and i was immediately like WAIT THERES NO STARFISH!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nisha rizvi
    nisha rizvi 31 minute ago +1

    The part about multiple ppl playing the same role reminds me of something that happened to me in fifth grade. My school did Annie for the school play that year and I got the lead role while my friend was the understudy. I ended up getting the flu a few weeks before the play and had to stay home. At some point the teachers realized that it “wasn’t fair” that she was just the understudy (she was fine with it) and ended up saying that both of us would be Annie and that’s how I ended up playing Annie in front of a bunch of first and second graders and my friend played in front of our teachers even though her preformance was worse that mine (it kinda was)

  • Just Aiden159
    Just Aiden159 32 minutes ago

    You think your famous dont make me laugh. No one is truly famous stop waisting your life and do something that no one has done before.

  • Nursam Lauddin
    Nursam Lauddin 49 minutes ago

    make a new animation pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Hilda and Sheepy
    Hilda and Sheepy 51 minute ago +1

    I was in a little mermaid play and I got the role of the of one of a background characters and a the shark (the one that attackedaril in the beginning)

  • Kaylee Laznik
    Kaylee Laznik 52 minutes ago

    I read that book when I was little

  • It’sThatTree
    It’sThatTree 54 minutes ago

    I don’t like egoraptor

  • Claire Hwang
    Claire Hwang 56 minutes ago

    i remember my time at a summer camp. my experience was just as torturing as yours ;-;

  • cool daber 2221
    cool daber 2221 57 minutes ago

    Good vids keep going

  • Aurora Zuniga
    Aurora Zuniga Hour ago

    did anyone see the drawing of jaiden and there was a pansexual thing on her shirt? nobody? IS JAIDEN PANSEXUAL??

  • Dorothy Goodell
    Dorothy Goodell Hour ago

    Screen: press F to pay respects
    Me: F just F

  • •Platinum Pixel•


    * whispers under breath * _camp kikiwaka_

  • Bianca Bear
    Bianca Bear Hour ago

    but Jaiden..i don't want many laughs I want u :c

  • José De jesus
    José De jesus Hour ago +1

    If I get 100 likes I'll tell my crush I like him

  • just some human being
    just some human being 2 hours ago

    The Best Superhero Origions

    3. Batman
    2. Superman
    1. Raoole

  • Siane -Kate Shipton Hayduk


  • Viviana Alvear
    Viviana Alvear 2 hours ago

    Hi HELLO

  • cutie Ochoa
    cutie Ochoa 2 hours ago

    Let's get jaiden to to 10 million ☺

  • Seth Kohl
    Seth Kohl 2 hours ago

    Kids: haha your ugly
    Me: wait what

  • CrimsonBoiYT
    CrimsonBoiYT 2 hours ago

    *_make him say the f word_*

  • Elsie Mason
    Elsie Mason 3 hours ago


  • Carlos Vargas
    Carlos Vargas 3 hours ago

    I watched this like 12 times in the last week

  • SCOUTBOY2019DUDE 123
    SCOUTBOY2019DUDE 123 3 hours ago

    Jaiden:I'm not the 1rst place kind of guy
    Me:jaiden you said guy not girl
    Jaiden:My bad!😳😳

  • LotsOfStuff101
    LotsOfStuff101 3 hours ago

    Hey, does anyone know how to submit fanart? I’d like to submit some fanart that i’ve made but i dont know how. Can i just do it through twitter

  • Braelyn MacLaury
    Braelyn MacLaury 4 hours ago

    You and James from the odd 1s out should date!!!😃😃😃😃😃😃

  • Bro games
    Bro games 4 hours ago


  • fan of Thomas 21100
    fan of Thomas 21100 4 hours ago +1

    I'm 10 years old and I love your Channel I read it 100 out of 10 ❤️

  • DarkFlufyy
    DarkFlufyy 4 hours ago

    yay another

  • RocketSniper81
    RocketSniper81 4 hours ago

    1:35 that's me lmfaoo

  • Kate Thuya Draws stuff

    Tree.......... FLUTTERSHY

    Mlp= Justin Bieber

  • Adrienette4 Ever05
    Adrienette4 Ever05 4 hours ago

    AUSTIN? Can u please come to Houston Please?!

    Like please ;-;

  • Doctor Crystal
    Doctor Crystal 4 hours ago

    Waaaaaiiiiit a minute where’s that mint gum experiment that you promised in your how to make life interesting video???

  • Mr FoamFlop
    Mr FoamFlop 5 hours ago

    Hey jaiden!! I’m going to kill myself

  • Kai 120
    Kai 120 5 hours ago

    0:52 si entiendes español pon subtitulos en español latinoamerica y ve las letras en este segundo...


  • Skye
    Skye 5 hours ago

    Saw the thumbnail, thought Jaiden was admitting to being a furry

  • Xx_Gacha GirlN08_xX
    Xx_Gacha GirlN08_xX 5 hours ago

    lol aragog also we had something like the book trip, its called a read in, the teacher just chose two random kids, the teacher gives one of them paperwork, the other girl didn't get hers filled, so I did, and we were given a book, it was, "the hero two doors down" all the kids who were picked read it over winter break, then near the end of the year, we went to a church where they were hosting an activity day thing that surrounded the book, and each activity had like questions or something surrounding the book, and we got pizza, and it was cool. It was called a read in

  • Reder Khalifa
    Reder Khalifa 6 hours ago

    3:55 that looks very VERY similar to E;R’s avatar. I’m almost certain it was intentional

  • E75
    E75 6 hours ago

    I just got casted as the main character for my school play. And I’m the same way like you. I’m scared

  • marsbit
    marsbit 6 hours ago

    oh my gosh this is similar to something i’ve done. i was about 8 years old as well and i was with my brother and cousin and we went to this day camp and we acted??? i was a cow???? and i never said any of my lines

  • Ethan Boi
    Ethan Boi 6 hours ago

    so i was playing splatoon 2 someone on my team was named RAOOLE...

  • Crystal Augustus
    Crystal Augustus 6 hours ago

    Who jas borderlands2 ps3

  • Crystal Augustus
    Crystal Augustus 6 hours ago


  • Crystal Augustus
    Crystal Augustus 6 hours ago

    I love youre vids

  • Nicolas Ramz
    Nicolas Ramz 6 hours ago

    Your birthday is on the same month as mine but not the same day

  • Kyla’s World!
    Kyla’s World! 7 hours ago

    I just came back from watching 2018 youtube rewind. I feel like Jaiden deserves more subscribers for including pewdiepie in the rewind. I love Jaiden's content.

  • I wanna die but not today.

    4th graders thinking of a song to do in the play: “hahahahahaha you are ugly ha ha ha ha h ah aha ha ha-“

  • PimpURCabbges
    PimpURCabbges 7 hours ago

    -Notice Hosuh- (´;ω;`)sorry

  • Ale
    Ale 7 hours ago +1

    Why you guys don’t go Insted Portland go to Portugal 🇵🇹 PLEASE

  • Ray Connolly
    Ray Connolly 7 hours ago

    hold on anyone notice she said"so we all stud in a circle but they were sitting ??? WHAT JAIDEN

  • Frenzy
    Frenzy 8 hours ago +1

    Only real piano fans understand how hard it is to play chapellana when your 8

    Unless it Asian...

    DOOM DAVE 8 hours ago

    Aaaand this is my problem with animation, I have watched all your videos, and I need MOAR!!!
    (spelling is intentional)
    Just one question, did you ever think about making a clone so you can post twice as much content?

  • Calico Cola
    Calico Cola 8 hours ago


  • ЛиссычYT Gacha Life

    Hmmm... It's.....
    I LOVE U Jaiden))

  • Isabel Castro
    Isabel Castro 8 hours ago

    When I googled it I got a ton of results... Of people reacting to this video

  • E U
    E U 8 hours ago

    7:20 "That was the one time i realize that i was the asian kid" ok but a b i g mood

  • Kyle laury
    Kyle laury 8 hours ago

    The sad rainbow fish thing the name is called *rainbow fish*
    Very fitting name

  • Ольга Сайфер

    Geee, this "Camp Operetta" actually seemed so cute, and cozy, and good...i wish it didn't shut, and Jaiden could go there more
    It's so so cute
    I even felt sad, that we had nothing like this in my childhood
    (Russia sucks)

  • Vegetty H
    Vegetty H 9 hours ago

    9:00 Jaiden's Bizarre Animations I'M SCREAMING

  • ItzACartoon
    ItzACartoon 9 hours ago +1

    Teacher person: should we chop off one of her arms to make the cheetas look similar?
    Other teacher person: no

  • Bryan Sanchez
    Bryan Sanchez 9 hours ago

    Curse Tyler.. i can’t unhear P e t c h e e t a h

  • Zane Mccarn
    Zane Mccarn 9 hours ago +1

    What type of bird is Ari

  • Robert Labonte
    Robert Labonte 10 hours ago

    is that jojo fan art

  • Matthew Yu
    Matthew Yu 10 hours ago

    how do u read a picture book

    ANDY CHIVA 10 hours ago

    Algún latino :((((

  • Minnow Gamer
    Minnow Gamer 11 hours ago

    2:05 By the way She got cheetah because, she runs off stage so fast she is a cheetah!

    Sorry its joke love ur vids! :D

  • Trevor Grover
    Trevor Grover 11 hours ago

    Your spot-light anxiety description is exactly my childhood. 100% relate.

  • Firey Is best boi
    Firey Is best boi 11 hours ago +2

    *Make them say the f word*

  • Darth Racer5
    Darth Racer5 12 hours ago +1

    I like the Nirvana reference at 1:51

  • Willow tree
    Willow tree 12 hours ago +1

    2:36 CALLED IT!!
    *Fluttershy finally gets to be a tree*

  • Alfredo Macias
    Alfredo Macias 12 hours ago

    Thanks to papa Sr Pelo for bringing me here

  • StoryTimeMine
    StoryTimeMine 12 hours ago

    You have one new subscriber

  • mystery man
    mystery man 12 hours ago

    I was here for mc monday

  • StoryTimeMine
    StoryTimeMine 12 hours ago +1

    Omw! This is so funny! “Make him say the f word!” I was laughing so hard 👌🏻🤣