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  • Published on Nov 24, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • JordanRA
    JordanRA 2 months ago +120

    Such a deadly Bucks squad; loaded with defensive minded players that can shoot the ball well from anywhere. So diverse and well-rounded. Everyone contributes. Mad props to Jevon Carter as well for playing some outstanding basketball.

  • Matt R
    Matt R 2 months ago +299

    What a turnaround for the Bucks in this game. It seemed like they could do nothing right in the first half, then they flipped a switch and went off. This should be a scary sight for other teams. It's insane that Skip Bayless thinks Embiid and KD are better than Giannis. Idk what sport he's watching sometimes

    • bay area
      bay area 2 months ago

      100 percent

    • IamGrandMagus
      IamGrandMagus 2 months ago +1

      @Joshua Steven yes kiddo

    • Joshua Steven
      Joshua Steven 2 months ago +2

      @IamGrandMagus I guess we'll see when the time comes.

    • IamGrandMagus
      IamGrandMagus 2 months ago +1

      @Joshua Steven Giannis a god lmaooooo that surpasses the better roster you guys have

    • Ram Kannian
      Ram Kannian 2 months ago +1

      U forgot about Stephen A Smith too😂😂.. Such a mad shit that guy is. 😂😂

  • Nathan Pitek
    Nathan Pitek 2 months ago +67

    If you didn’t know, the bucks allowed 10 points in the 3rd quarter. 10. TEN.
    Now that’s a halftime adjustment

    • siner24
      siner24 2 months ago +3

      It’s crazy that they were about to fire the Head Coach a year before they won the Championship…

  • Mar
    Mar 2 months ago +153

    As a Cavs fan this Bucks team reminds me of the 2016-2018 Cavs. Giannis is explosive just like Lebron was and they can light you up from 3 at any moment. GG. You guys are gonna go deep in the playoffs. Hope we can get a shot at you along the way!

    • Jos23
      Jos23 2 months ago

      @Pierre McClardy it's crazy that he doesn't make as many 3's and still averages 30pts or something. He doesn't really need the 3

    • Sole Magus
      Sole Magus 2 months ago

      @Peter Lundsten you're right .. right now he's blow average @ 28%

    • Connor
      Connor 2 months ago


    • IamGrandMagus
      IamGrandMagus 2 months ago

      @Pierre McClardy Giannis>Lebron overall impact tho.. he just doesn't have superstars and hof around him like LeBron

    • Kingnoook
      Kingnoook 2 months ago

      The average been goin up cause how the nba is but it was 33% when lebron was shooting 37% to 35% for 3-4 seasons that’s above average..

  • Milwaukee Sav
    Milwaukee Sav 2 months ago +93

    Jevon been playing like a man possessed out there he deserve every minute he’s been playing.. he a dog on defense and he efficient on offense . I hope bud keeps him in the rotation when Middleton gets back

    • HK60D.___1989island.___
      HK60D.___1989island.___ 2 months ago +2

      ​@m0nyku0ch Facts!! Wtf is hill still doing on this roster is the real question😤🤬💯

    • Catloverjosh
      Catloverjosh 2 months ago

      @Adam Davis yeah the nets are a disorganized af team

    • Adam Davis
      Adam Davis 2 months ago

      Can’t believe the nets just threw em on the trash pile .. 🤣🤷‍♂️

    • Dave
      Dave 2 months ago +4

      Carter > hill

    • m0nyku0ch
      m0nyku0ch 2 months ago +2

      And give those minutes to jevon

  • MieL Baltazar
    MieL Baltazar 2 months ago +11

    Giannis shooting and making 3s with confidence is an evidence of how he did improved his arsenal throughout his career. He is the exact definition of HARDWORK. 💯

  • Audio Visual Proof
    Audio Visual Proof 2 months ago +65

    I literally thought this game was a wrap based on the Bucks first half performance but somehow Red Bull gave them wings! GO BUCKS!!!

    • Audio Visual Proof
      Audio Visual Proof 2 months ago

      @justSaying To take my comment very literally and post information no one asked for makes you an idiot. I'm "justSaying" again, you're an idiot. 😆

    • justSaying
      justSaying 2 months ago +7

      Red Bull don't give you wings . Red Bull got sued and lost. 😆

  • Elias
    Elias 2 months ago +229

    Giannis is simply the definition of leadership💯

    • VL Bin Laden
      VL Bin Laden 2 months ago

      @Empire 717 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Empire 717
      Empire 717 2 months ago +1

      @VL Bin Laden You hush!! because your dreaming.. He don't get foul every time he go's into the paint with that elbow swinging? And your right he's too big.. He should be in the NFL with guys his size not the NBA. They definitely wouldn't call him The Greek Freak there. With him and his corny Brothers. So you the one that need to stop crying😢😭🤣

    • Free Ballin
      Free Ballin 2 months ago

      @ZkFromJacksonville typical Giannis haters

    • ZkFromJacksonville
      ZkFromJacksonville 2 months ago

      Stop giving him attention y’all keep replying to the troll

    • VL Bin Laden
      VL Bin Laden 2 months ago

      @Empire 717 oh hush he gets fouled everytime he gets the ball in the paint, and players flop when guarding giannis because he's to big quit crying.

  • BigKWS
    BigKWS 2 months ago +22

    Wow, I'm not sure I've ever seen Giannis get that many dunks in one game!

    • wilderac
      wilderac 2 months ago +9

      This game ties his career high in dunks for a game

  • Joel Garcia
    Joel Garcia 2 months ago +59

    I was there and very nervous when the first half ended. But that 23-2 run on the third flipped the momentum and Giannis was just too good.
    Let's Go Buck!!!!🏀🔥💯

    • Bob Marley
      Bob Marley 2 months ago +2

      awesome you got to see this live!!

    • Empire 717
      Empire 717 2 months ago +2

      You guys got to steal with Carter because he was pure garbage with the Nets. He was missing 80% of his open shots.

  • rrsmith30
    rrsmith30 2 months ago +70

    Oh wow Milwaukee! Night and day better than that first half. Night and day better than that Bulls game. Some of the most inspiring basketball I’ve seen from you guys in a minute, and you started 9-0 (a 35-10 run speaks for itself)! And Big Up Jordan Nwora, who I always give a hard time; that was the best game he’s had this year. Well done!

    • Alex Chu
      Alex Chu 2 months ago

      @Gaming_SportsAaron 13 I’m in shock too

    • Alex Chu
      Alex Chu 2 months ago

      @delio cajontoy hi?

    • delio cajontoy
      delio cajontoy 2 months ago

      @Alex Chu hl

    • Gaming_SportsAaron 13
      Gaming_SportsAaron 13 2 months ago

      How to bulls lose to the thunder, but win against the bucks, and Celtics,

    • Alex Chu
      Alex Chu 2 months ago +1

      Practice makes perfect, Giannis shot so much better this game.

  • D N
    D N 2 months ago +128

    As a Cavs fan, Cavs got to be consistent and play efficient and smart basketball if they wanna compete with the Bucks! I mean the Bucks are in different level! They are definitely the best team in NBA right now!

    • Playboiii B
      Playboiii B Month ago +1

      @Brian Williams Let’s See If The Trash Talk Starts When It’s 0-0 Instead Of A 5-6 Point Lead. That’s Where It Starts. That’s The Sign Of A Good Man If He Can Talk Sh*t When It’s Even Score.🫡💯

    • Playboiii B
      Playboiii B Month ago +1

      @Thicc Corgi I didn’t see nun u was talking about 🥸🧑🏽‍🦯

    • Playboiii B
      Playboiii B Month ago +1

      @isaiah chambliss 🫡

    • Big Dawg
      Big Dawg 2 months ago

      @VV slays noobs I guess the Celtics are like the suns then ..only fav out of the east is the bucks…they shown being healthy that’s a title..Celtics choked like the suns have..

    • VV slays noobs
      VV slays noobs 2 months ago

      @Big Dawg Mitchell is a choker in the playoffs they will make the second round but that’s it

  • Da' Black Saga4life
    Da' Black Saga4life 2 months ago +21

    Man...Gianni's played like a savage this game regular season game 🎯 the buck were down 👇 by 16 and ended the game by a 20 point ☝️ lead...Wow Bobby Portius score 🎼 his 500th career 3 point draw ...yeah that's the numbers of a champion 🏆💰 👀😁😎🙏👌

  • hotdog321
    hotdog321 2 months ago +7

    I love how jevon carter went from not having an enough playing time last year, to being one of the key piece in bucks

    • Unknown TradeMark
      Unknown TradeMark 2 months ago +1

      Great on defense and can knock down tough shots. Him and jrue might be the best PG and SG duo for defense in the NBA.

    • solidus32
      solidus32 2 months ago +2

      Boggles my mind as to why they barely played him last year lol

  • Kenny Lewis
    Kenny Lewis 2 months ago +42

    Bounce Back Cavs!!! Bucks did great tonight, Giannis lead the momentum. I respect that ✊ #CavsNation

    • Kenny Lewis
      Kenny Lewis 2 months ago

      @Tiffany Yes! I know that they won't win a championship this year but I can't wait to see them grow as a team. They are a joy to watch, great lineup here.

    • Tiffany
      Tiffany 2 months ago +2

      The cavs killed it in the first half. They’re still young though. This most likely won’t be a contending year for them with the Celtics and bucks, but they’ll be a fun underdog with a lot of potential in the following years.

  • ARQ
    ARQ 2 months ago +4

    What a game! The Bucks play like a team that has true brotherhood. Salute

  • Jusi Alayco
    Jusi Alayco 2 months ago +16

    the fans bringing the energy on a late Nov game is the true definition of a fan base 👌😤

    • A Man Of Sculpture
      A Man Of Sculpture 2 months ago +1

      @Kyle joseph the Celtics are a great team right now but bucks are mine and a lot of other peoples favorites for champions this year

    • Paul Hibbard
      Paul Hibbard 2 months ago +1

      @Kyle joseph 😂😂😂 You sure about that? How many titles the Celtics won in the last 10 years?

    • Kyle joseph
      Kyle joseph 2 months ago

      Nobody cares.. celtics are your daddy

  • SJ Masterson
    SJ Masterson 2 months ago +8

    That's how you finish! What a game.. go Bucks!! 🦌

  • TiM Δ
    TiM Δ 2 months ago +70

    Giannis gonna be MVP again. Mark my words!

    • Top dawg vic
      Top dawg vic 2 months ago

      @RuVe _ you a fool 😭

    • Kyle joseph
      Kyle joseph 2 months ago

      @kamran 🤡 you're a keyboard warrior stfu, bucks getting knocked out again by the celtics 😂

    • MRTLoC
      MRTLoC 2 months ago

      @RuVe _ facts

    • Daunte Williams
      Daunte Williams 2 months ago

      @Sac12 cry some more you little sissy go get a life and continue to let Giannis live rent free in your head.

    • Harrison Mueller
      Harrison Mueller 2 months ago +1

      @RuVe _lmao

  • Free Ballin
    Free Ballin 2 months ago +1

    Watching about 90% of the bucks game so far it’s been a thrill to watch. Considering the fact we don’t even have Khris Middleton back, Pat Connaughton is out again, and Joe Ingles is not playing yet, this is a dang good team

  • ServantFree99
    ServantFree99 2 months ago +3

    I see Milwaukee winning again this year 🏆. ima KNICKS Fan but you can’t deny Greatness #Giannis 🔥❤️‍🔥

  • All Gas
    All Gas 2 months ago +21

    Bucks lowkey got some dogs in Giannis, Bobby Portis & Grayson Allen 😂😂 Them boys got grit

    • Unknown TradeMark
      Unknown TradeMark 2 months ago +1

      Dont forget jevon carter and jrue holiday. Team is filled with defensive minded players who can also score.

    • Carlo Quesada
      Carlo Quesada 2 months ago +6

      Low key? Giannis the 2x mvp and finals mvp and “Bobby stroke-sum”, Allen I’ll give u cause he is low key a sniper from the 3 when he wants to

    • dominik anderson
      dominik anderson 2 months ago

      Grayson Allen is straight dog shit lol die hard bucks fan saying this. He really shouldn't get half of his minutes

  • Lilly Austin
    Lilly Austin 2 months ago +34

    The comeback was insane

    • birmingham0613
      birmingham0613 2 months ago

      Cavs are a lot better when their center is on the floor.

    • Amazon FBA
      Amazon FBA 2 months ago +4

      Demolished them in the second half

  • nickpr.
    nickpr. 2 months ago

    Impressive turnaround! I had gone to bed after the first half and hoped they figured out their defense in the second. Nice to wake up to a W.

  • Pretty Solid Ent.
    Pretty Solid Ent. 2 months ago +1

    The moment the bucks decided to start shooting more 3's it's like a complete pivot and they ran with the momentum

  • S Mikell
    S Mikell 2 months ago +2

    Now this is what defense looks like day and night compared to the Brooklyn Nets. They lock them down the second half very good game for the Milwaukee Bucks.

  • michael kanu
    michael kanu 2 months ago +12

    Bucks are just on another level right now. The Cavs need to be more consistent on finishing a game. They got too much long players to not be dominating the paint.

    • SM1000
      SM1000 2 months ago

      @Unknown TradeMark cavs arent a soft team by any means, its just mobley isn't at the point where he can stop giannis from taking over the game, and considering its a second year player v.s. a 2 time MVP, its a hard ask for him, he can be there, but he isn't there yet (taking over, not shutting down, nobody can do that), its unfortunate we will likely never see a prime evan mobley v.s. a prime giannis antetokounmpo

    • Unknown TradeMark
      Unknown TradeMark 2 months ago

      I mean bucks are just too big for any team in the paint. Also bucks play physical and make it tough on you and if a team plays soft the bucks will take advantage of that. Like ive noticed you gotta play hard all 4 qtrs to play with the bucks.

    • Thee Truth
      Thee Truth 2 months ago

      Bruh y'all need to stop it Giannis is a monster that Cleveland need to steer clear of

    • P M
      P M 2 months ago

      @Devonte Broom they started applying that presssuree

    • Devonte Broom
      Devonte Broom 2 months ago +3

      Cavs are too Soft, will Always get exposed when it matters 😂

  • Marcus Briseno
    Marcus Briseno 2 months ago +1

    Now, this is how I need the bucks to play every game

  • Anubis Annunaki
    Anubis Annunaki 2 months ago +2

    Give Giannis his flowers he been a monster for a while now other players need to stop hating on him.

  • Tarun Ganesg
    Tarun Ganesg 2 months ago +3

    wow what a turn of events the bucks looked so lost until the end of the 2nd half and completely won the game by the end of the 3rd, mostly fueled by Giannis.

  • Xof Metleh
    Xof Metleh 2 months ago +10

    Hahaha those dunks giannis is doing cannot be done by others. So crazy,

  • I Fired Max Because He’s Blacker Than Me

    Can’t wait to watch these teams when Middleton is playing.

  • Ant Don J
    Ant Don J 2 months ago +1

    There Is Giannis And Then There Is EveryOne Else!! That's It....That's The Post!!!!!! I Expect This Very High Level Of Play To Continue No Question.

  • Jessica Mcgee
    Jessica Mcgee 2 months ago

    What can you do with Giannis? He's the best player in the league!

  • siner24
    siner24 2 months ago

    Damn this looked like a good game… it seems that the Cavs might be a threat in the weak East!?

  • PokeJonGO
    PokeJonGO 2 months ago +13

    Everyone on the Bucks had that mamba mentality tonight!

    • Michael Zidek
      Michael Zidek 2 months ago +1

      No they had the bucks mentality....

  • AceAlways
    AceAlways 2 months ago +1

    This is the best game of the year so far. Change my mind.

  • Damian Tanks
    Damian Tanks 2 months ago +3

    Still love this Cavs team Bucks are on another level. We have to play consistent basketball the whole game be able to match them. First half we had it going and couldn't maintain it.

  • Vision World
    Vision World 2 months ago

    As I stated, the weakness part of Cavs is the coaching.
    This has been my position since the beginning of the season.
    On the West Coast, the Cavaliers lost all their games to championship coaches.
    Furthermore, Donovan once again explained how the Bucks in the second half raised their game to a playoff level.
    As you could see, they were playing up on the Cavs players.
    JB was once again incapable of seeing it or reacting to it. If you notice Bucks Coach Mike Budenholzer got ballistic when the Cavs were up to 16 points.
    And, we can't keep saying Allen being out they had players out... In certain situations, I see JB needs to grow as a coach and utilize the bench more.
    He needs to be better... we seen this picture too many times and how it ended.

    • Langdon Daughtrey
      Langdon Daughtrey 2 months ago

      I have been telling people all season that Jarrett Allen is not the most talented player on the Cavs, but he is there most valuable player. The game changed when he got hurt. You cannot dismiss that.

  • Tony L
    Tony L 2 months ago

    I been saying it since his rookie season but Donovan Mitchell is going to become one of the best players in the NBA, certainly in the back court. This young man is insanely talented. Also good to see Robin out here still doing his thing holding it down for the old guys

  • TheJenesis B
    TheJenesis B 2 months ago +1

    Ggs from a Cavs fan. I can't wait til our team becomes some killers like what the Bucks have when it's time to lock down. Mobley needs some muscle and some attitude if he wants to stand a chance against Giannis. GA made him look like a child out there. It would've helped to have Allen out there but i don't know, since we weren't shooting well. Until next time.

  • Russel Wagner
    Russel Wagner 2 months ago

    Cavs need to get tougher hopefully this will show them what is needed we are young and there is still time to grow

  • Xof Metleh
    Xof Metleh 2 months ago

    Cavs is one player away and one year away for the youngs guys to develop and get experience. They are good this year but next season is the real deal for them.

  • Steven
    Steven 2 months ago +4

    Go Bucks go impressive win

  • Grevoron
    Grevoron 2 months ago

    Damn I was certain it was over. Cavs was a tough fight

  • Chosen One 203
    Chosen One 203 2 months ago

    As much as I like CLE they’re still behind MIL and BOS. Just not enough playoff experience outside of Mitchell and love. They will make the 2nd round but they have a ways to go to be true contenders

  • Coup de Gras
    Coup de Gras 2 months ago

    After struggling for years to find a center it's nice to have Brook Lopez.

  • MyLightB4Sunrise
    MyLightB4Sunrise 2 months ago +16

    crazy bro. 3rd quarter cavs only scored 10 points ...

    • Adam Davis
      Adam Davis 2 months ago

      @william hardenbergh if 5 points is dominant 🤣🤷‍♂️

    • william hardenbergh
      william hardenbergh 2 months ago

      true every other quarter domainte

  • Angel J Serrano
    Angel J Serrano 2 months ago +1

    Giannis quite literally reminding the league he can do this EVERY single game but he wants to shut people up and showcase his other offensive skills

  • Lendel Robinson
    Lendel Robinson 2 months ago +1

    Donovan Mitchell is the closest game to D Wade in today's NBA

  • DolphinsFan4life-Fins-Up🐬

    Yessir good win for my bucks our offense and defense play good out there today let’s keep it going my team💚🤍🦌

  • Drediggy
    Drediggy 2 months ago

    The amount of traveling I saw was outrageous. Good game nonetheless

  • David Ekpo
    David Ekpo 2 months ago

    Great to see Gannis and the bucks living rent free in the Cavs heads!

  • Jay Figgs
    Jay Figgs 2 months ago

    We cannot make the excuse "we lost because Allen was hurt."
    We lost because we stop passing the ball. Milwaukee started passing the rock by the 2nd half and created a rythm that couldn't be stopped. And this much I know, Donovan Mitchell will never win a championship if he doesn't discipline himself like Gannis. The man made over 30pts playing unselfish basketball. Truly disgusted by this game. Good one for Milwaukee.

  • RicoSuaVe
    RicoSuaVe 2 months ago

    Bucks played some great ball. The chemistry on this team is immaculate.

  • JVO Studio
    JVO Studio 2 months ago

    Rob Lopez have to always be ready. Dude looks half asleep and didnt expect Allen to go out. Those turnovers really hurt their momentum

  • mikeruck2888
    mikeruck2888 2 months ago

    The Cavs need this. They have the tools to break a dry spell which championship teams have, they just have to figure it out. 23-2 run can happen quickly...especially if Giannis is hitting 3s lol

  • Spike Shooter
    Spike Shooter 2 months ago +1

    Possible playoff preview. Bucks would definitely win it but the Cavs could probably take a win or two

  • Randy Ragsdale
    Randy Ragsdale 2 months ago

    The Cavs didn't have any answers for Giannis tonight, as Giannis scored 38pts on 13-20 FGM, 2-3 3PM and 10-14 FTMS.

  • David
    David 2 months ago

    Giannis is the best player in the league. He's STILL getting better is the scary part lol. The passing and shooting is the most notably improved part of his game I think

  • Asura
    Asura 2 months ago +1

    I really hope that bud is gonna make the right decisions when Middleton is healthy because Jevon carter has earned every single minute that he has played and should get more minutes than George hill who imo is too inconsistent and think marjon should also more minutes than hill he’s already a better defender and when he’s playing good he can at least 15 points off the bench

    • Adam Davis
      Adam Davis 2 months ago

      Hill needs to go, or sit at the end of the bench and watch. I was done with him last year. Let the kids play!

  • Jamario Ambrose
    Jamario Ambrose 2 months ago +1

    Yeah this is why cavs definitely have add more athletic sizes against teams like Boston,Toronto, Milwaukee this is there only weakness they needed a boogie cousin,some like Jae Crowder to do the dirty work 💪🏿

  • Erick H
    Erick H 2 months ago

    Hell of a bounce back game for the Milwaukee bucks tonight. Giannis just flat out willed his team to victory in that fantastic 3rd quarter .PS What did marjon do to not warrant any playing time in the last 2 games? I still have a problem with Grayson and Jordan. They kill the team's momentum so many times even though Jordan did have kind of fluke 3 pointer tonight night Can't wait to khris comes back

    • Erick H
      Erick H 2 months ago

      @Adam Davis The funny part is I don't think you've watched these games. The rook outplayed those 2 guys for 2 weeks. What are you talking about Defense is actually his specialty do you even know who you're Talking about

    • Adam Davis
      Adam Davis 2 months ago

      Marjon is a rookie bro, with absolutely no defense and a shaky 3 point game. Haha Nwora and allen are better scoring options right now. Not sure what you’re watching ..

  • Eriverto Gonsalez
    Eriverto Gonsalez 2 months ago

    When the Cavs have a huge lead and the next thing you know giannins and his team turned the game around that is amazing come back... And the Cavs nowhere to be seen...

  • G Man
    G Man 2 months ago

    D- Mitch is in the right place at the Cavs, he is Poppin off

  • Nik Peconada
    Nik Peconada 2 months ago +2

    Wow giannis is a monster 🥶

  • Ahmed Abdi
    Ahmed Abdi 2 months ago

    Yannis went too crazy but Cavs gonna be at the top of East

  • Campbull_781
    Campbull_781 2 months ago

    Carter went from a G-League sub on the nets to a 6OY on the bucks

  • Emmyladie Rodriguez
    Emmyladie Rodriguez 2 months ago

    This was a intense game

  • BullyG
    BullyG 2 months ago +1

    What did we learn tonight? This Cavs team is talented enough to win a lot of games. Jarret Allen is critical to both their defensive and offensive execution. I don't even know which Lopez brother the Cavs got but it's the wrong one. Dudes a clown.
    There is 0% chance the Cavs can beat the Bucks in a 7 game playoff series. That's all I got.........

  • Ryan ‘RC’ Cohen
    Ryan ‘RC’ Cohen 2 months ago

    An old fashioned midwestern rivalry. Cavs have been better than expected, Bucks look like they are on another run to the finals 🏆

  • ShawnDonQ
    ShawnDonQ 2 months ago

    Dude I’m 100% convinced that if you put gianis in a 1v1 with some random guy he’d win every time. I mean think about it, it’s hard for NBA PLAYERS to stop him, now imagine what he would do just hooping with some old heads at the rec.

  • Brian Borowski
    Brian Borowski 2 months ago

    The Cavs have a decent record. That being said, if you can’t beat the upper echelon of teams you aren’t going anywhere come postseason. The cavaliers have done a good job of beating the so called bottom feeders which is all good and well but sooner it’s going to catch up to them.

  • Irmiyah Israel
    Irmiyah Israel 2 months ago

    Giannis is the best basketball player on earth 🌎

  • J C
    J C 2 months ago +1

    This Game Just Proves The Cavs Are All Hype🤣☠️

    • Jayy2litty
      Jayy2litty 2 months ago

      We missing 4 key players, don’t disrespect

  • Leni Agnat Obba
    Leni Agnat Obba 2 months ago +1

    Giannis is UNSTOPPABLE on this game..

    GRAW2ROBZ 2 months ago

    Them steals helped as well. But yeah second half we turned a switch!

  • L Tri-Fehl
    L Tri-Fehl 2 months ago

    I hope Mitchell doesn't stunt Evan Mobley growth, I seen no passes to Mobley in none of those pick n roll plays they had...or any iso plays ran for Mobley In the whole clip he is more than capable.

  • sswaaayzeeee
    sswaaayzeeee 2 months ago

    I was watching this game and it’s crazy to see the switch that Giannis flipped during half time cuz WTF

  • LazyKenji
    LazyKenji 2 months ago

    3rd Quarter turnaround was crazy ngl

  • George Campbell
    George Campbell 2 months ago

    The last time the bucks we’re against the cavaliers the bucks won by 15 and that happened again

  • Jim McArdle
    Jim McArdle 2 months ago +2

    Jevon Carter has turned his game to a new level

  • william hardenbergh
    william hardenbergh 2 months ago +1

    bucks killed them in 3 rd quarter 35 10😂😂😂😂

  • domino2009ful
    domino2009ful 2 months ago +1

    Bucks look like a championship team…as of now, I don’t see anybody beating them, in the East or West

  • Souarez Davy
    Souarez Davy 2 months ago

    You know he's gonna slash but you still cant stop him,

  • Monke D SunNy
    Monke D SunNy 2 months ago +2

    Freak!💪🏻😎MVP MVP MVP........he should be in top 3 now!I gues...💪🏻

  • Steve White
    Steve White 2 months ago

    Cavs playing Amazing without the King.

  • Phillip Beckman
    Phillip Beckman 2 months ago

    2:55 regardless who won that was awesome

  • Ooga Booga
    Ooga Booga 2 months ago

    When the Bucks get Middleton back it's a wrap

  • zakariyah salahadyn
    zakariyah salahadyn 2 months ago

    He is in the conversation of legends

  • Overpowered by Funk
    Overpowered by Funk 2 months ago +1

    Half court lob. Wow.

  • Nappy God Lotanna
    Nappy God Lotanna Month ago

    okay that on was a travel in 6:15, his gather step came in earlier than he anticipated so he had to take an extra step to be faster getting to the basket

  • fiix_ii
    fiix_ii 2 months ago

    Bro I watched this game at the forum I loved it it was so fun

  • Joseph199
    Joseph199 2 months ago +1

    To be a true championship caliber team, you got to have that killer instinct, consistency, and physicality. Cavs not there yet to compete with established championship caliber teams in a seven game series. Offensive fire power not enough to win championships , got to have that defensive tenacity, grit, and mental toughness .

  • David Jevón Fantroy Sr.

    This game was either fixed or the Cavs got scared. I've watched the Cavs all year. I've never seen them try to post Robin Lopez as much as they did this game.
    Maybe people that don't watch this team can't tell, but I can.

    • Langdon Daughtrey
      Langdon Daughtrey 2 months ago

      Jarret Allen got hurt and Kevin Love didn't play. Before Allen got hurt, the Cavs were rolling.

  • Joseph199
    Joseph199 2 months ago +1

    Cavs fan here. Props to the bucks. Bucks Truely a championship team. NBA a game of momentum swings. To be elite, you must have the mental toughness and composure to survive the tidal wave. Cavs got burried in that third quarter and lost all their composure and will. Cavs not quite there yet. They have blundered many late game leads this season. Killer instinct and consistency not there yet. Can’t see them winning a 7 game series against the celtics or bucks. Hopefully they can mature and grow into a championship caliber team,
    . they have the talent to do it i think.

    • Joseph199
      Joseph199 2 months ago +1

      @kadengreenbay talks against elite teams like the bucks or celtics, you slack of one quarter you will surely get burried hehe. Giannis is a monster

    • kadengreenbay talks
      kadengreenbay talks 2 months ago

      Bucks fan here, gg. Yall are good as team. Dmitch goin crazy. Prob gon see u soon!

  • Kj Jr
    Kj Jr 2 months ago

    As a cavs fan we truly need Ricky Rubio back more than anyone. When dg or Mitchell goes out the offense isn’t the same it’s stagnant asf Ricky moves the ball around . But all in all we need to get healthy and learn to finish leads

  • King Beez
    King Beez 2 months ago +3

    Jarrett Allen not playing changed this game. But 10 points in a quarter with 2 all stars is pathetic. We gotta do better man

    • Devonte Broom
      Devonte Broom 2 months ago

      They need Dwight Howard 😂

    • Jayy2litty
      Jayy2litty 2 months ago +2

      Facts, once he got injured we got off rhythm, that gotta change later in the season

  • Magnetx
    Magnetx 2 months ago

    If the bucks this deadly with Middleton gone, I don’t wanna know what’s gonna happen when he comes back lol

  • Jeff merritt
    Jeff merritt 2 months ago

    When khris Middleton gets back 2 a 100% the buck will come out the east this years nobody can beat them in 7 game when the whole team is 100% healthy