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Remaking My First Minecraft House 6 Years Later

  • Published on Oct 7, 2016 veröffentlicht
  • Remaking My First Minecraft House 6 Years Later. My first minecraft house wasn't the best house in the world. But it was the first minecraft build I ever made - so it was important. It was the start of my journey, so I decided to rebuild it in the standards I use today. Who knows, maybe in 6 years time i'll remake this one!
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  • TheEpicWizard
    TheEpicWizard Year ago +94

    And imagine Grian will remake this in 2022. It's been almost 6 years since the release of this video

  • Pirate McDavey
    Pirate McDavey Year ago +498

    Given how limiting it would be to build on beta that house really wasn't that bad. Especially for a first try.

    • gogo
      gogo 6 months ago

      I just made a box with diorite, cobblestone, granite kind of stuff

    • Brennan
      Brennan Year ago

      I definitely agree!

    • l i b r a r i a n
      l i b r a r i a n Year ago +1

      i didn’t make roofs for houses back then, just a glass ceiling where i could ladder up and make it a terrace lol

    • L1stn
      L1stn Year ago +2

      I discovered Minecraft by looking at the demo’s tab on my old 360. I’d say my first house was probably some oak plank cube

    • KingOfTheBeans
      KingOfTheBeans Year ago

      @Ordamatic nope big diamond house

  • HiImErin
    HiImErin 2 years ago +67

    Grian should do this again to see the neat tricks he's learned from hermitcraft and newer updates!

    • The Red October
      The Red October 10 months ago


    • shart-in-my-heart
      shart-in-my-heart 10 months ago +2

      I'd probably expect a video this year, in Oct, remaking it again. Considering it would be another 6 years again :)

  • Marshmallow
    Marshmallow Year ago +70

    Now you need to make a “remaking my first base 10 years later” video

    • Jack_Frtruck
      Jack_Frtruck 8 months ago +1

      @Pokémon trainer They aren't, but you are considering you can't spell simple words like "are" and "you." Maybe you shouldn't be calling people dumb when you yourself have really poor spelling.... I'm honestly surprised you can even spell "dumb."

    • Pokémon trainer
      Pokémon trainer 8 months ago

      R u dumb

    • knighttmair
      knighttmair Year ago


  • YourBoyTrue
    YourBoyTrue 3 years ago +4809

    Grian = The Bob Ross of minecraft
    Mumbo = The Bill Gates of minecraft

    • Katt Katt Roblox
      Katt Katt Roblox 10 months ago

      Me= the roblox modded of minecraft bedrock

    • SpyAlbastru
      SpyAlbastru Year ago

      so mumbos going to be a billionare and divorced, and grain is gonna be a legend and dead?

    • McChickennuggets
      McChickennuggets Year ago

      @Braeden Slone it's lion king you idiot

    • Braeden Slone
      Braeden Slone Year ago

      Me: the tiger king of Minecraft

    • McChickennuggets
      McChickennuggets Year ago

      @sskies no he's Elon Musk of minecraft

  • Richard De jesus
    Richard De jesus Year ago +162

    Grian: these is a simple build
    Normal player: “normal players suffering”

    • LemonDude🍋
      LemonDude🍋 11 months ago

      It looks pretty simple, it has a nice pallette and great structure

    • Slairon
      Slairon Year ago +2

      We Suffer

  • Ollie
    Ollie Year ago +58

    My first house was a sand/sandstone square, there was a village right next to it so I would go there all the time just to steal blocks
    The first mob I killed was a spider lol
    I was like 6 at the time

    • Aksana Šorohhova
      Aksana Šorohhova 9 months ago

      i was 7 breh rn im 7

    • Nashad
      Nashad Year ago +2

      My first house was made of green wool(base),It had the most huge ass TV with a button(remote) and thats all 😂😂

  • Sanic
    Sanic Year ago +23

    Grian has a messy complicated style when he normally builds, looks cool

  • Ranu AH
    Ranu AH 8 months ago +6

    ahh yes, 5 years later this video still seems fresh despite the fact that grian's builds are looking kinda odd

  • Onyx Cobra
    Onyx Cobra 3 years ago +5036

    Grian:add depth and texture

    • Nibrito Sarker
      Nibrito Sarker 2 months ago


      AHARSHI ROY CAPTAIN PRICE 6 months ago

      My speciality level
      Offense: 100%
      Defense: 65%
      Building: 98%
      Demolition: 100%
      Sentry and tripmines: 54%
      Redstone Specialist: 78%
      Thats what i can do

    • Blast a Boom
      Blast a Boom Year ago

      Dream: MAKE IT FASTLY!
      Herobrine: Hi guys I make nice houses that walk and can do speedruning

    • Anita Kumar
      Anita Kumar Year ago


    • LaughingDragon99
      LaughingDragon99 Year ago

      Way to accurate

  • Ice13
    Ice13 2 years ago +131

    Grian: You should play beta version because of experience
    Me: *laughs in my old non-updated minecraft

    • knighttmair
      knighttmair Year ago

      @K13RA it's called reading the comment section. we were talking about making a Minecraft account. also I was just saying it is not that hard or at least not hard enough for you to have to ask your big brother.

    • K13RA
      K13RA Year ago

      @knighttmair I forgot what we were talking about can u remind me ?

    • knighttmair
      knighttmair Year ago

      @K13RA it's not rocket science

    • knighttmair
      knighttmair Year ago

      @Ice13 just make one. Or you don't have an email. That is all you need.

    • K13RA
      K13RA Year ago

      @Ice13 well u can make one my brother helped me make it it’s your choice tho :)

  • normalman910
    normalman910 2 years ago +59

    7:01 “i still want that original feel” and then out of nowhere a stone explosion

  • Abrafo
    Abrafo Year ago +8

    I remember my first “real” house, must have been about 7 or 8 years ago, it was more or less just a massive 50 by 50 by 50 brick box I seem to remember it having multiple floors, good times.

  • devious dirtbag
    devious dirtbag 2 years ago +26

    "Just having that cone like roof is very... amateur-ish.."
    *jesus christ! i know ive been trying to get better but damn that was a BURN and a half!*

    • Seth Kilborn
      Seth Kilborn Year ago +1

      I feel like grian would never say this today haha

  • HiJiNx X
    HiJiNx X 3 years ago +4844

    My first house was stolen from a villager

    • NightMare King
      NightMare King 25 days ago +1

      You had a house!

    • gamer77hpro
      gamer77hpro 2 months ago

      My first house was in a old well drained it and live in it lol

    • SpamToast10
      SpamToast10 2 months ago

      All of my houses were *stolen by those dumb traders* to ):

    • A human
      A human 3 months ago

      mine was made of exclusively diamond and emerald

    • Wolfs-Den
      Wolfs-Den 3 months ago

      Lucky, when I started villages when I first played

  • TheAstronomicZero
    TheAstronomicZero 9 months ago +2

    You should bring back more of this kind of content back onto your channel, in-between other series, just.. building vids.

  • artemis furrson
    artemis furrson 4 months ago +1

    Amazing how this video came out 3 months shy of 6 years ago. Would love to see how you'd transform it today in 1.19

  • Hải Minh Lâm
    Hải Minh Lâm Year ago +1

    Its really nice and satisfying to remember the old days about some years ago, and then remaking the base from the past and improving the exterior and interior, thanks grian for supporting my eyes. I really wish that we can meet up in server hive in 1.16 update.

  • Potat0Cat
    Potat0Cat 5 months ago +1

    You should make another one of these videos again soon! You last made your remake 6 years ago, and it would be fitting to create another one another 6 years later.

  • all games dead
    all games dead 3 years ago +1975

    i can never grasp how anyone can build like this.
    whenever i try im like
    uhhhhh . .
    (brain.exe has stopped working)

    • Dream blob
      Dream blob 5 months ago

      You get a perfect idea in your head and know exactly how you want it to look, then your brain dies the moment you start building.

    • Cornern 04
      Cornern 04 3 years ago


    • qewdascz
      qewdascz 3 years ago

      same but like most of my houses look legit just the exact same as the last one, usually it’s just an L shape with oak wood as the base, cobblestone as the foundation, oak logs as the frame and cobblestone stairs for the roof that’s a cone shape and then maybe there’s a little variation but usually not much aha uhhhhhhhhhhhh yep

    • Lol Lol
      Lol Lol 3 years ago

      all games dead windows error sound

    • Fahrenheit
      Fahrenheit 3 years ago

      I know! How does he build this good?!

  • cloudboy44
    cloudboy44 6 months ago

    I'd love to see you revisit this - you've got even better now than 5 years ago.

  • Blader Z
    Blader Z Year ago +2

    I remember my first house. My best friend got me to play minecraft with him, and we built a big cobblestone rectangle with like 5 floors that were 2 blocks high and glass strips wrapping all around. And we thought it looked so good back then.

  • Paolo Esguerra
    Paolo Esguerra 2 years ago +1

    It's like going through Grian's childhood memories.

  • Alica Šandorová
    Alica Šandorová 2 years ago +1

    My first Minecraft house was a cube with a triangle roof. It was pretty basic and small but a tried to add some details and made flowerpots and a chimney with real smoke from a campfire. I play Minecraft for only about a year and my building has really improved.

  • Monkey Ballin'
    Monkey Ballin' 3 years ago +1226

    If you remember hardened clay you officially qualify for a veterans discount

    • Weesheeper Moof
      Weesheeper Moof 4 months ago

      i started on 1.1, and played without clay until 2017. I was dumb and didnt know how to update lol

    • Missimpo
      Missimpo 7 months ago

      @Rehal Playz i remember the nether thing, the blue nether core thing

    • Rehal Playz
      Rehal Playz 7 months ago

      I remember when beds got added

    • Missimpo
      Missimpo 8 months ago

      What is it called now???

    • Lockyer Flicks
      Lockyer Flicks 8 months ago

      I’ll be taking that discount.

  • ilovewater
    ilovewater 10 months ago

    i’m just binging grian videos.. and the way he talks in this older videos is shocking.. he sounds like a new report, except it’s quite relaxing- but the more relaxed and chill grian is irreplaceable 😌

  • greenTV moms
    greenTV moms 2 years ago

    This is very informative thank you for teaching me the way of building

  • Mr.Mann5
    Mr.Mann5 2 years ago +1

    This was the first video I ever saw on Grian’s channel; I’ve been subscribed to him ever since, and Clip-Share randomly had this on their home tab. Good memories....

  • Snowowlmv3
    Snowowlmv3 5 months ago +2

    The fact that it has almost been another 6 years since this video pains me to my soul

  • Elizabeth B
    Elizabeth B Year ago

    You should redo this again! would be so interesting to get 3 comparisons!

  • 𝐒𝐫 𝐋𝐚𝐜𝐤𝐲

    Lots have changed since the beta. And now lots have changed since the version in the video . You should recreate this house again.I'm sure it'll look even better than this one!

  • Wyldcard
    Wyldcard 2 years ago +1

    My first house was in a cave, and had sooooo many secret passages behind book cases and under my bed and random places, it wasn’t a bad first house tho, this was like 8 or so years ago

  • jamesplaysgamesO
    jamesplaysgamesO Year ago +1

    My first house was a box, and I didn’t know how the stairs work so I put them on each other. So I had a stair wall for a roof 😂

  • olawff
    olawff 2 years ago +884

    Petition for Grian to make a “building my first house 10 years later”

  • Jose Resnick
    Jose Resnick 2 years ago +1

    My first house was a Windmill. It had four stories. The first floor was a furnace. It had six furnaces and at the end there was a ladder. The 2nd floor was.. I forgot lol. The 3rd one was a workshop room. The walls were wool and there was 2 benchmarks. The final one was a bedroom. There was a balcony and outside you'd see a windmill. Then it had 2 beds and a chest. Plus. Nearby was a mine.

  • Weesheeper Moof
    Weesheeper Moof 4 months ago +1

    my first world, i found a mountain. it was about 4x4 or 5x5 in a sqaure at the top. i lived in that in creative and made a house of brick and purple wool in the area below and added a staircase. i also built a house of lapis, of brick and diamond, brick, glass, and white wool, and one other i think. i connected them all with a two block wide skybridge that had 2 block tall walls. how i miss that world. mind you i was 4 or 5 at the time.

  • Heated Red Volcano
    Heated Red Volcano 10 months ago +1

    Imagine if you make a series on waiting 6 years to remake this house.

  • Sym xx
    Sym xx 9 months ago

    its almost been 6 years since this video, grian needs to do a remaking the remake video

  • Bram Kemper
    Bram Kemper 6 years ago +5002

    Grian, I dare you to build a good looking dirt house!

  • Jingle Studios official

    You should re-remake it next year and make it a tradition!

  • BryceAllan13 Entertainment

    Imagine the house with some of the new blocks from 1.12-1.19, and with the new terrain structure.

  • Krafty Kittenz
    Krafty Kittenz 2 years ago

    I got ambitious and burned 5 or 6 hours building the lighthouse. I've only been playing Minecraft for about 3 weeks, and I play it on the Switch. Since this is not a tutorial, quarter-speed video playback was very helpful to demystify some of the little details the time-lapse flew over. Thank you for sharing this build, Grian. Subscribed.

  • tobit biggs
    tobit biggs Year ago +1

    the funny thing is 5 years later there has been even more improvement from grian

  • xXshockwaveXx
    xXshockwaveXx 3 years ago +2796

    grian: round, circular, curves
    minecraft: am i a joke to you

    • YourBudRocket
      YourBudRocket Year ago


    • Albert Li
      Albert Li Year ago

      cylinder: I don"t have corners man

    • justright47
      justright47 Year ago

      Akirabahgell its overused

    • Lin
      Lin 2 years ago


    • Funkey Monkey
      Funkey Monkey 2 years ago

      God and Jesus Christ loves you all!! God is so amazing!!

  • Daniel Corrigan
    Daniel Corrigan Year ago

    I wonder what you could do to make the lighthouse light up, maybe even have the light spin with some Redstone?

  • Jylle Perez
    Jylle Perez 2 years ago +1

    My first house was in a cave, I used cobblestone and covered the exposed parts.
    This was when switching from creative and survival became a thing in MCPE.
    Since I was still so scared of caves, and moving too far away from my house just Incase I might lose it, I didn’t do much progress
    Regardless, I miss that world

    • Jylle Perez
      Jylle Perez 2 years ago

      I think that was MCPE 0.12.0 but idk
      Edit: Changed version

  • NightMare King
    NightMare King 25 days ago +1

    Maybe you could make a current version of this every 6 years 🎉😊

  • Yannick van der Haven
    Yannick van der Haven 2 years ago

    My first house was literally a few random blocks stacked. First floor, 4 blocks of height and emerald blocks, and next floor the same but just, a different block. Damn nostalgia

  • Forever Alone
    Forever Alone 3 years ago +13522

    My first house was a *hole*

    • BrickBoi6674
      BrickBoi6674 11 months ago +1

      Me too....i hid from a creeper in creative mode.😂🤣😂🤣

    • Patriot
      Patriot 11 months ago

      Same the legendary hole

    • 515_TYIT_Bhushan
      515_TYIT_Bhushan Year ago

      Hole in sawana mountain😂♥️

    • Bostumo
      Bostumo Year ago


    • Rami Soe
      Rami Soe Year ago

      @Forever Alone don't worry you have 290 friends now

  • Superdays
    Superdays 6 days ago

    I like the old boxy alpha/beta build design of builds back in the day, oak wood, doors, cobblestone, brick, full block glass and maybe some wooden fences, no stairs, (excluding smooth stone slabs) no slabs, oh and for later beta, red beds, coupled with the old textures is so awesome. Nostalgia.

  • Bongo
    Bongo Year ago

    me knowing i watched this 5 years ago but still rewatching it just to see wholesome grian

  • Jodelle Hermosura

    When he said "This symbolizes where everything started." I felt that♡

  • Fizzy
    Fizzy 10 months ago

    i love redoing old builds it’s so fun

  • HadanPlays
    HadanPlays 2 years ago +443

    I found it so cute, and nostalgic hearing Grian say “Because I kept on dying I wanted to make a lighthouse.” Of course not much people think that way now, but I feel so nostalgic about it.

    • Missimpo
      Missimpo 8 months ago +1

      I remember playing PE on my TV, it was pretty weird and buggy but it was so nice being able to play alpha 1. something I don’t remember. Now I can play it on my computer

    • JockeyField
      JockeyField Year ago +3

      back then, minecraft was a game where you built stuff, so if people had an issue, they'd solve it by building a real world thing while today they can just get an item and fix the issue with ease

    • Jason Deng
      Jason Deng Year ago +4

      @Maist ...yeah... fair enough

    • Maist
      Maist Year ago +2

      @Jason Deng no, i see most of people who says it's so nostalgic, while starting playing like 1 years ago, which makes no sense

    • Jason Deng
      Jason Deng Year ago +15

      @Maist are you gatekeeping minecraft nostalgia lol?

  • Michaello.
    Michaello. 2 years ago

    I think he's first house has more charm to it and a lot of good memories.
    The new one seems like it is just a soulless perfect house?

  • Arn And
    Arn And Year ago

    A lighthouse! That is what i call a cool way of trying to find your way back to base.

  • Jasna Jelić
    Jasna Jelić 2 years ago

    i love the fakt that you explain these complex builds simple

  • Fujiwara no Neko BIO Drando

    I always love those old Minecraft style building.
    They doesn't look good but it's not bad to the point its an eyesore

  • Loc Vo
    Loc Vo 3 years ago +1434

    2010 grian : *creates a decent house*
    Present grian : *makes awesome houses*
    Me : *DIRT HOUSE*

  • bloop_
    bloop_ 2 years ago

    My first ever house was like 30 rooms tall, it had ladders on the outside because I didn’t know stairs existed and each room had a different theme. The walls where made out of cotton and we (my brother and I) made our own beds not knowing beds existed. There was no roof and it was just one rectangle. I played on the Wii U version of minecraft. I still have that world and I loved playing on Wii U but I had to move on to Ps4 since Wii U wasn’t getting updates anymore.

  • Alex Flynn
    Alex Flynn 3 days ago +1

    5:58 There’s no such thing as Stained Clay, it’s called Terracotta.

  • Minceraft
    Minceraft Year ago

    My first house was built in creative mode at my cousin's house. It was a big obsidian block, and the only light source was the beacons all along the top of the roof. It had a horse in the bottom, and a giant glass window for the roof. (Not like you could see through the glass but whatever)

  • fat parrot
    fat parrot Year ago

    are you going to make a new verisoin of this in 1 years?
    I think it would be fun to see your building skills improve over the years.

  • Andrew Antonakis
    Andrew Antonakis 2 years ago +219

    When I made my first house, I thought it would be smart to have an escape route.
    So I spent 30 minutes on the house and 9 days on the escape route.

    • Cira Animations
      Cira Animations 10 months ago +6

      I added fence gate in the balcony so j could jump easily to escape bad player ( in single player)

    • Shaurya
      Shaurya 2 years ago +2


    • Fred Rodrigues
      Fred Rodrigues 2 years ago +20

      I added random trapdoors to my house like on the diferent levels thinking that mobs would get trapped in it or somet idk

  • Apex
    Apex 4 months ago +1

    Almost 12 years ago now! grian was still 10 times better than me at building

  • Neko Cat
    Neko Cat Year ago

    My first house that I was proud of was made of layers of glass, stone bricks, and precious blocks such as red stone, diamond, emerald, gold, lapis. Then I filled it with paining and but on a triple door

  • Gmod Grunt
    Gmod Grunt 2 years ago

    My first house was actually pretty good, the villagers helped me build it

  • Bignails
    Bignails Year ago

    that house was amazing and your first one was good just because there wasnt a block pallet

  • Shurrburrt T
    Shurrburrt T Year ago +3

    I started out on mcpe, and I remember my first house was a 3 by 3 brick house, but I left the world because I forgot how to jump and got stuck in a one block deep hole

  • Chris Aitken
    Chris Aitken Year ago

    I like how grian makes these kind of videos 👍

  • Ariel Galles
    Ariel Galles 10 months ago +1

    This is very inspiring for people trying to get better at building. Everyone starts somewhere, and now we know where one of the best Minecraft builders started.

  • Death’n Thrashing madness

    i made a house inspired by this setup i have 2 watchtowers(supposed to become lighthouses) with a sea between and besides one of them is a house i love i also have a dock infront of it it is a bigger dock than yours tho

  • Tuck
    Tuck 6 years ago +493

    When Grian's old house is better than anything you will ever make :'(

  • Kathan Gangar
    Kathan Gangar Year ago

    That is so cutee and cool. That was sweet of u to recreate and show us ur beginning as a player that shows that everyone is simple or not so cool at the beginning. Love from India man❤️❤️👍👍

  • J_WingBlade
    J_WingBlade Year ago

    I started crying in the end, it's such a beautiful video.

  • Hunter Sampson
    Hunter Sampson Year ago

    Let’s feel old, time to do a 10 year build

  • Aditya Paradkar
    Aditya Paradkar Year ago

    I built that in my style and it turned out good thank you for that idea.

  • Obbster
    Obbster 3 years ago +1433

    Me: *makes a house*
    Me: “that looks great! I’m so proud of myself!”
    *watches this*
    Me: “...”

  • Artistic Blooming Rose

    God... I remember making the structure of the house out of mob spawners, and then wool, and then little accessories...

  • Steam In New South Rails

    My first house was a box, but now they look so much better 😂

  • Olek OkularnikOlek
    Olek OkularnikOlek 10 months ago

    My first house (made in a creative) was a white wool tower. It was 5x7 blocks and had 7 floors. And inside every floor was only a ladder to climb up. It was made in August 2014

  • OctaShorts
    OctaShorts 2 years ago

    It reminds me of my first house
    I used very wird blocks like emarald and gold iron granite

  • A'zhadial
    A'zhadial 6 years ago +4506

    Can you do "typical houses" from multiple countries?
    For example, make 10 houses with the style of 10 different countries (typic french one, typic affrican one, typic british one, typic american one, typic japanese one, typic mongol one, etc).
    Like that comment if you like the idea and if you want Grian to do that :)

    • blewcraft
      blewcraft 2 years ago

      yeah afirca and america great coutries

    • MASOL
      MASOL 3 years ago


    • Neko Salad
      Neko Salad 3 years ago

      @Derek Bryceson you can find it south of my city

    • XItzIby
      XItzIby 4 years ago


    • Ethaphu
      Ethaphu 4 years ago

      And brazil! (The style is favela)

  • ChicagoMax2334
    ChicagoMax2334 Year ago

    The first house I made was a whole house but there is a twist. The floors were grass and the bed was for some reason outside. Also I spawned lots of villagers in a ravine. It was 2013 btw

  • Turtle Magic
    Turtle Magic 2 years ago +28

    I remember the days when I didn’t even know how to use a crafting table (punched everything I saw)

    • Avacenia Martin
      Avacenia Martin Year ago

      i didnt even know how to break blocks so i just kept continuisley pressed that same button over and over
      i did not bother to look at the internet. instead, i just did it the long way until i accidentally held down the

    • HarryHC
      HarryHC Year ago

      I dont even think i could punch or walk

    • 3vorp
      3vorp Year ago +2

      I remember when I didn’t know how to place blocks by right-clicking so I had to search up a tutorial back in 2013ish

  • Grumpy Moon
    Grumpy Moon 8 months ago

    my first base was a mess. it was a tower and when i got an idea i would make another level. so one was a parkour course the next could have been a disco ect. it was a good idea but it was a giant cuboid made of iron and coated in dragon heads.

  • Shreyas Chowdhury
    Shreyas Chowdhury 10 months ago

    grian...u r such an amazing creator......this video symbolies ur progress a lot...

  • Tuffzy
    Tuffzy 3 years ago +371

    Finally, I finished my home I have been working on for so long.
    *Watches Grian build*
    Dang, my house sucks.

    • Aura_
      Aura_ 3 years ago

      I feel ya

    • dariana
      dariana 3 years ago

      @George also reddit ftw

    • dariana
      dariana 3 years ago

      @depressed nut but we can make karma out of them posting them in r/ihavereddit

    • Dobro
      Dobro 3 years ago

      @Smol Bunny You didnt get the joke

    • Noobs Dudes
      Noobs Dudes 3 years ago +2

      @Mac and Gaming go back to fucking redit

  • Patriot
    Patriot 11 months ago +2

    My first Minecraft house was actually different a made a hole in a mountain and then I added some wood chest annd furnace you normal stuff snd bed and then I added some logs to make it look good and then I made a mine that was my first Minecraft house

  • Hridhan Dalal
    Hridhan Dalal Year ago

    A great man once said
    Whether you have a beautiful mansion of diamonds or just a dirt house when you place a furnace next to a crafting table its a home!

  • Northern Wind
    Northern Wind 10 months ago

    You should do this again, Grian. It's been 6 more years.

  • elly12334
    elly12334 2 years ago

    2010 Grian: This House Looks Good, I'm Proud Of Myself!
    2020 Grian: Wow.. My First House Is... DISGUSTANG!

  • Hinode
    Hinode 3 years ago +287

    You are so lucky to have a image of your first house
    I was too young to notice how value was my first house in Minecraft
    But I remember it was a castle inside a mountain :,)

    • EnricoRics roblox
      EnricoRics roblox 2 years ago +1

      Sadly mine was a thw witch like 3 by 3 house and the door was a trap door -_-

    • Kakorot Skywalker
      Kakorot Skywalker 2 years ago +1

      My PC crashed. :'(
      I remember I made a great wall of sand around a village.

    • Duki
      Duki 2 years ago +2

      @King_Rael I got fortress made of dirt and some glass blocks it was so good

    • yacob
      yacob 2 years ago

      Cool my first house was a mushroom

    • Ja'Crispy
      Ja'Crispy 2 years ago

      6-story dirt house, bitches. Bow down. I remember falling through a hole in the front-yard into a cave, from using so much dirt. Me being like 7 and confused just deleted the world.

  • StacavaCat
    StacavaCat Year ago

    The ending almost made me cry 😢🥰 Thank you for posting!

  • Very Dark Circle
    Very Dark Circle Year ago

    I remember my first base in Minecraft. I never made it until I found a desert, because I JUST NEEDED SAND… to make a roof.

  • Kii
    Kii 2 years ago

    Do you wanna know what my first house was years ago?
    *It was a 2 by 2 box ..*
    *and then next to it is another house which is a cave :>*

  • PF
    PF 2 years ago +3

    My first house was a tree house that I made in the Minecraft demo
    Really simple since it took me a mc day

  • NomNomCake
    NomNomCake 3 years ago +4658

    My first house...
    was a house
    made out of dirt
    *in the middle of a lake*
    with no roof

    • Introverted Wifi
      Introverted Wifi 2 years ago

      My first "house" was just a hole I dug in the middle of a cave. I thought I was so clever and I even added windows to it.

    • OopsATypo
      OopsATypo 2 years ago

      Mine was a 1x2 hole, or if that doesn’t count, a 4x4 wooden box. Then, after many many years...
      I can now create a 5x5 one :D

    • Off Duty Gamer
      Off Duty Gamer 2 years ago

      I dug into the dirt and made a sealed house😂 in survival

    • A E
      A E 2 years ago

      My first house was out in the OPEN!

    • Leah Holland
      Leah Holland 2 years ago

      @Horny capybara anD

  • Patryk Podbiał
    Patryk Podbiał Year ago

    My first ever building was when there was a Creative world in Minecraft. It looked like a tall stone prison, offering 3x3 space inside.

  • Alice Lankford
    Alice Lankford Year ago

    My first build was a 2x2x3 house made purely or of logs. But it was in REALLY old Minecraft, so they they didn't go different directions