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This is one of the BIGGEST lies in PC Building...


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  • José Montero
    José Montero 11 months ago +978

    I'd love to see a truly no nonsense build, only caring about performance per dollar.

    • Welterino
      Welterino 20 days ago

      all the PCs I had in my life were purely based on performance per money, when you don't live in a 1st world country you need to make every damn cent count.

    • Max Brown
      Max Brown 4 months ago

      @DJ K You can't just read off my specs in your own comment! Lmao
      I do have an matx motherboard unlike you though

    • Jeymez
      Jeymez 6 months ago

      graphics cards are still higher than normal, though some have come down in price a little.

    • LivingL393nd
      LivingL393nd 7 months ago

      Good luck finding one in this day and age where RGB shennanigans seems to take precedence over everything else

    • Danny Adams
      Danny Adams 7 months ago

      I'd love to also build one of those. I keep getting hooked on RGB/flashy looking builds (as I'm currently acquiring parts for my next build) but really it would be awesome to just have a standard non-RGB build with high performance per dollar; something that doesn't need to be shown off, just kicks ass.

  • Zero Sleap
    Zero Sleap Month ago +5

    Current prices Sata SSDs are same price as nvmes for same capacity so its a no brainer to get the nvme.Only for compatibility if its an old system uograde which any sata will do for.

  • Jaerin
    Jaerin 10 months ago +34

    Jay you should do some kind of a showdown where you build an ultimate system that is near top of the line and then build your best bang for the buck system and show just how much you lose when you compare the two and just how much money that extra performance costs you.

    • Tim Horton
      Tim Horton 4 months ago +1

      Better yet, do the same showdown but with the budget rig with settings turned down far enough to get the same frame rates as the top tier rig. Show a fidelity side by side for how much that ray tracing and 4k resolution costs you.

  • RavenCoder
    RavenCoder 10 months ago +194

    As a programmer, I appreciate my 9900K. Compiling code is one of the few tasks that can be multithreaded really effectively. Multithreaded compiling can change my compile time on large projects from minutes to second, which real adds up over the course of a project.

    • Кирилл Саксин
      Кирилл Саксин 4 months ago +2

      Faster builds deprive you of your coffee breaks! It became increasingly pronounced after upgrading to 32 core threadripper :(

    • Gary Gruber
      Gary Gruber 6 months ago +3

      I started programming back in the mid 80's when all we had were two floppy drives. Compile time on a C/C++ program was about 25 minutes. Stub out the code, find the bug and fix it, compile again. It made for a very long day...

    • RavenCoder
      RavenCoder 6 months ago +6

      @Edwin Afamefuna Yes. It was the top of the line 9th gen consumer Intel processor. While it is still a good processor, I wouldn't build a new system with it. For budget builds or mid-level builds, I would go with a Ryzen current gen processor. For a high-end build, you really can't beat the i9 12900k, the current top of the line processor.

    • Edwin Afamefuna
      Edwin Afamefuna 6 months ago +3

      I'm just breaking into building. Is a 9900k an Intel processor?

    • Todd Eaton
      Todd Eaton 6 months ago +2

      I agree. Teaching myself Unreal Engine 5 and frequently waiting for shared project shader recompilations (which are handled by CPU threads) is what motivated most to build a new 12th gen i9 PC to replace my aging 4th gen i7 system. (These are mostly one-time events but still would take hours each time.) It wasn't gaming being slow - which actually was still pretty decent for me. If we're smart we'll buy components that best fit the tasks we're trying to accomplish.

  • Icecreamtruck Og
    Icecreamtruck Og Month ago +1

    When I play games, it is mostly in the dark and RGB stuff is just so annoying. All gamer stuff is just so stupid with all the extra lights that most people don't need.
    And today the hardware is mostly good enough for longer and the demands are mostly designed obsolescence in the software. The market is so much different from the 90's or 20's.

  • djmutt10
    djmutt10 11 months ago +888

    Jay, hey man i'm a disabled vet and because of your videos i learned to build computers (a hobby i can still do every few years market permitting). i know it doesn't mean much but i just want to say thank you

    • djmutt10
      djmutt10 26 days ago

      @Parzival i know i shouldn't feed trolls but are you saying i'm lying?

    • tuckalicious1
      tuckalicious1 Month ago

      Thank you greatly for your service and sacrifices. Words can Express what that truly means. That is awesome for a hobby amd here as a great knowledge source. Best wishes

    • Parzival
      Parzival Month ago +1


    • Matthew Moorehead
      Matthew Moorehead Month ago


    • GBpackersfan1982
      GBpackersfan1982 2 months ago +2

      Thank you for your service sir.

  • jimmimak
    jimmimak 7 months ago +33

    I would love to see some more budget builds like the ones you hinted at. Makes perfect sense to cut all the unnecessary features out to save money.

  • Shawn Knudsen
    Shawn Knudsen Month ago +10

    True. But an expensive one suggests that you should have a longer time before you are forced to upgrade again. To me, it's like investing for the future. My 2c.
    Also, even if you are just gaming, doesn't a stronger CPU needed for the top-of-the-line GPU, so the GPU doesn't get bottlenecked by the CPU?

    • ezecskornfan
      ezecskornfan 28 days ago +1

      that's is a great point, trying to go future proof also eventually pays off.
      My strat is quite different going with mid high and selling it 3 years later to help me pay for the new build, while the old PC is, well, old, but not ancient and still can give some juice. Helps me avoid waiting for hardware to meet it's end cycle (but not always lol)

    • SadWeeb
      SadWeeb Month ago

      even then people who buy from them, almost always regret it later

    • SadWeeb
      SadWeeb Month ago

      @02091992able back then 4 core 8 thread CPUs were the norm but now a days with ryzen and i5 intel you already get 2 cores more then you would for the same price back then remember everything evolves together the harder games are to run the stronger gpus and cpus need to be to accommodate so current products usual work with current applications. take my opinion with a grain of salt I’ve only been in the pc space for about a year and very into it for a few months.

    • SadWeeb
      SadWeeb Month ago

      @02091992able yeah I agree just wait till it’s available never give money to scalpers unless you absolutely need to

    • 02091992able
      02091992able Month ago

      @Chris Taylor But don't go for the scalpers shit though. No matter how eager you are to get it. Always do some research on the price of everything so you're not getting swindled.

  • Ross Haiken Leonen
    Ross Haiken Leonen 6 months ago +23

    As someone from the Tropics region of the world. I was using an air cooler. But I was hitting almost 80 C on CPU during gameplay. Switched to an AIO and I'm going 69C max. I'm happy with it. It really didn't give me a performance boost, but definitely cured my Anxiety of the CPU going in flames. Cooler vs Anxiety is a good trade.

    • JgHaverty ̈
      JgHaverty ̈ Month ago

      @Infamus the 13900k for instance wont even *Start* throttling until 100c.

    • JgHaverty ̈
      JgHaverty ̈ Month ago

      @Infamus probably since the 4790k started with thermal limit at 90c... 80c wont even throttle any cpus made inthe last 10 years. j

    • Infamus
      Infamus Month ago

      @JgHaverty ̈ What "modern" CPUs are we talking here?

    • JgHaverty ̈
      JgHaverty ̈ Month ago +1

      fwiw modern cpu's are basically designed to hit 95c (amd) or 105c (intel). 80C is hot but very "fine". Lower is better, sure, but not really a big deal either.

    • BADCOOL 242
      BADCOOL 242 2 months ago +1

      xD yeah its pretty good trade

  • Edwin Kriegel
    Edwin Kriegel 5 months ago +5

    I've always been a budget/mid-level buyer with my PC builds, and once my pc was complete, over time I would upgrade parts here and there as I could afford to to keep it somewhat current. I kept an FX-6100 Zambezi in my system for many years until I upgraded to an A10-7870k, which I kept until Ryzen. When I upgraded from Ryzen 1600 to a 2700x, I changed my MOBO from a B350 to an X570, which I'm still using. GPUs have always been mid/high level and maybe a generation behind. Right now I'm very happy with my 5800X/6900XT build. Just swapped cases for the first time in 9 years, as the 6900XT was too big for my old case. The next upgrade will be a more modern PSU. My Corsair TX850M is about 9-10 years old. Still going strong, but a modern 850 will likely be more efficient.

    ZOCAT 6 months ago +10

    I really appreciate your channel. I haven’t built a new pc in 1.5 decades and everything has helped make my life easier. You also come across as a much more genuine person than the more popular “animated” folks which really is a good thing. Nobody wants to feel like they’re trying to learn from a Robin Williams comedy sketch. (Well not often, at least) Lol

  • Mike21Daisu
    Mike21Daisu 9 months ago +6

    I really like this video. Back when I had no idea about the computer hardware/software, a video like this would've helped me a crap ton. This is a very detailed video with a very good explanation of what is what, especially for someone that has no idea about anything, this will help a lot of people that are trying to educate themselves in computers. Thanks for making this video :)

  • Kalle Johansson
    Kalle Johansson 8 months ago +3

    Love your videos, times have been rough and even though people arent building I'm sure we all love to watch your content from time to time. Never stop, please.

  • Zodarus Plays
    Zodarus Plays 6 months ago +1

    I've been out of the loop a bit for a few years, thinking the inflated prices make it pointless to build a pc.
    I really appreciate these videos Jay, it's giving me some hope that I don't need to pay thousands of dollars for a new gaming pc.

  • Aaron Way
    Aaron Way 11 months ago +1899

    Jay, have you ever made a video showing the performance of cards over the generations. Say like Performance of a 980 to 1080 to 2080 to 3080 to see the generation improvement and to see some awesome Phil bar graphs

    • Jeymez
      Jeymez 6 months ago

      980 is pretty much obsolete now.

    • shasashu
      shasashu 7 months ago

      I think there is tiny tiny increments in terms of performance. Rest is just gimmicks. Ofcourse companies want/force us to buy newer hardware every year or couple of years or so. I believe they also downgrade/limit the performance of old hardware, specially GPUs to force us to buy newer models. If see some nice games from previous decade which are as good as current ones or even better. But today's games will run on today's GPUs and not the older ones. Because they ensure it by carrying out the shitty needless updates in the name of drivers or performance improvement.

    • Gibiati
      Gibiati 7 months ago

      @Sam Goff it’s also irrelevant because prices change too wildly to compare directly

    • xXMasterJ360Xx
      xXMasterJ360Xx 7 months ago

      @James Mackie very true NVIDIA drivers are just as consistent as Windows updates strangely enough they tend to have an update around the same week.

    • Jay Dela Fuente
      Jay Dela Fuente 8 months ago

      Can u make it jay??

  • George Syrimis
    George Syrimis 6 months ago

    Love the video Jay! keep it up! finding the sweet spot for a build is always a challenge, but I'd definitely go for more videos that explain the fair tradeoffs for PC hardware like RAM and CPU with regards to clock speed, or CPU & GPU in regards to which component may bottleneck before the other is even breaking a sweat. Also, more ITX builds would be fun, small beefy machines that would look good as a console in the living room.

  • Ratherbflyin
    Ratherbflyin 9 months ago +7

    Coming into this video a month late, I found myself chuckling when in a video sponsored by Kioxia NVMe drives, Jay explains that "you don't really need an NVMe drive."

  • Chase Sims
    Chase Sims 7 months ago +2

    I'd truly like to thank you for admitting that things you may have done on your channel were possibly "part of the problem" (even though I don't necessarily see it that way) and are heading back to the roots for the sake of your fans.
    I don't think you guys should feel bad or like you've done anything wrong by building all those crazy machines and pushing everything to the max.
    Anyone who has followed this channel for even a small amount of time should know how practical and no-bullshit the information you present is, and realize that wild builds like Skunkworks is NOT the standard consumer (maybe not even standard enthusiast) reality as far as price is concerned. but those videos are so great!
    It really shows where your heart is by switching gears from your passion projects so that you can help keep others from being robbed blind by useless "bells and whistles" or entirely impractical things.
    Thanks again, from myself and all your fans.

  • Angelo Pontello
    Angelo Pontello 5 months ago +4

    Wow... Just a big THANK YOU very much. I've been retired from IT for 10 years, and SOO Much has changed as i start to get back in to Building PC's.
    After watching several of your videos, I've realized where I could improve. (Buying what you need etc. without going over board.)
    Educational and helpful. Many Many thanks.

  • Chris Taylor
    Chris Taylor 5 months ago +2

    Hi Jay. I'm on my second build now and both times I called heavily on your back catalogue of extremely helpful videos and tutorials to get me through. Just wanted to say thanks.

  • UV4
    UV4 Month ago

    Biggest PC lies
    1. power consumption is expensive
    2. Pcie gpu bottleneck
    3. antivirus
    4. Ultra high framerate (greater than 120)
    5. nvidia

  • N I H I L Wr
    N I H I L Wr 10 months ago +1

    Bless. The past few weeks I've been thinking about finally getting a PC, and for a while I was thinking that a prebuiot was gonna be the better route, but after watching this. I think I can confidently say that it would be better for me financially and performance wise to build one. I don't be overspending I don't think, I'll (hopefully) get a graphics card that I actually want, and I'm not gonna overpay for all the flashy stuff, which i could care less about since it's not like it's gonna be on display or anything. I just need it to be able to handle what I need + some breather room.

  • adam Cohen
    adam Cohen 10 months ago +2

    You succeeded in convincing me to not upgrade anything. Maybe my 1080, but not the rest. My 9700k @ 5.2 seems like it’ll be fine for a while to come.

  • John Enfield
    John Enfield 5 months ago +1

    I really appreciate your reasonable, common-sense advice about stuff that's still told in an entertaining way. People can save so much money and aggravation by following your advice.

  • Din
    Din 6 months ago +2

    Great informative videos, so much praise and thanks to you and your crew. Your comment on 80 plus Gold PSUs lasting has me thinking. I've got an old Antec Quadro 850 that's been through several upgrades since around 2010, starting with my old AMD 939 board and now with an Acer OEM board featuring an i3 4150 dual-core and suprisingly decent upgrade options like PCIe v.3, an X16 slot, 3 x SATA headers, up 16 GB RAM. A modest little beast 5 or 6 years ago. No problems with the Antec in its long history with me, but I kept feeling it should be ready to fail any day now. But is it really necessary to replace it?

  • Mr Skunk
    Mr Skunk 6 months ago +1

    The v5 cooler works good for oc on 2nd gen through 6th gen now your not going to be able to push 5.0ghz with it but if your looking for a cooler to push a little 300-500mhz it really is a great option.

  • josh dreweck
    josh dreweck 5 months ago

    Thanks Jay for the information, always learning some new info from your videos. Helps me with know what to get to do a new build without overspending for functions that arent needed

  • Metanoia 3D
    Metanoia 3D 10 months ago +209

    JTC is always looking out for his viewers/this is good content. It is important to realise channels like this with overkill builds are for fun and 'why not'. If you randomly watched a few JTC vids you could definitely come away tempted to spend more

    • Kaymerra
      Kaymerra 4 months ago

      @Sam Goff Don't be Like that. I'd rather say that about Linus. 😆

    • Sam Goff
      Sam Goff 7 months ago

      He isn't looking out for viewers...he is looking out for clicks...and sponsored money...

    • Millan Ferende
      Millan Ferende 7 months ago

      I Agree! Here are his basic tips (for those it might help.)
      RAM 3000 or 3200 mhz (instead of more mhz) (xmp, or docp or ryzen certified, for timings with AMD. For Intel timings always work. )
      ddr4 (instead of new ddr5)
      PCIE4 (instead of PCIE5)
      CPU with 4 cores, or 8 cores for gaming (midrange)

    • 1DwtEaUn
      1DwtEaUn 9 months ago +1

      I kinda miss lusting after Arstechnica's God box

    • Turtle
      Turtle 9 months ago +2

      @MartinArscott1 im pretty happy with mine because some of it was kind of a why not and i worked for it. Cant wait for the parts to come in.

  • D. Tubbs
    D. Tubbs 10 months ago +2

    This is SOOOOOO helpful! Perhapse the most helpful video I've seen on PC building.
    I subscribed to your channel about 8 months ago. You never disappoint with instructional AND applicable info on ... stuff, really. Most of all, your humble and you make it fun!
    Thanks Jay!

  • windpeoples
    windpeoples 9 months ago +3

    We are watching. Not always when you upload, but we are watching. Thank you for talking about real life builds for the average guy.

  • Chepakishui
    Chepakishui 10 months ago +2

    When doing the ssd speed video test, you should do NVME m.2 VS SATA m.2 VS SATA 2.5. That way you can have everything covered.

  • Lukas Groot
    Lukas Groot 10 months ago +1

    Great video, I'm thinking of getting a entry level gaming system now prices are going down a bit over here, thought a 12th gen i3 + 3050/1660S would be good enough right?
    Yes I even wanna try the new stock cooler first.
    Should be fine for 1080p gaming for some light to medium gaming?
    Planning mainly on playing WW3 and some S.T.A.L.K.E.R. mods and a couple more games already a few years old.

  • CrimFerret
    CrimFerret 11 months ago +132

    Had my finances allowed at the time (before prices went stupid), my current 'new' system would likely have had a 2700X (remember when they were selling for $165), and a 1660 Super on a B450 Tomahawk motherboard. Even that would have been more computer than I'd have needed. Then things went nuts with cryptomining and shipping delays and suddenly that really decent sub $1000 system became a $1600 system if not more and that assuming one could even get the GPU at all. There was no way I was going to spend that amount on that level performance so I ended up with a system with a 5900X (was only like $70 more than a 5800X and I do use the extra cores for some things) and a 3070. Sure I had to order through an SI and wait 10 weeks, but I didn't pay scalper prices and have a system that is basically overkill for a lot of what I do, but it sure is nice when I load up something like Cities Skylines and don't bog down or have to worry about how many tabs and apps I have running. It should last me 10 years baring anything actually failing (I'm not joking).

    • CrimFerret
      CrimFerret 9 months ago

      How about this for logic, idiot. The system that I actually would have put together 8 months prior would have run around $1000. Had my finances allowed, I'd have got it then. By the time I could free up funds for a PC, that same system would have cost around $1800 and been horrible from a cost/performance standpoint. I upped my budget around $500 and got a system with current gen parts that will serve me well for many years. No go cry to mommy because she wouldn't buy you an actual good PC.

    • Sunkeny
      Sunkeny 9 months ago

      Prices are crazy so I bought some of the most expensive stuff reassuring companies can keep increasing prices, even though it was more than I needed.
      Logic is strong

    • IcantSignIn
      IcantSignIn 11 months ago

      @CrimFerret Today is one year from when my Sky Tech 3080 - 3700X rig showed up. $2299 to my door. No tax, free shipping. (In stock - shipped same day). It's been flawless.
      I'd already been through a 3060ti rig from the egg idiots that died after only two weeks and had hell getting a refund. It was already February and I didn't have my "Christmas present" yet. The other places had more wait times, smaller drives or higher prices.
      I went for airflow and also decided a 3060ti wasn't quite enough. Made a few upgrades since I got it, better power, more cooling.
      Swapped a TT 750 for a Corsair RM1000x. Swapped the 120 aio for a 240. 32G Ballistix 3600 cl16. 8 Sickleflow fans tucked in a Neo Air case.

    • CrimFerret
      CrimFerret 11 months ago

      @AcidicThought More a custom built. The only component that didn't get changed from the base suggested build was the ram. I simply picked the parts I would have had I been building it myself and the things like my preferred fans and CPU cooler I just bought and put in myself when I got my system. Paid about $200 over what the MSRP was on the parts I chose to let them do the assembly.

    • Gregg MacDonald
      Gregg MacDonald 11 months ago

      > It should last me 10 years baring anything actually failing (I'm not joking)
      Welllll, maybe. I expect that CPU and GPU speed will advance a LOT faster over the 2020s compared to the 2010s. Of course, if you decide you don't want to run modern titles in the latter half of this decade, then maybe it will last you 10+ years.

  • Reinhardt Wilhelm
    Reinhardt Wilhelm 9 months ago +1

    Yep, I agree with the take here. The reality is, relentless economy is nearly always the way to go in a properly built PC.

  • ChrisP Bacon
    ChrisP Bacon 6 months ago +1

    True on the CPU aspect. I was hesitant about upgrading to an RTX 3070 with my Ryzen 5 3600 cpu because a lot of people said there was performance left on the table unless i upgraded it but with my use case (sim racing in VR) I'm still mostly GPU bottlenecked because of the high demand in VR

  • Jason the Unexceptional Player

    Good down-to-earth advice, Jay. I think this video is totally relatable. It's actually helpful that you are doing these and more of these. One question about RAM, do heat spreaders help to keep system temperatures down (such as a knock-on effect of a couple of degrees C on the CPU) or help keep the system more stable in any fashion (or more relevant during overclocks)? I have always preferred a heat spreader since they became more common with DDR2, but I have built some budget builds that just have the green PCB, and honestly, as long as the memory stick is good, I don't notice any tangible difference. (Disclaimer: I really don't overclock because it's not worth all the effort and risk to system stability and extra power draw vs. small gains in performance, IMHO).

  • Andrew T.
    Andrew T. 10 months ago +5

    SSD vs NVMe prices are pretty close in a quick search on amazon. Maybe $10 difference. The extra speed is nice on the occasion it kicks in, which I do actually run into periodically. But mainly the zero cables are what sell me on it. One build is very clean with zero data cables. My all day ever day build is more messy but the normal sata ports are always full so that is just a few more drives I can get in before needing to expand to HBA.

    • Water Bottle
      Water Bottle 2 months ago

      Now eight months after the video was posed I am finding it cheaper to purchase NVME compared to an SSD now.

  • Silver_ Sparkleshot
    Silver_ Sparkleshot 11 months ago +37

    I built my first PC in 10 years 6 months ago. I've been swapping out parts and doing some fun upgrades along the way. Everything I learned about what you need and what you don't need is exactly what Jay said in this video.

    • snipermerc
      snipermerc 11 months ago

      There are some things I actually disagree with Jay on for build. IE only getting what you need right now, had I done so I could have afforded one of the extremely overpriced GPU's last spring but I sincerely doubt I would have the butter smooth experience that I currently have even a year later. I had a $3000 budget last year and went with mid to high tier components across the board including room for a new GPU but after 3 to 4 months of sitting on $1000 left over for GPU I gave up and just bought a new, bigger, monitor and some nice peripherals n such to round out my system nicely.

  • Adam Bidlack
    Adam Bidlack 9 months ago +1

    I was using a thermaltake toughpower 850w power supply for 12 years of more or less nonstop use, probably closer to 50% of the rated capacity, and never had one issue. Before I replaced it, the voltages still looked pretty decent. I figured 12 years was long enough and it had a good life. I upgraded to a modular PSU that can support the current video cards with no problem.

  • Target72
    Target72 10 months ago +2

    Thanks, Jay looking to build a pc this year if prices keep going back to normal and i never thought of picking GPU then look at PSU due to how many pins it needs , last time i built a pc it was IDE yes long time ago keep up the great videos ( and crazy ones) fun to watch still thinking 8 core cpu as its the hardest thing to swap out on a upgrade

  • Michael Pechbrenner
    Michael Pechbrenner 9 months ago

    Great video and I like this channel for the honesty and focused on consumer needs first. I am a (Canadian) Architect with offices in Costa Rica. I want to start building our computers and laptops. We use Lumion, Blender, and starting with Real Engine 5 for renders and short video presentations.
    I've never been able to find a computer that functions great for our needs. Therefore, I would like to learn more about designing our own equipment.
    I would like my first builds to be simple, then advance to the fancy RGB and water pump systems even only for aesthetics. After all, we are architects. We're all about aesthetics.
    It would be great to see you do a build specific for professional fields like architecture in mind, rather than just gaming. There is a demographic out there that will start to build their own equipment if only they are shown how and take the fear out of it.
    That's my Two Cents worth, jejeje

  • Snippy Stockins
    Snippy Stockins 3 months ago

    Hey Jay,
    I really enjoy your videos. A ton of great information in this one, but I would like to mention something in regards to SATA SSDs vs NVME.
    For a while now, PCIe 3.0 NVME drives have been the same price or cheaper than SATA SSDs up to 2tb, 4tb being a small premium. If you are on an older platform that doesn't have NVME support, definitely stick with a SATA SSD. If you have the option though, NVME all the way.
    In any case, unless you are limited by the amount of M.2 slots on your motherboard, or have a bandwidth limitation (probably not in modern systems) there are very few reasons to go SATA unless you are looking for cheap high capacity storage, then an HDD is still a great option!

  • 3 Silver
    3 Silver 11 months ago +121

    I'll attest to that Vetroo V5. I put one on my Ryzen 9 5900x and it kept the idle temps 33-38C. Load, non-overclocked, at 65C pulling 135 watts. Even overclocked at 85C pulling 190 watts. It did have 2 fans attached to it. It truly is a wonderous cheap cooler. I can't recommend that thing enough.

    • ToffeeBear
      ToffeeBear 9 months ago

      Now i feel stupid with an aio for the same cpu. Waste of cash

    • TechNewb
      TechNewb 11 months ago +1

      @3 Silver probably wouldn't work for him, but would for me. I'd trade 20° for not heating up my room so much

    • 3 Silver
      3 Silver 11 months ago

      @TechNewb I like it. It's absolutely massive though. It idles 36-39C. No over-clock 64-66C. All core lock at 4.6 GHZ 83-85C.
      I have the 5900x paired with a 3080. I stream and it hasn't broken 75C on some of the more demanding titles. Horizon Zero Dawn was the most demanding title I streamed recently. I played through Guardians a few weeks ago and that didn't get past 73C.

    • TechNewb
      TechNewb 11 months ago +1

      @3 Silver how's the Ice Giant do with the smaller IHC size? It was developed more for threadripper, but I have a friend with a 5950x that he can't cool. He's using the same AIO as me, but if he tries to run an all-core overclock or PBO, it will throttle almost immediately. Even at stock settings, he will gradually lose clock speed after about 10 minutes streaming Warzone.

    • TechNewb
      TechNewb 11 months ago +1

      @3 Silver I think having Dynamic OC Switcher helps. My cpu only runs an all-core overclock when the load goes over 85A. Before that, it's in PBO

  • Great T
    Great T 7 months ago

    Love your vids. I love learning new stuff when I am going to spend for something because man, they’re so expensive. Glad to know, there’s at least ppl who value necessity more.

  • Lievan
    Lievan 6 months ago +1

    I just got a 3070ti and watching some of your videos today made me realize that where I'm at with my PC is more than enough. Saved me some money because before I was debating on if I need to upgrade anything else.

  • Raymond Durelli
    Raymond Durelli 7 months ago +10

    As someone interested in going deep in blender I'd be interested in hearing your take on building a PC for that.

    • Aech Dee
      Aech Dee 6 months ago

      @Jerzi blender actually has really good GPU rendering now, I've done really complex renders with zero increase in CPU fan speed

    • Jerzi
      Jerzi 6 months ago +1

      Blender uses CPU as main rendering device and offloads some of the calculations to GPU... So depending on how complex models you want to use I would go for CPU that has a lot of cores...
      Back in the day I rendered the same model with i7-3632QM in my laptop that is 4 cores 8 threads paired with GT740M and on i5-6600k paired with GTX1060 6GB that is just 4 core CPU but with much more powerful cores and the render times were almost similar. The i5-6600k was faster only 0.02 seconds.
      You can go with R7 CPU and 3060 or 3070 and it should handle most things you throw at it.

  • Xeridea
    Xeridea 10 months ago +4

    Let's be honest, the overspecing PSU of the past was in large part due to quality, and tendency of ratings for PSUs tending to be.... a bit optimistic. I would be much more comfortable pushing PSUs to 80% load these days than in the past. I stick with EVGA and Corsair though, for the 24/7 demands of ....... important loads.

  • Ragetist
    Ragetist 10 months ago

    This is EXACTLY my thing; building with most bang for the buck and min maxing that little I can afford into something that can do everything I need.

  • Wh3nTit4nsF4ll
    Wh3nTit4nsF4ll 10 months ago

    I appreciate the tips but I want to spend roughly 2000 on my first pc and the only reason is because of graphics card prices. That way I won't have to upgrade for awhile.

  • Darkcore X
    Darkcore X 6 months ago

    I just upgraded my pc final part the gpu.From 1050 to rtx 2060 and im happy with it .Having games running between high and ultra with high fps is more then enough. Ofc its always good to go higher but that's not my budget 🙃

  • TB_GB
    TB_GB 10 months ago +5

    I would love to see you build this systems and see what FPS you could get in popular games

  • Angelfish Time
    Angelfish Time 11 months ago +182

    I've been sticking to Ryzen 5 cpus, they get the job done and I'm still using an MSI GTX 1070ti with no issues. I don't really care for ray tracing so I've never seen a reason to blow the cash on anything higher or newer

    • Rieve Naïlo
      Rieve Naïlo 9 months ago +2

      I'm still running a 970 and haven't had any problems

    • Esteb
      Esteb 9 months ago +1

      I was thinking of buying a 3080 off ebay the other day to replace my 2060 super, but then I realized spending $1k dollars isn't worth going from 120fps to 160 in ff14. No one would be able to even tell a difference. It would just be for clout at this point. Going to buy a camera lens instead. Same price, and it will retain its value for decades.

    • Deadeyedickification
      Deadeyedickification 9 months ago +1

      @Astax I've learned this after building my new PC (3080 Ti and 12700K). I play a very wide variety of games. Simulators like Run8 train simulator tax my cpu much more than Elden Ring does @ max settings. It's amazing how games affect hardware much differently from each other.

    • Astax
      Astax 9 months ago

      @Deadeyedickification That depends on how it's built. But generally speaking the more dynamic things are happening, like larger scale AI operations, the more CPU is used. Also when loading new assets all the time

    • PS4 Games
      PS4 Games 9 months ago

      Ray tracing is actually old software named differently.

  • KMAN Anim88
    KMAN Anim88 9 months ago

    Thanks again for the info Jay. Your information did help me build a pc that I wanted for a while. Ps I prefer more space than speed ie more sata drives for storage than buy an nvme. It made sense for me.

  • Steve Freeman
    Steve Freeman 7 months ago

    Absolutely! The single biggest impact I always notice is more memory capacity. The OS usage and management is complex, add shared video memory, even with GPU and who knows (Windows API still in a convoluted form of C). I'm also big on power supplies. Lifetime is long so I think of future expansion and eventual backup (w/ cable adapters). I don't run many games but do run UE5, editors, and various compiled language tools (cpu intensive). Still get things done... on... you will not believe... a retired Dell Optiplex 980MT server (i5 dual), 16G mem, WD SATA SSD, GTX 1650 Super, Samsung 4K HDMI TV. Of course, the NVidia hangs outside the case with a cable extender and has LEDS. They're drowned out by a couple of my own LED shop lamps in irritating white so I can see the motherboard's silkscreen. Yes, I am building a newer system while tracking the GPU miner dump.

  • Brian Thibault
    Brian Thibault 10 months ago

    Hi, I’ve been enjoying your videos since I found your channel earlier this week. History: I haven’t owned a PC for 10 years, as I’m fully Mac. However, I want to get back into flight SIM, which of course is requiring a good setup. I’d also like VR. My game of choice is DCS and their new AH-64 Longbow. I’ve been looking at the new intel i9-12900 with RTX 3090. Is that overkill and if so what do you recommend. Thanks,

  • Michael Mortensen
    Michael Mortensen 9 months ago

    thank you Jay for speaking common sense again, and giving a much more realistic view on what we actually need.

  • Terrados1337
    Terrados1337 11 months ago +54

    When building a PC you should be aware of what you want, that requires knowledge on how stuff works, and THIS channel is where you find that information! Thanks Jay :)

  • Geoffrey Veale
    Geoffrey Veale 9 months ago +2

    Another point Jay did not mention in favor of SATA SSD's is that generally their performance is very stable at max speed for large file transfers. NVME drives, especially budget ones, will get hot and throttle speed massively (slow down to HDD speeds) on big sustained file transfers (like multi GB's).

  • TheGreymanWalking
    TheGreymanWalking 9 months ago

    I tend to do liquid cooled because of the ambient temps of the room my pc is in. That way it usually totally mitigates the ambient temps.

  • Jonas A
    Jonas A 7 months ago +2

    I must have missed this video earlier :) There's always that one guy... me ;) I've had a EVGA 750G2 PSU fail on me after 4 years of use. luckily the RMA employee at EVGA in Germany (I live in Denmark and EVGA don't or didn't have an office here) was willing to cover the UPS costs and replacement of the unit. It was a very fast and fluid experience, except for the service UPS delivers. From my first contact with EVGA to me recieving a new PSU was less than 10 days.
    The "boring part"
    The failure the PSU was experiencing was most likely in it's internal monitoring and or protection curcuits. It would power up and shut down after a couple of seconds. I hooked it up to an osciloscope and the voltages were all stable before the shutdown. None of the computers other copmponents were damaged. it's my old gamer and now secondary system and it's still running without issues. ASUS Maximus VI, i5 4670K, 16GB RAM, GTX970.

  • Diana Pham
    Diana Pham 10 months ago

    JTCQ! I wish I could have you teach the labs at the University. You give enough knowledge to get someone to hit the floor running! I really appreciate you revisiting information you've gone over in the past!

  • Karl Schenfelt
    Karl Schenfelt 11 months ago +162

    I've been building PCs for 30 years and all I can say is: "yup." Good job.

    • Warren Puckett
      Warren Puckett 9 months ago

      I can get 4600Mhz with a 3800X IF I turn SMT off. Does it make a difference? Not really. Have not bought a game title in 4 years.

    • Warren Puckett
      Warren Puckett 9 months ago

      @Chak Eer You never do. My 1st was a 286 I got in a basket.

    • Karl Schenfelt
      Karl Schenfelt 9 months ago

      @eFko Depends on case air flow and other fans. Also I am more familiar with Intel. I tend to spend the extra $10-$20 on a better cooler since it protects your main CPU and keeps you fast. If you're doing Minecraft, you'll be fine.

    • Overlord1706
      Overlord1706 9 months ago

      @eFko from my understanding of them it's better to get an aftermarket cooler but the wraith should work for most tasks.

    • eFko
      eFko 9 months ago +1

      My question is - if the cpu comes with a wraith stealth cooler, is it enough? Or should i buy a better cooler so it doesnt get overheated under higher loads? Thanks in advance

  • Surgeon
    Surgeon 8 months ago

    Hey man thanks for the good info. I'm an avid pc builder that likes to soak up all the info I can. I'm running a 6700XT on a 3770k right now. Do you think going to a new gen AMD with 4.0 PCIE would make a huge difference in my frame rates? I upgraded everything but used this old platform because it was cheap and useful at the time but I'm ready to upgrade soon.

  • Will Shoemaker
    Will Shoemaker 10 months ago

    I have an idea for a video! Do a decent spec build for a first timer. But here's the twist, use a slightly underpowered or outdated build you bought used. Only upgrade what you need to achieve the performance you desire (power supply, GPU, memory). That's the route I took, and I'm happy I did. I saved money over a new system and ended up with exactly I wanted performance wise.

  • Kell
    Kell 9 months ago

    Would love for you to revisit that "Do small cases hurt GPU performance" video with newer GPUs

  • mandatu
    mandatu 8 months ago

    Thank you for your honest words in these video. I tell that to friends and people i know since years, and most of them do not listen at all. But the few ones that did, still have a good gaming PC on full specs or are getting a new one build from me within there budget. thanks again for your honesty and nice and simple explanation for newcommers and noobs like i was years ago^^ (wish there was someone like you back than). hope you keep it up.

  • Fox Boi
    Fox Boi 11 months ago +164

    I'd totally love to see you make more videos about affordable and realistic builds.

    • Felix Jefferson
      Felix Jefferson 11 months ago +4

      Like the Grandma Build he did a little while ago... but I feel like it kinda gets away from the "Jay-nesssss" of the channel.
      (I would appreciate some "cheapest watercooled system possible" videos though)

    • David Rook
      David Rook 11 months ago +7

      Remember he is talking about strictly gaming. Most use their computers for other things other than just gaming.

    • Jameson Hardcastle
      Jameson Hardcastle 11 months ago +7

      Right I'm sure he has enough parts laying around to do a few videos about it.

  • Terry Drake
    Terry Drake 3 months ago

    So I've been watching through all your videos today and I would love to see one about building an animation computer capable of rendering at 4K

  • JeremieBabin
    JeremieBabin 10 months ago +1

    Hey Jay, are you aware that Linus did such a Drive test?
    NVME, SSD and highest Spd SSD.
    Turns out, even very experienced players couldn't tell the difference.

  • Lycosa
    Lycosa 7 months ago +1

    Excellent advice as always. Especially the reminder that SATA SSDs still exist and are great! 2.5'' SSDs are very fast compared to mechanical drives and affordable for the large capacities. NVMe M.2 is nice but not necessary, especially for all of your storage. I still have and use 2 HDDs in my system, then I have 2 SATA SSDs and 1 NVMe SSD.

  • Michael Meux
    Michael Meux 4 months ago +1

    Its good seeing someone make a video explaining why you can play 1080p without taking out a car loan. Running a 4th gen dual core on my kid's computer and it plays everything they want so far without an issue. It has a GTX770 4GB that was $30.00 and a non-overclock motherboard that came with the dual-core G series for $30.00. It works great and still waiting to upgrade the CPU but so far there's no need. Thank you for the video reminds me of the older GPU testing you did showing older cards are still good.

  • Jason Bleazard
    Jason Bleazard 11 months ago +21

    Thanks for bringing some balance to the discussion. Even though you build huge, unnecessarily expensive computers, I have to say that's a lot of what makes the channel so much fun to watch. I *like* watching you put together something that I would never be able to afford myself. It's good for people to remember they don't actually need to spend that much.

  • Alfred Lear
    Alfred Lear 2 months ago

    I've started thinking of my pc components in terms of their resale value now too. Takes the edge off the upfront costs of upgrading.

  • Druss The Legend
    Druss The Legend 10 months ago +1

    I upgraded my stock wraith prism to a V5 and its awesome, cools well, looks great, easy to fit..... Totally agree on the RAM as an AMD user for quite a while and mainly use my pc for Video, Gaming and browsing, with the odd by of video editing I went with 2666mhz, meant I could buy good storage and a large drive for Backup with what I saved (samsung 870 Pro 1tb )

  • Jake Razmataz
    Jake Razmataz 2 months ago

    Thank you for sorting out the pecking order of essentials. I just, Mon. , bought a new, used, machine. I looked on Ebay and IMO, people were paying a lot more than they needed to.

  • Zsolt Ádám
    Zsolt Ádám 10 months ago +2

    Im really surprised you didn't mention motherboards. A lot of differences in price and capability/features

  • Robert Taylor
    Robert Taylor 11 months ago +84

    The SATA vs. NVME test sounds fun. Another idea I haven't found any videos exploring would be something along the lines of what would be better, in raw performance and performance per dollar, a GPU that is set for water-cooling from the manufacturer (i.e. PowerColor 6900 XT Liquid Devil) vs. an air-cooled GPU that you install a waterblock on yourself.

    • technicalfool
      technicalfool 11 months ago

      I have a 6900XT Liquid Devil Ultimate. It's a damn awesome card, but I'd have never bought it if I didn't already have an overkill loop to plumb it into. Even if you buy cheap, you'd probably need at least a 360mm copper rad and a pump+res to keep temperatures down and utilise its insanity-spec unleashed BIOS, which is kind of the thing you're paying for with a Liquid Devil card. That's several hundred additional £ or $ once you've factored everything in.
      That said, if you're going to get an air cooled Red Devil 6900xt just to clamp a water block to it, you may as well go the liquid devil route anyway. For the cost of the block, plus having to do it yourself, plus missing out on the unleashed BIOS, you're probably not saving any money.

    • Christopher VanZetta
      Christopher VanZetta 11 months ago

      @Dimi A 2TB nvme at $200 for more then triple the speeds of a SATA?!? Noo waaaayy

    • thesuremen
      thesuremen 11 months ago +1

      linus did this videos with his editors already with SSD with SATA, NVMe 3rd & 4th gen one a few years ago. it was done from staff, editors & etc. the pick for spoilers is "SATA SSD" so it is not about SSD speed & without doing speed test benchmark or large file transfer & the system with the system being identify & dont matter on CPU, RAM or GPU.

    • Connor Johnson
      Connor Johnson 11 months ago

      @Alfa Proto Idk i will tend to agree that when i was shopping for a storage drive recently and with SSDs, the nvme and Sata drives are basically the same prices and yes while it does differ if your looking at the faster versions of nvme drives it can be a bit different but really at a given storage size the base price for sata and nvme are nearly the same and you'll spend more for faster drives and their features but really say if your looking for just say a game drive or not something to be an os drive, if your looking at a 1tb nvme SSD your not gunna find a sata ssd drive that is say 2tb at a price that will really be attractive over a 2tb nvme SSD, generally there basically similarly priced from all that i could find or was considering, Like i had a spare m.2 slot and no where was the price advantageous that i would have spent the difference to get more storage like say 2tb on a sata drive vs the 1tb nvme.

    • Alfa Proto
      Alfa Proto 11 months ago +1

      1. MX500 - TLC, P2 - QLC
      2. 870 EVO has DRAM cache, 970 EVO lacks DRAM cache, the 980 Pro has DRAM.
      3. WD Blue SSD lacks DRAM, and both are PCIE, there's not even SATA based.
      4. There's no comparison for Sabrent because they don't have SATA
      What are you trying to show?
      The most fair:
      1. MX500 - P5, both have DRAM and TLC
      2. 870 EVO - 980 Pro, both have DRAM and TLC

  • J A
    J A 9 months ago

    Great vid as always Jay. Well done. You said something about Asic quality of the gpus. Is there a way to measure it and how useful would it be .

  • ZenMaster
    ZenMaster 7 months ago

    Just bought a new PC tower today, and after an exhaustive search I was finally able to find a decent one that came WITHOUT a side panel window.

  • Johan Venter
    Johan Venter 9 months ago

    Love your videos. I'm from South Africa and I love playing PC games but I'm in this unfortunate position where I cannot even afford a 1080 card. Keep posting this tech vids. Enjoy!

  • Jamasin Rinehart II
    Jamasin Rinehart II 9 months ago +1

    I'm curious if he's ever done a test to see the effect on your GPU temperature when water cooling your cpu

    • somewhatchewy
      somewhatchewy 9 months ago

      I doubt it would make much of a difference, if any, unless the CPU was thermal throttling enough to cause a bottleneck for the GPU. If that is the case and water cooling the CPU lets it run faster eliminating that bottle neck, then you might get slightly higher temps on the GPU. I don't think it would make much of a difference.

  • Scooby-doo
    Scooby-doo 22 days ago

    Love reading up on this stuff. I bought a new AMD build three months ago and was wondering where the ssd square box drive was. Then noticed it had a m.2 hard drive on it. Never ever heard of them before my last build is now 12years old. It’s so powerful and properly built with matching sensible parts like you are talking about I love it.
    One thing I wanted was a pc that could run 1080 at 260 refresh rate for any game and high frames with no screen tear or stutter. To bust the ass on any game game for once but stay 24 inch.
    My build was sensible so I had a 3080 (non-Ti)card fitted @ 12GB . Lol it’s awesome and never crashes or drops below 120 frames at 260 refresh on a asus monitor.
    What I don’t want to do is go large 4K and be back to 10 years ago with low frames on a large screen al stuttering and crap. Hey my plan works ha.
    Perhaps people need to start with the monitor they want for the next 6 years and build for that. Dunno do folks get all expensive hardware first then look for a monitor after . Dang🧐

  • Giovanni Antonio
    Giovanni Antonio 10 months ago +1

    I love your videos, they are always so informative and honest. I just wish the pc themed channels spent even one video on what you parts you need for MAKING MUSIC. Everyone talks about games and video editing but what do I need if I wanna run 10 instances of omnisphere at 48khz and a buffer size of 16? What do I need for zero latency recording? Which is the best budget, vaule, and high end audio interface? There's so many things you could educate us on!

  • Cory
    Cory 10 months ago

    My 6600k has been pretty great up until recently, but I feel like CPU requirements are going to become a lot more demanding for games pretty quickly. Elden Ring is the first time I've bought a game and I couldn't get it to run at 60 FPS no matter what I did.

  • Hammer 1-1
    Hammer 1-1 9 months ago

    Going from SATA SSD drives straight to M2 NVMe drives saved me 10c in case temps. That was MASSIVE!

  • Darin Wagner
    Darin Wagner 11 months ago +15

    I like these kinds of videos. I feel like Jay and Paul are the "freshmen recruiters" when it comes to PC building. Steve is like the advanced 400 course professor. Linus is everything in between.

    • D S
      D S 10 months ago

      @Sammyak Bhowmik congratulations on the 1 video he’s recommended something that isn’t overpriced, it doesn’t compare to the 10s of others where there is a water cooler in the build

    • Gertraic
      Gertraic 10 months ago +2

      @Sammyak Bhowmik He clearly doesn’t. He flat out said he only comes here for the comments.

    • Sammyak Bhowmik
      Sammyak Bhowmik 10 months ago +4

      @D S did you.. watch the video? Jay literally recommended sata ssds and a 24$ cooler. No way thats overpriced.

    • D S
      D S 10 months ago

      They are all just advertisers, notice that all their videos are very similar and all come along around similar time periods. These guys have no idea how to build cheap computers, they always overspec and thats because their bottom line is controlled by advertisers and they dont get paid if they dont show you enough shit to buy. I only come to these vids for the comments, it's where the true knowledge is really.

  • myriad1973
    myriad1973 10 months ago +81

    I love how he touched on NVMe vs SATA when I just recently put together a new computer build for the first time in over 10 years and I went with not only a 2TB NVMe (instead of SATA, for data), but also a 1TB NVMe (for the system) and also a good ol 1TB enterprise hard drive for backup... but I'm also 49 and I may not upgrade again until I'm close to death. lol

    • mpholicx2
      mpholicx2 7 months ago +1

      @Lepus sorry it took me so long to get back. The build has been great. The 5600x is capable of anything I need it to do. The nvme drives are blazing fast. You'll never see the difference between PCIE 3 or 4 during boot up or gaming. If you're into serious productivity the PCIE 4 might be worth it. 6600xt is pretty good but now that prices are msrp I would go bigger. 6800 or 6800xt would be my choice.

    • gard saxon
      gard saxon 8 months ago +1

      @Lepus still waiting for a couple of parts to arrive before I put it all together.

    • Lepus
      Lepus 8 months ago +1

      @gard saxon nice. Happy with performance otherwise?

    • gard saxon
      gard saxon 8 months ago +2

      @Lepus I'm in the process of an update, and thinking of going 100% NVMe, just to get rid or power and data wires to tidy stuff up.

    • Lepus
      Lepus 9 months ago +1

      @mpholicx2 whoa this is exactly what i'm planning. how do you like it?

  • Erik Martin
    Erik Martin 7 months ago

    This video made me content with the state of my current build. Hope I can get another 3 or 4 years out of her (maybe with a gpu upgrade at some point).

  • Arcade
    Arcade Month ago +1

    More of this great food for thought when it comes to gaming we have a bad obsession with rgbs useless cool looking stuff and not so much about good reasonably priced hardware

  • Rayvonne SR
    Rayvonne SR 4 months ago

    Very very helpful! Your straight up honest guy and very much appreciated. 😉 this is why your very respected in this tech world! Use to build computers back in the 90s. Cousin was IT for MCI and The Gap. Back then it was audio cards not so much video cards! Building my first comp in 25-30 yrs and HOLY MOLY !! Thanks to you I’m not getting all caught up having to have top tier!
    Thank you my friend🥂

  • OhPa
    OhPa 10 months ago +1

    Just found this channel. Liked the vid and subscribed 👍 I'm interested in the quietest (silent?) build possible for a good gaming PC. Any thoughts?

  • Tate Jenson
    Tate Jenson 9 months ago

    Great video Jay! What's your CPU recommendation for someone who needs lots 3D rendering in programs like Blender? I'm also getting into VR as well. Thanks!

    • spicy noodle
      spicy noodle 6 months ago +1

      The CPU won't make a big difference in Blender, it's GPU rendering.

  • sore loser
    sore loser 10 months ago +3

    Glad to see the community is building again. Thanks for sticking with it guys.

    • Joe Benson
      Joe Benson 9 months ago

      The only way we can prevent a fake shortage again is not giving money to these corporations and telling them exactly why. They turned inflated their CPU/GPU prices by turning silicon into the new Diamond or gold by mining less of it. This is 100% immoral.

  • Prasad Wagh
    Prasad Wagh 10 months ago

    No other channel would be so pragmatic when it comes to building a PC. Thanks JayZ. I always look first for what my requirement/usage and what stuff may remain relevant for the next 5 years minimum. Anything above that range is useless for me.

  • B. Maguire
    B. Maguire 6 months ago

    Great Video! Thanks this!! We think alike on several levels. My First '"BRICKED IT" was with a 2 WD HDD on a Hard Card. Couldn't happen, I was Promised (but it did). Since then, I've tried to find Cost Effective. Two upgrades is really all I'm looking for. After that, TECH has evolved enough to justify a New Build. But, for me, that's about every 7-10 Years! GOTTA have a separate Sound Card, Video Card and (at least) an 80-Gold PS. IF U use 'on-board', you are screwed IF the MB self-destructs! Not looking to overclock, but XMP is desirable! While not looking for Gaming Performance, I NEED solid performance for what I do - Video Editing (DaVinci and CyberLink). IF you have enough MEM, speed almost becomes Secondary.
    OK - I think we are headed into a difficult time, very soon. Brown-Outs and Failures need to be addressed. I do run UPS, but power consumption becomes important. Are you aware of Pi? Our newest endeavor is their Model 4 +, 8-MB RAM, running off a Power Brick (low watts). I get that SSDs are popular, but we have been using SAS 10,500 HDDs for years.
    What hooked me on Games was the DOS versions of Crusader, No Regrets and No Remorse - LMFAO!! Have YOU ever tried those? Cheers - Enjoy!! B. (Vancouver, BC).

  • Michael S
    Michael S 10 months ago

    In regards to the PSU, I have a question: I was upgrading my dads PC and the PSU is old, so it doesn't have the 8-pin ATX connector. The CPU is a 12100F and I cannot find a 100% sure response to whether the 8--pin is needed for the this CPU and the ASUS B660 Prime D4 motherboard it's sitting in. Anyone have experience with this?

  • Adam Collins
    Adam Collins 7 months ago

    Wish I had come across your channel before I had ordered my newest PC for MSFS. Sure I both over paid and left money on the table. I might have felt up to doing a self build, something I have not done in 15 years.

  • Leifur Hákonarson
    Leifur Hákonarson 8 months ago +5

    I recently bought some SSDs for a system I'm building. I had decided beforehand that I wanted Samsung equipment. I needed 4 TB total - and ended up buying 2 x 2TB 980 Pro PCiE Gen 4 NVMe drives - there was almost no price difference between those and a single 4 TB SATA III drive! You may want to take another look at the NVMe/SATA comparison - something seems to have changed.

    • Jeff
      Jeff 7 months ago

      @Doktor S where the hell did you find a 4TB Sata SSD for 100 dollars??? I just che ked the prices over here, and the wd 4tb Sata SSD's are hovering around 400-450 euros

    • DJ Saek Rakem
      DJ Saek Rakem 8 months ago

      I agree, but I tend to not mention it... It gets a surge of *scaplers* going and then you just end up with never being able to buy drives...

  • MegaHarold29
    MegaHarold29 11 months ago +33

    For nvme drives, if you're OK with a gen 3, I've seen 1 terabyte nvme's for near the same price as SATA when on sale

    • Ssar1702
      Ssar1702 10 months ago

      Gen 4 is usefull only to those that make ridiculous file size transfers

    • Xitrin
      Xitrin 11 months ago

      if you are gaming gen 4 is a waste of money over gen 3.

    • Jeff B.
      Jeff B. 11 months ago +1

      @llorTA toN yeah but QLC sucks

    • llorTA toN
      llorTA toN 11 months ago +1

      @CheapBastard1988 I wouldn't , 3.5GB/s burst is better than 500 sustained for most people anyday

    • CheapBastard1988
      CheapBastard1988 11 months ago +5

      Do make sure both are the same memory type for a proper comparison. I'd prefer a Sata with TLC memory compared to an NVMe Gen 3 with QLC memory.

  • Stephan Huebner
    Stephan Huebner 10 months ago +1

    Glad to see a video giving sane advice regarding PC builds.
    Before the pandemic I upgraded to a Ryzen 5 1600 (6 core) and a 1660 super, and I'm still happy with it in every regard. Granted I don't play the very latest games (I'm on Linux), but the majority of the open world games I have tried out are working just fine, with reasonable adjustments of the graphics settings.