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If people in anime actually took their bleeding serious.

  • Published on Feb 13, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • They legit act like its a knee scrap
    Oddwin - 19
  • ComedyComedy

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  • Noah Best Drummer
    Noah Best Drummer 3 years ago +32605

    This dude is legit so convincing with his acting that sometimes I forget he plays all the characters

  • aLoy
    aLoy 2 years ago +13076

    I love how the villains voice just changed when he started bleeding

    • Alej Random
      Alej Random 2 years ago +115

      Wait, which one's the vilain

    • Mr.Badass
      Mr.Badass 2 years ago +260

      That's the villain's professional voice when doing evil like how moms switch up voices when they're at work or at your school.

    • StanHannahBahng
      StanHannahBahng Year ago +13


    • j
      j Year ago +20

      @Alej Random the one in black

  • spastic
    spastic 2 years ago +17482

    Villain: Impales Main Character through his heart
    Main Character: "I'll be fine. Luckily he missed my vital organs."

    • Empire Youth
      Empire Youth 2 years ago +1775

      More like this
      villain: Impale the main character through the chest “ you’re lucky that I’m only trying to capture you, I have avoided all your vital organs”

    • Elqn
      Elqn 2 years ago +85

      @Empire Youth in pills yes

    • Empire Youth
      Empire Youth 2 years ago +26

      @Elqn what

    • Elqn
      Elqn 2 years ago +45

      @Empire Youth edited comment moment

    • Empire Youth
      Empire Youth 2 years ago +13

      @Elqn yes I edited it a month ago,

  • f s
    f s 2 years ago +5532

    Villain: "How is he still alive?"
    Hospital: "Yeah, his injuries pay for our bills."

    • newboo 2007
      newboo 2007 2 years ago +167

      I feel like the main character of an anime is the character the hospital hates most because they don't need the hospital. they only need plot armour.

    • Sarah Mellinger
      Sarah Mellinger 2 years ago +44

      More of a corrupt partnership hurt the villains and get a cut of the hospitals money

    • Flip-Araújo
      Flip-Araújo Year ago +13

      I wanted to like this comment, but it was in the perfect number so here's my thumbs up: 👍

    • c487
      c487 Year ago +1

      i dont get it

  • Yoshikage Kira
    Yoshikage Kira 3 years ago +1497

    I love how 70% of his sketches end with the character contemplating life.

  • Isaiah
    Isaiah Year ago +944

    "This happens to me every fight" actually brings up a good point. I mean, I know anime protagonists usually have some crazy strong healing factor, and the villains too for that matter, but still, them coughing up blood after a bad punch to the gut does happen pretty much every fight. Amazing they still function after so much internal damage

    • Secret secret
      Secret secret Year ago +49

      it must just be the wound never fully heals and that is why they can keep going for they are forever feeling the pain

    • catfrogman
      catfrogman 11 months ago +14

      @Secret secret like deadpool? He had cancer before his healing factor got activated so they merged and now he has cancer and a healing factor spreading over his body which he cant turn off or risk dying of cancer

    • jingle jangle
      jingle jangle 7 months ago +11

      Theres like, one manga ive read where a character coughing up blood was treated as actually bad shit and meant something was very wrong

    • Achilles Glacia
      Achilles Glacia 6 months ago +1

      "so you done fighting?, its just blood, you're weird! Cmon!" 😆

    • Stiff Meister
      Stiff Meister 5 months ago

      ​@jingle jangle What was it

  • hikerjif
    hikerjif 3 years ago +21813

    "In fact I'd appreciate it if you call the hospital, actually!"
    ***Finally a villain who knows his limits and has a little bit of sense.***

    • B4&After DaMiX
      B4&After DaMiX 3 years ago +323

      hikerjif lmao yes 👍🏽 his going to out live all villains 🤣

    • Bookworm_of_Heaven
      Bookworm_of_Heaven 3 years ago +394

      Literally I would actually call him one and wait for him to get better because I've been waiting for someone to use logic my entire life

    • zconqueror 25
      zconqueror 25 3 years ago +19


    • ldobehardcore
      ldobehardcore 3 years ago +145

      @Bookworm_of_Heaven 100% a Goku move. "Get better soon! I wanna fight you when I have no chance of winning, and have to rely on my son who doesn't have a warrior's spirit and just wants to live a peaceful life."

  • Infinite Animations
    Infinite Animations 2 years ago +4716

    0:08 That transition was clean and fire af

    • XYZ
      XYZ 2 years ago +143

      facts im like "Am I the only one who noticed?"

    • PJ Barney
      PJ Barney 2 years ago +73

      Yeah. That was pretty clean.

    • snooppp
      snooppp 2 years ago +28


    • Serresiete
      Serresiete 2 years ago +65

      That wasn't even funny that was just cool as fuck

    • Cozy strawhat
      Cozy strawhat Year ago +14

      FOR REAL

  • Astro XL
    Astro XL 2 years ago +1915

    Villian: Ive broken every single bone in your legs. If you try to stand and run, you’ll die from pain
    Protagonists: Stands up like nothing happened

    • ☆Homily☆
      ☆Homily☆ Year ago +74


    • hyukleberry
      hyukleberry Year ago +29

      Is this not just demon slayer season 2....

    • Adiela Okontah
      Adiela Okontah Year ago +9

      Villain : surprised pikachu face 😮

    • A Badass Dragon
      A Badass Dragon Year ago +34

      Midorya: This will hurt us both a lot, but im a protagonist, so its alright

    • Ah Shit Here We Go Again
      Ah Shit Here We Go Again Year ago +20

      @hyukleberry SPOILER ALERT
      mans got sliced across the left shoulder, drained his stamina, got thrown around multiple times, countered heavy damage moves, fell off a big height, broke two fingers, got stabbed in the jaw with poison scythe and still managed to defeat the stronger demon and lived to see another day.

  • Yeet Yeet
    Yeet Yeet 2 years ago +1144

    Villain: burns hero into ash
    Hero: im fine, luckily he didn’t hit any *vital organs*

    • Ítalo Lucena Vaz
      Ítalo Lucena Vaz 2 years ago +73

      **shot every single square centimenter of the hero's body and cut of their head**
      Hero: "I'm good, they missed the vitals"

    • Акопян Денис
      Акопян Денис 8 months ago +2

      When the hero is a lich

  • The Bald Pizza Man
    The Bald Pizza Man Year ago +303

    “Actually, I’d appreciate if you CALLED THE HOSPITAL.”
    “You blew the hospitals, why do you think we’re fighting?”

  • Debbie Downer
    Debbie Downer 6 months ago +24

    If you look closely, the villain takes longer to bleed than the hero. This probably means he’s a little stronger than the hero, he’s just more worried about his internal state than the hero.

  • ThirstyLogangstr
    ThirstyLogangstr 3 years ago +12786

    Yet we have anime characters catching colds when a drop of rain falls on them

    • {A} random person
      {A} random person 3 years ago +469

      for real tho

    • RocketMan
      RocketMan 3 years ago +93

      Green Arrow Which anime you watching bro

    • RocketMan
      RocketMan 3 years ago +149

      Arin B. Must be slice of life cos I’ve never heard of that

    • ThirstyLogangstr
      ThirstyLogangstr 3 years ago +8

      @Matred Hareks Btw stop

    • lua
      lua 3 years ago +225

      Every.Damn.Time.. when it rains, I already know some stupid cold is gonna cause someone their near death experience 💀 all I can think about is "wow they're so weak" but then there's moments like these and ???? So, are they actually weak or strong? that's a question for the educated intellectuals to find out

  • Tyrese Wallace
    Tyrese Wallace 3 years ago +392

    “ENOUGH TALKING, SCRAP!” The best way to start a skirmish 💀💀

  • Wort Wort Wort
    Wort Wort Wort 2 years ago +529

    Nobody is talking about that amazing edit he did making it look like he's incredibly fast

    • TreTheDumbassFuckingIdiot
      TreTheDumbassFuckingIdiot 2 years ago +47

      This is why I love his videos, the edits are clean, the acting is believable, and I always leave laughing.

  • VG2
    VG2 Year ago +70

    To be honest, an anime where characters take their damage seriously would add a bit of drama and intensify the situation.
    It would make the fights seem more critical and life-threatening, a live or die situation.
    I know some horror themed anime make the characters take notice of their severe injuries, and the panic it induces in them adds strength of emotion to the inevitable climax.

  • Roybot06
    Roybot06 2 years ago +337

    That moment he mouths, "How are you still alive?"
    Every Shonen antagonist ever.

    • Baron Beat
      Baron Beat Year ago +4

      Actually he says it out loud.

  • TheZombiePeepol
    TheZombiePeepol 2 years ago +200

    I love how he gives so much personality to his villains

  • boobyqueen
    boobyqueen 3 years ago +16291

    Demon Slayer: literally every bone and organ is broken, but if I breathe in certain way I’ll be fine

    • david smooth
      david smooth 3 years ago +442

      🤣🤣🤣 was just watching that

    • dark blade
      dark blade 3 years ago +188

      You mean doomguy?

    • LunarKae
      LunarKae 3 years ago +80

      Lmao so true

    • Andrea Colace
      Andrea Colace 3 years ago +283

      Jojo 1 and 2

    • Feekky
      Feekky 3 years ago +68

      Almost like it's a bad series or something. =D

  • daleketchup
    daleketchup 2 years ago +73

    I’m honestly convinced, after watching this, that every character in anime has a minor healing factor or at least their lungs are superbly durable and can heal

    • MindlessIncessancebro
      MindlessIncessancebro Year ago +7

      or the lungs that let them fight an opponent for during the run time of the entire anime

    • NEP Plutia
      NEP Plutia 3 months ago +3

      ​@Señor Dinosauriohow the hell did you spell conclusion wrong twice

  • Another random guy
    Another random guy 2 years ago +287

    Anime characters be fighting with holes in their chest. They have holes that are bigger than their heart when they get impaled on the left side of their chest, yet they can still somehow move and pump blood in their now, nonexistent hearts.

    • KaosFireMaker
      KaosFireMaker 2 years ago +43

      Move the blood with willpower and guts. In the event of exceptionally large abdominal wounds, you may have to use just willpower.

    • Tri Force
      Tri Force Year ago +15

      Yuuji Itadori for real, lol

    • Sarnado Smile
      Sarnado Smile Year ago +5

      Inosuke in season 2

    • Adiela Okontah
      Adiela Okontah Year ago +2

      Demon slayer , munger train for example , guy was still alive and fighting after becoming a donut

    • Ah Shit Here We Go Again
      Ah Shit Here We Go Again Year ago +6

      @Tri Force to be fair, the heart did not matter to Sukuna as he was a curse, but Yuji died in literally seconds after taking over.

  • Thomas Carrion
    Thomas Carrion Year ago +14

    I’ve been an avid writer for about five years now and I have written characters spitting up blood a handful of times. All but one of them was because of a fatal injury that straight up killed the character in question and the other was a fake out in which the character had bitten off half their tongue to give the illusion of coughing up blood which, as we all know, is a sign of serious internal injury.

  • Jacob Barker
    Jacob Barker 3 years ago +115

    Between being pushed and thinking “all my ribs are broken” and bleeding fatally and thinking “I got like a minute before I bleed out” **20 minutes later** “I’ve only got 50 seconds left until I bleed out, I must finish this fight now” anime protagonists are insane.

    • Dragon Blade
      Dragon Blade Year ago +2

      It’s a shounen anime protagonist requirement lol

  • Weeb Ryuku
    Weeb Ryuku 2 years ago +70

    That "enough talking, scrap" edit was so clean.

  • JustAllWrong
    JustAllWrong 3 years ago +5581

    "If you punch yourself and you bleed, are you too weak or too strong?"
    OrangeDude: "Yes."

    • Matred Hareks
      Matred Hareks 3 years ago +9

      Justallwrong, btw 👉#caslutnerd

    • Andrew Hu
      Andrew Hu 3 years ago +49

      Omg this is a good question

    • Basedbrawler
      Basedbrawler 3 years ago +66

      100 on strength
      0 on vitality

    • Diamondmon1999
      Diamondmon1999 3 years ago +16

      In Most of these kind of anime the characters can lower their armor when they do something like that. so he has has body control... Not that it makes any sense but... That's how it is explained

    • Yokito049
      Yokito049 3 years ago


  • MyOtaku Life
    MyOtaku Life 3 years ago +228

    0:08 ngl when he transported and tried to punch him part was fucking awesome

  • GhoustTM
    GhoustTM 3 years ago +72

    It's even more funny knowing that anime sometimes just make their characters punch each other jokingly even though their like losing 90% of their blood

  • Terru
    Terru Year ago +26

    Zoro’s blood covering a whole building
    Zoro: I’m fine

  • DuongBroZ
    DuongBroZ 2 years ago +183

    "Look it happens to me every fight"
    *makes blood burst out his mouth*

  • Phantom Dragonz
    Phantom Dragonz Year ago +2

    you never fail to make me laugh with these skits. keep up the good work and continue to bring smiles and laughter to people.

  • Daniel N
    Daniel N 3 years ago +29364

    Getting shot during gameplay: *wound heals immediately*
    Getting shot in a cutscene:

    • Sorry N Advance
      Sorry N Advance 3 years ago +171

      Yggdrasil Burnes 😂😂😂

    • Bre Flo
      Bre Flo 3 years ago +329

      RIP- Leon's shoulder.

    • FatCatFroggie
      FatCatFroggie 3 years ago +195


    • jay way
      jay way 3 years ago +347

      Level 150 1000 health finished all side quest
      *dies in ending cutscene*

    • Ablur
      Ablur 3 years ago +465

      *kills guy in game play*
      cutscene: I can't beat him he's too strong

  • Ms12369
    Ms12369 2 years ago +3

    I would watch a whole show of Caleb and his pals making a whole storyline out of these anime tropes 😂

  • daniel williams
    daniel williams 10 months ago +2

    His reactions are priceless! I cannot ever watch these enough. But honestly, how scary would it be of some dude hit himself hard enough to bleed and then started taunting you for being weak ad hell?? No thanks

  • B'LU3
    B'LU3 Year ago +8

    bleeding is like a powerup for hero's. as soon as the hero is about to freaking die, they just gain a mega powerup and 1 punch the villain

  • William Elmore Jet Rabbit

    Dude I can totally see this happening in an anime. 😂

  • lustii_sanss
    lustii_sanss Year ago +5

    im still questioning on how zack managed to survive after literally slicing his own stomach with a freaking scythe

  • Dusxio
    Dusxio 3 years ago +3192

    "How are you still alive..? Why is he still alive?"
    We ask that about every protagonist and antagonist ever lol

    • Makeda
      Makeda 3 years ago +65

      Dudes be in half talking about, "I'm not done yet!"

    • Neubaufahrzeug
      Neubaufahrzeug 3 years ago +19

      Asked that when i saw palpatine again

    • AniMasters Barbados
      AniMasters Barbados 3 years ago +8

      Especially in bleach

    • Guilherme Pascuti
      Guilherme Pascuti 3 years ago +22

      I dont even care when characters bleed in anime anymore, I just see it as details

    • Fledzy
      Fledzy 3 years ago +1

      Maki-risu I swear

  • TracerHD
    TracerHD 2 years ago +1

    The way he hits himself and coughs up blood is just too hilarious.

  • Mark B
    Mark B 2 years ago +10

    Love when protag just destroys his internal organs and shakes it off. Also the flash step effect in the beginning was really well done!

  • Uncle Sam
    Uncle Sam Year ago +1

    Honestly I wouldn’t be suprised if you could make a career as a major actor. Like seriously you are a amazing actor

  • kyle the orange guy
    kyle the orange guy 3 years ago +61

    this is why I love re:zero, where the protagonist actually takes their bleeding seriously

    • Aiyla Vayu
      Aiyla Vayu 2 years ago +6

      Except for that one scene where Betelgeuse made Rem play twister , neck arm legs etc everything but she still had the power to crawl to subaru I was like yo wtf

    • travis oliver
      travis oliver 2 years ago +11

      @Aiyla Vayu To be fair, she is a demon (An oni), so I expext her to have some level of supernatural endurance

    • Everyone love Cat
      Everyone love Cat 2 years ago +6

      @Handsome Rat He technically still die after that. It just him trying to ignore the pain.

    • Alina Stănescu
      Alina Stănescu 2 years ago

      @sick Sorry but I love Emilia

  • The Mockingjay
    The Mockingjay 2 years ago +16

    1:16 He actually punched himself that hard and stayed in character while winded. That's dedication.

  • Gibi O
    Gibi O 3 years ago +3472

    The overpowered protagonist finally meets the villain who kills his subordinates

    • John Godfrey
      John Godfrey 3 years ago +26

      This comment needs more likes😂😂😂🤣🤣

    • Laura Graves
      Laura Graves 3 years ago +78

      They're as smart as each other. So the (real) key is already in the banana. And the bomb is at the dry cleaners.

    • Antonio Smith
      Antonio Smith 3 years ago +5

      In his next video, he should make a video with Patrick trying to join forces with the enemy.

    • Tsauce the king
      Tsauce the king 3 years ago +4

      He missing all his subordinates now😂

  • Harrowed One
    Harrowed One 3 years ago +1

    Watched a comedy once like this, where the characters took breaks, interrupted each other's monologues with punches, and complained about plot armor.
    This video is, as always: comedy gold

  • MilesRubi
    MilesRubi Year ago +3

    a villain that gives up when he gets seriously injured is a trope i'd genuinely want to see in anime

  • Spiritual Lavender
    Spiritual Lavender 9 months ago +1

    0:43 got me dead he had to confirm it was blood 😂😂

  • Kyle T (greyspot)
    Kyle T (greyspot) 3 years ago +1

    I replayed 1:20 over about 8 times. It's too good!

  • Amari
    Amari Year ago +2

    He always says "there's more" the same way and it gets me every time

  • Witch Vulgar
    Witch Vulgar 3 years ago +3131

    "How is he still alive?"
    He's the protagonist. His plot armor makes him unkillable.

    • Amir Exum
      Amir Exum 3 years ago +66

      I know I'm unkillable

    • Doomtoom
      Doomtoom 3 years ago +22

      Jojo begins to fill the chat

    • Nigward
      Nigward 3 years ago +9

      Doomtoom especially stardust crusaders. The amount of times they survived near deaths😂😂

    • Anime Gaming
      Anime Gaming 3 years ago +6

      @Nigward stardust crusaders?LMAO THEY ALMOST ALL DIED THEY WERE 3 AT THE END. Don't tell me they were lucky

    • - S Y N S A Y -
      - S Y N S A Y - 3 years ago +3

      Unless you're in Game Of Thrones....

  • Leslie Sepulveda
    Leslie Sepulveda 2 years ago +3

    Dude, I love how I always believe there’s different people actually acting

  • Big Solid Jay
    Big Solid Jay 3 years ago

    Can we talk about how clean that first fight sequence was...

  • DJ-RJ
    DJ-RJ 2 years ago +3

    Just finished castlevania the other day. 1:20 is how I felt watching Trevor Belmont the last couple episodes. Continuously fighting everything in his path whilst simultaneously sustaining more and more damage. I swear the pain makes anime protagonists stronger lol.

  • El Gato
    El Gato 2 years ago +1

    I like how every tap that they do in anime results in blood coming out of their mouths

  • spigney
    spigney Year ago +2

    "I'd appreciate if if you took me to the hospital actually" 💀💀💀💀

  • Joseph Vargas
    Joseph Vargas 3 years ago +6944

    “So you’re done fighting”

    • Keya
      Keya 3 years ago +40


    • Joseph Vargas
      Joseph Vargas 3 years ago +40

      @keya I was dying when I saw this part

    • ItzHinokami
      ItzHinokami 3 years ago +10

      Actually killed me😂

    • Angel ᛕ
      Angel ᛕ 3 years ago +57


    • meme
      meme 3 years ago +12

      I watched the video as well

    TSAR-TSEN 2 years ago +1

    This dude gives me abs for laughing so hard 😂

  • GhostskeletonPlusFlowercow

    This could be applied to basically any fiction, I love it, yes why are heroes unaffected...?

  • Lonely human
    Lonely human 2 years ago +26

    The “ how is he still alive gets me every time

  • Andre S
    Andre S 10 months ago

    Keep up the good work man! You're hitting it out of the park with the videos

  • StrangerX
    StrangerX 2 years ago +14

    "How is he still alive?" The same way you're still alive. PLOT.

  • Brandon Daniels
    Brandon Daniels 3 years ago +3319

    Anime character: has massive internal bleeding
    Anime character: "tis but a flesh wound"

    • Random
      Random 3 years ago +75

      Brandon Daniels tis nothing but a scratch

    • mr stark
      mr stark 3 years ago +55

      DNM_Cryptic But your arm is off!

    • Dad
      Dad 3 years ago +6

      DNM_Cryptic mercutio

    • Mr.x
      Mr.x 3 years ago +12

      mr stark no it isn’t

    • Welcome to my Universe
      Welcome to my Universe 3 years ago +16

      I see that we have some theater men/women of culture in this comment strip. So with that I say.... *N E E*

  • ImNeonFire
    ImNeonFire Year ago

    I love how this man makes the most awesome content and makes like… REALLY good money off these. Millions of views per vid

  • Trojianmaru
    Trojianmaru 2 years ago

    0:43 idk how he does that so damn convincingly. Idk what the name is for that expression, but it's the absolute perfect reaction

    • 7_Muhammad Muharromi Susmay Albani
      7_Muhammad Muharromi Susmay Albani 2 years ago

      shocked, surprised, flabbergasted, startled, dumbfounded, staggered, bewildered, stupified (idk if this is a real word, blame Harry Potter if it's not) astounded, amazed, disbelief, overwhelmed, stunned

  • Hopeful Hyena
    Hopeful Hyena 2 years ago

    The face he makes at 0:43 is PERFECT.

  • koolkidAllan
    koolkidAllan 2 years ago +32

    If anime characters didnt wait for the enemy to finish talking and if anime characters actually hit them instead of talking

  • Isotonic Sundae
    Isotonic Sundae 3 years ago +2715

    Me telling my little brother after I hit him accidentally:
    “bruh its not that serious”
    *proceeds to hit myself*

    • Senritsu} {Jumpsuit
      Senritsu} {Jumpsuit 3 years ago +13

      Make him laugh at how much of a silly masochist his big brother is :3

    • Kuroshi Dusk
      Kuroshi Dusk 3 years ago +9

      @Senritsu} {Jumpsuit no u dont understand just no

    • xBeefyShrimpx
      xBeefyShrimpx 3 years ago +1


    • Spreedom
      Spreedom 3 years ago +3

      Oh my god so true

    • Spreedom
      Spreedom 3 years ago +35

      and then when u hit urself, it actually hurts but you have to act like it doesnts

  • Shirvan
    Shirvan 3 years ago

    “I bleed every fight look” was not expecting that. Shit had me dead af

  • Captain Gomez
    Captain Gomez Year ago +1

    I always love when the guy is getting yelled at and he’s just talking to himself like he lost his senses"

  • Elesa Brooks
    Elesa Brooks 2 years ago +3

    Usually they survive due to BS healing abilities within their series, if I'm being honest with you. Like in the shows where healing isn't a power or it's limited people die a lot more often from simple injuries, from what I've noticed.

  • Le_Shooty
    Le_Shooty 2 years ago

    “How are you still alive?” Got me dying!

    KARON THE ONE 2 years ago +1

    The slapping noises got me 😂😂😂

  • Eric White
    Eric White 3 years ago +8517

    "I wasn't done talking..."
    Every anime ever

    • Cap’n Crunch
      Cap’n Crunch 3 years ago +87

      Mostly Naruto tho lol

    • Cornelius Collie
      Cornelius Collie 3 years ago +20

      Dude how u get almost 200 likes in 3 minuted

    • Jordan R
      Jordan R 3 years ago +26

      Idk why I love Naruto so much. It's the only one I watch. It's soooooo drawn out and repetitive

    • Eric White
      Eric White 3 years ago +3

      Cornelius Collie got the notification of the video, watched the video, made a comment, and likes came in 😂😂😂it’s all chance really I’ve done this before and got NOO likes before, it’s really just luck

    • Axept
      Axept 3 years ago +1

      I wanna like it but it's at 420

  • State Of Florida
    State Of Florida Year ago +3

    There's a reason the ultimate dueling technique is just stabbing someone in the back of their knees a bunch. Bleeding ain't a joke, stay safe gamers

  • Salvatore d'Anunciacao
    Salvatore d'Anunciacao 2 years ago +1

    "ENOUGH TALKING, SCRAP!!" That shit had me rolling.



  • Yovany97
    Yovany97 3 years ago +2

    When the cutscenes actually makes sense

  • ItsZachJD
    ItsZachJD Year ago

    Seeing so much of his videos doing anime jokes makes me think if he would voice any anime character. That would be dope.

  • Brandon Henderson
    Brandon Henderson 3 years ago +4929

    This protagonist has unbelievable hype levels, lol
    "Something INTERNAL is happening"
    *Bruh, you weak, let's go!*

    • Ihsan
      Ihsan 3 years ago +7

      Brandon Henderson 1.2k likes and I’m the first commenr

    • Jacob Yuan
      Jacob Yuan 3 years ago +12


    • zconqueror 25
      zconqueror 25 3 years ago +4


    • Kou
      Kou 3 years ago +7

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