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Ted 2 - Official Trailer (HD)

  • Published on Jan 28, 2015 veröffentlicht
  • Seth MacFarlane returns as writer, director and voice star of Ted 2, Universal and Media Rights Capital’s follow-up to the highest-grossing original R-rated comedy of all time. Joined once again by star Mark Wahlberg and fellow Ted writers Alec Sulkin & Wellesley Wild, MacFarlane produces the live action/CG-animated comedy alongside Bluegrass Films’ Scott Stuber, as well as John Jacobs and Jason Clark. www.LegalizeTed.com
    Ted 2 - Official Trailer (HD)
    Ted Is Coming, Again - June 26
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  • Azerrz
    Azerrz 7 years ago +495

    Can't wait, I know I'm gonna love it. I just REALLY wish Mila Kunis was in it, it doesn't feel right without her.

    • Wicter YT
      Wicter YT 6 months ago +1


    • Narwhals
      Narwhals 7 months ago +1

      damn and now ur clevelands voice lol

    • Xander Freemont
      Xander Freemont 7 years ago

      @*****, The movie is about legalizing Ted. :)

    • enjobanjo
      enjobanjo 7 years ago

      @***** OMG AZERRZ IM A HUGE FAN BRO !!!!!!!!

    • Rox
      Rox 7 years ago +1

      I'm starting to see you everywhere I go on youtube, strange, love your videos btw.

  • Art Giving
    Art Giving 6 years ago +157

    nice movie
    i loved

    • أيمن الشريف
      أيمن الشريف 6 years ago

      +Art Giving (‫قناة اليوتيوبية موون‬‎)
      اما انتي هنا
      الصراحة ما كنت اتوقع ان في عرب يطالعون للتريلرات

  • Layal Tal
    Layal Tal 6 years ago +1084

    Waiting for ted 3 👌🏽😉

    HAYLO TROUTMAN Year ago +29

    Oh my goodness! 😂 It's is been a tough year & I needed this laugh! I'm 47 years old and just laughed like a ten-year-old! I can't believe I've never seen this movie. Now I need to find it so I can watch it. Thank you to whoever uploaded this!

  • ᴇ. ᴅ. 🇵🇹
    ᴇ. ᴅ. 🇵🇹 10 months ago +13

    Honestly, don't understand why people dislike this movie so much, but what an extremely hilarious movie. I remember when it first came out, a lot of my friends, would make so many references from it, and what a time it was. Great storyline, comedy, and characters, and man what a nice soundtrack added too it as well. I recently had re-watched it, and got to the bonus scenes, and behind the scenes, and it's amazing as well, how so many people don't realize how much work went into it to make it this good, and set. Honestly worth watching if you got the time. Also, Seth is legit a genius man, and it was also nice seeing the cast of Family guy apart of it too, and massive respect to Mark Wahlberg as well, and the legit hilarious cameos.

    • ParkBom9
      ParkBom9 20 days ago

      I watch ted 1 and 2 again once in a while to have a good silly laugh

  • vanderley raul
    vanderley raul 7 years ago +14

    Jovem vale a pena ir assistir esse filme!... é uma comédia total só kkkkkkk

  • dunestar29
    dunestar29 7 years ago +3

    I LOVED this movie. Laughed my ass off almost the entire time. go see it if you haven't.

  • Sharnya
    Sharnya 7 years ago +11

    "What did you think I would do at this moment" part killed and then brought me back to life.

  • Tone Grumbt
    Tone Grumbt 7 years ago +6

    I loved this Movie from start to finish, for starters it wasn't the same movie twice and I feel that it was so much funnier than the first one, with Lori out of the way we saw John and Ted as the Thunder Buddies they are getting to all kinds of stuff.
    I feel that this was a better storyline too, ok so it went on about 10-15 minutes longer than it should of but it was still another gem from Seth Macfarlane and so what if there's a few parts from Family Guy, Mike Myers made the Wayne's World and Austin Powers Movies and they had a few similar jokes in both sets of films.

  • Ollie Langdon
    Ollie Langdon 7 years ago +2982

    "Samuel L. Jackson is the black guy in every movie." *Has Morgan Freeman in this movie.*

    • Jam
      Jam 2 months ago

      Morgan Freeman is God in every movie

    • Aubrey Fagnano
      Aubrey Fagnano 6 months ago +1

      Samuel l Jackson actually gets confused with Laurence Fishburne and he HATES it!

    • piyush joshi
      piyush joshi Year ago +1

      i was going to comment the same 😂😂😂

    • Markus Descheneaux
      Markus Descheneaux 3 years ago +1

      jackson and freeman r literally the only black guys in every movie

    • I'm Hungry As Fuck TBH
      I'm Hungry As Fuck TBH 7 years ago +2

      Ooo. Could be THE SAME PERSON 😂

  • Henry Windsor Rurikovich
    Henry Windsor Rurikovich 3 years ago +203

    I was missing you Ted 💓

  • John Brown
    John Brown 7 years ago +2

    This movie looks insane! Also brilliant! Go Ted go!

  • Flacko
    Flacko 7 years ago +15

    one of the funniest movies ive seen in a long time, 10/10

  • Vini
    Vini Year ago +25


  • 4arms4life
    4arms4life 7 years ago +10

    Just watched the movie and I have to rate it 10/10

  • Luda Iva
    Luda Iva 7 years ago +12

    2:14-2:23 Most epic moment in trailer history

  • J-Bird
    J-Bird 7 years ago +2

    Good movie!!! Loved the 1st one & was glad they made a sequel- "for this particular movie!"

  • MartyMcFly
    MartyMcFly 6 years ago +340

    am I the only one who likes Ted 2 better than part 1?

  • ragii
    ragii 7 years ago +603

    Samuel L. Jackson looks fantastic in this movie, he really is a versatile actor.

    • KingOfGaming77
      KingOfGaming77 7 years ago

      @ragiiofficial RACIST XD!

    • Edward Sausagehands
      Edward Sausagehands 7 years ago

      I liked him as a kid in Diff'rent Strokes
      "Royale with cheese??? Watchu talkin' 'bout Willis?"
      Cracked me up every time.

    • Chappie
      Chappie 7 years ago

      especially in the A-Team

    • Sublime Sauce
      Sublime Sauce 7 years ago +2

      @payz hayz He was great in Kingsman: The Secret Service :P

    • Edward Sausagehands
      Edward Sausagehands 7 years ago +3

      Just Clip-Share "samuel l jackson laurence fishburne" - Very painful to watch.

  • Chelsea Rose
    Chelsea Rose 7 years ago +2

    This movie was hilarious! Loved the part with Liam Neeson 😂

  • Tony merced
    Tony merced 7 years ago +4

    This movie kinda surprised me by being 100 times better then the first one this movie is fantastic and a lot funnier than the first one also there is a LOT more swearing than the first movie but it makes it funnier.Best movie i've ever seen!!!

  • Ben Carroll
    Ben Carroll 7 years ago +2

    This was just as hilarious as the original Ted. Ted 2 was equally big on laughs. Like to make a few things very clear: I love the Ted movies, the comedy western A Million Ways To Die In The West and the animated series American Dad!. That is, if there's anything by Seth MacFarlane I can tolerate and enjoy.

  • LoriCiani
    LoriCiani 7 years ago +1

    I went to see this movie last night and I enjoyed it so much. I made it known to my eldest son that this was definately on my Christmas list. I've already got the steel book blue ray of Ted, so I realy want this! : ) If you're wavering on the decision of wether to see this movie or not, GO SEE IT! You wont regret it. : )

  • SportER
    SportER 3 years ago +4

    We need Ted 3

  • Joco Vujovic
    Joco Vujovic 13 days ago

    As after the first one, I cried from happiness after the second one as well

  • Hayden Christie
    Hayden Christie 7 years ago +1

    Absolutely hilarious movie! Saw it last night

  • Faraz Kashmiri
    Faraz Kashmiri 4 years ago +1

    I love the ted movie ❤️

  • Make Sushi 1
    Make Sushi 1 7 years ago +525

    lol, that was more funny than I thought it would be :)

    • Wazanero99
      Wazanero99 Year ago +1

      @Esmeralda Mendez Wtf hace 6 años y solo 8 comentarios en un comentario de un verificado

    • external
      external Year ago

      @HabibtheBiB yes

    • DARTH999VADR
      DARTH999VADR Year ago

      Yo sit there and eat your fish nuggets

    • MR
      MR Year ago


    • Ripan Dey
      Ripan Dey 2 years ago +1

      @Esmeralda Mendez000

  • Mary Ghattas
    Mary Ghattas 7 years ago +1

    HILARIOUS!! You gotta see this movie! Loved the first one...this one's just as good! ...maybe even BETTER!

  • joe not exotic
    joe not exotic Year ago +1

    Seth Mcfarlane's truly genius, all of family guy concepts in this movie were so funny

  • Beth Lineberry
    Beth Lineberry 7 years ago +1

    cant wait to see this, going to love this

  • dthvhiirwsgjhfuhcejurdqt
    dthvhiirwsgjhfuhcejurdqt 7 years ago +5

    Words can't explain how excited I am for this movie, sadly, I can't go see it in theatres because I'm too damn young... >:(

  • The Fog and the Whirlwind
    The Fog and the Whirlwind 5 years ago +40

    "You ever see any movie ever? he's the black guy."
    Dying 😂😂😂😂

  • 김경석
    김경석 4 months ago

    Oh my gosh, I didn't knew there was a part 2 of this. Gotta watch it!

  • Supercross 1124
    Supercross 1124 7 years ago +1

    Ted was even more hilarious for me, because I am from Massachusetts, and these two are 100% authentic in their accent and dialect. SO refreshing after seeing horror shows like "Good Will Hunting," where it is typically SO bad.

  • Sri Chandran
    Sri Chandran Year ago +555

    Who's here after tamil teddy.

  • Bob Bly
    Bob Bly 7 years ago +5

    I loved Ted and this looks great. Seth McFarlane is an extremely talented and funny writer and actor. And he sings pretty good too.

  • Mickey Simm
    Mickey Simm 7 years ago +1

    I saw Ted 2 yesterday and i loved it. I thought it was better than the first.

  • MrSurfinGamer
    MrSurfinGamer 7 years ago

    Just saw it was funny and a great movie the theatre laughed a lot during it also would give it a 4/5 stars

  • Trent Terry & Friends
    Trent Terry & Friends 7 years ago +1

    this movie looks cool, can't wait to see it

  • Th3N3wY0rk3r66
    Th3N3wY0rk3r66 7 years ago

    Surprisingly better then first movie. I like how they shifted Ted more into the protagonist role.

  • Kitty Perry
    Kitty Perry 7 years ago +5

    Eu amei esse filme quero ver!!!

  • j-dizzle time
    j-dizzle time 7 years ago +580

    I actually thought this ones better and funnier than the first. The first one got too serious at the end and i dont need that in a comedy

    • Lachy
      Lachy Year ago

      I still love the original Ted and I loved the end

    • UnknownFlickZ
      UnknownFlickZ 2 years ago

      thats like the pettiest complaint ever, tons of serious comedy movies.

    • Abdus Salam
      Abdus Salam 2 years ago

      Yeah bro iwas also thinking tje same

    • RMT98
      RMT98 2 years ago +1

      Aaaah shut up, what a shitty opinion

    • Chad Rasmussen
      Chad Rasmussen 2 years ago


  • Antonis Sensei
    Antonis Sensei Year ago +5

    1:57 i died of laughter

  • Flying Swine Games
    Flying Swine Games 4 months ago

    I liked the "fishy nuggy" take more than the "cookie crisp in the bum bum." 😂 I wanna see all the different takes for the diner scene

  • Usa Finland
    Usa Finland Year ago +1

    Love this movie!!!

  • Fweffer Stinkrat
    Fweffer Stinkrat 6 months ago +1


  • Taco Boy
    Taco Boy 7 years ago +1

    I loved this movie, but it's one of those that will certainly be outdated in a few years. Nonetheless, I had a blast and thought it was better than the first one (which I don't remember anything about)

  • SM Plush Films
    SM Plush Films 2 years ago +2

    Both of these ted movies are in my top 5 movies of all time

  • Noah Flores
    Noah Flores 6 years ago +5

    I thought this was one was funnier than the first, and definetly brings out the usual Seth MacFarlane comedy

  • Nina Prokop
    Nina Prokop 7 years ago

    I can't fucking wait for this to come out!!!! I always watch things on internet, but this deserves to be watched at a cinema. I just hope it won't be disappointing like most no.2. GO ON TED, SHOW US WHAT YOU GOT!!

  • Creepy
    Creepy 10 months ago +3

    En el 2015 Era un Niño Aún Y No Se Cómo Ví La Película Si Era De Adultos xD

  • ogwyte kush
    ogwyte kush 7 years ago +4

    can't wait to see it

  • C G
    C G Year ago

    This movie was hilarious, I liked it much better than the first one

  • Camille S
    Camille S 7 years ago +3

    Hilarious! A charmingly, feel-good movie as always. Can't just wait!

  • Cheerioss -
    Cheerioss - 3 years ago +1

    Most sequels to a good first movie are usually always worse but this one was actually better by far

  • Sir Taylor
    Sir Taylor 7 years ago +3

    most funny movie I saw in years, u have to love family guys humor though, I can image normal people dont scratch a smile on their face watching this

    • Sir Taylor
      Sir Taylor 7 years ago

      @Sir Taylor AND ALSO: Batman's Sensei is a MADMAN

  • IngtlinA303
    IngtlinA303 7 years ago

    Can't wait to see it!

  • Liam Ingram
    Liam Ingram 7 years ago

    I fucking love this !!!! I like it when ted says let me take a photo so I can put it on face book and john goes what ?!! Lol

  • Dylan
    Dylan 7 years ago +10

    This movie was fucking awesome.

  • Rares Panait
    Rares Panait 7 years ago

    couldn't spend a minute without laughing, extremely funny, a lot better than the first one (not as story, but better jokes), every single reference is awesome, this whole shit is awesome!! a little disappointed that his first wife didn't show up at all, and that the cereal guy only had one appearance, still, great movie ;)

  • Kodai Computers
    Kodai Computers Year ago +1

    From the inspiration of this movie, a super entertainment and work served in Tamil named Teddy by Sakthi Soundar Rajan, Arya and CGI team..❤️🙏🏼

  • Mate
    Mate 7 years ago +2

    Omg i just love this movie going in the Cinema and watching it with my friend its so fun

  • Charly Wolfson
    Charly Wolfson 7 years ago +1

    I looooove the Ted movies!! :-)

  • Forensic
    Forensic 7 years ago +7

    Watched it, better and funnier then Ted 1.

  • Carmen Gutierrez
    Carmen Gutierrez 7 years ago

    I enjoyed the first movie thought it was funny can't wait to to see the second movie

  • Im Karma
    Im Karma 7 years ago

    Oh man who's pumped for this movie!!

    KENJEN 6 years ago

    Best film ever

  • Chrono Cross
    Chrono Cross 7 years ago

    Just got back from seeing it. Hilarious movie from start to finish. Better than the first one

  • Troy weiler
    Troy weiler 7 years ago +1

    Just saw this movie. Super funny. I loved it as much as the first one..
    "Ted for President"

  • Gemma Walker
    Gemma Walker 5 years ago +1

    Brilliant even better then the first one Seth McFarland is brilliant love this film

  • mercpool 001
    mercpool 001 7 years ago +3

    Didn't think it could get any funnier I'm definitely going to go see this movie

  • Adam Guthrie
    Adam Guthrie 7 years ago +18

    ted 2 was really good the movie was hilarious from beginning to end more watchable then the first ted which I only laughed like 2 or 3 times . ted 2 is the better movie

  • 👑Queen_Shalyn_21👑

    My favorite movie and can’t wait until they made ted 3

  • Josh
    Josh 7 years ago

    lmao the cafe part got me dying😂

  • Ebdes
    Ebdes 6 years ago

    Even though the plot isn't that great, I love this movie I think it's fucking hilarious

  • DjagaDjaga
    DjagaDjaga 7 years ago

    I hope there is coming a part 3

  • skr 420
    skr 420 7 years ago

    Saw this in the cinema , excellent movie.

  • rikkierikkie
    rikkierikkie 2 months ago +2

    The people need Ted 3!!!

  • Octavia Walton
    Octavia Walton 7 years ago

    I love this movie so much I went to the drive thru a long time 🙆😀😎

  • sullivans2004
    sullivans2004 Year ago

    Ted 3 needs to be a thing someday...

  • Anthony Mendoza
    Anthony Mendoza 7 years ago

    I wish i was allowed to watch that movie IT ROCKS

  • Stuart Damien
    Stuart Damien 11 months ago +2

    "There are no Chicks with Dlcks, Only Guys with Tlts" Best line of the entire movie & truthful too.

    • 14 Reasons
      14 Reasons 8 months ago

      You think a subversive, gender bending line is the best line of the movie. Sigh. Bloody normies.

  • Maciej B
    Maciej B 7 years ago +14

    Byłem w kinie i o mało się nie popłakałem ze śmiechu, polecam

  • Martin Phillips
    Martin Phillips Year ago +3

    It’s now 2021 the question 🤔 every American is asking Seth McFarland How long do we have to wait for you to give us a Another Ted movie
    . We would be happy if you went to netflix , every thing netfix touches make money.

  • Paul Flint
    Paul Flint 7 years ago +5

    Ted is awesome!

  • Natasha Baskin
    Natasha Baskin 7 years ago +1

    I want to see this movie soooo bad

  • StoryOfGames PT
    StoryOfGames PT 7 years ago +1

    I´ve watch it today , and it was awesome better that the first one , good work

  • Patriot Plumber
    Patriot Plumber 7 years ago +3

    This looks super funny!! I can't wait to see it!! Ted is awesome!! Walbergs good too.

  • Maxwell Rodrigues
    Maxwell Rodrigues 5 years ago

    Alguém do Brasil aq?
    I love you ted❤

  • dcta51
    dcta51 6 years ago

    I love this movie. Its not that funny but i loved it!

  • Michael Vincent Villamil

    I wish there is ted 3 in the future

  • RainCatcher
    RainCatcher 7 years ago +1

    id love to see this- hilarious

  • George Back
    George Back 7 years ago +1

    Just got out!!! Hilarious movie!

  • Sally
    Sally 4 months ago +1

    They could totally be lawyers.
    They just have to yell "Objection, hersay!" a couple of times more.

  • Mateo
    Mateo 2 years ago

    Ted 1: *made me laugh hard*
    Ted 2: *nearly killed me*

  • Luke Daley
    Luke Daley 7 years ago +1

    Gonna see this today can't wait.

  • Ikhmal Danial
    Ikhmal Danial 7 years ago

    Just watched it yesterday,10/10 i would say.

  • Ryan Lehman
    Ryan Lehman 7 years ago +1

    If you like family guy, you'll like this. I was dying!!!

  • Fenerbahçeli2738
    Fenerbahçeli2738 Year ago +1

    Love it