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How Have XC Bikes Changed? | Modern Vs Retro XC Edition

  • Published on May 29, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Mountain bikes have come a long way in recent years, with longer, slacker, lower frame geometries allowing riders to push their bikes further & further, but just how far have XC bikes come and have the XC bikes of today left the old bikes for dust!? Join Rich Payne and Si from @gcn to find out! 🎬
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Comments • 239

  • CRA_55
    CRA_55 Month ago +75

    Si and muddy stuff is an underrated combo. Would love to see him do more MTB content.

  • CRA_55
    CRA_55 Month ago +45

    Here's another idea for "Old vs. New". Since you guys have a decent 26" bike in your fleet now, how about old vs. new tires? WTB still makes the Velociraptor and Panaracer still makes the Dart and Smoke. It would be interesting to see them go up against more modern tires on the same bike.

      AFAN LEOR Month ago


    • Krak
      Krak Month ago +1

      I’m still running velociraptors on my 26” hard tail and they seem excellent, but I haven’t tried new designs. I would love to see a back to back with modern tires.

  • Sadie Jones
    Sadie Jones Month ago +49

    It's always good to see the two channels joining forces. Love seeing bikes that contributed to today

  • darryl morgan
    darryl morgan Month ago +52

    Loving the XC content.Great to see Si on the channel having a right blast with Rich!Super fun Guys!

  • Radioinactiv
    Radioinactiv Month ago +8

    I really enjoy these crossover videos with GMBNxGCN. Not only due to the high quality of the content and the interesting chemistry between the different presenters but also because they help spark interest in different cycling disciplines for people who may not have otherwise been exposed to or chose to watch one of the other Global Cycling channels. Thanks for all the entertaining content, keep up the great work!

  • fangxx456
    fangxx456 Month ago +9

    This goes to show that older bikes are still extremely capable. One does not need the latest and greatest bike to have fun and safely ride a trail. Obviously newer bikes are faster, but you can still do well on a much older (and lower end) bike.

  • Richard Maguire
    Richard Maguire Month ago +15

    My first mountin bike was a Saracen Conquest from 1985. It was wide long and slack. Not long after it was made Kona popularised the short steep angled mountain bike. My Saracen was "out of date" very soon yet it went and handles well on rough ground. I find it interesting that in terms of geometry and length maountin bikes have gone back to early set ups. Of course components and suspension have made a huge difference in the last 38 years.

      AFAN LEOR Month ago


    • Christian Schneider
      Christian Schneider Month ago

      Interesting to read that it was Kona. I had expected that the MTB was „cyclocrossed“ as soon as it made the way to Europe. Didn‘t expect that this came from Canada.

    • Alex McClay
      Alex McClay Month ago

      I'm surprised to hear it was Kona because I think of their 1990s-2000s bikes being slacker and more chuckable than a lot of other bikes from that era. Maybe other brands took the concept too far. Or maybe I'm just wrong, it wouldn't be the first time.

  • Theabc2000
    Theabc2000 Month ago +10

    Great to see Si always entertaining , owned that 26 like a boss.
    I was thinking watching Si negotiate the downhill bit that his Gravel bike skills will come in handy .
    An old school 26 er with an external dropper post would be good.
    Funnily enough my Beone 26er still holds my time trial record going uphill which I have been doing since 2010 up a boxhill bridle path.

    • X41N3
      X41N3 Month ago

      I have always had 26. 29 is comfy and easy but it lacks the playfulness imo.

  • Orku5
    Orku5 Month ago +2

    I always enjoy this crossover videos, be it GCN or GMBN. 15 to 20 yrs ago i got the feeling there was quite a rivality between mtb and roadies but in the recent years all the people I meet tend to be into both, just like me.
    When going into the road i generally do around 60+ km and when going mountain biking i do often less but go up and down at bike parks and having a good time.

  • Amanda North
    Amanda North Month ago +6

    Love having Si on the channel, great vibes with Rich, and interesting content. Would love to see more

  • Pavel Chernov
    Pavel Chernov Month ago +8

    Yes! Si is SO welcome to GMBN, so, please, invite him more often! And Rich, you said you would race in that vintage bike, so, when is that going to happen?

  • Bill McCaffrey
    Bill McCaffrey Month ago +2

    It was great to see that Si could still handle a good trail run. I'm way older than both of you and you would be shocked to see what we used to ride trails with. Try ridding a 1965 Schwinn Sting Ray bike with coaster breaks down fire roads and single track. We all knew to take bailing wire and pliers with us because master links would snap under stress and tying the chain back together was the only way home. I don't think helmets had been invented yet.

  • Kunz World
    Kunz World Month ago +2

    I want a test where you take the same bikes, but give the old one a dropper seat post and more modern tires. I would be interesting to see how much difference that would make.

  • Henry James
    Henry James Month ago

    My dad XC raced a no suspension Trek in 1991. I recently revived it as a commuter bike with fat road tyres and it rides brilliantly. Most of the components are original. 3by and bullhorn bars were an education for me though!

  • Christian Schneider

    Loved every minute of it. We all knew that Si would go slower without proper bar ends. I still have the top of the range Scandium Scott from around the same age as used by Thomas Frischknecht back in the day. If you want to rematch during the festival, let me know. A 26“ MTB might be the fastest option in the car park crit.

  • Austin J
    Austin J 18 days ago

    Great collaboration GMBN/GCN! Always love a chance to see Si on a MTB!

  • David Williams
    David Williams Month ago

    Love the XC content and mix of GMBN and GCN. Modern XC bikes are starting to look very tempting!

  • muchamad ichwan
    muchamad ichwan Month ago +22

    Si is on point with retro xc's replaced with gravel bikes

  • StuJM
    StuJM Month ago +7

    Would love watching more of these crossover vids, they’re brilliant. I still ride a 26er and absolutely love it…

      AFAN LEOR Month ago


    • WhateverBikes
      WhateverBikes Month ago +2

      Me too, and the friends I ride with also. It's great because they are simple, cheap, easy to maintain and fix, and a hell of a lot of fun. Mind you, I live in The Netherlands, and our trails only have a little height difference, but they cab be pretty technical and twisty, and we hold our own quite nicely between all the 29'ers on the trail.
      My grip with modern bikes (apart from the fact that they are expensive, complicated etc.) is they actually are too good. They re so capable, that you need ever more challenging trail to actually challenge yourself and have fun. That makes it more dangerous too.
      Me, I easily get all my kicks on my '94 mtb, and my family is glad that I come home safely.

      AFAN LEOR Month ago


  • All Gear No Idea
    All Gear No Idea Month ago

    I have a Yeti ASR from about 2000 stashed away. It's a death trap on modern trails compared to any modern bike. It was scary as hell even compared to when I was riding a Salsa Mamasita in about 2011.

  • von Weizhacker
    von Weizhacker Month ago +1

    I tried the usual suspects for some time but they do not feel as fast as my 2014 f29, even though they probably are. How it becomes more stable the faster you push is just magic.

  • Peter Sauer
    Peter Sauer Month ago +15

    When I started watching GMBN it was Simon Richardson, Marc Beaumont, Neil Donahue, and they had Santa Cruz mountain bikes with 27.5 wheels ❤

      AFAN LEOR Month ago


    • Bob Shy
      Bob Shy Month ago

      And they did prettty much voiceovers....

  • Stanislav Antonov
    Stanislav Antonov Month ago

    Very nice comparison! I still ride on Mtb 2012 Kona blast on 26 weels, but my friend have 29 wheels carbon Specialized stumpjumper and his bike is really faster in XC, we compare the same lap and time is 5:30 vs 5:05! Weight of bikes is the same, Modern is really faster! ))

  • jon quinlivan
    jon quinlivan Month ago

    Si needs to come back and do an Enduro race with Rich now that would be awesome. Please bring GCN back for a race on equal bikes

  • Patrick Wallen
    Patrick Wallen Month ago

    My first real mountain bike was a 1990 or 91 Breezer Thunder, I loved that bike. After years of not riding I bought a Specialized Fused comp 29
    I love that bike, it's been a long time since riding my Breezer, but modern bikes are superior by far.

  • R.T. L
    R.T. L Month ago

    1996 was the first “rear suspension” bike atop a world championship podium. Thomas Frischknecht on the Ritchey Softtail in Cairns, Australia. Only recognized as such after Jerome Chiotti gave up his gold medal after admitting to being on EPO for the race.

  • Cycling with Cooki
    Cycling with Cooki Month ago

    Would love to see then try and ride a real late 90's MTB on these trails. Mag21, narrow bars, 3x, and 2.0 tires. Love to see the younger crowd struggle.

  • Patrick Nolan
    Patrick Nolan Month ago +6

    Pop a dropper on the retro bike and see how much faster the laps are when they don't feel like they are going to go OTB the whole way 😂

  • John Lesoudeur
    John Lesoudeur Month ago

    A better discussion than I thought it would be. I think that a roady will drift to a gravel bike and an MTB rider go to a hardtail for less demanding trails.

  • Steve Sullivan
    Steve Sullivan Month ago

    Rode my 2016 Giant Trance today for the first time in god knows how long after riding modern geometry hardtail and Ebike. Felt like I was perched on top of it. Did a downhill bit I’ve done hundreds of times before and it was terrifying. Bike has gone on eBay and new bike ordered.
    I’m too old to be crashing.

  • Andy Amos
    Andy Amos Month ago +12

    Pricing comparison would be interesting 😉

  • rubemdariorole
    rubemdariorole Month ago +1

    Vontade de voltar a andar, parabéns pelo trabalho.

  • Bikepacker1477
    Bikepacker1477 Month ago

    Omg!!! I loved this! Si, I am thrilled to see you having some fun with the GMBN crew!!! ❤

  • Curt Vaughan
    Curt Vaughan Month ago

    Good presentation! Would have liked to see an early 2000's vintage full sus. in a comparison, sort of like my 2002 Klein Palomino.

  • Aerick Vesereu
    Aerick Vesereu Month ago +5

    I remember owning a 26 in carbon mtn bike in 2012. It was from Univega and I was so excited to take it out. I took it on a trail once and absolutely hated every second of it. I sold it shortly after. Fast forward 10 years and I went mountain biking on a 29er for the first time and absolutely loved it.

  • Karel Gevaert
    Karel Gevaert Month ago +3

    More of this please! Full GCN and GMBN crew perhaps?

  • MikeAaronNewman
    MikeAaronNewman Month ago +1

    Fun comparison. Now I'm really curious how a lightly modified older XC bike would compare. I'm thinking something as simple as taking a bike from about 2005 and fitting a short stem, wide bars, and a dropper post. Might have to size up too for that. Then how would that compare with both a stock 2005 bike and a modern one.

    • Kloppertjes
      Kloppertjes Month ago +1

      Tried that on a cheap-ish old bike, but the geometry just doesn't really work that way very well. Shorter stem and wider bars do help a bit in terms of riding comfort/position but the old style frame geo still just doesn't make for as nice a ride.

    • MikeAaronNewman
      MikeAaronNewman Month ago +1

      @Kloppertjes I've actually done it with a few bikes myself with decent success too. I'm mostly curious how it compares with stock and modern bikes. My guess is it would fall somewhere in between.

    • Alistair Brugsch
      Alistair Brugsch Month ago

      The shorter stem needs to go with a lengthened frame and slacker head angle or it doesn't work. You can do the head angle a bit by adding a longer travel fork but you're never making the top tube longer (otherwise you just make a short bike shorter)

    • MikeAaronNewman
      MikeAaronNewman Month ago

      @Alistair Brugsch This is why I mentioned possibly sizing up the bike. I've done these changes to at least three older XC bikes - one of which I still ride regularly. The point is to change the ride characteristics and each time I've done so it's felt like an improvement to the bike. What I'm curious about is how a bike modded like that would compare with bikes like in this video on the same tests.

  • Tomislav Krsic
    Tomislav Krsic Month ago

    Love this video, very nice challenge🎉 also i love XC bikes, I live in cit and XC bike for commuting is must have for long terms

  • gamby16a
    gamby16a Month ago

    I still ride a 2005 full suspension Decathlon Rockrider 9.1 (with a bunch of upgrades) and I keep up on group rides just fine.

  • Ikreisrond
    Ikreisrond Month ago

    Bought my 2nd MTB in 2001 and boy, did it have suspension! It was one of the first Gary Fisher 29’er SuperCaliber’s in my country. Yes, that’s Gary Fisher and not Trek. I remember their website had some animations on 29’er vs 26, among which one of them with a cute bear. They were quite ahead of their time I would say. It also made me bike around quite quickly through the woods in my region. Some 23 - 24 km/h on average in a flat area with only some minor bumps which we call ‘hills’. Cruising speed when not going up was around 27-28 km/h on the trails.
    Nowadays I’ve got my gravel bike and I would be more or less able to do the same, perhaps even faster… (If I would not have had a few injuries 10 - 15 years ago.) It feels like cycling on skinny tyres and without the suspension it surely becomes tiring much faster. Maybe age helps with that feeling, too… Most importantly though, we’re having fun!
    My youngest MTB is from 2013 and more or less a copy of the 2001 SuperCaliber, although with a tad shorter geo. Last year the front wheel got a giant dent in it, because I was steering around a puddle. I’ve sort of retired it and now my bikepacking bike has become my “MTB”. Technically I can still ride the same terrain, albeit with less speed and comfort. But with just as much fun!

  • Tobbe Lindquist
    Tobbe Lindquist Month ago

    Si do have a point, easy stuff I used to love riding on my hardtail 1988 is still fun on my gravel bike and the gnarly stuff I really enjoy on my enduro bike would not be possible on the 1988 XC bike.

  • John Crouch
    John Crouch Month ago

    We had those narrow bars bc trails were also narrower. They’re are still trails around me where handlebars get caught frequently

  • Tr4nnel
    Tr4nnel Month ago +1

    I like that they compare something like a 15 year old bike. Makes it way more relevant than stuff from the 90's.They should have found a top-end bike from then though.

  • Straubinio_styo
    Straubinio_styo Month ago +13

    The twitchy and nervous rides on the classic XC bike make even the easiest of trails a blast to ride, perfect for the average beginner and veteran regarding smiles per Dollar.

    • Barry Corney
      Barry Corney Month ago +2

      I've always had 26" just picked up a 2021 Rockhopper for £100 in mint condition, looks like the huge 29" wheels will roll over anything, aka "skill reduction"...

    • theymademe pickaname
      theymademe pickaname Month ago +3

      I disagree. I started mountain biking a couple of years ago, and it was on an older "twitchy" bike. I almost quit because I wasn't having much fun. I didn't start to enjoy mountain biking until I got a more modern bike with better geometry and a dropper post.

    • Lanu Yey
      Lanu Yey Month ago

      @theymademe pickaname sounds like skill issue.

    • J0bix
      J0bix Month ago

      @theymademe pickanameBeing scared shitless is part of the fun. Floating around fast might seem cool, but is less of a memorable experience.

  • Mark Turner-smith
    Mark Turner-smith Month ago +1

    Si raced XC back in the day (2000’s) and was successful and handy shows a good riders skill set always stays no matter what on.

  • bonky wonky
    bonky wonky Month ago +1

    Now take a race level 29er ht, put a shorter stem on it and a lightweight dropper and you have the best of both worlds. Old fashioned zippiness but way more capable. I can guarantee you it’s a blast to ride and makes xc riding fun..even for a retired bmxer.

  • niel harrison
    niel harrison Month ago

    I think the climbing thing has an obvious solution, DROPPER STEMS !, A stem that works like your seat post, crap you just said it in your video 😂🤣😂🤣🤣 looks like we had the same idea so it's not unrealistic so let's see what the future brings as I would pay good money for just 25mm of adjustment as I change my bars depending on where I'm riding as I don't have the space or the money for two bikes 🤞👊.

  • Richard P
    Richard P Month ago

    I think the history lesson was a bit off. Marin single pivot suspension bikes (suspension designed by British engineer John Whyte) were very popular in the late 90's and early 2000's. And John Lasenby won the British XC Championships on a Marin FS in 1999. So it wasn't all just hardtails 15 years ago, plenty of full sussers around as well.

  • madtownangler
    madtownangler Month ago

    I believe that maybe three worlds in a row were won on a full suspension pro flex bike in the 1990's back when I lived in Colorado.

  • junka1975
    junka1975 Month ago +1

    Always a fun time when GCN and GMBN cross over. There's a video that needs to be done and that's a challenge video of an XC hard tail vs XC dual suspension. Have them run the same front forks, wheels, tyres and drive train. See which is more capable. I have found on certain things the XC hardtail will beat the dual suspension suspension and vice versa but my two XC bikes are quite different set ups.

  • Raff
    Raff Month ago

    Love it!!! I can't believe the sketchy conditions you guys ride on, muddy and wet makes for a slippery ride.

    • Mark Airey
      Mark Airey Month ago

      You must be American 🤔🤣 welcome to UK riding, if we didn't ride in the wet and muddy conditions we would never get to ride at all 😆

    • Raff
      Raff Month ago +2

      @Mark Airey Canadian, we have trail "Karens" that get angry when we ride on muddy trails. Kinda like today.

    • Mark Airey
      Mark Airey Month ago

      @Raff in which case please accept my apologies for calling you American... 🤣🤣
      I thought Canadians rode in the wet, especially north shore area as you have the same problem as we do in the UK with the weather!

    • The Lions Kiln
      The Lions Kiln Month ago

      @Raff ya I was about to say these close the trails when it rains over here lol :D

    • Raff
      Raff Month ago

      @Mark Airey LOL!!! no apologies necessary brother

  • Marco Santos
    Marco Santos Month ago

    Simon is not bad at all on mountain biking. Some practice would do wonders to him!
    And Neil, you are too big on this old 26" bike! Looks like a bmx, hahahaha

  • Ben
    Ben  Month ago

    Still on my 09 FSR XC, Wife on her Myka, just refurbished a 08 Rocky Mountain ETSX with Fox Talas 32 and Float RL for my 10yo (£180 eBay + 1x drivetrain, headset, paint, contact points and Racing Ralphs).
    The old ones are still golden.

  • Tony McCann
    Tony McCann Month ago

    Si doing well on the MTB. My XC bike is from 2016 and is pretty bone shaking, down some of the downhill trails at Forest of Dean - think you were on Sheepskull

    • Pienimusta
      Pienimusta Month ago +2

      You must be new to the channel

  • Gábor Fehér
    Gábor Fehér Month ago +2

    Take part in a today's XCM (marathon) race with the old 26er XC bike, that would be the real test.

  • darren miffitt
    darren miffitt Month ago

    To be fair, Rich looked super comfortable on the Scott.

  • Erlend Sæteren
    Erlend Sæteren Month ago

    The new bike is fantastic trail-bike, and I think the old one is less trail and more gravelbike.

  • Nick Owens
    Nick Owens Month ago

    Heck yeah. More GCN/GMBN crossovers.

  • 1979 MUTP
    1979 MUTP Month ago

    Swap those straight bars with a gravel bar and some gravel type tires on that old geometry hard tail and it will look like and feel like a gravel bike. Dont sell your old hard tails guys. There is still a lot of fun in building and riding those things.

  • Kimo Armstrong
    Kimo Armstrong Month ago

    Love these crossover episodes! Like Anna and Mannon sand racing.

  • Jason Tomberlin
    Jason Tomberlin Month ago +1

    Love these crossovers.. more please!

  • Barry Corney
    Barry Corney Month ago +2

    I've got a 2006(?) Carrera Vulcan with 100mm recon race forks on it.... took a local KOM climb on it last September, and that's with Schwalbe "Black Jack" tyres rated for beginners and children lol

  • Beamish32
    Beamish32 12 days ago

    My late '90's Marin Team Issue still climbs better than my 2021 Nukeproof Reactor Carbon Elite. The drops are a bit sketchy though with a very long stem and a seat post seized in the tube with my arse higher than my elbows

  • Kirkwood B Harris
    Kirkwood B Harris Month ago

    We've seen GCN do some mountain biking. Are we going to see GMBN folks on roadies and time-trail bikes?

  • Glenn Pettersson
    Glenn Pettersson Month ago

    Great fun to watch, I hope you didn't get too cold. It looked cold 🥶

  • hoooooops
    hoooooops Month ago +1

    Now i know what to do with my old rusty 26" Rixe MTB without any suspension, bought around 1985 - convert it to a Gravelbike! 😅

  • Pickles-the- Chimp
    Pickles-the- Chimp Month ago

    Still got my Giant Terrago hardtail from 2012,never part with it,but now ride a Specialized Rockhopper Elite 29", much better bike!

  • Paganiproductions
    Paganiproductions Month ago +2

    I would love the same but whit a modern xc hardtail added

  • Orville Aldrich
    Orville Aldrich Month ago

    More GCN riders please! Good vid fellas!

  • noelius
    noelius Month ago +2

    Ah yes the good ol' pre-slack XC. Also known as the modern gravel bike. Jk. Lol
    Great vid as always

  • Oliver Alldridge
    Oliver Alldridge Month ago +2

    Add a dropper to the scott scale and its more than capable I still ride a 2007 scale 10 and leave some mates on 29ers for dust on regular trails

  • Nomad Carpenter
    Nomad Carpenter Month ago

    Fair play to si for keeping up with enduro wizard rich. 👏 or were these figures real

  • Randy Hale
    Randy Hale Month ago +1

    How about vintage hardtail against a Modern hardtail?

  • Keiron Dineen
    Keiron Dineen Month ago

    Idea for the next challenge against GCN. Road vs XC and/or Enduro: who's the fittest

  • Lionel Legoff
    Lionel Legoff Month ago +2

    2007 bikes had Shimano Dual Control, best invention ever for me!
    But not for all

  • Moja Avantura
    Moja Avantura Month ago +1

    Is 30 or so seconds worth the price difference?

  • Geoff Simons
    Geoff Simons Month ago +1

    It’s like you purposely choose horrible weather to invite the GCN crew along 🤣🤣🤣

  • Keith Crymble
    Keith Crymble Month ago

    I've a 1993 Scott Team Racing, steel, 3x7, Scott integrated barends, fully rigid sitting in the garage waiting for your next test 😁

  • Andrew Junior
    Andrew Junior Month ago

    The "G" word is not a bad word. 😂 some of us mountain bikers love both disciplines.

  • Phillip the big J
    Phillip the big J Month ago

    Totally agree that gravel bikes are old school mtb,s with curly bars

  • Gary Altman
    Gary Altman Month ago +1

    How the heck did we do that with narrower bars, 50mm of travel, and rim brakes?

  • Benjamin Botelho
    Benjamin Botelho Month ago

    put a dropper on the hardtail and it'd be a lot closer.

  • lordleo bantolo
    lordleo bantolo Month ago +1

    We all feel like Rich on our bikes but really we all look like Si.

  • Arthur J
    Arthur J Month ago

    Si's bike would be more competitive with a dropper post.

  • Adam Sandler
    Adam Sandler Month ago

    Si gave perfect explanation for gravel bikes

  • Sonny D
    Sonny D Month ago +3

    Funny how 2.1 inch tires are "narrow" for XC :)

  • McSchwabl
    McSchwabl Month ago +1

    The GCN guy should do some enduro with the GMBN guys

  • Rich Crompton
    Rich Crompton Month ago

    So basically, my 2009 Cube hardtail is a gravel bike?! I suppose I’d better grow a beard then!

  • Y F
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    thesmf1210 3 days ago

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    • Yippee Skippy
      Yippee Skippy Month ago

      I used to hang off the back of the seat with my stomach literally on the seat for those gnarly, steep downhils I'd sometimes come across. Guess I could've just lowered my seat, lol.

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