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I Bought A Line6 Helix In 2021

  • Published on May 29, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • So I finally bought an amp modeller.
    Free IR Packs I used
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    Reverb reverb.grsm.io/KDH
    Thomann redir.love/thocf/ptrti5ppk3
    0:00 Intro
    0:36 My concerns with modellers
    2:36 Kemper
    3:31 Axe Fx
    4:24 Quad Cortex
    5:59 Helix
    7:21 Rig Rundown
    10:44 Playing
    12:54 Outro
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Comments • 474

  • Simon Singh
    Simon Singh 2 years ago +79

    The updates and continued support, as well as the price, was why I bought my Helix LT a couple of years. 2, 3, 4 times a year you get new toys to play with, the interface and signal flow is just so well thought out and easy to use, and it just feels like Line 6 are really listening to feedback and basing their moves on that.

  • David Breuer
    David Breuer 2 years ago +158

    I got a Helix last year, proceeded to sell all my analog gear, and haven't looked back since. For simplicity and great tones I get, as well as the absolute breeze it is to record with, it's hard to find a better bang for your buck.

    • Literal Ghost
      Literal Ghost 2 years ago +5

      Pod Go. LOL

    • 0megaLuL
      0megaLuL 2 years ago


    • justnTime077
      justnTime077 Year ago +10

      @0megaLuL I sold my Helix LT to buy an FM3 and I sorely miss having more buttons and a pedal. Oh, and running dual amps. FM3 has TOO MANY OPTIONS. Like really why so many IR’s ?? I get lost trying to find them. I might go back to the Helix. There’s much more community around it too. Fractal people are assholes.

    • Four_skin7777 -
      Four_skin7777 - Year ago +4

      Did the same thing! Love my helix, and the gold edition is absolutely gorgeous😍

    • Chicken Pasta
      Chicken Pasta Year ago

      @Literal Ghost I think the HX stomp is a better value if you can pay the extra $100 imo. More versatility in your signal chain

  • Andrew Denis
    Andrew Denis 4 months ago +1

    Thousands of hours on a Helix for 6 years now and not a single lockup, failure or crash. Amazing firmware upgrades along the way.

  • Max Berson
    Max Berson Year ago +9

    Hi KDH! I've been enjoying your channel for several months now, appreciating your laid-back demeanor and licks that bring me back to a youth of listening to glam metal.
    Based in part on your reviews of the Futura and the Helix, I've acquired both since last summer. I'm now having the most fun playing guitar that I've ever had, and that's over the course of 25 years!
    Keep up the great work!

  • teerexness
    teerexness 2 years ago +4

    I'm addicted to the crazy versatility of the Variax/Helix combo. I've never been disappointed with either one. And I have thousands of trouble-free hours of use out of both at home and at gigs. I hope that I can keep a similar rig until I'm too old to care!

  • VKING45
    VKING45 Year ago +3

    I just like the fact that fractal has a kajillion amps, you probably know what kinda sound you want to go for and probably what amp. By having each different flavor of an amp it’s easier to get to a certain sound like if you know you like 5150 but want to pick between EVH, 6505, or block letter

  • Christopher Wilson
    Christopher Wilson 2 years ago +7

    I also decided on the Helix but went with the footboard instead. The best way to really understand how great most the sounds were was when I used the Native plugin in my DAW . I can import those same presets or screenshots back and forth between my Helix or PC- that's invaluable! That rack unit looks very nice! Compared to their other units from Line 6, I feel this one is the easiest to use.

  • Mach
    Mach 2 years ago +190

    people buying 30 year old HM-2 pedals: *sweating nervously*

    • Marco Scattolin
      Marco Scattolin 2 years ago +5

      What if it's the one and only Klon HM-2 by KDH himself?

    • Dash Cam California
      Dash Cam California 2 years ago +1

      @Marco Scattolin that thing doesn't exist. It's a legend, a myth. There is no klon hm-2.

    • spyware1100
      spyware1100 2 years ago +4

      Amp modelers are digital, 30 year old pedals are not! Would you buy a computer with windows 95 today? Same thing with modeling software.

    • Mach
      Mach 2 years ago +1

      @spyware1100 I mean, if it sounded shit today, it would still have sounded shit five years ago, and people did in fact use the helix back then, and people do still use it today. If no one had heard of it when it came out and it was a total failure, that's a different story, and it would most likely have been because it sucked balls, but this is a helix, it's a piece of gear widely known and generally accepted as being pretty good, so I really don't think it's that big a deal.
      EDIT: typo

    • spyware1100
      spyware1100 2 years ago +2

      @Mach A lot of people used pod xt and similar products back in the day. Because they sounded great for what was awailable on the market back then. But with todays options, not a lot of people would prefer the pod XT over a quad cortex, if you know what i mean......

  • hendrixplek
    hendrixplek 3 months ago

    wow, i'm really impressed by the sound of the acoustic simulation. probably the best i've heard so far

  • Anthony Bullock
    Anthony Bullock 2 years ago +38

    Helix is the best bit of gear I've ever bought. It not only sounds great, it controls the rest of my fx rig.

  • Rick Feith
    Rick Feith 2 years ago +2

    I think without a doubt the best two units at the moment are the Helix and the Axe 3. I am a firm believer that even if your old Fractal is "outdated", it's still sounds phenomenal.
    The new Cygnus modelling is getting rave reviews though, and everyone that likes modelling tones should read it. It's directly from Cliff Chase and he really explains how crazy this quest for perfection is.
    The Helix is dope. Good choice.

  • David Reynolds
    David Reynolds Year ago +3

    I just bought a Boss ME-80 that came out in 2014. Hate menus and love knobs (pfnarr) and there was no mention of a successor so I just decided to buy it. And it’s class. My pedal board is too big for the house and this thing has loads of extra toys built in. Sounds surprisingly good.

  • Night Shade
    Night Shade 2 years ago +45

    You can't go wrong with a Helix in your rack. Yamaha is going to keep that brand going strong.

    • Josh Krogstad
      Josh Krogstad 2 years ago +9

      Yo, what!? Yamaha owns Line 6 now? That's sick.

    • Majestic PB&J Cat
      Majestic PB&J Cat 2 years ago +14

      @Josh Krogstad yeah, since 2014

    • NutsTesticles
      NutsTesticles 2 years ago +6

      @Josh Krogstad yeah, if youve ever seen the Line 6 Variax’s, they look just like Yamaha Pacifica models

    • Emu Emu
      Emu Emu 2 years ago +9

      @NutsTesticles not to be confused with Chrysler Pacifica.

    • Andrew Bonica
      Andrew Bonica 2 years ago +1

      @NutsTesticles only the Variax Standard is made by the Yamaha factory (and is based off the Pacifica). 🤘😉👍

  • Michael Lucas
    Michael Lucas 2 years ago +90

    Good choice on the Helix. It's still amazing even today.

    • The Darrenaissance
      The Darrenaissance 2 years ago +1

      I just saw a Helix on sale at a local Pawn shop. $1,600.

    • Mike C
      Mike C Year ago

      I just picked up a used helix off Craigslist for 1000.. at first I was underwhelmed (by the factory presets.) but once I watched a few utube videos and got the hang of dialing in my own presets I am absolutely blown away. the sound is (and feel) is amazing and I am extremely happy with it. for anyone thinking of getting one I'd say go for it.. or atleast make sure to spend some real time working with one before writing it off. I am so glad I did.

    • Mike, TheAnimated
      Mike, TheAnimated Year ago

      What's the newer equivalent?

  • sirlemonhead
    sirlemonhead 2 years ago +6

    I've had my Eleven Rack since 2014 and it's been rock solid. Apart from guitar tone, I use it as the soundcard for my PC so it's been on every day since I got it. Not had a problem with it at all. Being able to play guitar late at night with great tone on headphones is invaluable.

    • Night Shade
      Night Shade 2 years ago +2

      I also bought one in 2016 factory refurbished on ebay for cheap. Once I figured out how to make my own patches I have been using it nonstop. It sat for 4 years because I hated the stock patches. Now I love the thing. For something that came out in 2009 it still sounds amazing. I guess there is still a lot of old 80's rack gear that still sounds amazing as well, so I guess it is not really that surprising as this thing at the time was the best of it's kind on the market for a while.

  • Đile Đutur
    Đile Đutur Year ago

    All modelers can sound okay but in my experience Neural really nails the cab simulation and the playing feel. My biggest gripe with modelling is how it doesn't always respond to your playing dynamics and volume

  • Derrick Lugo
    Derrick Lugo 2 years ago +7

    I was an all analog guy till this past year. Got an HX Stomp and run pedals through that. My contract worship gigs kept becoming “no amps on stage” scenarios and finally pulled the plug on amps for gigs. Now I run a few pedals through my stomp for 99% of my gigs.

  • Guy from NJ
    Guy from NJ 2 years ago +12

    Best thing I did with the helix is download other people’s patches. Britt and deluane specifically for me and seeing how other people dial things in helps. It’s very counter intuitive at times.

  • Salvo Vecchio
    Salvo Vecchio Year ago +6

    Whatever thing we buy, we must admit that we always search for the same tones we have in our mind/hands; considering that an amp modeller has the sounds of new and old amps and effects, we don't really need always the latest stuff out there to recreate a 50s/60s Fender or Marshall sound... don't you?!

  • Evan Johnson
    Evan Johnson Year ago +1

    I’ve ran the helix native software in logic for years and it’s honestly really great, especially if you get it on sale, which I didn’t and I’m still happy.

  • Awm Joeyjoejoe
    Awm Joeyjoejoe 2 years ago +12

    I've been using a Helix since 2017 and it has NEVER crashed. It's funny the reason I bought it was because I had reliability concerns about my tube amp. The Helix is a solid unit, no reliability concerns at all for me.

  • Alvaro Mendez
    Alvaro Mendez 2 years ago +2

    To be fair to fractal, took nearly 14-15 years to get to the Axe Fx 3 Mark 2. The amount of free software updates (improving the modeling tech, adding amps, adding effects) and quality of life improvements that Cliff puts out is insane and they usually support a lot of the older hardware with software updates even if they release new a product.
    It's honestly hard to go wrong with these recent modelers though, the Helix sounds awesome and it's still incredible to see that they put that tech into the HX Stomp. Cheers!

  • TheBeastofBordom
    TheBeastofBordom 2 years ago

    There's a reason why everything else is called "the helix killer" but it never dies.

  • Brett Phillips
    Brett Phillips 2 years ago +4

    I bought a Helix last year and it was probably the best gear investment I’ve made in years. Great tones

  • Jon Huntley
    Jon Huntley Year ago

    The community around Helix is enormous, the user interface is best in class and it stands up well against the competition in terms of quality of sound.

  • aliensporebomb
    aliensporebomb 2 years ago +11

    You couldn't resist - you wanted that sexy eighties chorus sound and this will get that for sure. Congrats on the new gear acquisition and explaining your thinking behind the "why" - cool. I like the mini rig with the backup amp - that's really good thinking in case the thing freaks out during a show.

  • Ray Lenin
    Ray Lenin 2 years ago +1

    I bought HX stomp yesterday. The truth is that modeling technology is superb these days, amp sims sounds fantastic and every piece of gear with IR loading will have years to come. You will have endless possibilities with IR’s, it affects tone so much. There is reason why there is no kemper 2 yet. The sound and feel of playing it is spot on. I just sold my Rocktron Chameleon preamp, some one needed that tone also.

  • aaf
    aaf 2 years ago +6

    I recently made a similar choice but went with the axe fx3. I totally get your point about the updates, but if you don’t plan to sell, and you can ignore updates, I think it’s great. A lot of touring bands still using the axe fx 2 ultra, which just goes to show there’s nothing wrong with old versions.

    • Hero of the Day
      Hero of the Day 2 years ago

      It's definitely a psychological thing more than anything else. But, I would personally feel like "oh, I have the OLD thing now. Gotta upgrade!" You are clearly right, but for a lot of us, we have to have the latest and greatest, which is why you see the price for the old ones plummet when new ones release.
      We kinda saw it happen with Kempers when the Quad Cortex came out. There were definitely people dumping the Kempers to "upgrade" to the new thing, and it caused the price to dip a bit a couple of months ago. Don't think it stuck, but well, you also can't find the QC anywhere so people are mostly stuck where they are now any way.

    • aaf
      aaf 2 years ago +2

      @Hero of the Day Yea that is true. I try my best to put that obsessive energy into my playing instead of my gear, but I bought an Axe Fx 3 instead of a cheaper unit, so clearly I'm not above it either haha.

  • Clayton Cini
    Clayton Cini 2 years ago +20

    just a little correction - the Headrush was the first modeler to include a touchscreen :p other than that I love my Helix, or HX Stomp to be totally honest :D

  • Enzo Loveless
    Enzo Loveless 2 years ago +1

    I bought the Helix as soon as it came out (I even went to the live in-store demos before release) and I've never looked bad, kissed goodbye to all my tube amps (except for my Fender Deluxe from the 70s, yet). Too bad I don't have a band anymore but, I am still coming up with song ideas and with the Helix, you always have an amazing palette of sounds

  • Hoosier Daddy
    Hoosier Daddy Year ago

    Very cool.
    I'm 60 years old and grew up totally on tube amps and mostly 1 x 12s, and 2 x 12s amusing boost pedals, wah, etc. That said, I think the modelers are just great. I will probably end up with a Boss core or maybe the Headrush new floor model. I don't like endless parameter stuff either, and just need 3 or 4 tones. The one thing I wish all of the modellers would improve would be pitch shifting so I could get some H3000 tones. I may buy an H9 used to add in just for that reason. I just don't need a pro setup as I will gig maybe every other month a couple times and will mostly just play at home and with friends. Gigging though at most clubs lately require going direct or using some shitty amp with worn out power tubes I've never touched, so a modeler is perfect. Just that pitch shifting is lacking, but that may be because I don't want to take the time and don't know how to use all the parameters. Being a computer that is dedicated to music makes it much more reliable than a tube amp and much more consistent. My cousin has a big pro studio near Chicago and has all the best amps by Bogner, Rectumftiers, 🤣 Matshall JCMs, erc, but still uses his Kemper mostly and I tried it and it sounded exactly like the Marshall and other amps when I a b'd it.
    The holy grail for me would be the AxeFx, but I can't justify it with my budget and time I play.
    Anyway. Great video and good luck man!

  • Eric Brewer Guitar
    Eric Brewer Guitar 2 years ago +1

    I bought a Helix last year, best purchase I’ve ever made tbh. I still have my tube amps but mostly only use them in the studio. My tone is better and more consistent than ever. Plus the updates have kept right in line with the competition. Mine has never crashed whatsoever either. I now have the Helix, the HX Stomp, and the POD GO. All sound fantastic.

  • Kirk Wilson
    Kirk Wilson 2 years ago +1

    I feel like it's good to try all the different tools and techniques you can get your hands on. If it sounds good, it is good. I just started incorporating different types of amp tech in the same rig, too. It sounds great. Have fun, man.

  • Carlo Santin
    Carlo Santin 6 months ago

    My Helix rack is the single best purchase I’ve made when it comes to playing guitar. It’s wonderful. There have been some serious updates in the past few years and it is so capable now. I have tube amps but I don’t play them much because the Helix sounds and feels so good.

    • OriginalMixer1
      OriginalMixer1 4 months ago

      Can I ask some advice please?
      I have a boss katana amp 50 mk2
      I wanna know how do you plug it in and do I need a line in and line out port?
      I have a guitar cable in port and a power amp port and a phone rec port I wanna know do I have enough to use the helix?

  • xplanet2112
    xplanet2112 2 years ago +3

    Had my LT since it came out, great unit full of IRs and updates. Best bit of gear I’ve ever bought.

  • Jackie
    Jackie Year ago +1

    I remember when these things first started coming out in the early 2000's and the amp sims like Amplitube, etc. They were atrociously horrible and I was a snob until Neurals Fortin plugins and TH-U changed my mind a couple years ago. The ability of adding in cab ir's was a game changer.

  • tanner pape
    tanner pape 2 years ago +1

    Kemper actually has added more distortion/fuzz and acoustic simulator in the last year probally 6+ updates overall they do about 4+ updates a year. Also with their kemper kabs/kones available for their exact cab sound from celestion I say that's awesome. 👌 but line 6 has great units as well.

  • Sam Strohbehn
    Sam Strohbehn Year ago

    I built a spaceship pedalboard during COVID with strymons, wet/dry amps etc. After streaming shows and having to haul it and the amps around, I just bought a helix and am never looking back. Maybe I’ll use a real amp for certain recording purposes, but as a singer and rhythm guitarist in a five piece band, the helix is an outstanding all around solution. Dialing in new tones and experimenting with effects is far easier on the helix, driving creativity.

  • Mathieu Pelletier
    Mathieu Pelletier 2 years ago +4

    Helix is great. In fact it's been my second favorite modelers after the Fractal stuff. I understand your point on the hardware update of Fractal but some of the hardware update are subtle (ex: AXE 3 MK2 has the led color option and that's about it), the software can be updated for a long period.
    Enjoy your Helix!

    • Dad
      Dad Year ago

      That LED is super worth it, though. Now if only they gave me the option to customize the screen with tacky wallpapers and animations, I'd be a happy camper ;-)

  • Mike Gibson Incognito

    Early days for you and your journey begins. I have had mine for 5 years now, I have every song on our setlist as an individual preset with snapshots for things like intro, verse, chorus and solo. Our sound is consistent, and I don’t have to worry about adjusting anything through the whole set except enjoying the playing. Have fun the journey is great.

  • Hero of the Day
    Hero of the Day 2 years ago +3

    The Helix is awesome. I switched to Kemper mainly just because I wanted something that looks and feels more like a "real" amp in my office. But, I still recommend Helix LT's to anyone looking for a high end modeler for a much more affordable price than the Kemper, Axe FX, or Quad Cortex.
    Not that you said otherwise, but the Kemper has regularly seen firmware upgrades as well. They have updated the effects over the years based on feedback. Over the last year we got some awesome new overdrives and a less awesome (IMO) acoustic simulator. It's only been the last couple of years that they finally released a full fledged Windows/Mac Rig Manager. The support that decades old thing has gotten is insane. I have the feeling we are finally going to see a Kemper Model 2 in the next year or two, though.

    • Wagoo
      Wagoo Year ago

      I wouldn't be so sure. They're using 56K based DSPs (and writing everything in machine code) and there's not many options for more powerful DSPs in that line. Same reason their last synthesizer (Access Virus TI2) came out in 2009..
      Still, the Kemper sounds amazing. Bought mine in 2014.. and bought a second one last year

  • Lichkrieg
    Lichkrieg 2 years ago

    I'm a hybrid rig fan as well. I have been using the katana head and it sounds good enough for practice. but a tube preamp(or send from a lunchbox) running through the katana power amp is so tight compared to the EL84s in most of the lunchbox amps power section. You need a load box though.

  • Kwert
    Kwert 2 years ago +2

    I just picked up an HX Stomp (although I'm using it way more with cello than with guitar... makes sense considering I'm a cellist who dabbles in guitar...) and I couldn't love it more. I love its footprint, the fact I don't need to lug an amp anywhere and I especially love that Line 6 continues to consistently release firmware updates for their existing product instead of just releasing new hardware updates for thousands of dollars.
    The one gripe I have with the Stomp is that there is audible lag/blip when switching between presets (but not between snapshots) which means you have to be pretty deliberate with how you arrange your presets and snapshots, but that's really just a small gripe.

  • Andy Ripley
    Andy Ripley 2 years ago

    I've had ground loop issues with my HX Stomp if I don't use a power conditioner. This really only occurs if I have it connected to my laptop at the same time as my amp. However, I typically have it connected because it's easier to adjust settings on the laptop than on the stomp itself. I don't know if have tested the same with the Helix Floor but it's definitely a reason to have that power conditioner.

  • Bobby Byford Music

    I just bought a hx stomp for bass in 2022. I love regular pedals and im still using my darkglass x, Source audio c4 and Cali 76. The fact that it has a tuner and is basically a Swiss Army knife of so many pedals is nice . But the m5 does that. I specifically wanted the hx stomp to have one single pedal that could get the royal blood type sound. For those who don’t know that sound, it requires splitting the signal so you keep your bass sound but then the other signal path is used to fake a guitar sound using octave and a guitar amp model. Royal blood does it because they are a two piece with no guitar player, I wanted to do it so in single guitar band scenarios I could cover bass AND the rhythm guitar while the guitar player plays leads.

  • Travis Spaulding
    Travis Spaulding 2 years ago +1

    I did a similar thing years ago. I bought a Line 6 HD500X, and mostly use it as an effects processor with my 6505+. Instead of carrying 2 heads, I use the HD500X as a backup, as well. I have specific patches set up so that, if my amp goes out, all I need to do is plug an XLR into the HD500X, switch output modes and patches, and bam, ready to go. Like you said, it's also a great practice/recording tool. The Helix is a great unit. They improved the IRs on the Helix. I like my Pod, but the IRs needed some help. Much like real amps, the speakers used can make or break an amp's tone. It's the same with modelers. The IRs on it are a huge factor on whether or not it sounds good. A Two Note Torpedo CAB on my pod puts it in Helix territory for tone.

  • Pedal Breeder
    Pedal Breeder 2 years ago

    I even bought a much older modeller lately - the Line6 Amplifi FX100 - from 2014 I think - it matured well, also sounds very good and has such a nice user interface like editing settings from a mobile device via bluetooth (and you could also share settings with others)... Something that Quad Cortex claims to be innovative for, btw.
    But finally I prefer an analog version of "Amp in a box" - Pedals, a Looper and a DSM Simplifier.

  • Brett Panzer
    Brett Panzer 2 years ago +1

    I was thinking of buying a Helix also. I think digital modeling got to a point finally where it can't get much better. Then I thought I probably won't use all of it's features and bought an ISP Theta instead.

  • Mac Bruce
    Mac Bruce 2 years ago +1

    It’s still a fantastic piece of gear for the money, I got the Helix Stomp this week with helix native for $600. You can throw it on pedal board with a strymon big sky and a dirty Shirley. Sounds fantastic!!

  • David G
    David G 7 months ago

    I have a $4000 analog board (King of tone, storymon timeline, storymon big sky and mobius, em drive, deep six compressor, rc booster, boss tuner, volume, along with many others), it sounded great, however, i bought a helix after playing a show. In this show the guitar player going on before me had the Helix and I was blown away by his sound. It was wayyy dialed in better than mine yet had the same sounds. The EQ was perfect. While talking to him i subtly studied his “simple” pedal, I even regretfully kind of scoffed at him because he was using such a “cheater” digital pedal. I then bought one and haven’t used my analog gear since. I hope I’m using the phrase “analog” correct here on my old board. The Helix is by far one of the best products I have EVER bought. If you’re older and don’t hook it up to your computer, maybe its not the best idea, but if you’re tech savvy at all (I am a little bit) then this is your pedal! BTW the Helix is half the price of my analog board, I may sell those pedals but am reluctant.

  • Adrian Aguirre
    Adrian Aguirre Year ago +2

    I love my hx stomp, I was looking at a fractal fm3 but you’re absolutely right, a month after you get it they’ve already replaced it with a new version

  • Barret Privateer
    Barret Privateer Year ago

    I'm absolutely unconvinced HB made a power supply that's actually isolated and not just a daisy chain in a box. Voodoo Labs / Dunlop / MXR. Never cheap out on power supplies.

  • Icaanul
    Icaanul 4 months ago +1

    Kemper will always be the better option. You can profile your own gear, with all variations of settings, and then sell your gear to recoup what you spent but still have the same tones up to about 95%. And you also get easy to access to everyone else's setup with a click. With the proper frfr and setting, you still get the "amp in the room" feel. Or get the toaster and keep your cab. Modelers don't really nail that. Modelers are ok if you're just going to rely on the PA but Profilers > modelers. Many things you didn't mention about the profiler but also, you're going to deal with the phasing issue with the modelers.
    I'd rather have access to Soldano profiles with ease than forking out up to 5 grand for just the head.

  • Noah Pauley
    Noah Pauley 2 years ago +1

    I absolutely love Line 6 products, because even if they're older they still put out software updates that make them better.

    • Micas099
      Micas099 Year ago

      Check out the line 6 JTV guitars. They're pretty insane.

  • Keith G
    Keith G 2 years ago

    I love me Helix. Went from using a full stack to my helix, and a 2X12 Powercab.

  • Master JoeDa
    Master JoeDa 2 years ago +3

    I play professionally for Symphony Orchestras and Pit Orchestras among other pro level gigs.
    I bought a Pod Go and a PowerCab 1×12 and haven't looked back! Absolutely love it!

    • Sun Rise
      Sun Rise 2 years ago +1

      Hmmm, Im thinking pod go is best ratio between price, size, weight, capabilities. In reality I compare pod go with boss gtk core and headrush gigboard. Or to simplify Ill chose gt k full. do you have some live video to hear how it sounds?

  • Alice V
    Alice V 2 years ago +8

    I love Line 6 Helix Native. It's not my favorite guitar amp sim VST, currently that goes to Mercuriall Spark and Softube's Marshall sims, but it's a wonderful and easy to use tool that sounds great to my ears.

  • Philip Joyce
    Philip Joyce 2 years ago +1

    Nice. I got my Helix rack back in 2016 for almost the exact reason you have today. To be a control Center for my rig, I run a Mesa preamp and power amp and use a mix of wet DI fx and dry mic’d cab on stage.
    The helix changes channels on my preamp, splits the signal and sends the wet signal path through an IR direct to the PA.
    The helix is so flexible in what it can do and with each FW update it’s like getting a bunch of new gear for free.
    I loved my rack so much that I got an LT to keep at home and I use that for any home recording, practice etc and I don’t have to drag my enormously heavy rack in and out of the house all the time.
    I’ll be very interested to see how your usage changes and evolves. I’m barely scratching the surface of what it’s capable of after 5 years but I’m so happy with it.
    Great choice and well wear.

  • Sun Rise
    Sun Rise 2 years ago

    Considering (only) Dave Mustaine, Arch Enemy, Queensryche, Transiberian Orchestra ...used digitech gsp 1101, I guess this one was the 1st pro modeller. I believe axe started to be used massively after gsp. But they had good marketing. Nowadays except Transiberian Orchestra (still gsp is the brain) rest of them are with fractal...and kemper. And headrush was the first with touchscreen ;)

  • dunxy
    dunxy 3 months ago

    I only recently got back into guitar, in the past tube snob 110% but i am blown away by todays offerings. I bought a Kemper on sale a few weeks ago and it is a very good piece of gear. Its not like having the exact amps in the true sense because it doesn't behave like the amp with gain/eq but its a worthy trade of. I will have a real amp, i did order a boutique 5e3 clone that will arrive one day but i don't see myself buying any more amps.

  • Blacktooth Fox
    Blacktooth Fox Year ago

    I Bought A Line6 M13 in 2021
    coz its in immaculate order, never gigged, has every single after-market accessory lovingly included, and was TOO good a price to just let go past.
    It will be the 4th modelling platform to join me in my lil' studio, the 1st from Line6, and I think represents a general and growing pursuit of guitar modelling on my part, me being a 30+ yr player with a longterm rig pretty much tied-down and cool af, and me finding the lushest new sonic territories the last few years through modelling. The more time put into modelling tone, the more it rewards. Being fairly purist in tonal aspect I did not like modelling when it appeared; but that was the audibly digital 90's... Nowadays, one would have to be very hard-hearted indeed NOT to give the capabilities of modelling it's due.
    Anyways, great stuff from KDH as ever

  • evilution
    evilution 2 years ago +1

    I have a Kemper and have never used it, it's just too complicated. That's why I bought the Quad Cortex. Got it delivered a few weeks ago after a 2 month wait.
    It's nice. So much easier to use.

    • Flow Ryan
      Flow Ryan 2 years ago

      Did you try the Kemper Editor yet?

  • DanonenoH
    DanonenoH 2 years ago +1

    I got the HX Stomp for similar reasons.
    It sits on my pedalboard and 90% of its usage is for amp models. I can practice silently and record silently.
    The only effects I'm using that are built into it are modulations like chorus, trem and the new retro reel.
    Everything else is either running directly in or in through a loop.
    I have the out mono going to my audio interface and the out R stereo going to my amps effects loop return so to play through my amp all I gotta do is turn it on. Done.
    If the stomp fails then I just take the mono out and go straight to the amps input and take the other output from my delay and put that into the amps loop instead. Swap 2 cables which are already ready to go and BOOM, back to my amp.

  • 88Nikoli
    88Nikoli 2 years ago +1

    I bought a Helix rack , floor controller and two mission expression pedals a couple of months back and this setup certainly kicks arse !!!!

  • Jono Teague
    Jono Teague 2 years ago

    I got one of the first in Australia. Not been let down yet. The updates and customer support are top-notch. Welcome to the happy club!

  • Guitar Gear Gyan
    Guitar Gear Gyan 2 years ago +4

    I bought the HX Stomp and feel it is the perfect hybrid system for me with all my amps and pedals.

  • Foniks Monkee
    Foniks Monkee 2 years ago +5

    I saw the Cure in early 90's, through the 2000's and as recently as 2019. They have used Line 6 Spiders recently - and they still... sound like The Cure.

  • Mr Manch
    Mr Manch 6 months ago

    I have a Pod Xt live floor unit. It sound's great. I love my valve amps, but for recording, maybe live, I use it with a trio hifi amp and two big hifi cabs loaded with midrange hi power 8" speakers for more bark. It has been my friend for a decade plus. It sometimes has to be reset, but not often, very reliable. Thanks for this video.

  • Neil O'Loughlin
    Neil O'Loughlin 2 years ago +1

    Love the helix. Though I sold my Stomp purely because of option overload. I got close but I could never get a sound I liked. I had just never spent enough time with analog pedals and amps but without the helix I would not have know where to start.

  • MikeCheckinDaMic
    MikeCheckinDaMic Year ago

    HX floor user myself since 2018. Best piece of gear I own hands down. Love the video man!

  • Bertalan Oláh
    Bertalan Oláh 2 years ago

    Same thing here: bought a Helix LT in February. Love it. No analysis paralysis: bought a ton of tones on eBay too. Connected through USB to a PC, practicing w headphones while listening to podcasts & reading Guitar Pro on a dual monitor setup. By the way: the dynamic range of the Helix makes it an insanely good audio interface especially made for guitars so I'm about to ditch my Focusrite Clarett - which did a good job too, but even coupled with a Helix Native couldn't do the same job as the Helix hardware in itself.

  • GeekLegion
    GeekLegion Year ago

    My only issue with modelers is I never got the same feeling like I do with my AC30. I used the headrush, and I loved its tones. But it never felt great to me, if that makes sense. Perhaps I could try a modeler with a PA into my cab.

  • Benjamin
    Benjamin 2 years ago +2

    My Quad Cortex came last week. Its pretty good, still getting to grips with it. I'm using it with my Victory V30 and two notes torpedo.

  • 12ealDeal
    12ealDeal 2 years ago +1

    Plague Scythe Studios sold me on an ax8 while causing me to avoid Line 6. Guy's got a great channel. Still, welcome to amp modeling. I haven't looked back in the three years I've owned one.

  • Mark Valentino - Guitar

    I've used my Helix since 2016. It's never failed on a gig. Sold my amp!

  • Chicken Pasta
    Chicken Pasta 2 years ago +5

    In the headphone community we always say a good sounding pair of headphones will always sound good. I think the same is true for modelers.

  • Andrew Stonerock
    Andrew Stonerock 2 years ago +2

    The quad is not the only one with a touch screen. The headrush unit has one, and a quad-core processor, and came out years before from the guys who made the eleven rack.

  • Undercoverfire
    Undercoverfire 2 years ago +2

    My Helix LT has been my sole piece of live gear and a fantastic recording rig for years, now. Small enough to fit on stage comfortably, but it gets me my full studio tone in any setting, no problem.
    One of my favorite tricks is I've got it set up with 2 pre-amp models (6505 on the highs and Triple Rec on the lows), then I run those (mixed down to mono) into a stereo chorus, and then into two different IRs, each of which was recorded through a 6505 power amp, so I get the power amp emulation for free as part of the IRs.
    This gives me an utterly massive sound, roughly the same kind of sound as 4 different amp configs (or 2 amps, each dual-mic'd), with perfect phase control, and I still have enough DSP for: a tube screamer in front, a wah pedal between the TS and the preamps, a loop pedal after the IRs, a vintage digital delay after that, and a reverb at the end of the chain.

    • Majestic PB&J Cat
      Majestic PB&J Cat 2 years ago +1

      I would love to know how to program that kind of setup. That kind of routing is still complicated to me. Sounds like it would be awesome though

  • hardstones17
    hardstones17 2 years ago

    Got an HX stomp and as a bedroom play could not be happier, rock solid and best sounds I have gotten to date.

  • Adamnme01
    Adamnme01 2 years ago +1

    I love my Helix LT. I swap between a bass vi, a 6 string and and 12 string for gigs and having everything in one box is perfect

  • Cafe Society
    Cafe Society 3 months ago

    I've always been an absolute valve/pedal snob. I recently bought a zoom g2.1u for £45 after moving into a town centre flat as I needed something to plug headphones into. Best money I've ever spent.

  • Anthony’s world
    Anthony’s world 2 years ago

    I’ve own the hx stomp for 3 years now great quality for a small unit I did what you are doing also I use and amp in the loop plays and sounds great I like to use pre amp pedals in the loop a lot so it’s easy to change on the fly. Never had much of a issue with the unit the only thing that has happened in the last three years of owning this is the foot switches didn’t turn on made me freak out a bit just a restart and it was back running with no issues it’s been a year since that happened many updates later.

  • Mojo Bone
    Mojo Bone 2 years ago +1

    Love the Helix. I don't believe there's a sound you can't get with it, and if there were, you could still plug it in. Cam audio really isn't doing it any favors, though.

  • Eric Carpenter
    Eric Carpenter 2 years ago +1

    I bought one a couple of months ago, so far all I have used it for is a pedalboard into my Tweed Deluxe. It stopped 95% of my pedal purchases. I have speakers coming in for a 2 x 12” cab that will be using a Mesa Mk V and gonna route some things to a PA speaker (acoustic stuff). Really looking forward to deep diving it and seeing what it will really do. Although I wish I didn’t need to get an adapter to use the midi stuff on my Mesa. I really have enjoyed getting a list of cover tunes and setting snapshots up for different parts of the individual songs. Really love that part. Congrats, looks like you’ll be using this for a long time.

  • james severin
    james severin Year ago

    Congrats on your helix! I bought the hx effects and love it

  • Nebulyte
    Nebulyte 2 years ago +2

    Never used the helix but it sounds sick! Also ever since you showed off your band I couldn't stop listening, so thanks for that!

  • Roberto Canto
    Roberto Canto 2 years ago +2

    i've just sold my Headrush gigboard and bought an HX stomp, and I couldn't be happier. Nothing wrong with the HR, it's an awesome machine, but the Hx suits better to my needs.

  • Stuee
    Stuee 2 years ago

    Bought a helix LT last year and it is great. Also bought a Boss gt1000 core too and have a Line6 HXFX.
    If you are using amps I recommend you just get the Line6 HXFX.
    I honestly find the Boss Gt1000 core more responsive and more "real", and just more immediate under the fingers andand less flubby than the Helix LT.
    I know the Boss GT1000 core isn't to everyones taste though.

    • FLdb1966
      FLdb1966 Year ago

      I'm looking at the boss. I have the helix and it's pretty good but I still like some of the sounds in my boss gt 10 better than my helix. Boss 1000 sounds better in the videos I've seen. I'm not looking forward to the boss ui

  • Josh Mitchneck
    Josh Mitchneck 2 years ago +11

    Hell yeah dude. My Helix LT is still my preferred modeler. It just works.

  • Scott Boswell
    Scott Boswell 2 years ago

    I'll stick with pedalboard and rack stuff + rack amp for now. I can model plenty of amps with the many pedals available to do so. My tube amp is clean and mostly uncolored and loves those analog preamps that imitate the classics. Plus, I just swap stuff out way too much to try a do-it-all thing. And- I already went programed MIDI switching. But I do know a dude with a Kemper, and he loves it. It sounded ok.

  • Music in Session
    Music in Session Year ago +4

    Kemper for me! All the way!! Spent a whole day dialing my favourite tones, profiled all of them, and now just carry a lunch box to gigs instead of carrying my entire rig and pedalboard! Also, recording is a breeze. I always use the same profiles because of exactly what you mention which is: "I actually want to play guitar instead of messing around with A/B testing". Helix I was never a fan of it because of getting lost too much into "trying stuff out" and "what if I put more of this or more of that" in the end I end up with a crappy tone that I spent hours trying to perfect! Also, you can buy loads of pre-made profiles that are made by the worlds greatest! Like the Andy sneap pack, or Howard Benson, which is one of the reasons the quad cortex does not appeal to me... I have WAYY too many kemper profiles I bought... Kemper for the win!

    • Metallic Gnome
      Metallic Gnome Year ago

      This reads like an ad you weren’t payed for and only wrote to justify your purchase… to yourself

  • misterringer
    misterringer 11 days ago

    I used to hate Helix because I have Native and it always sounded horrible to me.
    I recently realized the way I was routing to Helix (had it on an FX bus), it was essentially doubling the input signal. OOPS!
    Anyway, now it sounds mostly like the demos I see on here and I think it's pretty solid. Great value on the LT especially. I may pick up a hardware unit myself in the near future.

  • Anthony Ring
    Anthony Ring 8 months ago

    Plus, it just sounds so goooooood. I’m still rocking am eleven rack. Just can not justify investing 1,200-1,600 doll hairs in a new modeler when imo the eleven rack still sounds good. Not one to one with the Amos by todays standards, but a good sound is a good sound

  • Harry Gustafsson
    Harry Gustafsson 2 years ago

    I do everything guitar with it. It is so practical and it does sound better than plug ins which I have tried a bunch. Find good IRs and it is very good.

  • Ballsy
    Ballsy 2 years ago +1

    Have myself a PodGo. Really great piece of equipment. Might have to buy a helix when I get the coinage

  • cjc2611
    cjc2611 2 years ago

    Getting back into guitar after years of not playing and looking to upgrade my gear. I didnt know that there was this much potential shit I needed :o

  • Micas099
    Micas099 Year ago

    Interesting video. It's pretty crazy how far guitar tech has come. I'm using the AXE FX II, and my guitar is a Line 6 JTV-89F. Talk about having more options then is healthy. The guitar can sound like pretty much any guitar. I play to a click, and a computer uses midi to switch AXE FX patch or scene, and guitar tone, so I never really have to touch anything but the strings. Need an alternate tuning? The guitar can tune mid-song. I don't even touch the volume knob.

  • Niall D
    Niall D 11 months ago

    Starting to think about changing as well. I have all the old rack gear including triaxis preamp and some old rack fx and power amps controlled by a midi footswitch. What i could get for the triaxis would nearly pay for a rack helix and foot board. Interesting

  • Jericho Salazar
    Jericho Salazar Year ago

    Helix LT is great now since people are gonna offload theirs for cheaper to get the Quad Cortex and gain like minimal tonal difference if someone already knows how to mess with IRs which imo is the biggest factor.

  • Juan Fichtl
    Juan Fichtl 2 years ago +2

    Strymon Iridium is the one for me. Three good sounds, customizable IRs, five knobs. What's not to like?

    • Daniel Sand
      Daniel Sand 2 years ago

      Same! I love (and probably need) that level of simplicity. It does sound really, really good, as well!