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Ranking Every Crystal Tear in Elden Ring From Worst To Best

  • Published on Mar 24, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Play Enlisted for FREE on PC, Xbox Series X|S and PS®5: playen.link/rustyen
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    Yes I know it's been a month since I've uploaded... Uh... I don't know what else to say about that. Just wanted to acknowledge it. Oooooops.
    📜 - - - DESCRIPTION - - - 📜
    Everything from the ruptured tears to the cerulean hidden tear to the twiggy cracked tear that I almost forgot to rank. There are 29 types of crystal tears in the game, not including separate halves of the same tear. We're ranking them all today. Is that clear? Good. Now, move along.
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    ⌚ - - - TIMESTAMPS - - - ⌚
    0:00 Begin
    1:57 Crimson Tear
    2:57 Cerulean Tear
    3:17 Crimsonspill Tear
    4:08 Crimsonburst Tear
    5:19 Greenspill Tear
    6:04 Greenburst Tear
    7:16 Strength & Dexterity Tear
    8:18 Intelligence & Faith Tear
    9:24 Opaline Hardtear
    10:22 Speckled Hardtear
    11:47 Leaden Hardtear
    13:00 Magic Shrouding Tear
    13:51 Flame Shrouding Tear
    14:41 Lightning Shrouding Tear
    15:47 Holy Shrouding Tear
    16:59 Stonebarb Tear
    18:17 Spiked Tear
    19:35 Thorny Tear
    20:46 Winged Tear
    21:54 Windy Tear
    22:57 Opaline Bubbletear
    24:00 Crimson Bubbletear
    25:20 Crimsonwhorl Bubbletear
    26:16 Cerulean Hidden Tear
    27:35 Purifying Tear
    28:39 Ruptured Tears
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Comments • 650

  • Rusty.
    Rusty.  Month ago +80

    Play Enlisted for FREE on PC, Xbox Series X|S and PS5: playen.link/rustyen
    Follow the link to download the game and get your exclusive bonus now. See you in battle!

    • Tofu Meatloaf
      Tofu Meatloaf 22 days ago

      No. I don't think I will.

    • Nox Echo
      Nox Echo Month ago

      @Arcana zero Studios more precisely, holy builds, black flame absolutely dunks the final boss

    • Arcana zero Studios
      Arcana zero Studios Month ago

      The final boss Absorbs holy damage and heals, F tier shrouding crystal, FromSoft decided faith builds should suffer this game.

    • Biggus Dickus
      Biggus Dickus Month ago

      @Lemon lol true

    • Memulon Allred
      Memulon Allred Month ago

      Hey, was wondering, could we get another link to the Discord? I tried to access it through the description, but it seems like it's outdatef

  • Aiden McLaughlin
    Aiden McLaughlin Month ago +1115

    All the tears that increase elemental damage are just perfect

    • InnocentYoutubeUser
      InnocentYoutubeUser 15 hours ago

      Just been needed in 1.09, not sure how much by but it’s less than 20%

    • Rex Been
      Rex Been 12 days ago

      ​@Adriaan schoombie dude same

    • Miheal Kheel
      Miheal Kheel 14 days ago +1

      @Voidstream thanks for the answer

    • Voidstream
      Voidstream 14 days ago +1

      @Miheal Kheel No, they are both personal buffs.

    • Miheal Kheel
      Miheal Kheel 14 days ago

      ​@Voidstream Can Howl and flame stack ?

  • Blue
    Blue Month ago +794

    Please team cherry release silk song this man is going insane. he is ranking digital energy drinks.

    • Magu
      Magu 22 days ago

      @Exodius The architect yeah :/

    • Exodius The architect
      Exodius The architect 22 days ago +1

      @Magu welp this didnt age well

    • Ziletic
      Ziletic 26 days ago +1

      @Ascended • you lied :(

    • James Sinn
      James Sinn Month ago +1

      @Lily mossbag is a game dev himself now, I don't think he'll be updating very often for the time being, especially when there's nothing new to be said.

    • Joaquín Moran
      Joaquín Moran Month ago +5

      @Grandma Gunsales no

  • Trey Davidson
    Trey Davidson Month ago +699

    twiggy also has the perk of preventing rune piles from disappearing, so if you die and are worried about getting your runes back you get unlimited attempts

    • Red Angel XV
      Red Angel XV Month ago +1

      @Ron C-137 Awww…. that sucks.. Especially since killing it doesn’t even reward you anything except runes. Seriously, for how tuff he is just to reach, let alone fight, you should definitely get something more out of it all.💀

    • Ron C-137
      Ron C-137 Month ago

      Wish I knew that before I fell TWICE trying to reach the Hidden Golem in Caelid. 156k gone for a 7k grind fest

    • Red Angel XV
      Red Angel XV Month ago

      @FlareBoy166 Try losing 9k runes in the early game to that invader asshole in the Roundtable hold. Like bruh, I don’t know what compelled me to jump down there with all those blood stains everywhere, but that was just cruel… And I actually ended up trying to get a Twiggy Talisman just to avoid losing my runes, but then I died trying to get it. So yeah, that was a hard learning moment. Oh to be young, feeble, ignorant and maidenless.

    • KittyDurgon
      KittyDurgon Month ago +1

      @Devi Beloved Homeward boom. The player’s Homeward bone. Just remember the 1 tear does 300, and 2 does 900 self inflicted TRUE DAMAGE.

    • KittyDurgon
      KittyDurgon Month ago +3

      So glad somebody else remembers this. It’s a RETURNING FEATURE FROM THE SACRIFICIAL RINGS. The ONLY thing that negates the effect of it and the Twig itself, is Deathblight. So them Basilisk fucks still cause your runestain to go bye bye, or pop up on death. They’re just as annoying as they’ve always been. As for the Tear, Law of Regression is a gigantic fuck you as well. Whether to an invader or in case you pop it and end up dying because guess what, IT’S A TEMP BUFF. WHAT DOES LAW DO? REMOVES ANY BUFFS OR DEBUFFS (Including buildups. But does not apply to ground aura buffs such as Terra Magicka or the other weapon arts that do a similar aura FIELD.). TO FRIEND AND FOE.

  • Sunsh1ne
    Sunsh1ne Month ago +352

    the winged crystal tear raises the equip load by 450% if you were wondering

    • Smug
      Smug 2 hours ago

      @olive oile It is done, I made it med roll

    • Liam White
      Liam White Month ago +9

      Another instance of "Is that 0 supposed to be there, or is that a typo?"

    • spinningninja2
      spinningninja2 Month ago +6

      Christ just make it infinite at that point lmao

    • olive oile
      olive oile Month ago +1

      @Iain Mac Isaac 😂

    • Iain Mac Isaac
      Iain Mac Isaac Month ago +29

      no wonder no matther what i wear im light rolls

  • Ghostly3011
    Ghostly3011 Month ago +181

    "The last half hour of the game might as well be a boss rush mode against the Vatican."
    Never have truer words been spoken.

    • the hunter 3414
      the hunter 3414 11 days ago +1

      @TheXell DMC 5 is stopping someone for growing a tree

    • TheXell
      TheXell 27 days ago +5

      If you want a full game doing that, that's basically DMC 4.

    • TemmieTheCatgirlGamer
      TemmieTheCatgirlGamer Month ago +6

      i was eating when he said that and literally spit my out my food

  • Space Cowboy
    Space Cowboy Month ago +405

    Waiting for the two hours long ranking of every single weapon based on how fashonable they are

    • The name’s Malenia
      The name’s Malenia Month ago +6

      Hand of Malenia wins for looking like a banana sword

    • Ryan K
      Ryan K Month ago +15

      Ringed Finger is the clear #1

  • Cosmic_Coconut
    Cosmic_Coconut Month ago +374

    He'll never run out of things to rank.

    • Owen Chafer
      Owen Chafer Month ago

      Eventually he'll start ranking his own tier lists.

    • Sumukh Gupta
      Sumukh Gupta Month ago

      Ranking the moms of my subscribers

    • argiN duoL
      argiN duoL Month ago

      it'll be even more when aciv's out

    • Yaboiaustin
      Yaboiaustin Month ago +1

      @EricIsntSmart an I shall be there

    • EricIsntSmart
      EricIsntSmart Month ago +4

      "Oh God he's ranking screen pixels"

  • Maello
    Maello Month ago +568

    I actually really like the Helicopter Halberd bit

  • Joe Kewl
    Joe Kewl Month ago +59

    Put the twig and ruptured tear together for a reliable "forfeit and return to Grace" option in case you get locked in with something you aren't equipped to deal with, without losing your runes.
    This combo is also called "Homeward Boom."

  • scott life
    scott life Month ago +194

    Personally, I like the twiggy tear for when I'm about to do something completely stupid or I've hit a boss that is stonewalling me and I need to get my runes back before moving on to something different.

    • Bendt van Bekkum
      Bendt van Bekkum 11 days ago

      Is also great for invading in other regions, so that you dont lose souls in some random dungeon

    • Robin R.
      Robin R. Month ago

      @Optimus Crime I'm envisioning a "TAKE YOUR MEDS, GRANDPA!" type situation here.

    • Freedom of Speech Enjoyer
      Freedom of Speech Enjoyer Month ago

      @tatri2 takes too long, and I wouldn’t always have a HWB

    • tatri2
      tatri2 Month ago

      @Freedom of Speech Enjoyer ... but you can just switch to it *after* you drop your runes in a bad place. That way you lose no utility and get *two* whole combat buffs

    • Dumpy
      Dumpy Month ago

      I loved the twiggy tear so much, any time I was walking in to someplace that felt unsafe I was okay with exploring it knowing I wouldn't just lose all my runes when I eat a few too many spells

  • General James
    General James Month ago +234

    Oh God he's back and he's ranking crystal tears!

  • Jack Harrow
    Jack Harrow Month ago +82

    the speckled hard tear is great paired with the cerulean hidden tear on a madness build because the madness resistance and clearing the buildup gives you like 3 more seconds to cast unendurable frenzy

    • アキラ
      アキラ Month ago +4

      i recenlty ran a madness build for my frenzied flame playthrough and i'm genuinely surprised how strong it was. Madness incantations are crazy strong

  • Dylan Alexander
    Dylan Alexander Month ago +180

    this is truly a Rusty Ranks Crystal Tears from Elden Ring moment

  • Independent George
    Independent George Month ago +46

    Twiggy tear is an 'S' for your first playthrough, and still useful in NG+ when you might need a few hundred thousand runes to level up. I pop it immediately on entering every single boss fight, and basically saves you the effort of grinding for runes to level up. It's also useful for platforming sections.

  • Kevin O'Neil
    Kevin O'Neil Month ago +42

    Since you mentioned DLC, I wanna take the chance to say how glad I was to be wrong about Fromsoft's play. I was 100% certain that arena mode (which they figured out with DS3) would be paywalled behind a DLC. Then out of nowhere, boom: "We just wanted time to balance pvp a bit, here's arena mode." Kudos, Fromsoft.

  • Becoming Sentient
    Becoming Sentient Month ago +59

    23:22 only applies to a purely Physical attack. If there is elemental damage, it will still pop the bubble.

  • Adam Plaga
    Adam Plaga Month ago +8

    As someone who’s been playing this game nonstop for a year, it’s been tough to find Clip-Share videos still filled with both passion and knowledge. These videos have both, consistently. Great footage, interesting lore behind the gear, and genuinely thought out tier lists will always keep me coming back to your channel

  • FreightTrain Johnson
    FreightTrain Johnson Month ago +5

    Something to remember about the Twiggy Cracked Tear and Twig Talismans: These items prevent you from taking any penalty from dying besides progress in the area you're in. This means that if you have a massive rune pile on your bloodstain and want to ensure you get that back, you can use this to prevent that specific death from vanishing since it prevents you from dropping new runes acquired on the way to that one cliff you could have sworn the player left message wasn't lying at. This mechanic isn't talked about enough for how useful it can be and it has existed in the souls series forever.

  • Poyo Desuka
    Poyo Desuka Month ago +10

    The real reason why Ruptured crystal tears are S Tier is because of their extremely unique effect. No other item in the game let's you turn yourself into a highly mobile time bomb.

  • Reshi
    Reshi Month ago +19

    Used opaline and crimson bubbletears to get past the spawnkilling post cutscene rot bloom Malenia does that I can never seem to avoid properly. Oh and after dying and running back to Placidusax for the 9th time, instead of just learning to dodge the thundercloud slash from above, I used opaline bubbletear...and hero grave chariots? Opaline bubbletear. Especially that bs sprint in Auriza Hero Grave. Screw that place. Love bubbletears.

    • Tom
      Tom Month ago +1

      I assume for Malenia you mean Scarlet Aeonia, the big glowy boom she does opening ph2? As soon as the cutscene ends de-target her and start running straight at and past her. Right about when you're directly below her or a little after do a couple rolls and you'll get by her attack with no damage. The trick is to drop lock.

    • Jakub Puławski
      Jakub Puławski Month ago +2

      you mean that attack she does right after the cutscene? you can just run away from it rather easily

  • Dave Ray
    Dave Ray Month ago +6

    10:39 this paired with the cerulean hidden tear can allow you to keep casting unendurable frenzy for more than 20 seconds without having to worry about getting the maddess proc. Which can be more than enough to stun lock and bring down Malenia in her first phase.

  • Thomas Devlin
    Thomas Devlin Month ago +19

    The intelligence crystal tear sounds kinda interesting at the moment just because when trying to make my way to the perfect order ending I realized it requires using an incantation that costs 37 god damn intelligence to cast. It's not even something that you can fake use like swords where you can still physically swing it even if you don't meet the requirements, you just either have to scrape up enough INT by using tears and talismans or just be a dedicated mage

    • Steel Seraph
      Steel Seraph 11 days ago

      Not to mention the perfect order ending is heavily associated with FAITH which means it would be more suited to Incantations users who prioritize the faith stat.

    • Becoming Sentient
      Becoming Sentient Month ago +3

      @Thea Wickward Hero and Prophet start at 7 Int, so using all but the crown is enough to cast the spell. And it's not like you have any combat between the grace and the quest objective to worry about.

    • Thomas Devlin
      Thomas Devlin Month ago +1

      @Thea Wickward I could just respec, but I never did the academy of raya lucaria on this save and really don't feel like going all the way through

    • Thea Wickward
      Thea Wickward Month ago +7

      The wiki has a set of items that can be used to get +36 intelligence if you don't want to respec:
      Twinsage Crown
      Intelligence-Knot Crystal Tear
      Stargazer Heirloom
      Godrick's Great Rune
      Grafted Blade Greatsword skill
      Marika's Soreseal
      All of these save the Soreseal (and that can be replaced with the Scarseal since you have some starting intelligence) can be found before Leyndell, if you go looking.

    • Jakub Puławski
      Jakub Puławski Month ago +5

      probably best to just respec for that one moment and the spec back

  • A Wooden Kiwi Toy
    A Wooden Kiwi Toy Month ago +13

    As a pvp efficianado, my favorite flask set-up is the leaden and crimsonwhorl tear combination. There really is no better way to let moonveil users know that you hate them by turning their transient moonlight spam into a light breeze. 10 second duration? They're already dead.

  • TheValiantBob
    TheValiantBob Month ago +3

    I think the str boosting tear is a bit better than the dex one. Mainly because of the 1.5x multiplier you get to str when two handing. If you know you're going to be two handing your weapon the majority of the time, this tear lets you get away with only leveling up to 44 str, as with the tear it'll go to 54 which when two handing hits the 80 str soft cap. That gives you a ton of extra points you can invest in other stuff like mind or endurance, or hybridize the build with faith or int or arcane.

  • Baaanana
    Baaanana Month ago +17

    I got the Crimsonwhorl bubbletear yesterday and also got to the Godskin duo boss a couple of hours later. Now i thought that I was going to be stuck there for hours since I had heard about how hard it was but it surprisingly only took three tries. Flamedrake talisman +2, opaline hardtear, crimsonwhorl bubbletear and pearldrake talisman +1 literally made me heal from almost all if not all of their flame attacks. Got stuck in godskin apostles tornado and came out with more hp than before, strongly recommend 👍

  • Orgnolf
    Orgnolf Month ago +11

    I see you mentioned Flame of the Redmanes for stance damage, so I would like to bring to attention the fact that it was nerfed from 40 stance damage to 10 stance damage.

    • Martin James
      Martin James 18 days ago

      @judgment azzy It's still a medium tier useful and quick skill

    • judgment azzy
      judgment azzy Month ago +2

      another skill turned obsolete. thanks fromsoft!

  • Sirransborg
    Sirransborg Month ago +11

    “Boss rush against the Vatican” almost had me spit my drink 😂

  • REPOsPuNKy
    REPOsPuNKy Month ago +5

    Stonebarb and spiked crystal tears are what I like to use whenever I play with the meteoric ore blade. Stance broken with nearly every power attack, so unfair.

  • Joseph Strassfield
    Joseph Strassfield Month ago +21

    The items rolling on screen when introduced is really satisfying good job editing this

  • DocSherlock Winchester
    DocSherlock Winchester Month ago +10

    I'm probably one of those poor unfortunate souls that hasn't played Elden Ring yet. But I do like watching others play, including you, and it's making me want to play it.
    When I do eventually play it, these guides you've made are going to be very beneficial to me when building my characters. So, thank you for the time, effort and attention to detail you make into your videos. Not to mention your sense of humor is just *chef's kiss*.
    Keep doing what you're doing good sir.

  • Kass Fireborn
    Kass Fireborn Month ago +4

    You do fantastic comedy jumps. I have no idea if you even do in this specific video, I binged a bunch when I was in that perfect ranking-video kind of mood, but I remember being unwarrantedly amused on multiple occasions of you jumping into or out of the shot.

  • Iggy the Incubus
    Iggy the Incubus Month ago +4

    You know, I kind of hope we get dlc around Mohg, Miquella, and the Formless Mother, just so that that tear can get a bit more use and love

  • Pug Whisperer
    Pug Whisperer Month ago +18

    Ahhh yes the very balanced tear that makes a full bull goat armor addict light roll for 3 minutes cant wait

  • Providence
    Providence Month ago +3

    Greenburst CT is really good, but I'd personally dock it some points because you could always use a Pickled Turtle Neck in its place and free that Tear Slot up for something that can't easily be replicated. Rowa Fruit & Herba are everywhere, & thanks to the 300 turtles that spawn in that one Dungeon in Summonwater Village, these end up being one of the easiest consumables to farm in my experience.
    The same kinda goes for other consumables like the Dried Liver, Cured Meats, or Invigorating Perfumes, but some of those require much more rare or finite materials so using the Tears is worth the resources saved if you ask me.

  • tillhecameback
    tillhecameback 23 days ago +1

    I 1000% love your tier lists. Please make more. Literally subbed for them, yours are the best made so far, and the only complaint I have is that you don't paste the effect description text with the item you are talking about, cuz u gave literally 6 seconds of talking for some of the items.

  • chaosOrchestrator
    chaosOrchestrator Month ago +2

    I used twiggy cracked tear almost constantly in the back half of my first playthrough and ended the run at like level 210 or so, a good 40 levels above what's typical, so the benefit over time is worth it. also _great_ to switch to this after dropping a bunch of runes. as long as you can get there in under 3 minutes you have unlimited tries to reach it

  • Mistah Jenkins
    Mistah Jenkins 29 days ago +1

    Ah, but you see, an easy conclusion to draw regarding the Crimson Spill:
    Simply pair it with the Crimson Burst tear, and you're in the money!
    As an aside, I could TOTALLY put the Strength/Dex knots to use in a sort of Alchemist-themed build... I like this idea a lot. =u=

  • Dou Ché
    Dou Ché Month ago

    Crimson and Crimsonwhorl bubble tears are great for PvP. I ran into someone who used this to great affect and basically became invincible. I remember it was United Combat and we pummelled him with strong incantations and constant AoW’s when his teammate died. It felt like Krillan and Trunks vs Cell when he first transformed.

  • kreeepyk0
    kreeepyk0 Month ago

    Once I had them both, I used the health Regen and opaline hard tear for pretty much the entire game. Great combo and they've kept me alive many times.

  • 𝒪𝓁𝒶𝓋 ℋ𝒶𝓃𝓈ℯ𝓃

    As someone that's creating a mohgwyns greatspear build, thank you for the magic shrouding tear.

  • Tom
    Tom Month ago +2

    I feel like using Winged, Str, Faith, etc talismans to allow you to equip certain weapons or armor effectively is a trap. after that 3 minutes go up, you better have a bonfire next to you or weap back to something weaker, or you're srewed. That really drops their usefulness in my eyes

  • Moonlight Magician
    Moonlight Magician Month ago +1

    16:20 The holy negation is annoying, but, Discus of Light is genuinely such a good spell its worth it having an fp cost of 3 hitting twice and able to be chain cast

  • Sorow Fame
    Sorow Fame Month ago

    I feel like the issue with the Crimson and Cerulean Tears is that by using them you’re giving up on all the amazing benefits the other Tears can give you

  • Seal
    Seal Month ago

    On my last run I ran the magic shrouded tear and the thorny crystal tear with Eochaid’s dancing blade, great run.

    XXXTENTAClON Month ago

    Windy crystal tear has to be the best, I can’t believe I never used it prior to new game plus. Would’ve made things so much simpler , and combined with the winged crystal tear… yeah rolling isn’t even a challenge anymore

  • Princess Platinum
    Princess Platinum Month ago

    I used the int tear to be able to cast Full Moon sorcery during boss fights because 68 int was a lot to commit to during the mid-game

  • Alex Berube
    Alex Berube Month ago +2

    I would rank all the stat +10 crystals at at least A if not S because of the low level capabilities, i used them in my rl1 run and on my low level invader so i can use interesting and fun weapons

  • Ghost of the Comment Section

    I use the Greenspill tear on my mage build; it's godlike. It gives you a lot more burst.

  • zizi orens
    zizi orens Month ago

    I'm not sure Bloodboon Ritual deals Magic Damage. By all accounts it should do fire damage. As an example: I once tried to use it on Man-Serpents in Volcano Manor and was very surprised to discover that they didn't take any damage from it, because they're actually immune to fire damage... They took damage only when they bled out.

  • Davis Gage
    Davis Gage Month ago

    I still love mixing the exploding and twiggy tear together and creating the “homeward boom”.

  • Alex Staller
    Alex Staller Month ago

    The Opaline Hard Tear/Speckled Hard Tear "oh shit" button was how I got through Mohg's fuck you bleed spell into second phase transition. Other than that I've never used that combo again. The Opaline Hard tear is still great in other flask combos but I'm in total agreement with your take on the Speckled Hard Tear.

  • Cyrus
    Cyrus Month ago +5

    Grats on 400k, Rusty. Great list as always!

  • Boba802
    Boba802 Day ago

    There’s no way the bloodboon ritual does magic damage.. it does fire and bleed from what i know. I found the crimson bubbletear comes in handy during malenias second phase if she gets you with scarlet rot while doing the ghost attack, you won’t have time to heal, so the bubbletear heals you and gives you time to wait for an opening to use a bolus and heal.

  • Worse than you think

    Also ruptured tear is a speedrunning tool that if your good at timing is very useful even in places besides getting to the capital early

  • Mammalian Molasses
    Mammalian Molasses Month ago +1

    Twiggy getting a C and not an S++ hurt a bit, but other than that this was was great. I’d never even considered the potential of the opaline tear. Also if you’re like me and play the whole game at or below 22 hp the full heal tear is pretty useless, because your still getting one-shot, but I can see it being good for most builds.

  • Jakub Puławski
    Jakub Puławski Month ago +1

    stonebarb cracked tear is easily my favourite, with dual greatswords you can stunlock Malenia in her 1st phase around half the time (maybe a bit less). I used it through more or less the entire game, combined with elemental damage boost depending on the weapon I was using, str/fth build so fire or holy

    • Godlydestroyer4
      Godlydestroyer4 Month ago

      Male is a breeze with +10 blasphemous blade, mimic tear, decent stats, and enough mama to spam the skill to stun lock, that or be skilled and just use great sword slash upward skill to launch every humanoid enemy

  • Kevin O'Neil
    Kevin O'Neil Month ago

    I slept on the spiked cracked tear until I started using Vyke's spear and understood its application as a stance breaker. My god, what a combo.

  • PositronCannon
    PositronCannon 18 days ago

    Funny, I use the str/dex tears quite regularly as a straightforward attack increase, while I've never used the stamina regen tear and probably never will since I've never found stamina or stamina regen to be a limiting factor in this game.

  • CountessOfCompost
    CountessOfCompost Month ago

    The Crimson bubble tear is op in pvp. It + a dmg tear is the meta for invaders and duelists.

  • Omnipotent
    Omnipotent 6 days ago

    I dunno why but Godrick's Dragon fist has a charge attack that stance breaks things so quickly.

  • Shuroii
    Shuroii 24 days ago

    Holy shrouding tear makes powerstanced coded swords do even more damage (on top of the 600AR or so you can make it do unbuffed) which results in needing to land even fewer hits against an opponent in PVP.

  • Jørmungandr
    Jørmungandr Month ago +4

    13:22 Bloodboon Ritual deals fire damage, not magic damage

  • Geordie Jones
    Geordie Jones Month ago +1

    I havent changed my Wondrous Physik since I realized the save runes/explode combo was hilarious and actually helpful

  • Yaboi J chris
    Yaboi J chris Month ago

    My whole play through I’ve used crimson tear and crimson burst tear together. You get a 50% heal plus regen for 3 minutes on top. This saves the hell out of my flasks.

  • Lovofofo
    Lovofofo Month ago +1

    Another thing about the winged tear is that it doesn't stack with the crucible feather talisman except for making you take even more damage. So, yknow, use that instead probably?
    I think you're undervaluing the utility that the strength/dex tears give to hybrid builds. When stat points are spread thin, being able to grant significantly more base damage to a keen/heavy weapon before spell-buffing is super valuable. (also when two-handing, the strength-knot tear is an effective +15 - that can be like 50+ extra AR depending on the build)
    Huge agree on the ruptured tears. They're actually kinda cracked in pvp as well, hilarious against people who don't see it coming and guaranteed to incite panic in people who do.

  • Getsuga Tenshou
    Getsuga Tenshou Month ago

    If you drink the winged crystal tear and go to equipment you can see how much it raised your equip load. It's massive, over 4x more.

  • jettblade
    jettblade Month ago +1

    The one thing I really don't like about the Tears is that there is no way to refresh them outside of resting at a grace site. I know it would be broken as hell if you could have multiple uses of them. I could see using a Golden Seed or Scared Nectar or both in order to refill it. If you play the game long enough those items become just a waste of space. I literally have 34 Golden seeds and at max flasks. Maybe a DLC would use them to upgrade Torrent, let you refill the Physick, or at least sell them.

  • Zedbags
    Zedbags 15 days ago

    Combining Twiggy with Cracked makes the combo that one genius coined as 'Homeward Boom'

  • Slathic
    Slathic Month ago

    love these videos duder, you somehow make rankings fun

  • Ziabetus
    Ziabetus Month ago

    Twiggy becomes better the higher your NG, and is God-tier in NG+7. It saves you so much time, and if you're like me, it lets you mentally get right into the fight mechanics instead of thinking about runes.

  • Cameron Wise-Maas
    Cameron Wise-Maas Month ago +1

    Twiggy is my most s-tier tear. Basically guarantees no rune loss ever when used properly.

  • seudcube 3251115
    seudcube 3251115 Month ago

    I run the blue dancer talisman and the winged crystal tear is very effective for increasing my damage as it makes the talisman give me a higher damage buff as I'm below 15 equip load

  • Eyein
    Eyein Month ago +1

    I like using a Crimson tear and Opaline Hardtear so I can get a damage feel for a boss and then heal it back and make myself tankier so I can really go to town

  • Alchemy
    Alchemy Month ago

    Leaden hardtear is great if you fully commit your build towards poise. There's nothing quite like drinking it with heavy armor + bullgoat talisman on, rushing in the fight in a 6 player arena free-for-all, and slamming that Godfrey axe ash of war, shrugging off every hit while launching everyone into the air. On a poise build, it can seriously help you fully launch long, deadly charged attacks. Most of the time, I found myself underestimating it - it's incredible how many things you can just tank through while it's active.
    Also Crimsonwhorl is an anti-ganker's best friend. Just drink it, and watch your healthbar fill to max as 3 people spam their garbage at you. In PvP, it basically makes you invincible for like 10 seconds, which is more than enough to disrupt a group.
    Also also, I think purifying tear should not be added to the game. The entire gimmick of Mohg's fight is a phase transition. It's like having a tear to remove Malenia's healing, or Destined Death from Maliketh. In my opinion, it greatly reduces the fun from otherwise the best boss of Elden Ring.

  • The_furf_of_July
    The_furf_of_July Month ago

    I’m doing RL1 but I still think twiggy is S tier for the amount of anxiety it relieves while exploring

  • DrakeAurum
    DrakeAurum Month ago

    Thanks for an excellent Crystal Tier Tear Ranking.

  • Yung Snow God
    Yung Snow God Month ago

    Stamina boost and CR2 damage boost are the best ones for PvE 2h strength builds but the poise damage boost one is pretty good to

  • Greg S.
    Greg S. Month ago +1

    Would LOVE a ranking of all the Guard Counter animations, cus I can't hit CRAP with most of them.

  • OneWheeled Car
    OneWheeled Car Month ago +1

    Crimsonwhorl is also good because it just negates all nonphysical damage… I dont think i need to explain why thats incredible

  • Lumpy
    Lumpy Month ago +1

    I'm glad you gave all these tears pretty fair consideration since honestly I had originally wrote most of them off as being for too niche to be worthwhile when they're actually more interesting than I assumed. Though I still think certain tears like bubble and crimson burst are just so universally applicable that I'd probably still gravitate to them in future playthroughs. My first time playing I kept hoping to find an upgrade to the slot capacity of the physick or a second flask to slot two other tears into. After watching this I realize that probably woulda been busted, especially if the two flasks could stack, but I would have appreciated more opportunities to branch out and try more interesting combinations.

  • SomeKnightStreamz Highlights

    While I’m dual wielding night and flame I’m using the magic and fire shrouding cracked tears and im using the fire and magic scorpion charms on top of that as well as flame grant me strength, so yeah easy 3k dmg with both of them being +10

  • FunnyJojoReference
    FunnyJojoReference Month ago +5

    In my second or third character, I literally just didn't care about the physic flask at all so I just straight up had only the base crimson tear until decently late game and remembered "oh hey, I should go kill some trees for tears"

  • Lucas Wickman Sound

    I’m almost convinced the +10 str/dex/int/faith tears were put in the game for RL1 runs

  • Shmoopy
    Shmoopy Month ago

    Wow, what a great *tear* list!

  • Daniel H.
    Daniel H. Month ago +1

    Rusty says the word "boons" in this video and I know that's a weird thing to latch onto but it made me realize how much I'd love to see him do Hades content, or Hades 2 when it releases

  • Rocky
    Rocky Month ago

    The regen tear actually carried my mage build early game before i got all the stuff for my build.

  • Nolan
    Nolan Month ago +1

    25:51 man I loved Mohg’s second phrase

  • Bocchi The GuitarHero
    Bocchi The GuitarHero Month ago +1

    Bubble tear is my favourite. I had it equipped till the end & even in NG+

  • Combat Robot
    Combat Robot Month ago

    I find Strength Knot tear is worth it until you get above 40 strength because of two-handing letting you hit softcaps earlier, but the Dex Knot tear is usable longer because it has no equivalent to the two-handing strength boost.

  • Cyphen
    Cyphen Month ago

    The STR/DEX knot tears are actually better than you say because even in the late game, 10 extra stats in either strength or dex can actually help quite a lot.

    • Becoming Sentient
      Becoming Sentient Month ago

      Less so in late game, because of diminishing returns on stats. Going from 10 to 20 is a much bigger boon than going from 80 to 90.

  • Timothy Kramer
    Timothy Kramer 8 days ago

    dude honestly your videos are so freaking hilarious, literally every time I watch one of your videos I about have a cardiac event from laughing so hard

  • Jimmy Strangus
    Jimmy Strangus Month ago

    Twiggy Tear for when you have tens of thousands of runes but just want to blitz through an area picking up items and discovering the next site of grace!

  • valentin fernandez
    valentin fernandez Month ago +3

    Bloodboon ritual does fire damage not magic damage so the flame-shrouding cracked tear would be better

  • Jeff G
    Jeff G Month ago

    Hi dude,
    I just watched your last episode about the randomizer, and I can't wait to have the next episode. Keep up the good work.

  • Rhinestone
    Rhinestone Month ago

    this video was both fun and informative to watch- a welcome change from the strangely large cesspool of elden ring content on this site, haha.

  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah Month ago

    This is truly one of the elden ring videos of all time.

  • Matthew Anderson
    Matthew Anderson Month ago +1

    Stonebarb cracked tear is my secret favorite. My sleeper endgame boss wrecking build, especially for radagon, is a big ass weapon (golems halberd is a favorite of mine for this, colossal weapon poise dmg is insane) with cragblade and that tear in my physic. Radagon will stancebreak in like 3 jumping heavies. So fucking fun.

  • Cruros
    Cruros Month ago

    16:40 I hope in the DLCs they make some enemies that are weak to holy. Would be a cool departure from the main game.

  • MightyOProductions
    MightyOProductions Month ago +3

    That had to be the best ad transition I've ever seen. Most on other channels are fairly cringy, but that one actually made me laugh!