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I made a Mumbo Proof House in Minecraft

  • Published on Aug 9, 2019 veröffentlicht
  • Making a MUMBO PROOF Minecraft House. Grian spent a week making a minecraft house that is purely designed to be anti mumbo. Let's see how he reacts and what he has in store for me.
    thank you to Methodzz for his redstone help and luvidubai for his help with the cars!
    Mumbo's channel: clip-share.net/video/YCihd0HY69M/video.html
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  • Leon Mercury
    Leon Mercury 3 years ago +2436

    I love how both Mumbo and Grian weaponized Grian's lack of a sorting system to irritate each other.

    • Spider-GB
      Spider-GB 25 days ago

      @Yolen what's wrong with furries they did nothing to you

    • DinoLoverGaming
      DinoLoverGaming 26 days ago

      @Yolen BIGOT EWWWW

    • Yolen
      Yolen 2 months ago

      Is your father ther?, oh wait, you don’t have one💀💀💀

    • ThenoodlesLORD
      ThenoodlesLORD 2 months ago

      @Yolendidn’t ask

    • Yolen
      Yolen 3 months ago


  • Havision Tech
    Havision Tech Year ago +1926

    Grian: “Oh, it’s just hard to look at.”
    My standards: “What a nice home!”

  • ThePengyKnight
    ThePengyKnight 5 months ago +332

    Grian: I don’t think people give my red stone skills enough credit?
    Grian 10 seconds later: How do I power this piston?

    • BoTeal
      BoTeal 17 days ago

      Tries three times to power a trapdoor with a red stone block

  • Guinea Pig Dance
    Guinea Pig Dance Year ago +62

    The lights should've replaced redstone lamps with lever, so Mumbo individually have to switch it to be able to have enough light in the room.

  • MegalovaniaLegend
    MegalovaniaLegend Year ago +41

    I honestly really like this house, it would look good as a mansion in a cartoonish colorful village.

  • I Had a Thought Once
    I Had a Thought Once Year ago +2698

    Everything you say Mumbo is going to do, he does the opposite.
    "Mumbo's gonna love this item sorter! He's gonna be like, 'woah, Grian's amazing!'"
    "This is not Grian's redstone"
    "He's going to absolutley hate this walking Grian head!"
    "This is magnificent!"

  • Hot Sauce Beats
    Hot Sauce Beats 9 months ago +92

    we need this again! this was AMAZING!

    • VENOM
      VENOM 2 months ago

      Found it

    • Kristoff
      Kristoff 9 months ago +1

      Found the comment

    • Rocky10Cat
      Rocky10Cat 9 months ago +1


  • GamerPax1984
    GamerPax1984 Year ago +9

    You and Mumbo are an absolute JOY to watch! xD Love you guys and your antics! Please keep making YT Minecraft content.

  • • ZeraReota •
    • ZeraReota • 9 months ago +8

    I wish I had the friendship mumbo and grian have. What an icon

  • Alex Flynn
    Alex Flynn 3 months ago +3

    Honestly, I liked the look of the Mumbo-Proof House.

  • Greg Baugues
    Greg Baugues 11 months ago +4

    We'd love to see something like this again in the future!

  • Gay snake
    Gay snake 5 months ago +5

    Grian: this is a pro gamer strat
    also Grian: over complicates the sugarcane farm

  • ZysaplayZ
    ZysaplayZ 7 months ago +7

    I think it looks awesome, I'd love that house!

  • BlackRabbitKiller
    BlackRabbitKiller 5 months ago +3

    i love this house. it looks like a wizard's house.

  • Last Son of Tennessee
    Last Son of Tennessee Year ago +7060

    Grian's house looks like something I would have built with Legos when I was younger.

  • Kale Duff
    Kale Duff 10 months ago +2

    I got to say that I love how the house looks!

  • Awsome Connie And Creator Connie

    Grian: Mumbo will be impressed by the sorter contraption! He'll wonder how I did it!
    Mumbo: That is not Grian's redstone.

  • Laila Shippy
    Laila Shippy 10 months ago +2

    I think if he change the colors and the inside, decorated it, it would’ve looked amazing

  • I Do Stuff.
    I Do Stuff. 3 months ago +1

    No matter what this man builds, it always looks cool.

  • Unga Bunga
    Unga Bunga 3 years ago +5020

    Legit looks like something you'd build with a box of random lego bricks

  • ToBeWan (Minecraft Pixel Art)

    Let's take the moment to appreciate how effort he puts into the content for us❤😊😁😊

  • Levi Hartter
    Levi Hartter 10 months ago

    I actually really like how wacky this house is, I'd live in it.

  • Nerf
    Nerf Year ago +30

    Grain: “The ugliest house I’ve ever built.”
    Me: ”I would live in that.

  • TheMadHatter
    TheMadHatter 8 months ago +1

    Maybe this just says something about my taste but I actually really like the exterior of the house. I want to live in the Rubik's cube/wizard tower!

  • DarkChocolate
    DarkChocolate Year ago +5598

    Grian: Mumbo's gonna hate this robot
    Mumbo: **wipes away tear** This is beautiful.

    • Hany Nagib
      Hany Nagib 5 months ago

      you have the most like on this vid! congrats!

    • Colin White
      Colin White Year ago

      @Shadow Lord answer the question

    • Jennifer Boyd
      Jennifer Boyd Year ago

      @Shadow Lord u

    • Meatballmemes
      Meatballmemes Year ago +5

      Grian: this robot is awful , he’s gonna hate it.

    • Mnhl
      Mnhl Year ago +2

      its a walking monster masterpiece

    PIG OVERLORD 5 months ago

    I love how he says he knows how to do the farm, but all he had to do was put the observer above the piston and a block behind the piston with a dust on top

  • Enderhorse
    Enderhorse 6 months ago +3

    Grian: "Nobody would enjoy *THAT* house"
    Me: "I think it's cute."

  • Demon Wolf Lov 45
    Demon Wolf Lov 45 5 months ago +2

    Grian: "a house no one would like"
    me: "I think I just found a new favorite house"
    Grian: *mission failed- we'll get 'em next time*

    • Colman Yeah
      Colman Yeah 2 months ago +1

      Try MY Clip-Sharer-proof house then >:) hahaha!!!!!!!

  • marasii.world
    marasii.world 5 months ago

    I thought you were going to keep the house unfinished-looking with the empty framework (rightside), and I thought you were pretty devious for that

  • peepeehead
    peepeehead 3 years ago +33803

    Grain: “The ugliest house I’ve ever built.”
    Me: *”I would live in that.”*

  • Ezra Weldegabriel
    Ezra Weldegabriel 8 months ago +3

    11:38 did anyone else see that sugarcane regrow twice in like 5 seconds?

  • djstone _053
    djstone _053 6 months ago +1

    I just love the videos of you and mumbo-jumbo that I watched some of them over 6 times
    Keep up the great work!

  • Wee de wee
    Wee de wee 11 months ago

    I actually like the house you made, especially the cubes on one side

  • Канал Tem
    Канал Tem 5 months ago

    Ironically, I absolutely love the house!

  • Cyber
    Cyber 3 years ago +1389

    Everyones talking about the house, but can we take a moment to appreciate the cage.

  • ivan gao
    ivan gao 6 months ago +1

    To be honest, it would’ve been even worse if he used soul sand for the floors.

  • ids_247
    ids_247 Month ago

    The more I look at the building the more I start to love it

  • Blake Harrison
    Blake Harrison 10 months ago

    I would honestly love to live in this house

  • A9ollo
    A9ollo 4 months ago

    Grian: tries to make house no one would like
    Me: genuinely likes the exterior

  • Liam Tolentino
    Liam Tolentino 3 years ago +15609

    "The ugliest build that I ever made" and it somehow still looks cooler than most of my builds

    • Cyrille
      Cyrille 2 years ago

      Im better at redstone than at building

    • CAldwell
      CAldwell 2 years ago

      Liam Tolentino cooler, not prettyer

    • Swawp
      Swawp 2 years ago

      Same with me

    • Swawp
      Swawp 2 years ago


    • Cool_Boys1234
      Cool_Boys1234 2 years ago


  • Hedge Paws
    Hedge Paws 3 months ago +1

    I was rewatching this for fun, now I need to re-watch season 6 for the nostalgia and memes lol

  • Bea Bear
    Bea Bear Month ago

    *sees the house* I love it
    “I’m pretty sure this is everyone proof.”

    IAMAYLACAT 17 days ago

    Wouldn't breaking the pressure plate at your feet work to depower the pistons and release you from the final trap? Or is that too simple?

  • Spogob
    Spogob Year ago

    Even though you tried to make it look bad, the shape is amazing

  • Zang
    Zang Year ago +912

    Grian is like Mumbo’s old friend. He knows everything he’s interested on while knowing what he hates.

    • Very POG
      Very POG 10 months ago +1

      @Random Nobody smol p brein

    • Sbirk
      Sbirk Year ago +4

      @Random Nobody yes they are

    • Justen Yang
      Justen Yang Year ago +8

      Wel.. he is

    • Random Nobody
      Random Nobody Year ago +5

      Aren't they still friends? I have a small pea brain btw.

  • Adam Yagami Manaois
    Adam Yagami Manaois 5 months ago +1

    I love it's design and it looks fun in said 😁

  • Natasha Wood
    Natasha Wood 4 months ago

    This is great I love this house there's so much space

  • Unicorn Youtube
    Unicorn Youtube 4 months ago

    The thing that annoys me the most is the roof because I like cottage-style roofs and these are Hogwarts-style roofs.

  • FriedYoutube
    FriedYoutube 5 months ago

    Who knew Grian was just as good at building badly as he is building really well

  • clayouse
    clayouse Year ago +2016

    I actually dig the multicolored walls with the quartz frame, I’m implementing that into a base...

  • Raphael DaGamer
    Raphael DaGamer 4 months ago +1

    As someone who is fluent in the Classic Jeb Door, that entryway hurt me.

  • thedoctorTARDIS
    thedoctorTARDIS 4 months ago

    So was the entrance on a timer, or need 80% of the levers?

  • Emerald Emperor
    Emerald Emperor 6 months ago

    Grian: I know a little bit of redstone
    Also Grian: how can I power [a piston]?

  • Tiny Desk Engineer
    Tiny Desk Engineer 3 months ago

    It's hilarious how you both put a pile of shulker boxes in the houses you two made.

  • Alowishus Devadander Abercrombie

    Cmon, we all know Mumbo loves ice. Loves it like iskall loves diorite and techno loves orphans.

  • Lucky
    Lucky 4 months ago

    why do i really like the exterior of the house it's so nice

  • Aizik Weech
    Aizik Weech 4 months ago

    Legend has it he’s stuck in that cage to this day

  • waterflex
    waterflex Year ago

    Recently he evaluated mumbo jumbo's skill as a builder... Man the first person mumbo went to receive a evaluation was this friend. That is a nice relationship

  • Danny Goldiena
    Danny Goldiena 10 months ago

    When i saw that multi coloured masterpiece, I freaked out and shouted, "I wanna live there"

  • George Ivory
    George Ivory 2 years ago +2217

    Grian: *Builds a Giant Fancy Moustached Robot for Mumbo*
    Mumbo: *Puts Grian through torture and then locks him in a cage*

  • Duncan Briggs
    Duncan Briggs 4 months ago

    Came across this video again. The house is both hideous but brilliant

  • Ethan  Moore
    Ethan Moore 8 months ago

    The house looks beautiful

  • Vexus Drake
    Vexus Drake 10 months ago

    0:45 "so i had to come up with a house that no one would like"
    MY first thought: Etho would love this.

  • Blue Jay
    Blue Jay 9 months ago

    As a builder and redstoner, this hurts my heart and soul.

  • Demonspawngacha
    Demonspawngacha Year ago +1609

    Mumbo: “this red stone is actually ok... this isn’t Grian.”

    • yean isch
      yean isch Month ago

      @Astray Galaxy lol

    • Oh No
      Oh No Year ago +7

      @Astray Galaxy lmao watch mumbos video?

    • Seth Michel
      Seth Michel Year ago +22

      @Astray Galaxy it's called the sister video to this one where Mumbo explores the grian built house

    • per_petual
      per_petual Year ago +4

      @Astray Galaxy ?

    • Astray Galaxy
      Astray Galaxy Year ago +5

      Lmao proof?

  • antonito cotter
    antonito cotter 10 months ago

    This looks like a house that certain characters from different cartoons and anime would like.

  • BL Productions
    BL Productions 10 months ago

    Just get all the levers that was back at the start, then use them to open the doors

  • Skylar_minecraft
    Skylar_minecraft 2 months ago

    the house looks super cool. I love it

  • OcraneROx
    OcraneROx 11 months ago

    Dude I actually love the outside of the house

  • No one
    No one 3 years ago +1272

    I love how Mumbo took all the things Grian likes and made them awful 😂

  • Gorilla god gaming
    Gorilla god gaming 5 months ago

    I liked the house, very creative.

  • Clay Tsuyo
    Clay Tsuyo 3 months ago

    Thing is, I like the house. I would live there.

  • Amy’s Wonderland
    Amy’s Wonderland 8 months ago

    I think the house looks great on the outside

  • RailsBlaze121
    RailsBlaze121 2 months ago +1

    15:37 When Grian said “Mumbo” the bottle was in sync
    18:18 😂

  • Andrzej Pakistan
    Andrzej Pakistan Year ago +2579

    Grian: He's gonna hate the walking grian
    Mumbo Jumbo: *It's absolutely magnificent*

    • ion ionel
      ion ionel Year ago +3

      If i wase mambo i will say the same thing

    • shwetha g
      shwetha g Year ago


    • Scientist Dr Milorad
      Scientist Dr Milorad Year ago +2

      @Noney The DogYT He watched Mumbo's video and copied it, or just downloaded a map where there is walking house, removed house, put himself, with a moustache. and on that map he made anti- mambo house.

    • Noney The DogYT
      Noney The DogYT Year ago +3

      @Scientist Dr Milorad no the Internet made grian learn

    • Scientist Dr Milorad
      Scientist Dr Milorad Year ago +4

      @Noney The DogYT but he is the one who invented that system.

  • Maya Fallone
    Maya Fallone 26 days ago

    I was legit laughing my head off for like a solid five mins at this 😭

  • Steez
    Steez 5 months ago

    Despite this video appearing to be Grian and Mumbo messing around, it’s a true test of friendship in a lot of ways… 🫡

  • CasuallyBad
    CasuallyBad 9 months ago

    Honestly it looks kinda cool from the outside

  • Dark Diamond
    Dark Diamond 10 months ago

    I love the house it’s incredible

  • WizardShark
    WizardShark 2 years ago +5265

    Grian: “He’s gonna be like ‘Whoah Grians amazing!’”
    Mumbo: “This can’t be Grians redstone...”

  • kermit gaming
    kermit gaming Year ago

    I would love this house, if there was no brick roof

  • cricket's head
    cricket's head 12 days ago +1

    Shows the house "nobody likes" and my first reaction is: "omg I love that house!!"

  • L0llz_Ed1ts
    L0llz_Ed1ts 10 months ago +1

    The one mumbo made is pretty good on the outside

  • ZysaplayZ
    ZysaplayZ 7 months ago

    It looks epic, I love it! I don't get who would hate it

  • Zach Stuart
    Zach Stuart 4 months ago

    This looks like something I would build when I run out of The same color Lego pieces.

  • Minibisco’s Brigade
    Minibisco’s Brigade 10 months ago

    I liked the house but that’s just me I enjoy hockey so I like the ice I like in the woods so I don’t mind dirt love the color and roof design and the door was a good red stone build for my standards at least and also loved the reds to e chased by the music and the art is awesome and all rooms are awesome

  • yukimarusword
    yukimarusword 10 months ago

    So, is there more proof houses? I'd like to see Scar proof house.

  • Stilliant
    Stilliant 11 months ago

    The Foor Should've been blue ie so he slips around more and the interior should be wet sponges

  • McPlayer8t
    McPlayer8t 2 years ago +1752

    To be honest, I actually like Grian’s house from the outside, I think he just can’t build badly anymore.

  • AS art
    AS art 5 months ago

    I must be insane cuz I actually kind of like this house.

    TREY TYLER 5 days ago

    "so i made a house that no one would like." me "thats the best house i ever seen."

  • A duck
    A duck 10 months ago

    Honestly I like the design of the house

  • Carrie Thompson
    Carrie Thompson 9 months ago

    I freaking love this house, on the outside I mean

  • Gabriel Joseph
    Gabriel Joseph 3 years ago +1963

    So basically, Grian and Mumbo is the Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver of Minecraft.

    • Liam
      Liam 3 years ago +1

      jamie oliver is the biggest c u next tuesday in the world

    • ThePaniniBoi
      ThePaniniBoi 3 years ago +1

      @ItsKatyNotKatie True
      but he's still Scottish

    • ItsKatyNotKatie
      ItsKatyNotKatie 3 years ago +3

      Panini Boi He was raised in England though

    • ThePaniniBoi
      ThePaniniBoi 3 years ago +1

      ItsKatyNotKatie he’s Scottish...

    • ItsKatyNotKatie
      ItsKatyNotKatie 3 years ago

      Panini Boi lol if he’s not English what is he then 😂

  • Golden Guy
    Golden Guy 11 months ago

    I actually love that house.

  • T the Smeargle
    T the Smeargle 8 months ago

    Mumbo jumbo might actually appreciate this anti house a little bit more since season 8’s end… you really should try this again with him to see if things have changed!!!

  • Professor X
    Professor X 11 months ago +1

    I love this video because this introduced me to you, Mumbo, and Minecraft videos

  • KyArts
    KyArts 7 months ago

    I feel like if the blocks you used for the outside were different it would actually look okay

  • nana zsan
    nana zsan 3 years ago +726

    "this is the ugliest house I have ever built in Minecraft"
    *makes perfect roof *
    ... I think it's like a reflex to do good builds

    • Ordan Vanert
      Ordan Vanert 3 years ago +1

      "this is the ugliest house I have ever built in Minecraft" weird flex but ok

    • Chiro The Churro
      Chiro The Churro 3 years ago +2

      I don’t doubt it XD

  • TryHard
    TryHard 9 months ago

    I actually think it looks cool on the outside