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THE NIGHT SHIFT (OVERTIME): five guys mukbang lana

  • Published on Apr 8, 2020 veröffentlicht
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    on today's overtime episode we cover some important personal life updates whilst lana is dressed as sailor moon. we also rate five guys vs. other moderate speed burger chain competitors.
    so you work the night shift? so do we. we can get thru this together. a random collection of news, stories, weather, and other random unplanned happenings. and tons of buttery toast.
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  • Ahnaf Islam
    Ahnaf Islam 2 years ago +8030

    Imagine being in quarantine with Lana Rhoades.

  • chilly willy
    chilly willy 2 years ago +2259

    she seems like a well cultured, holy bible clean woman.

    • jkhrys71
      jkhrys71 5 months ago


    • That Kidnapped Kid
      That Kidnapped Kid 6 months ago

      =| Yeah.. you’ve clearly never opened a incognito tab

    • Davey B
      Davey B Year ago


    • Abdin Huda
      Abdin Huda Year ago +1

      Has potential to be a good fateful Muslim hijabi too

    • nebi
      nebi Year ago

      Like nadia ali

  • Maninder Singh
    Maninder Singh Year ago +1237

    Honestly just here cuz Mike is a vibe 🤙🏻

    • TikiXVI
      TikiXVI 6 months ago

      That’s ong

    • Steve Capp
      Steve Capp 7 months ago

      I'm just here to see Lana 🤤

    • ART
      ART 9 months ago +1

      stop the cap (B Lou’s voice)

    • John Diggle
      John Diggle Year ago


    • jonas mohamed
      jonas mohamed Year ago

      No, just need to know how it taste before I eat it on vocation😉

  • Rhedin Patrimonio 3rd Year

    Hope you both a long way success .
    Keep up a good work good job

  • Adam Tellier
    Adam Tellier 2 years ago +13

    Mike riding for five guys warms my heart. It's a little expensive, you get what you pay for every damn time.

  • Jason Lopez
    Jason Lopez 2 years ago +755

    This is like a reality tv show that’s why I like it not just because Lana rhoades I actually want to see them stay together

  • Rishabh Lakhera
    Rishabh Lakhera Year ago +2

    salute to this guy!!! facing the best moment of life & also letting the past "bark".

  • sammy rivera
    sammy rivera 2 years ago +53

    I already seen her do 5 guys before this & it was great !

  • Alexis Aschkenase
    Alexis Aschkenase Year ago +9

    Shout out to any other females who watch this podcast 😭🙌🏻🙌🏻 I’m working insane overtime down in Chicago and love being clocked in with big mike and Lana

  • Andrew Carroll
    Andrew Carroll Year ago +198

    I love how she thought 9 dollar burger was expensive she’s worth 20 mill

    • Father AxeKeeper's Archives
      Father AxeKeeper's Archives  7 months ago +1

      you can have a lot of money and still recognize when things are overpriced. do you think everyone with a lot of money is incapable of being grounded or smart?

    • David Ullrich
      David Ullrich Year ago +5

      thats how you stay rich, gotta stay down to earth

    • Silas Harris
      Silas Harris Year ago +1

      Never had 5 guys

  • Dominick Diaz
    Dominick Diaz 2 years ago +3310

    All jokes aside mike’s got a beautiful girlfriend and i hope they stay together they look cute together

  • Ieu griffiths
    Ieu griffiths Year ago +3

    Dude I've watched so many of your vids it's got me in the mood for a big greasy ass burger😂

  • H Liankhothang
    H Liankhothang 2 years ago +1

    Mike I really appreciate and like your approach to others life. I guess you are a very humble human, a great fan 😊

  • Diego Garduño
    Diego Garduño Year ago +3

    I love this vlogs, loving Lana. 100%

  • B.nice-Taliban
    B.nice-Taliban Year ago

    Mike is legend for many people God bless you mike 🙏 🙌 👏 ❤

  • Lewis
    Lewis 2 years ago +736

    you can tell how mike is actually really upset about the logan situation, you can tell he cares about the guys there so much

    • Boogeyman
      Boogeyman 2 years ago

      @buttercup Haha aight buttercup

    • buttercup
      buttercup 2 years ago +1

      Boogeyman yeah I know I was just answering the one dude who said that. I also agree with you on the rest.

    • Boogeyman
      Boogeyman 2 years ago

      @buttercup Yeah i don't disagree with that they've obviously both done things for each other.. no one can contest that.. but we are strictly discussing the birthday gift issue... I agree with you on the rest

    • buttercup
      buttercup 2 years ago

      Boogeyman yeah man I did. I literally said I think it’s understandable what Logan did. Doesn’t have anything to do with the other thing I said lmao

    • Boogeyman
      Boogeyman 2 years ago +2

      @Samuel Gomes Theyre probably just kids who worship people when they become fans of them so they can't even think beyond that lol

  • Elias Rosales
    Elias Rosales 10 months ago

    Honesty came for a five guys mukbang this video was one of the options and ofc I clicked I love Mike. 🤜🏾

  • Rob McCoy
    Rob McCoy Year ago

    Mad 😡 respect for you brother!

  • 3268 - Om Shinde
    3268 - Om Shinde 2 years ago

    Looking at those two,
    We all have a feeling of having something more closer than it is.

  • Fae Winter
    Fae Winter Year ago +9

    I’ll be honest: Food is the way to my heart. And I’ll say this, too: Chocolate, milk shakes, burgers, hotdogs (mainly Chicago style), cupcakes, candy, wings, pasta, or just any good-tasting food is a win in my book! lol 😂

  • connor.djarin
    connor.djarin 2 years ago +7334

    When you realise a five guys burger is more expensive than Logan’s birthday present 😳

  • Eloise Keegan
    Eloise Keegan Year ago +13

    I’m a girl✨and I love watching you and Lana, I’d prefer fried pickles tbh and I’m from Australia so we dont have a five guys 😭

  • Luke Shhh big fan
    Luke Shhh big fan 2 years ago +6

    I rate this guy so much I can imagine him just being a sound guy sort a bloke u wanna go for a beer with

  • Carolina Coronel
    Carolina Coronel Year ago

    Im a girl I dont watch any other youtuber besides you and Lana! 😍 i love your videos. You guys make me miss being with my boyfriend. You have awesome chemistry 🥰 Aaannndd i prefer salty food plusss dessert hahah

  • Oscar CH
    Oscar CH Year ago +2

    I have just figure out that you guys are together and I have to say something: best couple ever!! Haha

    JUSTXSNAGZ 2 years ago

    Y’all are hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂

  • s.niccoll
    s.niccoll Year ago

    I’d rather have fried pickles over sweets any day! Mike you hit the nail on the head, get her mozzarella sticks, french fries, and fried pickles.

  • bxrrand ✔
    bxrrand ✔ Year ago +1

    you can’t blame mike for having Lana like mike is a great guy and he’s such a vibe and u know that he would treat her right plus Lana can still do ph

  • Garrett Jones
    Garrett Jones 11 months ago +1

    This video didn't age well other than the intro but love to vlogs. Always looking forward to the new ones. Cant wait for the podcast to come back

    • Xavier Gomez
      Xavier Gomez 7 months ago

      Why do you think it didn’t age well? Genuinely curious

  • Austin C.
    Austin C. 2 years ago +824

    Let’s make this clear. If mike never over hyped the gift, Logan would’ve loved the gift. The fact that mike said it was life changing, he was disappointed.

    • Wang Motions
      Wang Motions 2 years ago

      Wilson Duan Logan doesn’t owe anyone, and no one owes him either

    • Wilson Duan
      Wilson Duan 2 years ago

      Abdallah Faydi Sometimes the gift might not be the thing the receiver wanted, it just facts. Mike set the expectations too high for Logan and came up short for the actual gift and Logan was still happy with it for Mike’s intention even tho he it wasn’t the kind he wanted. I just don’t think people need to lie about their feelings

    • Timmyboy Timmyboy
      Timmyboy Timmyboy 2 years ago

      @Krishna he did not get him a hundred dollar mantis shrimp I said all he had to do is get him a hundred dollar mantis shrimp but instead he got him a 6 dollar 1

    • kurtis clifton
      kurtis clifton 2 years ago +4

      @VersaceBoys I think you and Logan need to learn to appreciate the thought instead of the gift. Mike made a conscious effort to get something he knew his friend loved. Yes he may have overhyped it but mike probably believed that it was the best thing to get him because he knew that in the past he had said that he loved the shrimp? I think people need to stop being ungrateful and appreciate shit more. Grow up.

  • HollywoodFloss1
    HollywoodFloss1 Year ago

    Love 5 guys and the fact that Lana is so fun, never got that impression from early on p#*^

  • Jack Finn
    Jack Finn 8 months ago +3

    Dude Mike was so in love with Lana back then it actually makes me hella sad. Dude was saying stuff like “yea children after quarantine which is pretty likely” like 😭😭 just sucks to see how he and Lana fell apart. Obv we don’t see anything that goes on behind the scenes but I thought they’d end up doing alright but guess not

  • Tomáš Sabov
    Tomáš Sabov 2 years ago

    Jokes aside. I love to see you two togheter. Hope you will be togheter forever. 😂😂

  • Jesse Boitel
    Jesse Boitel Year ago

    Bro I’m craving five guys so bad right now 😭

  • Freewrldmb
    Freewrldmb 2 years ago +947

    Everyone was taking credit for that shrimp then when Logan didn’t like it everyone said hey it was mikes gift 🤣🤣

    • Trent SC
      Trent SC 2 years ago +2

      It's gonna be ok fam. 💯

    • J B
      J B 2 years ago +13

      Jake was HATING on the most recent episode of Impulsive. Logan defended Mike. Sorta... Be funny if Mike went back to Logan's wearing Sidemen merch

    • Cody Johnson
      Cody Johnson 2 years ago +22

      Before Logan's B-day: "It's from all of us"
      After Logan's B-Day: "Its from Mike"

    • Trent
      Trent 2 years ago +2


  • Maryanne B
    Maryanne B 2 years ago

    Yaaaaaas! I live in a small town in the middle of nowhere, we don’t have anything close to Five Guys, we don’t even have any major fast food chains like McDonalds. We went to Toronto a couple months ago and decided to stop in and try Five Guys. No exaggeration, mind FUCKING BLOWN. Would gladly pay the extra few buck for that amazing non processed thick burger and all those delicious toppings. And the shakes!! I can die happy now 😁
    Also if I had to pick between the fried pickles or cookies I’d definitely pick the pickles. But I’m not a big sweets person 🙋🏻‍♀️

  • Hans Janssen
    Hans Janssen Year ago

    you guys are so funny i subscribed i need to see more also of lana man how you did it to get here on lockdown with you,lol,haha.

  • c B
    c B 2 years ago +1

    i don't understand how this man can withhold himself for more than 1 hour

  • michael hallen
    michael hallen Year ago +1

    Five Guys is my favorite by far! Well worth the price.

  • Bethany Labrum
    Bethany Labrum 2 years ago +143

    i’m part of the 7% of girls watching🤟🏽 I love lana, could watch her for hours!! feels like she’s my bestfriend😂 and enjoy the way you’re open about the real issues in life and wanting to start the conversations about those things!! Plus y’all together is just so fun and relaxing to watch!!!

    • This is A&A
      This is A&A 2 years ago +1

      yes girl 🤟🏼

    • Purplitóo El Fideo
      Purplitóo El Fideo 2 years ago

      You do know Lana isn't even her real name..

    • Fresh Spresh
      Fresh Spresh 2 years ago +1

      But do you want fried pickles or cookies?

    • Tatiana Navarrette
      Tatiana Navarrette 2 years ago +1

      Same.... but also when he said that I thought If it’s 90% men then the other 10% are lesbian women XD ❤️🧡💛💚💙

    • Joe Mama
      Joe Mama 2 years ago


  • John Badalati
    John Badalati Year ago

    I work at a Five Guys and seeing and hearing this is just like yeah I do that on a daily basis

  • Dylan H.
    Dylan H. Year ago +1

    lowkey just vibe with mikes energy bro

  • Cam Blood
    Cam Blood Year ago +4

    When I saw her stuff on blacked raw I should have just left it alone. Curiosity got the better of me. They have these little girls doing some pretty sick shit. They really have put in work to earn their keep and now this guy has her. LOL!

  • Charlie Szymczak
    Charlie Szymczak 2 years ago +1

    Thank you for making her sprint it was great

  • vCommi
    vCommi 2 years ago +718

    Let’s be honest. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Lana with Five Guys.

  • makyah wilcox
    makyah wilcox 2 years ago +1

    Honestly I would love cookies more than a fried pickle but I’m down for both😂

  • That one random Guy

    *Lana was the reason why im watching every video of mikes vlogs*

  • Turner G
    Turner G 2 years ago +710

    We’re not going to talk about how she had a brazzers bra on

    • Shiron Radiation
      Shiron Radiation 7 months ago

      That's factually top not bra

    • Jay xcv
      Jay xcv 8 months ago

      Part of her previous career uniform

    • MultiDirec
      MultiDirec Year ago

      Cuz the next shoot after this vlog was for brazzers...and she ain't have no time to change...

    • De1ta
      De1ta Year ago +3

      Highlight Museum I don’t think anybody cares

    • Fradi
      Fradi Year ago +2

      Highlight Museum skip to 4:14

  • D
    D Year ago +3

    The best Five Guys I have had was in Scotland. They use fresh Aberdeen Angus straight from the original source from Aberdeen in Scotland. The best I've tried by FAR

  • Prime
    Prime 2 years ago +391

    Lana being with Mike gives me a lot of hope for myself

    • B Rabbit
      B Rabbit 2 years ago

      @The Schmidt Anderson I actually thinks she genuinely likes mike

    • Atryan
      Atryan 2 years ago

      @Alexander Garcia It's not about gold digging, i think he meant that if you want to date pornstar you need rich/famous friend to set you up

    • Brian Cheng
      Brian Cheng 2 years ago

      @Diego Driesens Lana is definitely not richer than Logan Paul, but she is like 10 to 20x richer than Mike.

    • Brian Cheng
      Brian Cheng 2 years ago

      Mike is charismatic, funny, and intelligent. The average guy doesn't have Mike's game.

    • Phax
      Phax 2 years ago

      Alexander Garcia Lol

  • k2c
    k2c Year ago +6

    I'm Only here Because Of Logan.
    And Because somehow Mike makes content we like.

  • Gean Sousa
    Gean Sousa Year ago

    Coloca legenda em português BR , Bro!!

  • Baratoclub Oficial

    i love you both!

  • Yo BoY jAdeN
    Yo BoY jAdeN 2 years ago +187

    She's done a Mukbang and a MikeBang

  • Daren Almonte
    Daren Almonte 2 years ago +437

    I started crying of laughter when Mike had the text at the bottom saying keep your “This is not the first time seeing Lana with five guys” comment 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Anthony D.
    Anthony D. 2 years ago +4

    0:01 You need a Lana intro like that for all of your videos! You'd be up to 2 million subs in no time!

  • Tyler Braund
    Tyler Braund 2 years ago

    With lanas experience with sausages if she says a hotdogs good then you better believe her! 😂 Sorry Mike 🤷‍♂️

  • Casey Sahota
    Casey Sahota 3 months ago

    Lana’s best feature fs her eyes!! They literally look like the Caribbean ocean!

  • Ilse Lievanos
    Ilse Lievanos Year ago

    Lana is right. We definitely prefer sweets. I would choose the cookies.

  • Jess G
    Jess G 2 years ago +293

    I’m in the 7% of females who watch. I agree with Lana. Milkshakes are the way to a female’s heart.

    • Jess G
      Jess G 2 years ago

      Just Ready I was trying to be light-hearted with my comment much like this video is light-hearted in a very scary time in the world. I am actually happily married and not to a “chode”. Have a great day!

    • Jani Johnny
      Jani Johnny 2 years ago +1

      It's YARD. To a female's YARD xD

    • 26 Kelvins
      26 Kelvins 2 years ago

      I am going to keep that in mind for my next Mukbang video

  • Mate FOLDI
    Mate FOLDI 2 months ago

    Mike should retrospectively win a Streamy for that title.

  • Luis Contreras
    Luis Contreras Year ago +1

    I love your Sailor moon!! You are the man!!
    Greetings from Mexico!!

  • Owen Rainey
    Owen Rainey 2 years ago +18

    at first i wanted lana to date logan, but now i’m realizing i am wrong.

  • THE.CaR.sOcIeTy3.3

    This turned out good I actually thaught I was gonna hate it

  • Wusgood__17
    Wusgood__17 2 years ago +1

    I used to come here Bc of Lana but Mike’s context is actually 🔥

  • Abdel Elfazari
    Abdel Elfazari 10 months ago +5

    7:00 No way in hell did he just predict that he’s becoming a dad 🤭


    Literally started watching these for Lana because I’m typical but seriously mike is cool as shit. Way cooler than Logan. Came for Lana stayed for mike

  • George Martinez
    George Martinez 2 years ago

    Of course your gonna do five guys on Lana 🤣🤣

  • james TtT
    james TtT 2 years ago +814

    Stuck inside with Lana Rhodes dressed up in a sailors outfit.... mike is winning lol

    • tommy brockman
      tommy brockman Year ago

      Shit it seems that way if you’ve never had a girlfriend before 😂

    • Josh
      Josh 2 years ago

      @Lil Blaisy sorry...who are you?

    • james TtT
      james TtT 2 years ago

      @Leafy IsHere elaborate

    • Leafy IsHere
      Leafy IsHere 2 years ago +1


  • The Jake Life
    The Jake Life 2 years ago

    At Five Guys I always get a double patty bacon cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, grilled onions, and ketchup with Cajun fries and my favorite milkshake is the banana one

  • AJ Alamul
    AJ Alamul Year ago +15

    This ain’t the first time Lana got a glizzy as a meal.

  • Young Ak
    Young Ak Year ago

    I like how I’m here because I just like his and Logan’s videos

  • Cole Keeter
    Cole Keeter 11 months ago

    I got abs and work out for 2 hours every day I watch you because I cannot eat this stuff but this is just me

  • Brian Heguy
    Brian Heguy 2 years ago +182

    This dude mike got himself into a life that nobody knows how he got there

  • Harsh Pathak
    Harsh Pathak 4 months ago +1

    Mike looked so young back then .. and it's just been 2 years.. 😂

  • Jose Anaya
    Jose Anaya 2 years ago

    She's so humble.

  • Charlotte Cosentino

    I'm a girl and I think Lana was right with the foods that girls want

  • Jayke Brown
    Jayke Brown 2 years ago

    lana actually lowkey pretty funny lol

  • tatertooter
    tatertooter 2 years ago +2171

    this dude talked about a burger for like 10 min and somehow we watched it.

    • joe
      joe 2 years ago

      You've obviously never seen blue van man

    • Deleting this trash
      Deleting this trash 2 years ago +1

      he describes it so in detail like we haven’t had a burger before

    • Deleting this trash
      Deleting this trash 2 years ago +1

      i was laughing so hard when i read this comment he just goes on and on about the burger

    • Heinrich Puchert
      Heinrich Puchert 2 years ago

      Mike you and Lana together captivates people's attention ,give opinions and reviews on funny /weird videos or and about other celebrities news etc!
      Just an IDEA for a video or a series, like a mini-podcast hosted by You and Lana.

  • vero fn
    vero fn Year ago

    Your legit the luckiest man alive 😞 I’m happy for u bro 🤩

  • Francesco Messina

    They actually charge for the extra fries they throw in the bag it’s included in the price that’s why they always do it.

  • Ñø ñåmë
    Ñø ñåmë 2 years ago +5

    That line about five guys at the bottom was so sweet of mike he's such a good boi
    You both should marry each other

  • gonzo
    gonzo Year ago +14

    when I read "five guys mukbang lana", I must admit I was thinking about something completely different.

  • Jesse Rio
    Jesse Rio 2 years ago +52

    The first 3 and a half mins was perfect. Like, it was exactly the right way to come out of hiding. I was feeling some kind of way about Mike disappearing and now it totally makes sense. Good on ya buddy.

  • Reptilian Alien Game Dev

    I actually never seen Lana's work and don't want to either. It would make me sad. I am glad ya'll are together. I am a male but just enjoy the content.

  • Abdura Richards
    Abdura Richards 2 years ago +1

    Not the first time we've seen Lana in a sailors outfit😏

  • Mr. P!nkman
    Mr. P!nkman Year ago +6

    When you realize lana and mike it's like a true to life of 2004 movie the girl next door. 😌👌

  • Mallory Williams
    Mallory Williams Year ago +2

    I’d rather have a guy send me fried pickles. Sending a dessert seems more expected and who doesn’t love fried pickles 🤤

    • Terry Hamz
      Terry Hamz Year ago

      I mean.. I would but.. You'd have to trust me

  • Chempo47
    Chempo47 2 years ago +235

    This isn’t the first time I see Mike take five guys

  • Anas Tahir
    Anas Tahir 2 years ago

    i really mean it when i say lana looks so so happy

  • Jack Riley
    Jack Riley Year ago +53

    Mikes burger cost more than Logan’s shrimp

  • gearsloverguy1
    gearsloverguy1 Year ago +6

    I love how her big beautiful eyes barely blinks 💕♥️

  • Timothy Bielaczyc
    Timothy Bielaczyc 2 years ago +10

    Mike honestly gives off massive ‘Dave Portnoy’ energy

  • It'sYoBoiGucci
    It'sYoBoiGucci 2 years ago +546

    She knows how to exactly look at camera's lens

    • Ioas Losonti
      Ioas Losonti 2 years ago

      Gee I wonder why

    • Maxi Solari
      Maxi Solari 2 years ago +1

      It’d be really dumb if mike ever left her

    • Pigeon
      Pigeon 2 years ago +1

      You can look into a camera lens and look just a few centimeters away from direct and it seems like your looking at the shoulder, so yes

    • That guy that you see walking alone
      That guy that you see walking alone 2 years ago +1

      Is there a wrong way to look at a camera lens?

    • Max 0nator3
      Max 0nator3 2 years ago +7

      Of course she does

  • its acceptable g
    its acceptable g 2 years ago

    Dude lanas face when mike said the price of the food yet like a week ago she made 30,000$ on social media🤣🤣🤣

  • Kate Snyder
    Kate Snyder Year ago

    lana is so goofy & cute I love her

  • Akela_27
    Akela_27 2 years ago +1

    The only reason I clicked on this video is cuz I misread the title as “five guys bang Lana” I’m fuqin watching way too much porn
    Lockdown is hard, but you and Lana (mostly lana) are really entertaining me through this pandemic. Love the content ❤️ keep it up! 😁

  • Allen iver Pajela
    Allen iver Pajela 2 years ago

    Its always fun to watch ur vid

  • LegatoStudios
    LegatoStudios 2 years ago +283

    Imagine being stuck in an apartment for weeks with Lana Rhodes and being mad that you aren't at Logan Paul's house.

    • Max Nordahl
      Max Nordahl 2 years ago

      for real for real

    • KTRL Dame
      KTRL Dame 2 years ago

      @Kev Maxfly I dont think it took him a whole minute just to write that..

    • Billi Talk
      Billi Talk 2 years ago

      Chimeia I took the time to write cuz this situation is a common one. Member the old saying. Don’t bite the hand that feeds u. This hit home.

    • Billi Talk
      Billi Talk 2 years ago

      Chimeia Spot the lie

    • 1 Minute Music
      1 Minute Music 2 years ago

      @Billi Talk sad, sad comment

  • Bobbie Ultee
    Bobbie Ultee 2 years ago

    That was it for today’s mukbang with five guys, and a ton of meat.