My Time at "Camp Operetta"

  • Published on Aug 11, 2019 veröffentlicht
  • What can I say other than that was one heck of a time
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    And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D May your Raoole be safe and his foot fully attached forever
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  • Jaiden Animations
    Jaiden Animations  4 months ago +6233

    Quick sidenote, the art credited as @amanda2k01 at the end was used by a handmade art tool by @SangledHere. If you like the art style of the drawing you should definitely check her stuff out :)

    IVAN MAKAROV 58 minutes ago

    *Wow This is Just My Like My Childhood it Was So Embrassing Nope Nope Not Gonna Tell The Stories Nope it Was So Embrassing ;(*

  • Joshua Hardin
    Joshua Hardin 6 hours ago

    Don't worry bout your arm getting caught people scarce notice such a small detail. I once forgot my line on stage and everyone treated it like part of the play (since it was a 4th wall breaking comedy) and i just rolled with it. Took it pretty hard that i messed up but what's done is done.

  • Lime Lover
    Lime Lover 7 hours ago

    Make HiM SaY ThE F WoRd

  • Krayzie Enzo
    Krayzie Enzo 8 hours ago

    Jaiden:”I googled it and got no results.”
    Me googling Camp Operetta:JAIDEN! JAIDEN! JAIDEN EVERYWHERE!

  • Y H
    Y H 8 hours ago

    *Make him say the F word!*

  • Fluffy Foxx
    Fluffy Foxx 9 hours ago

    Ah, I remember “The Rainbow Fish”

  • M a t t
    M a t t 9 hours ago

    President: *the orange*

  • Queen coyote YouTube
    Queen coyote YouTube 10 hours ago

    She said the h word

  • Lucas Trinh
    Lucas Trinh 10 hours ago

    I does not like performances in front of people

  • Sue Sisters
    Sue Sisters 10 hours ago

    I don’t like reading either

  • Blueberry Edits
    Blueberry Edits 10 hours ago

    De beans

  • Ventcg
    Ventcg 12 hours ago

    Boomwhackers are pretty cool

  • Evd -11
    Evd -11 13 hours ago

    1:00 lol

  • AwesomeFungus49Playz
    AwesomeFungus49Playz 14 hours ago +1

    Solution for the "Book Contest"

    Audio Books.

  • Josie Authers
    Josie Authers 14 hours ago +1

    is it only me or do i really wish I went to this camp.

  • Shane Toony
    Shane Toony 15 hours ago

    Kid time 5:11

  • Beanos
    Beanos 19 hours ago

    I love how Jaiden in the thumbnail is putting the mask on and giving us a glare like she is gonna kill us all

  • Nadira Cherdabayeva
    Nadira Cherdabayeva 21 hour ago

    TREE ••••••••• FLUTTERSHY
    I'd like to be a tree

  • SHAY ZKING2008
    SHAY ZKING2008 21 hour ago

    O H. N O. C R I N G E. A L E R T

  • Ellie Loves u
    Ellie Loves u 22 hours ago

    Can we add a sea hourse make him say the f world I’m dieing

  • Radithra Dharma Prawirohardjo

    The disabled girl looked like she had an arm in the thumbnail

  • Malika Somanath
    Malika Somanath Day ago

    I want multiple like options in Clip-Share!!! 6:35 smirk is everything...💜

  • MasterMax
    MasterMax Day ago

    1:16 Nirvana reference?

  • Revenos
    Revenos Day ago

    Wait you're a 2nd place master too?

  • Squee _
    Squee _ Day ago

    "And then what should the tiger say?"
    -"Make him say the F word."

  • AJI Pi Guy
    AJI Pi Guy Day ago

    I love the injections of Japanese as if this was a manga:
    4:19 _GOOOO_
    6:41 _Nani!?_

  • Charlie Mckeon
    Charlie Mckeon Day ago

    I used to play Pachelbel's Canon on the violin

  • Gaming With the Bunny

    1:04 futtershy is a tree.

  • Gaming With the Bunny

    I luv you jaiden

  • Guerrero Butler
    Guerrero Butler Day ago

    Tiger sally bear bob cheetah jaiden gator Paula clown John tree fluttershy wall wall small bug jimmy president an orange

  • Scarlett Gu
    Scarlett Gu Day ago

    Well, NOW there is a result for Camp Operetta cause you made the video :D

  • SpOoKy.Stardust. OwO


  • Tyler Schuetz
    Tyler Schuetz Day ago

    Get that nirvana joke

  • katherine reeves kroff

    “Make em say the F word!”

  • Gacha Henry
    Gacha Henry Day ago

    Make him say the f word lolololol

  • Gacha Henry
    Gacha Henry Day ago

    I hate rainbow fish i have to read it every year

  • Christian Afonso
    Christian Afonso Day ago +3

    Jaiden: “no one raises one arm to do anything but to ask to use the bathroom or be flamboyant”
    1940s Germans: *sweats nervously*

  • Grace H
    Grace H Day ago +1

    Animals together that can talk human That sounds familiar LiOn KiNg

  • •Night Gacha•

    Lol I read the rainbow fish before 😂

  • H Kaine
    H Kaine Day ago +2

    Teacher: “And what should The Tiger Say?”
    Kid: *he should say the f word*

  • Xx_Xavier YT_1234

    “Make him say the f word!” LOL LMAO

  • Pugs-X-knots
    Pugs-X-knots Day ago

    I also have a Rawoole... Just saying ...

    GLD PRISONER Day ago

    Im 15 and i never went camping or anything that involves camping

  • popote kawaii
    popote kawaii Day ago

    Someone noticed the blue badger?:u

  • ComfyCoffee Cup
    ComfyCoffee Cup Day ago

    The coloured tubes are called Boom Whackers

  • EdgeLord Ultimate

    1:45 Kira Yoshikage

  • Chloe Productions
    Chloe Productions 2 days ago

    “Make him say the ‘F’ word!”

  • Iris WolfGames
    Iris WolfGames 2 days ago +1

    The coloured plastic tubes are call "Boomwhackers" I'm preety sure atleast

  • Mister Wallace
    Mister Wallace 2 days ago

    Boomwhackers, there called boomwhackers

  • Crystal Kingdom
    Crystal Kingdom 2 days ago

    Doin guud (in a foriegn languag)

  • nothing
    nothing 2 days ago

    The plastic tubes are boom whackers

  • Andi Resky
    Andi Resky 2 days ago

    Jaiden Animations I has a book THE TOTALLY AWESOME HULK

  • Tea Witch
    Tea Witch 2 days ago

    I googled camp operetta and got all the jaiden and react to jaiden videos

  • A_Doggo
    A_Doggo 2 days ago

    Make him say the f word! :D

  • Holy Creeper
    Holy Creeper 2 days ago

    Jungle book

  • Samy EN
    Samy EN 2 days ago

    Funny coincidence I just got a audition email, I didnt get the part 😥 next year 4 sure

  • Ultima_Airplane
    Ultima_Airplane 2 days ago +1

    Kid at 6:12 is exactly what I would do

  • Sarah Schwarz
    Sarah Schwarz 2 days ago

    I just found out I am in the musical at my school

  • Cañada
    Cañada 2 days ago

    *Nirvana intensifies*